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The rule of law balloons that have been blown by the Momentum and the entire Hungarian opposition for years have burst in front of the country-world!

The rule of law balloons that have been blown by the Momentum and the entire Hungarian opposition for years have burst in front of the country-world!


The downfall is complete: Momentum admits on the basis of another recording that the whole mystery of the rule of law was initiated by them, and Fidesz is right, there is no described rule that we would violate. Instead of facts opinions, the struggle goes to the union.

Judit Varga: The persecution of witches in Brussels against Hungary has become even more unbelievable

As we reported, Anna Donáth spoke in a leaked recording that Fidesz and Judit Varga were right about the rule of law. According to the Minister of Justice, "the rule of law balloons that have been blown out by the Momentum and the entire Hungarian opposition for years have burst before the country-world".

In the recording published by HírTV, MEP Anna Donáth Momentum says, among other things: "If we talk about the rule of law in the language of law, then Fidesz and Judit Varga are right."

According to Judit Varga, several lessons can be drawn from this sentence, which is equivalent to another confession.

"On the one hand, it has become even clearer that the Hungarian opposition and the pseudo-civilian organizations that maintain close ties with them are constantly trying to blur and politicalize issues related to the rule of law, because if we look at them legally, it immediately turns out narrative.
On the other hand, the persecution of witches in Brussels against Hungary has become even more unbelievable than before, from the Article 7 procedure to the linking of the payment of EU budget funds to the rule of law.
Thirdly, the rule of law balloons burst for years by the Momentum and the entire Hungarian opposition burst before the country-world. The only question now is how embarrassing this fall is for Momentum's allies in Brussels and whether they can continue to build an air castle based on lies with a serious face. ”


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The Őszöd-speech of the Momentum

The Őszöd-speech of the Momentum

‼ ️Videohttps://www.facebook.com/Informatorhirtv/videos/342561853491419
The Momentum and the entire Hungarian left are behind Jouróvá's outbursts and the whole "rule of law" mystery. They are stuffing their heads full of lies, they are demanding "tough action", they are proposing to initiate proceedings and withdraw money.
We already knew this, now Anna Donáth admitted.
It is a shame that there are people living among us who also betray their homeland for money and power, to which they owe their lives, their studies, their careers. In return, they spit on Hungary and become their enemies.

Source: HírTV Informátor. Videohttps://www.facebook.com/Informatorhirtv/videos/342561853491419

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A leaked video disguises the betrayal of Momentum

The big fall!

A leaked video disguises the betrayal of Momentum

🔴ADD MORE! HírTV, Informator - 09/10/2020 20:30
Chips, cola should be included.

“Anna Donáth's autumn speech. The betrayal that has been suspected so far. Exclusive video from the inner circles of Momentum, or the big fall. ”

A Friday night broadcast of Hír TV Informátor reveals a video leaked from the inner circles of Momentum that reveals the cards of the traitorous party.

Hungarian Nation👍

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How would you congratulate you?

From the pen of David Philip

How would you congratulate you?

How would you congratulate a Hungarian mayor elected by Hungarians living in a Hungarian-speaking settlement inhabited by Hungarians?

Momentum in Romanian. Here is the letter:https://888.hu/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/kepkivagasemailbajamomentum.png
You read very well. On the paper, a Hungarian, thus "Hungarian" opposition party, congratulated the Hungarian mayor of Marosvásárhely in Romanian. To the mayor against whom the Romanian candidate for whom András Fekete-Győr campaigned with a Romanian inscription ran.

Everyone should remember this moment, because you don't have to expect better from them!

🔴We previously reported that Momentum campaigned for a Romanian party instead of a Hungarian party:

Momentum congratulated the new Hungarian mayor of Târgu Mureş in Romanian

After 20 years, Zoltán Soós became the Hungarian mayor of Târgu Mureş again, but the municipality of Baja Momentum greeted the new mayor with a letter in Romanian.
On September 27, a municipal election was held in Romania, one of the most joyful moments from a Hungarian point of view was when it turned out that after 20 years, Târgu Mureş would become Hungarian mayor again. Zoltán Soós triumphed in the Szeklerland town of nearly 60,000 Hungarians, who, although he joined the ring as an independent, also enjoyed the support of both major Hungarian Transylvanian parties, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (DAHR) and the Hungarian Association of Transylvania (EMSZ).

Soós' victory brought refreshment to the local Hungarians only because the previous mayor, the Romanian mayor Dorin Florea, wanted to forge political capital with anti-Hungarian incitement. In connection with the Szekler Holiday Day 2018, for example, he said: "It would be best if everyone stayed at home and spent the Saturday with their family, there are no minorities in the city, everyone is equal."

In the light of these, it is even more surprising that the left-wing local government of Baja greeted the newly elected Zoltán Soós in Romanian. The congratulatory letter in Romanian, received by 888.hu, was signed by Klára Nyirati, the mayor of the city Momentum and Rozália Preininger, the councilor responsible for cross-border and international relations.

However, if we take into account that the president of Klára Nyirati's party, András Fekete-Győr, asked the Hungarians of Transylvania in a video message before the Romanian municipal elections to support Momentum's Romanian brother-in-law, USR PLUS, instead of Hungarian candidates.

Moreover, it is even conceivable that the congratulatory letter (which does not reveal a word that Târgu Mureş became Hungarian mayor again and that Zoltán Soós was not named in it) was already well in advance by the mayor of Baja, waiting for a Romanian candidate to triumph in the Szeklerland. However, as this did not happen, the letter was sent to Zoltán Soós, the winner of the election.

Whichever scenario comes true, it’s kind of bloodthirsty.


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Klubrádió has repeatedly violated the rule, admitted and paid the fine, however, it can apply again

And Anna Donáth is just lying, lying, lying again

Klubrádió has repeatedly violated the rule, admitted and paid the fine, however, it can apply again

Today does not pass without any left-wing party and its politicians running to Brussels to defeat Hungary and lie about a domestic (internal) affair. What is it about? Anna Donáth wrote the following lines on her Facebook page:

"The Club Radio‼ ️by silencing‼ ️our greatest fears have been proven. "" In defense of Hungarian media freedom now‼ ️I lodged another complaint with the European Commission‼ ️together with the National Association of Hungarian Journalists, because‼ ️the government is not acting despite the calls‼ ️"" The EU Directive requires national media authorities, including the Media Council, to‼ ️be independent of the government‼ ️"" But the media will really only be free if we finally replace the government. "" As we've shown before, the government has occupied free media positions in succession in recent years. They closed Népszabadság, occupied the Hungarian Nation, the Origin and now, most recently, the Index. That is why we, the citizens, have an increasing responsibility to help the free media and deliver real news to everyone. "

In addition to making a foreign affair again from an internal affair, lying, expiring Hungary, the Hungarian government and the media authority, Anna Donáth is able to contradict herself even within a single text. In one sentence, he asks the government to act on the media authority and then writes that the media authority should be independent of the government. Are you independent now, or do you act? Meanwhile, he makes no secret that he will be truly "independent" when they come to power. We know what this independence will be like: they will make everyone ground, and the "independent" members of the media authority will be selected from the staff of the index, 444 and alpha news.

We are not asking for a communist dictatorship, the media authority does not act on the basis of party political considerations, but on the basis of legislation, which is described in the legislation, it must be observed and enforced. Whoever does not do so must bear the pre-written consequences.

The case of the other media listed by the momentary politician is not analyzed now, but it is worth mentioning that
- The index is so "occupied" that there are now two of it (index and telex),
- Népszabadság was closed by the Austrian businessman Heinrich Pecina, the owner of the paper,
- After the two-thirds victory in 2018, Simicska decided to terminate most of his interests (Magyar Nemzet, Lánchíd Rádió) or sell them, withdrawing from the media, no one forced him.
- And Telekom sold Origo in 2016, anyone could buy it.

In the case of Club Radio, this happened:

The 92.9 MHz frequency used by Klubrádió will be re-eligible

Due to a statutory reason for exclusion, the Media Council of the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) did not renew the entitlement of Klubrádió Budapest to the 92.9 MHz frequency and started the preparation of the tender procedure.
Due to the repeated violation of the Club Radio service provider, according to the Media Act, the Media Council did not extend the media service right expiring on 14 February 2021 on the Budapest 92.9 MHz regional frequency. During its seven years of operation, the Radio Radio, which broadcasts on the frequency, has repeatedly violated the provisions of the Media Act, due to which the Media Council applied various legal consequences.

The decisions affected by the repeated violation were taken into account by Klubrádió, no legal remedy was initiated in court, and the amount of the fines was paid. Pursuant to the relevant provision of the Media Act, the reason precluding the renewal of the right to provide media services is that the media service provider repeatedly or seriously violates the provisions of the Media Act during its operation, the NMHH states in a statement.

In order to ensure the continuous operation of the 92.9 MHz frequency in Budapest, the Media Council has started the preparation of the tender procedure for the utilization of the frequency. Despite the repeated violation of the law, during the tendering process, the currently available Club Radio service provider will have the opportunity to submit a tender offer. According to the intention of the Media Council, community radio should operate continuously on the 92.9 MHz frequency in Budapest.

The panel approved the draft call of the Győr 96.4 MHz district radio frequency tender for community use and agreed that Karc FM Média Kft. Should start its community broadcast on Sopron on the 98.4 MHz frequency with a two-month delay, no later than December 8.

Anna Donáth's liar writes:https://www.facebook.com/donathannajulia.momentum/posts/933944553761267
The reality:https://hirado.hu/belfold/cikk/2020/09/11/ujra-palyazhato-lesz-a-klubradio-altal-hasznalt-929-mhz-frekvia
Other interesting articles:https://szamokadatok.hu/

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András Fekete-Győr, the leader of the anti-Hungarian Momentum, is again campaigning for a Romanian party. (with video!)

András Fekete-Győr, the leader of the anti-Hungarian Momentum, is again campaigning for a Romanian party.  (with video!)

In the video, he says the usual masquerade, against corruption, and theft, have a European Romania, and so on. The same is burping in Hungary. It is a shame that a man who professes to be Hungarian (although he never said that ...) supports a Romanian party against Hungarian parties!

This is not the first time the President of Momentum has done this.
Municipal elections will be held in Romania on Sunday. The DAHR and the Hungarian Association of Transylvania (EMSZ) will cut him to the September 27 elections with numerous Hungarian mayoral candidates and Hungarian parliamentary candidates.

Momentum's sister party, the Bihor county organization of the liberal party called the Romanian USR, has published a video in which András Fekete-Győr again urges the Hungarians of Transylvania to vote for the candidates of the Romanian Party Alliance (USR-PLUS). As we wrote earlier, this is not the first time that the president of Momentum has done so, as he also urged Hungarians to vote for USR-PLUS candidate Dan Barna in last year's presidential election, against Hungarian DAHR candidate Kelemen Hunor.

“We want to ask you to support USR-PLUS candidates wherever you can,” says the president of Momentum in the USR-PLUS video.


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Left-wing livelihood parties and politicians have managed to steal a total of 260,000 arcs

Left-wing livelihood parties and politicians have managed to steal a total of 260,000 arcs

They set it up as a huge success, not really, as the questionnaires were filled out by 1,793,000 people and sent back to the Government. Only 14.5 percent of that amount was managed by the left. We will not be demagogues, obviously there were quite a few of the collected sheets that their deceived believers gave them voluntarily, but it is also factually true that they failed several times with their organized actions, stole the sheets from mailboxes, trash people's personal data into a lot of mailboxes. the arches didn't come either, because they were already "rounded their legs" during delivery.
It is also unclear how many sheets they have managed to copy in print, as the sheet is not a form with security features, but a plain A4 printed paper that can be duplicated with a better quality home printer.

And Momentum is especially proud that 4 people have spent time equivalent to 1 year of working time collecting 85,000 sheets. If Momentum had spent this time with something useful, such as planting trees, helping elderly, needy people, possibly picking up trash, or at least not doing anything, they could have gained a lot more support. This hour corresponding to the 1-year working time of 4 people is just the numbers of Momentum, along with the other livelihood parties and politicians, their activists, how many years of working time have been wasted on nothing?

Shame on the left! Are you serious about just running? Can they just destroy, hold back others, stumble? Why not engage in constructive activities? Just a little, just pointing, at least for "k. Strong images" ....

How pathetic is best shown by the post of Ferenc Gelencsér, who achieved a total of 10 shares and 92 emoticons in 13 hours. This also shows that even among their own sympathizers, their failed attempt to make the National Consultation impossible, as it turned out, did not have undivided success.

Source: (Gelencsér's post, feel free to write your opinions to him)https://www.facebook.com/gelencser.ferenc.momentum/posts/337604664257095

The official result:https://www.facebook.com/alexandraszentkiralyi.gov/posts/191078432406699

Hadházy's video of "huge success" https://www.facebook.com/hadhazyakos/videos/4385721478166291

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Momentum is lying as if it weren’t tomorrow

We expose another lie of the Momentum

Momentum is lying as if it weren’t tomorrow

This is what Momentum writes:
"Hungary has produced the third worst GDP figures in the EU! Europe has been hit by an unprecedented economic downturn, but unlike the government's propaganda, Hungary is unfortunately again among the leaders"

And this is the reality:
Eurostat (https://bit.ly/3hvanrs), if we look at it, Momentum reason is "Percentage change compared to the previous quarter". that is, they have included a table with data on the change for the previous quarter, but in their heading "compared to the same period last year".
If we look at this, then with a 13.5% decrease in Hungary, the EU decreased by 14.1% on average. So we are better than the EU average on an annual basis.
Gizik is mixed with its steam.

If we look at it, GDP in Hungary decreased even less in the first quarter than elsewhere (both quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year). Because restrictions started earlier in many countries, they ended sooner. For us, it covered roughly the entire second quarter, but that’s just a logical conclusion. So we fell higher, so the difference is bigger.

The chart of the Momentum is false because it shows data calculated for the previous quarter compared to the data shown for the previous year, and they roughly distort the reality, portraying the Hungarian data as a driver of the army.

Of course, we have written on this topic before, here is our article:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1697/A_magyar_gazdasag_visszaesese_kisebb_az_EU-s_atlagnal

We reiterate that 13.5% refers to the second quarter, where the EU average is 14.1%. This will make the full year’s decline much better, we’re betting on 4%. We closed 2019 with 5% growth, and we and leading economic analysts predict growth for 2021 as well.

The fact that the lying writing of Momentum was shared by only 22 in more than 1 day gives some peace of mind. The worst of the roughly 1,800 articles on the Numbers page so far performed better than this

The lie of Momentum:https://www.facebook.com/momentum.mozgalom/posts/1778092518999222


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Momentum is a real loser!

Civilians are being harassed

Momentum is a real loser!

🔴Real losers! Momentum sprayed garbage into the garden of Antal Rogán's neighbor.
How would the entire left-liberal choir scream if Fidesz did that? We think Klára Dobrev would camp in front of the EP, post dozens of posts on the Czech / Donáth terror on Twitter and Facebook, and anarchists wrestling inside the boulevard would have organized a marathon demonstration in front of the Fidesz headquarters.

This double standard is very boring and pathetic at the same time. Let’s say after you support a racist in Borsod, we are no longer surprised by anything.

The Momentum Movement scattered several bags of national consultation sheets in the garden of Antal Rogán's neighbor. The party originally intended the head of the prime minister's cabinet to be trashed by them as "people's opinions," but the three-apartment condominium does not live in the garden-related property, so he closed his eyes at the neighbor. Csaba Dömötör, Parliamentary Secretary of State of the Prime Minister's Office, assessed the action: Ferenc Gyurcsány and his associate's auxiliary team are attacking health leaders, operating a pseudo-news generator, and now they are weakening cooperation again by attacking the consultation.

Dömötör: The opposition continues where it left off
The parliamentary secretary of state in the Prime Minister’s Office responded to Momentum’s action on the community side.

Ferenc Gyurcsány and his associated auxiliary team, Momentum, were in action again. Looking at these

it is quite clear that the left will continue in the second wave of the epidemic exactly where it left off. The measures to help the defense were not voted on, the health managers were attacked in an operational manner, a pseudo-news generator was operated, and now, by attacking the consultation, they are weakening the cooperation again - Csaba Dömötör wrote in his entry.

The Secretary of State then drew attention to the fact that

"There is a fundamental difference between us. If nearly two million people give their opinion, we will respect it. They will doubt it. At that time, at least it will become clear to all Hungarians who can be expected and who cannot be difficult in difficult times."

Many millions of people are working hard to make Hungary fight the virus effectively. Our task now is to strengthen this cooperation by protecting jobs and making the country work. We are sorry that the left cannot add any thoughts or helpful actions to this - Csaba Dömötör closed the post.



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Get your hands off the kids, Momentum!

Get your hands off the kids, Momentum!

Momentum would bring gender propaganda into kindergartens already!
Government of Hungary: MAKE IT A CRIME TO DISTRIBUTE SUCH THINGS TO YOUNG PEOPLE !!! How long do we tolerate? If they win in 2022, they will also put that flag on Parliament and, from a diaper age, will start washing children’s brains and causing them psychological trauma. A two-thirds law should be enacted prohibiting the dissemination of such propaganda among children, i.e. under the age of 18, the perpetrator commits a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment. The activities of the offending party or organization may be suspended.

In a long article, Momentum reflects on how good it would be to start washing children’s brains from preschool age and shaping others according to their own gender preferences. We won’t go into more detail on who has a nervous system, read it on Momentum’s Facebook page to tell them what they think about it.

One thing we note: Several editors on the Numbers page have preschool children. If we see a single Momentum around the kindergartens, if anyone mentions these things in a single word, you will be taken in handcuffs by the police! You will not influence the healthy development of our children and fill their heads with all sorts of neoliberal ideas! It’s everyone’s private business what they’re attracted to, we won’t even tell you how you do it with you, you won’t tell us, and especially not our children! This is the red line that you should not try to cross.


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