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Economic bleaching

10 Years of Civil Governance - Part 28

Economic bleaching

The Perspective Institute concluded the discussion of the results with the economic whitening:
“The fight against the gray economy, launched in 2013, among other things, has made a major contribution to ensuring that the stimulus measures and prestige investments are also covered by the budget. By bleaching the widest possible range of economic activities, not only has competition become fairer, but state tax revenues have also increased significantly, with the measures generating only HUF 1,400 billion in additional revenue for the state between 2014 and 2018. The Government was able to use this amount for further market incentives and benefits, and the most secure cover for tax cuts is economic whitening. In 2017, Hungary was the largest tax cutter in the European Union, the tax burden decreased the most in proportion to GDP. ”

Economic bleaching activities can be divided into two groups: tax cuts, other measures (1) (2).

Of the latter group, the following should be highlighted:
- introduction of online cash registers,
an online control system for the carriage of goods by road, and
- online invoicing.

The purpose of the online cash register (3) and the online invoice (4) is to get all the amounts entered and all the numbers issued to NAV. These systems were introduced gradually, segment by segment. From then on, NAV became aware of the turnover and revenue of the companies issuing the blocks and invoices.

While the measure of tax evasion, the VAT tax gap, was 21% in the Gyurcsány era, tax evasion has decreased to 9.1% in recent years (5). Thus, the amount of unpaid VAT decreased as much and to such an extent as a result of the measures.

Hungarian tax burdens are among the lowest in Europe (6). The left-liberal fake news media is constantly trying to say the opposite, but maybe they just stood on their heads and that’s why they see the graph upside down. This is accompanied by high, if not the highest, real wage growth (7).

Consumption taxation remains important as it can be controlled through online cash registers and online invoicing. This is why VAT is higher than in neighboring countries, in parallel with which taxes on labor have been drastically reduced (8), so that it is simply not worth less or less to trick with wages. If we recalculate a little, we can see that the reduction in taxes on labor was many times the increase in the standard VAT rate of 2%.

It is important to note that the economic “crisis” caused by the coronavirus epidemic is not handled in a Gyurcsányist, left-liberal way by Fidesz-KDNP, but has provided additional tax relief (9). The tax burden not only on citizens but also on companies is decreasing, see corporate tax (10), (11).

Instead of loopy liberal assistance and basic income, ensuring a decent living and job creation has been targeted (12).

It's over.



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Bomb news! 0% VAT for creating a home for families!

THANK YOU! So far, the government has helped bring more than 150,000 families home!

Bomb news!  0% VAT for creating a home for families!

Fidesz has once again proved that it sees the way out of the crisis not in austerity, but in increasing subsidies and tax cuts. We have already reported a significant tax cut on primary producers today, and now here’s another great piece of news!

🔴Video: The reduction in VAT to 5% announced last week will now be further reduced for families: the rate will be 0%, as the full VAT is refundable!https://www.facebook.com/csaladesifjusag/videos/3595695933801993

Katalin Novák: The 5 percent VAT will be reclaimable with a chocolate

If you are at home and working, life is much easier, said the Minister without Portfolio for Families on Kossuth Rádió's Sunday newspaper, in which he announced that from January, 5 percent VAT will be reclaimable on newly built properties purchased with chocolates.

He stressed that there is a need for the government to help the government now, the achievements of the last ten years "we have achieved, maintain and even seek to expand further" and not have to step back because of the coronavirus epidemic.


whose priority area is home creation, and that buyers of newly built homes have cheaper access to real estate.

They have contributed to the creation of more than 150,000 families
According to Katalin Novák, the home creation program contributes to economic growth, gives people jobs and helps families get a new home. He called it important that despite the coronavirus epidemic, as many people as possible should have a job, an area where many can be located and get a decent wage with decent work.


Instead of 27 percent VAT, it will be only 5 percent
An example of the planned VAT reduction is that if someone buys a newly built property after January 1, 2021 - which does not exceed 150 square meters for a flat and 300 square meters for a house - then they only have to pay 5 percent instead of the current 27 percent VAT.
and 11 million for a HUF 50 million.

He announced that those who buy a newly built property with a check can also reclaim the 5 percent VAT rate from January. This means an additional 1.5 million reclaim in addition to the 6.5 million savings for a 30 million apartment, and an additional 2.5 million for the 50 million apartment, in addition to the 11 million savings, which according to Katalin Novák will definitely remain with the families, because they can claim back the VAT content. .

Baby waiting, chocolate and soft loan
According to the Minister, the good support that is available to the widest possible circle is, moreover, the simplest, but it does not allow for abuse. Experience has shown that this has been the case since 2015, which is why the VAT refund option has been linked to the check, which is a well-established form of support for those who are about to have a child and who are already raising a child.

The chocolate can also be used by parents raising their children alone after their existing children, it can also be used for used property, and the support is also available for couples planning to have a child, or for couples planning a child, he explained.

He added:
to which is added the shock, and they can even take out a long-term loan of HUF 15 million, with a guaranteed interest rate of less than 3 percent.


🇭🇺Family support, full list (will be expanded!)https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/996/Minden_a_csaladtamogatasrol_-_Teljes_lista_a_baloldali_alhirek_ellen
🇭🇺Video:https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/556505975240465

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New tax rules: primary producers can breathe a sigh of relief

New tax rules: primary producers can breathe a sigh of relief

🇭🇺A decision that is more far-reaching than raising doctors ’salaries, the media is still listening to it. Thank YouIstvan NagyMinister!

New tax rules: primary producers can breathe a sigh of relief

The Government has adopted a proposal on the taxation of primary agricultural producers. István Nagy presented the new rules to Kossuth Radio: decreasing tax burdens, less administration.
The Minister said that 290,000 primary producers work in agriculture in Hungary, and 83,000 people are engaged in agricultural activities in family farms. This circle is affected by the new rules that aim to

- reduce the tax burden,
- reduce administrative expectations,
- generational change can take place.

There will be three categories under the new system, with the following conditions:

Primary producer: from 2021, the value limit of the tax exemption will increase. Instead of the previous HUF 600,000, no personal income tax has to be paid up to five times the minimum wage, ie up to HUF 9.7 million, and no tax return has to be prepared up to HUF 1 million. The option of flat-rate taxation has so far been possible up to HUF 8 million in revenue, from now on it will all increase to 10 times the annual minimum wage, which is HUF 19.3 million in 2020. (Item-by-item settlement is required above this).
Significant change: the agricultural subsidies received do not count as income, neither in terms of tax base nor thresholds!

Family farming of primary producers: a new form of operation that enables family cooperation. The range of actors is expanded, the concept of the belonging chain is introduced. The choice of flat-rate taxation is possible up to 40 times the minimum wage, which is HUF 77.28 million in 2020, itemized settlement is only necessary above this.
Family farm company: this is a qualification that can be obtained by a company if its members are linked to each other and are exclusively involved in forestry, agriculture and ancillary activities. It is important that they can reclaim land-related costs (land purchase, land lease) up to HUF 50 million.
The setting of minimum wage limits allows there to be no need to amend the regulation annually.

The ministry hopes that by reducing administrative and tax burdens and improving the profitability of the sector, a greater proportion of young people will choose agriculture as a livelihood. In the agricultural sector, generational change is a major challenge across Europe.


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Hungary is the second largest tax cutter!

Hungary is the second largest tax cutter!

Reminder to the forgetful: The Personal Income Tax was 18% in the time of left-wing governments, which was raised to 21.58% by an additional march called "super-gross."
Because of the two-rate taxation, the "rich", who were actually the middle class, paid 32% personal income tax, which was also raised to 40.64% by an additional march called "super-gross."

Now the PIT is uniformly 15%, those who earn more are still taxing more (the tax of HUF 300 thousand is HUF 45 thousand, the tax of HUF 600 thousand is HUF 90 thousand). Thank You,Government of Hungary!

Hungary continues to maintain its leading position in the tax reduction rankings, according to the OECD, the tax burden has improved in Hungary for the second largest amount - informed Mihály Varga.

The Minister of Finance said that according to the OECD Tax Policy Reforms 2020 study, between 2017 and 2018, the tax burden as a proportion of GDP decreased the most in Hungary, after the United States, by 1.6 percentage points.

From the outset, the Hungarian government opted for a policy of tax cuts, even in the context of economic protection measures caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Taxes on labor, businesses and families have been steadily declining since 2010, and since taxes have fallen, employment has risen, the economy has grown and wages have risen, Mihály Varga emphasized.

The Hungarian result is also exemplary because taxes have decreased not only in the short term, but also over a 10-year period, the head of the ministry emphasized.

As he said: while tax increases were measured in 70 per cent of the countries, the tax burden as a proportion of GDP decreased in Hungary from 39.5 per cent in 2008 to 36.6 per cent in 2018, making the largest progress in Hungary after Ireland. According to the study, by 2018, the tax on gross domestic product in 28 countries out of 39 countries - such as Greece, France, Portugal, Slovakia - was higher than in 2008.

The OECD has highlighted, among other things, reductions in social contribution taxes as well as corporate taxes. The rate of the latter 9 percent is the lowest in the European Union - reminded Mihály Varga.

He stressed that the government continued its policy of tax cuts this year: from January 1, it granted mothers with four children a lifetime PIT exemption, in addition to exempting all working pensioners from paying contributions. The rate of the small business tax decreased from 13 to 12 percent, and the sales tax burden of accommodation providers decreased by 9 percentage points. From 1 July, the social contribution tax was reduced by another two percentage points.

The tax breaks introduced due to the harmful effects of the coronavirus epidemic have so far left more than one hundred billion forints for families and entrepreneurs, the Minister of Finance pointed out.

Original document to which the article refers:https://read.oecd.org/10.1787/7af51916-en?format=pdf

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Left-liberals would punish their own voters with a multi-rate tax, a region-level analysis

Left Lies on Median Income and Multi-Rate Tax - Part 3

Left-liberals would punish their own voters with a multi-rate tax, a region-level analysis

In the previous section, we examined and discarded multi-key, i.e., progressive, taxation in terms of social impacts and opportunities. In this post, we focus on which areas of the country would be most adversely affected by this step if the left-liberal rainbow coalition came to power in 2022 and thus reintroduced multi-rate taxation.
In the first half of 2020, the gross average salary increased to HUF 395 thousand. This is a national average that varies by region. While Budapest was characterized by a gross average salary of HUF 493 thousand in the first half of the year, the average salary in Pest County was around HUF 363 thousand. The entire Central Hungarian region had an average salary of HUF 464,000. Many people from Pest county commute to Budapest, although walking / teleworking is also common in Fejér, Nógrád or Komárom-Esztergom counties. In the first half of 2020, the average gross earnings were HUF 375 thousand in Central Transdanubia, HUF 373 thousand in Western Transdanubia, HUF 333 thousand in Southern Transdanubia, HUF 317 thousand in Northern Hungary, HUF 304 thousand in the Northern Great Plain and HUF 320 thousand in the Southern Great Plain.

The county / regional data of the CSO are based on the registered office of the company, however, this is a good indicator of the earnings of the residents of the region. According to experience, a company based in Budapest pays lower wages at its rural site and vice versa.
We have previously examined how the list votes in the 2018 parliamentary elections were distributed by region. 38.2% of Budapest residents voted for Fidesz, the majority supported the opposition. 46.2% of the population of Pest county is a Fidesz voter, the rest is rainbow. In the remaining regions, the proportion of Fidesz voters ranged from 47.2% to 54.7%, so we are talking about far fewer left-liberal voters here.

It follows that those living in Budapest and, in many cases, the residents of Pest County who work in Budapest, who receive higher wages and are more likely to live in luxury misery, are more likely to be opposition, rainbow voters. While rural people, who are more Fidesz voters, earn lower wages. Obviously, lower wages are accompanied by somewhat cheaper living and living, with cheaper real estate prices.

We know that in the case of a flat tax, everyone pays the same rate of their salary, while in a multi-rate tax system, a higher tax rate applies above and above a certain amount (s). As a result, residents of Budapest and its surroundings would be more likely to reach the higher tax rate, so they would tax more and stay less net.
So the many affluent opposition voters in and around Budapest would decide against their own wallets if they supported the opposition rainbow coalition in 2022. One way they can protect their pay if they don’t support left-liberal parties.

The issue could be differentiated at the county and settlement level, but we believe that our analysis is understandable and realistic in a regional comparison as well.


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Left-wing lies about median income and the multi-rate tax. Even with a flat tax, those who earn more pay more!

Part 2 - Why the multi-rate tax does not work in Hungary

Left-wing lies about median income and the multi-rate tax.  Even with a flat tax, those who earn more pay more!

In the first part (1) we focused on the median wage, now we move on to the multi-key tax. We will look at the circumstances of its derecognition and then examine its advantages, but most of all its disadvantages, focusing on the domestic tax environment.

We previously calculated that the median wage could be between 312-320 thousand forints in 2019. From this, we concluded that 64–67% of workers earn below average wages, compared with 70–80% lied by left-liberals (2). The ratio of the median to the average wage is consistent with the other Member States of the European Union.

In 2009, in the last real Gyurcsányista tax year, 18% PIT had to be paid below the gross annual limit of HUF 1,900,000, and a 36% rate was applied to the above part (3). The only problem is that in 2009 the average gross earnings amounted to HUF 199,837 (4), and the monthly share of 1,900,000 was HUF 158,333. So this meant that from the area around the median wage, after the part above the band limit, we were already taxed at the higher tax rate (36%), i.e. 50% of the socialist people were already considered rich. "The rich pay!" (5). Of course, we must not forget about the institution of the tax credit, which has reduced the tax burden, but has gradually disappeared around the median wage. In return, the tax credit for families with one and two children had been abolished years earlier, and families with three children had been set at a ridiculously low amount.

The 2010 tax system is named after Péter Oszkó, who, compared to the former Minister of Finance, János Veres, at least tried to “innovate” something. Although the quality of the implementation is pathetic. He introduced super-gross, which is 1.27% of gross wages. In his tax system, the lower tax rate was reduced to 17% and the upper tax rate to 32% (above HUF 5,000,000). The only problem is that the tax was calculated from super-gross and applied gross, so 17% actually meant 21.58% and 32% 40.64%. The band limit increased to HUF 3,937,000 per year (HUF 3,280,883 per month). It was such an amount at the time that really only a small percentage of society earned that much. So in practice, the multi-rate tax lost its meaning, and in parallel, a covert tax increase was implemented when the PIT was raised to 21.58% from the previous 18%. Done scam!

Starting from the 2011 tax year, Fidesz has introduced both super-gross and multi-rate taxes in a few steps. At the same time, it introduced a fair family tax credit so that those who invest in the future do not receive a tax credit as a subjective right. Due to the name of the family tax benefit, it is determined taking into account the income of both parents, and contrary to its name, it can also be used from contributions.

As a positive of the multi-rate tax, i.e. progressive taxation, it is often mentioned that in this way the richer pay more, while the poorer pay less, thus reducing social disparities. If the degree of the keys, the progressivity, the economic structure, the social system, the tax morale fit together, then this theory is indeed fulfilled in practice. However, Hungary and several Central and Eastern European states (Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland) that have abandoned the multi-rate tax system (6) do not fit the theory.

With the abolition of the multi-rate tax, taxes on labor have been reduced (7), making us significantly better than average in the EU Member State with the second highest tax burden. With the abolition of the multi-rate tax, production costs have been reduced. The increase in the general VAT rate from 25% to 27% was largely offset by the reduction in PIT (including the rate of the single rate) and the increase in wages. This has strengthened the competitiveness of the economy.

The rate of tax evasion, clearly caused by high and multi-rate income taxes, has decreased. The economy has basically whitened, there has been less forced labor and envelopes. As a result of lower taxes, companies employ more labor, which, in addition to increasing employment, also increases trade turnover. It is true that this has led to a slight price-wage spiral (inflation), but even so we can talk about lower inflation than in the time of left-liberal governments.

It is important that the above-mentioned tax morale, thus the tax evasion caused by multi-rate, high taxes on income, clearly proved that in Hungary it is expedient to tax consumption rather than income (VAT). Basic food, medical supplies, internet, etc. it is taxed at a lower VAT rate, which can also be seen as a kind of tax relief for the poorer strata. The richer ones will not buy more milk either, at most they will spend their extra money on a trip to the Faroe Islands.

The multi-rate taxation system does not provide an incentive to work. Because if we search above a certain limit, the state will take more of that part proportionally and numerically.
A legitimate expectation for a well-educated workforce is a higher net income that is hampered by a multi-rate tax. As a result, the multi-rate tax also drives emigration and brain drain.
Of course, initially the PIT revenue of the budget, which we have already worked out, has decreased.

In recent years, the single tax rate has also been reduced to 15%, which is favorable to all employees. Those who are proposing a multi-rate tax are ignoring our social system, looking blindly at the achievements of the last 10 years. But I may also be envious of e.g. to a university-graduate engineer who does higher-skilled work, thereby generating more GDP. Sorry, but why should this engineer be penalized with higher taxes?

Left-liberals would set the upper tax rate band between 400-500 thousand forints (2) if they came to power in 2022. That is, for them, the engineer mentioned in the example above is already rich, so it should be punished. Obviously, doctors who earned an average of HUF 871,000 gross in 2019 should also be punished (8).

The left would penalize approximately 30% of workers with higher taxes. There is one way to avoid this: do not vote for them!


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More than 40,000 mothers with four or more children benefited from the PIT exemption

More than 40,000 mothers with four or more children benefited from the PIT exemption

Families will be left with an unprecedented amount this year, as parents can save HUF 380 billion with tax benefits, said András Tállai, State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance. He added that this year, more than 44,000 mothers with four or more children benefited from the new, world-renowned tax credit, the PIT exemption.

🇭🇺Family support, full list:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/996/Minden_a_csaladtamogatasrol_-_Teljes_lista_a_baloldali_alhirek_ellen

András Tállai emphasized that in the first half of the year, the government left more than HUF 9.1 billion with families through the new type of tax relief.

"The triple system of detailed rules of the world-famous Hungarian tax relief for mothers with four children ensures that the greatest public burden savings can be used as widely as possible," said András Tállai. The exemption does not only apply to a child of blood, children who are already adults are also taken into account, and the PIT exemption does not preclude the use of the family tax credit. so
you can claim the child allowance for the younger from the mother's or your own employee's contribution or together with the father
- He told.

The government's family support policy could not be overwritten by the coronavirus crisis either, András Tállai declared. The measures previously introduced will continue to live on in the state this year
it leaves more than ever for families
through tax incentives.

According to the data, the new discount for mothers with four children also significantly contributed to the protection of the work of mothers with large families, as the number of mothers with four children earning income and thus benefiting from the tax benefit not only decreased during the second quarter of the epidemic, Secretary of State.

In addition, measures to mitigate the adverse effects of a pandemic will help families. Through the credit moratorium, the loans will not have to be repaid by the end of the year, which could leave almost two thousand billion forints with hundreds of thousands of bank debtors. some
60,000 parents were helped by the discount for families with small children,
which extended the rights of gyes, gyet and gyed expiring during the emergency, the Secretary of State listed.

According to András Tállai, the fact that parents received a HUF 12 billion tax credit in 2010 is a good indication of their appreciation and help, this year they can count on more than thirty times that, 380 billion.


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Tax reliefs in Hungary are also exemplary in the EU

Tax reliefs in Hungary are also exemplary in the EU

🔴🤍🟢There was no such forgiveness in the time of the "APEH" Gyurcsánys, the NAV is now an exams from humanity.

Tax reliefs in Hungary are also exemplary in the EU

Those who are in trouble due to the coronavirus epidemic should apply to the tax office for payment relief, the authority approves the applications in 80 percent of the cases, said Izer Norbert, Secretary of State for Taxation at the Ministry of Finance.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, the government has taken a number of tax measures, most of which could and could only be effective with the help of a customer-centric tax office, the secretary of state said.

According to him, in addition to the accelerated VAT remittances, the further expansion of the Hungarian payment facilitation system, which is also unique in the European Union, was of direct help to taxpayers.

Between 11 March and 8 August, 71,907 applications for fairness were received by the tax office.

About 6,000 of these were applications for the coronavirus, in which they were submitted for the benefit provided to companies during the emergency period and in the 30 days thereafter, which allowed the tax deduction to be reduced, the Secretary of State explained, noting that HUF 574 million tax was released by the tax office.

He stressed that one of the most important expectations of the government towards the National Tax and Customs Administration remains to act fairly in tax matters, taking into account the effects of the epidemic.

He noted that this was still needed, although the performance of the economy was already showing signs of recovery after the second quarter low, in order for the economy to return to its pre-crisis trajectory as soon as possible and achieve growth well above the EU average, equity was essential. in dealing with corporate tax matters.

Therefore, the harmful effects of Covid-19 can still be invoked by families, the general public and businesses, and the tax office takes this into account in the proceedings, Norer Norer noted.

Requests for fairness can be submitted on Forms FAG01 and FAM01. Anyone who has experienced payment difficulties as a result of the epidemic should include it in the application as one of the reasons for the application, the Secretary of State suggested.

Exemplary tax reliefs in the European Union, in addition to resolving companies' temporary payment difficulties, can also help maintain jobs and thus make a significant contribution to the growth of the Hungarian economy, emphasized Izer Norbert.


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We refuted the camouflage video of 444

Lies, slips, opinions

We refuted the camouflage video of 444

🔴🔴🔴We tasted one of the latest camouflage videos on the serial blog called 444. Not even Olga Kálmán was able to cram that many lies in a single video, the 444 managed the impossible. Numbers in 12 points refutes the left-liberals.
For the nervous only, this is the 444 "masterpiece"https://youtu.be/e6B6_BNBRj0

The majority of the video (about 60%) consists of opinions, emotionally based and unsubstantiated, non-specific statements. We will not react to these either, because there is nothing to do. In some cases, statements made 20 years ago are contrasted with extraordinary measures taken due to an unexpected epidemic situation, and the compilation of trained pseudo-news producers is full of similar “subtleties”. For example, 20 years ago, educational and health care institutions were maintained by the local government, the Gyurcsánys closed them continuously, they are currently under a central budget and control, and the state is constantly developing both areas. We refute the specific issues raised in the video in points.

! ️1. Diósgyőr Castle: It is a lie that the government withdrew the grant agreement.

The reality, on the other hand, is that Pál Veres, the mayor of Miskolc, was unable to sign the contract for more than half a year. As Paul Veres' chair warmed up, he began to shatter his plans! In the hope of the concert, the new city management wanted to make more and more technical changes in the plans! And the government even accepted that. There was a significant delay, but on February 20 this year, the government gave Paul Veres and his team a chance to sign a valid contract with the contractor. Compared to this, Pál Veres was unable to decide and sign the related construction contract for another two months. If you sign, today Miskolc is 1.5 billion forints richer

Our full article on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/908/Valotlansagokat_allit_Veres_Pal_a_Diosgyori_var_15_milliard_forintot_erinto_forraselvonasarol

! ️2. Business tax: It is a lie that the government takes away the business tax, and it is especially a lie to say this in general, for all municipalities. The reality is that no one takes anything.
What is it about:
According to a bill, the government can declare investments that create at least HUF 5 billion in costs, create and maintain costs, to be a special economic zone. What is the purpose of the government? Protect jobs - no more, no less. In the case of Göd, the money will not be taken by anyone, the money will be transferred to the County Assembly and will be used locally in close cooperation with the mayors. It’s not going to be true to steal, and that’s a big problem for them. If there is a special economic zone in several places, the government will not take anything there either, the government will give billions for job creation, which will create many new jobs (as it has been 850,000 since 2010), and will become a solvent population that spends money locally. strengthen the economy of the given city or region.
In Göd, the problem is not the designation of the Samsung factory as a special economic zone, but the quarrel between the left-liberals. The Government did not want to take more than 4,000 employees of the Samsung plant hostage to this.

Our full articles on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1019/Sir_a_baloldal_es_a_fakenews_mediajuk_mert_nem_tudjak_ELLOPNI_az_emberek_penzet

! ️3. Car Tax: It is a lie that this is a significant deduction, and also that it is “sending municipalities to the floor” The reality is that the government spends 20% of GDP on epidemic management and everyone takes their share of the burden. The government asked only 1.13% of their revenues from local governments. There were far more outages than this for workers, companies, entrepreneurs, state-owned companies, and the state itself. The government has always helped local governments, for example, in 2013 it took over HUF 1,200 billion in debt from them, now it has asked for only HUF 34 billion in return. More than 2,000 billion worth of developments have been implemented in Budapest alone, a significant part of which also brings new revenues to the city.
Municipalities will get back 3.4 times the $ 34 billion “sarc” next year.

Our full articles on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/718/Balliberalis_polgarmesterek_alairasgyujtese

! ️4. Parking: It is a lie that the government takes the parking money. The reality is that parking has been made free by the government for a temporary period (which is long over anyway) as a measure of the epidemic situation. While, for example, Gergely Karácsony reduced the number of flights and crowded people on buses, the Government made a responsible decision and made parking free for the time necessary for those who want and know to be able to drive, because the most important thing is the lives of Hungarians. Left-liberals have always used parking companies as a payment point, Gergely Karácsony's parking company in Zugló was the only loss-making parking company in Tarlós's time. Not knowing where the money was put. As Mayor Karácsony, the price of parking has been raised by 30%, idiots and unnecessary bike lanes have been designated, and everything is being done to make the lives of motorists impossible.

Our full articles on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1340/Minel_nagyobb_a_baj_a_baloldal_annal_jobban_lehuzza_az_embereket

! ️5. The bill of Zsolt Semjén: This was not adopted, and even withdrawn, precisely so that there would be no screaming, but it became screaming nonetheless. We wrote an article about this earlier because we anticipated that it would still be needed. In particular, this is proposal T / 9934, which has already been withdrawn by the governing parties in the name of cooperation. It is worth writing a few words about this because the left will certainly not forget this proposal.
Under the proposal, mayors who sabotage government action in an emergency or cause direct panic among the residents of the settlement they run would not have had more opportunities to do so. Let us remember the outbreak of the MSZP mayor of Mohács, who arbitrarily took over the powers of the operational tribe and declared Mohács the focal point of the epidemic, quarantined the city and ordered a curfew. By doing so, he exceeded his authority, and even luckily, in his great effort, he did not order the right of pallos and the right of the first night.
What was the problem with the opposition with this bill?
Their main problem was that if the law had been passed, the mayors would not have been able to make a decision in one person, but would have had to discuss their decisions with the Defense Committee for the physical integrity of us all.

Our full article on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/672/A_polgarmesterek_dontesi_joga_koruli_nyugtalankodasrol_avagy_a_balliberalisok_altal_oly_sokat_emlegetett_fekek_es_ellensulyok_rendszererol

! ️6. Göd again: A larger dose of “crying” follows: (dust, noise, road condition, “Göd’s will”, etc.): we can’t say anything about the mayor’s anti-factory and anti-workplace statements: this is the Hungarian left! The factory employs 4,300 people, if that’s not the case, we don’t know what the 444 journalist means by “Gödian interest”. All factors (dust, noise, road, etc.) are below the environmental limits, and revenues from the factory will also be spent locally, including for road development. It is not the Government that stops the developments, but the result of the Göd left-liberal march is the resetting of the developments. The mayor abused his special authority given by the emergency and used it to, for example, enter into an independent consultancy contract with Iglu Ltp Kft. He did so despite the fact that the majority of the municipal council also opposed the agreement and the finance committee did not decide on the proposal. According to our information, Balogh's decision was confirmed by a member of the external committee of Momentum, who is a personal acquaintance of Lucsik.

Our full articles on the topic:

! ️7. “Samsung Factory Not Informed” - We listened to this twice because we didn’t want to believe our ears that this 444 lies, thousands of people believe it. If he had not been informed, he would obviously not have come here and, above all, would not have started the development of the second phase of the factory.

Our full article on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/823/God_-_kulonleges_gazdasagi_ovezet

! ️8. “Compensating residents” - we don’t know how to compensate residents, but we think 4,300 jobs is just enough compensation. Some say that foreigners work in the factory, and this may be partly true, but there is a bit of a bump: Hungarian law says that a foreign worker can only be hired if there is no suitable Hungarian candidate for the position, so all Hungarian workers who wants to work in the factory can work there. Perhaps Gergely Karácsony, László Csőzik, Péter Niedermüller or Botka could show how they “compensate” the residents for a factory.

! ️9. Revenues of cities have decreased: Bravo! Everyone's has fallen: the state's revenue has fallen, the revenue of state-owned companies has fallen, companies', private entrepreneurs, shops, gas stations, highways have fallen, and virtually everyone's revenue has fallen. Revenues from tourism and the hospitality industry have zeroed in, do left-wing municipalities want to profit from the situation? Even though their revenues and budgets have been growing year by year, are they unwilling to take their share of the burden? We are no longer surprised by this, but when we see such a “scream” we react to it. Using the example of Budapest, we show in the following articles how unscrupulous they lie. They are the ones who take the money from the Fidesz districts, Tarlós did not do that. Tarlós' last budget was 385 billion forints, Karácsony this year's budget is 415 billion, and next year's 425 billion. What are you talking about?

Our full article on the topic:

! ️10: The cost of defense: The left would also pay for this with the government, while for example Csaba Czeglédy has 36 million, but they do not have 35 million for defense. The epidemic not only meant new expenditures, but also significant savings. In the following article, we show what this is all about using the example of Újpest. for example
* declining energy bills
* redundancies in the SZTK
* savings due to the suspension of nursery and kindergarten care
* costs saved for missed programs
* savings of cultural institutions that suspend their operation
In the case of Újpest, this is 100 million, which covers roughly three times the cost of the defense.

Our full article on the topic:

! ️11: VIII.-IX. "abstract billions" of districts: Lying, no one was away.

Pikó, District VIII: Chronology.
District 1 billion road:
April 2019: Sarah Botond asks.
June 2019: Máté Kocsis kilobbizza at the government.
July 2019: the parliament votes (Antal Csárdi votes “NO”!)
October 2019: Pico becomes mayor.
In 2020, the money will be available.
February 13-March 23, 2020: Pico has no idea what to do -> doesn't call for money, while other cities do.
March 23, 2020: The government blocks money as an unused resource due to the epidemic.
Since then: András Pikó, instead of seeing himself as a bastard, is constantly lying and blaming others.

Our full article on the topic:

IX. district Baranyi 400 million.
Krisztina Baranyi did not need the HUF 400 million grant, and then accused the government of not giving this money.

After Krisztina Baranyi attacked the government by "taking 400 million forints" from Ferencváros, at the sitting of the parliament on May 18, 2020, it turned out to be a complete lie. Tibor Pogácsás, State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, said in a parliamentary briefing, Baranyi requested in a letter to the Ministry that the development should not take place. Hypocritical political communication in the IX. from the left mayor of the district, the same thing happened as with András Pikó in Józsefváros.
"They took 400 million forints from Ferencváros. This is the amount of the Hungarian budget that is intended for the renovation of the community house, which was completely destroyed. It is missing to fight the epidemic. " - at the end of April, Krisztina Baranyi informed her followers with this entry intended for dramas that the district she ruled had again lost serious development funds, according to her, due to the government. However, Péter Juhász's Former Representative did not reveal every detail of the truth: someone was really to blame for the loss to the part of the city, and she is called Krisztina Baranyi.
Máté Kocsis: Tasteless Baranyi
Máté Kocsis reacted to the latest developments on the community page. "In connection with the József Attila housing estate community house, Krisztina Baranyi herself requested in a letter that this investment should not be realized," the Fidesz faction leader explained in the National Assembly, according to which
the mayor of Ferencváros himself requested that the investment not take place.
Kocsis assessed Baranyi's behavior in the matter as tasteless. "To put it mildly, it's tasteless to blame others (mainly the government and me) for failing to renovate two months after that." The rubble remains, "he wrote on his community page, pretending to be disappointed. it catches up later. " he said.


! ️12: The room for maneuver of local governments is decreasing: Very interesting! No Fidesz municipality is crying, even though they are burdened by exactly the same “tribes”. They solve it, beautifully, quietly, cleverly. The left is lying so much in this area that even existing developments with already available resources, possibly in the construction phase, are stopped, and this was not started at the time of the epidemic, but before that, even though there is money - no expertise. They spend the money on their buddies, they just take it away from the cities, the residents, raise taxes and introduce new tributes. Let's look at some examples.


More Articles ahttps://szamokadatok.hu/on our site where we present the reality against left-liberal sham propaganda!

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A Tale of the "Outstanding Hungarian Tax Charge"

A Tale of the "Outstanding Hungarian Tax Charge"

Left-liberal bogus politicians, parties, their camouflage media and their deceived activists often make the lie that Hungarian workers pay one of the highest taxes in all of Europe, but even in the world. these people lie a huge one and then they believe their own false claims, from which a conviction arises, from which conviction they draw erroneous conclusions.

We are now exposing and refuting the lies of the fake news factories called Népszava and "My Money".

According to Népszava, "An outrageous tax burden affects the wages of Hungarians" is a lie, because the wages of Hungarians are affected by the fourth lowest tax burden.

The fake news factory called "my money" went even further. Recall?

"Hungarians are among the highest contributors in Europe
Denmark, Estonia, Ireland and Bulgaria have the lowest employee contributions, according to a recent Deloitte study. The amount of net wages remaining is highest in Norway, Luxembourg, Finland and Sweden, while the lowest net wages remain for Czech, French, Hungarian and Slovak workers. "

At the beginning, they talk about contributions (which is not the total tax burden, only the amount deducted under this heading), and then move on to the remaining net wage, where it is already written in nominal terms that there are more Norwegian salaries left than Hungarians. Of course, since the Norwegian salary is higher (prices, too, but let's leave that for now).

What is the reality? To put it briefly, the exact opposite is true. Tax burden on Hungarian employees a! ️fourth lowest in all of Europe.! ️
Short video:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/923830768063463
Personal income tax rate 15%, total tax burden (excluding benefits) 33.5%

Let's look at some examples (we also list the complete lists at the source)

Sweden: 57.2%
Austria: 55%
Germany 45%
Slovakia 25%
Czech Republic 22%
Hungary 15%🇭🇺

Total tax burden:
Sweden: 60.1%
Austria: 55%
Germany 47.5%
Slovakia 35.1%
Czech Republic 31.1%
Hungary 33.5%🇭🇺

There is also a continuous improvement in the purchase value of wages, as real wages (how much can be bought from our net wages) are also growing steadily. We place several articles on this at the source.

! ️Source:
EU PIT:https://tradingeconomics.com/country-list/personal-income-tax-rate?continent=europe
PIT (all countries)https://hu.tradingeconomics.com/country-list/personal-income-tax-rate
Comparing the total European tax burden:https://taxfoundation.org/top-individual-income-tax-rates-europe-2019/
His folk words and "my money" are lying articles.
! ️The lies:

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