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2.5 minutes shame!

András Fekete-Győr went to Márton Gulyás to be destroyed

2.5 minutes shame!


Written by Daniel Kacsoh
The one-hour secondary shame is only heightened by the Momentum president’s subsequent explanation.
And it all started so well. Újbalos-up-and-coming-trendy YouTube channel with the vagabund of opposition street activism tamed into a modern media worker. It’s not some evil “propaganda show,” but a truly independent-objective platform, a place where real questions are asked, editing is not hand-driven, and the common goal is soldered together, namely anti-Orbán. It's all so cool it's opposition!

At least in the mind of Momentum leader András Fekete-Győr, such thoughts may have swirled when he sat in the studio of Mártonék Gulyás.

Then it became / instead of the cheerful Fidesz-shaming

fluttering, “I don’t know the answer to that,” arguments that degenerate into self-contradiction, and sayings like “I think I was sixteen in 2006”.
In summary, the one-hour interview did not draw the figure of a future prime minister, even though the chemistry worked, there was sympathy, everyone here wanted good. But if something doesn’t go, it doesn’t go in vain, forced.

Obviously, the comment flow that can be read below a particular media content is not a representative measure of degree, in fact, but in this case it is definitely instructive to take a look at the posts. Here are a spit or two of gold:

“I don’t want to be prime minister. It seems terribly uninformed. ”
"Like a recent graduate in a first job interview."
"Starting with pre-selection with such abilities is a perfect refutation of the statement in the interview that he has self-reflection."
"It was so hard it would have even been taken off the pornhub."
And yet you’re a bunch of similar, destructive remarks.

Probably Fekete-Győr also felt that this did not work out very well, and he managed to walk into (again) one of his allies, the MSZP, but it was now incidental, in any case he was forced to explain . However, with this only he dug even deeper into the communication pit, the solar cell operating as a nuclear power plant would no longer be able to bring back from this gap the party leader fighting for the Felcsuti lawsuit.

“Many of you write that heaven and earth is the original, uncut Partisan interview, and the cropped version that came out yesterday. This is partly because, unfortunately, the social, economic and political values, ideas and program points that I represent as the Prime Minister's candidate of the Momentum Movement are hardly worthy of the cut material, ”Fekete-Győr wrote on Facebook. Let's note right away with some Horngábor edge: no, András, it wasn't written!

It does not matter. When someone is able to apologize at all, and even blame the interviewer, within twenty-four hours, after such a performance, which even causes secondary sympathizers from potential sympathizers, it is hardly suitable for any political role. Let's not even talk about the function of public power! You will obviously not see this for yourself, but we can still state from this:

András Fekete-Győr, who wants to put the rule of law in brackets, has made himself out with this performance.
However, the explanatory statement contains another interesting detail that only reinforces the conclusion just made: “Fortunately, the original, authentic, uncut interview can also be listened to (or watched) on Spotify (and as a Partisan patron in video format). Even if those who want to take part in the pre-selection want to make your decisions based on a real, complete picture. ”

That is, if we understand correctly, the president of the Momentum stabs not only the Márton Gulyás as some offended preschooler, but also those who are not demanding enough, curious, thorough enough to be satisfied with a one-hour stuttering Fegyőr. Anyone who wants to take part in the pre-selection (meaning democratically-minded and sufficiently opposition-committed) will also go for the uncut version, ie a total of half a day to get to know the fuller spectrum of the hystee's ideas. If he doesn't, he doesn't even deserve to vote for Mr. President. Item.

It was enough for me to have sixty minutes of this suffering, or more accurately, so I wouldn’t warp into such self-torture, but I’m sure no one else will really.

Who would have thought anyway? Márton Gulyás, who threw paint at the Presidential Palace, could "close" the career of the first man of Momentum, who exploded with the mowing of the Budapest Olympics. From here, there isn't much going back to the ring, so this production comes together with a bucket of cold water, a roaring baby girl and a horse. Destroyer!


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Left-wing sentiment against oriental vaccines

Left-wing sentiment against oriental vaccines

A petition has been launched
Their doctors refuse to give it
They spread fake news
Sarlatans are declared
They want to ban it
They charge the price
For them, a life is not worth 30 euros
They attack Hungarian experts
It's called a human experiment

👉While 3.3 million have already registered, 1.6 million have been vaccinated, we are second in the European Union and mass vaccination is ongoing.

If it were to the left, 600,000 fewer people would have been vaccinated today.

Left anti-vaccination actions:
Csaba Dömötör reports on the numbers:https://www.facebook.com/domotor.csaba.gov/videos/452445406082679
Number of registered:https://www.facebook.com/FideszHU/posts/10160699602504307
Number of vaccinated:
Vaccination spirit:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3154/Megbukott_a_hatalomehes_ellenzek_oltasellenes_kampanya

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Another 450,000 vaccines have arrived from China!
Opposition anti-vaccination propaganda collapsed. Austrians want to vaccinate themselves in Hungary with a Russian or Chinese vaccine!
Péter Szijjártó: You have to extinguish as soon as possible, as much as possible!
We can only defeat an enemy called a virus together!
The new fire buses of the Hungarian Army are also going into battle!
The new mobile vaccination points will serve the southern border and in settlements where it is difficult to set up vaccination points.
The screaming can start: the Slovaks are not protected by the test, but by Sputnik-V! The first 200,000 doses of Russian vaccine have arrived in Slovakia!
Brussels is just “dripping” the vaccine, while appreciable quantities are coming from China and Russia!
Portfolio: Only oriental vaccines can help us vaccinate the entire population by the end of June!
Sign up! It's not too late!

The Gyurcsánys spend millions on death campaigns and anti-vaccination propaganda!
Our bird has landed! With one “bend”, he brought more vaccines from China than he had ever arrived from Brussels!
Our bird went for the vaccine! Hungarian state plane departs for first shipment of vaccines to China, 550,000 doses arrive (with video)
The mayors of Gyurcsány are fighting against the Hungarian doctors, questioning their professional decisions! They are capable of anything for power!
Help is coming! (with video) The first shipment of the Russian vaccine is already in Hungary!
The agreement has been reached, Russian vaccines are coming to Hungary! Europe is idle - Russia is helping! The Hungarian authority has tested and approved the use of Sputnik-V. Millions of people have been vaccinated with the Russian vaccine!

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This is not just the politics of Fekete-Győr

This is the politics of Momentum and the united six-party coalition

This is not just the politics of Fekete-Győr

Let's see clearly: everyone criticizes András Fekete-Győr and the Momentum, the only thing is that it is not the Momentum that will run in the election, but the six-party "wash coalition" that includes the Momentum and the same values ​​as the Momentum. what has been said by some of its members is to be understood as a total electoral collapse.

Thus, András Fekete-Győr, the president of Momentum, together with his allies (DK, MSZP, Dialogue, LMP, Jobbik, Everyone's Hungary) plan to ban those to whom they refer to him as "propagandists" from their work as journalists. Translated, this means that all journalists who do not play from their score, who represent civic, national, Christian values, would be silenced.

Are we surprised? We will not, as this is what those who say
I would take away the right to vote from the elderly, the rural, the "less educated"
I would take away Hungarian citizenship from Hungarians across the border
I would abolish the family support and home-building system
I would raise taxes
It would push the country into alcoholism, unemployment and crime with aid with individual rights.
For 10 years they have been spreading lies, harassing people, demonizing the civilian government and its members
They represent foreign interests against Hungarian national interests
Fidesz sympathizers are threatened with lampposts
blm, antifa and other terrorist organizations
They are campaigning for Romanian parties
They are demanding an increase in overhead prices in Brussels
They report Hungary and demand withdrawals
They are funding an anti-vaccination campaign, pushing for the virus
They are preparing for political persecution, the dismantling of the rule of law, the physical showdown with the Fideszites, they want to make everyone who does not surrender to the left-liberal regime a landlord
Civilians are harassed and intimidated
They are preparing for a coup, a violent takeover in case they do not win the election
They attack the developments, talk about theft, while not making any reports.
They fear freedom of the press while breaking into an editorial office and intimidating those who work there.
According to them, the child is only an unnecessary cost, only a "biological footprint", so they support abortion.
They support migration, it would make Hungarian families impossible

This is just a fraction of what they have committed and what they are prepared for if they come to power.
After that, the statement of Fekete-Győr (and its allies) is just a spice.

👉Do not be your own enemy!
👉Do not want to bring back the communist dictatorship!
👉Support Fidesz if freedom is really important to you.



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"Master and his disciple"

Fekete-Győr is just as threatening as Gyurcsány. If they come to power, there will be a shot again

"Master and his disciple"

(related articles at the end of the description!)

One note for all loopy liberal: There are many of us, we are more and we are NOT AFRAID! There will be no more police terror, theft, robbery privatization, the destruction of families, a moral and economic crisis in Hungary.
"Whoever fights with faith is invincible"

By bidding on each other, left-liberal livelihood politicians are threatening. When they come to power, they destroy everyone who does not surrender to them. Just like Biden and his buddies. This is the “democratic coalition” and its moon yard.

Csaba Dömötör wrote: "Well, the small arrow style emerged nicely from the Komcsi bag. There is no campaign in Romania, so András Fekete-Győr threatens for lack of a better one.
At oddly, a strange harshness from a politician, the smoke grenade thrown at the police, was denied at a slow pace, and he has been shaking as a victim ever since. Instead of verbal framing, it would be better to take responsibility for your own actions first. "
András Kovácswrote: "Open letter to András Fekete-Győr!

Dear Bandi! You have once again proved that you are exactly the same Bolshevik criminal as your grandfather Endre Fekete-Győr, the former communist president of the Heves County Council. Why am I writing this? You found it to say in a recent interview that:
- “The most likely scenario now is that we will have a simple majority in 2022. There are limits to the simple majority, of course, but far less than we might think at first glance. ”
- "In any case, it is possible to make it impossible for people operating in different key positions of the Hungarian economy and the Hungarian state to function, or to create a parallel institution, such as an anti-corruption prosecutor's office."
“These are plans and decisions that you don’t make in front of the high-profile in election programs because you don’t want to give your opponent any advantage. So we are not and will not be transparent about these plans - we ask for the public's understanding in this regard. "

All this is certainly virtigli communist-Bolshevik text poured with a large dose of threats. "He who is not with us is against us" - this term used by Mátyás Rákosi says back from each of your sentences. And you managed to improve all this by simply concealing your election programs. This is also a feature of a modern 21st century party, as you tend to refer to yourself in a lying way.

Threat, big vest and a huge emptiness behind it all. This is exactly you Bandika! Ever since you appeared in Hungarian politics, you have done nothing but provoke, threaten and incite hatred. Of course, all this could still be tolerated, but the fact that they have openly represented foreign interests and campaigned for Slovak and Romanian candidates already goes beyond all borders. You have issued a clear certificate that for you, being Hungarian does not really mean anything, because you could be either Romanians or Slovaks. You would certainly look down on them in the same way as Hungarians in this country.
Dear Bandika! You and your friends, who have been financed from abroad with you, are very lucky that a significant part of the Hungarians are so peace-tolerant, because otherwise you would be in great trouble. You’re also very lucky that in 1989, families like you didn’t get off the shoreline. Unfortunately, the legacy of the Bolshevik grandfather was not a stamp, but an advantage in the fact that today you too have become part of the Gyurcsányist-post-communist elite. However, your threat makes me and many more even more determined! Clearly, you and your buddies are as Bolshevik criminals as your ancestors! And we will never lose sight of this!

Dániel Deákwrote: "András Fekete-Győr - whose grandfather, as chairman of the county council, was the lord of Heves county during life under communism - does not bring shame to his communist ancestors, he began to threaten in the style usual in dictatorships.

In an interview with Azonnali.hu, he went even further than Ferenc Gyurcsány, who was led by the communist Apró clan and talked about making the Fideszians ground. He speaks openly of circumventing the democratic institutional system, in addition to acknowledging that they have secret plans to make the right impossible.
Quotes follow:
“The most likely scenario now is that we will have a simple majority in 2022. There are limits to the simple majority, of course, but far less than we might think at first glance. ”
"In any case, there is an opportunity to make it impossible for the Hungarian economy and people in various key positions in the Hungarian state to operate, or to create a parallel institution, such as an anti-corruption prosecutor's office."
“These are plans and decisions that you don’t make in front of the high-profile in election programs because you don’t want to give your opponent any advantage. So we are not and will not be transparent about these plans - we ask for the public's understanding in this regard. "

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It is not the police who are to be feared, but the violent, extremist, anarchist liberals!
Momentum provokes street riots and attacks the democratically elected Polish government
Momentum prepares for political persecution, demolition of the rule of law, physical settlement with Fidesz
What are left-liberals preparing for in 2022?

Open threat of Fekete-Győr:https://azonnali.hu/cikk/20210208_fekete-gyor-andras-ha-nem-lesz-ketharmadunk-akkor-is-el-fogjuk-tudni-leetleniteni-a-fideszes-seggnyalokat
https://magyarnemzet.hu/belfold/fekete-gyor-andras-a-jobboldaliak-elle impossibleiteset-tervezi-9344381/
Threat of Gyurcsány:https://hirado.hu/belfold/cikk/2020/08/02/foldonfutok-lesznek-igy-fenyegette-meg-gyurcsany-vidnyanszky-es-tarsait

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Children in need are punished!

The left always afflicts vulnerable people!

Children in need are punished!

The left always afflicts vulnerable people!

Another shocking case erupted around Béla Juhász, the mayor of Sződliget. On January 28, the head of the village Momentum announced on the municipal Facebook page of the settlement that children from families with payment difficulties will be excluded from public catering from Monday. That is, as of February 1, a preschooler or school child whose parents have accumulated some debt will not receive meals at the institution.

Slowly, it doesn’t take weeks for Momentum not to get involved in some kind of scandal over the statements, resolutions, statements, blunders of its politicians. It seems that Béla Juhász has once again joined this patinated line: the Momentum village leader is depriving the children of disadvantaged families of the opportunity to eat during the epidemic.
In his post, he puts it this way: “In school and kindergarten, a child can be excluded from a meal if the parent does not pay. We will be using the opt-out from February 1st. If you want to avoid this, contact the food manager. ”

Out of social insensitivity
This is not the first step in the Momentum that testifies to a complete lack of social sensitivity. It seems that since Juhász officially became a party member, he has identified with the Momentum's reckless, selfish policy. It is difficult to find a substantive explanation for the fact that during the coronavirus epidemic, when everyone is facing far more livelihood problems than usual anyway, it is precisely families who are not in an easy position to be put in an even more difficult position is it about eating their children?
It should also be mentioned that the Facebook post was published on Thursday, and the sanction in it will be enforced from Monday: that is, parents only had one working day to react to it in some way if they did not want their young children to have access. for food from the first of February.

It gets itself out of public money, not for those in need
Juhász pretends that all this is necessary because the debt - which is around one million forints - is unsustainable for the local government. However, it is not easy to see all this as non-hypocrisy and embarrassment: Juhász was one of the mayors who used the power created by the extraordinary legal system to award himself a HUF 1.6 million reward at the end of last year - even on the Index's shame list. Moreover, all this was done in such a way that the decision on the premium was not made by the Board of Representatives, but by him alone.

According to them, in Sződliget the local government managed to manage the extra money of the head of the village, but no longer so that 78 kindergarten and school children could take part in public catering during such extremely trying times. In addition, it can be seen from the comments under the Facebook post that the municipality made this drastic decision without first examining whether the 78 cases involved negligence or deprivation. Of course, all this does not change the fact that self-reward is apparently more important than helping in Sződliget.

Lunch costs more than a year ago
In Sződliget, at the meeting of the Board of Representatives on 17 January 2020, a decision was made to increase the catering fees from 1 February 2020. According to the minutes of the meeting, Béla Juhász states: “The decree has been amended even in the sense that after February 1, please pay the meal fees in advance. So in February, parents will receive two checks. ”
So not only the amount but also the payment schedule changed a year ago.

The entry, moreover, reads: "In school and kindergarten, a child may be excluded from meals if the parent does not pay." So it is not obligatory to exclude them, the decision is in the hands of the municipality, yet Juhászék is reaching for this radical tool. Of course, it is not mentioned that 1/2020. (I. 20.) according to the municipal decree, "the mayor is entitled to reduce or waive the personal compensation fee."

So the Momentum mayor could have even decided not to take money from families in need for meals, or at least reduce the amounts to an amount that can be kept for parents as well. He could have even made up the debt from his HUF 1.6 million reward at the end of the year.
Juhász, the candidate of the Momentum András Fekete-Győr, the president of the Momentum, presented Béla Juhász in a video on January 21 as the party's 4th party in Pest county. constituency parliamentary candidate in 2022. The mayor of Sződliget wrote that if he did, he would like to start in the pre-election colors of the Momentum Movement, ie he would be Bence Tordai's opponent in the district.

Based on the last few months, Juhász does not promise much for both the people of Sződliget and those living in the constituency. He has already shown that he can happily reward himself, but we have not yet really seen him work selflessly for those he represents. For now, we see him turning his back on those struggling to make a living.


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Another lie of Fekete-Győr

The president of Momentum looks very silly to young people

Another lie of Fekete-Győr

András Fekete-Győr either doesn't really see the forest so much from the tree, or he deliberately lies to the young people. The party president said in his ATV show that "unemployment is 73 percent in 25 years" (link at the end of the article)
The president of the Momentum, therefore, believes that young people are taking everything into account and are unable to control the claims of politicians. The lying politician said Fidesz would do nothing for the young people, but he and his allies who had previously led the country would do more. Well, based on the performance of the left so far, the Momentum, the DK and the other opposition parties can only be supported by those who are their own enemies.

Contrary to the claims of Fekete-Győr, the reality is that unemployment is in the 15-25 age group
- 12.6% in 2002,
- by 2010, this rate had risen to 26.4%,
- By 2020, it has decreased to 12.3 percent.

In summary, Fidesz was the party that pulled young people out of the pit where the left pushed them into 2010.
Unemployment is just one of many figures, but there are also tax exemptions, family benefits, home-building, free education, overhead reductions, a free textbook and many other measures. Wages have doubled in 2010, and the success of economic policy is supported by the fact that far more people are now returning from abroad than are temporarily emigrating.

The Momentum and the other parties on the left only need power and your vote. If they receive this, they will forget the voters just as they do in Budapest and the other cities they usurp.

📌The government has created perhaps the world’s largest and most comprehensive family support and home-building system
📌The government supports young people with tax exemptions
📌All Hungarian working people can enjoy the reduction of income tax
📌Fees for public services and administration have decreased significantly
📌In the great dictatorship, the number of people living in overcrowded housing fell from 47 percent to 20 percent
📌Inheritance and gifting tribute - abolished by Fidesz
📌Significantly more money remains in people's pockets due to overhead cuts, tax cuts and steadily rising wages since 2010
📌It is a sham that the government does not give anything to singles!
📌Hungarian workers pay the fourth lowest tax in the European Union
📌Facts: We are twice as rich as we were in Gyurcsany's time
📌Overhead reduction - here are the real numbers
📌Crisis management in the past and now: there are more jobs today than before the epidemic and 850,000 more than in 2010.

Source:http://www.atv.hu/videok/video-20210125-bosszut-allt-a-kormanyfo-az-ellenzeki-varosokonFrom 7:19

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Fake news manufacturers are in trouble: already renovated medical practices are forced to lie that they are not renovated

Have you run out of photos of Romanian barracks?

Fake news manufacturers are in trouble: already renovated medical practices are forced to lie that they are not renovated

🔴In this video, we present dozens of renovated hospitals and clinics, among many others.

Momentum is collecting data on the pretext that the government is allegedly not renovating the St. Margaret’s Clinic.
Well, the pictures may speak for themselves, the renovation of the clinic began in 2018, and although not all elements of the project have been completed yet, the government has not given up on these. In the meantime, several health developments are currently taking place - ORFI, St. John's Hospital, St. Margaret's Hospital, Buda Mercy Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, GP surgeries, worth a total of HUF 30 billion!

📌This false news was previously refuted in detail by Mihály Varga, and we supplemented it with additional information and articles. In detail:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2654/Tordai_hazugsagait_Varga_Mihaly_cafolta

📌It is not the government that spends on people’s health, and it is not the government that makes the distinction between “Fidesz” and “non-Fidesz” districts, but the left-liberal city leadership who DEROGATED the development resources of the Fidesz districts. So while the government is developing Óbuda's health care system to the value of 30 billion and the Healthy Budapest Program provides a total of 700 billion forints for the city's health improvements, the left has simply taken the money from the "bad" districts.

📌Gergely Karácsony provided HUF 50 billion in subsidies to the government for health improvements, of which HUF 10 billion (the price of a stadium, if you like) was transferred for 1 year, but there is a crying silence about what the capital spent on this targeted subsidy. They did not buy a pack of bandages, while this money is exactly three times the "withdrawal" now objected to.

📌Healthy Budapest Program:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2719/700_milliard_forint_a_fovaros_es_Pest_megye_egeszsegugyi_fejleszteseire

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Doctors, the Hungarian health care system, OGYÉI specialists from DK and Momentum were severely attacked

Viralists continue to push for the epidemic and are now attacking not only the government but also professionals

Doctors, the Hungarian health care system, OGYÉI specialists from DK and Momentum were severely attacked

🔴Share it with as many people as possible so that all Hungarian doctors and all professionals can see how the left-liberal parties express their opinion!

This is no longer a joke, this is not a political attack, the two big anti-national parties are attacking the experts and questioning the decisions of the experts. What does the Hungarian Medical Chamber have to say about this? Do you think it is okay to end this profession like this?

📌DK says doctors falsify mortality statistics and licensed Russian vaccine is 'human experiment'
Where do mortality data come from? From Orban or our healthcare system? Who works in the health care system, politicians or doctors, nurses, health professionals? With this statement, DK claims that the mortality statistics on koronavirus.gov.hu ​​are false, the only problem is that the numbers are not written by Fidesz, Orbán or the government, but by the hospitals, the doctors working there, the managers of the hospitals. The numbers are represented by names and data, so no person can be denied, because whoever has not died is alive, and this kind of manipulation would turn out anyway. So, according to DK, thousands of people, thousands of professionals are lying in concert. We hope DK really makes a complaint because then at least the government doesn’t have to report DK for spreading horror news and the court will provide justice.
The DK also called the use of the Russian vaccine a "human experiment", which called into question the preparedness of Hungarian doctors and Hungarian professionals, called into question their decisions, and destroyed public confidence in our health care system.
DK video:https://www.facebook.com/dk365/videos/733871910864465
Post of DK:https://www.facebook.com/dk365/posts/3636128656477522

📌According to the Momentum, the Prime Minister “spoke” to the experts of OGYÉI, and they made a political decision, not their professions.
Momentum looks down on OGYÉI's experts so much that they think they can only be "spoken to" after they have made a decision that meets political expectations instead of professionally. The Momentum therefore presupposes that the doctors working there do not act according to the oath of the Hippocratic oath and do not make professional but political decisions in the knowledge of their criminal responsibility.
It is worth reading the comments during the post of András Fekete-Győr, this kind of indecent attack is already receiving a lot of criticism from his own believers. People are puzzled by such statements, as they see that only power counts for left-liberal parties and is capable of ANYTHING to get power, in the strictest sense of the word. Nor does it matter to them that 100 people die every day from this virus, they are destroying confidence in the vaccine and doctors so that they can harm the government and all of us.

In summary, the left-liberals would only save people's lives with the permission of Brussels, in the absence of which I would watch the Hungarian fall with his hands folded. There are not enough vaccines coming from Brussels, the Russian vaccine is being licensed, we are seeing this, but they, representing the interests of the pharmaceutical lobby, would exclude Russian and Chinese vaccines from procurement, regardless of whether these products are good, approved in many countries around the world, millions of people have already been vaccinated with these products, and regardless of the fact that vaccination in Hungary is free, voluntary, and will now be optional. So our possibilities have not narrowed, but expanded! At least half of people have more confidence in the Russian vaccine than in the West.

I wonder why the left is lobbying for the Western vaccine and why it is opposed to the Russian and Chinese vaccinations? Let’s ask ourselves this question and try to find the answer to this by knowing the views, priorities, values ​​of the left, the globalist approach they represent.

We can still count on the Fidesz government, the anti-national left-liberal parties, including Jobbik, still cannot.


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Even in an epidemic situation, the Gyurcsánys think only of power

Even in an epidemic situation, the Gyurcsánys think only of power

Today is a notable day, as today the collapsed opposition gathered and signed a 6-point plan written by Gyurcsány, along which they would like to govern the country after a change of government they dreamed of. We will not have a hard time, as the opposition today is led by the same people who shot eyes and who bankrupted Hungary, bled and intimidated Hungarian families. The logos are new, the words are beautiful, the methods are new, but the designs and faces are the same. Let us move forward in a row and, knowing the activities of the left over the past 30 years, let us fill these points with content.

📌1. A nation at peace with itself.
What can the Gyurcsány-Dobrev clan think? Isn’t it just that everyone who disagrees with them is threatened, grounded, blackmailed, and silenced in one way or another? For example, by a mouthpiece decree, which was used in Vác, by wage cuts, which were practiced in several "free cities", by dismissal, by expiration, by "continuous total fire." During the reign of the left, there were not so many brave mouth heroes as now, because everyone was aware that a single bad word could appear in front of the house on the "Black Volga" ...
The first point, then, is not the peaceful nation, but the majority intimidated and silenced by the minority in their interpretation. Here and now, we are nailed down: we are not afraid, you cannot lock, kick or intimidate 6-7 million people behind bars. This is our country and we will protect it - at all costs! Make a good note of this!

📌2. Democratic rule of law.
Translated, this means that whoever dares to protest will simply be shot, at best with a rubber bullet. What kind of democracy is the one who suppressed peaceful protest by bloody methods, who initiated conceptual lawsuits, who openly confessed that he lied, deceived the electorate, and then did not resign? Would this be democracy? Would that be the rule of law? Perhaps it would be the rule of law where the rights of all deviant minorities prevail, for the majority - simple, working, raising children, paying taxes, married parents, men and women are forgotten and oppressed? Where are the words mother and father forbidden? Where can you even marry a stool? Where can a healthy child be adopted as a dog? Where will you want to settle MILLIONS with a foreign culture, a religion that is not typical of Hungary, avoiding work in a big arc, but queuing for help?
NO! This is not a rule of law! This is the left-liberal, bloody dictatorship itself!

📌3. Forward-looking governance.
We have already learned about forward-looking governance: 12% unemployment, 82% government debt, IMF loan, closure of schools, kindergartens, hospitals, dismissal and coercion of doctors, teachers, nurses, privatization of hospitals and health insurance, sale of energy sector, PPP privatization, robbery privatization, robbery privatization .
They would downplay the Army, the Ambulance Service, health care, the railways, the road network, the social sector and agriculture.
This is NOT governance! This is treason!

📌4. A caring society
Gyurcsány's society takes care of everyone, not just the one who generates the money and pays the taxes. What did they do to the decent Hungarian people? They raised taxes, tripled the price of gas, doubled the price of electricity, abolished tax breaks, took away home subsidies (even when it meant 20x less money than now), stole a year's worth of money, leaving tens of thousands of Hungarian women without income. in the third year of the child, the subsidized forint loans were abolished, the family allowance was increased, thus sponsoring subsistence childbearing among the unemployed, the children starved, the money ended up in pubs and slot machines, they took a monthly pension, they took a monthly salary, they raised their pensions , they wanted to introduce a property tax, introduce a visit fee, a hospital per diem and a tuition fee, make textbooks and child food payable again. Part of the society was kept on a “ventilator” with aid, and the other part was deprived of 60 percent of their salary.
It is NOT a caring society, it is the financing of the work-avoiding part of society by the working part of society.

📌5. A fair economy.
It is fair for Gyurcsánys if foreign multi-billion dollar companies make a profit in Hungary, but it is not fair for there to be 1-2 successful Hungarian companies. When Gyurcsany came to power, they would confiscate the property of Hungarian entrepreneurs and replay the companies, just like the villa in which they live, they would simply standardize, divide the property among their buddies and live, sell the companies again, foreign companies would close them, they would be fired, or the developments would be stopped, the wages would be frozen, the profits would be taken out of the country, and the decision-makers would, of course, be sadly rewarded for making the necessary decisions. Everyone would do well, except for the Hungarian economy and Hungarian workers.
Furthermore, they would raise corporate tax, employers' contributions to wages, thereby stopping wage growth, raising unemployment again to 12 per cent, so that companies would not apply for a good workforce but employees would be vulnerable, raising income taxes to 42 per cent to pay who works and get free money from the one who does not. They would restore the inheritance tax, ie the death tax, push the construction industry to the brink again (since all development and home creation would be stopped), there would be a new "Hajdú-bét", a new "Seviép", a new "Sukoró", a new "4" subway "affairs. If given the opportunity, it will “hurt” again - for everyone!
This is NOT a fair economy. That would be bankruptcy itself.

📌6. European Hungary.
"For me, being Hungarian means nothing" / Ferenc Gyurcsány /
All that makes country a country and a nation would be given up and reset by the nation the left. They would tear down the fence, relocate those who should not be written about on “democratically censored Facebook”, terror, rape, mass unemployment, street fighting, arson, police patrols, religious, gender, ethnic tensions, beheadings, church destruction would also appear in Hungary. and arson, would impose all sorts of quotas when, for example, a leader is not selected on a professional basis but on the basis of gender or skin color, when it would be mandatory to learn other religions and other languages ​​where Hungarians would be discriminated against in their own country.
This is NOT a European Hungary! This is the complete abandonment of the Hungarians, the abolition of the nation-state and the nation, and its sale for kilo money, per kilo.

Of course, we cannot insert this post on the pages of DK, Gyurcsány, Dobrev, jakab, MSZP, LMP, Dialogue, Karácsony and others, because we are disabled in the name of DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM OF SPEECHWhy? Because we asked a question.


PS: We have collected the above from our left-handed criminal record article we collected earlier. The list is not complete as these criminals add every day!

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