Karácsony lied about getting a PhD on Corvinus!

And the reality is that he was fired from there!

Karácsony lied about getting a PhD on Corvinus!

Yesterday we looked at the Karácsony mayoral candidate program and found that what he promised was almost all a lie. The only thing he didn’t lie about was support for Soros organizations (“NGOs”), he really stuffed them with public money.

András Lánczi: Karácsony I was forced to dismiss me from the doctoral school

Gergely Karácsony was disqualified from the doctoral school at Corvinus University after failing to meet the required requirements. Not even that, as usual, he was given a two-year postponement, according to a letter published on Sunday by András Lánczi, the rector of the institution. In his writing, the professor emphasized that the university, like others, had given him all the support, yet he had not been able to seize this opportunity. It was also clear from his ranks that the mayor's language skills were unsatisfactory.

Gergely Karácsony In 2000, after graduating with a degree in sociology from the Institute of Sociology and Social Policy of the Eötvös Loránd University, he began his first doctoral degree at the Corvinus University of Budapest. This is interesting because the politician has only one lecture certificate in English, even though the university regulations prescribe the language exam as an output requirement.

In comparison, in his introduction to the Dialogue website before the 2018 parliamentary elections, he claimed that in 2007 he obtained a doctoral (PhD) degree at the Institute of Political Science of the Eötvös Loránd University. This was obviously not true, which led to sharp attacks in the media.

Karácsony tried to cut back on his social side and wrote: “I started teaching at university, I see it is a problem processing how I could be an assistant professor at such a young age, so I don’t even know, maybe ask András Lánczi, who I considered much more appointed ’.

The rector of Corvinus University felt addressed and answered questions in a letter to Mandineren.

Your writing is published in full:

“Gergely Karácsony has dissolved in a legal sense, so I can tell the mere facts about her years at Corvinus University. I do not intend to engage in either historical description or university regulatory issues. I want to say one thing. Gergely Karácsony received exactly as much support and trust as any other young and - let’s face it - underpaid teacher.

In 2004, I was admitted to the Department of Political Science at the university with the promise of solving our methodological training tasks. By this time he was already a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the university. Everything indicated that he was preparing for a scientific career, which included his practical work at Median, his research work at the Norwegian Fund. 2012 marked the end of the eight years required by law at the time, which only apply to a university that obtains a doctorate in no more than that amount of time. He, on the other hand, did not do so, so in 2012 I personally told him that I had to terminate his university job because of this.

Since he continued to claim that his doctoral dissertation no longer had much to do, I generously offered him to go on unpaid leave and submit his doctorate. This did not happen for another two years, when we legally terminated his employment.

In other words, the university gave him all the support, but he could not take advantage of this opportunity. He left the university as if unable to achieve the expected achievements.

As for foreign language skills, one of the effects of the communist years to this day is that knowledge of foreign languages ​​is very poor, even at university level. Gergely Karácsony is an excellent example of this, but he is not alone. As a former English teacher and translator, I have been able to judge this quite well over the last thirty years. A language exam can also be used by someone unable to speak a foreign language. Of course, we know that Hungarian spelling is no longer a problem for many politicians. Let’s start with the basics, otherwise it won’t go with foreign languages ​​either.


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Gyurcsány's non-English speaking extan advisor took the stage

You can lie, you can't drive! (No car, no city, no country!)

Gyurcsány's non-English speaking extan advisor took the stage

Let’s take a look at a bit of the mayoral candidate program. We’re not revealing a big secret by keeping almost nothing of your promises! Fortunately, the document is still available today, we will also place the link at the end of the post, everyone can "enjoy" it. Let's see as many people as possible that Gergely Lied Christmas and compare reality with what has been described.

We quote the program.
Restart the previously stopped panel program.
👉It didn't start like that

We will preserve the apartments owned by the Capital.
👉Apartments are sold.

Retirees should receive a housing allowance of HUF 20,000.
It didn't happen that way.

We are starting the reconstruction program and expansion of the nursing homes managed by the local government of the capital.
👉Show a single nursing home where at least one nail has been struck.

We are significantly reducing public homelessness.
👉Public spaces were flooded with homeless people.

We are introducing the housing utility subsidy, which was abolished in 2012. By 2020, we want at least HUF 20,000 per year in overhead support for at least the 20,000 households in need in Budapest
to provide.
👉This was not fulfilled either.

We support NGOs that promote equality for sexual minorities and acceptance.
👉This is definitely solved, we know for sure that Transparency is a mower, Karácsony thoroughly stuffed with public money.

We are launching a scholarship program to support the studies of disadvantaged children and youth.
👉What? Has anyone heard of this?

All municipal institutions and companies
we elect a leader in a public competition to lead.
👉Of course, you put your buddies in position, abusing the danger, making one-person decisions.

In the capital's municipality, only contracts available on the Internet can take effect.
👉It is good that you have to sue for months in order to find out the content of a contract.

We are returning to the people of Budapest the area now fenced off as a parking lot in front of the City Hall.
👉Did not give back!

We will introduce the basic transport income in Budapest, so everyone can decide for themselves which mode of transport they use the support received from the local government.
👉Where can you pick it up?

We are taking the initiative to allow people under the age of 14 to travel free on public transport vehicles.
👉It was also missed.

We are planting a new tree in honor of every newborn in Budapest.
👉Where can you see the roughly 20,000 trees you have belonged to since the municipal election?

From every square foot of public space, we make it clear who owns it.
👉Yes, the city is full of nice big, healthy GAS and garbage. They must have a master, but the city is neglected.

How is this going to be an election derby, Geri?


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Median: Fidesz precedes in the epidemic also!

We will not only win the poll, but the election as well! Together we will succeed again!

Median: Fidesz precedes in the epidemic also!

We will be there, 👍 if you too!

🟠Gergely Karácsony's previous job: Fidesz has an advantage over the common list on the left. According to Median, Fidesz is 40 percent of the total population and the Left Rainbow Coalition is 36 percent.
👉In recent days, Závecz Research, the Publicus Institute, the Republikon Institute and the Perspective Institute have also measured the strengthening of Fidesz. The Median measurement does not stand out either, in which Fidesz strengthened from 39 per cent in February to 40 per cent of the total population.
👉Median, on the other hand, differs in that it measured a serious strengthening for the left against other companies, but this is more of a correction than the previous measurement in February, in which the rainbow coalition was unrealistically measured at only 30 percent, compared to 36 percent now. .
👉This indicates that, according to Median, Fidesz would now reap a confident victory against the six-party left-wing coalition on Sunday.
👉The balance of power within the opposition looked like this in April, according to Median: Jobbik 11, DK 7, Dog Party 4, LMP 2, MSZP 2, Our Country 1, Dialogue 1 percent.
👉The Median also made different breakdowns based on education and place of residence, but since this is a telephone survey of 1,000 people, the margin of error is so large that it does not make sense to deal with these data.
Conclusion: The left has not been able to profit politically from the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic based on the averages of recent polls. Fidesz, on the other hand, was able to strengthen, thanks to the fact that the majority of people are satisfied with the epidemic management and the vaccination program as well. It is an encouraging sign to the government that the restart is also expected to improve people’s well-being, which could bring further strengthening to the government side. At the same time, we must not sit back, we can expect a very fierce struggle in 2022, the final result can only depend on a few votes!

Why do we support Fidesz? We already have more than 3,400 reasons for it on our website!https://szamokadatok.hu


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“Master” and his disciple

“Master” and his disciple

👉Sadiq Khan: "Terror is part of metropolitan life"
👉Gergely Karácsony: "Sadiq Khan has made London" livable ", and Budapest is striving to do the same"

The Numbers say something different again!
The beloved mayor of London was asked if he thought London had become a safer city since he was mayor. The question was supplemented with data from the London police, he was told specific numbers, yet Sadiq Khan, without batting an eye, said yes - London was safer.

In 2015, there were 21,361 robberies
By 2019, that number has risen to 35,216, up 65%

There were 9,704 delays in 2015,
By 2019, this number has increased to 15003, which is 55%

In 2015, there were 1,804 armed crimes
By 2019, that number has risen to 2,342, up 30%

In detail:https://bit.ly/3f5cQJP

- "In addition, the number of armed robberies, rapes, vehicle thefts, burglaries has increased, and do you think London has become safer since you were mayor?"
- Yes.

Bird on a feather, Gergely Karácsony! Budapest is not London, nor will London.

Thank you, but we don’t ask for such a “livable city”!
️2017: Seven people were killed by the attackers, wading in a van and being latehttps://bit.ly/3bbUNR6
️2018: A teenage boy and a man are further victims of the London delay wavehttps://bit.ly/3vPqibq
️2019: There are two dead and three wounded in another terrorist attack in Londonhttps://bit.ly/3f5J1sO
️2020: A man delayed several people on a bright day. Police shot the attackerhttps://bit.ly/3eAJdAY

As reported, again the opposition Labor Party candidate, Sadiq Khan, was elected mayor of London. Khan thus won his second term as mayor, for which Mayor Gergely Karácsony also congratulated him on Facebook. As he said, Khan’s victory is “good news for progressive urban policy”. In his view, Sadiq Khan is a socially sensitive politician who has done much to make London livable.

I am proud that Sadiq Khan secured our similar efforts in Budapest last year in support of our meeting in London, I was able to meet not only a political friend but also an enthusiastic friend of our capital. ”
- wrote Gergely Karácsony.

"Terror is part of big city life"

The latest poll for the Evening Standard somewhat nuances the statement that Sadiq Khan would have made London “more livable”. Researchers stated that the main problem in London is knife attacks, the mayor has to start something with the situation. The survey was conducted with 1,005 eligible voters, 52 percent of whom responded that knife attacks in the capital should be repressed first. Thirty-three percent responded that cheaper housing should be created, and 35 percent said it was most important to reopen London after the coronavirus epidemic.

The paper recalls that from May 2016 - that is, when Khan took office - until the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of delinquent crimes increased by 60 percent. Although London police have shown that the number of this type of crime fell by 33 per cent in the 12 months before March, it is much more due to the epidemic than to Khan’s work.

Finally, it is worth mentioning Khan’s repeatedly quoted sentence that terrorist attacks are “an integral part of metropolitan life”.

I’m afraid London, New York, and other big cities should always be ready for such an attack, ”Sadiq Khan said.

The mayor of London made this statement to the Evening Standard on 16 September 2016, when three hell machines exploded in New York. 31 people were injured in the terrorist attack, but there were no fatalities in the explosions.


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The little Lenin boy is playing with people's jobs

András Fekete-Győr called for a boycott against what he thought were "bad" hotels

The little Lenin boy is playing with people's jobs

What does "NER" mean? Originally, such an index and 444 dirt sheets carved this abbreviation from the System of National Cooperation, which was later "drawn" to everything that was Hungarian, which was of national interest. This is how the term "NER-knight" was born, which covers successful Hungarian entrepreneurs, and then "NER-hotel", which is used to stamp Hungarian-owned hotels and restaurants. The left-wing blinders have been demonizing Lőrinc Mészáros for 10 years, but now they have gone even further with this database: in practice, someone is listing hotels and making a map of the hotels and restaurants of what they think are "bad, evil, close to government."

However, something has not been taken into account: this weapon could be fired at them, because using their own database, we can also "boycott" hotels that are not in the database, ie foreign-owned, tax-fraudulent hotels.

Goodbye Bandi! We, and the people who share our registration, if we book accommodation, will now only go to “NER hotels”, ie Hungarian-owned hotels that legally employ Hungarian workers, pay taxes, invest profits at home, and strengthen the country's economy!

In this article, we summarized what an "evil" man this Lőrinc Mészáros is. Everyone read it, but at least run through the list in the picture. We will definitely go to a "NER hotel" next time we book accommodation! Unity is strength! Join a share and book accommodation in NER hotel, go to "NER restaurant" :)

And here you can tell Fekete-Győr your opinions about this distasteful action!https://www.facebook.com/feketegyorandras.momentum/posts/771803646829902

The System of National Cooperation is 10 years old
This is the article that shakes liberals out of the cold, which is catharsis for us

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György Magyar's son, Gábor Magyar, will tell you whether Hungary is a state governed by the rule of law

It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic! (video at the end of the article!)

György Magyar's son, Gábor Magyar, will tell you whether Hungary is a state governed by the rule of law

In an interview, Gábor Magyar called Hungary a regime that no longer meets the requirements of a democratic rule of law that respects human rights.

So it's clear what this whole clown is going to do! The election is approaching, we need to smear some paperwork full of lies that can be flown at home and abroad, and spread the lie that there is a dictatorship in Hungary. After all, they have been doing this for 10 years, why would they behave differently now ...

Video of the Hungarian Rule of Law Report in the hands of a left-wing political activist

Fidesz MEPs wrote to the European Commission because, in their view, the committee had appointed Gábor Magyar, a “Virtigli left-wing political activist,” to liaise with the delegation preparing this year's report on the rule of law in Hungary.

Tamás Deutsch, head of the Fidesz delegation to the European Parliament, said on Wednesday. The politician recalled in a video statement sent to the telegraph office that the European Commission had promised objectivity in the 2020 Rule of Law Report, but instead a “political pamphlet” was born that echoed the slanders of the European and Hungarian left against Hungary. According to the politician, “a big scandal also broke out” due to political bias and the application of double standards, and then

the committee has promised that the rule of law reports will be produced this year in an independent manner, impartially, without bias or prejudice, in a fair manner.

According to the head of the Fidesz delegation, Gábor Magyar, an employee of one of the directorates-general of the European Commission, has been appointed as the contact person of the delegation preparing this year's rule of law report on Hungary.

“The problem with Gábor Magyar is not that he is the son of György Magyar, a well-known left-wing lawyer-politician. The appointment is scandalous because Gábor Magyar is not an independent EU official, but in reality an excited left-wing political activist. ”

He drew attention to the fact that in an interview, Gábor Magyar called Hungary a regime that no longer meets the requirements of a democratic rule of law that respects human rights. In addition, the head of the delegation continued, Gábor Magyar explained, in line with the well-known slander of the left, that efforts to dismantle constitutionality had reduced the level of protection of fundamental rights, and added that concentrated political power was essentially doing what it wanted. "Gábor Magyar is a left-wing political activist in Virtigli, who made biased statements that often surpassed the slanders of Ferenc Gyurcsány and Mrs. Gyurcsány," said one of the founders of Fidesz. Tamás Deutsch called the procedure scandalous and said: Fidesz MEPs therefore wrote to the European Commission.

It calls for an immediate answer on how the committee can expect someone "who has such a biased opinion of the Hungarian government" to assess the rule of law impartially and how to guarantee the principle of the committee's independence enshrined in the treaties with a delegate with such a close relationship. with the left.

The MEP also emphasized that Gábor Magyar, due to his "obvious bias", should be recalled immediately by the European Commission and publicly guaranteed an impartial procedure.


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Mother's Day at normal people and DK!

The Gyurcsány-Dobrev oligarch clan was able to threaten even on this day!

Mother's Day at normal people and DK!

Another stage of their divisional policy was timed for Mother's Day by those who had once pushed Hungary and the Hungarian people to the brink of bankruptcy. Even on this day, they were able to threaten, and now they make no secret of the fact that, according to their ideas, Hungary cannot be a common home for all of us. Then they will decide who the "many" will be and who they will chase!

👉If you also reject the threats, the political amok, and you do not want the DK and its allies serving foreign interests to come to power in Hungary, pass it on!

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Jourova was banned from Russia!

Thank You! Спасибо!

Jourova was banned from Russia!

👉Video: Putin predicted that if someone wanted to burn the bridges once and for all, the Russian response would be asymmetrical, fast and tough. We can see the first step in this now.

Russia has also banned the President of the European Parliament and the Vice-President of the European Commission.

Moscow has banned a total of eight EU citizens, including the head of the Berlin prosecutor's office.

Russia has banned eight EU citizens, including David Sassol, President of the European Parliament, Jörg Raupach, head of the Berlin prosecution, and Vera Jourova, vice-president of the European Commission, according to Reuters due to the country's sanctions.

The decision was announced by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday. They wrote that Brussels rejects any Russian proposal calling for a solution to the problems through dialogue.

Reuters recalls that the EU imposed sanctions on two Russian citizens accused of attacking gay people in March, and also imposed four high-ranking Russian officials close to President Vladimir Putin last month.

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Judit Varga: Stop the blackmail
They take 50 million people for nothing, and according to Momentum, who knows what’s wrong with that?
According to Jouruvá, Hungarian people are "not in a position to form an independent opinion"
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post / 996/
Jourová spread false news about Hungary


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This is when “Budapest belongs to everyone”

Karácsony completely depreciates the capital! The pictures show the current state of Népliget, Gellért Hill and Városmajor

This is when “Budapest belongs to everyone”

Drug addicts, prostitutes, garbage, syringes, feces, closed toilets, construction debris, graffiti, weeds, neglected spaces. The majority assumed that if "Budapest belongs to everyone", it will be good, but there are signs that "Budapest has become everyone's", except for the working, fair taxpayer, respect for social norms and laws, living in a family, raising a child normal people.

Under the leadership of Gergely Karácsony, the videos of public parks became ruined

The local government of the capital did not carry out the most basic maintenance work in the public parks it maintains - where, in addition to serious public cleanliness problems, visitors may also face accidents and poor public safety. In Népliget, Gellért Hill and Városmajor.

Although it's a good time here, and more and more people are staying outdoors in Budapest, in some of the capital's parks, visitors can easily be pleasantly surprised.

In addition to the fact that the basic maintenance works were not carried out in the public parks maintained by the capital headed by Gergely Karácsony - Népliget, Gellérthegy and Városmajor - in some places we can encounter accident-prone conditions and questionable public safety.

Decaying cobblestones, rotting trees

We faced the latter problem in Népliget on a bright day: we had just entered the largest green area of ​​Budapest; The barefoot, heavily bleeding-toed man wanted to ask a cigarette from our staff, who had been added to the Cityscape Destroyer blogger: after we told him we weren't smoking, he shook his head and said threateningly that he didn't believe it and that he knew we had at least one thread in exchange. he also offered the canned beer he had already consumed. Meanwhile, he pulled closer and closer and left us there only several times at a strong call, trying at the homeless sitting at the nearby wooden tables. A few minutes later - we were still only 40-50 meters away from Könyves Kálmán Boulevard - a Marcona man raced past us, pushing us out of his way. He listened to his mobile phone playing amusing music lying on his shoulder like a bag radio, carrying a piece of metal of suspicious origin in a heavy bag in his other hand.

The environment was not more encouraging in Népliget either: concrete blocks that have lost their function, from which rusty iron pipes protrude, are missing in several places. There is a danger of tripping, crumbling cobblestones everywhere in the park, and in the green parts there are pits that are difficult to notice at first. The playground is also far from the ideal condition: a mother complained that she could not even drain water from the public well for her three-year-old child because of the muddy water standing around her ankles around the incomplete pedestal structure.

Népliget (video)https://youtu.be/Fcad3F3Kfaw

Apart from the woman and her child, only the homeless sat on the worn-out benches of the playground. In Népliget, construction debris, as well as discarded wrapping paper, butts, soft drink and beer cans, lie in many places, such as the former E-Club building, which has not been in operation for a long time. There are several sick trees in the park, but a warning sign has been placed on the trunk of the tree to be cut down, which means that if someone goes close enough to read the Main Garden notice, they have already put themselves in danger of an accident. Nor do you know exactly when the capital plans to remove the rotten trees.

Gellérthegy is one of the most well-known places in Budapest, and the importance of this public park is also increased by the fact that it also influences the international perception and image of Hungary through the experience of foreigners visiting Hungary. After the opening of the terraces yesterday, more people than usual decided to go for more or less mountain walks, but Gellert Hill is apparently not in the condition expected from perhaps the most important public park of the capital.

Gutted lamps, piles of rubbish

Several people also stumbled on the crumbling, incomplete staircases during our report, and an older lady did not fall on one of the stone stairs on the Szabó Dezső promenade, thanks only to her couple, because she did not notice that the entire bottom row was missing. There was a hiker who reported that several people in this place had already sprained their ankles.

The asphalt paths leading to the stairs are not in better condition either, deep potholes and holes were formed in them at many points.

And the roads scattered with pebbles are considered completely obsolete, and according to several hikers, it is a real nightmare to push a bicycle, a pram or even a wheelchair. None of these three parks meet the expected accessibility criteria, but in the case of Gellert Hill, traffic can even be life-threatening for people with reduced mobility. It is worth noting that Gergely Karácsony, who put accessibility on his flag in connection with metro line 3, did practically nothing in this matter.

Gellért Hill (video):https://youtu.be/VYl25BOXUAU

Although several hikers say that a facility similar to a waiting room is used to relax hikers heading to the top of the hill, to put it mildly, the thatched roof makes the building completely unsuitable for this function in the event of rain. In the waiting room, inside which there is only a thin wooden bench running along the wall, two young people smoked on our arrival. The bottles of beer and short drinks on the ground, as well as the suspicious stains on the ground and bench, also indicate that it is not actually the hikers who are using the otherwise almost completely refined walled room.

Next to the promenades, the rubbish bins are full-fledged — some of them tipped out of their holders on the ground — and often lie in garbage for several meters, from banana peels to paper handkerchiefs used for toilet paper. The dilapidated, sculpted, toilet-shaped stone building next to the playground is closed for “technical” reasons, and the inscription directs visitors to a mobile toilet much further away. Although the lack of public lighting on the mountain can in itself pose a serious risk of accidents, some lamp stands are still gutted without a luminaire. As in Népliget, the management and informing of visitors on Gellért Hill is completely imaginative and not uniform, which can be dangerous due to the high altitude in the latter place and the notoriously poor public safety of some parts of Népliget.

The attic is full of promises

Városmajor, which is also popular with joggers due to its running circle, is also treated with a stepmother Karácsony: there is no trace of the maintenance and rehabilitation work due in the spring. There is a stark contrast to the orderliness of the area with full or round rubbish bins, butts and wrapping paper scattered throughout the park.

Similar scenery to the other two locations can be found here: weed-covered concrete elements, outdated playground equipment, and sculpted concrete-based, crumbling, wood-paneled street benches. There are also protruding, accident-prone bolts, and it is not uncommon for a tree trunk to grow on the pavement.

The lack of regular mowing of grass and bushes is striking, and the crown of the trees is apparently shaped only by nature. It should be noted that green spaces play a special role in the life of the capital: in addition to their aesthetic role, they also influence the climate, the quality of the environment and the development of space. Ensuring the survival and development of green spaces is a legal requirement, which is important not only for the population, but also for the attractiveness of the district.

Városmajor (video):https://youtu.be/DdKJqpugADM

We sent our questions to the capital's municipality: what is the reason why the most basic maintenance works of the public parks were not completed until the middle of spring? According to the press of Gergely Karácsony, the Main Garden will give an answer, if this happens, we will announce. It is also not known when the Town Hall Park, announced by Gergely Karácsony in the mayor's campaign two years ago, can open its doors to the general public. The long-term plans are known, the action plan setting out the main elements of the greening of Budapest has been made public, which mentions housing estate greening, a memorial forest, a park chain, new rows of trees and renewable streams, but it is not known when these promises are planned.

Visitor-friendly in the renewable City Park

City Park shows a much more tidy picture than other parks in the capital. In addition to the fact that many investments are still being made in the public park (including the Hungarian House of Music and the Ethnographic Museum), Városliget Zrt., Which manages the Liget Budapest projects, has demolished almost all the dilapidated, abandoned, rusty, graffiti buildings. building is dozed down. In the vacated parts, where no new building for cultural purposes will be created, they will be landscaped. By the way, all public toilets in the City Park are open. The Városliget large playground, the Városligeti Sportcentrum, the running circuit are the best in their respective categories in Budapest, and the newly created gastronomy places are quite popular. What makes the park even more visitor-friendly is that it is easily and conveniently accessible by car thanks to the underground garage of the new Ethnographic Museum.


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Here is the DK election program

(Long list)

Here is the DK election program

They should come as no big surprises, as we know the performance of the Gyurcsány-Dobrev-Tiny clan, we were once so naive that we voted for them (we didn't)

On the virtual "battlefield", left-wing commentators often ask what's wrong with the Gyurcsany people, and with left-liberal ideas in general. We have prepared an appropriate answer to this question. The list is a bit voluminous, but far from complete. Our list consists of 3 parts, our pre-2010 crimes were grouped separately, our post-2010 crimes in opposition were also sorted separately, and at the end we placed a general section on the 10 main lies of the Liberals.

Share and bookmark this article (link), you will still need it, Write in a comment if something is missing and we will keep the list updated. You can find an article for each point here on our Facebook page and athttps://www.szamokadatok.hu/also on our website. Each statement is documented, and all articles supporting them are cited.

The left's anti-vaccination campaign. Video.
Lies with examples. Video.
Dobrev is already basing the austerity. He is already lying that "Zorbán" will rob the coffers until the election. Interestingly, neither before 2014 nor before 2018 did it. Video.
This is the opinion of oligarch Dobrev about the manual workers. In his eyes, we are sick and unbalanced. Video.
The coalition is so "democratic": it is already holding everyone's mouth in opposition. Video.

Complete 3-part list: Open and click "Continue reading"https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2918/Segedlet_Gyurcsany_evertekelo_beszedehez


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