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According to the left, Viktor Orbán has never dealt with a crisis, but his crisis management has failed anyway.

The reality, on the other hand, is that Viktor Orbán has handled countless crises over his more than 30-year political career and has always solved the task.

According to the left, Viktor Orbán has never dealt with a crisis, but his crisis management has failed anyway.

Anyway, here is the international opinion on the current crisis management. Not what we said!

On the threshold of the left wreck derby (pre-selection) we only say: Hajrá Viktor Orbán! Only FIdesz!

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The vast majority of people say a head of government needs to know English!

The vast majority of people say a head of government needs to know English!

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(Y) - You need to know
- I do not need it.

The overwhelming majority of Hungarians (83 percent) believe that the current head of government of Hungary should know English, according to the nationally representative opinion poll of the Perspective Institute.

Eighty-three percent of the total adult population expects the Hungarian prime minister to know English in order to “represent the interests of the country,” and only 15 percent of those surveyed think this is not necessary. As the left and right-wing media have also been vocal in recent days due to Gergely Karácsony's lack of language skills, the clear social expectation makes it difficult for him to announce his start in the pre-election. Last time, socialist Hungary had heads of government who did not speak at least one foreign language, and Karácsony hardly wanted to get on a common platform with them.

It is noteworthy that even among critics of the work of the current prime minister, three out of four (73 per cent) are unwilling to accept if a prime minister does not speak English. However, pre-election participants will be out of this circle. Among the Prime Minister's parties, who are confident in Viktor Orbán's knowledge of English, the expectation of the current Prime Minister's knowledge of English is even higher, at 90 percent. These two camps rarely agree on public issues

Among social groups, young people are the most likely to require a head of government to speak English fluently: nine out of ten (89 per cent) of 18-29 year olds think so. Even for the most permissive demographic groups (men, skilled workers, over 60), 3 out of 4 people see language skills as an important part of a prime minister’s repository.


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Let Hungary remain a Hungarian country!

Without comment

Let Hungary remain a Hungarian country!

Come on Fidesz! Together we will succeed again!

More than 3400 "explanations" (articles, videos) can be found on our website:https://szamokadatok.hu

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Thus, the government “does not help” Hungarian families!
Thus, the government “does not improve” health care!

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The majority is satisfied with Viktor Orbán!

The majority is satisfied with Viktor Orbán!

👉 Six out of ten adult Hungarians (58 percent) are satisfied with the work of the Prime Minister, and only one in three (35 percent) is critical of him. Similarly, a high satisfaction rate occurs in few European countries after a long year of protection against the coronavirus!

We know “that a choice must be won, not a poll,” but that is a good sign. According to them, most people do not believe in false left-wing propaganda, but in their own eyes, their own wallets.

And that's what experts see!
👉According to the IMF, the government has passed the exams!
👉Moody's is satisfied with us
EllenéreAlso, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch consider Hungary a country recommended for investment despite the crisis
EBut even the European Commission!
Hungary and the V4 have handled the crisis excellently, so our economic growth remains at the forefront
👉Recognition from Eurostat
👉Union recognition to the government!
👉Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director, acknowledged Hungary's excellent performance!
👉What we should be proud of!

Within the total adult population, the ruling party’s (40 per cent) advantage over the left (34 per cent) rose to six percentage points, according to last week’s nationally representative poll of the Perspective Institute. The rearrangement can be explained by the success of the vaccinations: 58 percent of Hungarians are satisfied with the work of the Prime Minister in charge of defense.

Six out of ten adult Hungarians (58 percent) are satisfied with the work of the prime minister, and only one in three (35 percent) is critical of him. Similarly, high satisfaction rates occur in few European countries after a long year of protection against the coronavirus. The surge in vaccination propensity in the spring of 2021, the success of vaccine procurement, and the European peak in vaccination may explain the high rate. Satisfaction with Viktor Orbán's work before the epidemic even increased compared to the data (by 4 percentage points), although the peak value of last spring (72 percent) can hardly be repeated.

Social recognition of the Prime Minister’s work is bad news for the left, which hopes for anti-government. Last week's poll registered a weakening of the left-wing list against the ruling party: Fidesz was able to address 40 percent of the adult Hungarian population, while the left was able to address only 34 percent. Compared to March, support for the ruling party rose by two percentage points (to a value similar to the January figure), while the left lost three percentage points. The left has not been so weak since the common list was set up, which can be explained by the anti-vaccination image that developed despite the success of the vaccinations.

Elections are decided by active voters, so in addition to the entire population, it is important to examine party preference in this area as well. In 2022, two major party list competitions can be expected, in which Fidesz is currently clearly leading by 51 percent. The left-wing joint list would get 43 percent “now on Sunday,” but another six percent of active voters are also dissatisfied with the government’s work. Among them, voters of Two-Tailed Dogs (2 percent) and Our Country (3 percent) can be identified.


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Mrs. Gyurcsány and the other herdsmen - pay close attention now!

"Morning, night and evening" should not lie, but work hard!

Mrs. Gyurcsány and the other herdsmen - pay close attention now!

The billionaire Gyurcsány, who constantly works in Brussels for about 5 million forints a month in public money to expel Hungary, initiate proceedings against Hungary, lie "morning and night" (exactly as her husband, see "Lies modes" video, at the end of the article ) once stated in the ATV:

“Due to the weak forint and inflation, prices are going up brutally. I was just thinking one day that I was looking at the prices of fruit and vegetables, that probably hundreds of thousands of children in Hungary will grow up if everything stays that way, say, they don’t taste raspberries. Three thousand forints per kilo of raspberries. Who has money for this in Hungary? ” Klára Gyurcsányné asks in the ATV.

Read these lines carefully, Klara! A simple Hungarian man, a rural field worker, a taxpayer writes this.
You know, Klara, the thing is that the current policy is about work and Hungarian families. You are unfamiliar with these words because when you were given the opportunity to govern, you were not encouraged to work or start a family. Your regression was characterized by 250,000 new unemployed, 12 percent unemployment, a foreign exchange trap, robbery privatization, an IMF loan, price increases, skyrocketing overheads. At the time, we really didn’t even have the opportunity to have our own home, start a family, have a child, and buy some raspberries if necessary!

Since 2010, there has been a change of attitude. We have remained the same people, we live in the countryside in the same way, we work, we pay taxes, we love our country, we respect its laws and traditions, only in the meantime we also have the opportunity to prosper. Thanks to the government's family policy, tax cuts and home-building subsidies, we have had our own, load-free home, we have beautiful, smart children, we have our own garden, our new car, our seed savings. Before 2010, we did not dare to dream that we would ever have our own house with a garden, now it has become a reality. Tax breaks, free textbooks, family allowances, free kindergarten meals, a 25 percent reduction in overheads and a price freeze 8 years ago, wage increases, tax cuts have all contributed to the fact that we’re NOT EARTHERS - whatever you want them to be today. to be us and all Hungarian families. You can no longer buy us "a bag of fries," but we know that's your goal.

"Raspberries" (now formally understood, whatever can be bought or produced) are not to be expected from the government! You have to work for "raspberries" - hard, from morning to night, from sight to flash. You don’t have to lie “morning to night and evening” but WORK and you will have “raspberries”, there will be everything!

If there is work - everything is there, and fortunately there is work in Hungary today. Even in spite of the epidemic, 850 thousand more people work in Hungary today than in your time. The government does not give “raspberries” but creates an opportunity for everyone to buy or produce “raspberries,” and from now on it depends on everyone’s personal attitude. If someone wants to study, work, develop because they switch in order to create better conditions for themselves and their families, they will prosper. And your supporters have only been holding their hands for 70 years, and now they are just waiting for you to give them "zorban."
Free work, work avoidance, the aid-based society came to an end and were replaced by the work-based society.

It would be time for you to grow up for the task, and if you already think there are kids who don’t eat “raspberries” or anything else, you could have really surprised them with a few eyes out of your billions. And we will continue to work to ensure that our family does not miss anything! We have never held our grip, and never will, but now we have the opportunity to work, it was not during your reign!

The picture shows our own crop! We tell your fans who live within the boulevard to move to the countryside because rural life is wonderful!

PS: Fruit will be expensive this year as well, especially peaches because the frost has taken 90 percent off! This will not be because of “Zorbán” but because of the weather! We're talking ahead! But in February (when you hadn't even stuck your nose out of your stolen fork), we pruned the raspberries, fertilized them, tied them up so that it would produce in abundance this year! Unlike you, we used to give it to our relatives, our neighbors, children in need, but you didn't even donate 10 grains of raspberries out of your billions!

Good luck with your new seasonal mating!
Founder of Numbers.

👉Lying modes - with examples! (video)

(The Numbers team has launched a separate series to see if they’re really that expensive for the “expensive” things in question! We’re linking all the previous articles to each of these new articles, here’s the latest post! will appear.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3259/A_benzin_ara_es_meg_sok_minden_mase)

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Several Pfizer vaccines can be given because we also have an oriental vaccine

What if the left steered - Part 3

Several Pfizer vaccines can be given because we also have an oriental vaccine

At first glance, the statement may seem a bit strange, but we will explain why more people can be vaccinated with Pfizer and other EUs vaccines at the moment because we also got Eastern. Obviously, the end result will equalize within a few months.

In the first column of the first table of source 1, under the arrived vaccines, we see 2 817 848 in total. How is this possible when more than three million people have already been vaccinated with the first dose? Fidesz is lying, the poor would say.

In early March, the vaccination protocol was changed to extinguish each vaccine as the first dose possible, as even the first dose provides great protection. Moreover, the importance of the second dose dwarfs that of the first dose! It should be noted that only the content of the first and second doses differs in the case of the Sputnik V vaccine, as the adenovirus used is different (Ad26, Ad5). For the other vaccines, the two doses are the same, so care should be taken to ensure that the interval between the two doses is in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. This is one of the keys to the trick. In early March, the timing of the second dose was increased from 3 weeks to 5 weeks for Pfizer and from 4 weeks to 12 weeks for AstraZeneca.

Despite left-liberal pacing, the high-quality Sinopharm Chinese vaccine has so far received 1,100,000 doses. The second dose should be given 4 weeks after the first dose. After the 550,000 doses in the first round, there were another 450,000 and 100,000 doses, but for a long time nothing. So with the Chinese vaccine, 550,000 people can be vaccinated, that’s how many people have been vaccinated in two doses. If the latter two consignments had also been used for the first dose, the 4-week manufacturer's recommendation for the second dose would not have been possible. There will be 3,900,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccine in the next 1-2 months, enough to vaccinate an additional 1,950,000 people.

In the case of Sputnik, it is always indicated whether a first or second dose is due. Therefore, you can see (1) the received dose in the column is 1 225 600, while in the main column it is 802 800. So from Sputnik you still have approx. A dose suitable for the first vaccination of 200,000 people will be received by contract in April, the rest will be the second dose.

Shipments of Pfizer’s vaccine are already arriving weekly in predictable and hopefully increasing quantities of the order of two hundred thousand. The delivery rate of other EU vaccines is slower and less reliable.

The values ​​in the Main Column in the EU procurement table for Source 1 would be true for the “orthodox” method, in fact many more people (e.g. Pfizer) have been vaccinated with these vaccines. This is because, according to the refined vaccination protocol, all vaccines are used as much as possible for the first dose. For example, the 248,000 doses of Pfizer received on April 13, mentioned in Source 2, total 180,000 are used as the first dose (hospitals and educators) and only the remainder (68,000 doses) are given as the second dose.

Thus, as many EUs vaccines as possible are currently given as a first dose. Meanwhile, the 500,000 first doses of Sputnik, which arrived in recent weeks, have been largely extinguished, Sinopharm has been extinguished before. We are waiting for the remaining 200 thousand first-dose Sputnik, who will arrive soon. We also look forward to Sinopharm coming in the coming weeks. As soon as they arrive, the EUs vaccines that arrive later will mostly be used for the second dose, and even need to be used to get the second dose to people in time after the first dose. In the meantime, vaccination with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine will be drastically increased as they will be given as a first dose again.

It can be stated that in the possession of oriental vaccines it is possible to apply this (so far always expedient) unorthodox solution to perfection, currently only in the possession of oriental vaccines can many more people be vaccinated with EUs vaccine in the first round.

So the independent East and West orders allow us to bring about this incredibly high rate of vaccination. Currently, we have vaccinated hundreds of thousands more with the unorthodox method than if they were orthodox.

Thinking differently, without Eastern vaccines, we would have much less room to optimize doses only in the possession of Westerners.

These were the statements. But why?

If we had only EUs, mostly Pfizer vaccines, and only a first dose for a while, then only a second dose could be given for a while because the time between the two doses would pass. So the graph of inoculation (received the first dose) would be studded with ups and downs. That is, per time interval, the vaccination of the population would not increase or only very slowly, which would raise strange questions. Together with the East, these ups and downs can be smoothed out, and grafting can be better increased and more predictable. Obviously, the end result will be the same in a few months, but with this solution, vaccination can be increased in the critical intermediate time, which can save lives. Vaccination can be increased much better than simply adding the number of vaccines.

Incidentally, it is no coincidence that the first dose came from Sputnik in large batches.

So there is a very responsible, well-thought-out vaccination program, taking into account national interests and human life, optimized to the extreme. He denied and denies the existence of this vaccination plan, which is criticized by the left-liberal opposition. He who uses his mind a little does not believe them what they ask.

Unfortunately, an exact statement of the type of vaccines administered has not yet been found. The above line of thought was derived from the facts reported by the Government and the Operational Staff.


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German "rule of law"

Awesome: Zsolt Petry was fired by Hertha for his political opinion! Zsolt Petry's "sin" was that he was on the side of normality

German "rule of law"

Zsolt! Consider this an acknowledgment and NEVER apologize for being on the side of normality! Left-liberals are weak, intolerant of the diversity of opinions, even though they have consistently proclaimed that they are fighting for diversity. This is not true! They’re just pushing a certain amount of propaganda that we’re not asking for! Zsolt, come home, no one at home will surely drag you because it's NORMAL.

Shame! Are these coming to teach us out of the rule of law? Those who fire a man because they HAVE THEIR OWN OPINION! It is as if a Hungarian company has fired a German colleague who says that the family is something else, as we Hungarians have known for centuries. How screaming would it be? And they accuse us of homophobia while they themselves are chasing people who represent NORMALITY! By the way, isn't there an expression for that? Slowly, normalcy will be pursued ... We are not afraid, and we will not scribble meaningless shapes on our palms under any pressure ....

Hertha BSC announced on its official website that it had terminated Zsolt Petry's contract with immediate effect after the club's Hungarian goalkeeper coach had also expressed his political opinion in an interview with Magyar Nemzet.

Hertha's announcement justifies the dismissal of Zsolt Petry on the grounds that his statement published in Magyar Nemzet is not in line with the values ​​represented by the club. Thus, the termination of the contract was not for professional reasons, but for the fact that, as an employee of the team, he expressed an opinion that did not appeal to the club. (In parentheses: according to them, the German Labor Code allows this! The Hungarian does not!)

“We have always valued the work of Zsolt Petry during his years with Hertha. We knew him as a helpful, tolerant, and open man who had never made homophobic or xenophobic manifestations. We would like to thank Zsolt Petry for his work and wish him all the best in the future, ”quotes CEO Carsten Schmidt in an article published on Hertha's website.

In the statement, Zsolt Petry also said: “I would like to emphasize that I am neither homophobic nor xenophobic. I regret my statement on immigration policy, and I apologize to all those who seek refuge with us and who I have offended. I loved working for Hertha and I respect the decision. I wish the club all the best for the future. ”

Petry has been a member of Hertha’s professional staff since 2015. He previously coached at Paderborn and Hoffenheim, and in 2008 he was the goalkeeper of the Hungarian national team under Erwin Koeman.


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Open letter to EU decision makers

Do not beat consumers! Give it on!

Open letter to EU decision makers

The Poultry Product Council, the Meat Association, the Association of Hungarian Livestock Breeders, the National Chamber of Agriculture, the Dairy Product Council and the Interprofessional Organization for Slaughter Animals and Meat strongly call on EU decision-makers: do not allow consumers to be misled by false names!

"Meat" is meat. "Milk" is milk.

The Poultry Products Council, the Meat Association, the Association of Hungarian Livestock Breeders, the National Chamber of Agriculture, the Dairy Products Council and the Interprofessional Organization for Slaughter Animals and Meat speak out strongly in order to prevent the European Union from misleading food names.

"Meat" is meat. "Milk" is milk.
We ask EU decision-makers not to let the names fool around!

Organizations representing domestic livestock farmers and meat and dairy processors strongly support the content of Amendment No. 171, which was recently submitted in the framework of the trilogue discussion of the new draft EU legislation on common market organization rules.
The proposal would restrict the use of terms such as "yoghurt (or curd) style", "imitation cheese", "cream flavor", "lactose-free milk replacer", "cheese-like" throughout the European Union and would ban all non-milk products in all contexts. the use of the name of the milk / milk product. Beyond the proposal
we continue to aim to ensure that consumers are not misled in any way in the future: only products of animal origin can be called 'meat', 'sausage', 'steak'! Imitations of plant-based dairy products such as ‘cheddar / permezan / gouda-flavored plant block’, ‘mylk’, ‘butter-flavored
margarine ”or‘ soy yoghurt ’is also very much outraged by dairy farmers.

In many parts of the world, experiments are being made with meat-like and similarly spicable “substances” composed of plant-based ingredients and genetically modified materials. As well as genetic manipulation, lab-produced meat substitutes, and creations called “artificial meats”.

We strongly oppose the use of the word 'meat' or any other related word in any form in the names of these products. Although Annex 1 to Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin clearly defines the concepts of meat, milk and meat products and milk products, products of animal origin and
the situation around the names of plant-based imitations is not clear.

Copa-Cogeca - European Farmers 'and European Producers' Cooperatives - and its affiliates 2020
an open letter was published in the fall, "Let's call the spade a spade!" with the title. Like these organizations, we respect the need for a small segment of European consumers to see an increase in the proportion of plant-based, meat- and dairy-free products (vegetarian / vegan) to replace these products. However, we expect fair and consistent marketing across Europe. One that respects consumers of meat and dairy products, as well as vegetarian / vegan buyers, as well as the work done by farmers and the meat and dairy industry.

Meat and / or milk substitutes marketed under misleading names are in many cases unjustifiably advertised as appearing to be healthier and more environmentally friendly, appearing to have the same nutritional value as meat and milk. Copa-Cogeca has also launched a campaign entitled "This is not steak", drawing the attention of MEPs to the use of the terms "steak", "burger" or "sausage" in the name of plant-based products, both for consumers, both in animal husbandry
adverse effects on the industry and deliberate misleading marketing.

We call on EU decision-makers not to allow consumers to be misled.
Let “meat” be meat. Let "milk" be milk.

Budapest, March 26, 2021
The signatories:


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