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Let Hungary remain a Hungarian country!

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Let Hungary remain a Hungarian country!

Come on Fidesz! Together we will succeed again!

More than 3400 "explanations" (articles, videos) can be found on our website:https://szamokadatok.hu

👉Only some of these:
Here is the "stolen money" video
We have something to be proud of! The biggest results of Fidesz since 2010!
Thus, the government “does not help” retirees
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3401/Igy_nem_segit_a_kormany_a_nyugdijas Installations
Thus, the government “does not help” Hungarian families!
Thus, the government “does not improve” health care!

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65,000 members! Thank You!

"Together we are strength, love weakness!"

65,000 members!  Thank You!

Slowly we started editing this page a year and a half ago, but we didn’t dare dream that it would grow to this size and gain national fame! We have written and shared more than 3,300 articles in the last 17 months, the number of videos we have created and shared has exceeded 60, and all the content we publish is available in searchable form onhttps://szamokadatok.huon our website. We also see that our work is important, that Telex and the other camouflage media regularly "deals" with us, and dozens of camouflage numbers pages have appeared on social media. According to them, we are very close to them :)

A lot happened during the period behind us: the site is supported by dozens of civilian patriots like us, we were featured in the Facts, several national dailies, politicians and publicists also recommended the Numbers as a key player in Hungarian social media and Hungarian political public life.

On our site, we try to report on all important events, we refute the constantly spread lies of the left and the fake news propaganda media, all with facts, sources, pictures, linking previously shared writings. We are trying to put in the hands of our readers a political weapon with which they can “fight” against deceived opposition sympathizers and with which they can win everyday political battles.

A year and a half after the October election, we decided that we needed to do something so that we would not be in a similar surprise in 2022. Since no one typically responded to our letters and inquiries, in which we formulated ideas and advice, we decided that then we would not tell others what and how to do it, but set an example. We try to react quickly to false news, we try to get the information to as many people as possible, we try to present reality in a way that it reaches a lot more shares and thus reaches a lot more people. When we share a news item, we always try to include previous related news as well. (Eg if it is a question of a reduction in corporate tax, we always always include how the type of tax has developed in the last 10-18 years)

Some pseudo-news media (e.g. Telex) are constantly spreading the lie that we are being funded by someone (s). Well, that's not true, we do this work out of self-diligence, at our own expense, out of patriotism. Neither Fidesz nor Mészáros and others pay us, they didn't even contact us with such offers. We’ve put thousands of hours into making this site work, and we’re proud of the results we’ve achieved! It is very funny when Telex, which has a proven track record of accepting foreign money and is constantly reading from readers, writes that we are a “propaganda site”. We don’t have to ask anyone for permission!

One of the biggest “throws” of the recent period is the one we dreamed and createdhttps://maiposzt.hupage, which took a big step against the shadow ban! Facebook, and other censored social networking sites, can no longer hide posts from right-wing politicians becausehttps://maiposzt.huhas a completely independent feed from Facebook where EVERYTHING that the "wired" authors post will appear!
Save everyone the link - you'll need it! If Trump is banned, Orbán will also be banned, but the Hungarian Prime Minister will no longer be able to silence him because his writings will continue to appear in thehttps://maiposzt.huside! Spread it out!
More about this:https://maiposzt.hu/p/maiposzt-118159143697046

Thank you for your trust!
Special thanks for the many shares and comments that helped make the site work and disseminate the information!
Go Hungary!
Hungarians go for it!

And so that you don't miss the source now, here's a Telex expiration video that also affects us:https://youtu.be/mGZEeLTQitA?t=627
They lie like they do "these pages" "full time", in Hungarian for money, while showing our graphics, they call us, our readers and "pay commentators" a "gray-tale propaganda page" ... Ridiculous and childish behavior when a farmer of billions paid medium is a civic, self-serving community. No matter how we wrote, it only confirms in us the belief that what we do is good for the country, good for the Hungarian people!

PS: Pictured is the Schaiberger Castle in Turai. We chose this image because they also breed with it. Let as many people see how wonderfully renovated the owner has been! In a comment, we place a picture of the condition before the renovation. The town now generates tax revenue from this hotel, and guests coming here will improve the commercial metrics of the entire area, and last but not least, dozens of new jobs have been created here!

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Already in night mode and on mobile devices

https://maiposzt.hu - the national news stream!

Already in night mode and on mobile devices

We are constantly working to improve our site based on readers' suggestions! Several have indicated that it would be good to be able to turn on night mode, and many have also indicated that there is a great need for a mobile application, as many people already use the Internet mainly on their phones or tablets.

We are pleased to announce that in addition to expanding our site with new resources (politicians, bloggers), the night mode can also be turned on during the settings.
We have also developed a mobile solution for the site, we have already written about this in more detail, now we are just linking the description. The one-touch Maipost app is also available for Android and iOS!https://maiposzt.hu/p/maiposzt-120756086770685
THEhttps://maiposzt.huan excellent weapon against the shadow ban! The details are written in this article!
In this announcement writing, we summarize how and why we created thehttps://maiposzt.hupage!

(And press a 👍 amaiposzt.huFacebook page too!)

https://maiposzt.hu- the national feed!
We are constantly working to improve our site based on readers' suggestions! Several have indicated that it would be good to be able to turn on night mode, and many have also indicated that there is a great need for a mobile application, as many people already use the Internet mainly on their phones or tablets.

We are pleased to announce that in addition to expanding our site with new resources (politicians, bloggers), the night mode can also be turned on during the settings.
We have also developed a mobile solution for the site, we have already written about this in more detail, now we are just linking the description. The one-touch Maipost app is also available for Android and iOS!https://maiposzt.hu/p/maiposzt-120756086770685
THEhttps://maiposzt.huan excellent weapon against the shadow ban! The details are written in this article!
In this announcement writing, we have summarized how and why we created thehttps://maiposzt.hupage!


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maiposzt.hu - already on mobile devices!

https://maiposzt.hu - the national news stream!

maiposzt.hu - already on mobile devices!

Many have indicated that it would be good for mobile devices to solve thehttps://maiposzt.huone-touch access, and now we’ve found a solution for that too! The following describes and illustrates with a figure how tohttps://maiposzt.huicon on the home screen.

Android users:
1. Open thehttps://maiposzt.hupage in Chrome browser
Click the "App" button
2. Click the "Install MP App" button.
THEhttps://maiposzt.huicon will appear among the other icons on the home screen and will be available with a single click from now on.

iOS users:
1. Open thehttps://maiposzt.hupage in Safari and click the share button.
2. Click the "Add to Home Screen" button. THEhttps://maiposzt.huicon will appear among the other icons on the main screen and will be available with a single click from now on.

And how can you help the uncensored national side?
👉Easy! ADD MORE!

"Together we will succeed again!" /Viktor Orban/

Maiposzt.hu - the national news stream has started
Development of the Intellectual Workshop of Numbers against Censorship!

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We are also limited by Facebook!

Change tracking settings. We'll show you how in a video!

We also created a against Facebook censorshiphttps://maiposzt.hupage where your favorite right-handed content uploaded to Facebook will appear without shadow blocking! You don't have to register either, just use it! The most famous politicians, media, public figures are already available athttps://maiposzt.huside!


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Maiposzt.hu - the national news stream has started

Development of the Intellectual Workshop of Numbers against Censorship!

Maiposzt.hu - the national news stream has started

Many and we have long complained that Facebook and other monopoly tech companies decide for us what we can see in the feed and what we don’t, they decide who can post and who can’t, and they also decide that how many people can see a particular post. Facebook has a huge influence in public life, in political life, and as we have seen in the example of the United States, they can even influence the outcome of elections. In a world where the incumbent U.S. president can be banned, we couldn’t wait with his hands on his lap.
THEhttps://maiposzt.hua new approach to social media-based communication. We know that in Hungary, given the high number of users, the use of Facebook by right-wing opinion formers is inevitable. We also know that they are vulnerable to techies. We want to compensate for this vulnerability. We can partially override the will of the biased, left-wing liberal side, which gives a one-sided advantage to the left-wing liberal side, with the side.

THEhttps://maiposzt.hucompletely independent of Facebook and other social platforms, the content on the website is safe, no one can delete it and no one can hide it from us, there are no algorithms, no tricks. We have linked the most watched and interesting right-wing actors, national and county politicians, opinion leaders from the civil sphere, the media and bloggers to the site. The site cannot be commented on, shared or liked sincehttps://maiposzt.hunot a social network. However, with a single click under the original post, all of this is possible, so you can and should comment, share and like under the original post.
THEhttps://maiposzt.huit guarantees to the civilian side community that there will no longer be content that can’t reach large crowds because it’s hidden or blocked by tech companies. In the shadow, that is, the era of shadow prohibition is over.

Suppose Facebook chooses to disable a popular page for a reason. For example, Numbers. From now on, Numbers will continue to provide content not on Facebook, but on the Telegram page or on its own website. THEhttps://maiposzt.huits readers hardly notice that Facebook, in its fear of the national site and real values, has eliminated a page on its own social platform.
THEhttps://maiposzt.hua place in the world of censored social platforms that gives us free access to information whether someone likes it or not in the censorship centers of tech companies.

On the site, everyone can set for themselves which of the actors they find to follow and who they don’t. We recommend that you select as many sources as possible, including the Capital or your county of residence by default. But it is worth following not only the politicians of our own county, as it is often the case that content of national significance is shared by a politician from another county. Save the page as a favorite and run it at least once (or many times) a day. Its working principle is based on the already well-used scrolling, we tried to apply a method familiar to everyone. Below each post is a “I look at the source, I like it there” button, which makes it easy to navigate to the original location and react (like) and share there. It’s worth using this, as it will be complete if we share thousands of popular posts despite censorship. Clicking on the author's name will display the articles and posts of the given page, which are available on maiposzt.hu, and clicking on the Facebook (or other) icon after the author's name will bring up a new page, the original social media page of the given author. Videos start automatically, but in silent mode so as not to cause anyone any inconvenience due to unexpected music or other sounds. You can adjust the volume by clicking on the volume icon. Content posted to Facebook or any other platform will not appear immediately ahttps://maiposzt.hupage, but with a delay of about 15-20 minutes.

THEhttps://maiposzt.huShare the news of your departure with others! Let's be thehttps://maiposzt.huthe guarantee that neither Facebook, Youtube, nor other techies will be able to influence the outcome of the 2022 election with shadow banning and muting! THEhttps://maiposzt.huthe guarantee that we will no longer have to fear the dictatorship of monopoly community companies. We have made the site as simple as possible, no need to register, no personal information stored, access is free and unlimited for everyone.

And for public actors in the right-wing community, we recommend that everyone create their own static website! In recent years, many people on social media providers have believed that this is the future, only through them can reach the masses. The existence and operation of static websites will be extremely important in the future! As long as the given community platform allows national, right-wing actors to emerge and at most only lists their shared content backwards, we can’t believe we can act the way the incumbent U.S. president has been, a few months ago! If he had had a system where he could reach his followers without platforms called social media, he might have had less uncertainty because the internet was free, that was his principle. Only your own website can guarantee the security of the published content, from there no one can delete posts, articles, videos, only the owner of the website. We can help make the content you create on these websites reach millions! From that, they could even, and as long as possible, be on social media interfaces. On the other hand, we don’t have to fight life-and-death with techies to reach out to our friends, supporters, and other members of our community in the future.

We are waiting for ideas and suggestions to the address [email protected]! Information about the site is now available athttps://www.facebook.com/maiposzt.huwill be published on (you should follow this)
The content will of course be displayed onhttps://maiposzt.huwebsite as well.

👉Add MORE!
Together we will succeed again!

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Happy Easter to Everyone!

Happy Easter to Everyone!

Perhaps we have never needed as much as we do now the rebirth, the reinforcement that comes from it, that is, the joy and feeling of the resurrection.Árpád János PotápiWe wish everyone a Blessed Easter with their Easter thoughts!

The Team of Numbers.

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Restrict access to our site on Facebook!

Of course, all this is done because of "democracy", "freedom of expression", "respect for diversity of opinion".

Restrict access to our site on Facebook!

👉Only 1 percent of our more than 60,000 members are shown our Facebook feeds.
Censorship can be circumvented by changing the tracking setting! Follow the steps provided. Thank You!
(The image of the settings will be placed in a larger size in the comment)
Together we are a force!

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60,000 members!

Thank You!

60,000 members!

We started 14 months ago, and today together with you we have created perhaps the most watched, most popular online patriot community in Hungary! We outperform renowned and rich media, well-known and popular people in terms of number of members, access to the site, shares and interactions, and the content we publish and share by members reaches millions of people every month!

In the last 14 months, we have written nearly 3,000 articles (which can be found atwww.szamokadatok.huWe also increased the success of several important issues, such as the signature collection campaign of the NAT, the National Consultations or the Szekler National Council. Our videos showing the improvements have been seen by more than 400,000 people, our Youtube channel has been launched, and we are also available with limited content on HunDub, Instagram and Telegram. We operate the site out of self-diligence, on our own, at our own expense, we have not and will never do so, no one pays us for it. We are not like Telex, 444, Hadházy, Momentum or 24.hu, We do not have a source of income, we have a profession!

We did not fight for the false news out of money, but out of patriotism, and we do this work to the best of our ability. Only the amount of our free time limits, not what we want to do!

We don’t sit back, we still have plenty of ideas! Our goal is for Hungary to remain a Hungarian country, together with you we will preserve the results we have achieved so far and continue to build our country by winning the 2022 election!

That is why we support the Fidesz-KDNP government, because we see that they are currently the only political force that can and can govern for the benefit of all of us and for the national interests of Hungary. They represent the normality against left-liberal madness, they serve the interests of Hungarian families against “other” interests, they support Hungarian companies against Cypriot, offshore companies, they support childbearing against various new “trends”, and finally, but not last but not least, they support tax cuts, economic growth, the well-being of all of us, against the policies of division and looting.

Thank you to the honorable trust of everyone who has joined so far, following our site and sharing its content!
We have the best team!
"Together we will succeed again!"

We're not going to attend!
We are going to win!

Go Hungary!
Hungarians go for it!
Hajrá Fidesz-KDNP!

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An open letter to Father Tibi and those who want to open and rebel

Don't worry, order lunch from a nearby restaurant.

An open letter to Father Tibi and those who want to open and rebel

First of all: we would like to inform you, our hosts, about our support and compassion. Slowly, the pandemic lasted for a year, for the most part of that one year, unfortunately, we had to live closed or restricted. We, and millions of Hungarians, tried to choose domestic products and services even in the crisis: to help you and you. It hasn't been much easier for us either, but we are proud of the excellent Hungarian tourism and hospitality sector, so we are trying to help you.

Unfortunately, however, we have to respond to the riots that have become more and more loud in recent weeks, especially after Father Tibi sends the thoughts of inciting the rebellion to his readership of more than one million two hundred thousand. Although we stand by you, we believe that you should also stand by us by taking care of us. That's what we did. By wanting a demonstration of hundreds of thousands and opening a bazaar on the boulevard, you are endangering us, the guests. In the long run, this is a very bad strategy! The vast majority of people understand and support the existing restrictions, and restaurants rebelling in this situation should also consider the possibility of a possible reduction in the number of guests in the future. What is needed now is unity and not division, unity and division remain even after opening, in the long run it is not worth going against the majority and standing by any political side as an entrepreneur, because it can easily halve the circle of guests. If we stick together, after opening we will order two servings of everything, if not, then we, the guests, can rebel, organize, boycott, draw maps, list, etc. Would that be the goal? Not ours.

Let’s start there by living in times when it is not governments that initiate situations, but a force above them: the coronavirus. Governments then, with more or less success, respond to the viral situation. It is nonsense and a lie to name the government as the cause of the crisis, and we and our more than 56,000 followers know very well how much energy and money the current Hungarian government has invested in economic growth and helping businesses in the last decade. From tax cuts to tenders, it’s also hard to list how many opportunities you’ve given the hospitality industry over the past 10 years. It is no wonder that Hungary has become a significant center of European tourism in recent years. So let’s face it: it’s not the government that’s to blame for this crisis. Again: it is not the government that is at fault.

In particular, we do not understand why you are attacking this government, which is trying to get the solution, the vaccine, perhaps the most militant in the EU, paying attention to our security and to being able to start life again as soon as possible. Let's take a look at what regulations are like elsewhere in Europe:
📌Portugal has a full closure and a national curfew. In the third wave, the number of cases and deaths is the worst in the world, ambulances are unable to get into hospitals.
📌In France, it is being decided these days whether there should be a complete closure, a curfew. There is currently a curfew between 6pm and 6am and all business premises are closed.
📌In Germany, although it is possible to take it home, only the necessary shops can be opened.
📌In England, you can only leave your home if you go to work or for food or medicine. Also, only the most necessary stores can be opened.

In Hungary, the rules are less strict than in Europe, but the rules are consistent. Due to this, the second wave of the virus shows branching trends and the third wave does not explode. Nevertheless, 100 people die every day, and more than a thousand become infected. If we opened it, we would have to close it completely 2 weeks later. And the government's first task is to protect the lives of its citizens, so it must prevent violations (whether it is a violation of the curfew, failure to wear a mask, or even irregular opening hours).

We call on the hosts who work fairly and honestly, but who are now in trouble, to persevere: we get closer to unlocking the closures with each day spent in discipline. Don’t open it, because if you open it now, all our achievements so far may be lost in a few weeks. You will receive a 6-month closure, your guests will receive a fine of 150 thousand to 1 million forints, you can only be the losers. Or not - there will be one winner, the left. They are behind the herding, they organize pseudo-civic, camouflage groups and movements. They need social contradictions because they have a sacred belief that they can only replace the government if people fall on each other and the epidemic causes severe economic damage and unemployment. Planned left-liberal damage is taking place, no more, no less. In the summer, they lied about Lake Balaton that 5,000 HUF was a flame, while they spread the false news about subsidies for tourism and the hospitality industry (Ráhel, Tiborcz, Lőrinc, etc.), and now they want to hurt you because of the epidemic.

We ask the left not to harass people, not to hinder the defense, not to use the epidemic to create mood. Sooner or later there will be enough vaccine, life will return to its old wheel, our economy will soar, but everyone will have to answer for the deeds done during the epidemic, including you, in the spring of 2022 at the latest!
⚠️The letter is also addressed to a party called Our Country: 2022 is close! Let's not forget that you also got dirty on the fan.

And last but not least: we ask our followers to help take away restaurants, small shops open and order your home, buy your home!

We need to be patient and stick together - but not against each other, but against the virus. Let's take care of each other!
If each household orders only 1 serving of food for an average of HUF 1,500, then HUF 6 billion goes immediately to the caterers (counting 4 million households)
Father Tibi would rather promote this!

The Team of Numbers.
If you have read it, please share this post!
Source (regulations across Europe)

PS: Why don’t the restaurants open
⚠️It must be opened !! - this has been demanded for some time by politicians who are also trained in epidemic management and by the press.
⚠️However, the government has decided to close for sure until March!
📍It's worth looking around abroad again! The strange situation arose that the opening parties could find “friends” in Moscow, for example, and the government could rely on the measures of Western and Central European countries.
Some places where restaurants are welcomed are:
🇷🇺In the Russian capital, restaurants and entertainment venues have had to close at 11 p.m. so far, but - just yesterday - the restriction on night operations has also been lifted.
🇺🇦In Ukraine, restaurants can be open undisturbed during the day and cooked away at night.
🇲🇰Restaurants are also operating in northern Macedonia, with the mandatory closing postponed to 9pm instead of 6pm a week.
🇪🇸In Spain, restaurants are / were open with a limited number of people, but due to the outbreak of the third wave, more and more settlements are being re-ordered.
🇸🇪In Sweden, there are still milder restrictions: restaurants are not allowed to sell alcohol after eight in the evening, and a maximum of four guests can sit at a table.
However, in most European countries, it is not possible to go to a restaurant for weeks or even months:
🇦🇹In Austria, hotels, restaurants and bars can open in March at the earliest.
🇫🇷They wanted to open restaurants in France on January 20, but that is out of the question due to the spread of the British virus mutant.
🇩🇪Restrictions have been in place in Germany since November, they are not over yet ... Instead of opening, more travel restrictions may come.
🇭🇷In Croatia, the epidemic is flattening, but cafes and restaurants are not yet open.
🇩🇰Denmark is also strict: bars, cafes and restaurants can only take orders to take away.
🇳🇱In the Netherlands, schools, non-food stores and catering establishments will certainly remain closed until 9 February.
🇧🇬In Bulgaria, restaurants, cafes and bars are expected to remain closed for weeks.
🇵🇱A slow easing has begun in Poland, but shops, hotels and restaurants are still closed.
📍The line could still be continued. Europe is still very far from the end of the epidemic. The WHO warned just today that it would be dangerous to lift restrictions too soon❗️


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