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The older one matters!

The older one matters!

! ️The editorial board of "Numbers" also rejects Momentum's attack on the elderly, its proposal to deprive the elderly, the rural and the "less educated" of their right to vote. We join in solidarity aDemocratic Memekand theDemocratic Hungaryfor an online event organized by. Details:

! ️Take action against exclusion!! ️

! ️The rule of law and democracy are based on the equal dignity and freedom of all.! ️
! ️It is unacceptable that the Momentum Movement collectively stigmatizes a group, a layer of society, a community, and tries to dissuade them, to deny them the exercise of their right to vote!! ️

📢We protest against the manifestation of Barnabás Kádár, the founding member of the Momentum Movement, who excludes the generation of OUR PARENTS and GRANDFACES!

! ️We demand respect for the elderly:! ️
who raised the younger generations;
who have worked hard to ensure that future generations can live in relative prosperity today;
who, because of their life experience and historical experience, are especially valuable members of society;
and most importantly: whose esteem is a matter of fundamental humanity!

! ️Stand up for the protection of OUR PARENTS, OUR GRANDPARENTS, and raise your voice against exclusion.! ️
! ️Join our initiative!! ️

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35,000 members

Thank you for your trust!

35,000 members

No stopping, let's move on! Already 35,000 people follow Hungary's newest and most dynamically growing community of civil patriots, and this gives us the strength for further work!

In Faith and Emotion-Based Debates, share space with Numbers and Data. Our website is searchable and we already have more than 1,200 articles available to our readers.https://szamokadatok.hu/

Also invite your friends to follow our site. If everyone only invites 1 person, we can be up to twice as many in a few days. The Team of NumbersGovernment of Hungaryt supports because we think the direction they represent is good for the country, good for us and good for our children as well.

Together we are a force!🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺
Let's move on!
Thank You!

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Terribly vicious, and infinitely pathetic when a politician steals graphics from a civilian side and even lies next to him

Terribly vicious, and infinitely pathetic when a politician steals graphics from a civilian side and even lies next to him

Dr. Lukács László György(who, by the way, has fewer followers than our side for being a politician) has also reached this level.

He seems to be running just that much around Jobbik's house. Zero creativity, zero work, 100% lies and theft. They sure aren’t worth thinking about, as they’re just counting how many quit that day and how many of their county organizations have been dissolved.

Jobbikos (Jákobbikos) "Dr. Lukács László György" stole the previously published graphics of our site.

Original graphics on the Numbers page:https://www.facebook.com/.../photos/10914131.../174817140662094/

Stolen graphics by Jobbic's livelihood politician:

The lies he has brought together have been refuted by the "omnipotent" index itself, so we do not waste our energy on them.

Index article:

It will not be the job of healthcare workers to claim the 500,000 reward

There has been widespread information in recent days that the gross reward of half a million for healthcare professionals for fighting the coronavirus will not come automatically, but will have to be claimed. Many immediately came to the conclusion that everyone would have to correspond with Emmi themselves, and they also shared memes about it on Facebook, such as opposition politicians.

Now the ministry has issued a statement saying the claim does not mean that every worker will be forced to manage the money for themselves.

According to the announcement, health care providers will prepare the payment of a one-time benefit of HUF 500,000, "in order to avoid transparency and multiple benefits, they will record the application for the payment of their employees' remuneration",

“The false news in opposition press reports about the details of the one-time wage payment cannot be seen as anything other than creating a mood to draw attention to the fact that by Semmelweis Day, health sector players are receiving this extraordinary benefit,” he wrote.

According to their information


The request for payment of the remuneration of health care workers - similarly to the salary supplement - must be recorded through the administration system of the service providers, it has been written.

It was emphasized that everyone is entitled to the bonus only once, so the payment is made only once to those who have several legal relationships or have additional legal relationships in addition to their full-time position, so it is necessary to record data per employee in order to avoid transparency and multiple benefits.

This report is carried out by healthcare providers and should not be seen as an additional administrative burden, as they already have a well-established practice in implementing similar measures. In this way, providers of publicly funded care but privately maintained will be able to pay a one-off extraordinary benefit, they said.

According to Emmi, the smoothness of the measure is also indicated by the fact that 3,000 of the approximately 11,000 affected service providers submitted their claims to the National Health Insurance Fund Manager in a few days.

The gross HUF 500,000 will be received by about 160,000 employees.

The benefit was announced by Viktor Orbán in the usual Kossuth radio interview in early March, and the next day Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister's Office, said that everyone, even the technical staff, would receive this money.


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"Numbers" - half a year in the service of Hungarian national interests

6 months - 30,000 members! Thank You!

More than 30,000 people are already following our site, join us!
We set a mirror in front of the left, we present reality with numbers, data, facts.
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Against Depopulation: Family Support - Youtube video

Against Depopulation: Family Support - Youtube video

🇭🇺! ️VIDEO! The Numbers (Active Members) community is active not only in its name but also in its actions: the first video of one of our new members has been uploaded to our recently launched Youtube channel (subscribe if you haven’t already)

We will be making more videos in the future, we already have 3 previous material on the channel: about the performance of the left during the epidemic, about family support in the past and now, and about hospitals in the "ruins". All the videos are available on Facebook as well, and we will be "moving in" to Videa.hu soon, as we don't want to walk like the PestiSrácok, whose Youtube simply canceled their years of work. Everything will be duplicated.

Half a year has passed since the launch of our site and today we have created a real community: we are surrounded by 30,000 brave people, and that gives us a great deal of strength and inspiration.❤️


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"Numbers" is the answer to the "family supplement" left

! ️Previous videos:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos
"Numbers" is the answer to the "family supplement" left. We put a mirror in front of the left: even without an epidemic and curfew, they have always TAKEN it away from their families, and the National Government has further expanded and expanded subsidies despite the epidemic and the economic crisis. For more information on the graphics and family support elements in the video, see our article below:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/996/Minden_a_csaladtamogatasrol_-_Teljes_lista_a_baloldali_alhirek_ellen
Follow our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok
And subscribe to our Youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgHtVWPkZhzFRmVVi3OLx5w
You can find our previous articles on our website (searchable)https://szamokadatok.hu/
Our previous videos are available on Facebook here:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok

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The performance of the left during an epidemic


The Numbers - Antidote to Left False News page message to the left: Be ashamed of yourself!
The material is also available on Youtube, "The Performance of the Left During an Epidemic" - Follow Our Channel!
A detailed description and source designation for the materials in the video can be found athttps://szamokadatok.hu/you can find it on our site where you can read many other interesting articles, statistics, and current policy topics. All information is also available on our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok

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We’ll show you who are behind two big fake news factory sites that run a huge network

We’ll show you who are behind two big fake news factory sites that run a huge network

Numbers - the antidote to the false news on the left ❤️ PestiSracok.hu

"24 pseudo-news sites and about 14 anti-government incitement groups are run by an identifiable circle, generating millions of reaches on both the web and social media," says our informant, who is an active member of the Conservative Group called Numbers, an antidote to left-wing pseudo-news. searching for fakenews portals and Facebook pages, their operators, entering several closed groups, searching social media for several hours a day to find individuals who, based on the evidence provided, were indeed responsible for an extensive network of pseudo-news aimed specifically at anti-government politics. bouquet includes OLKT.hu, thehttp://ellenzek.net/and the Five Minutes Rest, which are the most common pseudo-news sites, share - incomprehensibly - the mundane, absolutely absurd, clichés of them every day. The aim of the network is openly to overthrow the Orbán government, for which there seems to be no sorting out the means. Orbán phobia and incitement to hatred are also profitable businesses. Google ads running uniformly on pages can bring millions to fakenews site owners. While others were taken away by police for a reckless Facebook post, business-like fakenews production is uninterrupted for the time being.

The Numbers - the antidote to left-wing fake news has been made public by a Facebook group, who and who are the people responsible for this spread of fake news. The group is doing gap-filling work in the right-wing social media anyway: they are refuted on a daily basis, supporting the current false news with evidence. In addition, they have built a community that is familiar with online media and social media, which is extremely useful, as everyone keeps a party on the eye for some kind of hateful organization, a sham-spreading community.

One of the best-known anti-government scam sites is OLKT, which has no publisher, registration number, or imprint. Yet it is considered by the masses to be an authentic source, and OLKT shares are greeted almost every hour on social media sites. Within anti-government groups, administrators have repeatedly identified it as the most credible main source of news.

For those who might not be familiar with this extremely “high quality” website, help: the acronym OLKT comes from a Facebook group that has been operating for years - the Society of Those Banned from Orbán's Page. Already bouncing back and forth with Google ads, an unedited interface is telltale. He looks exactly as he described the camouflage portals in a police statement. There is no introduction, nor is there an imprint. Although another anti-government, competitor-side article states that they were not found in the list of official, registered media of the OLKT registered official website, NMHH.

According to the official domain registrar, the olkt.hu website was registered by Freemium Kft. On March 31. They, in turn, are not the owners of the site, just a hosting and domain provider. The date is also interesting because the said camouflage portal has been spoiling the air in cyberspace for a long time, for years. We can only think of themselves registering through more and more providers, moving to more and more repositories. Nowhere, no official information can be found as to who this site is, who owns it, and whether they are taxed at all after the supposedly busy advertising revenue.

The damage they cause in the meantime is invaluable. Not because opposition, anti-government content is published - the Danube can also be blocked from a truly officially registered portal. On sites like olkt.hu, fake news can be completely uncontrollable. Their constant misleading writings, for which they are of course not responsible, have been stirring up anger in society for years.

They have been put on with a shovel since the coronavirus epidemic broke out. Their statements of facts, shared by thousands every day, are perfectly suited to alarm people and shake public confidence in the authorities and the health care system.

To name just a few examples that go a long way to exhausting the facts of horror under the Penal Code:

The biggest scam in world history? - we learned from the article with this title that there is no such thing as a COVID-19 virus; the world was deliberately shut down by dark forces to cause an economic crisis that will help spread 5G. And that is necessary to unleash artificial intelligence.

National Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller is constantly in their crosshairs, so the following article is just a fancy copy: "Cecília Müller spoke back and forth again!" The article consists of nothing more than half-sentences that the chief medical officer did not say, or snatched half-sentences that he did not say so, but in a completely different context, with a completely different meaning.

A separate section is operated under the name “Crumbling Health Care”, which specifically collects opinions and writings expiring on domestic health care. Among them are countless alleged open letters from health workers, who are now handing out the government and Viktor Orbán well. In no case do open letters have a source or signature.
Dozens of articles can be read about the terrible condition, suffering, dying people who were allegedly expelled from hospitals, and also at least a dozen about the lack of basic protective equipment in the country because the Orbans stole it.
But to get over the crown virus, because such a false news is no less harmful… olkt.hu recently also claimed that Viktor Orbán and Zaid Naffa are carrying out secret weapons production for Islamist terrorists!

At first glance, olkt.hu, which casts fake news similar to the above fake news, is a phantom site with phantom authors. However, a member of the Facebook group, Numbers - the antidote to left-wing fake news, has not regretted the time and has been researching for months who is standing, can stand in the background.

A man from Sátoraljaújhely, who according to his community profile is a big fan of DK and Gyurcsány, described it on Facebook himself, not once that it has to do not only with olkt.hu, but also with more than a dozen similar portals. He has also apostrophized himself as an author of articles, and his name can indeed be found in several writings. In addition, as a result of internal conflicts, his comrades also named him several times and publicly confronted him.

One of his rivals is Laska Veronika. The woman repeatedly claimed that György Gál and his team were stealing his writings. In the heat of their struggle, Laska once publicly shared a private message to Gál allegedly written to her. According to this, only György Gál's OLKT team manages and operates 24 sites and 14 groups. Whether the message made public is real, we don’t know, which in turn is a fact that Facebook says the OLKT official site handles additional open and closed groups with at least 3-4 thousand and the larger ones tens of thousands. It is also a fact, as György Gál himself wrote on his Facebook page that it ishttp: // xn- \ - \ ellenzki-g1a.net/fakenews site is also his.

Staying at OLKT for the time being, it is worth mentioning a young man named Tamás Rubóczki, who is also often mentioned as the “most authentic source of news” in anti-Orbán organizing groups. If we just look around OLKT, we won’t come across his name. However, if we type his name into Google’s search engine paired with OLKT, it turns out that he alone wrote more than 5,000 hateful, anti-government articles.

Rubóczki is also an active member of several anti-government groups. The article on the “Let’s Hack Fidesz National Consultation” group has already reached 142,000 people and was shared by 677. Another article produced 87,000 hits and 445 shares. Rubovszky is one of the largest distributors of OLKT fakenews, in addition to Facebook, he also distributes content on several Hungarian and foreign social media sites.

The article continues onPestiSracok.huside, with pictures, evidence. It was nice boys!


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