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Balance of immigration and emigration

More people are coming home than leaving the country!

Balance of immigration and emigration

Yet the liberal media has been advertising for decades how good it is to wash dishes abroad!

We have written about this topic before, but inspired by an article published by Növekedés.hu a couple of weeks ago, let's update our findings and graphs on emigration and immigration with current data.

The 2019 data are available in the CSO's statistics on the “international migration of Hungarian citizens”, which examines Hungarian citizens born abroad in addition to emigrating and returning Hungarian citizens. They can be dual citizens, but even the children of returnees born abroad (also) with Hungarian citizenship.

If we look at the whole picture, there were already 9,817 international migration balances of Hungarian citizens in 2018, so so many more people came home or moved to Hungary as foreign-born Hungarian citizens than left the country. By 2019, that number had grown to 11,384.

It is gratifying that if we look only at citizens born in Hungary, after the low point in 2014 (-20,029), the balance sheet shows 1,272 in 2019, so more people from earlier emigrants return than leave the country. In 2018, with almost 407 people, we were almost in balance.

The number of emigrants is decreasing year by year, which further supports the lies of the Marxist media (Index, 444, HVG, 24.hu, etc.) about Hungary, and the emigrants find out for themselves that the fence is not made from sausages anywhere else.

As of May 1, 2011, the restrictions on the free movement of workers were lifted in Hungary as well. This contributed greatly to the departure of princes and princesses to the rich west after 2011. After the prince has left the country, the patriotic reality asks him, “How old are you, prince?”. The prince replied, "26." The patriotic reality asks, "And do you still believe in fairy tales?"


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1956. "Because the water runs away and only the stone remains, but the stone remains."

Gloria victis! Glory to the heroes!

1956. "Because the water runs away and only the stone remains, but the stone remains."

We rely on our nation, our Basic Law, our patriotism, our family, our Hungarian culture, our integrity, our Christian faith, our work, our rights and duties, our traditions, and our common strength.

We will not kneel in front of anyone! We Hungarians are a proud, brave and talented nation. We defended our country from communism in 1956, today we protect it from left-liberal ideas! Learn from your past, Hungarian! - message this 1956.

Go Hungary!🇭🇺
Hungarians go for it!🇭🇺

Maria Schmidtwrite:

🇭🇺Let's take a look at exactly what we owe to the 1956 revolution and the war of independence:
➡️First, in vain have they tried to overwrite our national memory in order to eliminate, on the basis of an artificial and inhumane teaching, our love of patriotism, our commitment to the homeland. They failed.
➡️Although they tried to erase from our memory many great figures of our history, the memory of the giants fighting for Hungarian freedom and the independence of our country, they also failed in this.
➡️In vain did they do everything to put some of our greatest in the service of communist ideology - it is enough to think of only Sándor Petőfi or Attila József - they did not succeed either. They also failed in this.
➡️In vain did they erase or rewrite our national holidays with fire and iron, in vain did they create false days of remembrance, again only in failure.
➡️And in spite of doing everything to wash patriotism out of the souls of youth, to reprogram the brains of young people to be internationalists, this venture of theirs also failed. They also failed in this.
➡️The Communists were born losers, and they knew it. That is why we needed violence, terror, Soviet occupation and an occupying army. Because without them, they wouldn't have had a chance to fuck over us.
🇭🇺In 1956, the Hungarian Communists and the occupying Soviet empire faced the fact that ten years of terror had not been able to break the backbone of the Hungarians.

Because we were born on vacation.Hungarian Nation

If they do not come back again a quarter of a century after the fall of the council, everything will be different… But they have come. With the support of bayonets and tanks, they regained power with a blue-tagged galaxy. They, the Communists, were on one side. On the other and the nation bled in World War II, which could no longer count on the benefits of its masculine population, as who lost on the front, who broke the stone in prisoner-of-war camps, others chose emigration. We got the proletarian dictatorship. Stalin statues were erected, our churches were demolished, censorship, the one-party system, head-expanding seminars were introduced, the ÁVH was formed, the Recsk megny Decade was open. There were hardly any in his country who would not have suffered the red amok run. By the mid-1950s, the Communists themselves were suffering from a bell-ring, for whom the big black car could come…

October 1956 was twenty-third coded. The nation took its destiny into its own hands.

(I talked to Gergel Pongrátz, who had prospered for almost thirty years, over a long evening. " , and the war of independence was fought by the youth, the guys from Pest.If it depends on Imre Nagy, everything will be different.

Sixty-four years have passed, but the revolution is still not really over. There are many unsewn threads… Although “they” were obscured, others came in their place. The foreign agents who formed "Hungary" want our loss again and again. They are those for whom a nation born for freedom is always in their way.

And in the meantime, something else happened. The revolution became first a “counter-revolution”, later “unfortunate events in October”, then a bold uprising, and finally - three decades ago - a revolution again. We almost thought we had won, but the fiftieth anniversary came… The day - we are writing 2006 - when blood soaked the streets of Pest again. It happened - because it could have happened! - that on the half-century celebration of the big day, the Prime Minister of Hungary beat the Hungarian people who remembered their heroes with their riot police. He did this with the proud message of the vile: power is ours! And for him to be able to muffle the fake panel: "1956 belongs to all of us!" What a foolish lie! How would we all have the revolution in which one Hungarian defended his homeland from a foreign soldier on the barricade, while the other himself called on the aggressor to shed Hungarian blood? When one also undertook the bit for the nation while the other could hardly wait to wear a puffin? This “1956 belongs to all of us” is a solo of the great dressers.

Learn from your past, Hungarian! - message this 1956.


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We protect our national values!

We have given a response worthy of a globalist, liberal push

We protect our national values!

Go Hungary! Hungarians go for it!❤️🤍💚

📌1. The Máriapócs National Shrine and the Pócs farewells have been included in the Hungarian Treasury

Member of Parliament Simon Miklós announced:
The Hungarikum Committee accepted our application at its meeting in Lakitelek on October 15, and thus the Máriapócs National Shrine and the Pócs farewells were included in the Hungarian Treasury.🇭🇺
The long-term goal is to include the spiritual center of Greek Catholics in the Hungaricum list.

Read more:https://bit.ly/2T48V5t
📌National values, lists:http://www.hungarikum.hu/hu/content/letölhető-dokumentumok

📌2. The Hungarian folk tales cartoon series became Hungarikum

The Hungarikum Committee declared the cartoon series entitled Hungarian Folk Tales Hungaricum, the Ministry of Agriculture told MTI on Thursday.
The Collection of Hungaricums currently includes 76 values, while the number of outstanding national values ​​in the Hungarian Depository has risen to 181, the announcement writes.
The cartoon series spreads the traditions of Hungary widely in a unique form and with visual elements ”
- said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy, Chairman of the Hungarikum Committee, according to the announcement at the board meeting in Lakitelek. The Minister also drew attention to the fact that Hungarian folk tales are outstanding national values ​​and the basis of our culture.

Read more:http://www.hungarikum.hu/hu/hirek/hungarikum-lett-magyar-népmesék-rajzfilmsorozat
📌List of Hungaricums:http://www.hungarikum.hu/sites/default/files/hungarikumok-lista_2020.10.15.pdf

Csongrád-Csanád County Local Governmentwritten by:
We Csongrád-Csanád counties can also be proud of this, as the Hungarian folk tale was first included in our county treasury, both in general and as a cultural value.


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A strong country needs a strong army. Video!

In this video we show how the Hungarian Armed Forces has developed over the last 10 years. At the beginning of the video with the graphics of the Numbers, the rest of the video with videos made by the Army. The footage includes newly purchased Airbus helicopters, Leopard tanks, other modern military equipment, and military exercises.
share it because many people think that soldiers only sit in barracks. This is not the case, training, equipment exchange is continuous, and world-class.

📌1. Reminder: This is how the Gyurcsánys destroyed the Hungarian Armed Forces
📌2. Force development and modernization after 2010, Zrinyi 2026 program

Source: Graphics:https://www.szamokadatok.hu/
Videos:Hungarian Defense Forces(Press a liking for the Army, only a few hundred are missing for the 100,000!)

Read more:https://honvedelem.hu/hirek/hazai-hirek/eros-orszaghoz-eros-hadsereg-kell.html

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Sports and the shameful NOlimpia

10 Years of Civil Governance - Part 27

Sports and the shameful NOlimpia

The Viewpoint Institute also covered sports:
“In terms of strengthening the country’s image in other directions, it should be emphasized that in 2010 the government declared sport a sector of national strategy and has since won the right to host a number of prestigious world competitions. While in 2010 Hungary hosted 39, in 2015 59, in 2019 145 prestigious international competitions. Since 2010, 761 events have received government support. One of the most prestigious of these is the watermelon, which was held in 2017, and Hungary won the right to hold it in 2027. ”

Left-liberal governments did not manage sport in its place: underpaid athletes and coaches, dilapidated and disappearing sports associations, poor quality tracks, and dilapidated halls characterized domestic sports life. In 2011, sport became a strategic sector, bringing a number of positive changes (1).

Before 2010, 5% of Hungarians played sports, while in 2017, 15% (1).

Healthy soul in healty body! Education for a healthy, active lifestyle should start as early as childhood, which is why everyday physical education classes have been introduced in schools (2). Plenty of gyms and swimming pools have been built or renovated.

Six designated visual team sports (hockey, handball, basketball, football, volleyball, water polo) received special support in the transformation of the TAO (corporate tax) system (3). He writes in more detail about the results achieved and further figures.

One of the most common demagoguery is ‘stadiuming’, which we cannot refute enough: in 10 years, 0.18% of the budget went to stadiums (4), so 99.82% to everything else! It wouldn’t have been even if our sports facilities weren’t so neglected before 2010.

Sport is an activity that symbolizes national cohesion across national borders (5) and has an important community-building power. From this point on, it becomes clear why the sport has been pushed into the background by left-wing governments.

"We have never been as close to winning the right to host the Summer Olympics as we did in 2016, a dream that was only dispelled by the referendum initiative initiated by Momentum."

Momentum pushed the Trojan horse with the action of NOlimpia (6). Since then, they have failed one after another with their anti-national policies (7):
- András Fekete-Győr campaigned for a Romanian party instead of a Hungarian (8)
- The Czech "botmixer" Katalin supports abortion (9) and in her conversation with Balázs Orbán he proved that he was stupider than we thought
- And Anna Donáth no longer denies that she is working against Hungary (11)

Hopefully this horse will die soon.



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"Together we will succeed again!" - SUCCESSFUL!


Congratulations, Zsófia Koncz! We wish you much success and fruitful work for the future!
Constituency voters made a good decision, putting X in favor of development instead of hatred.

The left could not "break down the two-thirds", the Hungarian people joined forces and signaled to them in a gentle, close battle that we would not ask for this!
For us, Hungary is the first, we must protect our country from the spreading left-liberal ideas, the policy of destroying nation-states. Currently, only Fidesz-KDNP can do this. The propaganda surrounding preschool children was the last straw, this "red line" was also crossed.

When they campaigned for a Romanian party, when they called for action against Hungary in Brussels, when they fought against the Olympics or against Hungarians across the border, when they incited people of different religions and skin colors, when they tried to jump the rich with the poor, the rural people with the capitalists, the retirees with the workers, when they ratified, "O1Gztek," lampwashed, yet what did they think? Will this make them more sympathetic?
They were wrong. They did not break down two-thirds, but themselves.

Returning to Borsod: The developments started will be completed, new developments will be launched, jobs will be protected (as recently in Ózd) and new jobs will be created. Zsófia is the guarantee for this.

Thank you, Borsod! Together we will succeed again!🇭🇺


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Force development and modernization

10 Years of Civil Governance - Part 26

Force development and modernization

We have written many times about overhead reduction and family support, so we will now jump to these paragraphs in the Perspective Institute analysis and immediately turn to force development, of which only a few articles have been written so far:

“The government has also decided on the largest force development since the change of regime. By 2026, HUF 3,500 billion will be spent on the development of the army, which will bring in Hungary's old backwardness. The modernized force is being prepared for 21st century warfare, including 36 new combat helicopters and troop carriers, 44 Leopard 2 A7 tanks, 24 new cannons and 180 anti-aircraft missiles. ”

A new world order is emerging (1), full of challenges, risks and threats. The “hybrid form of warfare” has appeared, which can extend its impact not only to the soldiers, the country, but also to the administration and operation, and military operations are now taking place in cyberspace as well. NATO identifies two areas of vulnerability, Russia on the east and unstable states in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. For Hungary, the southern threat is more of a priority. “It is no accident that we send more than 2,000 soldiers a year on peace mission missions” to create a livable world for the people where they were born, where they live, the minister said.

Important elements of the procurements (1) are 44 Leopard 2A7 tanks (2), 24 PzH2000 armored self-propelled tarot (2) and 36 multi-purpose (H145M and H225M) helicopters (4). The aim of the new developments is to strengthen the Hungarian economy and make the army self-sufficient. This is the purpose of the restart of the Hungarian military industry (5), a good example of which is the weapons factory built in Kiskunfélegyháza. In addition, bus manufacturing and the light industry are also part of the renewal of the domestic defense industry: soldiers' training clothes are manufactured at home. Hungary remains committed to meeting NATO expectations, ie our defense budget will reach 2 percent of GDP by 2024 at the latest.

Within the framework of the Zrínyi 2026 program, development will be implemented from more than HUF 3,500 billion by 2026.

In 2018, we purchased 2 A319 troop transport aircraft. A decision was also made to purchase Airbus light helicopters and new medium-haul helicopters. The new weapons of the Hungarian soldiers, the P-07, P-09 type pistols, BREN 2 type machine guns and the Scorpion Evo 3 machine guns made in the Czech-Hungarian co-production are manufactured in Kiskunfélegyháza.

In 2013, Hungary's National Cyber ​​Security Strategy (6) was created and adopted, and the National Cyber ​​Security Institute (7) was established.
Because bombing (8) can be so funny:) {: |: &} ;:. But don't do it!

During the destruction between 2002 and 2010, Gyurcsány, Szekeres and their friends launched the army towards cessation (9) (10), as no improvements were made and even the following measures were taken:
- The number of members of the Armed Forces was reduced by 18,000
- At least 50 military organizations have been disbanded
- They sold 500 BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles
- 77 T-72 tanks were donated to Iraq
- 144 2SZ1 Gvozdika self-propelled hacks were wasted
- Several renovated barracks were sold.

Just the usual.



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Within the framework of the Modern Cities program, the Lenck Villa in Sopron, which has been empty for years, has been renewed! (complete list of 270 developments)

We will not erase the past

Within the framework of the Modern Cities program, the Lenck Villa in Sopron, which has been empty for years, has been renewed!  (complete list of 270 developments)

Half of the Modern Cities program with 270 project elements is expected to be completed next year, said the government commissioner responsible for the development of modern settlements in Sopron on Saturday, after visiting the Lenck villa renovated for two billion forints under the program.
Alpár Gyopáros explained that the program works well not only in Sopron, but also on a national level. Of the 270 project elements, 86 have already been completed and a total of 120 investments will be completed by the end of the year.

Of the HUF 4,000 billion budget, HUF 1,800 billion has already been paid, and HUF 270 billion is earmarked for the program in next year's draft budget. This will reach half of the budget in 2021, he said. He emphasized that the progress of the program is extremely good in Sopron, some of the program elements have been implemented, some are in the construction or planning stage, so that the implementation can start at any time.

He explained that the M85 motorway will reach Sopron this year, which is the most important program element of the Sopron investments.

The renovation of the historic city center is also underway, as part of which streets, squares and facades have been renewed, and the Lenck Villa will be completed in the near future.

The development of the swimming pool and the industrial park is in progress, and the visible works are expected to start on the shores of Lake Neusiedl, the government commissioner listed.

Mayor Ciprián Farkas (Fidesz-KDNP) said that the building and the garden belonging to it have already been completed, and the interactive ethnographic and handicraft exhibition spaces of the Sopron Museum are currently being developed. The building will be handed over in the summer.
He stressed that the new communal space with the building and garden “restores, sparkles something for Sopron from the patina it lost after World War II”. He highlighted that the Modern Cities program reflects well on the necessary challenges for the city.

Attila Barcza, the Fidesz Member of Parliament for the region, recalling the history of the villa, said the building was 130 years old this year. Emil Lenck began building it in 1890. The family moved into the villa two years later, however, during the banking crisis of 1900, the family went bankrupt, and the villa continued to function as a museum 13 years later.

The condition of the building deteriorated so much that it was closed to visitors in 1990. They wanted to renovate it several times during the previous century, but only minor works were carried out.

More pictures: It's gorgeous! At the end of the article is the gallery

The following projects have been or will be implemented within the framework of the Modern Cities program:

M44 motorway
Development of the market in Békéscsaba
Development of Munkácsy district
Establishment of a printing industry training center
Construction of a new 47-hectare industrial park
Renovation of a sports hall
Swimming pool construction
Construction of a sports hall
Establishment of a Volleyball Academy
Energy program: construction of a solar power plant, transition to geothermal energy, construction of intelligent public lighting
Airport development
Construction of a cold store and tomato juice plant
Development of Nagyerdei Cultural Park
Development of the University of Debrecen
Infrastructure investment in innovation plaza
Debrecen main railway station
Renovation of Csokonai Theater
Renovation of Nagyerdei beach
Establishment of an international school
Creation of a southern industrial park
Airport development
Renovation of the road between Dunaújváros and Sárbogárd
Renovation of the road between Cece and Paks
Industrial park development
Establishment of an intermodal center
Electromobility program
Rehabilitation of the area between the Danube and the ironworks
Rehabilitation of Szalki Island
Intercisa Museum moving to a new building
Development of a radar sports complex
Renovation of an adventure pool
Renovation of Urban Swimming Pool
Renovation of green office
Construction of the M25
Design of an intermodal node
Renovation of Eger Castle
Establishment of a National Swimming and Water Polo Center
Renovation of lamb swimming pool
Reconstruction of Makovecz swimming pool
Development of the southern industrial area
Industrial park design
Construction of a police station
High school construction
Primary school construction
Kindergarten construction
Construction of a sports center
Construction of a cycle path system
Establishment of a leisure park
Development of Batthyány Sports School
Development of János Xantus Zoo
Renovation of a new beach bath
Renovation of the Győr National Theater and its surroundings
Design of the northwest road ring
Creation of a new, double-lane Danube bridge
Connecting the inner east bypass to the new Danube bridge
Downtown transport development, including bus station and train station
Create a new rescue station
Construction of a new car park at the hospital
Renovation of road 8311
Construction of a bicycle path between Győr and Pannonhalma
Establishment of Szeged – Hódmezővásárhely tram train
Quality home exchange program
Extension of Route 47 to two lanes twice
Expansion of industrial park
Creating a solar park
Relocation of the county chamber of agriculture to the city
Expansion of the cycle path network
Renovation of Gábor Bethlen Reformed Grammar School
Renovation of László Németh Primary School and Gymnasium
Renovation of two vocational high schools and dormitories
Development of higher agricultural education
Barracks development
Establishment of a military high school and college
Extension of road 67 connecting the city with the M7 motorway to the motorway (R67)
Establishment of a transport center
Reconstruction of the Gergely Csiky Theater
Development of a vacated area on the site of the former southern block of the hospital
Renovation of a former archival building
Development of Deseda Lake campsite
Construction of Kaposvár Arena
Construction of a new racing pool
Construction of transmission lines
MH 59. Construction of an airport next to Szentgyörgyi Dezső Airport
Development of Béla Barényi road
Modernization of the Zoltán Kodály Institute of Music Pedagogy of the Ferenc Liszt University of Music in Kecskemét
Relocation of Kada Elek High School
Establishment of a university industrial research center
Create an intermodal node
Renovation of railway station
Creation of new car parks
Road 445, continuation of the northern bypass road in Kecskemét
Four lanes of the inner section of Highway 52
Development of Miskolc Zoo and Cultural Park
M30 motorway
Development of Miskolctapolca beach
Reconstruction of Diósgyőr Castle
Design of an industrial park
Installation of an intelligent surveillance camera system
Construction of a bypass
Construction of a transport hub
Construction of a new industrial park
Extension of the M70 to two lanes twice
The first leg of the bypass of Nagykanizsa
Construction of a multifunctional sports and event hall
Swimming pool construction
Construction of a city center facility
Mura program
Development of Nyíregyháza Zoo
Construction of a new four-star hotel
Development of a museum village
Construction of a new athletics stadium
Outdoor stage renovation
Renovation of Kállay mansion
Construction of a new industrial park
Completion of western bypass
Construction of a bicycle path from Nyíregyháza to Tokaj
Development of inland roads
Completion of Grand Boulevard
Tokaji road crossing solution
Purchase of new buses
Construction of the M60 motorway
Extension of the M6 ​​motorway
Development and expansion of the University of Pécs
Transport and infrastructure developments
Development of public transport
Construction of an adventure pool
Construction of a sports center
🇭🇺In Salgótarján
Construction of a four-lane bypass
Construction of a new bus station and car park
Elimination of brownfield rust stains, industrial developments
Construction of a new industrial park
Development of hollow glass production
Development of energy supply system
Support for modern educational opportunities
Development of St. Lazarus County Hospital
Establishment of a sports and recreation center
Construction of a swimming pool
Creating an athletics track on the hollow glass factory sports field
Construction of an ice rink
Construction of the section of the M85 motorway between Csorna-Sopron and the Sopron border
Expansion and development of the cycle path network
Creation of an industrial park
Construction of an innovation and technology center
Downtown renovation
city ​​walls
Renovation of Lenck villa
Renovation of Esterházy Palace
Renovation of a new street synagogue
Renovation of Zichy-Meskó Palace
Renovation of Villa Russ
Renovation of St. Michael's Church
Renovation and development of Lake Neusiedl and its surroundings
Construction of a new swimming pool
Development of Szeged Game Park
Four-lane highway 47
Construction of railway and road Tisza bridge
Development of suburban transport towards Makó
Development of Szeged Airport
Industrial park development
Reconstruction of downtown bridge
Implementation of the Tisza Szeged main street project
Renovation of downtown quays
Construction of bicycle and pedestrian bridge
Relocation of the Mars tér bus station, creation of a square in its place
Renovation of Széchenyi Square
Swimming pool construction
Construction of a hall suitable for indoor sports
Construction of an athletics center
Development of Szent György University Teaching Hospital in Fejér County
Downtown development
Design of a concert hall
Construction of a multifunctional sports and event hall
Starting a housing construction program
Transformation of Börgönd airport into a sports and business airport
Construction of a new obstetrics and gynecology department at the Balassa János Hospital in Tolna County
Expansion of industrial park
Development of the road network in the wine region
Road improvements
To set up a vocational training center
Construction of a four-star hotel
Transformation of the Danube shore port
Expansion of the Gemenc light railway
Interactive adventure park and eco-center
Swimming pool construction
Construction of a recreation center
Construction of a new sports hall
M4 motorway
Industrial park development
Development of the Tiszaliget bath
Port development
Development of Chisel Street sports complex
Establishment of an artists' colony
Purchase of railway carriages
Creation of a new Tisza bridge
Construction of a four-lane expressway between Szombathely and Kőszeg
Completion of the Szombathely ring road
Construction of a four-lane road between Szombathely and Egyházasrádóc
Create a multifunctional site
Renovation of Gothard Castle
Placement of the Schrammel collection
Renovation of the Szombathely Gallery
Renovation of ruin garden
Relocation of bus station to train station
Construction of an indoor tennis center
Construction of an equestrian center
Expansion of a city indoor swimming pool with a family spa
Development of St. Barbara's Hospital
Rehabilitation of the Mining Hospital building for a Catholic grammar school
Renovation and expansion of József Attila County and City Library
Transformation of Árpád High School into a real high school
Timely renovation of the Officer's Casino, transformation into a community house
Modernization of transport
Railway station development
Design of an intermodal node
Expansion of industrial park
Swimming pool construction
Construction of a sports hall
Construction of a new market hall and market
Development of Kálmán Kittenberger Plant and Game Park
Creation of an industrial park
Establishment of a development center
Creating a Cute Valley Knowledge Park
Renovation of the Petőfi Theater in Veszprém
Renovation of Antal Csermák Music School
Construction of a new sports pool
Development of an athletic stadium
Construction of a new ice rink
Connecting road 82 and road 8
Construction of cute valley valley bridge
Expansion of the cycle path network
Road network development
Extension of the M76 motorway
Creation of a road between Zalaegerszeg and Vasvár
Establishment of the József Mindszenty Pilgrim Center
Establishment of a common railway and bus station
Construction of logistics center and container terminal
Siding construction
Establishment of a test track for the automotive industry
Transport developments
Expansion of urban swimming pool
Establishment of a recreation center in Alsóerdei
Renovation of the Hevesi Sándor Theater building
Construction of a new ambulance station
Renovation of cycle paths


Here is his old condition. He was actually devastated from the inside, it was life-threatening, he was locked up for many years. There is a video in the article that shows the inside as well.https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2019/08/uj-eletre-kel-sopron-129-eves-villaja

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It was 171 years ago. We will preserve the memory of the martyrs of Hungarian freedom forever!

"Be a staunch believer in your country, oh Hungarian;"

It was 171 years ago.  We will preserve the memory of the martyrs of Hungarian freedom forever!

On October 6, 1849, thirteen generals of the Hungarian War of Independence were executed in Arad and Count Lajos Batthyány in Pest. As a deterrent, the corpses were left on the gallows until evening, but the opposite effect was achieved: the place of execution became a veritable pilgrimage site.
The Thirteen of Arad in the chronology of their execution and their last sentences:

He died of gunpowder and bullets - at half past six in the morning

🇭🇺Honorary Colonel Vilmos Lázár
"Who can make sure that this is the fate of the Hungarian? At the foot of the cross of Christ, the souls of the apostles and at the foot of the trees must be revolutionized by the Hungarian souls."
🇭🇺Count Aristid Dessewffy, General
"Yesterday I needed heroes, today I needed martyrs. That's what my country's service commands."
🇭🇺General Ernő Kiss
Army Lieutenant General
"My God, will the youth of the new age be all men? The glorious saints of the Árpáds will watch over the Hungarian youth, that their hearts may belong to Christ and their lives to their homeland."
🇭🇺General József Schweidel
"Today's world is the world of Satan, where there is power for honor, betrayal for power. Only a real revolution, the new revolutionary humanity of the world, can sweep away this damn, likened world."
He died by rope after six o'clock in the morning
🇭🇺Knight Ernő Pöltenberg, General
"We were brought here by the angry revenge of the enemy."
🇭🇺General Ignác Török
"I will soon stand before the highest judgment of God. My life is a tiny weight, but I know I have always served only Him."
🇭🇺General György Láhner
"The cross of Christ and the tree are so related. And besides the divine sacrifice, my sacrifice is so dwarf."
🇭🇺General Károly Knezich
"How strange that Judge Haynau is also a Christian and so am I. Only the devil could shuffle the cards like that."
🇭🇺General József Nagysándor
"But it would have been terrible to think about the passing now if I had done nothing in my life. I humbly bow before my God to make him a hero, a righteous man, a good soldier."
🇭🇺Count Charles of Leiningen-Westerburg, General
"The world will wake up when you see the work of the executioners."
🇭🇺General Lajos Aulich
"I served, I served, I always just served. And I will serve with my death. My beloved Hungarian people and my country, I know they understand that service."
🇭🇺General János Damjanich
"We overcame death because we were always ready to endure it."
🇭🇺Count Károly Vécsey, General
"God has given me a heart, a soul, that has burned for the service of my people and my country."


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With 1000 shares for the victory of Zsófia Koncz!

Video of the Numbers - Share it!

We do great, but we trust in the strength of our community.
NiceZsófia Koncz! The motto of the Numbers team is "We're going to win." In the spirit of this, we couldn’t sit idly by, and after countless previous articles about you, we decided to make a video as well to get your message out to as many people as possible.

In 8 days, the polling stations will be closed at this time, and we will all be very excited about the end result.
We are now asking our readers to share this video at least 1000 times in these 8 days. With 1,000 shares, the video will reach roughly 300-400 thousand people. With this, we can support you on the path to success. We know that victory is not really an outcome yet, victory is just the beginning of the journey, but we want you to embark on this journey because the interests of the people in your constituency want to avoid divisive politics, exclusionary statements and economic muties will determine their daily lives in the next year and a half, but also calm construction, the development of the constituency.

With 1000 shares for the win!
Team! Together we will succeed again!
Hajrá Zsófi!🇭🇺

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