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Since 2010, income taxes have fallen by 50 percent

Numbers instead of speech. The government supports the introduction of a minimum wage of HUF 200,000 with a further tax cut, the soco!

Since 2010, income taxes have fallen by 50 percent

Decided: the minimum wage will definitely be 200 thousand! The parties are only working on the details. The government is supporting this work with further tax cuts, which could reduce socio to 11.5 percent! As a reminder, this is how the history of the tax type has evolved in recent years

January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2016
🟡2017. January 1 - December 31, 2017
🟡2018. January 1 - June 30, 2019
🟡2019. July 1- June 30, 2020
🟡2020. from 1 July
🟢2022. from 1 January

These numbers, comrades! Good luck explaining why this is NOT GOOD for us. Mihály Varga wrote: We will continue the policy of tax reduction!

https://www.nav.gov.hu/nav/szolgaltatasok/adokulcsok_jarulekmertekek/szocialis_hozzajarulasi_ado/ado_merteke.html?query=1 1

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The facts are stubborn things!

Proponents of the left don’t even like it, and we all the more so!

The facts are stubborn things!

There is no layer of society that is not positively affected by government action!

Of course, this list is not everything! There’s also the credit moratorium, the single, low, 15 percent PIT, developing public institutions, infrastructure, development grants for companies, home-building grants, etc., and so on.

The rebuilding of the 13-month pension continues
1.9 million parents will receive a HUF 600 billion tax credit
The amount of the pension premium will be a record size, 80 thousand forints
Members of the armed bodies receive 6 months of gun money
The PIT-free for people under 25 is coming
The institution of overhead reduction remains
Negotiations are underway on the minimum wage of HUF 200,000
Our gold reserves increased from 3.1 tons to 94.5 tons
Nurses' salaries will be raised by 21 percent
Nursery workers, those working in the social world and those working in culture are raised by 20 per cent
Teachers' salaries will increase by 10% next year, followed by another increase from 2023
Doctors' salaries have doubled
Home renovation support has been introduced

The left also made similar big announcements, only there the money did not migrate into our pockets, but migrated out of our pockets.
New balance program
Do you remember? Many people don't even know! Show the young people who the leader of the opposition is and what they can expect if he and his minions get power again!

Thank you, FideszViktor Orban The Government of Hungary!

🟠Videos on country building
Video: Modern Cities Program Results
Video: This is what Orbán did with our public education institutions!
Video: This is what Orbán did with Hungarian healthcare!
Video: This is what Orbán did with our listed buildings!
Video: This is what Orbán did with public transport


👉A recent notificationhttps://www.origo.hu/itthon/20211008-orban-viktor-radiointerju-2021-oktober-8.html

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Thus, the government “does not help”

The good is easy to get used to, for many it is natural, and they feel that they would receive the same benefits under the leadership of a left-wing government, but they are wrong!

Thus, the government “does not help”

13th month pension: HUF 150 billion
Tax exemption for young people: HUF 150 billion
Family tax refund: HUF 600 billion
Overhead reduction
Home renovation support
Home creation support
1 million jobs
One-key PIT
Renewable public and health care institutions
Since 2011, families have been left with a HUF 3,000 billion tax credit
Remission of new home VAT
Free textbooks
Free and discounted meals and much more!

"Viktor Orbán's rule is one of the most successful periods in Hungary"
/ David Cornstein, former US Ambassador to Hungary (2018-2020) /
Why? For that reason!
👉Wage increases, subsidies
👉Developments (Education, health, monuments, public transport)
👉Demographic turnaround
👉Development of home defense
👉Tax reduction

👉Revice reduction

👉1,000,000 new jobs
👉International recognitions, upgrades
👉Excellent diplomacy

And much more!https://szamokadatok.hu/

👉There are two lists here that are worth studying!
🟥This left did this:https://bit.ly/3ngGcuA
This is what Fidesz did:https://bit.ly/3BZy4Tq

🟥Gy. Francis and his accomplices are now in opposition, now they can only block us on social media, however, if they come to power they will make everyone "runaway"!
🟥Dobrev said that in his eyes the jobseekers - that is, ordinary people - no one!

Don't be your own enemy!
If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself!

👉Add MORE!


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There will be no tax increase!

Hungarian companies will continue to pay the lowest corporate tax in Europe!

There will be no tax increase!

The corporate tax rate was 19% in 2010, currently 9%, and it will remain so! With this, Hungary gained a competitive advantage, and thanks to the work of Mihály Varga, we maintained this competitive advantage. German, Chinese, American companies do not come here because they love us, but because our country is competitive!

We have the cheapest gas and electricity in the whole EUhttps://bit.ly/3AtPwhr
We have the lowest corporate taxhttps://bit.ly/30anMCg
In 10 years, taxes on wages have fallen by 50 percenthttps://bit.ly/3lnZb4X
The Hungarian workforce is performing excellently!
That's how we got 1,000,000 new jobs!https://bit.ly/3Apsto3

We succeeded in enforcing Hungarian interests on the global minimum tax

An important result was achieved in the international negotiations on the global minimum tax: we succeeded in enforcing Hungarian interests, Minister of Finance Mihály Varga announced on his community page on Friday.

He said that the Hungarian position was consistent throughout: it was made clear that only a global minimum tax would be adopted that would not mean a tax increase in Hungary, would not jeopardize the competitive advantage of the Hungarian economy and would protect the jobs of the Hungarian people.

More than 100 proposed amendments have resulted in 2.5 years of hard work. The head of the ministry highlighted the three most important points: one said that the corporate tax rate will not change, it will remain at 9 percent. Hungary can collect the global tax with a targeted solution.

They also achieved that real economic activity should not be taxed. This means that corporate assets and corporate wage payments will be deductible from the tax rate using a special calculation method, so companies that do not engage in fictitious but actual asset and wage-paying activities will be able to take advantage of this benefit.

The third result of the agreement, according to the Minister, is that a special rate will apply for a transitional period of 10 years, for ten years the tax rate will be calculated with a reduced tax return, a reduced tax credit.

"We have achieved a very serious result, I can safely say that a Hungarian success has been achieved, we did well to represent our interests firmly," said Mihály Varga, adding that the result was a compromise that they could join with a good heart.


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We like the "regime"

If it is for you, pass it on!

We like the "regime"

We don’t know who he is with, but we really like this “regime” and this damn big “dictatorship”. For 12 years now, we have been living better year after year, living in a nicer environment and not worrying about not having a job. The current situation provides security and thus peace of mind, which of course affects our general well-being, this also our health. Our stomachs don’t twitch before the next government info because we know that if a big announcement follows, it will be some kind of relief, tax cut, subsidy, and not austerity.

Tax exemption for young people
Tax refund, home renovation support, tax credit for families
CSOK, Baby Waiting, mortgage release for young families
13th month pension, pension premium, pension increase for the elderly
Cheap overhead for everyone
Free textbooks, discounted or free meals for kids
Hungary under construction, developing public institutions, roads, parks, public transport, healthcare, education
In February, professional members of law enforcement and armed bodies will receive a six-month bonus
Compared to 2010, doctors 'salaries have been increased fivefold and nurses' salaries have tripled
The minimum wage will increase to HUF 200,000
The credit moratorium has been extended
Developing Armed Forces, border protection
1,000,000 jobs

And much more! See:https://szamokadatok.hu/

For the sake of the forgetful, here is an earlier "package" that can be digested.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3490/Uj_egyensuly_program
In contrast, Fidesz reduced taxes on income by 50 percent


/ The site is edited voluntarily, out of self-effort, without Megafonos and other millions /

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Income taxes have dropped by 50 percentage points since 2010!

Now you can Orbán, Massacre and dictatorship!

Income taxes have dropped by 50 percentage points since 2010!

These numbers, comrades! Good luck explaining why this is NOT GOOD for us. Mihály Varga wrote: We will continue the policy of tax reduction!


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Respect and gratitude for it!

This is the government that has dealt with the crisis without restrictions, by increasing subsidies, by continuing to make improvements!

Respect and gratitude for it!

Being a Fidesz is cool because we are the sober majority who will never vote against ourselves! The left serves foreign interests, it is anti-family and anti-national, for them Hungary is not the first, for us it is! Let us dare to be big, and NEVER be ashamed of it, because we are Hungarians and we are Fidesz sympathizers! We are on the right track, we have won an election three times by two-thirds, and we will win the next election as well!

This will require everyone, not just on election day, but before! Every sharing, every opinion, every message of support increases your chances of winning again!

Come on Fidesz! What you have done over the last 11 years, and especially during the crisis, is exemplary, and perhaps it is no exaggeration to say that it is unique worldwide!

We are not afraid and we will never back down! Just ahead!

Tax exemption for young people
Tax refund for families
13th month pension for the elderly
Salary increase for doctors and nurses
Home renovation support
Record gold reserves
Renewable public institutions
Developing infrastructure
Investment grants
Railway construction, developing public transport

Recent news: Viktor Orbán: They can even pay the full 13-month pension next year. It's "stealing" again, isn't it?


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Stop raising taxes! (with video)

Share it! Stop the thief left side!

Stop raising taxes!  (with video)

István Hollikshared a video detailing the plan of the left, which can be summed up again as "It'll hurt"

Karácsony: "I don't think it's wrong that the corporate tax rate is the lowest in Hungary in Europe"
Hollik: "And we think he's fine!"

They’re not just talking about this, it’s in their program!
Raising corporate tax: HUF 500 billion would be stolen from companies, so there would be no more wage increases.
30% PIT
Abolition of the family support system
With the tax system on the left, everyone would be harmed: families, workers and companies.

The left serves foreign interests and they want to eliminate Hungary's current competitive advantage. For them, their foreign clients are more important than the Hungarian people.

Thank You,István Hollik! We will succeed together! At least we will make Hungary a Hungarian country.

Source (video):https://www.facebook.com/hollikistvan/videos/917524625508348/

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Reality about family tax allowances

It is sad that some have become enemies of themselves

Reality about family tax allowances

The same "man" leads the left, who once took the family tax credit, the socpol, reduced the price, tripled the price of gas, doubled the price of electricity, introduced the super gross, sold or closed hospitals, took out an IMF loan and by 2040 it had indebted Hungary with PPP contracts.

Even so, some are still scolding him! This is completely incomprehensible to us! Why and how do people become enemies of themselves? Why do they want to pay more for what can be less? Why do they want no border protection? Why do they want paid education and health care? How will they account with their conscience for their bad decision if this gang comes to power?

Now we are talking about the family tax credit, which at the moment only affects those who are raising children, but the dear left-wing retirees do not think about taking the money from their children, their grandchildren? Do young people not think that in a few years they will also be parents?

Let's look at the concrete example!
👉Yesterday we reported that the amount of family tax benefits has increased more than thirty times this year compared to the 2010 level
👉Today, it turned out that together with next year's tax refund, this amount will reach HUF 990 billion, which is almost eighty times the 2010 level.Mihály Varga"As we have already experienced, the left would take it away. At the end of their rule, it was only HUF 12 billion, but next year the amount of tax benefits for families will exceed HUF 990 billion. . "

To detect the magnitude of left-wing thefts, we also divide a number from these times: HUF 2,853 billion. The Gyurcsánys caused so much damage with the PPP contracts of the motorways. Nothing was built out of this money - it's just the damage! The cost is in addition, and the total cost is almost HUF 4,000 billion. With four contracts, the 5-year tax credit for all families across the country was taken away.

Think, comrades.
You are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself!

👉Add on!


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