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12 points about why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!

We want Hungary to remain a Hungarian country! Pass it on if you can!

12 points about why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!

No pseudo-right Gyurcsány puppet will be able to deceive the majority!

With 12 comprehensive articles (and another 4,000 on our website), let us tell you why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance! For the sake of clarity, let's say: we are not paid by Fidesz, Mészáros or Megafon - no one! We are "merely" field taxpayers, and we support the current government, we edit this page because we love our country, we know we have experienced how bad our lives were under the left government, and we see how much more humane Hungary is now. , how much better life is, how much more is the opportunity now. Fidesz is not "handing out fish", but giving us the opportunity to "fish", and that is the only right way! Home, family, work - there is no other alternative!

️The only program on the left is to "dismantle the Orbán system." Ok, and what happens next? Where will the jobs, family support, pensions, health care, education, national defense come from? Hmm?https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/4122/2022-es_valasztas

Let Hungary stay


You thriveShe

You're rightm

Family friendlyt

Your healths


Environmentally friendlyt



His unitys

The more Hungary is attacked from abroad, the more we will gather around Viktor Orbán, and with the fourth two-thirds victory in 2022, we will tell everyone our opinion about how we see the world!


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Peace procession on October 23!

Only 7 days left! We will there! And you?

Peace procession on October 23!

We will show that we are the majority!

Find our friends in the "Numbers" t-shirt who will share a flyer and support our site by inviting your friends to follow the site as well!

Route, assembly:https://www.facebook.com/fidelitas.hu/posts/10159683116843431
Peace March again: hundreds of thousands are preparing for it

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The biggest Peace March so far is coming!

If you are waiting, pass it on!

The biggest Peace March so far is coming!

We'll be there
👉The time is approaching when, due to the ever-worsening provocations, we can move forward together on the Peace March on an unprecedented scale, suggesting peace, inviting the operational tribe and all our compatriots involved in overcoming the pandemic, personally acknowledging their heroic work.
- announced László Csizmadia, President of CÖF-CÖKA at a press conference on Tuesday.

The Eighth Peace March can give strength

After a three-and-a-half-year hiatus, a peace march begins again, which is the largest civilian initiative in Hungary after the change of regime. The event announced for October 23 also commemorates the police terror in Gyurcsány fifteen years ago. According to the organizers, the primary goal of this year's parade is to show that many people stand for the sovereignty of our country.
We do not want to think about our future in an imperial system based on a certain party ideology. We must preserve our sovereignty!

László Csizmadia, the founder of the Civil Co-operation Forum (CÖF), told our newspaper about the peace procession convened for the 65th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution and the War of Independence. He added that there is increasing pressure on the Hungarian government and, at the same time, on the Hungarian people from Brussels. Meanwhile, he continued, the left is simply allying with Brussels to overthrow the government. According to him, Brussels is trying to enforce its will with the financial support of the domestic left. "Democracy is only where people can have their say on their own destiny issues, live their lives the way they want," he stressed.

Speaking from the left, he said:

Between 2002 and 2010, they had already proven themselves, and in 2006, during an afternoon, a bloody republic was established with state terror on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road and Astoria.
“I said earlier that the next peace march on October 23 will take a stroller with children sitting in our arms along the route where they committed this misfortune. The left has already twisted my words. We want to march peacefully, we want to preserve the silence, this cultured message, and we don’t want a skirmish like the one that happened fifteen years ago on October 23, ”he pointed out.


- The incredibly noisy and aggressive left-wing propaganda campaign should not be allowed to distract anyone. The peace process can add strength to this as well, said András Bencsik, the editor-in-chief of the Democrat. Citing Robert Schuman, one of the founders of the EU, he stressed that Europe will either be a Christian or not. András Bencsik also announced that a dangerous political criminal was preparing to return to power, called Ferenc Gyurcsány.

- The former Prime Minister, the President of the DK, trusts in oblivion. We have to show that this man cannot return - András Bencsik emphasized.


Political scientist Tamás Fricz put it this way for the Democrat: another peace march is needed because the globalist forces that have developed a leading role in domestic and foreign policy, international public opinion, segments of society in the last two decades are preparing for the final battle: the national , they want to overthrow sovereignist, conservative and Christian politicians and strive for total rule. - A spectacular and coordinated attack has been launched against Hungary, and they want to go for sure in the 2022 parliamentary elections. The struggle between globalists and sovereignists has reached its peak.

We have to show that not only our politicians are fighting for our traditional values, but also the Hungarian civil society, because without us the fight cannot be won, Tamás Fricz declared.

He added that now a cultural iron curtain has descended into the middle of Europe, and although Hungary was on the wrong side during the Cold War, this time we are on the right side. "There are no irresistible and invincible forces, only those against which no one is opposed." The peace march resists and defeats the seemingly invincible mainstream, the political scientist explained.


The peace process is the largest civilian initiative in Hungary after the change of regime. In the first round in January 2012, "We will not be a colony!" with a password, about four hundred thousand stood up for the Orbán government, which had been the crossfire of domestic and international attacks. Such a huge crowd in Hungary has never demonstrated under an existing government. During the second Orbán government (2010–2014) - mainly on our national holidays - five more peace marches were held afterwards, four in Budapest and one in Gyula. At every event in the capital, hundreds of thousands stood up for the national government and believed in the independence and sovereignty of our country. Hungarians living across our borders and Poles wishing to express their sympathy for the government also joined the procession.

The sixth movement, organized a week before the 2014 parliamentary elections, was the biggest peace march of all time, according to organizers, and certainly contributed to Fidesz's second two-thirds victory.
According to the Interior Ministry, the number of participants was 460,000. At the end of the third term of the Orbán government, three weeks before the 2018 parliamentary elections, the seventh peace session also moved nearly four hundred thousand people. It was then that the photos, which can now be called historic, were taken, depicting the endless crowd and flag forest marching on Margaret Bridge.


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1,000,000 signatures! Huge success!

Fidesz's petition was signed by far more people than those who took part in the opposition pre-election dungeon!

1,000,000 signatures!  Huge success!

It can only mean one thing: WE ARE THE MAJORITY!
In 2022, we will go to the polls, and with the 4th two-thirds victory, we will deal a final blow to the opposition that wants to harm Hungary and the Hungarian people!
👍 if you're there too!

The referenced video:https://youtu.be/tlA9wYJ4HIM
Even his own minions sent Ferit far away!

Many people do not want Ferenc Gyurcsány to return to power, this is what Stop Gyurcsány shows! Stop Karácsony! More than one million Hungarians join the petition, said Fidesz's communications director on Kossuth Radio's Sunday newspaper, in which he also spoke about the fact-finding delegation of the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) to Hungary.

István Hollik said about the pre-election: Ferenc Gyurcsány, since he has not been able to win parliamentary elections for a long time, he organized a "small house championship" for himself. The numbers all show that Ferenc Gyurcsány overcame the left again and called it instructive that the attempt to renew the left with the last placement of the Momentum also failed.

He said that it is obvious to everyone that Ferenc Gyurcsány is the leader of the left and that the pre-election is no longer at stake. The only question is whether the candidate for prime minister of the left will be the wife of Ferenc Gyurcsány or mayor Gergely Karácsony, who has been working for him for more than 17 years, he said.

However, the stakes of the 2022 parliamentary elections will be even higher: in a good half a year, we will have to choose between two policies, the state-building since 2010 and the policy of Ferenc Gyurcsány - István Hollik emphasized.

Stop Gyurcsány! Stop Karácsony! they want to reach out to all people who agree that they should not return to the politics of the past. He said they will be knocked out to everyone and the online filling option will be launched soon.

He highlighted while the Fidesz-KDNP government reduced taxes on businesses, the left raised them. The left has taken away the family tax credit, home-building subsidies, while the right-wing government will return the tax they paid to parents raising children next year. The left also took a one-month pension from the elderly and raised the overhead, in contrast, the Fidesz-KDNP government returns the 13-month pension to retirees and keeps the overhead cheap. This guarantees the safety of the elderly, he emphasized.

István Hollik also mentioned: Brussels will not pay Hungarian companies wages of European standard. It can be extracted by the Hungarian economy and this can only be done by building a work-based society if more and more people work, there is economic growth, consumption and thus businesses can develop, expand capacities, create new jobs and raise wages radically and dynamically, he said.

According to István Hollik, it is also clear that the Ferenc Gyurcsány wants a European United States, thus ending Hungary's sovereignty. He reminded that in 2010 Hungary was legally independent, but it was exposed because most of the public debt, the energy sector and the banking sector were in foreign hands. We had to regain our freedom, and with the freedom we fought, Hungary is “able to live well,” he added.

"For us, the EU is only a tool to achieve our own national goals," said István Hollik, adding that this requires a strong Europe, a Europe of nations, not another empire. Ferenc Gyurcsány, on the other hand, wants to surrender again to “uncritical alignment” and “dare to be small based on his policy”, now to Brussels. But we saw that this policy led to failure before 2010, he declared.

István Hollik also mentioned in the program: considering the composition of the LIBE delegation, it is easy to reach an agreement that “facts and reality do not disturb their clairvoyance”. He noted that the member of the delegation was, in addition to an LGBTQ activist, all liberal politicians who were constantly attacking Hungary. He pointed out that, according to the rules of procedure, such a delegation could not include a Member of the European Parliament from the Member State concerned, but that Anna Donáth, a liberal left-wing Member, was allowed to do so. First, the rules set by them should be followed, and then it is possible to start examining the organization and the rule of law in other countries, István Hollik said. He also talked about it: Tamás Deutsch invited the delegation to the CÖF truck, which presented the events of October 23, 2006, because if there was a violation of the law in Hungary when the rule of law was grossly violated, it was on October 23, 2006. Interestingly, the committee was not curious about this exhibition, he added.


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Army then and now

The government of Viktor Orbán is rebuilding the Hungarian Armed Forces! Respect and gratitude for it!

Army then and now

What did the left do? This!
December 11, 2004 Hungary provides seventy-seven tanks to Iraq
June 02, 2015 The Islamic State is pushing with T-72 tanks donated by Hungary to Iraq
Armed Forces 2002-2010. Only for those with strong nerves

What did Fidesz do? We will show you! (there are more links in the articles!)
The budget of the Hungarian Armed Forces will be HUF 1,003 billion next year!
Military industry development in Hungary: Defense, business, jobs!
Investment never seen before!


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It has saved thousands of billions for Hungary and Hungarian families by always stepping in time!

Viktor Orbán is a forward-thinking leader!

It has saved thousands of billions for Hungary and Hungarian families by always stepping in time!

We saved 550 billion forints by purchasing oriental vaccines!
It is invaluable why Orbán's decision protected Hungary in time, due to which they dictated and then followed the Hungarian practice beautifully and quietly.
Based on the decision of Viktor Orbán, our gold reserves have increased thirty times, while the price of gold has been growing steadily ever since.
We signed a gas purchase contract on time!

Hungary is left out of brutal overhead growth!

Gas prices have plummeted in several EU countries after they came in late and waited early in the summer to fill up their tanks, thinking prices would fall. Hungary has acted on time, it can safely cut off for the winter, and there is no danger of an increase in the overhead bill.

Gas prices in Europe have been steadily rising in recent times, which is a major problem, especially in countries that have accounted for themselves and when price increases started in early summer, they waited for winter pricing. Now, on the other hand, they could get the amount of gas they need for the colder months at record prices. Hungary started this process in June, so thanks to the new gas contract recently signed, you can look forward to the winter heating season.

Incidentally, natural gas shortages are causing global economic problems, which have doubled the price of energy in Europe in one year, causing businesses to shut down, for example in fertilizer production.

The situation is not expected to improve but worsen in the coming months. Winter is coming in the northern hemisphere to boost natural gas consumption, which is unpredictable, how cold it will be, and Russia’s Gazprom is unlikely to fill half-empty European reservoirs as energy demand grows in a recovery world, including China.

Not only did Hungary step in time in the field of filled storage, but thanks to its long-term contracts, prices, and especially prices affecting the population, did not fall, as has happened in several EU countries, which has led to a significant jump in their overheads. Therefore, several countries are working to introduce overhead reduction measures. The Romanian government has also raised a special tax on energy companies. In Romania, the sharp rise in the prices of electricity and natural gas could put millions on low incomes in a difficult position. But the situation is similar in several other Western European countries. In order to reduce the burden on the population, Spain and Greece have also announced measures to reduce energy prices for the population, and France is planning similar measures.

According to an international price comparison study of the Hungarian Energy and Utilities Regulatory Authority (MEKH) in August, residential consumers in Hungary can still count on the most favorable energy prices.

The average electricity price of residential consumers was 10.63 eurocents / kWh, which ranks the Hungarian capital first in the list of EU capitals. In August this year, the average household price of natural gas was 2.87 eurocents per kilowatt hour in Budapest, which is the cheapest among the EU capitals surveyed.

The average prices of electricity are the most expensive in Copenhagen, Berlin and London, at 33.82, 33.55 and 27.81 cents per kilowatt hour, respectively. The average household price of natural gas is highest in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Amsterdam: 22.33, 12.38 and 10.99 eurocents per kilowatt hour.

According to Reuters, gas market reference prices have risen by more than 250 percent since January. Gas prices in France and Germany also doubled during this period, mainly because reserves that fell below the five-year average due to the cold weather in April are now being replenished as winter approaches. The rise in energy prices was also due to the fact that for the first time recently, the price of a carbon quota per tonne jumped above 60 euros, while wind energy production fell far short of last year due to unfavorable weather changes. Soaring gas prices and weak wind power production have also captured the price of coal, tripling the unit price this year. Nevertheless, the use of coal in European electricity generation has increased significantly.

In addition, energy prices are not expected to fall any sooner, analysts warn that the current situation in Europe is likely to persist throughout the winter.

In this market environment, the fact that Hungary has recently managed to sign another long-term gas purchase agreement with Russian Gazprom can be really appreciated. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó pointed out, in this world full of uncertainties, the agreement can guarantee the security of Hungary's energy supply for fifteen years. He emphasized that the level of natural gas consumption in the European Union in 2020 was 400 billion cubic meters, and that, according to authoritative opinions, the importance of this energy source will not decrease in the foreseeable future.

The agreement is for ten plus five years, ie fifteen years, however, after ten years there is an option to modify or, if necessary, reduce the quantity purchased. The contract covers the purchase of 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The Minister also revealed that the price was much more favorable than what the Hungarian side had paid on the basis of the expiring contract concluded in 1995.

He added that thanks to this, the achievements of the overhead reduction can be preserved in the long run, Hungarian consumers will still pay one of the lowest gas prices in Europe.


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Since 2010, 3,000 churches have been built or renovated in the Carpathian Basin!

Viktor Orbán: We Hungarians have been a church-building nation for a thousand years!

Since 2010, 3,000 churches have been built or renovated in the Carpathian Basin!

"Educational Health Care Professionals" should watch these 3 videos first
👉This Orbán did with our public education institutions!
👉This Orbán did with Hungarian health care!
👉This is what Orbán did with our listed buildings!

Hungary has regained its future through its work since 2010, and the obvious sign of this is that "we Hungarians are not closing churches and schools" but building new ones. Every church can count on the help of the government in the future as well, knowing how important work the churches have done and are doing in preserving the nation and Christianity.

No policy can tell people how to live, yet it is the duty of every responsible policy to create a meaningful life opportunity for people.

Within the education system, the choice of church education is a free choice of values ​​for all citizens, which responsible policy must not only respect but also support, and support, our government.

In the last 10 years, 120 new churches have been built in the Carpathian Basin and a total of 3,000 have been renovated. In the life of Hungarian churches, "there has been no example of such prosperity and renewal in such a short time in the last hundred years."

In addition, Hungarian communities across the border are building a total of 160 nurseries and kindergartens with the support of the motherland.

Everywhere, modern, well-equipped institutions are being created that are able to fulfill their profession in the 21st century and prepare our children to cultivate Hungarian and European Christian culture.

The Prime Minister also took part in the consecration of the first Makovecz Church in Budapest. In the report of the Magyar Nemzet, he writes that the visual design of the Reformed church in Pesterzsébet-Szabótelep was put on paper by Imre Makovecz, but due to the death of the master, the plans were already completed by his student, Tamás Dósa Pap. Emőke Bagdy, whose father served as a pastor in Szabótelep, started collecting the money necessary for the construction.

The exemplary acoustics of the building were proved by the production of the orchestra of the Budapest Philharmonic Society, when the Mendelssohn Reformation Symphony was performed under the direction of Ádám Medveczky, the Hungarian Nation writes about the consecration ceremony.

Bishop Zoltán Balog, pastor of the Synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church, read from the verses of Part 5 of Book 2 of the Chronicles, which tell the story of the consecration of the temple of Solomon.

If a community comes to an important station, if you want to understand it, you need to turn to Scripture. If we dedicate a house to God, we must turn to the dedication of the first true temple

- warned Zoltán Balog, who recalled what had happened a thousand years before the birth of Christ: when the ark of the covenant arrived, first to the foyer, where everyone could go, then to the inner court, even the high priest could enter only once a year.

There was a small gap between the two wings of the cherubim, where the unbeliever had nothing. Centuries later, the pagan prince, IV. Antiochus went in and began to laugh: no one here, no god here. But as soon as he jumped out of his horse, he fell dead out of the saddle, the bishop recalled, then continued to explain the scripture's description: at the same time, after the prayer of Archbishop Dávid Illés, Something unusual has happened, priests are unable to carry out their vocation.

The glory of the Lord appeared in surprise. It appeared, so there was no need for the service of priests. The music, on the other hand, continued to play. And in music, the glory of the Lord, Zoltán Balog pointed out, noting that it is no coincidence that Johann Sebastian Bach is called the fifth evangelist.

The pastor put it this way, the presence of God takes care of the lives of all of us.

After the prayer of Archbishop Dávid Illés, Pastor János Börzsönyi, the pastor of the Reformed community in Szabótelep, summarized the history of the construction of the church. Then Béla Kató, the bishop of the Transylvanian Reformed Diocese, gave a speech in which he emphasized that Reformed churches are rarely named, but this church will rightly be mentioned for its famous designer.

- emphasized Béla Kató. - I am here because the community in Szabótelep expressed its wish that their church be a brother of the Church of the Togetherness of Bözödújfalu in Transylvania.

Thanksgiving is my first word, for if the Lord does not build the house, his builders will work in vain. I am grateful that God accepted my ministering offering to follow in the footsteps of my pastoral father in the service of building the house of the Lord.
- said Emőke Bagdy, adding: seven years ago the former dream started to come true, and three years ago it became a solid reality by laying the foundation stone, after 80 years of hope.

In his greeting at the ceremony, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán put it this way: we Hungarians have been a nation-building nation for a thousand years, and in the time of St. Stephen many people besides us could say that about themselves. However, he said, we are living in different times today: there are not more but fewer church-building nations in Europe.

He considered:
the great historical role and mission that Christian-Christian European civilization has played over the past 500 years is now weakening and disintegrating, giving up its sense of mission, its cultural and spiritual heritage, simply throwing away its future.

That’s when I remember how many times and how many times they wanted to catch up with us where no churches are being built today, just mosques, ”the prime minister remarked.

However, he stressed:

This is only possible if the state and church communities cooperate, which is enshrined in our constitution, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán emphasized. - Hungarians can only remain as Christians.

A country closed to borders, but a soul without borders: this is Hungary. Not only are we a nation-building nation, but in order to survive, we must be a nation-building nation. Each new church represents a bastion in the struggle for the freedom and greatness of the nation, the prime minister said.


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700,000 people have already sent a message to the left: STOP!


Never, so many opposition petitions have been signed so many! This is because WE ARE THE MAJORITY!
A camp of sober-minded, patriotic, family-centric ordinary Hungarians who have not forgotten the repressions before 2010 and who will prevent the left from having another chance to destroy our country and our families!

You have already signed the Stop, Gyurcsány on 700,000 people! Stop, Karácsony! petition. This means 700,000 genders for the failed Gyurcsány era.
Don't let the past go back!
Join the petition as many people as possible, no stopping!

️Remember the last big action of the left, when the National Consultation Archives were stolen under the leadership of Hadházy? They were collected for weeks and only 260,000 sheets could be collected or stolen. This is true, not a petition, but a similar "footprint" statement like Fidesz's petition, which also collects signatures in public spaces, it cannot be said that one requires an online presence and the other a personal presence.

These numbers, comrades!


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This is what Orbán did with our listed buildings!

You can hiss, butcher, torture, lie, wander, and do other ridiculous things!

And we thank you for making Hungary a Hungarian country!

Go Hungary!
Hungarians go for it!
Hajrá Fidesz-KDNP!

Reality spreads through divisions.

👉Before anyone comes to the hospitals, check out this video as well
👉More details:

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The budget of the Hungarian Armed Forces will be HUF 1,003 billion next year!

The budget of the Hungarian Armed Forces will be HUF 1,003 billion next year!

👉Gyurcsány donated the Hungarian tanks to Iraq, which later fell into the hands of a terrorist organization called the "Islamic State", killing innocent people with them.
Orbán does not increase the forces of others, but develops the Hungarian Armed Forces!

Recent news: Bokréta ceremony at the Lynx combat vehicle factory under construction in Zalaegerszeghttps://magyarnemzet.hu/belfold/2021/09/bokretaunnepseg-az-epulo-zalaegerszegi-lynx-harcjarmugyarban
And why is it important to strengthen and develop the Armed Forces? For that reason!

More examples
The first 10 Gidrans are just the beginning!
More than ️300, mainly domestically produced Gidrán, will be added to the army!
More Leopards arrived at the new Tata hangar
We bought new anti-aircraft radars
The Hungarian Armed Forces will receive a NASAMS air defense missile system
More Airbus helicopters are arriving at the base in Szolnok
Force development and modernization
Reminder: This is how the Gyurcsánys destroyed the Hungarian Armed Forces
Hungarian-made tanks, not a dream - a reality!
More Leopard tanks arrived in Tata
Zrínyi 2026 Program - the development of the Hungarian Armed Forces for the benefit of all of us and our country!
The Hungarian state wide-body cargo plane has arrived in Budapest!
Zrínyi 2026 Program: Hungary buys military machines suitable for landing.
Video: There is no strong country without a strong army.
Defense spending: we are still spending less on this than our NATO commitment.
Service cark

A logistics center is being builtt

Handed over the hundredth new bust

A new base for spare partsk

New shotr

It has been announced that the Army will acquire more than 300 new types of military vehicles
News from 2007:
👉The last tank formation in Hungary ceases
👉The Islamic State is pushing with T-72 tanks donated by Hungary to Iraq

Next year, the budget of the Hungarian Armed Forces will exceed one thousand billion forints, to be exactly 1,003 billion forints, the Minister of Defense said in a briefing in Veszprém for retired soldiers and military retirees.

At the forum, Tibor Benkő emphasized that in 2016 the annual budget was only HUF 299.1 billion, this year it was HUF 778 billion. He mentioned that every year they manage more money than the amount of the budget, because they receive extra subsidies from the state every year than in 2020, when they received 246.6 billion forints in one year.

According to the Minister, Hungary is “at the intersection of eastern and southern threats”, which is why the Hungarian Armed Forces must become the dominant military force in the region and be able to defend the country and the region. To this end, budget money to be spent on defense will reach two percent of GDP in 2024, and at least 20 percent of that will be spent on procurement.

Tibor Benkő expressed his joy that the national defense policy is also on the right track, that the old dreams have been realized in recent years through the launched force development, and this is also expected in the next period. He stressed that sourcing the most up-to-date equipment possible is the main direction, which is why they bought and are buying Airbus multifunction helicopters and Leopard tanks, among others.

The minister called the goal of restarting the Hungarian military industry, the production of Hungarian weapons and equipment, so that "Hungarian soldiers would be in Hungarian assets from head to toe".

As he said, the first steps have been taken, the country will also be able to produce small arms, aircraft, minesweepers, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, ammunition and gunpowder, and if it becomes self-sufficient in all areas, production capacities will be tied up in international markets.
Tibor Benkő stated that in addition to modern technical equipment, there is a great need for loyal soldiers who handle them well.
The Minister pointed out that with the abolition of conscription in 2004, the country's defense capabilities were significantly weakened, and that 30,000 active soldiers and 20,000 reservists, everyone from society, are still not enough to defend Hungary.

That is why special attention will be paid to ensuring the supply, one of the main tasks of the new commander, Ruszin-Szendi Romulusz, will be to set up voluntary reserve regiments in all regions, which are currently only in Székesfehérvár and Nyíregyháza.
There are plans to establish residential military high schools, after Debrecen they want to launch eight more in all parts of the country by 2030.


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