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"Healthcare workers preparing for large-scale demonstration"

Seriously? Then let's see the facts! The blackmail attempts of dean health workers and doctors are boring for Baromira!

"Healthcare workers preparing for large-scale demonstration"

Let us state at the beginning: the vast majority of doctors and nurses are fair, this message is not for them either, but for those who see the epidemic not as a task but as an opportunity and blackmail the government, Hungarian taxpayers and their patients.

Are they going to show? Seriously? I do not like something? You can go out of health care! Come on! The trouble is that we think health workers have been a little over-starred, which has been pushed even further by political parties as a result of the epidemic. Both with them and with the field taxpayers, they were convinced that they were irreplaceable, which of course is not true! They hissed me about the contract, and then pretty quietly everyone signed the new contract. They were hysterical about wages, and then there was silence, as where would doctors earn millions more, and where nurses with a high school diploma would earn more than graduates in other professions!

We find health workers who are dissatisfied despite the wage increases and improvements of recent years to be very pathetic! It would be good to note that their patients ’wages have not increased by either 20, 30, or 100 percent. Healthcare is a SERVICE that taxpayers PAY for every month! No more gratitude money - it also hurts those who have pocketed MILLION tax-free millions in their pockets every month.

We also remember the cases of traumatologists who were carteling in the Zalaegerszeg hospital and blackmailing the hospital and the government, who did not have a monthly salary of 2.7 MILLION, and they thought that Orbán himself would beg them to stay on their knees. That's not what happened. No one will blackmail the government and Hungarian taxpayers!

Those who don’t like wages, conditions, should quietly pack up and pull out of health care. This is not what Fidesz says, not the government, but a field taxpayer, a patient, if you like!

As for the specific case, these dean, controlled eu workers are supposed to be demonstrating because they want a FURTHER wage increase. Then let's see the numbers:

The government doubled and increased the salaries of doctors fivefold compared to 2010, the number of working doctors increased by 7,000
The government is constantly raising, and compared to 2010, it has tripled the salaries of nurses (Most recently, their salaries increased by 20 percent in November, next time they will increase by 30 percent!) The number of working nurses increased by 15,000
The government hands over renewed hospitals, doctor's offices, ambulance stations, new ambulances, and other health care facilities on a weekly basis
The government has provided modern facilities for health care, developed and renovated nursing homes, spending 1,700 billion more on health care each year than in 2010.

Put your hand on someone whose salary has tripled, or even fivefold, compared to 2010, and not a health care worker! It is naughty to demand a salary increase from nurses, when their salary last increased by 20 percent in November, they received the HUF 500,000 bonus, they received extra leave, and the next 30 percent increase comes in January! Nurses involved in the care of COVID patients received 150-180 percent salary during this period!

For those who don’t have enough, they should really pull away from health care! The taxpayer is not a dairy cow! In no profession have wages increased as much as in health care, and do you want to excel? Shame! (Respect for the exception, the majority!) You are not privileged either! Diploma here, knowledge, education there, it is also a profession, a job, and there is no such thing as one more important than the other!

Good demonstration! Note that this will (or will) fail "Zorban" because normal people understand and see that behind the demonstration is not a real problem but a left-liberal party political task.

👉 "Everything is bad" - left-liberal parties and their sham media lie
Meanwhile, increased wages are arriving at the expense of doctors these days. (collection of links related to health development at the end of the article)
👉What has the government done for health? - Video!
Csaba Dömötör said the point, and we added a few things
👉Health did not collapse and "Zorban did not fail"
Those who have hysterized because of the health service contract will return to public health in a pretty quiet way
👉There is no limit to cheekiness!
Some “doctors” did not have a monthly salary of 2.7 million forints, they started blackmailing the hospital!
👉Number of doctors and nurses working in Hungarian healthcare [persons]
Thus, Orbán "did not improve" health care
👉Today is International Nurses Day!
Thank you for the work of more than 80,000 nurses working in Hungarian healthcare!
👉Health reform is different for both sides
👉Nurses' salaries have not decreased!
Slowly let’s say Dobrev understands, too
👉Sale news: there is no doctor and hospitals are in ruins
Reality: There has been a significant increase in the number of doctors working and hospitals are fine
👉On March 1, 96.3 percent of health care workers chose health service status
The profession is clear!
👉A taxpayer, if you prefer, a message from a patient to medical doctors and nurses
👉104,500 people, more than 95 percent of health workers have signed a new contract
Nothing "kneels down", max. Mark-Zay and the index
👉Left health reform
👉Tímea Szabó fell down
The livelihood politician made a lie about nurses for Nurses ’Day, but fell down again. Everything is paid for - in advance!
👉Nurses' wage increases
Funding for dentists will increase by 60%
Scandal! More deductions! Orbán withdrew the money from the government and, after raising the salaries of doctors, nurses and GPs, has now also increased the funding for dentists by 60 per cent!


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Give the image a title

He won one of the leading figures in the left-wing rally at the Olympics and then overthrew the Olympics with their hate campaign

Give the image a title

Katalin Cseh's company won a HUF 68 million EU tender to promote the Olympics, and then Katalin Cseh took part in the infamous “NOlimpia” campaign and put her horse away.

Bence Rétváriwrote: "Katalin Cseh 's company applied for and received EU support, citing the Olympics.
Katalin Cseh's party collected anti-Olympic signatures.
Did the money received in reference to the Olympics also go to the printing costs of the anti-Olympic campaign? "


Katalin Cseh fell down, pocketing billions, while "Butcher" and "Orbán"
However, the truth turned out!
The hypocrite Karácsony has fallen!
The demagogic slogan movement is registered in a luxury villa!
Hadházy Fallen!
He lied in his declaration of assets, so he must leave immediately!
Tímea Szabó fell down
The livelihood politician made a lie about nurses for Nurses ’Day, but fell down again. Everything is paid for - in advance!
The camouflage video MSZP and the livelihood policy based on all left-wing lies have failed again
Even after 4 years, this Romanian is proud of the action of NOlimpia!
Outrageous! Amazing!
Moment before / after
50 points about why Momentum is treacherous

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Let's message the left with 1000 shares!

We're tired of clowning!

Let's message the left with 1000 shares!

Who would you trust the future of your children and grandchildren to have?
️The left, which looks down on Hungarians and serves foreign interests, attacks the child protection law and the referendum,
Or Fidesz, which represents the Nation, the normality, the development?

We have already decided!
Come on Fidesz!

PS: We have 3700 arguments for the above statements ahttps://szamokadatok.huon our website!

Give it on!

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Dobrev's (and the left's) opinion of the Hungarian people

We are cheap, silly, vulnerable, uneducated and unnecessary people in their eyes

️Once once, "jobseekers" have been ruined, if given the opportunity, they will do so a second time. You don't want to, do you?
️Add MORE!


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This is our opinion on today's events in Budapest

Hungary remains a Hungarian country! With such provocations, they achieve nothing

This is our opinion on today's events in Budapest

In Hungary, the mother is a woman, the father is a man!
We will protect our children from this violent brainwashing!
The right to raise children sexually belongs exclusively to the parental home!
It will not be in Brussels that we decide how we should live, what we should think and what we should not
We will never give in to blackmail. We do not give up our national interests, either for money or under threat.
We have survived Trianon, we have survived fascism, we have survived communism - we will also survive the liberal dictatorship!
We rely on our nation, our Basic Law, our patriotism, our family, our Hungarian culture, our honesty, our Christian faith, our work, our rights and duties, our traditions, and our common strength.
We will not kneel in front of anyone! We Hungarians are a proud, brave and talented nation. There are few liberals to break us.
We will protect our families, our children and our country at all costs!

Our national creed:

WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE HUNGARIAN NATION, at the beginning of the new millennium, with responsibility for all Hungarians, declare the following:

We are proud that our King St. Stephen put the Hungarian state on a solid footing a thousand years ago and made our country a part of Christian Europe.

We are proud of our ancestors who are fighting for the survival, freedom and independence of our country.

We are proud of the great intellectual creations of the Hungarian people.

We are proud that our people have defended Europe in struggles for centuries and enriched their common values ​​with their talent and diligence.

We recognize the nation-preserving role of Christianity. We appreciate the different religious traditions of our country.

We promise to preserve the spiritual and spiritual unity of our nation, torn apart by the storms of the last century. We declare that the nationalities living with us are part of the Hungarian political community and state-forming factors.

We undertake to nurture and preserve our heritage, our unique language, the Hungarian culture, the language and culture of the Hungarian nationalities, the natural and man-made values ​​of the Carpathian Basin. We have a responsibility to our descendants, so we protect the living conditions of future generations through the careful use of our material, intellectual and natural resources.

We believe that our national culture is a rich contribution to the diversity of European unity.

We respect the freedom and culture of other peoples, we strive for cooperation with all nations of the world.

We believe that the basis of human existence is human dignity.

We believe that individual freedom can only unfold in cooperation with others.

We believe that the most important framework of our coexistence is the family and the nation, the basic values ​​of our togetherness are loyalty, faith and love.

We believe that the strength of community and the honor of all people is based on work, the performance of the human spirit.

We have a duty to help the fallen and the poor.

We believe that the common goal of the citizen and the state is the fulfillment of the good life, security, order, justice and freedom.

We believe that popular rule is only where the state serves its citizens, conducting their affairs fairly, without abuse and bias.

We respect the achievements of our historical constitution and the Holy Crown, which embodies the constitutional continuity of Hungary and the unity of the nation.

We believe that protecting our self-identity, rooted in our historic constitution, is a fundamental duty of the state.

We do not recognize the suspension of our historic constitution due to foreign occupation. We deny the statute of limitations for the inhuman crimes committed against the Hungarian nation and its citizens under the rule of the National Socialist and Communist dictatorships.

We do not recognize the communist constitution of 1949 because it was the basis of a tyrannical rule, so we declare it invalid.

We agree with the representatives of the first free Parliament, who stated in their first resolution that our freedom today emerged from our 1956 revolution.

The restoration of the lost state self-determination of Hungary on March 19, 1944 is expected from the second of May 1990, the formation of the first freely elected people's representation. We consider this day to be the beginning of the new democracy and constitutional order of our country.

We believe that after decades of moral turmoil in the twentieth century, we are in dire need of spiritual and spiritual renewal.

We look forward to a jointly shaped future, to the commitment of the younger generations. We believe that our children and grandchildren will make Hungary great again with their talent, perseverance and spirit.

Our basic law is the basis of our legal system, an alliance between the Hungarians of the past, present and future. A living framework that expresses the will of the nation, the form in which we want to live.

We, the citizens of Hungary, are ready to base the order of our country on the cooperation of the nation.

WE NEVER get on our knees!
"We need the support of all Hungarians"
"Brussels has attacked Hungary. They blackmail, threaten, initiate infringement proceedings, ”they delay payments, so once our children’s future is at stake, we can’t let go!
Referendum: Western left-liberals are rejoicing
If they get excited, we know we are on the best path!
NOT to blackmail! (There are links to other related articles in this article!)
No one will blackmail Hungary, no one will interfere in the Hungarian electoral system!
Video: Putin to the Finns: We will protect our children from this!
Just as the Russian anti-pedophile law does not violate the rights of minorities, so does the Hungarian one!
Video: Putin to the Dutch: "If we had an organization promoting pedophilia, people in some regions of Russia would take up arms. But there is such an organization in the Netherlands!"


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The "wiretapping scandal" is nothing more than political hysteria!

The secret services are doing their job, and we thank them again!

The "wiretapping scandal" is nothing more than political hysteria!

Those who do not have "butter behind their ears" are not even afraid. For example, we are not afraid that the Hungarian authorities should do their job in Hungary! The security of the country is not a bargain!

Yet what would the Secret Service do? Maybe they should sell Soty in the market? There is nothing to see here! Authorities are protecting the peace and security of the country and PREVENTING crimes that have become commonplace in the "developed West". These bodies operate in the same way everywhere in the world, using similar tools, and their job is, among other things, to protect the rule of law. We are not bothered if anyone eavesdrops or watches because we respect the laws of the country, we do not plan to commit any crime.

Those who are outraged by this, however, should be examined more closely, because according to them, their activities are not in accordance with our laws!

There is no reason to convene a meeting of the National Security Committee

The leaders of the Ministry of the Interior regularly report to the competent committees of the National Assembly on the information gathering activities of the secret services, in which all parliamentary parties are represented - read Fidesz's statement on Monday, which is recorded by János Halász, Deputy Chairman of the National Security Committee.

Fisher points out that the news in the left-wing press is unfounded and merely serves to create political sentiment, so there is no reason to convene a meeting of the National Security Committee.

“In Hungary, the national security bodies fully comply with the law, and in their operation they always act in accordance with the law. We expect them to continue to protect the security and legitimate interests of Hungary by all legal means, ”concluded János Halász.

👉What is Jobbik doing? Just not for street riots?
A smoke grenade was detonated by a Jobbik expert in the Parliament office building!
👉What are left-liberals preparing for in 2022?
Street riots?

👉In this way and with such fake news, the social media and the left-liberal footage media were overwhelmed by the opposition parties: ridiculous and pathetic! It's like when they were outraged that WEAPONS are in the hands of the soldiers ... Still, what should be there? Wooden spoon?https://www.facebook.com/karacsonygergely/posts/4501995603166584

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The 11th National Consultation is now available!

The 11th National Consultation is now available!

👉We have already filled it out! Fill it out too!

Perhaps it has never been so important to complete the National Consultation! We have reached another stage in the anti-family and anti-democratic policies of the left. We have learned from several sources that left-paid trolls are preparing to fill out the questionnaire en masse, and to the question of whether families raising children will get their taxes paid back this year (up to the average wage tax level) answer no. This is spread in left-wing groups and from the activity seems to be taken seriously. For them, the fate of families and children is not important, they only feel sick ideologies!

️ We ask all parents, grandparents, all sober-minded people to take part in the National Consultation! We are the majority, and if everyone takes the 5 minutes of their lives to have their say on this important issue (and the other 13 equally important issues), then and only then can our will prevail! It is about the future of our country, our nation, our family, and this cannot be taken lightly. The government will do what the majority sees fit!

We hope this will be the most popular National Consultation of all time! We did what it took to get home! Do it yourself!

We have written about the 10 National Consultations so far in this article. Unlike the left, Fidesz is constantly asking for people's opinions!

The National Consultation is one of the most democratic tools in the world to enforce the will of the electorate. The left was never curious about the opinion of the electorate, they just focused on the campaign, lied to a running tree there, and then for 4 years they did whatever they wanted: privatized, indebted, fired and betrayed.

In contrast, the National Government surveys the views of voters on key issues for the country, not just every four years, but on average annually. So it will be now. Let's look at the results of previous National Consultations:

2010: National Consultation on Pensions
(200,000 responses returned, only retired)
2011: National consultation on the new Basic Law
(920,000 responses returned)
2011: Social Consultation
(1,143,308 responses were returned)
2012: Economic Consultation
(674,176 responses returned)
2015: National Consultation on Immigration
(1,254,000 responses returned)
2017: Let's stop Brussels!
(1,680,933 responses returned)
2017: National Consultation on the Soros Plan
(2,332,755 responses returned)
2018: National Consultation on the Protection of Families528
(1,382,000 responses returned)
2020: National Consultation on Coronavirus and Economic Restart
(1,682,295 responses were returned)
2021: National consultation on reopening
(528,000 replies returned, only available online)
🟢Now started: National Consultation on our life after the epidemic:
Hungarians go for it! Fill in as many people as possible!

Results, issues, etc. of previous National Consultations.
Issues for the new National Consultation (video)


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12 points about why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!

We want Hungary to remain a Hungarian country! Pass it on if you can!

12 points about why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!

With 12 comprehensive articles (and another 3,500 on our website), let us tell you why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance! For the sake of clarity, let's say: we are not paid by Fidesz, Mészáros or Megafon - no one! We are "merely" field taxpayers, and we support the current government, we edit this page because we love our country, we know how bad our lives were during the left government, and we see how much more humane Hungary is now. , how much better life is, how much more is the opportunity now. Fidesz is not "handing out fish", but giving us the opportunity to "fish", and that is the only right way! Home, family, work - no other alternative!

Let Hungary stay
You're rightm

Family friendly

Your healths


Environmentally friendlyt



His unitys

We send a message to Niedermüller and traitors like him: The best thing in the world is to be HUNGARIAN!
The more Hungary is attacked from abroad, the more we will gather around Viktor Orbán, and with the fourth two-thirds victory in 2022, we will tell everyone our opinion about how we see the world!


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We message Dobrev

The Ukrainian scenario will not work in Hungary either!

We message Dobrev

Your knife has broken into Belarus, if you think that you can carry out the anti-democratic coup in Hungary, the illegal amendment of the Basic Law, then you are wrong! Such attempts will have unpredictable consequences, especially for you! Ukraine lost a significant portion of its territory as a result of the unconstitutional coup and 14,000 people were killed in the civil war. This will not be the case in Hungary!

👉The Basic Law was adopted by the Parliament by a two-thirds majority.
👉The Basic Law can only be amended by a two-thirds majority.

Make a good note of this! The Hungarian people respect the Basic Law, it is obligatory for you!

Csaba Dömötörvideo:https://www.facebook.com/domotor.csaba.gov/videos/347041023460434

What are left-liberals preparing for in 2022?
Street riots?
All indications are that the left is preparing for an anti-democratic coup, street riots, shadow government.
Protects a neo-Nazi Karácsony!
This circulated criminal, Protasevich, served not only in organizing the coup attempt in Belarus, but also in a Ukrainian volunteer neo-Nazi battalion.
Ukraine can no longer blackmail or tap the gas we buy!
WE NEVER get on our knees!
If someone thinks that sanctions can force us to surrender, then they do not know Hungarians!
We message the heterophobic aberrants in Brussels
In Hungary, the mother is a woman and the father is a man
Our Basic Law is 10 years old!
God, bless the Hungarians!

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Clear message from Balázs Hidvéghi (with video)

Hungary will not accept intervention in matters in which it has never delegated powers to the European Union!

Clear message from Balázs Hidvéghi (with video)


Hungary is again at the crossroads of the European Parliament

For about six hours, Hungary was the topic at the European Parliament's session in Strasbourg on Wednesday. The EP is preparing to adopt a very strict resolution on the child protection law, with almost all pro-government and opposition MEPs present in the debate. While the opposition is pushing for a rule of law mechanism and a withdrawal of money, right-wing politicians say there is a hysteria surrounding the law.

The debate block of the European Parliament (EP), which dealt almost entirely with Hungary, ended on Wednesday afternoon. First, the recently adopted Child Protection Act was scrutinized by the left-liberal majority body, and then the status of the proceedings against Hungary under the seven-article article was discussed by the deputies. A number of pro-government and opposition MPs also spoke out in a debate with an extremely large number of speakers on LGBTQ-related anti-pedophilia regulation. Among them were Fidesz politicians Balázs Hidvéghi and Enikő Győri, György Hölvényi, a representative of the KDNP, Klára Dobrev from the DK and Katalin Cseh from the Momemtum. The EP's forthcoming resolution, which is particularly strict against Hungary and threatens to withdraw money, will be taken by Cyrus Engerer of Malta.

A gay left-wing politician was exposed yesterday to be sentenced in 2014 to two years suspended imprisonment for distributing pornographic content.

As reported in our paper, as a result of the debate, the EU Parliament will decide on Thursday on a resolution calling on the European Commission, among other things, for the Hungarian authorities to use EU funds on the basis of non-discrimination, so that the country does not receive funds until then. From some funds in the 2021-2027 framework budget as long as possible irregularities persist.

Věra Jourová: Hungarian regulations are discriminatory
In the debate on the Hungarian Child Protection Act, the representatives of the European Commission and the Council first presented their positions. Věra Jourová, the liberal vice-president of the ECJ, explained in detail which EU legislation he thinks could be in conflict with the Hungarian legislation. "We have received a reply from the Hungarian authorities, we are now analyzing it," he said, referring to the fact that the EC had previously informed Budapest of its legal concerns, to which a written reply had already been received in Brussels.

According to Jourová, the committee is ready to stand up for the rule of law by all possible means.

Speaking of the Child Protection Act, he repeated Ursula von der Leyen’s words this morning that the law blurs pornography with homosexuality. Regarding the so-called rule of law procedure under the seven-week article against Hungary, he stated that, as in the case of Poland, he did not see any positive developments and even a decline in the state of democracy.

Slovenian Foreign Minister Anže Logar spoke in the debate about the fact that, although family policy is a Member State competence, the EU's founding treaties enshrine the prohibition of discrimination. He confirmed that the Slovenian EU Presidency also intends to continue the practice of "rule of law dialogue" between the German and Portuguese Presidencies.

One basis for this will be the European Commission's 2021 Rule of Law Report Package, which will be presented by the panel within weeks (presumably on 20 July).

Balázs Hidvéghi: Everyone in Hungary lives the way they want
- It is also difficult to find words for the madness that is taking place in the European Parliament today. How is it that you are referring to European values ​​and law here, while vomiting on the EU treaties and the division of competences they contain? Balázs Hidvéghi said in his speech in Strasbourg. According to the MEP, the Hungarian law, spoiled by the EU parliament, only serves to protect children and looks after their overriding interests.

- It states that the upbringing of children remains the right of parents

- the Fidesz MEP explained the purpose of the law, adding that minors should not be subjected to self-serving sexual propaganda. "Sexual propaganda in any direction," he underlined. Balázs Hidvéghi emphasized: In Hungary, everyone lives the way they want, the scope of the law does not affect adults.

LGBTQ organizations are free to operate, but they have nothing to earn in kindergartens and schools! - the Member argued, concluding his speech: Hungary does not accept intervention in matters in which it has never delegated competences to the European Union.

The opposition is urging a withdrawal
Hungary, a wonderful country, has been taken hostage by a corrupt politician, said Klára Dobrev in Strasbourg, who said that no one in the EP is actually speaking out against Hungary.

The EP Vice-President, the EU representative of the DK, called the Hungarian government racist and homophobic, and then asked the top EU institutions to stop funding Viktor Orbán's family members and oligarchs. Katalin Cseh, MEP of Momemtum, stated that the fact of the debate was tragic in itself: according to her, only by activating the rule of law mechanism could Viktor Orbán be arrested.

As our newspaper wrote about it, yesterday another opposition party, Dialogue for Hungary, also urged the sharpening of the rule of law mechanism and the closure of EU funds due to the country.

György Hölvényi: Did you really read the legislation?
- Did you really read the law? It was not possible to draw any accusing conclusions from its text here. If the law really attacked the rights of homosexuals, I would be among the first to take action against it, said György Hölvényi, KDNP MEP in the debate. The Christian Democrat politician stressed that parental choice is crucial in a child’s sex education, and no one can oblige parents to have their child receive a sex education that they do not accept without their consent.

Teaching math also requires a teaching qualification, and we cannot entrust the sex education of children to activists

A viable alternative on the right?
In her speech, Enikő Győri addressed the left of the EP and sixty-eight percent of the European People's Party supporting the anti-Hungarian resolution. "You have turned the European Parliament into a court of immediate imprisonment, already by naming the debate, the verdict that Hungary has violated EU law, even though we are at the very beginning of the infringement procedure," According to him, the left of the EP and the said part of the People's Party are simply raping EU law, threatening a matter of national competence.

Under the pretext of the debate, attention is being diverted to meat-cutting issues facing Europe, such as the coronavirus or migration, said Enikő Győri, who said that the left was nervous because last Friday it proved that there was a viable alternative on the right.

The MEP pointed out that last week a total of sixteen European parties, including Fidesz, signed a joint declaration on the future of Europe, in which they support the idea of ​​the EU but reject the European superstate.

In the debate, foreign critics of the government also went against the law. Terry Reintke from the Green Party is himself gay, so he questioned Hungary, who he hated, by his own example. According to him, Hungarian law negatively affects not only sexual minorities, but everyone as well. On behalf of the European People's Party, Dutch Christian Democrat Jeroen Lenaers said that the Hungarian parliament should be ashamed of the law.

Among the MEPs on the side of the government, Patryk Jaki, a Polish Member of the European Conservatives and Reformists, spoke about the fact that love is about much more than sexuality, and that the left of the EP does not seem to understand. "Destroying the value of the family is a shame," he said, referring to Ursula von der Leyen's Wednesday morning words.

👉 Outrageous, tasteless provocation, unworthy mockery of Hungarian statehood and our national symbol
👉A good piece of advice for the future
These words have never been so relevant
👉What shocks liberals from the cold
From there, we know we are on the right track to be constantly attacked! (list!)
👉An anti-pedophile law protects children and punishes pedophiles. Those who attack this law would protect pedophiles, not children!
👉Video: Putin to the Finns: We will protect our children from this!
Just as the Russian anti-pedophile law does not violate the rights of minorities, so does the Hungarian one!
👉The left side was openly on the side of pedophiles!
We reject the abuse and recruitment of children!
👉The left fears pedophiles and excuses pedophiles
Who would have thought? Those who lubricate Kaleta, run by the left-wing government before 2010, are now worried about freedoms over the anti-pedophile law ... Isn't it pathetic?
👉Rutte protects pedophiles
According to the Dutch Prime Minister, Hungary has nothing to earn in the European Union
👉Video: Putin to the Dutch: "If we had an organization promoting pedophilia, people in some regions of Russia would take up arms. But there is such an organization in the Netherlands!"
👉Unprecedented incident against the Hungarian Embassy in The Hague!
👉Sexual criminal attacks the Hungarian child protection law
👉Another Hungarian and foreign anti-Hungarian forces dictate and attack the institution of marriage in Brussels
👉Mother is woman, father is man
“We live in such times that it does not hurt to enshrine this in the Basic Law” / Judit Varga /
👉The family is the family! Dad, mom, kids are the ingredients
👉We send a message to the heterophobic aberrals in Brussels: in Hungary, the mother is a woman, the father is a man! And it stays that way!
If you stand on top of your heads, so be it!


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