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Let there be a “Facebook law” against cyberstalinizm!

We are tired of restricting freedom of opinion! Social networks cannot override Hungarian laws. If you support it, share it

Let there be a “Facebook law” against cyberstalinizm!

Absurd: they attack the government because it protects freedom of opinion.

Unjustified censorship of Facebook violates freedom of expression

It did not take long for the left to twist the proposal of Attila Péterfalvi, the head of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority. The president of the NAIH advised the government to legislate on social media, according to which community profiles can only be suspended for good reasons, and the Hungarian authority can override its legitimacy.

As Magyar Nemzet wrote earlier, another wave of unjustified profile suspensions is sweeping across Facebook, which, in addition to violating freedom of expression, in many cases also hinders the flow of information and work. Attila Péterfalvi said that a Hungarian official procedure should be established, during which the Hungarian authority obliges Facebook to review the unjustified bans so that the expression of opinion really remains free.

And Jobbik was given the opportunity to twist the contents of the proposal to harass people against the government. John Stummer was the first to respond to Peter’s suggestion that he said Facebook was the government’s next victim of what he wanted to do after the Index.

But the party suffering from identity disorder did not stop here. The other day, he stated on the community page of the Jobbik for Hungary Movement that the prime minister does not tolerate dissent, and has even set himself a new goal: after settling with press freedom, he wants to restrict Facebook. He also conducted a short survey in his post asking if there was a need for Hungarians to take to the streets en masse if Fidesz restricted Facebook's access to Hungary. The naive and ignorant crowd that follows Jobbik doesn’t understand that it’s not about restricting Facebook’s access, but on the contrary, the goal is to make Facebook accessible to everyone and not restrict freedom of opinion.

PS: We send a message to Jobbik, Gyurcsány, and the other anarchists: we can and will go to the streets if we have to, and we will be more and stronger because we are protecting our country.



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Reality about Lake Balaton - against fake news

Reality about Lake Balaton - against fake news

One of our dear readers went to Siófok to go on holiday with his family and, of course, to see with his own eyes what we have already written about in several of our articles. Around Lake Balaton, as everywhere else in the world, there is a free, cheap, and expensive service. Everyone can find the right price / value for them.

The attached pictures were taken in Siófok, we detail:

- Free beach of several kilometers.
- Free parking, toilets, changing rooms, showers on the beach.
- Sandy peninsula for kids to have fun
- 1200 forints a menu (soup, second. The picture shows the second portion of the takeaway requested, a total of 4 slices of fried meat and 2 slices of fried fish, the soup was not photographed separately). Incidentally, this is how much a menu costs in any rural workplace canteen, it is more expensive in Budapest.
- 300 forints for a scoop of ice cream
- Continuous police, lifeguard and civilian presence.
- In the accommodation of our reader (Luxury Apartment Hotel Siófok) a 4-bed two-room, fully equipped apartment 50 meters from the water (pictured in the background) with 2 toilets, 2 air conditioners, terrace, garden connection, outdoor and indoor pool, jacuzzi cost 27 thousand forints a day , sauna, free parking, WIFI, daily cleaning. These were all included in the daily HUF 27,000. Of course, the property accepts all existing SZÉP cards.

The beach was clean and well-groomed, with trash cans every 10 meters, garbage cut off, grass cut, and the beachgoers took care of it. Despite the restriction, there were many foreign tourists in the area, but Hungarian-speaking people usually got out of the cars with foreign license plates, and there was a good chance that they could be Hungarians working abroad.

Olga Kálmán made the video of the liar in vain, Olivió Kocsis-Cake lied in vain that a Lángos tried to expire Hungarian tourism and especially Lake Balaton in vain for thousands of forints - thank you, Lake Balaton is fine! Congestion and congestion on the M7 motorway are ongoing, and our common sea remains for everyone.

Source: Picture report by the reader of the numbers. Images can be freely distributed.

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National consultation: beyond 1,000,000 signatures!

In vain is the left trying to flip the National Consultation!

National consultation: beyond 1,000,000 signatures!

More than one million people have already taken part in the national consultation, the parliamentary secretary of the Prime Minister's Office announced at a press conference in Budapest on Tuesday.

Csaba Dömötör stated that so far 1,000,096 people have filled in the questionnaire, which proves that the questions affect all families, therefore Hungarians are happy to express their opinion.

The questionnaire also provides an opinion on the health, economic and international context of the coronavirus, he recalled. Among others, people can have their say on whether there is a need to strengthen domestic production capacities, a permanent domestic epidemiological surveillance service or a joint burden-bearing between banks and multinational companies.

We wrote about previous consultations in this article, in numbers

As of now, out of the 9 National Consultations so far, the current 3 have been preceded by 3 096,000 people.

🇭🇺2010: National Consultation on Pensions (200,000 responses received, received only by pensioners)
🇭🇺2011: National consultation on the new Basic Law (920,000 responses received)
🇭🇺2011: Social Consultation (1,143,308 responses received)
🇭🇺2012: Economic Consultation (674,176 responses received)
🇭🇺2015: National Consultation on Immigration (1,254,000 responses received)
🇭🇺2017: Let's stop Brussels! (1,680,933 responses returned)
🇭🇺2017: National Consultation on the Soros Plan (2,332,755 responses returned)
🇭🇺2018: National Consultation on the Protection of Families (1,382,000 responses received)
🇭🇺2020: National Consultation on Coronavirus and Economic Restart. He's running now.

Earlier we wrote, "WE've STARTED THE SHOW! Show that despite the left-handed questionnaire theft, the current Consultation will be at least as successful as the average so far (we'll need about 1,200,000 returned sheets!)" That was a pessimistic goal, for it was precisely because of the theft of the questionnaire that we thought that fewer people would fill in the form, but we were wrong. The possibility of filling in the envelope online made the envelope theft pointless, as we can fill it out even if someone is committing a crime and is involved in data collection.

Hungarians go for it! Pass it on, fill it out everyone!

Source:https://youtu.be/r2McVyThqyMGovernment of Hungary

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EU Summit - "Orban did not win now, but if so, neither did"

EU Summit - "Orban did not win now, but if so, neither did"

🔴Video: EU Summit - "Orbán hasn't won now, but if he hasn't either" Another excellent video about confronting left-wing lies with reality on "The Fair Right" Youtube. If you haven't already, sign up! The editor is an ordinary person 🇭🇺🧡


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Viktor Orbán's support grew to a five-year high!

Viktor Orbán's support grew to a five-year high!

Politicians on the government side are more popular than opposition politicians, and not even opposition politicians want to be seen in important political positions than many who reject their political involvement, according to a recent poll conducted by Origo Institute Origo.

The prime minister’s acceptance has never been so high in the last 5 years, and now 57 percent of the population would like to see him continue in an important political position. Not only the Prime Minister but several members of the government have benefited politically from effective action against the coronavirus. Compared to December 2019 (the last survey), I would like to see Gergely Gulyás 14, Péter Szijjártó 10 and Mihály Varga 9 percentage points more in an important political position.

The opposition is at a low point

Research last week also shows that there are currently no opposition politicians who want to be led by more people than are rejected.

Although 36 percent of the population would like to see Gergely Karácsony in an important political position (making him the most popular opposition politician), one in two respondents rejects him. András Fekete-Győr's reputation is low (4 out of 10 people only know who he is), moreover, his rejection is twice his support, even among those who know him. important position to see.

Viktor Orbán is very popular

The proportion of those dissatisfied with the work of Viktor Orbán is currently only one third of the electorate, the last time in October 2015 this indicator was so low. The results are not surprising given the success of the EU negotiations and the measures taken against the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, which can be said to be particularly effective worldwide. At the same time, the successful government defense of the epidemic has forced opposition politicians into a path that they have not been able to deviate from ever since. among voters, the rejection of government members is particularly low (3 to 12 percent), while those who vote for the opposition judge individual opposition politicians much more negatively, and 15 to 62 percent do not want to see individual opposition politicians in an important position.

According to the Perspective Institute, this highlights two things: On the one hand, the fact that we still do not see an opposition politician who could successfully take up the fight against Viktor Orbán in the 2022 parliamentary elections as a candidate for Prime Minister. On the other hand, the fact that the opposition common list may bring up several conflicts on the left, mainly due to the unpopularity of Ferenc Gyurcsány and his wife.


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The older one matters!

The older one matters!

! ️The editorial board of "Numbers" also rejects Momentum's attack on the elderly, its proposal to deprive the elderly, the rural and the "less educated" of their right to vote. We join in solidarity aDemocratic Memekand theDemocratic Hungaryfor an online event organized by. Details:

! ️Take action against exclusion!! ️

! ️The rule of law and democracy are based on the equal dignity and freedom of all.! ️
! ️It is unacceptable that the Momentum Movement collectively stigmatizes a group, a layer of society, a community, and tries to dissuade them, to deny them the exercise of their right to vote!! ️

📢We protest against the manifestation of Barnabás Kádár, the founding member of the Momentum Movement, who excludes the generation of OUR PARENTS and GRANDFACES!

! ️We demand respect for the elderly:! ️
who raised the younger generations;
who have worked hard to ensure that future generations can live in relative prosperity today;
who, because of their life experience and historical experience, are especially valuable members of society;
and most importantly: whose esteem is a matter of fundamental humanity!

! ️Stand up for the protection of OUR PARENTS, OUR GRANDPARENTS, and raise your voice against exclusion.! ️
! ️Join our initiative!! ️

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The health, life and safety of the Hungarian people should be important on August 20 and 22 as well!

The health, life and safety of the Hungarian people should be important on August 20 and 22 as well!

Due to the epidemiological defense, the celebrations on August 20, including the fireworks and the air parade, will be delayed, Gergely Gulyás announced at the government information on Thursday.

pleaseGovernment of Hungaryt, if the health, life and safety of the Hungarian people are still the most important, then this should also apply to 22 August.
Whoever agrees, pass it on.

Origo article:

Gergely Karácsony is happy to miss the August 20 ceremony, but they can keep Pride

According to some information, by circumventing the laws, the Pride, a series of programs promoting gay pride, will be maintained. On Thursday morning, the government canceled a series of state programs and traditional fireworks that could be linked to St. Stephen’s Day in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. The announcement was also welcomed by Mayor Gergely Karácsony. After all this, it would be an obvious decision for the mayor to ask the organizers of Pride, scheduled for August, to follow the government's forward-looking, security-oriented example and take the epidemiological risk seriously, writes Magyar Nemzet.

According to press reports, the 25th anniversary Pride would be held despite the coronavirus epidemic. Vadhajtások.hu writes:
the organizers are trying to circumvent the laws, are of the opinion that since an event for five hundred people is allowed, the programs will take place in several venues and the parade may last for several days.

The 25th anniversary Pride program series is planned for ten days this year, the main attraction being the parade on August 22, followed by a large-scale after-party from ten o'clock in the evening in Budapest Park. The next day, the series would end with a picnic on Margaret Island. All this attracts thousands of people, so it cannot be kept in this form under current legislation.

The Hungarian Nation also visited several organizations affiliated with Pride. An attempt was made to reach Viktor Radványi, the main organizer of Pride, by e-mail on a social network, so far without success. Tamás Dombos, the project coordinator of the Hungarian LGBT Association, told the paper that he had no vision of organizing Pride.

The statement is also interesting because one of the member organizations of the association it represents is the Rainbow Mission Foundation, which organizes the gay parade. It is difficult to imagine that Radványi and Dombos, who have been working together on several issues, did not consult each other after the announcement, as several presentations by the LGBT Association concern the Pride program series and are closely related organizations fighting for common issues.

Gergely Karácsony does not ask for Pride to be postponed
On the community page of Gergely Karácsony, he wrote that he was glad that the programs related to the founding of the state and St. Stephen's Day would be missed this year.

The Hungarian Nation also visited the press office of the capital to find out whether the mayor maintains his strict epidemiological position on events close to his heart and asks the organizers of Pride to cancel their large-scale program series on the coronavirus. to control the spread of the epidemic. No response has been received from the capital so far, if the answer of Mayor Gergely Karácsony arrives, we will write.

It is well known about Mayor Gergely Karácsony that he is also a supporter of Pride, who undertook to give the opening speech of the program series.

Karácsony took part in several Pride parades and, as the mayor of Zugló, was the first in the country to set a rainbow flag on the mayor’s office building last month in Pride.

The Hungarian Nation has previously reported that the Holy Crown Radio has made a complaint about this year's Pride, because the logo of the event depicts the crown with a rainbow of the LGBTQ community. According to an earlier radio announcement, the depiction is a provocation, “to symbolize the sacred, Christian Holy Crown is a grave humiliation of the Holy Crown.” It was stressed, according to uses a derogatory term or otherwise humiliates them, unless a more serious offense is committed, shall be punishable by a term of imprisonment of up to one year. " As the Holy Crown is depicted on the website of the event with the symbol of the Pride, the rainbow, it is a serious humiliation of the sacred, Christian Holy Crown.


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Again, an orbital big lie was published by the index

According to them, 35 percent of Hungarians lost their jobs due to the epidemic

Again, an orbital big lie was published by the index

The index lies that "According to an EU survey, 35 percent of Hungarians lost their jobs in part or in whole due to the epidemic."
With this, the index has completely deviated from reality, as 4,500,000 people worked in Hungary before the outbreak, 35% means that 1,557,000 people lost their jobs in Hungary, and their article also states that 43% of people wages have fallen to 2,025,000 people. In contrast, Tímea Szabó lied to half a million lost jobs, and the reality is that 130,000 people became unemployed at the peak of the epidemic, a figure that fell to 100,000 by the end of May, and the June figures are not yet known.

The "Numbers" team has launched a quick poll so that this time, in addition to official data, our readers can also refute the propaganda page of Hungary's largest left-liberal fake news producer.

In 4 hours, more than a thousand people answered our question, 94 percent (939 people) of the respondents chose the option “My salary did not decrease and I did not lose my job”, 4 percent (42 people) indicated that “My salary decreased but I did not lose my job "and 2 percent of our readers (22 people) said" I lost my job "

Our readers essentially confirmed the official data that at the low point of the epidemic, the number of people losing their jobs due to the coronavirus increased to 130,000 in April. Before the epidemic broke out, 4,500,000 people had jobs, of which 130,000 were 2.88 percent. Of course, our measurement cannot be considered credible, as anyone could check anything on a voluntary basis, but it is definitely emphasized that the proportions are correct.

! ️And here are the latest official figures:

The first two phases of the Economic Protection Action Plan were successful, we managed to save jobs endangered by the coronavirus epidemic and create new ones, but we cannot yet sit back - said László György, State Secretary for Economic Strategy and Regulation of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology disclosed.
Partly as a result of the measures in the Economic Protection Action Plan, employment data continued to be favorable over the past week. For the fourth week in a row, the number of registered jobseekers has been steadily declining and employment is expanding. While according to statistics from the Central Statistical Office, the number of employees was 130,000 below the February value at the bottom of the crisis in April, and only 30,000 at the end of June. Moreover, the employment level in June is 12 thousand higher than in January. Our employment situation is really understandable if we think long-term: in June 2020, 4 million 470 thousand people were employed, 742 thousand more than 10 years ago, in 2010.

So far, the job protection wage subsidy has contributed to the retention of employees in the case of nearly 14,000 enterprises: so far, after nearly 200,000 employees, the enterprises have applied for the subsidy in the amount of about HUF 33 billion. This is complemented by the form of support required for those working in research and development, which is unique in the world, and which was requested by nearly a thousand companies for more than 18 thousand people, worth approximately HUF 14 billion. In addition to retaining the old ones, the creation of new jobs is directly served by the job-creating wage subsidy required by the 24,000 companies. To date, the scheme has contributed to the creation of more than 33,000 jobs, with budget support of nearly HUF 39 billion.

In addition to direct support, a significant proportion of measures contribute to job creation more indirectly through investment support. The government has so far supported domestic enterprises with more than HUF 500 billion through various investment support programs. As a result, a new development worth nearly HUF 900 billion can be implemented in the near future. Investments contribute to the growth of productivity, the production of higher added value, and the strengthening of environmentally friendly solutions and the green economy in Hungary. In addition, HUF 486 billion of loan applications have been received so far for state-subsidized preferential loan schemes, of which the amount of credit transactions already contracted by commercial banks is HUF 209 billion, László György informed.

The Secretary of State emphasized that it was important that we did not sit back despite the existing measures. Therefore, the government is currently working on measures that could be a solution specifically for companies in difficulty, but only if the businesses involved also play their part in crisis management.

(ITM Communication)

The official numbers are here (until May):https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1445/Egyetlen_honap_alatt_30_ezer_ember_helyezkedett_el_es_tert_vissza_a_munka_vilagaban
Recent data:https://www.kormany.hu/hu/innovacios-es-technologiai-miniszterium/gazdasagstrategiaert-es-szabalyozasert-felelos-allamtitkar/hirek/ovatos-fordulat-a-munkaeropiacon-juniusban-12-ezerrel-dolgoztak-tobben- as January
And our little poll here:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/posts/184225536387921

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Let's unveil the biggest fake news factory together

Answer the question and share it with your friends

Let's unveil the biggest fake news factory together

The index lies that "According to an EU survey, 35 percent of Hungarians lost their jobs in part or in whole due to the epidemic."
With this, the index has completely deviated from reality, as 4,500,000 people worked in Hungary before the outbreak, 35% means that 1,557,000 people lost their jobs in Hungary, and their article also states that 43% of people wages have fallen to 2,025,000 people. In contrast, Tímea Szabó lied to half a million lost jobs, and the reality is that 130,000 people became unemployed at the peak of the epidemic, a figure that fell to 100,000 by the end of May, and the June figures are not yet known.

Let's show the index what reality is! Take part in the poll and make a point at the end of the lies together!

Click on the link or image, select the appropriate answer and press the save button.

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There is huge interest for the national consultation!

Fill it out yourself and pass it on to everyone that the National Consultation can also be completed online!

There is huge interest for the national consultation!

🇭🇺 https://nemzetikonzultacio.kormany.hu/ 🇭🇺

Left-wing parties and the thieves they mandate can steal envelopes - but not our opinion!
MEPs talk about national consultations in the second half of Monday's agenda

Gabriella Selmeczi from Fidesz spoke about Hungary winning the first stage of protection against the coronavirus. Avoiding a mass epidemic is due to timely decisions, teamwork and discipline, as well as excellent professionals, he added.

As long as there is no vaccine, the danger remains with us, so it is necessary to maintain epidemiological preparedness, he stressed. While the number of active diseases in Hungary is low, there are worrying data from all over the world and there is a chance that those coming from abroad will reintroduce the virus, he emphasized.

Attila József Móring (KDNP) asked why the national consultation on corona virus control and economic restart was important.

Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister's Office, said that people are willing to express an opinion and it is important to know that. He added that despite the successful defense, the virus has not disappeared and a second wave could be realistic. The basis of the successful defense so far was also the broad consensus, which was formed without the opposition supporting the steps of crisis management, he noted.

Based on the experience of the first stage of the defense, it is possible to give a well-founded opinion, so it is useful for everyone to express their opinion during the national consultation, he stated.

There is a huge interest in the national consultation, and although the deadline for submission is still a long way off, based on Monday morning's summary, 396,000 people have already completed the questionnaire, the parliamentary secretary of the prime minister's office said.

In his answer to a question before the parliamentary agenda, Csaba Dömötör put it this way: all this proves that these are topical, important issues that affect the lives of all of us, on which it is worth giving an opinion. During the coronavirus epidemic, Hungary is one of the best and most effective defense countries and the government wants it to stay that way, so the virus needs to be kept out of borders, the politician said. He recalled that the cabinet had decided on entry restrictions for this reason and classified the countries into three categories (red, yellow and green), he added.
The Secretary of State emphasized that the national consultation would provide a clear picture of the measures most supported by Hungarians.

Csaba Dömötör stated, however, that the opposition "torpedoes the consultation" again and again. According to the news, the questionnaires are taken out of the mailboxes, and personal data about them is cut off elsewhere. Momentum scribbles obscene content on the sheets, while there are serious question marks about how the independent Ákos Hadházy handles personal data, he listed his problems.

The politician said he did not understand why left-wing parties wanted to prevent people from saying their views on the epidemic, the fight against the epidemic. If they couldn’t add anything to the defense alliance, at least they shouldn’t hinder the dialogue, he asked.

In his immediate question, Csaba Nagy (Fidesz) called on the left not to obstruct the dialogue on the coronavirus epidemic.

The pro-government politician called it outrageous that, as he said, the left was stealing the questionnaires from the mailboxes, destroying them.

He stressed that the left is trying to thwart the dialogue between the government and society, hindering Hungarians from expressing themselves freely, while hypocritically breaking the spear for the rule of law on a daily basis.

Csaba Nagy asked whether there was a suspicion of an infringement in these cases.

In his response, Pál Völner, the parliamentary secretary of state in the Ministry of Justice, said the left had previously made the fight against the coronavirus epidemic more difficult and now wants to prevent people from having their say in the national consultation.

He stressed that the collection of completed consultation forms by the left could be a data protection concern and the criminalization of personal data misuse would arise.


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