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Orbán made a good decision

In the new government, economic development, defense, agriculture, industry, innovation, foreign affairs, and finance were given prominence.

Orbán made a good decision

If these are okay, there will be money for education, health, sports, and everything else. These tasks will be performed by existing ministries.

️Conceived assignment of tasks instead of demagoguery! The areas of emphasis create the CONDITIONS for spending sports, health and education to work. The fact is that these areas only carry money, while industry, agriculture, innovation and finance create the resources to make them work, defense creates security for all of us and, of course, we need energy and food. There are times when you need to prioritize correctly!

A separate Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Education or Ministry of Health would now be a great luxury! The world is experiencing an economic war, with successive announcements of food export decisions and who knows when the war in Ukraine will end.

We have described this only for the sake of those who missed the independent ministries in the areas listed. These are TASKS that the government will continue to do, but in our view, these are not the most important and energy-intensive areas right now.

Here are the names and ministries:


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The fifth Orbán government!

Home before all!

The fifth Orbán government!

Here is the list:https://bit.ly/3yRDQs3

️We wish you a successful job! One thing we ask for: Let us not enter into any joint agreement with Brussels, because they will be beaten in the same way as the Recovery Fund, where we have taken responsibility for other Member States, but we have not received any money to this day! Energy policy must remain a national competence!

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Hidvéghi in the European Parliament

Huge speech! We enjoyed every second!

Hidvéghi in the European Parliament

For those who do not know what is perhaps the most important statement today, we recommend Balázs Hidvéghi's latest speech in the European Parliament. Here is the video:https://bit.ly/3ME8GrE

️It is a pity that the camera does not show the heads of the camouflage, left-liberal, extremist, corrupt politicians ... . Hungary is a sovereign state, we decide on matters that concern us and we will not ask for permission for anything. This also applies to energy policy.

🇭🇺 Balázs Hidvéghi: THANK YOU!Just hard! We can do it with such authorization!

No matter how the left-wing MEPs in the European Parliament try, Hungary will not give up its right to make its own decisions, it will not give up its culture, it will protect children and it will preserve its peace and security, said Balázs Hidvéghi, MEP of Fidesz. MEP in Strasbourg, speaking to Hungarian journalists on Tuesday.

Following a debate in the EP's plenary session on the state of the rule of law in Hungary and Poland, Balázs Hidvéghi said the European left and the Soros network were still unable to digest the results of the Hungarian elections and the strong referendum on the child protection law.

The Hungarian people made a clear decision on April 3: they wanted to continue the Fidesz-KDNP government, they chose peace and security, and they expressed a clear opinion in favor of child protection, he recalled.

Regarding Tuesday's EP debate, the MEP said he had repeatedly heard "lies and vile attacks repeated to the point of boredom".

"It is no longer the facts that matter, not reality, but an ideological attack, political pressure."

An exclusionary mindset is what determines the EP's politicians and their proposals, ”he said.

According to him, in his speech during the debate, he reiterated that Hungary still believes in respectful European cooperation, where differences and similarities are respected.

He stated that Hungary must speak in every forum in defense of the Hungarian people. Hungary is an independent country, it supports European cooperation, but it refuses to accept dictatorships and blackmail from Brussels - added Balázs Hidvéghi.

Brussels - and this Parliament in particular - has increasingly become a complacent, postmodern witch-hunter club that wants to impose a narrow and radical ideology on everyone else. And if someone resists, as we do, they start blackmailing with sanctions and aggressive attacks, ”the politician called.


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Of the 133 brave people, 135 have become brave people!

Libsik! Power belongs to the people!

Of the 133 brave people, 135 have become brave people!

We wish you a good job! Thank you for working for us!
We will continue to follow the news, and we will also report on the most important results on this page. We make sure that the left-liberals do not get close to power either, because we do not have the money to fund their treacherous policies.

Family, home, nation - we go forward and not backwards!

Máté Kocsis wrote to left-liberal livelihood politicians:
Just to avoid any misunderstanding today:
Parliament is the workplace of elected representatives, so it should be taken seriously like any other workplace. The relevant rules are laid down in the Basic Law and the Parliamentary Act.
A Member whose salary is only important but who does not go to work does not follow the rules is not worthy to be an official of Parliament.


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The new Parliament will be formed on Monday!

In the next 4 years, the interest of the Hungarian people will come first!

The new Parliament will be formed on Monday!

Libsik! Sing, "The power belongs to the people, the power belongs to the people."
The people have decided on these proportions, and you will respect the traditions of Hungarian parliamentarism, otherwise in 2026 we will introduce Fidesz-KDNP by four-fifths, you will go to the bench.

We supported Fidesz and Viktor Orbán because we saw that they were the only governing force that represented the interests of the Hungarian people and Hungarian companies. We do not need political slogans, but gas, petrol, tax cuts, family support, wage increases, new jobs, border protection, national politics, and so on. As long as Fidesz stays on this path, they can count on us too!

The term of office of the parliament begins with the inaugural session and lasts until the formation of the next Parliament.
Pursuant to the Basic Law, the President of the Republic convenes the inaugural sitting of the National Assembly within thirty days after the election of the members of the National Assembly. The new Parliament will begin its work on May 2 at 11 a.m. - read the resolution. The term of office of the parliament begins with the inaugural session and lasts until the formation of the next Parliament. At the inaugural meeting, the President of the Republic proposes the person of the Prime Minister, whose election requires the vote of more than half of the deputies.

Also at the inaugural sitting, the Speaker is elected by secret ballot and the Vice-Speakers and the Registrars by open ballot, according to the parliamentary law, on the proposal of the faction leaders. In the absence of a joint motion, the leader of the largest political group shall be entitled to submit a motion to the President. In that case, the Vice-Presidents and the Registrars shall be elected on his proposal, after hearing the political groups. The housekeeper is elected on the proposal of the president. The elected representatives shall submit their credentials to the President of the Republic prior to the inaugural session of the National Assembly.

The inaugural meeting shall be opened by the Head of State, who shall provide information on the receipt of credentials. After the senior president and the notary public take office, the chairman of the National Election Commission and the chairman of the National Electoral Office report to the National Assembly on the election. After taking a decision on the outcome of the verification of credentials, MEPs take an oath and then decide to accept the election reports without debate. Also at the inaugural session, after the adoption of the election reports, the formation of the political groups will be announced.

In the parliamentary elections on April 3, the Fidesz-KDNP won 135 seats, the Consortium of DK, Jobbik, LMP, MSZP, Momentum and Dialogue won 57 seats, while Our Country 6 seats. The National Self-Government of the Germans in Hungary has won a mandate.


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We did it!

Orbán: We have won a huge victory! So much so that it can even be seen from the moon, but from Brussels anyway!

We did it!

We trusted to win, but we didn't dare dream of two-thirds! It was worth working for 2.5 years! Congratulations to Fidesz and Viktor Orbán! We wish you a successful and productive governance for the next 4 years! This victory is the biggest victory of the right so far, the result of the work of hundreds of thousands of people!

Congratulations to János Lázár, who also beat the pseudo-right captain of the left-liberals in his own district.https://bit.ly/3iZoPv1

Viktor Orbán's victory speech (video):https://bit.ly/3x2lWlp

This is our 4th two-thirds win in a row!

️The left-liberals could not defeat Viktor Orbán and Fidesz-KDNP, neither separately nor together, nor with Jobbik, without Jobbik, nor with an anti-vaccination campaign, but even with the involvement of their foreign networks.

Thanks to our readers and followers for the many shares! Without them, our site would not have been able to function! We reached millions of people together every month, 4.5 million in March! We wrote about this in detail here:https://bit.ly/3wY7ISx



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Viktor Orbán: We have won so much that it can even be seen from the moon, but definitely from Brussels!

99.9% that you have the 4th two-thirds!

Viktor Orbán: We have won so much that it can even be seen from the moon, but definitely from Brussels!

It will be a significant event in Hungarian political history after the change of regime on April 3, 2022: since 2010, Fidesz has won the fourth parliamentary election in a row, so Viktor Orbán will be able to form a government again. The parliamentary elections on Sunday, and the expected valid and successful referendum on child protection held at the same time, proved that Hungarian democracy is alive and well.

Once again, it has become clear that the public law framework is stable and provides sufficient guarantees against external attempts at interference and internal abuses. This is also confirmed by the turnout data: nearly 70 per cent of those eligible to vote voted and voted validly. Although the official outcome of the vote is yet to be seen, it can already be seen that Fidesz-KDNP has done a political historical feat: in the history of free and fair Hungarian parliamentary elections, a party coalition has never won a victory in 4 consecutive parliamentary elections. confidence of the majority of voters.


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It was really a man's job!


Left-liberals could not defeat Viktor Orbán and Fidesz-KDNP, either separately or together, with or without Jobbik, with lies or an anti-vaccination campaign, or even with the involvement of their foreign networks.

Viktor Orbán and Fidesz won a huge victory despite an epidemic, a forced shutdown, an economic crisis and a war situation! We wish the Fidesz-KDNP representatives, ministers, state secretaries and, of course, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán more fruitful work!

We have done everything a civil society can do for common success here on the Numbers page!

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