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We will elect in 2022! Part 2!

We will elect in 2022!  Part 2!

👉Do not be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Orbán will be able to pay the visit fee, he won't be in need of a 13-month pension, but you're not sure!
👉Seeing the success of the first part, we also prepared the second part of the confrontation post. Share both in as many places as possible!
🟢First part:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/posts/324010979076042

👉Let's look at the details in the second part!
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w0B92t
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/2RaFgdq
13th month pension
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bnHCfU
Visitation fee, hospital per diem
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3eB072x
IMF Loan, PPP mutyi:
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w25Lkm
Border protection
Left side:https://bit.ly/3uK2JRl
Home renovation support
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/2SIJzgG
Proportion of those in need
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3tFMLGC
Baby waiting support
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3vWUNwg
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w1j2tm
Proportion of people living in overcrowded housing
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3y7hfVx
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bhixmL
Administrative procedures
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bhixmL


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Let Hungary remain a Hungarian country!

Without comment

Let Hungary remain a Hungarian country!

Come on Fidesz! Together we will succeed again!

More than 3400 "explanations" (articles, videos) can be found on our website:https://szamokadatok.hu

👉Only some of these:
Here is the "stolen money" video
We have something to be proud of! The biggest results of Fidesz since 2010!
Thus, the government “does not help” retirees
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3401/Igy_nem_segit_a_kormany_a_nyugdijas Installations
Thus, the government “does not help” Hungarian families!
Thus, the government “does not improve” health care!

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The government will recover the wasted state property!

The government will recover the wasted state property!

👉Gyurcsánys sold everything they could, state-owned companies, utilities, valuable real estate, zeroed in on gold reserves, took out an IMF loan, and charged Hungarian taxpayers with 40-year PPP contracts. This era is over! We hope forever.

👉What we should be proud of! The biggest results of Fidesz since 2010!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3131/Van_mire_buszkenek_lennunk
👉Country building (video)https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/287195332858965
👉Crimon's crime record: The list is NOT complete!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3364/Ime_a_DK_valasztasi_programja
👉DK: "We will return the stolen property to the Hungarians" You can start!

The government is recovering the wasted state property

The state's assets must include elements that are strategically important, their operation is economical and profitable, and absolutely necessary for the performance of state tasks, said Andrea Bártfai-Mager, according to the latest summary, the value of state assets is close to HUF 18,000 billion. The minister without portfolio responsible for managing national wealth stressed that the increase was the result of government policy since 2010.

The assets of the Hungarian state are approaching 18,000 billion, which means that the book value has increased by 52 percent, or about 6,000 billion forints, compared to 2010, the minister without the portfolio responsible for managing national assets said. Andrea Bártfai-Mager said: the Hungarian state manages public property in a good way, which has been growing steadily in recent years.

While the value of state assets was HUF 11,650 billion in 2010, it reached HUF 17,743 billion by 2020.

The Minister recalled, all this is the result of the fact that the primary goal of the government's property policy since 2010 is to increase, rationally and economically utilize state property.

- The composition of the dynamically growing state property is 62 percent real estate and 21 percent corporate share. The remainder is supplemented by other assets such as movables. The 6,000 billion in wealth growth comes from real estate purchases on the one hand, and real economic growth for companies on the other, which is a consequence of the strengthening after the crisis, he added.

Among the transactions of the last decade, the Minister highlighted acquisitions in the energy sector.

- In order to preserve the results of the overhead reduction, we established the National Utilities (NKM) operating the electricity, natural gas and district heating business lines of the national utility service through targeted acquisitions.

With the rethinking of the strategic and managerial role of MVM Magyar Villamos Művek Zrt. And the reorganization of the support activities in NKM, the integration of the MVM Group and NKM was achieved. The resulting national service provider is able to implement a successful regional strategy and contributes greatly to Hungary's security of supply and the utilization of renewable energy sources - justified Andrea Bártfai-Mager.

The Minister called it a significant step forward that the member companies of the MFB Group are working to enable Hungarian companies to access more extensive financing solutions. In the field of lending, they perform development institutional tasks by expanding the range of own-source products, increasing their risk appetite, and channeling European Union funds to a dynamic market.

In the cooperative credit institution sector, the merger process was completed in 2019, as a result of which all savings cooperatives were merged into Takarékbank Zrt., Thus creating the fifth largest banking group in Hungary. Thanks to the merger, the unified Takarékbank, both in terms of business and IT, will provide better, more up-to-date products and services to its customers throughout the country.

"The result of the increased state's role in strategic sectors since 2010 is that the number of state-owned companies is now close to six hundred," said Andrea Bártfai-Mager. He stressed that the basic expectation for companies is to manage effectively.

Turning to the public service providers, the Minister said that their primary task is to create security of supply and, ultimately, to serve the interests and well-being of Hungarian families. They should also contribute to the effective achievement of national economic and governmental goals.

- It is necessary to get rid of assets that do not serve social purposes. Thanks to the public and transparent online auction interface created in 2015 for the purpose of portfolio cleaning, the state has received nearly HUF 60 billion in revenue so far, the minister said. - We have moved closer to the goal that the scope of state assets actually includes such elements of assets that are strategically highlighted, their operation is profitable, their ownership is absolutely necessary for the performance of state tasks. In the course of our work, we strive to ensure that the state has a clean, value-creating asset portfolio that can greatly contribute to increasing the country's competitiveness, said Andrea Bártfai-Mager.

Enrichment instead of cerebral palsy
"Left-liberal politicians who are supporters of the European United States think that nation-states are bad farmers, so everything must be swept out, sold, privatized," Imre Boros told the Hungarian Nation. However, according to the economist, the state can indeed be a good farmer. Imre Boros believes that it was a good step that half of the banking system operating in Hungary fell into Hungarian hands. According to him, it is best to acquire property in the field of public services (water, gas, electricity) and in strategic sectors. This also happened in Hungary after 2010: the state bought gas storage facilities and became the owner of large energy companies. László Parragh also mentioned energy transactions and the repurchase of Mol shares when contacting our paper about acquiring positions in sectors of national economic importance.

According to the President of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Orbán government manages national property according to completely different principles than did the pre-2010 cabinets, which have squandered many assets. "There was a spectacular privatization during the Bokros package, but the Gyurcsány government was also at the forefront of the sale of national assets," László Parragh remarked, emphasizing that the assets that were not wasted or repurchased were also characterized by natural growth. "In addition to recoveries, new elements have emerged and become more valuable among state property, the importance of which has really come to the fore in recent years, such as property rights related to IT and digitization," he explained. He added that both the transport infrastructure and the vehicle fleet have developed tremendously in recent years. (Gergely Kiss – Balázs Pintér)

Castles in private hands
The hotel industry was a typical area of ​​privatization during the so-called spontaneous privatization from 1989 to 1992 and during the decade. In 1992, the Hungarian National Holiday Foundation was established as the legal successor of the Directorate-General for Recreation of the National Council of Trade Unions, which registered a total of 365 properties with less than twenty SZOT resorts, valued at HUF 4 billion. Mikosszéplak, Szilvásvárad, Tóalmás, Zalakomár).

Most of the castle assets are still in private hands: for example, Taurus Rt., Which listed the Zichy castle in Seregélyes, was sold in 1996 by ÁPV Rt. To Compagnie Financiere Michelin. By 1998, 88 castles and palaces remained in state ownership, by which time the castles of Abony, Bodajk, Kéked, Kisbér, Sopronhorpács, Sülysáp and Vál had been privatized. Later, the foundation established Nemzeti Üdültetési és Vagyonkezelés Kft., Which later became Hunguest Vagyonkezelő Rt. In 1996, with the help of a bond issuance scheme, the holiday property became essentially privately owned by Tamás Leisztinger, who owned the hotel until 2016, which, after several changes, is now owned by Opus Global Zrt., The largest domestic hotel company with 22 own and partner hotels.

The Hungarian listed company also owns the company operating Balatontourist campsites, most of which are still municipally owned due to the ill-considered privatization in this area. Last year there was a favorable turn in the navigation on Lake Balaton, instead of the previously fragmented and resource-poor management, the role of the state came to the fore again. In order to ensure the competitive operation of shipping on Lake Balaton, the state acquired a 75% majority stake in Bahart with a capital increase of HUF 6.6 billion. (Katalin Thurzó)


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Today our Basic Law is 10 years old!

God, bless the Hungarians!

Today our Basic Law is 10 years old!

What is the Basic Law?
The Constitution is the basic law of the state, the highest level of legal norm that contains the most important rules related to the structure and operation of the state. The Constitution is the highest level norm in Hungary, so it is not possible to enact legislation that is contrary to its content. The Basic Law is the basis of Hungary's legal system. The Basic Law and legislation are binding on everyone. The provisions of the Basic Law must be interpreted in accordance with their purpose, the National Creed contained therein and the achievements of our historical constitution.

When was the Basic Law adopted?
On April 18, 2011, the Parliament passed the new Basic Law of Hungary, which was solemnly signed by President Pál Schmitt on Easter April 25, 2011. The new standard text entered into force on 1 January 2012. The text of the norms, repealed by the new Basic Law, was adopted by the National Assembly on 18 August 1949 in its original form on the basis of the 1936 Soviet Constitution. This was the XX. Act No. Although the Constitution was amended several times between 1949 and 1989, and fundamental, radical amendments were made in 1989, until January 2012, the XX of 1949. Act No. 1 was the Constitution of Hungary.

Why was a new Basic Law needed?
With the adoption of the new constitution, Hungary also symbolically closed the past, as Hungary was the last country in the former communist region to replace its Soviet-style constitution. The new constitution opened a new chapter in the country’s history. The basic law, dated 1949, is now being replaced by a constitution written by Hungary itself, committed to national and European values.
On the other hand, the new text of the norms creates the constitutional guarantees necessary for economic renewal, reduction and restraint of public debt. The aim of the new Hungarian constitution is therefore not primarily to change the system of public law, but to bring about economic and intellectual renewal after twenty years of searching for the way behind us.

What does the Basic Law provide for?
The Constitution defines the most important segments of the Hungarian socio-political-economic system. The text of the norm consists of five parts, in the following order: Preamble (National Creed), Basic (state form, territorial structure, symbols, holidays, European integration, Hungarians living abroad and nationalities living in Hungary), Freedom and responsibility (constitutional fundamental rights), state (see constitutional system), Special legal order (emergencies).

The Basic Law begins with the National Creed, which fixes Hungary's place in Western civilization and recalls the spiritual values ​​and historical facts that are outstanding in the history of our country. The constitution denies the statute of limitations against crimes against humanity committed against the Hungarian nation and its citizens under the rule of the National Socialist and Communist dictatorships. The preamble suggests that Hungary's freedom today can be traced back to our 1956 revolution. He emphasized the importance of the struggle for freedom and independence.

With the adoption of the new constitution, Hungary reaffirms its commitment to the values ​​of the rule of law and democracy, preserves the traditions of Hungarian parliamentarism within the framework of the republican state form, and maintains the proven institutions of the current state organization. At the same time, compared to its previous regulations, the examination of the constitutionality of laws, the so-called preliminary norm control, expands. During the ex-post norm control, the Constitutional Court will also have the opportunity to review specific court judgments on fundamental rights. The constitution guarantees the independent and unaffected administration of justice in accordance with the rule of law. A single and efficient ombudsman office will be set up to protect the rights of nationalities. In the process of adopting the budget, the Budget Council will have a veto in order to keep public debt under control.

The Constitution expresses Hungary's commitment to the common constitutional values ​​and traditions of the European Union, enshrines the individual and community rights of the country's citizens, regardless of nationality, and defines fundamental freedoms in the spirit of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The new constitution sets out not only fundamental rights but also obligations. He expresses that the main common values ​​are: family, order, home, work and health. The Constitution emphasizes the importance of protecting families and human life.

Both in its preamble and in the text of the norm, the new constitution states that the nationalities living in Hungary are part of the Hungarian political community and state-forming factors.
The new constitution states that Hungarians living outside the border are a full part of the nation.

Thanks to the public debt brake, future generations have been given constitutional protection, no generation can live up to its next future. Although the right to vote for children has not been enshrined in the constitution in accordance with the will of the people, there is a strong recognition of parenting, parental responsibilities and the principle of joint burden-sharing for families with children.

The constitution contains a new, prominent chapter on public finances.
The Basic Law will be joined by a number of pivotal laws that will regulate each area in detail. Such as. laws on local government, election of members of parliament, protection of families, state property, prudent state management and budgetary responsibility. The pivotal laws will be passed by Parliament in 2012.

Who can amend the Basic Law and how?
A proposal for the adoption of a Basic Law or an amendment to the Basic Law may be submitted by the President of the Republic, the Government, a parliamentary committee or a Member of Parliament. The adoption of the Basic Law or the amendment of the Basic Law requires the vote of two-thirds of the members of Parliament. The Basic Law or an amendment to the Basic Law shall be signed by the Speaker of the National Assembly and sent to the President of the Republic. The President of the Republic shall sign the Basic Law or an amendment to the Basic Law within five days of its receipt and order its publication in the Official Gazette.

We quote from the Basic Law

WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE HUNGARIAN NATION, at the beginning of the new millennium, with responsibility for all Hungarians, declare the following:

We are proud that our King St. Stephen put the Hungarian state on a solid footing a thousand years ago and made our country a part of Christian Europe.

We are proud of our ancestors who are fighting for the survival, freedom and independence of our country.

We are proud of the great intellectual creations of the Hungarian people.

We are proud that our people have defended Europe in struggles for centuries and enriched their common values ​​with their talent and diligence.

We recognize the nation-preserving role of Christianity. We appreciate the different religious traditions of our country.

We promise to preserve the spiritual and spiritual unity of our nation, torn apart by the storms of the last century. We declare that the nationalities living with us are part of the Hungarian political community and state-forming factors.

We undertake to nurture and preserve our heritage, our unique language, the Hungarian culture, the language and culture of the Hungarian nationalities, the natural and man-made values ​​of the Carpathian Basin. We have a responsibility to our descendants, so we protect the living conditions of future generations through the careful use of our material, intellectual and natural resources.

We believe that our national culture is a rich contribution to the diversity of European unity.

We respect the freedom and culture of other peoples, we strive for cooperation with all nations of the world.

We believe that the basis of human existence is human dignity.

We believe that individual freedom can only unfold in cooperation with others.

We believe that the most important framework of our coexistence is the family and the nation, the basic values ​​of our togetherness are loyalty, faith and love.

We believe that the strength of community and the honor of all people is based on work, the performance of the human spirit.

We have a duty to help the fallen and the poor.

We believe that the common goal of the citizen and the state is the completion of the good life, security, order, justice and freedom.

We believe that popular rule is only where the state serves its citizens, conducting their affairs fairly, without abuse and bias.

We respect the achievements of our historical constitution and the Holy Crown, which embodies the constitutional continuity of Hungary and the unity of the nation.

We believe that protecting our self-identity, rooted in our historic constitution, is a fundamental duty of the state.

We do not recognize the suspension of our historic constitution due to foreign occupation. We deny the statute of limitations for the inhuman crimes committed against the Hungarian nation and its citizens under the rule of the National Socialist and Communist dictatorships.

We do not recognize the communist constitution of 1949 because it was the basis of a tyrannical rule, so we declare it invalid.

We agree with the representatives of the first free Parliament, who stated in their first resolution that our freedom today emerged from our 1956 revolution.

The restoration of the lost state self-determination of Hungary on March 19, 1944 is expected from the second of May 1990, the formation of the first freely elected people's representation. We consider this day to be the beginning of the new democracy and constitutional order of our country.

We believe that after decades of moral turmoil in the twentieth century, we are in dire need of spiritual and spiritual renewal.

We look forward to a jointly shaped future, to the commitment of the younger generations. We believe that our children and grandchildren will make Hungary great again with their talent, perseverance and spirit.

Our basic law is the basis of our legal system, an alliance between the Hungarians of the past, present and future. A living framework that expresses the will of the nation, the form in which we want to live.

We, the citizens of Hungary, are ready to base the order of our country on the cooperation of the nation.

Let's be proud to be Hungarians! We have the most wonderful Hungary in the world!

👉And now with 3 summary articles we show what we have achieved in the last 10 years!
Developments: this is how Hungary has been built since 2010! That's not all, but it's a lot.
We have something to be proud of! The government’s greatest achievements in the last 10 years. Wage increases, tax cuts, family support, etc.
10 years of civil governance (2010-2020)


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Opening soon!

We go! Come with us!

Opening soon!

At 4 million vaccinees, a wide range of services will be opened in the middle of next week, as well as hotels and the interior of restaurants for those with a certificate of protection.

👉If you haven't already, Sign up for a vaccination!
Don't listen to charlatans and livelihood politicians! It is not the vaccination that is to be feared, but the virus, in many cases its fatal consequences!

The picture shows our own security cards. We’re not just talking about this, we’ve even vaccinated ourselves!
Join the freedom club!

Viktor Orbán: Cinemas, theaters and hotels may open for the protected next week.

The number of people vaccinated has exceeded 3.5 million, so the terraces of restaurants can open from Saturday, and next week we will reach 4 million, then a wide range of services will be available to those with a protection certificate - said Viktor Orbán of Kossuth Radio Good Morning, Hungary! on Friday.

Answering a question at the beginning of the conversation, Viktor Orbán said that he had an exciting conversation with the head of the WHO. He wondered if there would be such a virus again. We did not make the opening dependent on the opinion of the WHO, he added.

The head of government announced that the number of vaccinated people in Hungary had exceeded 3.5 million, so the terraces of the restaurants could be opened from Saturday. “I also have a pint of beer on my terrace,” the prime minister remarked. He added that the curfew will start at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

Viktor Orbán said that by the middle of next week we are expected to reach four million vaccinees, after which a wide range of services will be opened to those with a security certificate: theaters, dance and music events, circus, coach and fitness rooms, ice rinks, zoos, libraries, museums, spas and swimming pools, playhouses, sporting events, adventure parks, and hotels and restaurant interiors can open.

The proportion of children attending schools and kindergartens was well above 50 per cent, the prime minister said. There is always a debate about the effectiveness of vaccines, and it has been made clear that the relapse rate is one percent among those who have one vaccine, Viktor Orbán explained.

Viktor Orbán also said that half of the adult population will be protected next week, but further registration is still needed. Now we have launched a new web interface that you can request an appointment, he added. You still have to be on the vaccination side, the prime minister said. The anti-vaccination voices are strong, the entire left belongs here, he added.

16-18 year olds will also be vaccinated

The Prime Minister also talked about the fact that if everything is vaccinated in Hungary, Hungarians can also come from the world to be vaccinated. People between the ages of 16 and 18 can be vaccinated with Pfizer, so as many Pfizer vaccines should be isolated as is sufficient for this age group. Information on the order of their vaccination will be published in the coming days. For the time being, Hungary does not undertake to vaccinate those aged 12-16, he added.

Regarding the extension of the emergency, Viktor Orbán said that the country's capacity to act must be maintained, and the government must remain able to act, as the epidemic has not passed. We have made a good decision to table this motion, he added.

We should talk with more dignity about those who died in the epidemic

The prime minister said there is a bad feeling in the man when a political battle is fought with the number of dead. He stressed that he was reluctant to take part in discussions about mortality statistics and believed that people should be given more respect, and it is just enough that a person dies. He added that somehow we still need to talk about the topic, but it should be done with more dignity.

Viktor Orbán said that Hungary is in a sustainable position in terms of deaths compared to the last year of peace. Point out: at home, no distinction is made between whether someone died in Covid or with Covid.

We are doing well with vaccinations because no one can tell Hungary what to do

The prime minister says there is too much interest in the background around vaccines. The interests of pharmaceutical companies are also intervening, so in many cases it is not possible to know whether there is money or professionalism in disputes over vaccines. There has also been a political debate over vaccines, but Hungary has missed it, the prime minister said.

He stated that there is only a good and a bad vaccine, not East and West, when it comes to life, it should not be turned into a policy, more and more people in Germany are setting aside the policy. what to do or not to do - said Viktor Orbán.

The prime minister said that the budget would have to be amended by decree in the future as well, as things change rapidly. The amended budget of 2021 and the budget of 2022 are also about the restart of the economy: we have launched a huge housing renovation program, businesses have received hundreds of billions of forints, he added.

Viktor Orbán said there was nothing to discuss at the talks in Brussels on Friday as the financial issues were settled. He added that issues concerning the future of the union are much more important than that. He also noted that he would like to see how the Union prepares for a similar epidemic situation and how the relationship with the new US administration develops and whether the union gets stuck between China and the US.

Recognition also goes to the police
Unlike the period of socialism, today people do not see an oppressive organization in the police, but a guard of the order, the prime minister said. He stressed that if there is no clear order, there is no freedom. “The place of the police in the minds of the people is among the respectable occupations, I spent a lot of time with them during the crisis. At the same time, they had to protect themselves against migrants and take stricter border control measures because of the epidemic. Public order has not disintegrated in the current epidemic situation either, ”said Viktor Orbán.

In addition to doctors and nurses, police officers are also recognized for their work, the prime minister noted.


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Today is World Heritage Day!

And the government is not talking about this, it is acting!

Today is World Heritage Day!

Hundreds of listed buildings have been renovated in the last 10 years! During the renovations, the buildings regained their original splendor and provided them with functions!

👉In the video on Country Building we presented a lot of such examples, it is worth watching! 18 minutes 40 seconds, but it's worth watching the whole video!

👉 Opposition program: O1G
👉Government programs (the list is not exhaustive!)
Steindl Imre Program
Healthy Budapest Program
Hungarian Village Program
Hospital development program
National Hauszmann Program
National Public Education Infrastructure Development Program
National Castle Program and National Castle Program
Modern Cities Program
Nursery construction program
Széchenyi 2020
National Afforestation Program
Carpathian Basin Kindergarten Development Program
Zrínyi 2026 Program
National School Renovation Program
50 Renewable Railway Station Program
Ödön Téry National Tourist House Development Program
Home Renovation Program

👉The following castles will be renovated within the framework of the National Castle Program:
Bajna - Sándor – Metternich Castle
Dég - Festetics Castle
Fehérvárcsurgó - Károlyi Castle
Fertőd – Eszterháza - Esterházy Castle
Füzérradvány - Károlyi Castle
Geszt - Tisza Castle
Keszthely - Festetics Castle
Komlódtótfalu - Becsky – Kossuth mansion
Nádasdladány - Nádasdy Castle
Nagycenk - Széchenyi Castle
Oroszlány – Majkpuszta - Esterházy Castle, Camaldolese hermitage
Sümeg - episcopal castle
Free Snake - Wenckheim Castle
Szécsény – Benczúrfalva - Benczúr mansion
Szécsény - Forgách – Lipthay Castle
Tata - Esterházy Castle
Tiszadob - Andrássy Castle
Castle Palace - Zichy Castle

👉The following castles will be renovated within the framework of the National Castle Program:
Doba - Somló Castle
Eger - castle
Garland - castle
Kisvárda - castle
Miskolc – Diósgyőr - castle
Mosonmagyaróvár Castle
Nagyvázsony - Kinizsi Castle
Sárospatak - Rákóczi Castle
Sopron city wall and the related museum quarter
Sümeg - castle
Szigetvár - castle
Szögliget - Szádvár
Csesznek - waiting
Tin Castle
Várgesztes - castle

St. King Alexandrawrote: Hungary is wonderful!
We can say this boldly not only in relation to our natural values, but also in relation to our built heritage. There are hundreds of buildings in the country that also evoke our times of success and the more difficult, mournful moments of our story.
One of the priority programs currently underway, the National Castle Program and the National Castle Program, aims to preserve these values ​​and to add functions to meet the tourism needs of today in a way that is worthy of their endowments.

Thanks to the program, 30 monuments - 18 castles and 12 castles - will be renovated, and today I will show some of them on the occasion of World Monument Day.

After the renovations are completed, we hope to admire these buildings as soon as possible, which not only have a past but also a future.

Károlyi Castle (Füzérradvány)
The Füzérradvány Castle in the Zemplén Mountains is located in an unparalleled natural environment, at the foot of the Pajna Hill and the Korom Hill. The building, which was the predecessor of today's castle, was built at the end of the 16th century by Péter Réthey, in the then settlement called Radvány. The historicist style of the building is due to Count Károlyi Ede. He entrusted the design to Miklós Ybl, but he himself took part in it. Ybl's characteristic, arcaded, light architecture and the Neo-Renaissance rows of windows are still defining features of the castle.

Nádasdy Castle (Nádasdladány)
A legendary love in keeping with a tale, the memory of which is preserved in the walls of a castle built in the Tudor style… Count Ferenc Nádasdy knew what lifelong fidelity meant. His wife was swept away by the cholera epidemic at the age of twenty-four, never married again, and arranged every room of the dream nest of dreaming together as if Ilona Zichy was still alive. The plans were made by a Viennese architect, István Linzbauer, in the English Tudor style. Construction began in 1873 and in 1876 the building became movable. The interior work of the most ornate halls ran from 1876 to the early 1880s. After Linzbauer's death in 1880, Alajos Hauszmann took over the design work.

EKamalduli Hermitage (Oroszlány - Majkpuszta)
Where the mystery of silence, the power of simplicity, and sacredness are still touched today the inhabitants of a walled world have found completeness. In the depths of the northern Vértes forest, in the vicinity of lakes surrounded by reeds, lies the hermit Kamalduli hermitage, a monument complex of Hungary that is a curiosity throughout Europe. The hermit hermits made a vow of silence more than 250 years ago and could only speak to each other twice a year, at Easter and Christmas.

Mosonmagyaróvár - castle (Mosonmagyaróvár)
The history of the castle of Magyaróvár has Roman roots, as in the area of ​​today's castle gate there was a fortified legio camp and then, as a station of the lime road, a castrum called Ad Flexum on the well-protected island of the river Lajta. Construction of today's castle began in 1364, which was rebuilt several times over the centuries. It can be said that in Győr-Moson-Sopron County it is the only castle that is closest to the concept of a widespread castle in its current state. The Castle is surrounded on the south, west and north sides by its surviving fortifications, its cellar system, the castle garden (formerly a moat full of water), the castle bridge and castle gate, and then the castle and the Lajta River.

The full history of each castle and chateaux, as well as details of the National Castle Program and National Castle Program are available on the program website, the link can be found in the comment.
Source: nkvp.hu

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2,500,000 compatriots vaccinated!

The shops will open tomorrow and the services will restart!

2,500,000 compatriots vaccinated!

Thank You! The vaccination program and crisis management are excellent!

The Prime Minister of Hungary announced today that we have reached the number of 2.5 million people vaccinated in Hungary. Accordingly, from 07.04.2021, ie Wednesday:
🟢 The curfew is modified for the period from 10 am to 5 pm.
🟢 The shops can be open from 5 am to 9.30 pm. Stores, including those that have been closed since March 8, may be open under new square meter-based rules. (On average, there can be 1 customer per 10 square feet in the store under the new regulations.)
🟢 Temporary protection measures related to services will be lifted, allowing hairdressers, cosmetics and other service providers to open up.
The catering rooms may still not be open during normal operation, only those working there may be present in these units. Guests may enter the restaurants only for the time necessary to dispense and transport takeaway food.
Hotels are still not allowed to receive guests, except for business, economic and educational activities.
Let's take care of ourselves and each other!

🟢 And that there should be no allegations which we did not substantiate, here are the facts:
👉Crisis management: We collected the most important data in the article (list)https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3221/Az_ellenzek_szerint_a_kormany_valsagkezelese_megbukott
👉Vaccination program:

Source: Video of the Prime Ministerhttps://www.facebook.com/orbanviktor/videos/186162889832861

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Maiposzt.hu - the national news stream has started

Development of the Intellectual Workshop of Numbers against Censorship!

Maiposzt.hu - the national news stream has started

Many and we have long complained that Facebook and other monopoly tech companies decide for us what we can see in the feed and what we don’t, they decide who can post and who can’t, and they also decide that how many people can see a particular post. Facebook has a huge influence in public life, in political life, and as we have seen in the example of the United States, they can even influence the outcome of elections. In a world where the incumbent U.S. president can be banned, we couldn’t wait with his hands on his lap.
THEhttps://maiposzt.hua new approach to social media-based communication. We know that in Hungary, given the high number of users, the use of Facebook by right-wing opinion formers is inevitable. We also know that they are vulnerable to techies. We want to compensate for this vulnerability. We can partially override the will of the biased, left-wing liberal side, which gives a one-sided advantage to the left-wing liberal side, with the side.

THEhttps://maiposzt.hucompletely independent of Facebook and other social platforms, the content on the website is safe, no one can delete it and no one can hide it from us, there are no algorithms, no tricks. We have linked the most watched and interesting right-wing actors, national and county politicians, opinion leaders from the civil sphere, the media and bloggers to the site. The site cannot be commented on, shared or liked sincehttps://maiposzt.hunot a social network. However, with a single click under the original post, all of this is possible, so you can and should comment, share and like under the original post.
THEhttps://maiposzt.huit guarantees to the civilian side community that there will no longer be content that can’t reach large crowds because it’s hidden or blocked by tech companies. In the shadow, that is, the era of shadow prohibition is over.

Suppose Facebook chooses to disable a popular page for a reason. For example, Numbers. From now on, Numbers will continue to provide content not on Facebook, but on the Telegram page or on its own website. THEhttps://maiposzt.huits readers hardly notice that Facebook, in its fear of the national site and real values, has eliminated a page on its own social platform.
THEhttps://maiposzt.hua place in the world of censored social platforms that gives us free access to information whether someone likes it or not in the censorship centers of tech companies.

On the site, everyone can set for themselves which of the actors they find to follow and who they don’t. We recommend that you select as many sources as possible, including the Capital or your county of residence by default. But it is worth following not only the politicians of our own county, as it is often the case that content of national significance is shared by a politician from another county. Save the page as a favorite and run it at least once (or many times) a day. Its working principle is based on the already well-used scrolling, we tried to apply a method familiar to everyone. Below each post is a “I look at the source, I like it there” button, which makes it easy to navigate to the original location and react (like) and share there. It’s worth using this, as it will be complete if we share thousands of popular posts despite censorship. Clicking on the author's name will display the articles and posts of the given page, which are available on maiposzt.hu, and clicking on the Facebook (or other) icon after the author's name will bring up a new page, the original social media page of the given author. Videos start automatically, but in silent mode so as not to cause anyone any inconvenience due to unexpected music or other sounds. You can adjust the volume by clicking on the volume icon. Content posted to Facebook or any other platform will not appear immediately ahttps://maiposzt.hupage, but with a delay of about 15-20 minutes.

THEhttps://maiposzt.huShare the news of your departure with others! Let's be thehttps://maiposzt.huthe guarantee that neither Facebook, Youtube, nor other techies will be able to influence the outcome of the 2022 election with shadow banning and muting! THEhttps://maiposzt.huthe guarantee that we will no longer have to fear the dictatorship of monopoly community companies. We have made the site as simple as possible, no need to register, no personal information stored, access is free and unlimited for everyone.

And for public actors in the right-wing community, we recommend that everyone create their own static website! In recent years, many people on social media providers have believed that this is the future, only through them can reach the masses. The existence and operation of static websites will be extremely important in the future! As long as the given community platform allows national, right-wing actors to emerge and at most only lists their shared content backwards, we can’t believe we can act the way the incumbent U.S. president has been, a few months ago! If he had had a system where he could reach his followers without platforms called social media, he might have had less uncertainty because the internet was free, that was his principle. Only your own website can guarantee the security of the published content, from there no one can delete posts, articles, videos, only the owner of the website. We can help make the content you create on these websites reach millions! From that, they could even, and as long as possible, be on social media interfaces. On the other hand, we don’t have to fight life-and-death with techies to reach out to our friends, supporters, and other members of our community in the future.

We are waiting for ideas and suggestions to the address [email protected]! Information about the site is now available athttps://www.facebook.com/maiposzt.huwill be published on (you should follow this)
The content will of course be displayed onhttps://maiposzt.huwebsite as well.

👉Add MORE!
Together we will succeed again!

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The laws of our survival

2020.08.20 - Excerpt from Viktor Orbán's speech at the inauguration of the Togetherness Memorial

The laws of our survival

1. Home is only as long as there is someone to love;
2. Every Hungarian child is another guard post;
3. Truth is worthless without power;
4. Only ours that we can protect;
5. Each match lasts until we win;
6. Boundary is to the nation only, not to the nation;
7. No Hungarian is alone.

"Just as nature and the orbit of the stars have laws of survival and survival. And once we have understood them, we must engrave them on the pillars of Hungary so sharply that no generation can take their eyes off them anymore. there is someone to love! Every Hungarian child is another guard post! The truth is worth little! Only ours that we can defend! Every match lasts until we win! The border is only for the country, the nation has no! not alone! These are the seven laws of the national policy of the 21st century Hungary sweated with tears and blood. "

Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of the Nation.
The full speech can be read here, these are eternally valid words!https://miniszterelnok.hu/orban-viktor-beszede-az-osszetartozas-emlekhely-avatasan/


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The opening to the east saved lives!

Twice as few people would be vaccinated today if the government didn’t act in time and start procuring vaccines from all possible sources!

The opening to the east saved lives!

Type and quantity of vaccines arrived in Hungary
From EU procurement: 1,879,435 servings
From the East: 1,955,600 servings

Seeing the death tolls, it is understandable, then, that the government’s decision at the time saved perhaps thousands of lives.

1,870,631 people have already been vaccinated in Hungary! As 2 doses of vaccine per person are required, this means 3,741,262 doses of vaccine. It is possible that the second dose has not yet been given to everyone, but for those who have received the first dose, the second is also provided, stored until the day of administration, thus ensuring that the vaccine will be available when needed. So far, a total of 3,835,035 doses of vaccine have been received, the two amounts show that there were only 93,773 vaccines that did not yet have a "place", they were either on their way to a vaccination site, had just been administered or were being checked by the authorities. The government and health care do not "spit out" vaccines, but administer them as soon as possible. The initial distrust is slowly being replaced by "melee" and now everyone wants to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

It is telling, then, that the anti-vaccination campaign of the left ... (slowly let's say Dobrev understands it) ... M E G B U K O T T!

Another shipment of AstraZeneca, much less than originally promised, arrived. According to the original delivery schedule, 191,638 doses of vaccine should have arrived, instead only 21,600 doses of vaccine had been received. Hungary now has 5 vaccines, thanks to which vaccination may have accelerated and the number of vaccinees has already exceeded 1.8 million and Hungary is in second place in the EU in terms of vaccination.

Contrary to the lies of the left, there are no millions of doses of vaccine in warehouses, most of the vaccines that have arrived in Hungary so far have been vaccinated for first and second vaccinations, and all vaccines arriving in the country are delivered to vaccines and GPs in a short time. A vaccine that is already in the country but has not yet been vaccinated is either a contingency reserve for second-round vaccination, or is currently being shipped, or is under official investigation and has not been approved for vaccination until it is completed.

We have increased the amount of bound Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine from 6.5 million doses to 10.9 million. Hungary has thus tied up a total of 31 million doses of vaccine. Of this, 24 million doses of vaccine are expected from EU procurement, 8% of which have so far come from three manufacturers (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca). The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has already announced that it will also recommend the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for distribution in the European Union, but delivery is not expected to begin until the second half of April. Hungary expects 4.36 million doses of the Janssen vaccine, which will allow the same number of people to be vaccinated, as it is the first single-dose vaccine.

Following the slow and low supply of vaccines from EU supplies, Hungary has also contracted to procure Russian and Chinese vaccines to speed up vaccinations, with a total of enough vaccines to vaccinate an additional 3.5 million people in the coming months. The Chinese vaccine has so far received 1.1 million doses, which have been and are still used by GPs for the first and second rounds of vaccination in registered elderly people. The Sputnik vaccine received so far has vaccinated registered seniors at hospital vaccination points, with the latest shipment still under official investigation. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced on 4 March that the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) had started an ongoing review of the Russian-developed vaccine against Sputnik V (Gam-COVID-Vac) coronavirus. According to the EMA communication, the EU applicant for the vaccine is a German subsidiary of the Moscow-based pharmaceutical company R-Pharm.

The National Institute of Pharmacy and Food Health (OGYÉI) announced on March 22 that two more oriental vaccines (CanSino and CoviShield) may soon be available in Hungary. If the negotiations are successful and vaccine shipments arrive in Hungary from new sources, then - as before - all production batches can be used after the approval of the National Center for Public Health (NNK).

The Hungarian government is in favor of the public in the matter of vaccine purchases. Last week, Gergely Gulyás, the Prime Minister, unveiled the Chinese and Russian treaties. In addition, the government has asked the European Commission to make public the vaccine contracts it has concluded with Brussels.

We are in a steep ascent of the third wave of the epidemic, the number of patients is growing, so the vaccination strategy has also changed. The goal is to get the first vaccination as soon as possible. Vaccination of registered elderly people is still the first, because they are more exposed to the severe or even fatal course of the viral infection due to their age. 71% of those over 65 registered so far have already been vaccinated.


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