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Mihály Varga: the left-wing amendments would mean a HUF 3,240 billion tax increase

The Gyurcsányists got sunstroke

Mihály Varga: the left-wing amendments would mean a HUF 3,240 billion tax increase

The amount roughly corresponds to the amount spent on healthcare on an annual basis, we only describe this to give you a sense of the magnitude.

The left-wing amendment proposals would overturn next year's budget by HUF 4,600 billion and tax increases of HUF 3,240 billion, Finance Minister Mihály Varga announced on his Facebook page.

These would cover the budget with almost the same amount - HUF 4,600 billion - as will be spent on family allowances, the utilities defense fund and the national defense fund in total next year.

As an example, he mentioned that the left-wing tax increase proposals would increase public burdens by HUF 3,240 billion, including the carbon tax, which would mean a HUF 200 billion tax increase, or the increase in corporate tax, which would increase the burden on businesses by HUF 2,360 billion.

He added that according to their proposals, budget reserves should also be used up. One and a half times the original HUF 1,260 billion reserve, HUF 1,900 billion, would be spent on reserves.

Next year's budget is the budget for utility defense and national defense. Our goal is to protect the achievements achieved even in the war crisis, to preserve stability, the Minister of Finance stated, and added: the left-wing proposals would endanger this, increase the budget deficit and the national debt.

Mihály Varga stated that they can only support responsible, well-thought-out proposals when planning the budget.

️Wise saying: A dog doesn't make bacon! That's why we didn't vote for you! Never again left!


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He does not like! Oh, what will happen to us now! :)

The guy is not listening, Orbán said: there will be no tax increase, and we will not discuss further sanctions affecting the energy sector either

He does not like!  Oh, what will happen to us now!  :)

What can't be understood by this? We don't like the migrant policy of Paris! Anyway, Macron can safely raise French taxes without Orbán. In Hungary, however, there will be a tax that is supported by the Hungarian people and the Hungarian government, and not one that was invented in the White House!

The mentality of the colonizers has not changed, they still believe that they are the masters of the world, there are selected peoples and there are second-rate peoples who can be freely plundered. Since Orbán became the prime minister, Hungary has resisted this madness and put the national interest before everything else.


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It's sad, but it is

Orban, on the other hand, can't do anything about the more expensive food, he can only help somewhat

It's sad, but it is

Fuel price stop, overhead reduction, family tax credit, youth tax exemption, pension increases, premium, 13th month pension, family tax refund, food price stop (6 products), increase in minimum wage, extension of NICE card, etc. - just some of the government's measures to help people to go through this period, for which we thank you again!

And those who are dissatisfied should understand that the government does not have its own money - they have their common money, so whoever wants more support will also describe where and to whom they would raise taxes, because if spending increases, revenue must also increase. .

For our part, we supplement the positive impact of the listed measures, which partly affect us, with the vegetables and fruits produced in our garden. There is a lot of work to be done with it, but it is worth it. We will make a mosaic of this year's fruits in the autumn🫐🧅🧄

We wish everyone endurance, a lot of strength and health! We can only overcome difficulties together!

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Pay multis after the extra profit!

️Fidesz-KDNP taxes extra profit, libsik even denies existence

Pay multis after the extra profit!

Not to mention, extremist liberal neo-Marxist news portals and opinion leaders are trying to convince their readers, viewers, and listeners that extraprofit doesn’t exist, so taxing multis is unjustified. On the other hand, it is clear that we are talking about an existing economic concept, the tax on the extra profit is called a windfall tax in English.

The cited articles describe in detail the concepts, reasons and principles, we have now examined the profit development of a bank (OTP Hungarian branch), an energy company (MOL Group) and a telecommunications company (Telekom) since 2019. To filter out the impact of Covid mainly on 2020, we looked at the first quarter (Q1) each year, so even 2022 could be included in the variance, which is very significant.

If we consider the profit of Q1 2019 to be 100% for all three companies, by 2021 Q1 their profit increased to 175% (MOL), 141% (OTP) and 120% (Telekom). By 2022, the same companies had increased their profits to 243%, 236% and 213%, respectively. These large companies did not do much for this profit, as the market environment, the development of interest rates, the increase in the price of petrol and lifestyle changes generated a 2-2.5-fold increase in profit in a few years.

The tax on the extra profit is used to maintain the overhead reduction and to provide national defense. That is, multis pay a special tax on the part of the profit earned from non-surplus performance, which is given to the little man instead of the rich in the form of overhead reduction, and the other part is spent on national defense.


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Orbán will not tax people, but multis!

Screaming starts!

Orbán will not tax people, but multis!

A defense and public defense fund will be set up, and companies that make extra profits and make a profit in the crisis will pay into it!

We are waiting for another rule of law procedureAnd of course we expect the libsik to stand by Mészáros, who has energy companies and who will surely fall into the circle of those who will now pay extra taxes.

Details (video)https://www.facebook.com/orbanviktor/videos/318036787170467/

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Say goodbye to IV. Orbán government

Thank You! The V. Orbán government can come!

Say goodbye to IV.  Orbán government

We think they have done an excellent job, and looking at the election results, many seem to think so! More precisely, 232,644 more people than in 2018 :)https://bit.ly/3xPgIts

️You can read more about the listed measures on our website, under the menu items "livelihood" and "economy".
These measures are set out in Annex IV. It was brought or maintained by the Orbán government.


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We're going forward, not backward! That is what it means in practice

We will vote carefully for Fidesz!

We're going forward, not backward!  That is what it means in practice

️When you vote, think about your wallet!
Share this summary with your friends! Let as many people see the reality!

Inheritance tribute
9% of an inherited property after 2010 and 0% now. Just figure out how many millions would fall if the left-wing government came back ?!
Number of apartments [pcs]
2010: 4,330,681
Now: 4,501,344
Nearly 170,000 new homes have been built, and existing homes are being expanded and renewed. This, of course, is also possible because it is "stealing from the Oban," isn't it?
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/30e7mJA
Proportion of those in need [%]
2010: 23.4
Now: 8.3
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3F2q45y
Employment [persons]
2010: 3,748,000
Now: 4,687,000
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3HfsPT8
Family tax refund
Never before, now is it! If economic growth allows, so will the future!
Tax exemption for young people
Never before, now is it! Do you think it doesn't affect you? But how much that touches! It will affect your child and it will take you, today’s young people will produce your pension. If they succeed, so will you!
Number of crimes [pcs]
The more people work, the less crime!
Proportion of people living in overcrowded housing [%]
CSOK, baby waiting, rising wages, falling taxes - more and more people can afford a larger apartment.
13th month pension, pension premium
Retirees received 17.1% more money!
Net average wages in euros
2010: 501
2022: 817
(Currently 353 the exchange rate, in 2010 it was 278)
Net minimum wage in euros
2010: 216
2022: 376
(Currently 353 the exchange rate, in 2010 it was 278)
National wages compared to Budapest [%]
The difference between wages in Budapest and in the countryside has significantly decreased!
Financial assets of households [HUF billion]
2010: 16 443
Now: 63 804
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3HbR6sV
That, too, is because everything is bad, right?
They can't keep their home warm enough [%]
Overhead reduction works, numbers prove it.
Number of motorcycles in circulation [pcs]
2010: 142 251
Now: 194 594
The motorcycle is the confessional, more a hobby than a means of transportation. He who rides a motorcycle also has a car. The number of engines has increased by more than 50,000!
Number of cars in circulation [pcs]
2010: 2 984 063
Now: 3,920,799
In short, the number of cars has increased by almost 1 million!
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3HeXzmX
Ratio of residual burden to net average salary [%]
The overhead has been reduced by a third!
Ratio of residual burden to net minimum wage [%]
The overhead has been reduced by a third!
Household assets in government securities [HUF billion]
2010: 727
Now: 10,000
Of this, the MÁP portfolio alone amounts to HUF 6,000 billion!https://bit.ly/3H960QN
At the same time, the country's net external debt decreased:https://bit.ly/3F3qGYC


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Haho, liberals! Are you looking for the Fidesz program?

We help! Here it is (part of it)

Haho, liberals!  Are you looking for the Fidesz program?

Worth to share! Left-wing narrators anesthetize people, they're talking about a Fidesz victory! This is not true because nothing is known! There will be a victory if we go to the polls! if we don’t leave, it won’t be - it’s that simple.



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The left has raised taxes 40 times

Fidesz has reduced it 80 times since 2010! That is why so many people support Orban!

The left has raised taxes 40 times

Mihály Varga wrote:Super Gross, Real Estate Tax, Health Insurance and Pension Contribution Increases, VAT Increases - These are just a few examples of the left-wing government's more than 40 tax increases.

👉In contrast, Hungary has implemented one of the largest tax cuts in Europe since 2010, including:

The personal income tax rate has been reduced from 36% to 15%.
The PIT rate for those under 25 fell from 36% to 0%.
The PIT rate for mothers with four or more children fell from 36% to 0%.
The annual amount of the family tax credit increased from HUF 12 billion to HUF 980 billion.
The public burden deducted from the wages of retired workers fell from 49.5% to 15%.
Corporate tax fell from 20% to 9%
Employer tax fell from 33.5% to 13%
The inheritance tax was reduced from 15-21% to 0%.

Who did more for the young people?
Let's look at some examples! We are not expressing an opinion, we are talking about the specifics!
Workers are increasingly benefiting from the GDP they generate. This is how Orbán steals!
To this come the wage increases:
The declining overhead burden (wages are rising, the overhead price is not, the percentage is less and less than the salary)
Lowest fuel prices in Europe
Other measures (eg free public administration, abolition of inheritance, free textbook, etc.)
Falling crime, unemployment, tax evasion and poverty
Falling housing costs and record economic growth
Real wage growth
Tax cuts
And much more:
Did you know? Retirees manage 17.1 percent more money, which has increased the purchase value of pensions despite inflation


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