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Say goodbye to IV. Orbán government

Thank You! The V. Orbán government can come!

Say goodbye to IV.  Orbán government

We think they have done an excellent job, and looking at the election results, many seem to think so! More precisely, 232,644 more people than in 2018 :)https://bit.ly/3xPgIts

️You can read more about the listed measures on our website, under the menu items "livelihood" and "economy".
These measures are set out in Annex IV. It was brought or maintained by the Orbán government.


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We're going forward, not backward! That is what it means in practice

We will vote carefully for Fidesz!

We're going forward, not backward!  That is what it means in practice

️When you vote, think about your wallet!
Share this summary with your friends! Let as many people see the reality!

Inheritance tribute
9% of an inherited property after 2010 and 0% now. Just figure out how many millions would fall if the left-wing government came back ?!
Number of apartments [pcs]
2010: 4,330,681
Now: 4,501,344
Nearly 170,000 new homes have been built, and existing homes are being expanded and renewed. This, of course, is also possible because it is "stealing from the Oban," isn't it?
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/30e7mJA
Proportion of those in need [%]
2010: 23.4
Now: 8.3
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3F2q45y
Employment [persons]
2010: 3,748,000
Now: 4,687,000
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3HfsPT8
Family tax refund
Never before, now is it! If economic growth allows, so will the future!
Tax exemption for young people
Never before, now is it! Do you think it doesn't affect you? But how much that touches! It will affect your child and it will take you, today’s young people will produce your pension. If they succeed, so will you!
Number of crimes [pcs]
The more people work, the less crime!
Proportion of people living in overcrowded housing [%]
CSOK, baby waiting, rising wages, falling taxes - more and more people can afford a larger apartment.
13th month pension, pension premium
Retirees received 17.1% more money!
Net average wages in euros
2010: 501
2022: 817
(Currently 353 the exchange rate, in 2010 it was 278)
Net minimum wage in euros
2010: 216
2022: 376
(Currently 353 the exchange rate, in 2010 it was 278)
National wages compared to Budapest [%]
The difference between wages in Budapest and in the countryside has significantly decreased!
Financial assets of households [HUF billion]
2010: 16 443
Now: 63 804
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3HbR6sV
That, too, is because everything is bad, right?
They can't keep their home warm enough [%]
Overhead reduction works, numbers prove it.
Number of motorcycles in circulation [pcs]
2010: 142 251
Now: 194 594
The motorcycle is the confessional, more a hobby than a means of transportation. He who rides a motorcycle also has a car. The number of engines has increased by more than 50,000!
Number of cars in circulation [pcs]
2010: 2 984 063
Now: 3,920,799
In short, the number of cars has increased by almost 1 million!
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3HeXzmX
Ratio of residual burden to net average salary [%]
The overhead has been reduced by a third!
Ratio of residual burden to net minimum wage [%]
The overhead has been reduced by a third!
Household assets in government securities [HUF billion]
2010: 727
Now: 10,000
Of this, the MÁP portfolio alone amounts to HUF 6,000 billion!https://bit.ly/3H960QN
At the same time, the country's net external debt decreased:https://bit.ly/3F3qGYC


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Haho, liberals! Are you looking for the Fidesz program?

We help! Here it is (part of it)

Haho, liberals!  Are you looking for the Fidesz program?

Worth to share! Left-wing narrators anesthetize people, they're talking about a Fidesz victory! This is not true because nothing is known! There will be a victory if we go to the polls! if we don’t leave, it won’t be - it’s that simple.



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The left has raised taxes 40 times

Fidesz has reduced it 80 times since 2010! That is why so many people support Orban!

The left has raised taxes 40 times

Mihály Varga wrote:Super Gross, Real Estate Tax, Health Insurance and Pension Contribution Increases, VAT Increases - These are just a few examples of the left-wing government's more than 40 tax increases.

👉In contrast, Hungary has implemented one of the largest tax cuts in Europe since 2010, including:

The personal income tax rate has been reduced from 36% to 15%.
The PIT rate for those under 25 fell from 36% to 0%.
The PIT rate for mothers with four or more children fell from 36% to 0%.
The annual amount of the family tax credit increased from HUF 12 billion to HUF 980 billion.
The public burden deducted from the wages of retired workers fell from 49.5% to 15%.
Corporate tax fell from 20% to 9%
Employer tax fell from 33.5% to 13%
The inheritance tax was reduced from 15-21% to 0%.

Who did more for the young people?
Let's look at some examples! We are not expressing an opinion, we are talking about the specifics!
Workers are increasingly benefiting from the GDP they generate. This is how Orbán steals!
To this come the wage increases:
The declining overhead burden (wages are rising, the overhead price is not, the percentage is less and less than the salary)
Lowest fuel prices in Europe
Other measures (eg free public administration, abolition of inheritance, free textbook, etc.)
Falling crime, unemployment, tax evasion and poverty
Falling housing costs and record economic growth
Real wage growth
Tax cuts
And much more:
Did you know? Retirees manage 17.1 percent more money, which has increased the purchase value of pensions despite inflation


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Who did more for the young people?

Let's look at some examples! We are not expressing an opinion, we are talking about the specifics!

Who did more for the young people?

(Just in parentheses: this time Péter Márki-Zay got a video for a young boyhttps://bit.ly/3i06o90)

Graduate of GYED
2009: It wasn't like that
PIT over 25 years of age
2009: There was no exception, the 36 percent PIT applied to everyone
Now: 15%https://bit.ly/34CApZ1
Free TRAFFIC course
2009: It wasn't free, everyone paid.
Language exam fee refund
2009: It wasn't like that
Tax exemption up to 25 years
2009: There was no exception, the 36 percent PIT applied to everyone
Inheritance and gift wrestling
Proportion of graduates (population)
Employment rate (20-24 years)
Number of unemployed (20-24 years)
Cheap overhead (rented and own home too!)
2009: Overhead was 1.25 times today's prices with wages three times lower than today.
CSOK, Baby waiting, discount for first married couples
2009: Everything was deleted.https://bit.ly/3F5Dq0B
Proportion of people with secondary education (20-24 years old)

The government is doing a lot for you, but now it's your turn!
Support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!



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Remember these!

Viktor Orbán and his government prepared the Hungarian economy in advance and helped the Hungarian people with the effects of inflation around the world

Remember these!

️Yesterday's news: 7.9% - 40-year high of US inflation!
According to them, Orbán is not to blame for the fact that there is inflation in Hungary as well. We can see the results of the self-destructive policies of the US and the EU.https://bit.ly/3J5YIxF

Details of the measures listed:
Here are hundreds of articles on living!

Free or discounted meals for children
13th month pension, Pension premium
Free administrative procedures
Free cash withdrawal
Tax exemption for young people
Family Tax Refund
Overhead reduction
Food stop
Gas station
Wage increases
Tax reduction
Credit moratorium
There is no legacy of inheritance
Minimum wage increase
Free textbook
1,000,000 new jobs
CSOK, baby waiting, VAT free
A family car with 3 years of experience
HUF 1,500 billion tax cut
Tariffs unchanged since 2010: e.g. registration certificate, registration number, technical examination, transfer tax, vehicle tax, passport, other documents

️Spread the reality!
Give it on!

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It is NOT possible to reduce the excise tax!

444, Telex, Index, atv, hvg (and other fake news) readers must read

It is NOT possible to reduce the excise tax!

Libsik! Don't scream! Refuel with premium fuel for 550 HUF! On! Head to the well!
We know that in the meantime you are refueling the cheaper inlet provided by Orbán while “fearing” the gas stations!

They complain from the left that "Orbán will reduce the fuel tax," while those who shout such nonsense know exactly that there is no way to do it!

The European Union's 2003 regulation provides for a minimum level of excise duty in euros for both petrol and diesel: € 359 per thousand liters for petrol and € 330 for diesel.

️Let's count!
359 euros currently 127,804 HUF (356HUF / EUR)
330 euros currently 117 480 HUF (356HUF / EUR)
What is the excise duty now?
The tax on petrol is HUF 120, and that on diesel is HUF 110.35, which is LOWER than required by EU regulations. It will certainly "issue" on an annual basis due to exchange rate fluctuations, and we will meet the EU standard, but it is NOT possible to deviate radically from this.

The rate of excise duty has thus DECREASED, as its amount is fixed, so the excise tax is 34% of the HUF 350 fuel, while the rate of excise duty is 25% for the HUF 480 fuel.

VAT issue: we wrote about this in detail in this article:
Reducing VAT does not mean you will pay less!
Furthermore, if the government stepped in (this is also regulated at EU level), the same libsik would shout even louder that "Orbán pays for the refueling of Mészáros' luxury car with cyclists and pedestrians" - it's not hard to imagine that!

In summary: Libsik! Head to the well! But refuel to the brim with premium fuel! Share the block on Facebook!


Viktor Orbán wrote: We are on the side of families!


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Hungary has the lowest corporate tax!

This is how 1,000,000 new jobs were created!

Hungary has the lowest corporate tax!

This is accompanied by affordable energy, an excellent workforce, development aid, good infrastructure and a partner for growth. That's why there's a pay raise too! As companies operating in Hungary spend less, they get money to raise wages, train, develop and create new jobs.

Of course, this is only the case as long as Fidesz-KDNP and Viktor Orbán lead the country! Libyos will immediately follow the instructions of their western owners, they will raise this tax too! (the rest, no doubt)

If you still want to live in a developing country, if you still don’t like to be afraid of being fired, support Fidesz!


PS: a quote from the linked source:
"Cyprus has already signaled at EU level that it is blocking the tax increase proposal, and low-tax countries such as Hungary and Ireland have opposed it, as their growth models are based on attracting multinationals, in part by offering low business tax rates. Inward foreign direct investment (FDI) through low tax rates is a successful tool for economic development, and small countries like these protect their sovereign right to tax multinational companies at their discretion. "

It's clear, isn't it? One of the engines of our economic growth is a low tax, which libsik would destroy immediately!


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We really like the "Orbán regime" (as liberals call it)

When we say, "We're going forward, not backward," we're talking about such simple but significant changes!

We really like the "Orbán regime" (as liberals call it)

Number of crimes
Proportion of people living in severe material deprivation
Tax avoidance rate

We have nearly 5,000 more arguments in favor of Fidesz-KDNP!


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