There is and will be order in Hungary

There is and will be order in Hungary

Pride, amnesty and momentum are jointly tuned to anti-government protests and street riots.

We warn everyone who dreams of anarchy and disorder in Hungary: we will be there too and we will protect Hungary. At any price. There will be no "maidan", no blm, no other believe here. Those who call the overwhelming victory of the President of Belarus a "dictatorship" can also prepare for a possible fourth two-thirds victory over Fidesz with riots, street riots, illegal, destabilizing demonstrations.

This will not be the case here, and think very, very much of anyone who might dream of defeating the majority in Hungary in any other way than a democratic election.

We maintain order, we protect our country.🇭🇺
God help me!

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Chaos in Elizabeth City, Traffic collapsed, the result of populist, incompetent policies

Chaos in Elizabeth City, Traffic collapsed, the result of populist, incompetent policies


Chaos in Elizabeth City: The changed traffic order came into force in the VII. district.
As we wrote earlier, the new traffic rules come into force today from the VII. district. The staff of the Informant also went out to the site to see what the traffic order changed by Péter Niedermüller had resulted in.

What would it be like to live in the district of such a mayor? How can it feel that you can't go home with your car because the "Budapest for everyone" policy is on the harbor in your street? What do people think who can’t even start with their car parked in front of their house because the traffic jam is constant. If, say, a resident calls a plumber, how many out of 10 masters will take on this job?

Peter Niedermüller and his other accomplices were also elected. We regret those who were voting and did not vote for them, and we are angry with those who are Fideszians, but for some reason they did not go on election day and did not set aside half an hour to make it better for the next 5 years.


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Hate flows from the left (with video)

Hate flows from the left (with video)

Fidesz is responsible for the roughening of public discourse - we have been listening to the left for years. Without claiming completeness, we have bundled the most scandalous opposition manifestations.
János Mécs: My God, that I hate the people of the countryside - Balázs Gulyás: Uneducated, rural, elderly people form the Fidesz camp - Ákos Kertész: The Hungarian genetically subordinate
Szarvas Koppány Bendegúz about the government: The boys work for the lantern

"Send the hell out of all the helicopter, whore, drug addict nobody's houses," shouted Gergely Karácsony, who liked the role of a true Democrat, at his last campaign event. "How is it possible that while Fidesz's support is constantly rising, the MSZP's is constantly decreasing?" - Ildikó Bangóné Borbély, Member of Parliament, was asked on the ATV program, to which the MSZP politician replied: "If I am outspoken: there are many rats in Hungary." And the Momentum Great Blanka released the steam at an opposition demonstration: “A disgusting, insidious, ugly and contagious epidemic is sweeping the country. It’s not the plague, it’s not Ebola, it’s not mad cow disease, though it’s a bit like it. We call this epidemic Fidesz. ” Then he insulted Head of State János Áder with words that did not tolerate printing ink, yelling at him, stepping back and “b… za the face itself with this mustache s… r”.

Ildikó Bangóné Borbély about Fidesz: There are a lot of rats in Hungary

The motto of the left-wing left is that the governments led by Fidesz and Viktor Orbán are responsible for the roughening of public discourse. However, the cases cited also show that hate speech strikes its head much more on the left. This is also interesting because representatives of opposition parties such as the DK, the Liberals, the LMP, the MSZP and the Momentum signed a statement a year ago in which they also undertook to report extremism in the appropriate fora, and they are expected by the state to ensure unconditional equality before the law and before the law. The application of the double standard on their part is also valid in this area. Anti-government public figures and politicians have never been reprimanded by their party, their intellectual moon yard, for their hateful, threatening, or derogatory outbursts. Zero distancing, zero consequence - apart from one or two apologies. It is worth noting that the O1G password, which was flagged in the wake of Lajos Simicska's infamous insult, is claimed by all left-wing parties, as we have seen since the parliamentary and street scandalous actions of late 2018.

Imre László on Hitler in 1938: The work he did so far practically brought about the rise of Germany
Continuing the line, it caused great indignation, of course only on the conservative side, that Ferenc Gyurcsány had fallen as prime minister, after it turned out that the Kossuth Prize-winning director, Attila Vidnyánszky, had become the chairman of the foundation that maintained the University of Theater and Film if he comes to power, he makes the director in every sense. This is, of course, not the first, and presumably not the last, outbreak of the DK President since his speech in the autumn of 2006.

Gyurcsány's party colleague, the mayor of Újbuda, said at a June parliamentary meeting that the dictator of the third empire, Adolf Hitler, had been deservedly elected man of the year in 1938. Imre László put it this way, "the work that the Führer has done so far has practically brought about the rise of Germany, even spectacularly after the world economic crisis". The DK politician apologized for his scandalous reasoning, but the Gyurcsány party and its allies did not distance themselves from it. It didn’t go any different for Momentum either. On the community side, party president András Fekete-Győr called the professors and doctors of hospitals struggling with the coronavirus epidemic “cubicles” and cowards. And to this level, Balázs Gulyás, a film aesthetist close to Jobbik, told a story, saying that “uneducated, rural, elderly people form the Fidesz camp”. Then the other day, Péter Márki-Zay, the mayor of Hódmezővásárhely, continued the line, talking about only the poorest, most uneducated people voting for Fidesz, and the others typically going abroad. They had something to base on: Gábor Bruck, a former SZDSZ adviser, discussed in April this year, referring to supporters of the ruling party in Népszava, that “a large and uneducated voting camp is only excited in its soul that directly affects personal or family safety. That's how we're wired. " According to him, "since 2014, Orbán has only spoken to the crocodile lady."

If we look back even earlier, the scandalous remark of Péter Niedermüller from the DK could also be highlighted in our compilation, which read: migrants, the Roma, I don't know what, then there is a terrifying formation in the middle, these are white, Christian, heretical men - and there are women among them. That is the idea of ​​the family. ”

Péter Niedermüller: Terrifying formations of white, Christian, heterosexual men and women
It is also worth recalling the reasoning of Barnabás Kádár, the founder of Momentum. He is the politician who, for example, wrote in a degrading way about drivers that “the taxi driver will not be a criminal intelligence researcher or a hospital nurse”. In an earlier post, he argued that senior citizens should be deprived of the right to vote because they are casting their votes in the wrong place. And before that, he said: while children born now will be an unnecessary cost to society in the future, illegal immigrants are needed because in thirty years they will be producing pensions.

Speaking of Momentum: one of their politicians, János Mécs, wrote back in 2013 about how much he hated rural people. Specifically, he described, "My God, I hate the rural, though I shouldn't be poor, because I'm liberal and everything, so gay, gypsies, homeless, and otherwise everyone is smart, but I can't get used to the rural."

In addition to recent party-political speakers, it is worth mentioning some left-wing sympathizers who take an active role in shaping public opinion. Gergely Hommonay, who is close to the SE, for example, recently came to the news by saying that it would have been cheaper to pour down the statue of Miklós Horthy with feces. And last summer, he put it this way, “August 20 is approaching, when men in skirts in downtown Pest are singing shitty numbers around a mummified hand, all that can be known for sure is that he had a man who, if he was right-handed, masturbated and wiped his ass (with a leaflet, because there was no toilet paper at the time). Worship ".

Péter Dániel, a left-wing lawyer who escaped to Israel, also likes to pluck the right, for example, he wrote on his Twitter page: “Viktor Orbán's coronavirus is his best friend. They were migrants for a long time, but this epidemic also preceded them. And Viktor Orbán finally got the chance to declare a state of emergency, build a total dictatorship, and settle accounts with his old enemy, Hungarian democracy. ” The former DK, now Momentum Szarvas Koppány Bendegúz said the other day about epidemic treatment: "It's hard to react to this in a salon-like way, I'd rather just say: the boys work for the lantern." A few days ago, the 444, formerly indexed Márton Bede, fascinated the national chief medical officer Cecília Müller with noble simplicity, joining a choir of leftists who insulted one of the key players in the successful defense.

István Vágó: I have a hard time wearing the sight of the Jews in the Kaftan-Shield-Hats
The former quiz master István Vágó, also a gyurcsányist, should not be feared either when it comes to “scratched” remarks. For example, in an earlier Facebook post, the first to be described by our paper, that caused a great scandal, he stated that he had a hard time bearing the sight of the Jews in Kaftan-Pajos-Hat. He did not apologize, and the left-wing public did not rule him out.

Finally, the writer Ákos Kertész, who moved to Canada, cannot be left out of our compilation either. In May, Kertész confirmed his previous statement to the Hírklikk near the MSZP, which read: “The Hungarian is genetically subordinate. The Hungarian does not feel a spark of remorse for even the most serious historical sins, he passes everything on to others, he always points to something else, he happily rumbles in the puddle of dictatorship, he grunts and swallows the snuff, and he does not want to know that he will be stabbed. ”


If someone awkward wouldn’t recognize these people, pictured:
- Peter Niedermüller
- Imre László
- Ildikó Bangóné Borbély
- Deer Koppány Bendegúz
- István Vágó
- Ákos Kertész
- Daniel Peter
- Ágnes Kunhalmi
- Gergely Hommonay
- Klára Dobrev
- János Mécs
- Barnabás Kádár
- Cseh Katalin
- Tamás Soproni
- Péter Márki-Zay
- András Fekete-Győr
- Ferenc Gyurcsány
- Lajos Simicska
- Gergely Karácsony

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"It reassures that the country has a competent, determined and strong leadership" / Péter Boross /

"It reassures that the country has a competent, determined and strong leadership" / Péter Boross /

"Illegal migration is extremely harmful"
National Consultation 2020. Péter Boross on the protection of Hungary against the coronavirus: It reassures that the country has a competent, determined and strong leadership.

It is an outstanding achievement that 1.4 million people have already filled in the questionnaire of the national consultation - Péter Boross said in an interview with our newspaper. The Prime Minister of Hungary, who reigned between 1993 and 1994, underlined that he considers the most important of the issues on the list to be those related to illegal migration.

- Which issue of the national consultation do you consider to be the most burning?

- The one that deals with immigration. Illegal migration is an extremely harmful process. It does not take a great deal of combining ability to see to what extent it would go on as it did in 2015, to what extent it would redraw the image of Western Europe or even our own country.

- Is the expulsion of unauthorized applicants not a solution?

"It belongs in the world of fairy tales, even in Germany."

- Migration has taken place before.

- This is true, but in the past, people who lived their lives along similar principles have basically migrated between European countries. They were not motivated by cultural and religious differences to change existing relationships by force, but by understanding the customs, religion, and values ​​of the recipients. This is not the case with the masses of illegal migrants, they only want to live well because it is “for them”. Western Europe is now showing a rather sad picture in this regard.

- What do you think about the epidemic measures?

- I am infinitely pleased and reassured that the country has a competent, determined and strong leadership. And as I see it, the vast majority of the population shares this view.

- The left disputes that.

- Unfortunately, the activities of today's opposition are most reminiscent of the terrible reign of Mihály Károlyi. Instead of determination, their minds are on destruction, and it is terrifying and sad at the same time. And that is utterly depressing, as some villains who think of themselves as publicists have spoken out - about Cecilia Müller, for example. The measures can be criticized, as we can hardly find two identical professional positions here. But the Chief Medical Officer’s work ethic, his devotion to the cause, his intention to improve, don’t let me mock God’s age, well, I think that’s, to put it mildly, amazing.

- Are the 1.4 million responses returned so far many or few?

- I consider it an outstanding achievement that 1.4 million people have so far posted a completed questionnaire for the national consultation. Think about when a statistical survey draws such a huge amount? If a company collects, say, ten thousand representative responses on behalf of someone, the customer can already be happy. And here we are talking about well over a million responses! Nor should it be forgotten that most survey companies focus on Budapest, where, due to political conditions, we cannot really get an accurate picture of the issues that really concern citizens and the answers that can be given to them. That’s why I trust the countryside, where people have kept their sanity more than in the capital. But there is another important phenomenon here, namely the endless opposition malice that encourages the theft and destruction of arches. Incidentally, by no means incidentally, this also shows that they are completely unfit to lead this country. If they really were on the ground of democracy, they would encourage their believers to respond rather than “absorb” the arches.


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Another "Arab Spring", that is, the import of democracy?

Another "Arab Spring", that is, the import of democracy?

Hungary unconditionally supports troubled Lebanon, and the EU has been able to condition humanitarian aid. After that, it is also a question of whether an accident happened. The events are eerily similar to what happened in any country that was previously ruined by external interference and has been miserable ever since. Protesters uprooted and taken to the streets, the fall of the "regime" and then hunger, civil war, poverty, ruins. Who is there for this?

Hungary is supporting one million euros in humanitarian aid through the Hungary Helps program to save lives, damage and rebuild after Wednesday's Beirut explosion, the Prime Minister's Secretary of State for Assisting Persecuted Christians announced at a press conference in Budapest on Wednesday.

The EU has been able to make humanitarian aid conditional on Lebanon

This is really the lowest, politically exploited victim of a disaster. Western countries are essentially trying to push through the late buds of the Arab Spring with this blackmail.
At their extraordinary donors ’conference on Sunday, donor countries pledged significant resources to help Lebanon recover from the devastating Beirut explosion on Tuesday, and are also willing to support a longer-term economic recovery, but

the Lebanese leadership is expected to commit to the reforms demanded by the Lebanese.
The statement issued at the end of the videoconference does not mention a specific amount, but states that the assistance "shall be provided in a timely manner, in sufficient quantities and in accordance with the needs of the Lebanese people, directly to the Lebanese people, in a fully effective and transparent manner".

Lebanon had been in turmoil for months before Tuesday’s explosion. Since the fall of 2019, there have been massive protests across the country, the country’s economy and the value of the Lebanese pound have begun to plunge, and the masses have demanded the departure of the political elite they blamed for the crisis.

At Sunday's extraordinary donors' conference, donor countries pledged significant resources to help Lebanon recover from the devastating Beirut explosion on Tuesday, and are willing to support a longer-term economic recovery, but Lebanese leadership is expected to commit to the Lebanese leadership. .

The statement issued at the end of the videoconference does not mention a specific amount, but states that help

"shall be disbursed in a timely manner, in sufficient quantities and in accordance with the needs of the Lebanese people, directly to the Lebanese people, in a fully effective and transparent manner."

For example, France has set up an air bridge and supplies 18 tonnes of health and 700 tonnes of food aid to Lebanon, according to individual declarations from some 30 participating countries.
The European Union will make available € 30 million in additional funding for reconstruction. On Thursday, the EU has already announced 33 million euros in aid.
For the Gulf countries, Qatar has pledged $ 50 million in emergency aid and additional unannounced aid. Kuwait has offered $ 40 million. The UK promised £ 5 million earlier this week and now a further £ 20 million and sent a team of doctors.

However, donor countries appear unwilling to issue a blank check to the Lebanese leadership, which Lebanese protesters see as corrupt and unfit, and Iran’s influence through Shiite Hezbollah is also a cause for concern among some countries.
Donor countries are also urging that the cause of the explosion be revealed by a credible and independent investigation.

In his opening speech, French President Emmanuel Macron asked the participants to put aside their differences and help the Lebanese. Assistance should be coordinated by the UN, he said.

The White House issued a statement testifying that U.S. President Donald Trump called for peace at the conference and acknowledged the legitimate demands of peaceful protesters for transparency.

More protests began on Sunday
Meanwhile, further protests began in Beirut on Sunday, with protesters throwing stones at police blocking the road to parliament. According to local television reports
a fire also broke out in the square. Thousands of protesters are once again flowing in the direction of the square in front of parliament and the Martyrs' Square, where there were deadly clashes between policemen and a group of protesters, according to the Reuters news agency.

Protests began as a huge explosion shook the Lebanese capital on Tuesday. More than 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in the port have exploded for years without any precautions, killing at least 150 people, injuring about six thousand and making hundreds of thousands of homes uninhabitable in Beirut.

After the detonation, it turned out that the authorities had regularly warned the authorities for years that the storage of huge amounts of ammonium nitrate in the port was a danger, but in the end no one did anything to remove the chemical from the warehouse.
Subsequently, pointing at each other began and authorities detained 19 people, including the head of the port of Beirut and the customs office. On Sunday, a safety source also said a 43-meter-deep crater had formed at the detonation site.

Lebanon had been in turmoil for months before Tuesday’s explosion. Since the fall of 2019, there have been massive protests across the country, the country’s economy and the value of the Lebanese pound have begun to plunge, and the masses have demanded the departure of the political elite they blamed for the crisis. Prime Minister Hasan Diab, who took office in January, has since also announced that Lebanon will not repay its sovereign debt, which means the country will go bankrupt. On Saturday, Diab announced that he was proposing to call early elections.


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Niedermüller could play hundreds of millions to the parking company

Niedermüller could play hundreds of millions to the parking company

🔴You who voted for them got nothing, not even fries! Now hundreds of millions more are landing in the pockets of their buddies, who will then backfire nicely on them.

Niedermüller could play hundreds of millions to the parking company.

The collection of parking fines was organized by the municipality of Niedermüller, the business was given to a company owned by András Kupper.

Gyurcsány's man, Péter Niedermüller, the mayor of Erzsébetváros, is building a hundred-million-sink, Origo reported. As it was written, the left-wing city administration decided on June 26 to sell the district’s parking receivables to an outside firm who will collect the debts. A VII. The district's uncollected receivables totaling HUF 750 million came from parking penalties.

The deal was given to a company owned by András Kupper. The parking company undertook to pay 30 percent of the amount collected to the municipality in arrears. However, a senior employee of a large Hungarian bank told Origo that it was not worth selling debts of this kind, such as parking, not cheap. According to the portal, the morale of paying parking fines is significantly better than the 30 percent rate: 75 percent of fines are paid by motorists without a notice, and another 70-80 percent of the remaining 25 percent are paid after a lawyer's notice.

So there is no understandable explanation as to why the district management in the SE handed over the debts to a parking company with a suspicious background, why not to a professional collection company, or why the municipal trustee does not collect? Legal tax collection consists of mere correspondence.

So who are the sheep? Because we who support Fidesz received tax relief, salary increase, family support, CSOK, overhead reduction, occasionally we could build a new car, a new house, our children get the textbook for free, etc. etc.

! ️What did you, dear left-wing voter, get? Don't answer, just think about it. Also think about what you get - more precisely what is taken from you - if these "people" might get in government. No need to answer - just think.


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Lucky interim choice: we are going to win !!!

Support our candidate with one share! Let us not let the left ruin Hungary

Lucky interim choice: we are going to win !!!

Zsófia Koncz is a candidate for Fidesz in the fortune election.

According to the decision of the larger governing party's 6th constituency organization in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County (Tiszaújváros and Szerencs area), the daughter of Ferenc Koncz, Zsófia Koncz, who died in a tragic motor accident, may be a candidate for parliament in the autumn by-elections.

The National Electoral Committee has set 11 October for the by-elections in the Tiszaújváros-Szerencs constituency, where voters will decide on the successor of Ferenc Koncz, who died in tragic circumstances on 10 July.

The 6th constituency organization of Fidesz Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County unanimously supported the candidacy of the daughter of Ferenc Koncz, Zsófia Koncz, in the upcoming, by-elections, according to the Origo article.

Who is Zsófia Koncz? Zsófia Koncz is 30 years old, lawyer.
Both she and her husband were fortunately born and raised.


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We send a message to Pico: “everyone in the municipality” has our National Flag set

With the banner you hang out, that municipality is far from everyone!

We send a message to Pico: “everyone in the municipality” has our National Flag set

Outrageous, which the left can afford. If they came to power, I would change the flag in Parliament too!


Excellent article on this:

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The LMP could not stay out of lying around Lake Balaton either, they got the slap for it

The LMP could not stay out of lying around Lake Balaton either, they got the slap for it

Of course, the "discontinued" index also diligently circulated a video of the LMP subsistence politician's self-contained, read-out press conference, here's the recording:

🔴This is the reality:

Unfounded claims about the situation on Lake Balaton
The Minister of Agriculture István Nagy refutes the allegations made by János Kendernay from the LMP, which are full of slips and half-truths.

János Kendernay, co-chair of the LMP, made serious and largely unfounded accusations about fish farming and fishing in Lake Balaton. In his video, the opposition politician claimed, among other things, that the Ministry of Agriculture did not care about the ecosystem of Lake Balaton, and that its decisions would damage the aquatic life. At the request of our newspaper, Minister István Nagy refuted what was said in detail.

“The statements made by János Kendernay about the wildlife and fish fauna of Lake Balaton are difficult to interpret and lack any professionalism. The sentences of the opposition politician, full of slips and half-truths, largely or only partially do not correspond to reality, ”the Minister of Agriculture responded to the opposition accusations by contacting Magyar Hírlap.

István Nagy reminded that the co-chairman of the LMP accuses the Ministry of Agriculture in a video published on its community page of ignoring the ecosystem of Lake Balaton, Point by point, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture refuted the accusations of the opposition politician.


István Nagy drew attention to the fact that due to the tourist significance of Lake Balaton, the so-called special purpose fisheries management area, which is controlled by the Balaton Fisheries Management Nonprofit (BHNp) Zrt. Under the Ministry of Agriculture, The Balaton Uplands National Park Directorate is responsible. Thus, the statement that the Ministry does not deal with the ecosystem of Lake Balaton immediately becomes meaningless, the Minister emphasized.

He added that the annual carp stock is required by a plan approved by the competent authority for the fishery organization, the amount of which is adapted to the amount of carp regularly caught. The carp, which has been present in the Carpathian Basin since the end of the ice age, has lost some of its breeding grounds because the condition of the railway built along the southern coast, which is provided by the Sió lock, must be preserved. Its operation has been a boundary condition for more than a century, which can only be adapted to significantly change the ministry, but even the government has no room for maneuver, István Nagy detailed.

The other fish species of Lake Balaton are currently given the opportunity to reproduce in suitable habitats. BHNp's annual carp stocking obligation is three hundred and fifty tons, which does not endanger the native fish stock in Lake Balaton, the head of the ministry emphasized.

According to János Kendernay, the habitat of the fish has shrunk to about a third, as the natural shores have been built in, the reeds have been destroyed, and external and internal nutrient loads are taking place on Lake Balaton.

The Minister of Agriculture replied that habitat loss for open water areas cannot be interpreted at all. Although the proportion of natural parts along the coastline has indeed decreased, it is not the result of agriculture and within it fish farming, but of real estate, road and rail developments. At the same time, it is important to mention that the mitigation of impacts is nevertheless consistently implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture. The external nutrient load has almost completely disappeared with the complete channeling of the shores, and the internal nutrient load stored in sediment is a short-term endowment that cannot be significantly changed, it can only be adapted, the ministry manager added. this would also increase the fish production and fish holding capacity of Lake Balaton.

Popular fishing

The LMP co-chair also accused the government of “sinking fishing into a billionaire business, while anglers can only catch puppies pre-farmed in fishponds and planted in the lake each year”, even though “carp are not native to Lake Balaton”.

István Nagy said that fishing is still one of the most popular leisure activities on Lake Balaton, so the term “sinking” is simply incomprehensible. The majority of Hungarian anglers primarily want to catch carp, this need can only be met by active carp stocking, for which the raw material can only be pre-grown in fishponds. It should be noted here that BHNp Zrt. Produces carp in its own and fishponds in the Balaton catchment area, which it installs in the lake every year, ie not only from abroad, but also from another Hungarian catchment.

Most of the fish introduced are not “kid carp,” as the opposition politician put it, but a three-summer-old carp of catchable size, weighing about two kilograms, just to meet the needs of anglers. Most of the introduced carp will be caught and taken away within weeks and months, so in the long run only a fraction of them will become part of the fish stock of Lake Balaton - said István Nagy. He also added that it has been proven that carp have been naturally present in Lake Balaton for the last two thousand years, so its local indigenousness cannot be questioned, although Lake Balaton is not famous for its exceptionally strong carp population. The opposition politician said nothing more than that “because of the government’s decisions, indigenous species - such as red-winged bream, perch, perch, pike and catfish - have been depressed, their populations declining, their living conditions deteriorating”.

István Nagy finds the co-president's references to the ministerial decision incomprehensible, after the last such concrete decision of the head of the ministry was made at the end of 2013 to ban open water fishing on Lake Balaton. This, in turn, was precisely to protect the ecosystem, and it was arguably beneficial for all fish species on Lake Balaton.

The population of bream and predators in Lake Balaton is stable, the minister declared.

The catfish population was sparse in 2011 with a special devastation affecting only this species, but has now gradually intensified and is forming a significant mass in the lake, which can also be seen in the catches. In addition, in the 1960s, the fish farming organization made significant progress in reintroducing the eel stock that had completely disappeared after the introduction of the eel, with the reproduction and establishment of rockfish and balinese as other sensitive fish species as a priority program. Thus, the statement that “Hungarian fish no longer feel good in Lake Balaton” is a minimum slip, but it can be considered a much more malicious political attack, István Nagy added.

According to the co-chair, rock placement in Lake Balaton causes a decrease instead of an increase in biodiversity, ie biodiversity. At the same time, István Nagy said that the aim of this activity is not to increase aquatic biodiversity. With stone spraying, experts diversify the otherwise homogeneous, sandy-mudbed riverbeds, creating breeding and habitats that have a beneficial effect on the regeneration of, for example, perch, pike-perch, catfish and pike, and which János Kendernay is most lacking in. The establishment of the "artificial lakes" on Lake Balaton has a century-old history and only positive experience in fish farming. There are many such obstacles along the southern shore of Lake Balaton, for example.

Dominant demand

János Kendernay is also trying to argue against the cabinet that instead of the delicious fish from Lake Balaton, people only get hake on the shore of the lake. This statement is not true either - the Minister continued - as the restaurants on the shores of Lake Balaton offer or may offer other fish. Here, obviously, solvent demand is what directly affects supply. If tourists at Lake Balaton are mainly looking for hake, then, not surprisingly, it will also be offered primarily by fish bakeries. Incidentally, bream, catfish and carp are also available at most restaurants in Lake Balaton, and our native fish are relatively widely available.

In addition to imported and domestic fish produced in aquaculture, Lake Balaton caterers can also regularly buy Lake Balaton fish. Although commercial fishing has ceased, precisely for the sake of wildlife, ecological fishing with the Sió sluice eel trap often makes commercially available fish available. BHNp also offered bream from Lake Balaton last year, but the fish farms bought more imported bream with a larger individual size, as their profits were higher, the Minister of Agriculture added. Quality Hungarian fish is an existing product category, which can also be sold at Lake Balaton as a local product, and its quality has been a trademark since 19 December 2017. The excellence of the fish on Lake Balaton is shown by the fact that the carp produced in the Buzsák pond farm and the carp and toothfish produced in the Balatonlelle-Irmapuszta pond farm also received this trademark.


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Katalin "botmixer" Cseh struggles with a confusion of concepts

We have already quoted the article of the Hungarian Nation revealing the master plan of Katalin Cseh

Katalin "botmixer" Cseh struggles with a confusion of concepts

Now we highlight another part of the same article:
"According to the Czech Republic, the European Conservative elite is blocking Brussels from defending our common European values ​​from the cruel attacks of the Hungarian Prime Minister."

The situation, on the other hand, is as follows:
Europe is on the wrong track. He strayed from the path designated by Adenauer and Kohl. Europe already needs to be defended on its own, otherwise Kata and her clones from the Czech “botmixer” will tell the tuti instead of the normality. We need to protect our conservative European values ​​from liberal attacks!


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