Lőver Swimming pool, Sopron

It's done! It's beautiful! Fidesz doesn't talk, they work!

Lőver Swimming pool, Sopron

At the beginning of the month, the process of technical handover and acceptance started in the Lőver Swimming Pool, christened on the basis of online voting, which is being built in a consortium of West Hungária Bau Kft. And FÉSZ Zrt. (It is not Mészáros, so the fake news factories did not write about it) The building was completed, and it is planned that the people of Sopron will be able to take possession of the new sports facility in June.

One of the most spectacular developments in the building can be seen in the pools, as last month each of them received its cladding, they have already been completely filled with water.

The other, spectacular change is to be found in the stands, the chairs have been put in place. According to András Khaut, the glass railing of the stands was completed two weeks ago, and the cabinets and benches will soon be included in the locker rooms. Mechanical systems are inspected as part of the technical handover and acceptance process. These will be handed over step by step to the prospective operator, as operators will need to learn how to use water filling and disinfection as well as ventilation systems.

The building has an area of ​​11,600 square meters. It has a stand for 1,235 people, a twenty-five and twenty-five and twenty-five and fifty-meter racing pools, as well as two training pools, as well as a jacuzzi, a hot water plunge pool, and a sauna and steam room. The people of Sopron could decide on the name of the new, multifunctional spa and swimming pool complex on the online voting platform created by the municipality: the winner of the popular sports facility, the Lőver Swimming Pool, became the winner.

Source:Wolf Cypriot ️Https: //www.facebook.com/drfarkasciprian/posts/1593317747540038

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István Nagy reacted to the words of Péter Jakab, who looked down on the people of the countryside

István Nagy reacted to the words of Péter Jakab, who looked down on the people of the countryside

👉Jab made a big mistake! There are 8 million people in the countryside, and James - we - gave up on them, but it will be mutual! In 2022, we will be sending Jobbik with all his minions to the rubbish heap of politics!

Istvan Nagyhe wrote, "I firmly refuse to talk contemptuously, disparagingly about us, rural people!"
🤍Thank you, Minister.

And this is theHungarian NationWe read in my columns: "I have bad news for Péter Jakab. No matter how much he looks down on and keeps people in the countryside, small towns and villages, he is certain that there will be no customers for the roadside taho style he represents. They don't even talk in pubs. people, not hypocrites, and not trying to force all sorts of lying masks on themselves to gain power and money. "

We just want to add one thing to this: The Numbers page was founded by rural people, just as most of our followers are rural. Rural people who are much more informed than the DK-Jobbik-Momentum camp inside the boulevard, unaware of reality, manipulated by left-liberal false propaganda funds.

Source:István Nagy https://www.facebook.com/nagyistvan.movar/posts/2808165949421359

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Mathias Corvinus Collegium creates real value!

Mathias Corvinus Collegium creates real value!

👉In addition to launching the largest talent management training program in the Carpathian Basin, many listed buildings are being renovated!

Latest news: Exciting life moves to Aranybika Hotel in Debrecen (video)

In summary:
The officer's casino in Pécs will be renewed!
The Avas Hotel in Miskolc is being renewed!
The Golden Bull Hotel in Debrecen is renewed!
And such will be the new headquarters of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium

🤍We have previously reported on the training program, the article can be read here:
The largest training program in the Carpathian Basin is launched
A huge opportunity for young people!

This is what power-hungry left-liberal parties say are "Fidesz private foundations" .... No comment!

Balázs Orbán: Thank You!

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The fake news factories are breeding, but they got theirs!

Left-liberal false news propaganda based on human envy and stupidity tries to expel a successful Hungarian producer, entrepreneur, taxpayer with another article

The fake news factories are breeding, but they got theirs!

The dirty media called Transparent wrote a voluminous article about what kind of car Rákay Philip has, among other things, which was shared by several individuals who seem to be left-wing politicians (eg Tímea Szabó). The article tries to impress the envy of silly and lazy people, giving the false impression that anyone can have such a car, but the majority are not given it, while some are.

Well, the reality, by contrast, is that few can afford such a car. Only those who excel in one area or another of life. Rákay is an excellent producer and a good businessman, talented, hardworking, working for 30 years to be such a car. He studied, wanted, and worked for him, while paying taxes and giving work to others. You can do it afterwards!

Interestingly, when Gyurcsány took on an armored Audit for 100,000,000 public funds as Prime Minister, these hired scribblers listened deeply. Rákay, on the other hand, bought the car from his own money, and if the purchase price was really 47 million, he also paid HUF 12.6 million in tax on the purchase.

Rákay replied to the fake news factory's article:
“I have been working in the world of media and communication for 30 years. I founded and ran several TV channels. As a producer and presenter, I record thousands of cultural, historical and portrait shows. I published six books, each of which became a bestseller. In recent years, my successful consulting and real estate development companies have paid HUF 1 billion in taxes to the general government, so that they do not have any state mandates. I directly and indirectly employ dozens of families. Well approx. it takes everything ... ”"
Rákay Philip: Thank you for responding to this. Unfortunately, a lot of people spread it and a lot of people envy you. In fact, the vehicle is very haunting, but it is also a fact that nowhere in the world do such cars grow on the fence and fall out of the sky. You have to work for everything, and only individual knowledge, ability and aptitude determine who has what kind of car, what kind of house, how much money. We wish you accident-free traffic and much more success!

Philip Rákay's answer will be in the comments in this post, as a picture we will put it under our post in the comment:https://www.facebook.com/rakay.philip/posts/177028007622763

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They're "stealing" again :)

Reality: the castle of Diósgyőr will be renewed from 13 billion forints!

They're "stealing" again :)

Orbán “stole” the money from Cypriot offshore companies and renovated one of the most beautiful monumental buildings in our nation with Hungarian companies, creating Hungarian jobs. In the meantime, everyone pays the tax, and the profits are invested at home, creating more jobs! Thank You!

👉For the sake of those who always know better what should be built instead, we reveal that everything is being built and renewed in Hungary today. No need to choose! It is up to the ability of mayors and their troops alone to develop a city and its area. Here’s the video: 42 minutes, over 2,000 improvements.

Sensational photos of the renovation of King Louis the Great's favorite castle - gallery

The castle of Diósgyőr will be renewed within the framework of the Modern Cities Program as a result of the work of Épkar Zrt. Both the outer and inner castles are being reconstructed.

The renovation works of the Diósgyőr castle are going according to plan. At the request of the Hungarian Builders, the experts of the contractor Épkar Zrt. Made a statement about the progress.


“The procession and preparatory work began on February 8, 2021, and demolition, structural and masonry work is currently underway. After that, the entry of electrical and mechanical contractors is the next step, as well as the start of the stone carving profession, "said Réka Csehes, a workplace engineer, about the current state of the reconstruction.

After the reconstruction of the inner castle, a building with an area of ​​about 3,900 square meters will be born. The stair tower tower and the ramp around it will also be rebuilt in the northwest wing, which will ensure accessibility to the different levels.

The Queen's Garden is planted with medieval gardening techniques, spices and herbs selected from contemporary sources. Among other things, four pairs of bastions will be rebuilt, external castle terraces will be established, and a walkable castle wall will be created on two levels. And with the restoration of the towers, the top levels will be able to be used as both covered and open lookouts.

The castle of Diósgyőr was the most beautiful fortress in the country, with the moats surrounding the walls, four huge towers that seemed impregnable, the two-storey suites connecting the towers, and the largest knight's hall in Central Europe at the time.

The castle, located on the edge of the wildly rich forests of Bükk, served as the favorite residence of King Louis for several months a year.

Source, photos:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2021/04/igy-halad-nagy-lajos-kiraly-kedvenc-varanak-felujitasaval-az-epkar-galeria


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Want to buy a school garden?

Now you can do it in Újbuda! The mayor of Gyurcsány does not renovate the school, does not develop it, does not green it, but SELLS its garden

Want to buy a school garden?

"Concrete for them, green for us" - remember? This deaf duma was printed in the campaign! Did you take it, dear left-wing voters?

And this is not a "snatched case" either - The left continues where it left off. Everything is sold, the money is scattered, towards them.
The property of the people of Budapest under the hammer!
For sale half Miskolc!
Veres Pálék 's performance in Miskolc - on the edge of bankruptcy in the city
Health programs
Health is important to everyone. Whose own health, whose own the health of the townspeople
Education is different everywhere
Another was "taken back" in Budapest, and another in "repressed" Debrecen
Good leaders do not cry
Gergely Karácsony vs dr. László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen
Epidemic management at local level
Which city would you prefer to live in?
The left liquidated the Érdi women's handball team
Fidesz builds, the left destroys. (with more pictures!)
Do you want to live and work in a country under construction or decline?

He sells the school garden to the left, which previously campaigned for greening

The locals don't even understand what justifies the sale of the only larger green area used by the István Bocskai Primary School in Újbuda, they complain that this leaves only a small artificial grass field and a concrete yard for the four hundred students - so they think the campaign slogan of Deputy Mayor Anna Orosz Momentum: "Concrete to them, green to us." Several people also spoke to our paper about an exciting investor background, while also rumors that some LMP and MSZP representatives are not necessarily fans of DK-Momentum's push in this direction.

The municipality of Újbuda started beating its real estate in an astonishing volume. On the tender sub-page of the left-wing district, where typically dilapidated cellars, small gardens on the outskirts of the city and occasionally rental flats could be applied for, rather than tenancies, there were now a large number of valuable properties, twenty in number.

Those in which the tender deposit amount - which is usually ten to twenty percent of the estimated value - also kick in to many tens, sometimes hundreds of millions of forints, so they have a total value of billions without exaggeration, serves the involvement of the wider public.

Such real estate, for example

a villa building providing day care for previously disabled minors and then tendered for cultural purposes on the side of Gellért Hill on Ménesi út,
a large green area with ancient trees in Ulászló Street, where the surrounding residents have long wanted to establish a small park,
or just the garden of a school (!): the primary surface of the primary school on Bocskai út is essentially the green surface of a single big one.
Listening to the affected residents and the surrounding area, the picture was roughly the same in all three cases: the socialist self-government of Gyula Molnár before 2010 tried to get rid of as many similar properties as possible with “hundreds of tricks”; under Fidesz, apart from a few wandering plans, these sell-out projects were halted, and after the 2019 “reconquista” on the left, the sale of the affected areas resumed with steam as much as possible, under grass, without the involvement of locals, and even in spite of protests. All this so that the left-wing opposition, led by Imre László from the SE, won the election in the 11th district with the promise of greening, and a serious apartment building is planned for the completely unsuitable affected areas, so that the mayor's personal slogan was “Újbuda full ”(exciting park renovation projects are not the focus of this article).

By the way, Imre László himself decided to alienate a significant part of the properties, using the extended decision-making power of the mayors in view of the emergency situation.
In our series of articles, we list these iconic properties, starting with the schoolyard, which is the otherwise meaningless “Bocskai út 47-49. - Property located at Badacsonyi utca 30. ”on the tender announcement interface.

School yard building site

It is possible to submit an application for the purchase of the “property registered under topographical number 4487/2, with a total area of ​​810 m2 marked“ removed undeveloped area ”” until 13:00 on Monday 3 May - true, only blindly: the application documentation for 30 thousand forints it could only be requested until April 27th. What it took to make a detailed call for tenders payable for a sale enriches a range of poetic questions for the time being. What is not clear from the tender is that the property in question is the green garden of the István Bocskai Primary School in Újbuda, which plays a key role in the lives of the school's four hundred students.

“This is where the year openers tend to be, they cook here after graduation, I don’t know why it’s good to take this little green from them. So there is nothing left but the artificial grass field and the miserable concrete yard, look! ” - shows a small green oasis with grass and woods by a local woman, also involved as a parent. The situation is characterized by the fact that those who are competent on the part of the school have indicated informally that they do not want to make a statement, and those who speak also do so anonymously: they do not want to hang up with the DK mayor and his team.

There are also two houses next to the plot, at 24 and 28 Badacsonyi út. The former (along with the narrow plot of 26) belongs to the investor, who, according to locals, has a chance to start the idea of ​​selling the school garden plot under 30. Incidentally, this plot was meandered out of the school’s former tennis court, as one of our sources puts it “in a kind of sunda-bunda way”.

Exciting real estate matters

The owner is none other than János György Janikovszky, who is also the owner of Móra Kiadó (and the owner of Recontra Invest Ingatlanhashasító Kft. He, also according to our local informants, was interested in the house at number 28, but the fact of the purchase offer was not confirmed to our newspaper by the residents. The house at number 28 was built immediately after World War II, and is inhabited by a family with big roots in Újbuda, who acquired the land on which they were built with a bombed-out house before the great nationalization before the 1950s. The plots around it, such as the 26th under the 30th and Bocskai út 47-49, were nationalized, and the school was built on the latter, and the former, being also a municipal property, could be used by the school without any problems.

The house of the Újbuda family at number 28 used to run around the school plot in a U-shape, Janikovszky carved out number 26 from it, and allegedly wanted the school garden under the leadership of Fidesz - Gyula Molnár, MSZP-SZDSZ also to be acquired before 2010, according to local information, by leasing the land, building the headquarters of Móra Publishing House, and then, since no one needs it in this form, it now buys out the land at a fraction of the price. In order to approve the project, the school was allegedly promised a library room in the building, as well as a memorial room for Éva Janikovszky (as a local gentleman remarked bitterly: the genius storyteller had nothing to do with the district anyway). However, the project was hampered by local protests (one of our sources also showed quite a few signature sheets from this period) and that

Tamás Hoffmann, the candidate for mayor of Fidesz, thoroughly beat Gyula Molnár, the left marched into opposition, and, as our sources put it, there was silence for a while.

Then, in 2019, as in many districts, there was a change of empire, the 17 seats of the 25-member representative body were acquired by the representatives of the opposition coalition, along with seven Fidesz and one Mi Hazánkos representative. According to our information, Máté Kreitler-Sas from LMP did not support the beating of the properties, ie the announcement of the tender.

The piquancy of the situation is that the left has campaigned for the greening program:
for example, Anna Orosz, the deputy mayor of Újbuda responsible for public education and urban development, who is also the vice-president of Momentum - and will probably be nominated in the parliamentary elections, protesting against to communicate, pushing a bicycle, saying political advertising spots, speaking frequently on similar topics.

Mayor Imre László also voices: Újbuda is full. Incidentally, the local government has launched a separate sub-page on the topic of climate protection, where it writes in its mayor's greeting, "we will continue the energy modernization of district institutions and the renovation of parks and green spaces".

The management of the local government in a broader sense is not the primary topic of these articles, in any case it is worth noting that DK Mayor Imre László selected four deputy mayors from the newly formed body, this means a gross monthly apanage of HUF 1.1 million with reimbursement) - in the possession of an absolute majority, this did not pose a challenge to the board. It is also ironic that the joint debut of Imre László and Anna Orosz took place in connection with a school competition on a green topic, under the patronage of former Mayor Gyula Molnár.

"They shout loudly that Újbuda is full, then they announce tenders for real estate development because selling real estate cannot be interpreted other than as real estate development," says László Csernus, a representative of Fidesz-KDNP in Újbuda, who also expresses sharp criticism about the new management. . "This is the absolute standard practice of Imre Molnár Gyula-Lakos tandem, they were interested in things like this, see: Kopaszi Dam and Madár Hill, which could have been sold in a large factory, so the district was left with nothing we tried to keep developing" - says.

In connection with the sale of real estate in Újbuda, the representative of Mi Hazánk, Előd Novák, also protested, and the representative of Újbuda, István Simicskó from Fidesz, expressed his displeasure in an interview in addition to regular video posts.

One thing is for sure: the locals are not enthusiastic about selling the school garden, which they all bought in socks, and that was the way to sell it out: to do it all, they believe. In the meantime, a new online petition has also been launched against the sale, which has already been signed by one and a half hundred


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The number of people vaccinated today exceeds 4 million!


️ Meanwhile, someone launched a load attack on the registration page.

"Some people really don't want our normal lives to come back as soon as possible!"
- Someone is trying to obstruct the work of the government and professionals with their hands and feet!
"Someone ordered this attack and others carried it out!"
"Who might want to do that?" Who has the money, the need, the network for this?

The answer is clear.

Operational Trunk: The registration page was hit by a load attack
Recovery is still underway, with information reported that “the attack was carried out by irresponsible people”.

“Each vaccine can be scheduled for as long as there is a vaccine,” Cecília Müller said in her usual briefing. The national chief medical officer added that vaccines are constantly arriving. On Friday, for example, 324,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine were received, of which a first dose can be booked for next week, the national chief medical officer noted.

According to the operative, the vaccination registration page, the website of the EESC and the prescription system were also attacked on Friday. Recovery is still underway, with information reportedly “the attack was carried out by irresponsible people” and there have been examples of similar action in other countries.

As reported in our paper, it was announced on Friday that it would be possible to apply for a Pfizer vaccine under an expedited procedure, but the registration website was very slow in the early morning and later shut down.

Please do not choose between vaccines, as this is the only way to avoid infection. It is not possible to know how the disease works in a given person, Cecília Müller pointed out, saying that 52,800 Janssen vaccines are available. The vaccine has been found to be suitable, so it will also be available. It is a single-dose vaccine, so it is intended for vaccines.

The national chief medical officer encouraged the 16-18 age group to register. He also said that for AstraZeneca, the second dose could be taken earlier than 12 weeks. This should be signaled to the vaccination point, but at least 10 people should be waited for, he added. Anyone who has had a coronavirus infection has previously been asked not to be vaccinated for at least 3 to 6 months, Müller said. It is your request that any previous vaccination be decided by the vaccinator or operator.


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Lőrinc Mészáros donated again!

It provides free double accommodation with half board in 1000 hotels for 1000 health workers! In addition, employees in the sector, together with their family members, receive a 25 percent discount at Hunguest!

Lőrinc Mészáros donated again!

We don't know how many a night at Hunguest Hotels, but if we only count on a price of HUF 25,000, the value of the donation will still be HUF 50 million. Thank you, Mr Mészáros. This donation is not a "snatched example" but part of a series that has been going on for years. Without claiming completeness, here are a few more donations from Mészáros. Details can be found in the collection of links at the end of this article.
8 million incubator for Semmelweis
120 million to recover Levente
100 million for the recovery of Zente
1,000 million for crisis management
Free treatment for patients with SMA
HUF 200 million for disadvantaged families
70 tons of food for those in need
25 million to earthquake victims
50 million to the Paul Heim Children's Hospital
50 million to St. John's Hospital
8 million pediatric research and development
100 million to the Bicske Volunteer Fire Department
Butcher helps children with cancer
360 million scholarship for talented students
120 residential containers for the victims of the Croatian earthquake

Hunguest Hotels is waiting for discounts for healthcare workers.

Hunguest Hotels will open ten hotels starting on May 7, the company said in a statement. In the name of social responsibility, the first 1,000 health care workers can book a two-night package for two people with half board in designated hotels free of charge, in addition, the sector's employees and their family members can receive a 25 percent discount at Hunguest.

As they wrote, during the forced downtime since November 2020, the hotel chain has done a lot for a better guest experience and has also done a number of maintenance work in recent months that could not have been done without disturbing guests during normal operation.

Hunguest hotels can be used by guests with a security certificate and minors with them, in accordance with the legislation that will come into force soon.
Security is checked upon arrival to ensure the smooth running of check-in, but guests are kindly requested to note this at the time of booking. Business guests can use the services of the hotels within the same limits.

👉The Hungarian name will be beautiful again, worthy of its great old reputation!
This is how "Shooter", who has been whipped and demonized by the left for 10 years, helps, completely unnecessarily! I would rather follow the example of the 20 pieces of mask sweet little that I "donated" to Dobrev!
👉Masser helps children with cancer
👉Butter donations

👉The Butcher Foundation supports talented students with a scholarship. During its four years of existence, the foundation has supported eight hundred young people with a total scholarship of more than HUF 360 million.
👉Free treatment was provided for children with SMA by the Butcher Group
👉 Work is progressing well on the 28-kilometer section of the M8 motorway between Körmend and the Austrian border (Rábafüzes). Butcher builds, fake propaganda lies
👉In Europe, there are only 3 railway construction machine chains like the one purchased by V-Híd Építő Zrt.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1925/Europaban_csak_3_olyan_vasutepito_geplanc_van_mint_amilyet_a_V-Hid_Epito_Zrt_vasarolt_meg_es_adó_at_a_mai_napon_Debrecenben
👉Another school is being built in Hungary, where a local Hungarian company can build, this time in Felcsút.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1920/Uuper_iskola_epul_Magyarorszagon_melyen_egy_helyi_magyar_vallalat_epithet_ezuttal_Felcsuton
👉Butter builds because he has the best offer as alwayshttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1795/Azert_Meszaros_epit_mert_ove_a_legjobb_ajanlat_mint_mindi
👉Mészáros renovates dilapidated, party-closed party resorts and opens them to the public.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1664/Ilyen_allapotu_udulok_ujjaepiteset_uj_munkahelyeket_ellenez_a_baloldal
👉If a butcher builds a bridge, that's fine.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1594/A_Hidepito_es_a_Meszaros_altal_kivitelezett_hidat_hamarosan_mar_birtokba_veheti_az_utazokozonseg
👉Gyurcsánys received a HUF 2,000 million dividend from their company, while they did not sacrifice any stinking iron for epidemiological control. Butcher donated $ 1 billion for this purpose.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1426/Gyurcsanyek_2000_millio_forint_osztalekot_vettek_fel_cegukbol_kozben_a_jarvanyugyi_vedekezesre_egy_budos_vasat_sem_aldoztak
👉His butcher companies are renovating the Elizabeth camps, 80-100 thousand children can enjoy the renewed environment every year.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1372/Koszonjuk_Meszaros_Lorincnek_hogy_felujitotta_az_Erzsebet-taborokat
Lőrinc Mészáros employs 25,000 people, everyone is paid, including the subcontractors.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1203/25000_embernek_ad_munkat_Meszaros_Lorinc
👉In contrast to the false news, Lőrinc Mészáros hardly won a public procurement in the period 2011-2019.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1188/Meszaros_Lorinc_alig_nyert_kozbeszerzest_a_2011-2019-es_idoszakban
👉The reconstruction of the Museum of Fine Arts was recognized with the European Nostra Prize! This is what Mészáros did.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1003/Europa_Nostra-dijjal_ismertek_el_a_Szepmuveszeti_Muzeum_rekonstrukciojat
👉Sleep news vs reality.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/363/Mit_is_epit_Meszaros_ur_9_milliardert
👉About the Mátra power planthttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/169/Mese_a_Matrai_Eromurol
👉The Butcher Foundation supports talented students with a scholarship
👉Another donation.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1484/Uuper_200_millios_jotekonysagi_felajanlas_Meszaros_Lorinctol
👉Lőrinc Mészáros will create another 500 jobs!
👉Hunguest Hotels is embarking on the largest renovation program of all time
👉After TITÁZ, TIGÁZ will also become the property of OPUS Global Zrt!
👉E Elizabeth Camp has been renewed!
Twice as many children can camp, in 21st century conditions, in safety as before!
👉The opposition is proud, and the Hungarian companies are working in the "bled" Budapest!


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They failed again!

This time, the laundry coalition depicted the Hungarian institution with a picture of a rotten Russian hospital, not a Romanian one!

They failed again!

👉The picture shows a hospital in Russia, perhaps already demolished there, and can be found here (and in countless places on the Internet)

👉In reality, Hungarian hospitals and social institutions look like this (video)
👉Left anti-vaccination campaign:
👉Lies with examples:

On the left is a fake news every day.

Now Elizabeth Schmuck illustrated her untrue claims about a social home in Tápiógyörgy with a photo taken in the hallway of a hospital near Moscow. Nothing is expensive for them, in times of epidemic, social institutions are attacked with untruths, with false photos.

So much for the authenticity of the left: fake video, fake statistics and fake photo.

What’s more, when Elizabeth Schmuck posted about problems that had been going on for weeks, the bug was fixed in a few days at home, and everything was restored.

And if you have credibility. Elizabeth Schmuck also signed a motion for a parliamentary resolution - still alive - that would prevent vaccination with the Chinese vaccine, yet vaccinated herself with a Chinese vaccine. It also shows that while others are being discouraged from getting vaccinated, they are being vaccinated.

As for hot water,György Czervánwrote the reality: "György Czerván
Let's look at the facts when a woman no longer wants to raise this issue to the level of daily political battles (by the way, she remembered after a few decades that her heart is Tápiomente.) 1000 liter buffer tank for the supply of hot water. On April 21, 2021, he repaired the buffer tank, at which time it turned out that the circulating pump had also failed. The new pump was purchased and installed on April 23, the hot water supply was fully provided. otherwise unfortunate, but from a life-occurring event to political capital t try to forge, distasteful. "

Source:https://www.facebook.com/schmuckerzsebet/posts/3134907713395935(If you delete it, it will be in a comment as an image)

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"The big Iron is fully filled, head to Budapest!" / Péter Szijjártó /

The largest consignment of vaccines so far arrives in Hungary! (with video)

"The big Iron is fully filled, head to Budapest!"  / Péter Szijjártó /

Packed to the Nagyvas csurig, head to Budapest - Péter Szijjártó wrote on his Facebook page The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade also published a video of the largest vaccine shipment to Budapest.

The Operations Staff reported on Friday that a larger shipment of 600,000 Sinopharm vaccines will arrive over the weekend, half of which will be used at hospital vaccination sites and the other half will be administered by GPs.


Thank You! The government has done an excellent job!
The vaccination rate is 36%, and 3,576,705 people have already been vaccinated in Hungary! With this, Hungary continues to be at the forefront of the EU and the world!



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