The presenter of Hír TV, Andrea Földi-Kovács, was awarded


The presenter of Hír TV, Andrea Földi-Kovács, was awarded

Andrea Földi-Kovács, the presenter of Hír TV, was awarded the civic section of the Knight's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit. The recognition awarded by the President of the Republic was presented by the Deputy Minister of Innovation and Technology.

Come onNews TV!
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Morning interview of Viktor Orbán on Kossuth Radio!

Important messages - pass it on!

Morning interview of Viktor Orbán on Kossuth Radio!

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Kossuth Radio Good morning, Hungary! commented on the latest government action.

At the beginning of the conversation, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke about the fact that 27 prime ministers had a joint virological discussion yesterday. "I can say that the situation in our country is still divine. It is not easy here either, but it is much worse in Belgium or the Netherlands, for example. It is a complete turmoil that prevails in Europe," the prime minister said.

📌Wearing a mask must be observed
Viktor Orbán also spoke about trying to create a unified system among the EU measures. Everyone also trusts their own system when it comes to testing, he added.
Indeed, everyone is doing something, but the severity of the measures and the situation do not overlap. The most important thing is not to increase the number of rules, but to follow the rules that have been made, he added. The key is to wear a mask, the prime minister said.

📌We have the third largest health reserve in Europe
Viktor Orbán emphasized that everyone had to get used to the situation. From Monday, a new world of controls will begin. He who does not wear the mask plays not only with his own health but also with the health of others, the prime minister said.
Whoever does not wear the mask puts everyone in danger. The police will have the opportunity to close various shops and restaurants. In terms of civic discipline, we have adapted quite well. The health care system will withstand the pressure - Viktor Orbán emphasized.
We have the third largest health reserve in Europe, the prime minister stressed, adding that we are the first in terms of the ventilator.

📌The first dose of coronavirus vaccine may arrive in Hungary in late December-early January
We have twice as many influenza vaccinations as in peacetime, but that may not be enough, so we ordered 360 thousand, and we also have a Hungarian vaccine factory - the Prime Minister informed, he emphasized that a new vaccine factory is being built in Debrecen. The prime minister also said we produce both remdesivir and favirapiravir.
Doctors and nurses are having a great time fighting. Everyone is tired, everyone has a problem, but our doctors know if there’s a problem, you have to go. They will endure, and we will all endure. I expect the first dose of coronavirus vaccine to arrive in Hungary in late December-early January. Chronic patients can be vaccinated around January, and the most vulnerable group, the prime minister said.

📌Viktor Orbán instructed the Operational Tribe to have a vaccination plan. In April, we can say goodbye to the epidemic as it now stands, the prime minister said.
Conciliation on the medical relationship is ongoing
Viktor Orbán also spoke about the fact that the law on the status of doctors is being negotiated.
He stressed the rules of secondment need to be humanized, but in an epidemic situation, secondment will remain.
According to the Prime Minister, there are legitimate-life-like demands. On the case of private practice, he said, a way of life has developed and they are trying to put things right in this area as well. These issues will certainly be decided at the next government meetings.

📌The family support system will be put together

The prime minister also said that there is an optimistic picture ahead of him in the economic field, but in the financial field it will not be easy.
In all these situations, a very significant increase in health care wages has been implemented. The time has also come for them to be able to raise unbearably low salaries. In addition, the family support system will be put together.
Also in 2010, the first decisions were in the area of ​​family support, the prime minister said.

📌"As long as this government is in place, migrants will not come in."

In connection with the brutal terrorist attack in Nice, Viktor Orbán emphasized that Hungary will not allow Brussels to force Hungary to change the rules on migration, we will not embark on the same path as Western Europe.
He reminded that the Hungarian opposition is also an immigrant party, "in a herd" with those who are putting pressure on Hungary to change the rules of immigration.
He added: It is in Hungary's interest to have anti-migration leaders in government, such as the Italian Matteo Salvini, who is currently in opposition, throughout Europe.

📌The situation in Western Europe has deteriorated greatly

Matteo Salvini prevented immigration. It is also in our interest in Western Europe for anti-immigration politicians to be in power, the Prime Minister emphasized.
By the way, I am upset because I was in Western Europe for the first time in 1984, but I was never afraid - Viktor Orbán reminded.
If our own children go out to the West, we have to worry. We had a fantastic continent, and it is incomprehensible that some people should let that happen, ”the prime minister said.
There is no reason for someone to kill innocents

One can talk about whether European freedom of speech is well furnished, but there is no reason for someone to kill innocents, the prime minister said, stressing that it is impossible to take another person’s life and any murder in peacetime is inescapable.

📌Viktor Orbán said that on October 31 he would inaugurate a Reformed church near Budapest. He also spoke about the fact that the Reformation saved the Hungarian language and national consciousness in the 16th century. This can even be accepted by the Catholic brothers, he added.

Magyar Hírlap

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The Minister of Finance refutes the false claims of Benedek Jávor

Left-liberals are doing everything they can to make Hungary bad

The Minister of Finance refutes the false claims of Benedek Jávor

The left has stated that they believe Orban can only be replaced if there is a severe, protracted economic crisis that hurts everyone. They will do their best to do so. The left is working to make Hungarian families, retirees and workers feel the economic crisis on their own skin. Before 2010, they were in government, we felt it then, as they abstracted everything they could, raised taxes, raised unemployment to the skies.

🔴In detail why they should not be allowed to govern again:

Mihály Vargawriting

Benedek Jávor, the official lobbyist of the Metropolitan Municipality in Brussels, wrote an article on euobserver in which he scolded the Hungarian government in the usual way. So far, everything is the usual, not to mention. At the end of the writing, it pits out there, it would be better if they shared the EU money, that is, Budapest and NGOs. This is not a new thing, we know.

The new element, on the other hand, is that it is achieved by distorting the Hungarian economic data. The epidemic has hit Hungary better than the EU average, he says. False statement, according to the data of the first half of the year, the Hungarian economy fell by 6.1%, the EU average by 8.3%. Not a few of ours either, but better than the EU average.

The deficit and public debt are growing, you need money - he writes. He does not add that in all 27 countries, as the fight against the epidemic overrides the EU's financial limits, this has just been suspended by the European Commission. We also spend money on health and economic defense. And before the epidemic, we reduced our debt by the largest proportion, which the previous government, along with IMF debt, was pleased to raise.

So far, the criticism has been that the use of money from the union is slow, Jávor now complains that we have already used 99% of the money for the 2014-2020 cycle. But isn't that why the EU is referring? Shouldn't it have been used? Let's get lost?

Orban needs more EU money than anyone, there is no funding from anywhere else, the author says. Dear Jávor Benedek! If that were the case, we would be bankrupt, just like the one you left here after the Gyurcsány-Bajnai government. Let us rejoice rather that we have repaid the IMF loan, cut the cost of debt, while the economy has been able to grow, creating new jobs.

Dear Benedict! All I ask of you is that when you want to make money according to your mandate, you should do so at the expense of the Hungarian economy and not mislead readers!


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Csaba Czeglédy, a lawyer excluded from the Bar Association, called the journalist Kretén (with video)

Csaba Czeglédy, a lawyer excluded from the Bar Association, called the journalist Kretén (with video)

“Kretén” - the vocabulary of Ferenc Gyurcsány's lawyer has been spread so far. We asked Csaba Czeglédy at the town hall in Szombathely, but the representative of the local government (again) expressed himself unbearably.
Csaba Czeglédy, accused of billionaire tax fraud, has already had his lawyer's license suspended.
Gyurcsány's man shows exactly what the values ​​on the left are…



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Ferencváros TC - Dinamo Kiev: 2 - 2

It was nice boys!

Ferencváros TC - Dinamo Kiev: 2 - 2

Ferencváros equalized with a wonderful hair against Kiev
In the 2nd round of the G-Group of the Football Champions League, Ferencváros equalized on the home field in the 90th minute, so he played a 2-2 draw with Dinamo Kiev. The Ukrainian team scored twice in the first half, then Nguen Tokmac beautified after the turn and Franck Boli equalized in the last minute of regular time. In the other match of the group, Barcelona won by two goals in the home of Juventus, who stood out without Cristiano Ronaldo.ä-ferencvaros-dinamo-kijev-2791959

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It will be the Hungarian managing director of the IMF !!!


It will be the Hungarian managing director of the IMF !!!

(The Hungarian education system will not be so bad if such excellent professionals come out of the ranks!)

The current Executive Director of the MNB, Dániel Palotai, will represent the Central and Eastern European group on the Board of the International Monetary Fund.

Dániel Palotai, the current managing director and chief economist of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB), will be the first Hungarian to join the top decision-making body of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from November 1, Index has been informed. Palotai will represent the Central and Eastern European group of countries - Turkey, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Slovenia and Kosovo.

"" I primarily consider it my task to effectively represent domestic interests and to create a more realistic, deeper and more positive image of Hungary. "

He graduated from Palotai Economics in 2004 at the Corvinus University of Budapest. From 2010, he headed the macroeconomic department of the Ministry of National Economy. Between 2013 and 2020, he was the Executive Director and Chief Economist of the MNB. He is also a member of the board of trustees of the Corvinus Foundation, for example.


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The largest renovation work on the M1 motorway has been completed

The total cost of the project was HUF 22 billion, and the road was renewed for 71 kilometers

The largest renovation work on the M1 motorway has been completed

As part of the restoration work started last year, all lanes of the affected section on the side of the motorway leading to Hegyeshalom were renewed.

On Thursday afternoon, October 29, the sections of the M1 motorway affected by the rehabilitation will be fully returned to traffic, so that the motorway can be used again on both sides without fixed restrictions and lanes, according to a statement from Magyar Közút.

In connection with the restoration of the motorway, Euroaszfalt Kft. Was the main contractor on the side leading to Budapest, while Reaszfalt Kft. And Swietelsky Magyarország Kft.

The experts are expected to open the Biatorbágy driveway, which has been closed so far, on the side of Budapest on Wednesday, October 28.

During November, minor finishing works with moving deflection can still be expected on the side towards Budapest, during which, for example, specialists will install traffic counting loops and meteorological measuring devices.

In some places, a complete track structure change was also performed
As part of the restoration work started last year, all lanes of the affected section on the side of the motorway leading to Hegyeshalom were renewed. Two layers of asphalt were replaced in the stop lane, three layers of new asphalt were built in the outer lane, while the wear layer was replaced by professionals in the inner lane.

In the outer lane, nearly 104,000 square meters were provided by specialists to restore the base layer with an on-site cold remix recycling process. On the side of the motorway leading to Budapest, three layers of new asphalt were built in both the outer and inner lanes, from which the base layer of the outer lane was also replaced with on-site recycling technology.

On both sides, there were sites where a complete track structure change was carried out, as well as the bridges on the section, drainage asphalt curbs, slides, the arrangement of benches and the painting of new paving signs as necessary.

Source:Hungarian Builders

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Further austerity, tax increases and borrowing are planned in Budapest

The government will not let you!

Further austerity, tax increases and borrowing are planned in Budapest

The left has only one recipe: to peel off another skin from those who are already "hurt" by their performance so far and the situation caused by the epidemic. Why is it that we do not hear about tax increases in Nyíregyháza, or in Debrecen, Győr, Sopron, Veszprém, etc.?
Why does the leadership of left-wing cities see the solution to economic problems as solving additional problems?

We need to protect our cities not only from the virus, but also from the left. This article describes in detail theHungarian Nationwhat atrocities have been carried out by left-wing leaders since the outbreak:
📌The left handled the epidemic with tributes

Now let's see what he's up to Karácsony and his "circle of friends" in the near future. The government will take over the improvements, give money, just leave the people alone!

With the decision made yesterday, the government confirmed that in the spirit of good cooperation, the cabinet will lend a helping hand to the capital and be ready to take over the implementation of significant Budapest city developments, cover the costs and thus relieve the capital budget, the secretary of state for Budapest and

Balázs Fürjes said that Mayor Gergely Karácsony asked for the government's support for the austerity, tax increase and borrowing in Budapest. These proposals have now been reviewed and clearly stated by the government: neither the austerity nor the tax increase in Budapest, nor the indebtedness of the capital, is considered a suitable tool to deal with the economic downturn caused by the epidemic, it cannot support them, he said.

On the other hand, the government decided yesterday that it was ready to provide assistance to the capital's city management and to take over tens of billions of forints of Budapest's city development in full, to implement the developments and thus relieve the capital's local government budget, Balázs Fürjes announced.

The essence of the government decision is that only on the basis of an agreement with the local government of the capital, and only on the request of the mayor, the government is ready to bear the costs of large-scale urban developments in Budapest instead of the local government, said the secretary of state.

Balázs Fürjes added that an important point of the government decision is that the government gives a guarantee to Gergely Karácsony: the plans of the taken over urban developments are developed by the government together with the capital and could only be built on the basis of plans approved by the city management. Balázs Fürjes informed that the decision of the government and the written proposal already sent to the capital propose a relief of HUF 60 billion in the first round, ie it will enable the capital to save HUF 60 billion if the city management accepts the government's solution.

The government decision names precisely and item by item the multi-billion-dollar urban developments that the government is offering to take over to the city administration, the secretary of state said.

“In formulating the government's proposal, it was in line with the requests of Gergely Karácsony. We propose the facilitator to take over the improvements that the mayor has named. We got the list from him, he identified the developments that the mayor wanted to finance by raising taxes and indebted the city and for which he asked for additional government budget subsidies. Our solution is simple and practical: let's develop Budapest together, but let's do it without raising taxes and indebtedness, ”said Balázs Fürjes.

The Secretary of State provided precise information on what urban improvements could be made if the Mayor accepted the government’s proposal. Balázs Fürjes said that the government, on the basis of an agreement with the mayor, is ready to implement a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly redevelopment of the Pest embankments, including green areas, street furniture and rest benches, to renew the two-lane car transport the implementation of an environmentally friendly cable car in Buda, which will allow the mountain to be banned, to extend the weaving tram network in Buda and to expand the Etele tér bus station.

"If the capital accepts our solution proposal, we will relieve the capital's budget of 60 billion, the mayor can save 60 billion, Budapest will receive 60 billion more extra help," said Secretary of State Balázs Fürjes.

📌In Miskolc, the solution is not the solution, but the part of the problem.

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One by one, the "reclaimed" cities become inoperable

Calm development was replaced by scrambling for the concert. If the left came to power, I would do the same with the country

One by one, the "reclaimed" cities become inoperable

Such is the case when there are more bagpipes in the inn, it is clear that this camouflage exists only for the sake of power, if you have the power, you start fighting for positions, for money, for greasy bites, the city stops.

For a while, one can clown by handing over projects won, launched, launched by the previous city administration and set up as if it were their merit, but that will soon be over, as new projects don’t start very much anymore. We have written before about the unscrupulous way in which Gergely Karácsony set up the recently handed over new trams to his own merit.

But Szigetszentmiklós is no exception in this area. Although János Nagy denied that it had anything to do with the left-wing pseudo-news factory called "Ezalé", the site still adores "the current city administration" and set the handover of the health house as their merit, a project that actually started in 2018.

For those who don't know, "Ezalé" is an anonymous left-liberal propaganda fund that mysteriously has a lot of money. Before the local elections, no less than 55 million forints were spent on Facebook ads, but lies have been pushed ever since.

But let's see what the situation is in Szigetszentmiklós.

The scratching of the concert in Szigetszentmiklós led to a table break
In addition to the left-wing local government, there are nine subcommittees, some of which have more members than its representative body, as it has forty-four external members.

Lawlessness, abuse, rescuing fallen politicians - Péter Márki-Zay's confidant, Mayor János Nagy conjured a public money canon from Szigetszentmiklós for the left in one year.

Szigetszentmiklós was also reached by political giveaways, said János Nagy, the left-wing mayor of DunaMédia Televízió, after the debate among the opposition members escalated into action at one of the closed meetings of the Coalition Faction. Although he called those in the press the mayor of the Everyone Hungary Movement (MMM) who started appearing in the press, it was acknowledged by several people, and a loud discussion took place at the meeting, as a result of which even a table was broken.

At tomorrow's board meeting, however, he must not only explain to the mayor who was parachuted from Eger what happened at that particular closed session, but also how one of his confidants, the leader of the MSZP faction in Szigetszentmiklós, Sándor Ladányi, has been outlawed since January. chaired the supervisory board of the city’s largest company, Aries Nonprofit Ltd., after one of the agenda items for tomorrow’s meeting was the election of a new member to replace the socialist politician.

Ladányi, presumably in a unique way in the country, has held two committee chair positions in addition to two committee vice-chair positions since last October, as well as being a member of three other committees, in addition to which he may have chaired the Aries Supervisory Board. However, as the Szigetszentmiklós Facebook page pointed out, the companies run by politicians have collapsed in recent years, with serious consequences: Ladányi has been banned from the administration by the court because of the public debts of the companies he runs.

As the law precludes a banned executive from supervising management as a member of the supervisory board during the ban, this means that the MSZP faction leader illegally took on the gross monthly remuneration of the supervisory board for the position of chairman of the supervisory board, and his decision so far can also be annulled. It also arises that Ladányi, aware of his criminal liability, made a false statement that there were no statutory grounds for exclusion against him. The socialist politician cannot claim that he did not know about the ban, as the relevant decision was published in the company register in accordance with the legal regulations, which thus became final, adds the September post of Szigetszentmiklós.

In addition to Sándor Ladányi, the position of János Szentgyörgyi, another confidant of János Nagy, is also in doubt. He used to help the work of the mayor of Szigetszentmiklós as a consultant, but now as a chief of staff - for almost one million forints a month. It should be known about Szentgyörgy, who also politics in MSZP colors, until October last year he was the mayor of Halásztelek, and after the failed elections he appeared in Szigetszentmiklós, where - according to many, he controlled János Nagy from behind - he actually runs the city. During his reign in Szentgyörgy, he drove Halásztelk into considerable debt, which is no wonder, since, as Szigetszentmiklós writes on his Facebook page today, in recent years the fishermen have seen a real family business. For example, the fallen mayor previously carried out the IT services and computer procurements of the local government and its institutions with SZTJ Kft., Which was previously owned by his brother and then only owned by Tibor Szentgyörgyi. His cousin, Károly Szentgyörgyi, managed the Hate Nonprofit Kft., Which operates mainly from municipal subsidies, for many years and is responsible for the operation of urban institutions. In addition, the current Fidesz city administration has found a large amount of unpaid bills, which can also be attributed to Szentgyörgy's legacy.

The question arises as to why, in his annual evaluation, the man of Péter Márki-Zay, Mayor János Nagy, said that the locals are satisfied with his work, as it is clearer than the day: the last year has proved that the city of Pest County means the misuse of public funds.

The illegal case of Sándor Ladányi, the position of József Szentgyörgyi's advisor and then head of cabinet, is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are nine subcommittees in Szigetszentmiklós with a population of forty thousand at its representative body. The latter is no wonder, the left has brought in forty-four external committee members, so there is room and money for everyone, even the daughter of the aforementioned Ladányi. The only icing on the cake is that there are those on the payroll who have not even been seen very much in the municipal building in the last year: such as Éva Tétényi - the fallen mayor of Esztergom - who attends Attila Jószai's DK He came as a consultant to the deputy mayor, and for a couple of weeks he was “working” as the chief architect for the development of Szigetszentmiklós.

According to those close to the mayor's office, the contradictions within the Coalition Coalition, which had been trying to control Szigetszentmiklós for a year, and the dissolution were nothing more than The wrestling of Szentgyörgyi and his sloppy for the management of the city, and ultimately the power struggle between the MSZP and the DK for the leading role within the opposition coalition.

According to Vántsa Botond, local president and local government representative of Fidesz, after a year it would be time to work for the city and end the power struggle on the left. Developments have stalled, and the city leaders no longer come up with any ideas as to what they want to do with Szigetszentmiklós, but since they are not talking to each other, the locals can't expect anything good.


The phenomenon is not unique, here is the dismantling of 3 more "reclaimed" cities

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The more than 100-year-old Kaposvár railway station, declared a monument, received the Construction Industry Award

We do not erase the past, we preserve it!

The more than 100-year-old Kaposvár railway station, declared a monument, received the Construction Industry Award

"To erase the past once and for all," sings the "charismatic" leaders of the left.📌Video:

The Fidesz-KDNP government does just the opposite, in the construction industry our monumental buildings are renovated, their original condition and original splendor are returned to them.
One great example of this is the Kaposvár railway station, which was renovated a few years ago.

There will be a link at the end of the article with more pictures worth checking out. And in the comment we place an image (before / after)

The Kaposvár railway station received the Construction Industry Award in 2019. And on Tuesday, a sign announcing the recognition of the building was inaugurated.
Speakers at the event were Tamás Antal Nyiszter, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of MÁV Zrt., Imre Peresztegi, President of ZÁÉV Zrt., Dr. János Tóth, Secretary General of the Transport Science Association, Károly Szita, Mayor of Kaposvár and Tibor Pallay,

A 3,000-square-foot building was renovated
In his speech, Imre Peresztegi said that it was not an easy task to completely renovate the building, not least because of its size, as the station is more than 3,000 square meters. The President emphasized that important organizational and logistical tasks had also been carried out during the project, as smooth rail traffic had to be maintained during the renovation.

The specialist also stressed the task of strengthening the basement structure of the building as a significant challenge. The speeches were followed by the handing over of the commemorative plaques, from which, in addition to the general contractor, the subcontractors also benefited. By name
ZALA-ELEKTRO Kft. (Zalaegerszeg)
PK-É.H.K. Architectural Bridge Construction and Trade Ltd. (Pécs)
and Kapos-Kész Kft. (Kaposvár)

The original world of architectural design has become restorable
We previously interviewed András Diós, chief engineer of the ZÁÉV project, about the railway facility that won an award in the category of Monument Restoration and Building Rehabilitation. The specialist revealed a number of interesting details about the value-saving work. The character of the characteristic triple-section main building designed by Ferenc Pfaff has deteriorated over the past century, and was even hit by a bomb during World War II. Thus, the renovation of the station started among the first in the renovation program of MÁV Zrt.

The designers of the reconstruction did significant monumental research and found several plans, original photographs, and drawings that used to make the renovation authentic.

The wall research revealed several details that made it possible to restore the original world of architectural design and decorative painting. In addition, building engineering and electricity, railway safety technology have been renewed in line with today, and the facility has been expanded with a new function with the steering window.

📌Source, more pictures: Hungarian Builders

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