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We will elect in 2022! Part 2!

We will elect in 2022!  Part 2!

👉Do not be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Orbán will be able to pay the visit fee, he won't be in need of a 13-month pension, but you're not sure!
👉Seeing the success of the first part, we also prepared the second part of the confrontation post. Share both in as many places as possible!
🟢First part:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/posts/324010979076042

👉Let's look at the details in the second part!
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w0B92t
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/2RaFgdq
13th month pension
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bnHCfU
Visitation fee, hospital per diem
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3eB072x
IMF Loan, PPP mutyi:
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w25Lkm
Border protection
Left side:https://bit.ly/3uK2JRl
Home renovation support
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/2SIJzgG
Proportion of those in need
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3tFMLGC
Baby waiting support
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3vWUNwg
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w1j2tm
Proportion of people living in overcrowded housing
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3y7hfVx
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bhixmL
Administrative procedures
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bhixmL


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Rétvári: we saved more than a million families from losing their homes!

Rétvári: we saved more than a million families from losing their homes!

👉The number of people in need in Hungary has decreased by more than one million since 2010. Unemployment has fallen by a third since 2010, wages are rising steadily, taxes are falling, overheads are falling, we are rebuilding our 13-month pension, we have reduced VAT on basic foodstuffs

👉Eurostat: The number of people in need in Hungary has decreased significantly in ten years
👉In our country, the unemployed have become the largest employed!
👉If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orbán, but with yourself! If the left comes to power, the tax credit will be abolished, part of the money thus "stolen" will be increased by the family allowance due to the individual, the greater part will be distributed to their friends.
👉Deduction then and now. Childless people also bring more money home! Left-liberals bring back the super gross, and it could easily happen that you’re going to tax over 40 percent!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3119/Ne_legy_a_magad_ellensege
👉Parliament has adopted the PIT-free exemption for young people! If the left comes to power, this will also be erased!
👉Tax exemption for young people, CSOK, baby waiting for young couples, Tax credit, home renovation for families, 13th month pension for the elderly, Overhead reduction, tax reduction, improvements for everyone! This will all be deleted!
👉The public wage burden decreased by more than 8.5 percentage points between 2009 and 2019. If the left comes to power, the public burden will double!
👉In this article, we presented the example of a given wage in the tax rates in the current and pre-2010 tax systems. (Separately for the childless and separately for the families)
👉In this article we have shown how much is left after the overhead is paid
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2707/M mind_maradt_a_rezsi_kifizetese_utan_most_es_2010
👉In this article we presented the rate of overhead reduction for a family house and a condominium
👉In this article, we have summarized the most important measures of the government so far to make our lives easier.
👉In this video, we present crisis management: what it is like for a left-liberal government to handle a crisis, and what it is like for a national government to handle it.
👉During its government, Fidesz doubled the customer value of the minimum wage!
👉Eurostat: The number of people in need in Hungary has decreased significantly in ten years
👉We are looking for more measured in euros!
👉In this article, we summarized what the left did when they steered! Read and compare it to the work of the current government!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2918/Segedlet_Gyurcsany_evertekelo_beszedehez
👉In 2010, we paid for the second most expensive gas in the EU, and today we pay for the cheapest. In 2010, we paid for the most expensive electricity in the EU, and today we pay for the cheapest
👉The government has created perhaps the world's largest and most comprehensive family support and home-building system
👉Pension increases, "Swiss indexing", MANYUP, refutation of lies: all in one!
👉Inheritance and gifting tribute - abolished by Fidesz
In 10 years, it has left more than 400 billion forints in the pockets of families
We choose in választ2022!
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Orbán will be able to pay the overhead, the loan, the other costs, but you're not sure!
👉Not we said!
According to the left, Fidesz is badly governed. The world sees it differently!
👉Home protection action plan, helping foreign currency borrowers

It is dichotomous that the left communicates differently abroad

Opposition MPs do not use their mandate to help defend themselves, Bence Rétvári told our paper, saying the left is making policy out of a professional issue when it criticizes certain vaccines. The vice-president of KDNP also explained that the situation of education is improving and deprivation has significantly decreased in Hungary.

- Why did you warn in a video posted on Facebook that DK would terminate the Vatican Treaty?

- Decisively, Ferenc Gyurcsány determines the policy of the opposition, and he made it clear that, if he came to power, he would reduce the support for church-run schools and social institutions. These institutions now receive the same support as state ones. When the left says no, it discriminates against those who exercise their free choice, teach their children in a church school, or seek care in a church-run hospital or social institution.

Gyurcsány and the left, without batting an eyelid, would let the uncontrolled masses of Muslim migrants into the Hungarian people rather than support Christian Hungarian culture.

- You caught the coronavirus. Based on your experience, what do you think about fighting the disease?

- The most important is the role of individual defense in slowing the spread. We need to take care of ourselves to take care of our loved ones. Fortunately, most of society in Hungary has understood this, we are disciplined and we pay attention to each other.

This also required the government to be able to take decisions that were essentially in line with the views of the citizens, so we held a national consultation on defense, presumably to avoid anti-restriction demonstrations like the one in Berlin. Thus, a national coalition has developed against the epidemic, from which only the opposition has withdrawn, as they see the coronavirus not as a threat but as an opportunity.

- Recently, left-wing politicians have been campaigning against the Russian vaccine, although they certainly may not know much about it. What do you think about this?

- It is amazing that the left wants to turn a vaccine into a political debate and therefore be able to risk human lives. It is spicy that the successor party of the Hungarian Socialist People's Party or the KGBéla party is criticizing the development of Russian scientists. We, on the other hand, are not looking at how a vaccine is labeled, but at providing a fast, effective and safe solution against the coronavirus. The left is making the vaccination a political issue instead of a professional one, thereby playing into the hands of those who are vaccinated and seriously jeopardizing the success of the defense.

The Gyurcsánys say it is only the good vaccine that Brussels allows.

In addition to the fact that this is not true - because the experts of the National Institute of Pharmacy and Food Health (OGYÉI) also decide on authorization based on EU and international standards - it can greatly delay the start of vaccination. Even in the spring, the left would have only asked the EU for ventilators, which Brussels could have delivered in a 52-week lead-up through joint procurement. As then, the health of Hungarians is the most important thing for us, so if there is a suitable vaccine anywhere, we will procure it and make it available after the appropriate Hungarian official tests.

- Parliament is often forced to fight with oppositionists. What do you think about the parliamentary atmosphere?

- Left-wing MPs are not using their mandates to help defend themselves. There is no week that no false news will be brought into the Chamber, and there is no consequence on the left. In the case of Lajos Korózs, the camouflage videographer, there was a one-day study ending with an exemption. In the Dialogue, no investigation was launched against Tímea Szabó, who was spreading false news. These cases are sometimes ridiculous, for example, the government has been accused of concealing certain information, even though the figures in question have previously been detailed in a press conference by the operational tribe. At other times, however, they are quite unscrupulous, like the aforementioned Koruvian camouflage video, where a lifeguard accuses Hungarian doctors of sending their patients to their deaths. And the biggest ambiguity is that the left communicates differently to the outside than what is at home here.

In the EP, it has been spread that the parliament does not sit during the emergency, while at home they object that in addition to the defense, other bills that do not affect the epidemic are also being discussed by the Parliament.

I note this is also a matter for the legislature. When everyone in the country does their job, MPs can’t be an exception either, they have to work too.

- Education is also mentioned in a negative context by the opposition. How do you see the situation in the sector?

- Opposition criticisms in the field of education are particularly repulsive in that they attack for things that were a consequence of their government.

They claim that Hungary is lagging behind in education, although the number of underachievers in the PISA survey in reading, mathematics and science has also decreased significantly in recent years.

The education system is like a huge tanker turning slowly. The results appear only years after the introduction of a measure. It is easy to see that the data recorded at the beginning of our government even reflected the education policy of the left-liberal cabinet that preceded us. In recent years, however, we have seen better and better results. It is also untrue that we spend little on education. According to Eurostat, the average amount spent on education as a proportion of GDP is 4.6 percent in the EU, compared to 5.1 percent in Hungary. In terms of budget, EU countries spend on average 9.9 percent of their budgets on education, while Hungary spends 11 percent. And this extra expense also brings improved results.

- According to another recurring accusation from the left, there are a lot of misery in Hungary. Is this really the problem?

- Says this, the left, which made one million people unemployed, kept hundreds of thousands in aid, hit Hungarians with humiliating wages and a series of austerity measures. According to Eurostat data, the number of people suffering from severe material deprivation in Hungary has decreased by more than one million since 2010. Unemployment has fallen by a third since 2010, wages are rising steadily, taxes are falling, overheads have been reduced, we are rebuilding our 13-month pension, and we have saved more than a million families from losing their homes. For example, the number of people who get into trouble when a more serious unexpected household expense occurs has dropped significantly. There are also significantly fewer people who can’t afford a week-long vacation. In addition, the number of people in need of housing repayment has decreased. With that

Hungary has stood on its own two feet, we have given people jobs and not aid, we have reduced the VAT on overheads and basic foodstuffs, and through general tax cuts and radical increases in the minimum wage, we are far less vulnerable today than under left-wing governments. It is also very important that the number of people living in deep poverty has fallen from four hundred thousand to one hundred thousand. So a policy based on labor income instead of aid is successful. It is no coincidence that Ronald Reagan said that there is no better social policy than job creation.


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Thus, the government “does not help” retirees

Next year's budget will also provide funding for pension increases, pension premiums and the rebuilding of the 13-month pension.

Thus, the government “does not help” retirees

For pension benefits: HUF 4,163 billion
For the 2nd pillar of the 13-month pension: HUF 160 billion
For the pension premium: HUF 68.5 billion

Taking into account the number of pensioners, the extra benefit (2nd rate of the 13-month pension, ie a two-week extra pension in 2022 and the amount of the pension premium) will be on average HUF 90,000 per person.

- from 2023, recipients of benefits will receive an additional three weeks' pension,
- From 2024, a full monthly extra pension.

And this is how pensions have changed over the last 5 years:
In January 2017, pensions were raised by 1.6 percent.
With inflation at 2.4 per cent in 2017, pensions rose by a further 0.8 per cent in November backwards to January.
In November 2017, the pensioners received a HUF 10,000 Erzsébet voucher.
In November 2017, pensioners also received an average pension premium of HUF 12,000, which further increased the annual rate of increase, so it can be said that the increase was above inflation.
In January 2018, pensions were raised by 3 percent. Inflation in 2018 was 2.8 percent, so the increase was above inflation.
In March 2018, every pensioner received an Erzsébet voucher worth HUF 10,000
In November 2018, an average of 18,000 pension premiums were paid, which further increased the rate of annual increase.
In January 2019, pensions increased by 2.7 percent.
In November 2019, pensions increased by a further 0.7 per cent, and a pension premium was also paid (on average HUF 22,000). Annual inflation was 3.4 percent, so with the premium and overdraft, the overall increase was above inflation.
Every pensioner received a HUF 9,000 overdraft voucher in the autumn of 2019.
Pensions rose 2.8 percent in January 2020
The supplementary pension increase came in November 2020, 1.2% for the whole year, bringing the increase to 4% in 2020, which is more than the annual inflation (3.4%)
From January 2021, pensions will increase by 3 percent, followed, if necessary, by a further corrective increase in November.
Gradually, over 4 years, the 13-month pension will be restored. In 2021, every pensioner will receive an additional benefit for 1 week, in 2022 for 2 weeks, in 2023 for 3 weeks and in 2024. At 52 weeks, this year’s 1-week benefit represents a further 1.92 percent increase.

️The left took it
Fidesz returned it!

👉In these two articles, we deal in detail with the situation of retirees, including private pension funds.
👉Not everything is good that "Swiss"
Gyurcsánys have hooked up, now they want to trick the old people!
Gy Gyurcsánys will be made with a bush package by 2022!
Bushy described: the overhead reduction will be abolished immediately!


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Thus, the government “did not help” the retirees

We objectively refute the lies of the left. In addition to the fact that the epidemic and the crisis did not cause loss of income for retirees, the government did help!

Thus, the government “did not help” the retirees

Most recently, we responded to Lajos Korózs' s camouflage video with numbers
Korózs had just made a scathing, lying video about pensions. In this article, we have itemized the raises of the past 5 years. Since pensions were usually raised 2x a year, the left, without exception, always mentioned only one increase (typically the smaller one), so it was necessary to pour clean water into the glass.

In January 2017, pensions were raised by 1.6 percent.
With inflation at 2.4 per cent in 2017, pensions rose by a further 0.8 per cent in November backwards to January.
In November 2017, the pensioners received a 10,000 HUF Erzsébet voucher.
In November 2017, pensioners also received an average pension premium of HUF 12,000, which further increased the annual rate of increase, so it can be said that the increase was above inflation.
In January 2018, pensions were raised by 3 percent. Inflation in 2018 was 2.8 percent, so the increase was above inflation.
In March 2018, every pensioner received an Erzsébet voucher worth HUF 10,000
In November 2018, an average of 18,000 pension premiums were paid, which further increased the rate of annual increase.
In January 2019, pensions increased by 2.7 percent.
In November 2019, pensions increased by a further 0.7 per cent, and a pension premium was also paid (on average HUF 22,000). Annual inflation was 3.4 percent, so with the premium and overdraft, the overall increase was above inflation.
Every pensioner received a HUF 9,000 overdraft voucher in the autumn of 2019.
Pensions rose 2.8 percent in January 2020
The supplementary pension increase came in November 2020, 1.2% for the whole year, bringing the increase to 4% in 2020, which is more than the annual inflation (3.4%)
From January 2021, pensions will increase by 3 percent, followed, if necessary, by a further corrective increase in November.
Gradually, over 4 years, the 13-month pension will be restored. In 2021, every pensioner will receive an additional benefit for 1 week, in 2022 for 2 weeks, in 2023 for 3 weeks and in 2024. At 52 weeks, this year’s 1-week benefit represents a further 1.92 percent increase.

In this article, we wrote about how the left privatized part of the pension fund (MANYUP)

Now the Hungarian Nation has written an article about the budgetary implications of the increases.

Retirement support continues under Covid.

The government does not care about the social strata that have been in a difficult situation due to the epidemic, so retirees cannot count on the cabinet either, they say on the left.

At the same time, the statement is refuted by government plans and measures.

At the beginning of the year, ie in the middle of the epidemic period, the Cabinet began to restore the 13-month benefit, which was abolished by the Gyurcsány-Bajnai government during the 2008-2009 crisis as crisis management. The 2.5 million domestic retirees now received an amount equivalent to a quarterly pension in February, with the state treasury paying a total of roughly 80 billion to those eligible. This may soon be followed by another, as an amendment to the law on the table of the parliament would create an opportunity for the government to implement a 0.6% additional pension increase during the year due to inflation. This would mean a total of HUF 26 billion for those affected. Mention should also be made of the pension premium, for which there is every chance this year: if the economy starts to grow significantly, another extra amount may be added to the pensioners' portfolio at the end of the year, the previous government plans set it at HUF 53 billion.

The total value of this year's retirement benefits may therefore exceed $ 150 billion.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years the elderly have received vouchers four times in the total amount of HUF 100 billion, and between 2017 and 2019 the treasury allocated HUF 120 billion to the beneficiaries as a pension premium. It is worth considering the development of the amount of the 13th month's pension for the next period: in 2024, a full monthly amount will be due, then the public treasury will provide a total of approximately four hundred billion forints to those affected.

This is the real performance!
👉Tax exemption for young people
👉CSOK, baby waiting for young couples
👉Tax discount, home renovation for families
👉13. monthly pension for the elderly
👉Rice reduction, tax reduction, improvements for everyone!


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24 years ago the pension einstand!

It was not Fidesz that "stretched", but the left privatized part of the pension fund to the circle of friends.

24 years ago the pension einstand!

👉Once again, the rescue, camouflage left has taken out the mantra that has been repeated from time to time, so we are now refuting the lies again. Let's see the reality!
Our article consists of 3 parts: a brief summary at the beginning, in more detail on the reform of the private pension system and the development of the pension system over the last 10 years, plus another article by another person at the end.

1. Facts in brief.
Based on a 1997 decision, it was mandatory to join a private pension fund from 1998 because
In 2010, the system became OPTIONAL. 97 percent of people have opted for a state pension! Anyone who wanted to stay in the hands of stock market sharks could make a statement. Anyway, anyone can open a private pension fund account since then.
In summary, it was the left that forced the private pension fund system on the Hungarians against the will of the majority of the people, and it was Fidesz that made it optional.
Thus, it is not Fidesz that should be disturbed, but the robbers who privatize, camouflage, lie and anti-Hungarian left-liberal politicians.

2. How has the pension system developed in the last 10 years? Facts explained.

The Viewpoint Institute also talked about retirees:
“The purchase value of pensions was not only maintained but also increased by 10 per cent, the per capita value of social benefits for old age was 1529.3 in PPS in 2010 and 1766.5 in 2018. Among the economic measures, it is symbolic that the Government will gradually restore the 13-month pension withdrawn in the spring of 2009 from 2021. ”

In addition:
The average pension of HUF 97,259 in 2010 increased to HUF 142,114 (1) by 2019 (46.1%), while inflation was 27% in the same period (2), so the increase in the average pension exceeded inflation by 19%.

The 13-month pension was taken by the left-liberals (3) and meanwhile they have a face to constantly criticize the pension system. As of July 1, 2009, the Bajnai government abolished the 13-month pension and abolished the pure Swiss indexation, which takes into account inflation in half as well as expected net earnings growth. Even in return, they introduced the then economically unthinkable pension premium, as at that time GDP growth did not reach 3.5%, which is a basic condition for the pension premium. Sounds nothing to hold it tight! Furthermore, they abolished the Swiss indexation (3), ie introduced the rule that if GDP growth remains below 3%, only pensions will increase by the rate of inflation, between 3-4% by 80-20% of inflation and depending on net average earnings, between 4-5% in 60-40% depending on inflation and net average earnings, and from 5% in 50-50% according to classical Swiss indexation.

From 2012, raising pensions will only be linked to inflation.
Left-liberals, of course, scream about pensions (4). Let's examine the legitimacy of their screaming. In 2009, the 13-month pension was abolished, so they could have screamed, but they didn’t scream because it was arranged by the Bajnai. In 2010 and 2011, GDP did not grow above 3.5% (5), so pensions increased in any case with inflation: no difference, Bajnai-half pension system lived.

According to the new pension system introduced from 2012, as well as according to Bajnai's version, pensions would have increased only in 2012 and 2013 with inflation, as GDP grew by less than 3%. In 2014, GDP increased by 4.2%, inflation was -0.2% and average earnings increased by 3%, in 2015, with GDP growth of 3.8%, inflation was -0.1% - and net average earnings increased by 4.3%. According to math, pensions should not have risen in these years, but they rose by 2.4% in 2014 (6) and by 1.8% in 2015 (7). In 2016, GDP growth did not reach 3%, there is no debate about raising pensions.

From 2017, however, retirees would have been better off if net wage growth had been taken into account at 60% in 2017, 50% in 2018, and 60% in 2019. However, the pension premium was already received by the retirees in these years, and the overhead voucher and the Elizabeth voucher also arrived.

From 2020, the 13-month pension will be gradually rebuilt over 4 years, which can be converted into a 2% annual increase over 4 years in addition to inflation.

Working pensioners can benefit from a contribution exemption from 1 July 2020, which represents a 14% increase in earnings (8).
Turning to private pension funds, the analysis reads as follows:
"The government encouraged private pension fund members to return to the state pension system, as it considered the second pension pillar created by the 1997 pension reform to be too costly and inefficient, and the measure stabilized the Hungarian pension system."

In addition: The private pension fund (manyup) received almost the full amount of the employee's pension contribution, while the employer's part went to the state pension fund.
The state pension fund operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, ie on the basis of income expenditure. Pensions are paid from pension (nature) contributions received from employees. If the income is less than the expenditure, it must be obtained from elsewhere, as the payment of pensions is obligatory in Hungary.

Over time, more and more people entered the labor market by paying part of their pension contributions to manyup, i.e. not the state. The proportion of active workers has not increased properly, with many rushing to retirement at a young age. GDP growth fell well short of the expected 5%, the general government deficit was unsustainable, inflation subsided, the operating cost of manyup kicked in multiples of 0.3% of capital, while pensions had to be paid. These factors caused the fact that by 2010 the operation of manyup imposed a total burden of almost HUF 3,000 billion on public finances, so that the situation deteriorated every year.

In recent years, the Orbán government has only been able to provide the economic conditions necessary for the operation of manyup.
When the Orbán government restored the pension system in 2011 (97% of manyup members automatically retired to the state pension, compulsory entry ceased), it nationalized HUF 3,000 billion in manyup assets.

Half of this was in high-interest government securities, which meant debts and debts to the state. Because the state could not owe it to itself, these government securities were simply withdrawn, resulting in a one-time, drastic reduction in government debt.

Of the remaining amount, the state paid pensions, family allowances, created jobs, and provided tax relief to families, basically this amount greatly contributed to the start-up of the economy.

So there is no question of theft, just malicious and / or ignorant lies on the part of the left-liberal fake news media and their guided readers. By eliminating manyup, Hungary escaped many HUF 1,000 billion in unnecessary expenditure and debt (9).

3. One more summary of private benefits, understandably, clearly.

One of the favorite topics on the left-liberal side is private pensions. According to them, "Viktor Orbán stuffed his friends 'pockets into his friends' pockets, wasting the old-age savings of people forced into the state pension fund." So let us be aware of the issue of private pensions as well.

The Horn government introduced a voluntary private pension fund system to "encourage" the World Bank. In addition to the payments of the population, the government "supported" these funds with HUF 30,000,000,000 (!!!) per month.

Where was thirty billion a month for this ?! Well, out of credit !!! Where did the loan come from ?! From private banks to busy interest rates! These banks and private pension insurers, in turn, gratefully "substantiated" the bank accounts of the government members pushing for the introduction abroad.

The monthly interest of 30 billion and the added annual interest of 40 billion cost taxpayers HUF 400 billion a year! That is, these private funds generated 400 billion in public debt a year! During their thirteen years of operation, approx. 5,000 billion was reached from the state coffers! What a great deal to do to mask the state as a mask ?!

This huge deficit has made huge holes in the budget. All this was diligently falsified by Jani Veres in the EU budget reports, at the request of Ferenc Gy. "Hundreds of tricks that you obviously don't need to know helped us survive this." (From Gy.F. Öszödi's speech)

The soclib governments put their favorite banks and insurers in a position to the detriment of the Hungarian people! What is the similarity between the destruction of foreign currency creditors and private pension funders ?! Banks and insurers are always the beneficiaries of vile betrayals! But what could we expect from such bank governors ?!

And now pay close attention! From the state approx. 5,000 billion migrated to MANYUP. However, in 2010, when the system was liquidated, only HUF 2,400 billion in assets were returned! Where did the 10-12 year payments go, and most of the sums received from the state ?! Disappeared in stock exchanges and other mazes!

On the other hand, the managers of the funds stationed in Hungary regularly received billions in rewards! There was a fund whose executives remitted 5 billion home to their account during the crisis, while most of the savings disappeared! And after that, dare any opposition say that Fidesz stole the pensions of millions of contributors ?! Of course he dares, because he's mean to his heart, a lying villain! After all, now they also dare to call people to a demonstration. To protest against those who have done and are doing order.

How many more junk circuses are still being run on the streets, waking people up to overthrow the government ?! I wonder why the government elected eight years ago should be overthrown ?! After all, he has won an unprecedented proportion of democratic elections in Europe. We voted for them ourselves, not the Hottentots! Oh yeah, I get it! For by them all meanness is brought to light.

We have been listening for eight years that Fidesz has stolen pensions. We've been listening for eight years that "Zorbán" has exterminated people. For eight years now, the whole opposition has been shedding lies in the MANYUP case. For eight years, Viktor Orbán has endured serious, lying slander.
The reality, however, is that the existence of a socialist-liberal system was violence itself!

The cadres of the socialist-liberal system stole the payers! They have committed worldly meanness to us! Millions of Hungarians have been stolen and stolen, and now there is skin in their image in a canon that the "mafia government destroys the workers and does not care about the retirees".

Meanwhile, no one can present a law that would have obliged the government to step back into the state pension system! It was optional; we either stay private or go back to the state. Contrary to the binding decree of the Socialists!

Since the reorganization of the pension system was also voted on by the entire Jobbik faction, their accusation is now extremely strange. As a result of the leadership of their voters and sympathizers, today the right-wingers are the loudest defenders of the betrayals of the soclibs!

The good intuition of the population was shown by the fact that most of them fled back to the secure state system, because the private coffers could not show almost anything of their 10-12 years of payment! Not only would the deposit they had collected have increased, but even from it, only crumbs of what we had entrusted to them remained, for careful handling!

So much for that...

8.https://www.kormany.hu/hu/nemzetgazdasagi-miniszterium/adougyekert-felelos-allamtitkarsag/hirek/az-uj-jarulekszabalyok-evente-350-milliardot-hagynak-a-csaladoknal-a-lakossagnal-es-a- businesses

Alias ​​of the left:
Private pension fund-The cadres of the socialist-liberal system stole the payers!

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The left-liberal fake news propaganda lies as if it were not tomorrow, with a fake news factory called Telex at the forefront

The left-liberal fake news propaganda lies as if it were not tomorrow, with a fake news factory called Telex at the forefront

Telex, created by perhaps the biggest lie in Hungarian media history ("Orbán grinded the index"), wrote that the government spends more on sports than on health care. This, of course, has also been taken over by power-obsessed left-liberal parties, e.g. the anti-sport Momentum.

The reality, on the other hand, is that there is a top-down framework for epidemiological control and thus for health. We bought only masks, ventilators, vaccines and other supplies for hundreds of billions of forints. Since health care has not lost revenue, nothing needs to be compensated there. We spend hundreds of billions of forints a year on raising the salaries of doctors, nurses and general practitioners alone!

Key figures for the 2021 budget:
Education: 2229 billion
Health: 2245 billion
Retirement benefits: 3090 billion
Family support: 2,295 billion

The fake news factory called Telex silences or distorts many other things. In this article, we’ve gathered the things that would be worth talking about, and they don’t.
In this article, we present the development of health care. During the propaganda, the left-liberal pseudo-news producer depicts Hungarian hospitals with pictures of Romanian barracks. The article includes videos, additional articles, this is also a collection.

As we can see, we spend a tenth as much on sports as we do on retirement and an eighth as much on education, health, or family support. Thinking with Libsi's head, this can be a lot, but normal people understand that supporting new school gyms, sports fields, or facilities that have lost revenue due to the epidemic, for example, is not a waste of money. The former helps children develop and the latter protects WORKPLACES.

Based on this, the 289 billion spent on sports could be a lie, we don’t even know where these numbers came from, because unlike us, Telex, which employs more than 100 people on Soros ’money, produces such poor quality that their claims are never backed up by official documents. For example, where is the reference to the relevant parts of the Hungarian Gazette? Where are the other documents supporting their claims? There is no such thing, since they are MARY.

Nor do left-liberals understand that the money spent on sport is not an expense but an investment. They like to cure diseases, and Fidesz prefers to prevent them by educating them about healthy living, promoting sports and expanding sports opportunities.

It’s as if we’re now describing that Telex has spent $ 10 billion on Vaseline in 1 year, and in the meantime, we wouldn’t support that claim with anything.

The poor quality of Telex can also be seen in its readings, even though they have taken nearly 400,000 Facebook followers who look at the number of interactions (sharing, emoticon, comment) at their last 10 posts, it becomes clear that the shooting range dog does not read Telex either.

Anyway, this propaganda paper has sunk to the point where fake news is already being spread about us. On Sunday, it was written that we put up a deceptive graphic “during the week” which is a lie as we put it on by mistake 1 year ago and deleted it almost immediately. That was our only mistake, and from Telex, through Immediate, to left-liberal politicians (like Bernadett Wind), they’ve been riding on this ever since, and they’re always lying that we put it up recently. This is quite a compliment to us, as it turns out that neither before nor after, we wrote or published data that would be objectionable, but with those of them WHO LIE every day, They do this "morning, night and evening", as their boss said.

Source: Article by the falsifier Telex
The lie taken over by Momentum:https://www.facebook.com/feketegyorandras.momentum/posts/745161629494104
The call of János Stummer, Bolshevik of Jobbikos, to let their faithful report our site:https://www.facebook.com/janos.stummer/posts/1644311742446335
Wind is Bernadett's stolen graphics from us, which he cut in a childish, pathetic way.https://www.facebook.com/szelbernadett/posts/3687356004710648
The reality:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2995/2853_milliard_forint_kart_okoztak_Gyurcsanyek_csak_az_autopalyak_PPP_szerzodeseivel
Budget numbers:https://net.jogtar.hu/jogszabaly?docid=a2000090.tv

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Crisis management in the past and now

Let the numbers speak!

Why are we "pointing back"? Because today the left is run by the same man who once sent the country and the Hungarian workers, the Hungarian families, to the floor.
If you support the Gyurcsány coalition, you are not pushing it out with Orbán, but with yourself. Orbán will be able to pay the installment, the gas, the weekend shopping, but you're not sure.

Source:Mihály Varga (More of this, Minister!)

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10 years of civil governance (2010-2020)

We have something to be proud of!

10 years of civil governance (2010-2020)

Summary list: facts, figures, data! Give it on!

We recently shared our latest video showing visual improvements in 30 minutes: hospitals, schools, roads, historic buildings, kindergartens, testimonials, parks, and more.

Now let's look at the other results: social security, law enforcement, economic recovery, democratic norms, and so on.

In the last good six months, we have reviewed the analysis of the Perspective Institute, which discusses the results of the past 10 years of civil governance, going through paragraph 28 paragraph by paragraph.

We thank the Perspective Institute for making such a collected and detailed analysis. Their thoughts radiate factuality, high professional standards and deep knowledge everywhere. We know that in all circumstances they sought to formulate in a compact way and to present the most important facts, for this is a subject from which they could have written ten times or even a hundred times more voluminously.

In our 28-part series, we dedicated a separate post to the topics, so we tried to give an even more comprehensive and deeper picture in more detail and focused on each topic.

Each section was explained, supplemented, detailed, and most often illuminated with the help of graphs. We’ve also learned a lot from what’s new in shaping the posts, and we hope our readers have come to know and relive the results of the past 10 years better.

At the beginning of 2019, a similar series ran in the columns of the Hungarian Nation entitled “The Orban Model” from the pen of András Giró-Szász, the next part of which we always waited for a week.

Thus, we conclude a series like this in Interpreting Numbers, which discussed 10 years of civic governance and used the writing of the Institute of Perspectives as a starting point.

All parts are linked below once more, i.e. 28 in one.

Recovery of the Hungarian economy
Consolidating economic foundations
Business support
Reducing administrative burdens and red tape
Rationalization of public procurement
The land belongs to the one who cultivates it
Villages and rural development
Transformation of the municipal system

Making order
Restoring the dignity of the police, increasing public safety
Police personnel, court cases

Healthcare wage development, practices
Waiting list, satisfactory care, healthy lifestyle
Debt settlement for hospitals, development of ambulances, drug subsidies
Development of health expenditure

Social security
Home protection action plan, helping foreign currency borrowers
Compatibility of work and childbearing
Retirees, pension system reform
Employment of people with disabilities, accessibility, child protection
Wages in the social sector, support for medical aids

Democratic norms
Restoring the rule of law
Anti-corruption measures and a little reminder
Recovery of national wealth
Public services, administration
National consultations

More results
Businesses: predictability and increasing productivity
Baseline and what to do in healthcare
Force development and modernization
Sports and shameful NOlimpia
Economic bleaching

And last but not least, let's see the specific numbers of each measure!

Year after year, more and more flats are being built and bought
Oops! The industry is already performing better than before the virus!
Hungary defended itself successfully at the EU level as well!
Hungarian foreign trade is divided

The economy is recovering, focusing on nine areas
Workplace protection then and now

The domestic investment rate is in the leading position in the EU!
Economic year opener - we have every reason to be optimistic
Hungarian crisis management is unique in the whole world!
Crisis management in the past and now

Eurostat: The number of people in need in Hungary has decreased significantly in ten years
Viktor Orbán explained the most important numbers!
Hungary and the V4 handled the crisis excellently, so our economic growth remains at the forefront
Job-creating investments: list (detail)https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2964/620_uj_munkahely_Uuper_hatalmas_beruhazas
More people worked in December than a year ago!
Results of the economic protection action plan in figures
During the pandemic, HUF 1,676 billion in investments were received in Hungary
“Panic governance,” Dobrev lies
Then the reality comes true: Standard & Poor’s and Fitch both consider Hungary a country recommended for investment despite the crisis
This is how the purchase value of wages has changed over the last 30 years!
It has been reduced to a flat rate since 2017, making Hungary the lowest corporate tax in the EU
Hungary has the cheapest electricity and natural gas in the entire EU
Wages, net, gross, labor costs.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2671/Ha_Gyurcsanyekat_tamogatod_nem_Orbannal_tolsz_ki_hanem_magaddal
The government has created perhaps the world’s largest and most comprehensive family support and home-building system
Fees for public services and administration have decreased significantly
In the great dictatorship, the number of people living in overcrowded housing fell from 47 percent to 20 percent
Significantly more money is left in people's pockets due to overhead cuts, tax cuts and steadily rising wages since 2010
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2707/M mind_maradt_a_rezsi_kifizetese_utan_most_es_2010
Hungarian workers pay the fourth lowest tax in the European Union
Facts: We are twice as rich as we were in Gyurcsany's time
Overhead reduction - here are the real numbers

1,100,000 people have regained their Hungarian citizenship!

Hungary has the fewest robberies in the EU!

Simple correlation: The more people work, the less crime!
Wage increases for healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, GPs, etc.)
The Hungarian population set aside billions in 2020!

The most beautiful result! 115,000 children were born thanks to the family support system.
The share of Hungarian ownership in the energy sector has increased significantly

Here's the heating season, let's look at the numbers!

This is how the purchase value of wages has changed over the last 30 years!

GYOD amount (Child care fee)

The warmth of home: we were army drivers, we are performing much better than the EU average now!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2670/Az_otthon_melege_sereghajtok_voltunk_az_E__U_atlaganal_sokat_jobban_teljesitunk_ present
Fidesz is a much better crisis manager!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2622/Fidesz_sokat_jobb_valsagkezelo
Healthcare development: waiting lists, tools, salaries, headcount, etc.

Gyes, gyed, gyet - Expiring permissions are being extended!

The rate of marriages per thousand people reached the 1985 level in 2020, with this
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2924/Az_ezer_fore_juto_hazassagok_aranya_2020-ban_elerte_az_1985-os_ Levelet_ezzel
Turning point! By 2020, fertility has reached pre-Bokros package levels!
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2808/Fordulopont_2020-ra_a_teremenyseg_elerte_a_Bokros_csomag_bevezetese_elotti_ Levelet
We are past a decade of demographic change!

The number of passenger cars in circulation in Hungary has increased by 936,736 since 2010 and by 108,786 in the last year!
Our investment rate is soaring!

Health investments, the goal is full self-sufficiency.

Viktor Orbán's 10 largest crisis management

Another credit rating agency recognized the performance of the Hungarian economy and the Hungarian government!
Hungarian foreign trade is divided

HUF 7,537 billion for the development of rural Hungary!

Military industry development in Hungary: Defense, business, jobs!

In Hungary, labor productivity in agriculture increased by 10.3%

Re-nationalization of the energy sector

Paks II is built - the key to our energy security.

Hungary was ahead of Slovakia in terms of GDP per capitahttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2275/Magyarorszag_megelozte_Szlovakiat_az_egy_fore_juto_GDP
After the National Utilities, the National Waterworks will also be established

Country upgradeshttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1971/Hatalmas_elismeres_a_magyar_gazdasagnak
TIGÁZ and TITÁSZ will become Hungarian property again

The Hungarian Village Program is a real success!

Poverty has fallen by a third!
Free textbooks, NAT2020!

And this is the list on the left ...


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This is the real performance!

This is the real performance!

Tax exemption for young people
CSOK, baby waiting for young couples
Tax credit, home renovation for familieshttps://bit.ly/3tXk4Gw
13th month pension for the elderly
Overhead cuts, tax cuts, upgrades for everyone!

Everything else is just deaf duma!

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Not all that good is "Swiss"

Gyurcsánys are hooked on them, now they want to trick the elderly people!

Not all that good is "Swiss"

In this article, we have presented the increases and other benefits of the last 5 years! The purchase value of pensions was maintained by the government, and in some years the rate of increase was above inflation! This was accompanied by the recall of the Elizabeth voucher, the overhead voucher, the pension premium and now the 13th month’s pension.

The Gyurcsány couple still favors “Swiss indexation,” although it is just a decline in the crisis, which the fallen prime minister may have experienced at the time.
László Varju, a member of parliament from the DK, described the first weekly pillar of the 13-month pension reconstruction, the referral of which was started by the state treasury yesterday, as a “wound dressing”.

Ferenc Gyurcsány, the leader of the left, claimed at the beginning of the week that if the Swiss indexation called for by the opposition had remained, the elderly would have received HUF 1,200,000 more in ten years.

Ms. Gyurcsányi baked the empty slogan of introducing the European minimum wage in an ATV this week. In connection with the Swiss indexation, Klára Dobrev argued that the average Hungarian pension could already be HUF 30,000 higher if the government did not abolish the method used during their reign, which, in addition to inflation, also took into account wage increases when determining pensions.

The Swiss indexing method was introduced during the Horn government, an idea that emerged from the Bokros package. During the 1997 MSZP-SZDSZ government, the pension law was amended to include a planned annual average consumer price index of thirty per cent in pensions and an expected rate of increase in wage outflows of seventy per cent.

According to the calculations of the National Pension Insurance DG, the budget saved forty billion forints a year compared to the previously used method by switching to Swiss indexation, ie money was taken from pensioners. The real value of pensions exceeded the 1989 level for the first time in 2004, but growth came to a halt in 2007 and in 2009 there was a decline in the average pension.

In 2008, the Gyurcsány government again changed the rules for calculating the pension, which reduced the initial pension level by seven to eight percent. The average of the old-age pensions established in 2007 after the pension increase in 2010 was HUF 114,098, while the average of the old-age pensions established in 2008 was 12.4 percent lower, HUF 99,990. The average of old-age pensions established in 2009 was even lower, reaching HUF 96,554 after the January pension increase, ie a decrease of 5.7 percent.

The Gyurcsány government ignored that in times of crisis, Swiss indexation was not suitable for preserving the value of pensions. An inflationary rise, on the other hand, guarantees this. Over the past ten years, the purchase value of pensions has risen by ten percent and the average pension by 44 percent.

List of leftists who voted to withdraw their 13-month pension

Ferenc Gyurcsány not only took part in the abolition of the 13-month pension as the Prime Minister of the referring government, he also voted for it together with the members of the MSZP faction on 11 May 2009. There are seven DK and eight Socialist MPs in the current parliament who voted to withdraw their 13-month pension at the time. Among the SEs, Gergely Arató, Erzsébet Gy. Németh, Ferenc Gyurcsány, László Hajdu, Lajos Oláh, Ágnes Vadai and László Varju, Csaba Molnár, who is now sitting in the European Parliament.

The “yes” button was also pressed by the socialist István Hiller, Lajos Korózs, Attila Mesterházy, Gyula Molnár, Zsolt Molnár, László Szakács and László Varga. József Tóth, Mayor of Szeged and Csaba Horváth of Zugló, István Ujhelyi MEP, who left for Brussels, and Sándor Burány also supported the austerity. Without exception, members of the SZDSZ parliament also voted to withdraw the 13-month pension.


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