This is how Dobrev insults the Hungarians!

🔴🔴🔴Video! The oligarch Gyurcsány was offended by millions of Hungarians!
If you do manual work, then in the eyes of Mrs. Gyurcsány you are just a cheap, silly, vulnerable, uneducated, sick, uncompetitive worker.
We literally quote the anti-Hungarian politician: "A country based on the manual labor of cheap, vulnerable, uneducated workers is not competitive. We need smart, healthy and balanced people."
According to them, those who do manual work are not smart, i.e. stupid, are not healthy, i.e. sick, but not even balanced.
Shame! Mrs. Gyurcsány offended carpenters, bricklayers, shop assistants, car drivers, everyone who carries out productive activities in Hungary, everyone thanks to whom we have a place to live, we have something to eat, we have something to pick up, we have infrastructure, we have electricity, it is going on. tap water, everyone who does non-spiritual activities!

If you also do manual work, pass on this message! All sane people are aware that we don’t live well with communications and marketing degrees. It should be, but the economy is not based on it.

How would the left undermine manual workers if they came to power? Would I take the tax breaks from them? Could they stop development so that construction workers don’t have jobs? What would they do with what they think are cheap, vulnerable, uneducated, sick, uncompetitive workers?


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Bloody commemoration of peaceful commemoration in 2006 and handling of anti-government protest today

Have you seen a police officer with a stick, a dog, a viper and no identification marks today? Equestrian cops? Water cannons? Dog cops? Anyone shouted today, "Hedgehog!"

We didn't see it either! On stage, however, those present lied that there was a dictatorship, and they swallowed the many nonsense with their mouths open.

The left is ashamed that, despite an epidemic, such demonstrations are being organized, with thousands of people being infected every day and dozens of people dying.

You will never fail Orban! The majority of Hungarians understand that these gossiping are nothing more than the means of Gyurcsány's immeasurable desire for power. It doesn’t matter to them if someone dies, it doesn’t matter if the pressure on the health care system increases due to more infections, they just need one thing: they want to grab power and wheel our common money, as they did before 2010. The people taking part in the demonstration are just consumables for them.

This should be noted by everyone who sincerely believes that they will live better under Gyurcsány's rule. For those under the age of 20, this is forgivable, as they were still children before 2010, people over the age of 20 who would pull X next to Gyurcsány's name today are simply not normal!
Watch this video! Is that what you want?

We do not.

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Country building then and now: Video!

We present reality with pictures in 7.5 minutes

Detailed articles on each of the statements, investments, and numbers in the video have been published previously and can be found one by one at our website.
Now, in short words and with a picture of hundreds of completed or ongoing developments, let us explain why we support Fidesz. This is obviously only a fraction of what was built in 10 years, we can’t condense everything into 7.5 minutes, and that wasn’t our goal.

The video includes roads, doctor's offices, playgrounds, kindergartens, nurseries, schools, hospitals, public spaces, new jobs, railroads, armies, ambulances, police, fire departments, historic buildings, and much more!

Take 7.5 minutes, check it out, pass it on and like our site!
We will present a lot of similar data, numbers and developments.
Instead of lying "stadium" for 10 years, the reality is spreading!
The index, telex, 444, hvg, 168h, yardstick, transparent, and other livelihood fake news producers will NEVER present reality.

🇭🇺Go Hungary!
🇭🇺Hungarians go for it!
🇭🇺Come on Fidesz!
We will win, not participate!

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The left cannot do two things: win and lose


🔴James has collapsed, unable to process the defeat.
He still made a pub out of Parliament today! Shame! Pathetic! Ridiculous!
Meanwhile, Jobbik handed out the fries, in the video in the article it's about 2 minutes and 50 seconds:
❤️Come on FIDESZ! Let's clean up these clowns in Parliament in 2022!
Up to a four-fifths victory!

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A strong country needs a strong army. Video!

In this video we show how the Hungarian Armed Forces has developed over the last 10 years. At the beginning of the video with the graphics of the Numbers, the rest of the video with videos made by the Army. The footage includes newly purchased Airbus helicopters, Leopard tanks, other modern military equipment, and military exercises.
share it because many people think that soldiers only sit in barracks. This is not the case, training, equipment exchange is continuous, and world-class.

📌1. Reminder: This is how the Gyurcsánys destroyed the Hungarian Armed Forces
📌2. Force development and modernization after 2010, Zrinyi 2026 program

Source: Graphics:
Videos:Hungarian Defense Forces(Press a liking for the Army, only a few hundred are missing for the 100,000!)

Read more:

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Csaba Dömötör's 10 best speeches


We have gathered into a bunch the 10 (in our opinion) best speeches of the Secretary of State. Csaba Dömötör brilliantly refutes false news, attaches reality with facts and data, thus preventing the spread of untrue information. Speed ​​is very important in this "profession", and Csaba Dömötör sometimes uploads a video within hours, in which he refutes the ugliness of the left, thus putting a "weapon" in the hands of common-sense people here in the "virtual space".

With this video, we thank the Secretary of State for his work so far and wish him every success for the future.
‼ ️If you agree, share this video!

👍Follow Csaba Dömötör's official Facebook page - it's worth it! We say this from my own experience!

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With 1000 shares for the victory of Zsófia Koncz!

Video of the Numbers - Share it!

We do great, but we trust in the strength of our community.
NiceZsófia Koncz! The motto of the Numbers team is "We're going to win." In the spirit of this, we couldn’t sit idly by, and after countless previous articles about you, we decided to make a video as well to get your message out to as many people as possible.

In 8 days, the polling stations will be closed at this time, and we will all be very excited about the end result.
We are now asking our readers to share this video at least 1000 times in these 8 days. With 1,000 shares, the video will reach roughly 300-400 thousand people. With this, we can support you on the path to success. We know that victory is not really an outcome yet, victory is just the beginning of the journey, but we want you to embark on this journey because the interests of the people in your constituency want to avoid divisive politics, exclusionary statements and economic muties will determine their daily lives in the next year and a half, but also calm construction, the development of the constituency.

With 1000 shares for the win!
Team! Together we will succeed again!
Hajrá Zsófi!🇭🇺

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Healthcare is not a business (video)

Share it with those who only see stadiums. Let's not forget: the Gyurcsánys introduced the visit fee and the hospital per diem, sold the hospitals to Hospinvest, closed dozens of hospitals, liquidated the nursing institutions, the nursing homes, and wanted to privatize the health fund after the pension fund.

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How will this be a cooperation if they are not even able to spread fake news in harmony with each other?

Do you remember how loud the left-liberal fake news choir was after Viktor Orbán returned home from Brussels on July 20, where the big agreement was reached after the 4-day marathon negotiations and where Viktor Orbán reached what he wanted? We will not discuss this in detail now, we have written an article about it before, who do not know the details, read it.

Then Klára Dobrev, the Momentum, the MSZP, all the false news propaganda lied that Orbán did not get this "rule of law" withdrawal mechanism out of the agreement, although this is not in fact true, the text of the agreement does not contain such a mechanism.
This is what we reported here: is also a link to the original document in the article)

On the other hand, in today's Transit debate, Anna Donáth, already reversing Momentum's previous lies, said that under pressure from Viktor Orbán, these parts had been removed from the text of the agreement.

🔴How will this collapse, comrades?

Source: Dobrev's lie:
Today's statement by Anna Donáth (from about 1 o'clock)

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