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Brutal fairness in Terézváros

Hustle, chaos and sneezing around the alley of Benczúr Street

Brutal fairness in Terézváros

Unprecedented, brutal wood destruction is being carried out in Terézváros, Benczúr Street, where 29 trees are planned to be felled in the coming days from the trees of 216 individuals of special value. The locals are puzzled by the sincerely announced fairness, conducted with force and particular haste, and in their petition they are also worried about what will happen when the remaining 187 of the 216 are also examined? Examining the responsibility of Főkert Zrt. And the district management running with its theoretically green program Momentum, they ask how it could have happened that so many trees “became so bad at once and suddenly with the principle of continuous maintenance”? The current speed is also scandalous, because there is no trace of huge civil and press outrage now, even for the protection of a tree during the campaign period. Was protecting trees just a political tool?
Following a tree fall in June, the Main Garden conducted an inspection of 31 of the 216 trees on Benczúr Street, 29 of which were ordered to be felled. The locals, who were left without proper information, said the hasty timber destruction raised countless questions.

how could a hasty inspection following a June tree fall suddenly reveal that more than 10 percent of the trees in the alley had to be felled?
how and why were the trees still in good condition in 2016 that their salvability is now only 0.01 percent?
why did they not start healing and treating the trees when the individuals of the tree line, doomed to destruction, could have been saved?
if it has become clear in such a short time that some trees need to be cut down, how many trees will be sentenced to death by another inspection?
why is there no public consultation, why is the principle of gradation not applied during felling, why is there no uniform concept for the row of trees, and where do loud environmentalists stay when they are needed?

On the website of Terézváros, there was a short justification for the urgent need to cut down sick trees in Benczúr Street following a survey carried out after a fall in June,

for the safety of passers-by and parked cars.

As they add, according to the information of Főkert Zrt., The preparation of the work has started, it will be carried out between 10 and 14 August. They promise to replace the felled trees locally during the planting period. According to the information of the Main Garden, “Due to the features of Benczúr Street, it is not advantageous in terms of the long-term sustainability of the trees in the row”. The company in the capital explains, “the wooden spaces were built in front of the buildings on the sidewalk at the side of the road, due to the shading effect of the buildings, the pursuit of light by the trees (phototropism) results in eccentric development”. They add that the negative effects on trees due to site conditions and harmful urban conditions (salting, air pollution, road and utility construction, etc.) increase over time and affect their long-term sustainability ”.

It is an unfortunate fact that in the present case, as a result of the local conditions, the damages and negative effects on the individuals can be spectacularly observed.

- notes the Main Garden, but in addition to the generalities, the question arises as to why, in the knowledge of all this, the condition of about 30 trees has been allowed to deteriorate to such an extent that such a drastic fairness will take place.

We are planning with nursing horticultural interventions to slow down the deterioration of the health of the tree line, the conversion of the wooden sites would not improve the condition of the older trees in the area.

- they add, leaving the concerns of the locals essentially unanswered.

When visiting our portal, the anonymous residents said that on Tuesday information about the planned fellings appeared on the Facebook page of Terézváros Momentum led by Tamás Soproni, which originally did not even provide the justification, ie that the inspection was carried out due to felling. In addition, even Főkert Zrt. Did not post any information at that time, the minutes of the survey were only posted on their website in the second half of the week.

That is, less than a week before the felling began, residents did not yet have any information about the wood destruction.
The locals complained that the municipality also reacted late to their requests, and did not explain why 29 trees had to be cut down so suddenly, or why no full survey of all the trees in the alley had been made by then. Those who comment to our portal would also consider the latter important because they do not understand how it turned out from one moment to the next that nearly thirty trees were in such poor condition, as this means that the condition of the trees was not constantly examined. Residents said the tree that fell in June may have fallen victim to sewer work, may have had its roots cut, and some of the trees marked are indeed seemingly inescapable, ugly cut, withered individuals. However, there are at least 10 trees that have beautiful, large deciduous trees that look in good condition, so sure they don’t have to be cut down urgently. As noted, at such a pace and suddenly, in a few years, the entire line of trees, which is otherwise of great value in Budapest, can be cut down.

He reminded a resident of our portal, during the previous right-wing city administration, a felling of trees was planned in the Benczúr Garden, and the rescue of these three trees brought together residents, civilians and the opposition media.

The city administration at the time convened a meeting with the residents, so that in the end the old trees remained in the park, as the municipality overturned its previous decision.
This is why locals wonder why they have not been properly informed - as the law would have required the municipality since 2008 - when it comes to the fate of nearly thirty trees, and also miss the media coverage produced by the opposition press during the campaign period. They believe it is only because of their outrage that the information has been posted on the website at all. Residents believe that a city management starting with a green program could at least have adhered to the principle of gradation, but it could also have fought to preserve and save the trees.

It was also described as frightening that, according to the minutes of the Main Garden, there was a tree with a salvability of 0.01 percent, and they did not understand how the condition of a tree could have gotten this far. The condition of the other trees was called an issue of interest to everyone, as another brutal frostbite could occur in a year's time. Some residents say the Main Garden has neglected to take care of the trees, while the company is afraid of financial responsibility after the June tree fall, so they turned to the drastic move, while the district management said to be green is not fighting for the trees to survive.

Local residents have meanwhile launched a petition “Don’t cut down the trees on Benczúr Street!” with 184 supporters in a short time. In their protest, Terézváros and Főkert Zrt. It is believed

Benczúr Street is considered by several city bloggers to be the most beautiful street in Pest. The alley is an outstanding cityscape value that must be protected at all costs and the fate of which should not be decided behind the backs of the population.

The initiators lack full information of the population, as neither the district management nor Főkert Zrt. Has published a specific action plan “regarding the condition of the remaining trees and the future value-preserving protection of the entire tree line”. It is believed that one or two weeks could certainly have been expected with the grubbing-up in order to ensure that the information was correct and that the public was sure of the fate of the street and the alley.

The petition complains that it is not possible to know whether there is a permit for felling, so they are asking for a postponement of the felling and a full public dialogue. The petitioners note that it is strange that 29 trees are in such a sudden life-threatening condition at the same time, on the other hand, there is not a tree on the list of permitted fellings that has been felled for the same reasons. It is considered incomprehensible on the basis of which it can be decided when to cut down a tree immediately and when to wait for permission.

They also point out that there is a tree cadastre for the district, but with 2016 data, in which the trees to be felled now received quite good points.

This only deepens our concern about what will happen to the other trees in a few years? And how could it be that, with the principle of continuous maintenance, 29 trees became so bad at once and suddenly?

They say. They add,

according to the municipality, it is planning many things: the renewal of the public area on Benczúr Street in order to ensure a better habitat for the trees with the involvement of the residents, the assessment of the condition of the whole row of trees, a tree adoption program. All of these have been revealed in email responses received today, but they do not contain anything specific, so for the time being we cannot interpret them as more than an empty promise to end the scandal.

They stress that 29 of the 33 trees examined were sentenced to death! What will happen when all 187 of the 216 remaining are examined? There is still no comprehensive picture of the condition of the alley and no set date when it would be examined…

They note

if it is true that so many trees are so bad (and it turns out so at once) then what has happened so far under the heading of “reservation”?


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Anna Donáth and other Hungarian left-liberals support anarchy and unjustified revolution in Belarus

Anna Donáth and other Hungarian left-liberals support anarchy and unjustified revolution in Belarus

What and why is happening in Belarus today is reported in this article:

We also wrote about why we need to know about this, why we need to understand what is happening, and why it is important to prepare in advance for the worst-case scenario.

Left-liberals, if they cannot win a democratic election, will try to seize power through a civil war, a “maidan”, an “Arab spring”. This is a proven method and currently in Minsk the same scenario is being played as it was 6 years ago in Kiev. The only difference is that Yanukovych was a coward to put in order, Lukashenko will not be a coward.

According to Anna Donáth, the "brave Belarusians" are the mobs that suffered a huge defeat in the election and are currently racing, arsoning and throwing stones on the streets. If they win, democracy, if they fail, is dictatorship. we don't know what the left-liberals are doing with lines in their pockets, but we will protect Hungary from any mobs who might be dating.

Anna Donáth: There will be no "Maidan" in Minsk, but not in Budapest either! We protect Hungary - at any cost. We won’t be cowards if we have to, we’re going to take to the streets, not just the cops and soldiers. Don’t think of organizing street riots here because we will be fast, determined and efficient. There will be order in Hungary, remember that well.


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Momentum says many are chicks and the expertise of others is of Eastern standard

Momentum says many are chicks and the expertise of others is of Eastern standard

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According to the head of Momentum, doctors, teachers, leading professionals, civil servants are "little", the expertise of Hungarians is "at an eastern level", retirees and those without a diploma should not vote. This is the Momentum.

! ️Wake up, Momentum is sympathetic! You may have a good party and trendy scolding the government now, but you won’t be young forever either. A couple of years and you will start a family, you will work with raising children, you will pull the yoke, it won't really matter how the state will relate to you, your father, your mother!

András Fekete-Győr, the president of the Momentum Movement, published an astonishing post in the social media, in which he simply called the leaders of many public institutions a jerk.

Fekete-Győr expressed its opinion in connection with the liberal civil war around the Index. In his post, he called, among others, professors and doctors of hospitals struggling with the pandemic, and heads of educational institutions teaching hundreds of thousands of students.

But the judiciary also got its bile from Fekete-Győr: the president of the purple party also considers the leaders of the courts belonging to the independent branch of power to be a bit.

According to him, the leaders of these professions have all been "stung" before Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. In the view of Fekete-Győr, they can make sure that “the knowledge, health, economic opportunities and information of Hungarians” are not at the European level, but at the Eastern level.

As is well known, András Fekete-Győr, a lawyer, worked at General Electric for four months as a receivables manager.

! ️In this article, we wrote that the Vice President of Momentum would simply not allow the elderly, the rural and the "less educated" to vote.

! ️In this article, we wrote about how, according to Momentum, a child is just an unnecessary expense.

! ️This article is about Momentum's hate campaign

! ️In this article, we wrote about the fact that Momentum is asking for the withdrawal of the money due to Hungary

! ️This article is about how Momentum threatens the jobs of thousands of people in Göd.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1467/Ujabb_botrany_Godon_A_baloldal_a_varos_es_kornyezeteben_elok_munkahelyet_tamadja

! ️Here we write about how Anna Donáth travels down Hungary in Brussels.

! ️The list is INFINITE!


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The vultures are fighting over the bones of the index

The vultures are fighting over the bones of the index

This whole belief is not about freedom of the press, but not even about the government or Fidesz, but the rivalry between the left-wing parties, Gyurcsány's goal is to spread and sprinkle all his opponents with salt. He does not want coalition partners, he does not want a party alliance, and he does not want competitors. Jobbik doesn't have that much, MSZP, Dialogue and LMP don't even exist, no one takes such "ISOM" and dog parties seriously. There are two big players on the left, DK and Momentum. They’re big compared to the other left-wing parties, that’s what we’re nailing down.

Bodolai, who fired the editor-in-chief of the Index, said he did not see the right in smashing the Index. So far, the Index has tended to advertise Momentum, so for example, no statements have been made about Momentum seniors. The fight is taking place between DK and Momentum, it is no coincidence that a DK has joined the supervisory board, which is why Pál Szombathy, a leading left-wing journalist of the Horn era, has also been appointed CEO. Here Gyurcsány wants to suppress the Momentum by taking control of the Index.

The sympathizers of DK and Momentum are strikingly separate, although at other times they always screamed together. Anyone who still has illusions that there is any "confrontational coalition" here, or it could be like that in 2022 (or especially after that), they are wrong! They are even fighting among themselves for power, and it is less trouble if they do so in opposition, it is great trouble if they are in a leading position. The ball stands in Göd, where the left council has suspended the mayor Momentum, the ball stands in several "recalled" cities. The left is not devoting its energy to improving the quality of life of the people, but to the expiration of Fidesz and to fighting with each other, producing camouflage videos and fake news, while wheeling out public money to buddies in large batches. And the bill is paid by everyone, including those who elected the leaders on the left.

It is a shame that these people can be part of political life.

In the first picture, András Fekete-Győr, who is organizing a mass event during the epidemic and is afraid of press freedom, in the second picture, András Fekete-Győr has just broken into the editorial office of Origo and intimidates and blames András Kovács, the editor of Origo, for why , which he described, that is, he trampled on the concept of freedom of speech and the free press with even legs.


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The anti-national policy of the Momentum has failed

The anti-national policy of the Momentum has failed

The far-left party is trying to recruit voters with exclusionary manifestations. They are campaigning for hatred, and many do not realize this.

The deprivation of the right to vote for retirees, anti-familyism, contempt for lower-educated voters and drivers, drilling for sports successes, anti-nationalism, immigration bias and the abortion lobby are the characteristics of the Momentum movement, which is mostly made up of young people. The attention paid to the extreme manifestations of Barnabás Kádár, the founder of the party questioning the voting rights of pensioners, when he pushed for the exclusion of the elderly from elections, then advised them not to go to the polls. In the light of its exclusionary statements, Momentum does not see the future in Hungarian families, nor in citizens who are not averse to physical, manual labor.

Momentum founder Barnabás Kádár attacked the government's seven-point family protection action plan a year and a half ago, the aim of which is to improve the living conditions of Hungarian families. The left-wing politician at the time put it this way: the economy will not need children to be born, as automated production will require fewer people. Therefore, children born now will not bring money and benefits to the state in the future, but as dependents will only be a net cost to the country. Kádár also wrote that he would replace the labor shortage in the absence of children with immigrants, who would produce the pensions of the elderly at that time.

Humiliating talk about drivers too

The politician’s Momentum Facebook page also reveals that he considers professional drivers to be incapable of learning, people to look down on. The taxi driver will not be an AI researcher or a hospital nurse, Kádár wrote earlier on his community page. His argument was voiced in a car-bike debate where he talked degradingly about drivers. Politician Momentum said of bus drivers: the question arises as to how the not-so-agile age group, whose multitude of jobs will disappear in their lives, will retrain. Can every bus driver be a programmer? The founder of Momentum asked cynically. Although Momentum’s policy was targeted at young college students, the founding member does not anticipate that the ability to govern requires half of society, which is largely made up of families with children. Kádár's thoughts clearly show what Momentum really thinks about the average Hungarian people doing manual work.

Deprivation of the right to vote for the elderly

Our paper reported earlier that Barnabás Kádár had ruled out the exclusion of the elderly from elections, and then advised them not to go to the polls, but rather to leave the decision to the young. “The populists won the older, poorer, rural and less educated voters, while the opposition stood among the young, wealthier, urban and more educated voters,” Kádár wrote in his post. He later issued a corrigendum in which he wrote that he was misrepresented and did not want to offend the elderly. In a post intended for firefighting, he presumably commented on a party statement: "It is important that my previous post did not reflect Momentum's position."

Sharpening generational voltages

The popularity of the Momentum is inversely proportional to the age of the voters, therefore their communication is also aimed specifically at young people, says Krisztián Rezső Erdélyi in his analysis for the Hungarian Nation. An analyst at the Perspective Institute adds that while it is important to reach out to one’s own target audience as a party that builds on the votes of young people, this cannot be achieved by exacerbating generational tensions. If we look at the data by age, we get a much more varied picture, the analyst points out. Among those over sixty, they have only half as much support as in younger age groups. They typically communicate with young people through the channels they use. Not by the way, Momentum spent the most on Facebook ads.

Anti-Hungarian and anti-life statements

From Anna Donáth, the party's MEP, speeches attacking Hungary in the European Parliament and speeches demanding a severe punishment for Hungary will be made one after another. At the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary, Donáth was saddened that Iranians were the first patients to be infected with the coronavirus, because he thought it was a political advantage for the prime minister. The other MEP of the party, Katalin Cseh, whose civic profession is a midwife, has repeatedly sided with organizations supporting abortion. What’s more, in a radio interview, he really liked the fact that his interlocutor likened the blade-sucking device used by doctors to abortions to a botmixer. Laughing, Czech added, “I haven’t heard that yet! I'll spread it on my little nails too. ”

Trianon insult and hateful lamp-waxing

Szegas Koppány Bendegúz called those who remember the Trianon peace dictatorship on June 4 a Hungarian, pose and Trianon-painful competition. The municipal representative of Józsefváros Momentum also mentioned in his “festive” Facebook post: political actors who claim to be right-wing are fighting with each other over who can regret more ostentatiously over this year’s 100-year tragedy. "That's why I especially hate Memorial Day, and then I might like it, if it's not about posing and coloring the past in pink, but about the Hungarian present and future," wrote Bendegúz Szarvas Koppány, who said hatefully about the Fidesz in the spring: they do everything the boys for the lantern.


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The attacker of the elderly Momentum says the child is just an unnecessary expense

I wish his parents thought so too!

The attacker of the elderly Momentum says the child is just an unnecessary expense


The Hungarian children to be born are only an unnecessary expense - among others, such an entry was published by Barnabás Kádár, a radical left Momentum who wants to take away the voting rights of pensioners. András Fekete-Győr's old confidant sharply attacked the family protection action plan announced by Viktor Orbán a year and a half ago, because he believes that it is not necessary because automation will only place an unnecessary burden on the state in the coming decades. Kádár's argument was greatly aggravated by his support for the reception of migrants in another post. So far, no left-wing party has distanced itself from the radical left-wing politician of the Momentum. Kádár's statements clearly show what the left thinks about Hungarians and Hungarian society.

Barnabás Kádár, the founding member of Momentum, the old confidant of party chairman András Fekete-Győr and the leader of the anti-Olympic campaign, caused a serious scandal when he advised the older people to stay home when voting, leaving the decision to young people. “We will suffer the consequences anyway,” the radical left-wing politician explained, who made no secret of what he thought of the generations he knew in the ranks of his parents and grandparents. Later, of course, he explains why he doesn’t want older people to vote: he thinks conservative politicians he doesn’t like have won with the votes of retirees. (Note: this is not evidenced by any perceived or actual calculations.)

However, Kádár not only offended the elderly, but
previously, he clearly advocated the deployment of illegal immigrants in Hungary, and also called the family protection action plan announced by the Orbán government meaningless.
But let’s also look in detail at what the Momentum radical left-wing politician wrote earlier.

According to Kádár, it is only a cost for the child
In February 2019, when Viktor Orbán announced the family protection action plan, Kádár wrote that
the farm will not need children to be born, as automated production will require fewer people. Therefore, children born now (in 2019-2020) will not bring money and benefits to the state in the future, but as dependents will only be a net cost to the country.

In his post, Kádár referred to the fact that, according to the analysis of an economic consulting company called Mckinsey, the degree of automation in Hungary will be between 15 and 75 percent by 2050.
What’s more, it’s just the moment of getting a job, after 20 years of work, the same figure is 47 to 99 percent.
This means that many of them (who will be born in 2019-2020) have a good chance of being a net cost to the country (along with people already living, of course, but that’s a gift), he added.

He also wants immigration
In addition, Kádár wrote in February 2019 that
In 30 years, immigrants will produce the pensions of the then old generation.

Kádár also wrote that
immigration is a difficult and sensitive topic, but it can be done well. With a strong integration program, we could have compatriots who can add a lot to the economy.
So when it comes to the birth of Hungarian children, the Momentum politician argued that it would take almost no man to produce "automated", but in another post he was already arguing for immigration, citing the need for labor. quite a large logical contradiction

There is a conscious division of labor in Momentum
Based on the statements made by Barnabás Kádár in recent days and earlier, it can be stated that a clearly visible division of labor prevails in the Momentum.
While party leaders may say sympathetic things to the general public, less prominent members present the real politics, thoughts, and face of the party.
The latter is also a test of public opinion as to how far one can go and what effect this will have on party support. By implication, the better-known faces of the Momentum do not dare to tell their true thoughts, so they leave it to those on the lower levels.

"It's inhuman and legally completely nonsense"
Zoltán Lomnici Jr., a constitutional lawyer and legal expert at the End of the Century Foundation, told Origó earlier that this was not the first time in Hungary that the elderly electoral community was being put under pressure and that this social group would have been scrapped. It is inhumane, morally unacceptable, and legally completely nonsense.

It is proven many times that the left and the Momentum look down on the elderly and the rural, "they would even be deprived of the right to vote in their hearts," said Lőrinc Nacsa, a Christian Democrat member of parliament.

According to the pro-government politician, it is outrageous what Barnabás Kádár allowed himself.

"The Momentum and the left are not the first to go to the elderly and the electoral groups that are hostile to them," said Lőrinc Nacsa, recalling that a former member of the Momentum presidency had previously said he "hated the countrymen" and Jobbik called the pensioners a stern commando and a fool. ”Lőrinc Nacsa, continuing the list, said that
the Gyurcsányist Péter Niedermüller fears the Hungarian elections from the white Christians, and the socialist Bangóné stunted all pro-government voters.
The same left, he pointed out, would deploy migrants in masses. As we wrote, Gábor Vona used to insult the elderly, even as President Jobbik.

The left is listening deeply
We also wrote that left-wing parties did not respond to the question of Origo to the words of the radical left Momentum either. Listening is no accident: the left is capable of anything, but literally anything, to gain power and, of course, money.
The current scandal has shown that it is more important for them to protect political allies than to represent the interests of a social group.
Previously, the scenario was similar in the case of Imre László, the mayor of DK who brought Hitler to life.


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Momentum has launched a serious attack on the rule of law!

Momentum has launched a serious attack on the rule of law!

The Momentum would simply not allow the elderly, the rural and the ‘less educated’ to vote for them.

Momentum attacked Hungarian and international rule of law. According to them, everyone who thinks differently (i.e. patriotic) is populist, so they should not vote.

"Why does everyone have a vote?" Barnabás (nomen est omen) (nomen est omen) Momentum

Barnabás Kádár, one of the founders of Momentum (who we didn't even know existed so far!), A former board member, is questioning the voting rights of the elderly on Facebook, launching a campaign to prevent those over the age of 60 from voting in the elections. The lower educated, the poor and the rural people were also mentioned. Only "young, wealthier, urban and more educated voters" count as Momentum.

"Why do older people decide our future?"

- asks Barnabás Kádár, who was the Momentum candidate in 2018 and the 5th place in the party's EP list in 2019. The “futurist” politician managed to solve the inexplicable after an unpleasant outcome for the Polish presidential election: Andrzej Duda was able to win because “populists won older, poorer, rural and less educated voters”. In his shared post on Facebook, Kádár cites the election of US President Donald Trump as an example, as well as the Brexit vote, in addition to the 2018 Hungarian parliamentary elections.

Kádár also asks the question: why does every person have one vote in the same way? While stressing that he does not want to take away anyone’s right to vote, he would still find it expedient for the elderly not to go to the polls at all for the sake of the young, as “they will not suffer the consequences anyway”.

Here is the instigator Momentum post:https://www.facebook.com/barnabas.aron.kadar/posts/895270704288047

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Momentum has launched a "real consultation"

Momentum has launched a "real consultation"

Momentum is uninterested in the views of the majority of working and tax-paying people and retirees.

From the ad below, we can understand what they think "real" means: in Budapest, between the ages of 18-40, who is interested in 444.
I am already glad that Hungarians are being asked about Hungary at all ....

Source:Farkas Örs

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It was graduation, not an attraction

Graduation would have been boycotted, unnecessarily

It was graduation, not an attraction

Their graduation took place again this year. Does anyone else remember what hysteria was going on about this in advance? Just remember!
In recent weeks, their graduation has taken place with great interest. Therefore, before making any comment, it is worth recalling the views of the independent and objective press and the most professional organizations on their graduation date and how they were received. After all, let us assume in good faith at first, I always do this before I take care of the second possibility, obviously, as far as they were concerned, they were again professional, benevolent and helpful in solving the problem.

Already on April 9, a gloss came down in Népva, “The government is not helping the graduates,” in which the starting lines are worth noting right away: “This is not the mountains that give birth to the mouse, but the hump given to the lame in the evening. We could say it is the usual Fidesz gift, but it is simply an inability to get used to someone who has been given the power and opportunity to help, aggravate it rather than alleviate it. ”

The following is the statement of the PDSZ dated April 25, which also appeared in the Népva. As a blow, they write that the decision - that is, the graduation ceremony - will certainly have victims, therefore they call on Zoltán Maruzsa not to pass the exams. It is important to quote a few sentences exactly from the article: “According to the PDSZ, no person’s health and life should be endangered when there is no maximum safety and no risk-free alternative. However, there is an opportunity to postpone their graduation and the start of the university autumn semester, and beyond that, there are quite a few other options, including either a ticket offer or an online graduation ”. László Trencsényi, the president of the Hungarian Pedagogical Society, will also be spoken in writing, who says that high school graduates have a huge health risk.

On the same day, we read in his People's Word that the Democratic Coalition had launched a petition to postpone graduation,
as the government also endangers the health of students, teachers, family members and friends!

A little earlier, on April 17, 444 brought down a report on the situation, entitled “Written graduation will not reflect students’ real knowledge ”. Let’s look at what insights they started with herding: “On graduation day, students will be covered in public transportation, even though many of them themselves suffer from chronic illnesses, are diabetic or asthmatic, and there are plenty of students living with their grandparents. Not to mention that much of the teaching community is also 50-plus and many of them struggle with high blood pressure as a professional harm. ” They added, “Graduation is a rite. The fact that the students get dressed, prepared, appears in front of the exam committee and then at the banquet. They are all obsolete now, and it’s very hard to imagine a masked, rubber-gloved graduation. ”

On April 20, the same 444 communicated the Parental Voice’s worrying announcement, quoting “it is inexplicable on what basis it can still be considered safe to hold a written graduation. It is important for the government to make public the reasons for a decision that directly affects hundreds of thousands of people, the health of students, educators, school technicians, parents and grandparents, and even their lives. ” Also on 444, on April 24, an article entitled “The Teachers’ Network Requests the Graduation to Be Blown Away ”was brought down, quoting Erzsébet Pásztor, who said the most important aspect is epidemiology, everything else just follows.

And let’s also remember the most repulsive moment, which is also tied to the PDSZ. Based on the eighteenth report of Magyar Hang in April, they wanted to make it impossible for them to graduate with a coordinated leave. I ask the dear reader to try to feel all the weight of this pull.

The PDSZ would have instructed the teachers to let the students down.
Those who have been trained, taught and helped for years should be left without support at the most important point in their lives so far, from an academic point of view. Would you be seriously interested in how anyone who did or would have done this would look into the eyes of their students from there? How do you re-enter school and be received by those who may not be graduating now, but have received an eternal memento of how much and how they can count on this teacher when there is a real need?

Should nurses, doctors, government officials, shopkeepers, and pharmacists also have thrown the reins among the horses?

Well, the graduation was successful, without interruption, despite all the wheel-tying attempts.

Have we heard of any problems, misfortunes, scandals?
The independent and objective press, the most professional professional associations, examined the days with a magnifying glass, if any event worth mentioning happens, it is immediately mentioned, described, reported, as they bend down for the tiniest crumb.

No such thing happened, but everyone is past a difficult task, according to the natural order of things. Not a single thread to see.

Imagine what it would be like if they reached a goal. Everyone would have sucked, everyone would have been much worse and more complicated, for nothing, for hysteria.

After this, two explanations are offered as solutions, nothing more. Suppose, truly representing the top of their professional level, they fought, in the awareness of their own truth, to postpone graduation. If so, it is time to retire from the expertise, because it is quite clear that they do not understand it and their professional failure would have made the lives of tens of thousands more difficult. However, I find the second scenario more likely. They did not professionalize anything, they just made another attempt at destruction. It didn’t work this time either, and we won’t forget that either.

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Anna Donáth would organize a centrally funded "brainwashing"

Instead of protecting Hungarian families, it demands a financial basis for teaching "European values"

Anna Donáth would organize a centrally funded "brainwashing"

Anna Donáth is attacking Hungary again, now she wants to teach "European values" and is even asking the EU for money.

In our opinion, you should rather ask for money to help Hungarian families, to support Hungarian citizens who have lost their jobs, or to protect the values ​​of Christian culture. We do not ask for "European values".

We are not asking for a liberal double standard, we are not asking for BLM racism, we are not asking for Antifa terrorists, we are not asking for resettlement quotas, we are not asking for interference in our internal affairs, we are not asking for lies, we are not asking for lies, we are not asking for falsification, anti-nationalism, No moment with Anna Donáth in the lead.

It is not Hungary that needs to change, but it would be time for the anti-national left to realize that their popularity is not declining by accident. Despite the fact that they produced many parties, logos, right-wing parties (Jobbik, Mi Hazánk, etc.), despite the creation of fake Fidesz pages and groups, the majority of Hungarians are sober-minded.


Anna Donáth's dilettante post:https://www.facebook.com/.../photos/29870244.../860503671105356/

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