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Every liberal is also a full-time propagandist!

Every liberal is also a full-time propagandist!

You also have a co-worker, a boss, a neighbor, a relative, whoever it is - he always concludes with politics, spreads the "verb", and if someone doesn't agree with him, he thinks it is stupid, a relationship of predominance and subordination in a workplace. and in addition, it discriminates, does not give a salary increase, creates conditions for him to leave voluntarily. This is true liberal terror of opinion!

The Liberals have developed a system in which each of them is actually paid to push the most polite liberal propaganda in their field.

Wherever a liberal works, he considers his main task to be clear to all the people available to him, he is the only one who knows the true truth, and he who wants to share in his graces must agree with him, not with anyone else. Whether a Liberal works in the editorial office of the Index, in a faculty of humanities at a university, in a University of the Performing Arts, or in a research institute, he never thinks he is getting paid by the state for his work. Everyone is convinced that he should be paid very well because he is spreading the only saving truth, liberal propaganda.

By now, we have come to the conclusion that none of them are willing to work with people with other worldviews or even coexist.
Liberals no longer consider any kind of expertise or education important, only that whoever listens to them finds out what a disgusting thing it is not to be liberal.

The liberals also arranged for multinational companies to advertise their products only in terms of tying, the other half of which was liberal propaganda and, of course, anti-government content in Hungary. Whether it’s your razor, your jeans, your electric car, they won’t tell you what you need to think about.

Part of the confusing economic conglomerate called Index is Totalcar, once a quality brand that aims to be the flagship of Hungarian automotive culture today. I think it is an economically independent sub-page of the Index, certainly in terms of content and editorial. I’m not interested in cars in general, but in a technological sense, electric driving is, so I tend to follow their materials related to this year. After two of the three new electric cars I received for testing a few days ago got in my hands, I wanted to listen to their podcast on electric car problems, the current Burning Space show.

The plentiful one-hour show first started with some sort of candy analysis block, promoting some chocolate maker, or its competition, for plenty of five minutes, with such uninhibitedness that I just blinked. And when I thought we had just gotten to the electric cars, Comrade Winkler started to insult Miklós Kásler without any transitions and bridges, and of course Orbánozó did a good job. It was then that I decided that I would never know the views of Winkler and his buddies or comrades about electric cars, because if he touched him as much as anything else, it was completely irrelevant. Not to mention its credibility, how “independent” someone can be professionally who isn’t so humanly.

But I was stupid to get started at all. Despite Winkler’s typical liberal, journalistic talent, he’s just a simple propagandist. The program quoted is a typical example of the practice of liberalism as a profession. Winkler obviously has the right to hate anyone and even to make this public.

To do so, on the other hand, would have to be a cultural man so that his political opinion would not so permeate the practice of his profession in such a primitive way.
Of course, you have the right to do the same, since the beauty of democracy is that everyone is as they are on their own account, but in turn, it loses its journalistic character, all its independence, and advances to become a propagandist. Moreover, we can be immediately promoted to a vile propagandist because he pretends not to be, as if he were not receiving the jazz because of his liberal nature, but because of his work.

Due to the use of this technique, the Conservative side temporarily lost the communication war. A conservative is always primarily conservative, or primarily professional, pushing opinions in our circles or totally, or trying to be professional. Eighty percent of the media genres are hardly conservative people in the first place, as we confess who is willing to endure thousands of celebrity news about a handkerchief or swallow a few hours of test drives a year. The multis and the liberal machinery have recognized over time, for many decades, that all media content, news, advertising, series, films, real salts can be littered with liberalism, just like university courses, from acting training to anthropology. Thousands of seemingly authentic people have been built up in every discipline who are able to place the same liberal propaganda element between two formulas at any time in a university lecture or in a car radio show.

And so far, we thought, or even if we didn’t, we acted as if these people were getting their pay, sponsorship, and advertising contracts because they were good at what they were doing. And there is no such thing.

They all get paid because they spread the liberal idea, by all means, without any kind of ethical, human inhibition. Anywhere, mixed with anything.
They were simply organizationally occupied with everything they knew and are in the belief that they are independent and professionally great. The latter is the most unpleasant. They are like great artists, wonderful journalists, frenetic scientists. According to each other, of course.

No, they are professional liberals, they have no other profession.
Do not consume content contaminated with liberal garbage. From Coca-Cola to the Lion King, from Total Damage to Our Little Village, they were all poisoned by liberalism!


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Will the climate change lag behind in 2020?

Will the climate change lag behind in 2020?

Yet the average daily temperature and greenhouse gas emissions did not change

2019 was the year of climate hysteria in the left-liberal media. Unscientific distortions, unjustified insults to the Government took place without stopping. Climate change is indeed an existing problem that needs to be solved, but the solution, we admit, will be delivered by scribblers with short hair and shorts.

The year 2020 has come and the coronavirus, which is now in decline in terms of news value. But there are still statistical biases, lies, washes, and unmissable camouflage videos. It was replaced by the Lángos Mania of Lake Balaton, and the American interpretation of what happened from similar initials.

We took strength and counted how many articles 444 have been labeled as climate change since January 2018. The graph shows that 2019 was the year of climate hysteria. It was only taken back from the floor gas during the EP and municipal elections.

However, since then, the average daily temperature has not decreased, nor have greenhouse gas emissions and water vapor decreased.

So climate change seems to have been a passing fad among liberals, climate change is no longer important. They don’t seem to have politically been able to forge an advantage out of it. Discarded. There is no more climate anxiety either.

Meanwhile, ITM and the Government have established the Climate and Nature Action Plan and are working.


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Kié a Balaton?

Kié a Balaton?

A balliberális propagandisták átkapcsoltak járványügyi kamuvideókról Balatoni kamuvideók gyártására. Kálmán Olga nem kevesebbet hazudik, mint hogy a fél Balaton Mészárosé és Tiborczé, közben semmilyen bizonyítékot nem tud felmutatni ezzel kapcsolatosan. Ez a nő azt is hazudja, hogy egyre kevesebb az ingyenes strand, ami tényszerűen nem igaz, hiszen egyetlen strand sem lett fizetős a korábban ingyenes strandok közül. A baloldalon többen "több ezer forintos lángosokat" vizionálnak, és azt állítják, hogy a Balaton elérhetetlen sokak számára.

📌Ezt tételesen cáfoltuk előző cikkünkben: https://www.facebook.com/…/photos/10914131…/189876659156142/

De nézzük, kik is "balatonoznak" most. Csak nem azok, akiknek régen fix helyük volt a másoktól elzárt pártüdülőkben?

A kommunizmus idején az ideológiai harcban elfáradt káderek pihenésére Aliga mellett a Balaton sok más pontján volt zárt pártüdülő. Ezekbe egyszerű magyar embernek nem volt gyere be

A demokratikus, népi erők győzelmét követően a Magyar Dolgozók Pártja 1948-ban elfoglalta az aligai polgári fürdőtelepet. A nyaralókat kisajátították, a tulajdonosokat kitelepítették, a teljes partszakaszt lezárták, és a terület biztonságát géppisztolyos őrökkel védték. Az imperialista kizsákmányolók helyett legyen a Balaton mindenkié, a dolgozó népé, de legalábbis a dolgozó népet képviselő Párté! Itt töltötte a nyarakat a teljes pártelit, itt sakkozott Kádár elvtárs Aczél elvtárssal, volt banán, saját mozi és saját kikötő, a talpalávalót az ide rendelt zenészek húzták, ingyen. Aligából egy hatvanhektáros zárt luxusüdülőhelyet hoztak létre maguknak az elvtársak, ahol még a lángost és a fagyit is ingyen mérték.

Az ideológiai harcban elfáradt káderek pihenésére Aliga mellett a Balaton sok más pontján volt zárt pártüdülő. Ezekbe egyszerű magyar embernek nem volt gyere be. Az elvtársak a párt önfeloszlatásáig örülhettek kiváltságos helyzetüknek, akkor a Club Aliga a pártvagyon többi részével együtt állami és kormányzati felügyelet alá került. Amit lehetett, azt időben széthordták, fillérekért privatizáltak maguknak. Követhetetlen önfeloszlató cégeken keresztül nyúlták le az államosítással (értsd: mások jogos tulajdonának kommunista ideológia szerint megalapozott elkobzásával) összeharácsolt pártvagyont. Így ment ez bő egy évtizedig, és ami maradt belőle, azt eladták. Aligát 2007-ben az izraeli hátterű Pro-Mot Kft. vásárolta meg, sőt a cég az állami tulajdonban maradt részre 49 évre szóló vagyonkezelői jogot is megszerzett a helyi önkormányzat orra elől. A Pro-Mot nagyvonalú turisztikai célú fejlesztéseket ígért, amelyekből alig lett valami, inkább csak kivették hasznukat a területből. Amikor sikerült teljesen amortizálni, eladták Mészáros Lőrinc cégbirodalmának.

Az érzelmek és indulatok proletár parazsa ekkor lobbant lángra, és futótűzként járta be az országot, sőt a hír a nyitott határokon át eljutott Európába is. A német Tagesspiegel 2019-ben megírta az aligai magyar kálváriát. Az itteniek sosem hitték volna, hogy valaha is beléphetnek a pártállami üdülő területére. A rendszerváltás után még hosszú évekig küzdöttek a jogaikért. Alighogy végre megszerezték, „az Orbán-klán rátette a kezét”, és megjelent a fenyegető veszély, hogy újra lezárják előttük a Balaton-partot. Az emberek félnek, mondta a civilek szószólója a német lapnak, diktatúra lesz itt, mindennek vége! A diktatúra szó mindig hatásos, erre a nyugati ember érzékenyen, a magunk fajta keleti harciasan reagál.

A szocreál épületek látványa, a parti sáv és a kikötőt övező park rendkívül elhanyagolt állapota a helyiek szerint is méltatlan a balatoni turizmushoz. De ha a nemzet gázszerelője fejleszt, az maga a lopás, korrupció, jogtalan és elítélendő gazdagodás. „A fideszes elit meg az Orbán-klán szisztematikusan ellopja a tavat, rablóprivatizációt folytat. A miniszterelnök jó barátja és veje már több tucat kemping és szálloda tulajdonosa a Balaton körül, portfóliójukban van borászat, kikötő és golfpálya is” – mondják a múltra koruk miatt nem emlékező, a pillanat homályában élő lila ifjak, miközben aktivistáik felcímkézik a Mészáros érdekeltségébe tartozó balatoni ingatlanokat, és hatalmas O1G-kel mázolják tele a balatoni utakat. Ha emlékeznének a múltra, ismerhetnék a 2000-es évek nagy balatoni bizniszét. Amikor a privatizáció „főhőse”, Gyurcsány Ferenc akkori miniszterelnök megszagolta a Balaton magánosításában rejlő lehetőségeket, potom 8,39 milliárd forintért gyorsan magánkézbe adták a Siótourt, a Balatontouristot és a Zalatourt. A három turisztikai cég, velük az összes balatoni kemping, strand és idegenforgalmi érdekeltség 2004–2005-ben az egyetlen, de legjobb ajánlattevő kezébe került. Az eladók az ÁPV és a megyei önkormányzatok voltak, a vevő pedig a titokzatos SCD Group, angol pénzügyi befektetői háttérrel és egy százmilliárdos fejlesztési ígérettel. Ígértek fűt-fát: kempingfejlesztést, új szállodák és kikötők építését, egészségturizmust, üdülőparkokat, golf–, lovas- és motorversenypályát. Mindent, ami a fejlettebb nyugaton van, hozzá EU-s pályázati pénzeket és nemzetközi befektetőket vártak. Kedvükért 2006-ban módosították a Balaton-törvényt, nyolcról huszonöt százalékra emelték a kempingek beépíthetőségét, megemelték az építmények engedélyezhető magasságát. A fejlesztések mégsem indultak el, pedig sikerült a buliba bevonni a „világ egyik vezető ingatlanbefektető csoportját”, az ír Quinlan Private-et. Talán a pénzügyi válság jött közbe, talán más, az SCD 2011-ben megvált a 17 milliárd forint adóssággal terhelt portfóliótól, majd a vevőt is felszámolták. Mészáros ezt a bedöglött üzletet vette meg, hogy az eredeti elképzelések mentén meginduljon végre a Balaton fejlesztése, a pangó hazai turizmus felszámolása. Megindult.

Mióta feloldották a karantént, három fronton kezdődött el a Balaton-projekt szapulása, a személyeskedő támadások a befektetők és irigykedők a fejlesztések ellen. A kormány a turisztikai beruházások költségeinek felét átvállalja, és ezzel a NER-potentátokat erősíti. A NER szitokszóvá vált, pedig a nemzeti együttműködésnél szebb dolgot egy ország számára elképzelni sem lehet. Ez visz előre, ez gazdagít, emeli a nemzeti vagyon mértékét. Ezért indokolt a beruházások költségvetési támogatása. De nem. Nálunk a szabadságától megfosztott sajtó üzemszerűen számol be a Fidesz-közeli cégek gigantikus állami szponzorálásáról, az ingatlanpanamákról és a Balaton-parti projektekről. Ezekből az egyik oknyomozó független médium szerint negyvenkettő van, körbeölelik és elzárják a tavat a dolgozó nép elől. Az összes NER-üstökös valamilyen szálon a miniszterelnök családjához kötődik üzletileg, rokonok, barátok, szomszédok, ismerték, ismerik vagy ismerni fogják egymást, egy nyelvet is beszélnek, mert mind magyarok. A magyar nyelv segít az újságíróknak is, hogy tényként emlegessék a feltételezett összefonódásokat. A magyarban nincs passzív, ami elhatárol a cselekvésben való aktív részvételtől, helyette kacsintós hat/het van: kaphat, adhat, becsaphat – hogy megteszi-e, bízzuk az olvasóra. A támogatottak között bőven van olyan, aki még a szocik alatt szedte meg magát, már akkor bekerült a top 100-ba. Őket láthatóan az üzlet érdekli, de az ellenzéki narratíva szerint csak a Fideszhez kötődő NER-lovagok vehetnek a bőség kosarából.

A második frontot az ellenzéki politikusok, a DK, Momentum, MSZP stb. közösen nyitották, hiszen szavazóiknak látniuk kell, hogy ők mindent megtesznek értük. Az ellenzéki összefogás tematikája és történetmesélése közös: az Orbán-klán szőröstül-bőröstül bekebelezte a Balatont, az egyszerű embert kizárja minden lehetőségből, száz meg százezret rabol, miközben milliók élnek mélyszegénységben. Pedig milyen jó volt itt régen, a háromforintos kenyér és lángos, a vadkempingek, zimmerferik és SZOT-üdülők, a kannás borok korában, amikor nem is éreztük, hogy diktatúra van. (Pedig az volt, proletárdiktatúra. Ők, ott, az aligai bázison határozták meg a rendszer természetét.) A minőségi turizmus nem kell, mert annak kiépítése most éppen a kormánypárt és kedvezményezettjei nevéhez kötődik. „A magyar tenger nem magántenger! Száz éve a magyaroké! Követeljük vissza a szabadstrandokat!” – de valójában egykori kiváltságaikat szeretnék vissza.

Az ellenzéki szólamra beindult a facebookos trollok és az egykori SZOT-üdülősök népi kórusa, ez a harmadik front. A Balaton feletti aggodalom nem új keletű, minden nyári szezonban napirenden van: beépítik, a vízminőség romlik, a tó algásodik, drága a lángos, minden háromszorosába kerül, és most ráadásul elrabolják a magyar emberektől. Aki nem látja, elhiszi, visszhangozza. Jelentem, a Balaton körül negyvennyolc (!) szabadstrand üzemel, a fizetősökre olcsón lehet bejutni. A tavaly elsiratott Club Aligát felújított állapotban például a hét minden napján féláron, felnőtteknek hatszáz forintért lehet igénybe venni. A tihanyi Plage18 emelkedik ki egyedül a hétvégi ötezer forintos jegyárral, amelyhez luxuskörülményeket kínál. Ha valaki akarja, tudja, fizesse meg.

Naponta szaladok bele gyalázkodó, hisztériás, hangulatkeltő, parttalan vitákba, amelyekben szuperlaikusok politikai identitásuk szerint feszülnek egymásnak vélt igazukért. Nehéz dolog pusztán a tényekkel érvelni, amikor minden véleményt indulat és érzelmi érintettség, feledés és tájékozatlanság mos át. Igazolódva látom Moldova György régi mondását: „Két dolog van Magyarországon, amihez mindenki ért, és ami mindenkit érint: a foci és a Balaton.” Összetart vagy megoszt. Mérlegeljük, melyik a jobb!

(A szerző történész)

Forrás: https://www.magyarhirlap.hu/velemeny/20200806-kie-a-balaton
Kép forrása: Egyik olvasónk készítette 2020.08.01-én, szombaton, Siófokon, az ingyenes, több kilométer hosszú strandon.
Ez meg Kálmán Olga balliberális pártkatona minden valóságot nélkülöző hazug videója: https://www.facebook.com/originalkalmanolga/videos/758337598327727

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There will be another! - Bodolai's claims can be confirmed

There will be another!  - Bodolai's claims can be confirmed

Screaming, marching, tears: everything was just a play, just like the anti-government demonstration. Every existing opposition politician shouted loudly, some at home, some in Brussels, and here, "in the zorbán," the index was being abolished. Meanwhile, the reality is that instead of an index, there have now been two, in fact, there will be three, because the "outgoing indexers" are just a temporary page, which they will certainly not eliminate, but will do one more.
In the meantime, they overthrew the government and Hungary, aroused guilt in their deceived believers and encouraged them to give more, because the rebuke was continuous even during that misfortune.

László Bodolai, Chairman of the Board of Index, may have been right to point out recently that the whole Index affair is nothing more than a pre-planned play. And the latest developments point very much in that direction.

The former Index team, which presents itself as a front-runner for the “independent” news service, will soon continue working on a new portal, at least as evidenced by their post posted the other day - which they also shared on the Facebook page called Outgoing Indexers. "There will be another!" - that's what the message is about, and the post also shows that you probably don't have to wait long for that.

However, if a new portal is really created soon, it will be confirmed by the president of the foundation that owns the Index, who reacted to what happened last week: “if the former indexers create a new page within two weeks with a publisher registered a month ago, then I expect an apology from everyone because it was all a play ”.

Solidarity is just a hoax
Although 24.hu seems to sympathize with its left-wing counterpart, it nonetheless distributes index terminations on Facebook as a tastelessly paid advertisement, writes Origó. 24.hu is currently circulating 11 news related to the Index on the social media. Origó believes that Zoltán Varga, CEO of Central Media Group, may be behind the action.

The editorial board of the index resigned on July 24 after László Bodolai, the chairman of the board of trustees of the Foundation for Hungarian Development, initiated the removal of the editor-in-chief of the portal, Szabolcs Dull. Mourning the death of press freedom, international hysteria began and Fidesz was immediately named the instigator of the events, despite Bodolai stating the major ruling party had nothing to do with what happened because "the Index fell apart so they didn't have to reach out." In the meantime, interesting information was published about the edited editor-in-chief: Szabolcs Dull leaked business secrets and consulted with high-ranking left-wing politicians, including Klára Dobrev and István Nyakó.


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Let there be a “Facebook law” against cyberstalinizm!

We are tired of restricting freedom of opinion! Social networks cannot override Hungarian laws. If you support it, share it

Let there be a “Facebook law” against cyberstalinizm!

Absurd: they attack the government because it protects freedom of opinion.

Unjustified censorship of Facebook violates freedom of expression

It did not take long for the left to twist the proposal of Attila Péterfalvi, the head of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority. The president of the NAIH advised the government to legislate on social media, according to which community profiles can only be suspended for good reasons, and the Hungarian authority can override its legitimacy.

As Magyar Nemzet wrote earlier, another wave of unjustified profile suspensions is sweeping across Facebook, which, in addition to violating freedom of expression, in many cases also hinders the flow of information and work. Attila Péterfalvi said that a Hungarian official procedure should be established, during which the Hungarian authority obliges Facebook to review the unjustified bans so that the expression of opinion really remains free.

And Jobbik was given the opportunity to twist the contents of the proposal to harass people against the government. John Stummer was the first to respond to Peter’s suggestion that he said Facebook was the government’s next victim of what he wanted to do after the Index.

But the party suffering from identity disorder did not stop here. The other day, he stated on the community page of the Jobbik for Hungary Movement that the prime minister does not tolerate dissent, and has even set himself a new goal: after settling with press freedom, he wants to restrict Facebook. He also conducted a short survey in his post asking if there was a need for Hungarians to take to the streets en masse if Fidesz restricted Facebook's access to Hungary. The naive and ignorant crowd that follows Jobbik doesn’t understand that it’s not about restricting Facebook’s access, but on the contrary, the goal is to make Facebook accessible to everyone and not restrict freedom of opinion.

PS: We send a message to Jobbik, Gyurcsány, and the other anarchists: we can and will go to the streets if we have to, and we will be more and stronger because we are protecting our country.



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Scientists have discovered new species of vultures

Scientists have discovered new species of vultures

The left-liberal fake news media and parties are constantly attacking Fidesz as they want to anoint the Index’s self-infestation.

Meanwhile, scientists have discovered new vulture species in the marshy areas of Hungary, known as “HVG Neophron percnopterus” and “444 Neophron percnopterus”. Speaking of naming, the HVG and the 444 Vulture were flown on the Index in the undead state.

In light of this, their move is not surprising:

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Unjustified censorship of Facebook violates free speech

Unjustified censorship of Facebook violates free speech

Several of our editors also fell victim, unable to use their profile for days, while all their acquaintances asked them why they see a "Facebook user" instead of their name, e.g. Messenger. Their profile has since been returned, but in addition to Facebook unjustifiably blocking them for 2 days, expiring them among their friends, they asked for ID cards for a community profile and even censored them, as during those 2 days they could neither share nor comment. , but they couldn't even enter the site. The closer the election is, the more Facebook will interfere in Hungarian internal affairs, the right-wing, pro-government voices will simply be muted for days and weeks, the ads will not be allowed to appear, anti-government propaganda will be favored - just like in 2018.

However, there is a positive sign: the authorities have started talking about the problem, the phenomenon has been discovered, and we hope that the work we have just started will be the result.


Freedom of expression and the flow of information are violated by the wave of unwarranted personal profile postings on Facebook. According to experts, it would be necessary to regulate the community site to create Hungarian legislation, but the Hungarian authorities have no room for maneuver in data protection issues such as requesting personal documents. Attila Péterfalvi, President of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, proposed that the government create legislation on social media, according to which community profiles can only be suspended for good reasons, and the Hungarian authority can override its legitimacy. Political scientist János Simon told our paper that with a wave of bans in a political campaign, the owner of Facebook has a strong influence on the outcome of the election.

Over the summer, the second wave of personal profile suspension has swept across Facebook. With its mass, it unreasonably, without filtering, suspended Facebook’s personal profiles, which

only after the photo of the ID was sent, it was released days later.

The practice of suspensions is a matter of concern, as it hinders free expression, the flow of information and, in some places, work. For now, there are only guesses as to what might be behind another wave of disqualifications. Interestingly, however, the date coincides with U.S. President Donald Trump’s suggestion that the fall U.S. presidential election should be postponed because of the corona virus.

According to political scientist János Simon, the real reasons for the wave-like suspensions of Facebook are still being speculated, but it is certainly clear that Facebook has a big role in shaping public opinion, because the site is reached even in the smallest settlements. The political scientist stated that whoever controls Facebook is just like who controls television channels.

- Facebook took over the role of mobile phones in political campaigns, previously SMS played a big role, now social media. If personal profiles are massively blocked in the wake of a political campaign,

they can paralyze government power, and there is a serious chance of that in the next election

Simon John called attention. The political scientist has long been pushing for the Visegrad countries to come together and create a new community interface so that the flow of information can’t just work through Facebook.

- The temporary suspension of profiles is also an objectionable practice in terms of freedom of expression and the flow of information, and equal rights must be granted in all areas. We need to investigate Facebook’s irregular practices and look for alternatives, ”János Simon told our paper.

Attila Péterfalvi, President of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, proposed new legislation at a meeting of the Digital Freedom Working Group set up by the Ministry of Justice. According to Attila Péterfalvi, taking into account the Hungarian practice

the copying of documents is a matter of concern, which is also contrary to the principles of the data protection regulations and the practice of the Hungarian data protection authority.

- I consider this practice excessive, but Facebook is not subject to Hungarian rules, but to uniform European regulations. The Hungarian authority cannot initiate an investigation. On the other hand, from the side of information flow, it is necessary to create new legislation, Péterfalvi said. The President of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information informed that Minister of Justice Judit Varga had established the Digital Freedom of Opinion Working Group. At this meeting he picked up that

the review of the suspension of personal profiles should be a Hungarian competence.

- I suggested that a Hungarian official procedure should be established, during which the Hungarian authority obliges Facebook to review the unjustified blockages, so that the expression of opinion really remains free - Attila Péterfalvi informed our newspaper.


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A disabled girl was used for her false news at 444, but they fell down again

Reality vs. left-liberal fake news: 1-0

A disabled girl was used for her false news at 444, but they fell down again

"A girl who was forced into a wheelchair due to a train accident would return to her school, but the tank district is costing 7.5 million the cost of disabling the high school." This clever title was given by a 444.hu journalist writing in a dissertation that a student who had fallen under a train would return to his old school, Teleki Blanka High School, after nearly a year of rehabilitation, but - as they write - the 120-year-old building is not barrier-free, and the tank district indicated that they could not provide funding for accessibility. All this is revealed from the written question of Csaba Tóth, Member of Parliament of Zugló, which he wrote to Miklós Kásler, who runs Emmit. The title of the 444.hu impact hunter is also incomprehensible because Bence Rétvári indicated to the paper that they are examining the possibilities so that accessibility can be implemented in the near future, which they hope will allow all students to complete their studies without any problems.

Bence Rétvári has now refuted the false claims of 444.hu on his community page. “In the first phase, the accessibility of the water block has started, and the chairlift will arrive in August. The ramps are now being manufactured. Not a single Hungarian is alone! ” - wrote for uploaded photos showing accessibility works. Reality vs. left-liberal fake news: 1-0.

https://444.hu/2020/07/28/visszaterne-az-iskolajaban-az-a-lany-aki-egy-vonatbaleset-miatt-kerekesszekbe-kenyszerult-de-a-tankerulkeret-sokallja-a-gimnazium- akadalymenetesitesenek-75-million cost
Bence Rétvári https://bit.ly/309ixQBThank You! Professional as always.🇭🇺

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A dash of the dirtiest manifestations of the Index

A dash of the dirtiest manifestations of the Index

Why would we be happy if the index really stopped, the "people" who edited it would end their journalistic work? The answer is simple, not everything can fit in one image, but we have tried to gather titles that cover the nation-destroying effect of the index and similar fake news factories.

1. They have been spreading fake news since their inception, i.e. 21 years ago. This activity intensified even more as a result of the epidemic situation and the restrictions imposed, and it had already slipped into the category of horror. "patients with half-stitched bellies repatriated" - this is one example out of millions

2. The index despised and mocked all Christian and traditionally Hungarian holidays, our culture, our customs, the cornerstones of our national identity. The index did targeted and conscious work in this area, the purpose of the index was to make people ashamed to assume that they were Hungarians, that they were Christians, that they were patriots, and confess, this work they succeeded, half a generation they were raised in this spirit. The picture shows a "Christmas tree" made of a ladder, which in our opinion is the tipping of the Karácsony holy feast in the couple's feet.

3. They lied about the government, the economic situation, the real numbers, the country's prosperity, deliberately silenced the real data, the facts, and wrote desire-driven articles based on opinions about Hungary's economic situation, leading a lot of people, as everyone can only know their narrow environment. , the more distant cities and villages can not know what happened, the index did everything they could not.

4. They pursued anti-family policies, ridiculed, ridiculed, degraded everything about families. The measures and aspirations of the government were silenced or, if not, they were twisted in such a way as to give a false appearance, they encouraged young people not to have children. In this video, you see a typical index reader who, when asked if she is planning to have a child, answered NO because the child is the CRIMINAL. Too bad his parents didn't think so.
The index produced and published such videos, setting an example for young people to follow.

5. The "journalists" of the index constantly provoked politicians, entrepreneurs, ordinary people. They created the image of the main enemy from Lőrinc Mészáros, although he is much richer than Hungary, international multi-companies buy hotels, plots of land, companies, take the profits out of the country, but with this the index had nothing wrong with the sky, They only had trouble with Mészáros .

6. The index has lied to independence for 21 years, never before, they have always pushed the cart of the left, they have always accepted money from foreign serial organizations, they have always retaliated, and the money has been used to produce further false news, lies and half-truths, of course, some of the money was taken out of the company as a dividend. The index even committed to putting the call of the repository in the video in the live broadcast of the Operational Tribe, as they knew that they were watching a lot of the briefing of Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller.

7. As the summer approached, they immediately started attacking Lake Balaton, Hungarian tourism. The industry is in a difficult position, but the index has nonetheless promoted foreign holidays, with an article written about how to circumvent the rules of quarantine and which country to go to so that you don’t have to go into quarantine afterwards. It is not even by accident that our dear readers wrote that we are on holiday in Hungary, because our country is wonderful. They constantly lie that everything is very expensive, everything belongs to Mészáros, every beach is paid, and they suggest that everyone avoids Lake Balaton. You can read a detailed article about this in:https://pestisracok.hu/a-fuggetlenobjektiv-index-segitsegevel-folytatja-balatoni-lejarato-kampanyat-a-baloldal/

In fact, the list is endless, those who have read this article so far know what it is all about. We would be glad that if the index were to disappear and the people who had been running it for 21 years would find other activities for themselves, but the chances of that remain small, the index remains, it was all a camouflage to run Hungary abroad again, they did it in hand. Viktor Orbán's little grandson, who was born in his days, is now being insulted by the readers of the index. The index fulfilled the task, raising hundreds of thousands of soulless and stateless people who hate everything that is Hungarian.


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More details on the left's action around the Index

The index was virtually sacrificed for the sake of a good bit of domestic and foreign "orbing", while DK took full control of the hitherto "independent" editorial board.

More details on the left's action around the Index

🔴1. Bodolai: Szabolcs Dull would have been led by police in Germany.

László Bodolai, the chairman of Index.hu Zrt., Who is also the chairman of the board of trustees of the Foundation for Hungarian Development, which owns the paper, made very serious statements about Szabolcs Dull, the editor-in-chief of Index in a closed Facebook group.

The content of the post soon leaked, and its authenticity was verified by Media1, after László Bodolai confirmed that he had written the post. He told Media1 that he wrote the post because people linked to LMP tried to hold him accountable for what was happening around the Index, even though he would never want to harm the paper, he always defended it. According to Bodolai, the entry was intended to make the processes more understandable. He added that he had tried to explain the information in the post to the journalists now leaving, but they were already so upset by this time, or they just didn’t understand the situation, they were just insulting him.

In the aforementioned Facebook post, Bodolai expressed the opinion that he thought Szabolcs Dull

In Germany, police would have taken him under a belt

that is, it would have criminal consequences for giving the competition - it also named 24.hu and 444 - information about what was said at the board meeting of Index.hu Zrt.

Bodola's serious allegation is that he has been told that “Szabolcs Dull regularly consults with high-ranking left-wing party politicians. Increasingly, I came to the conclusion that the real goal was not to reach an agreement, but to blow up the Index. ”

Bodolai in his post believes that now in the current situation “the competition is laughing in his hand, the left-liberal parties are trying to beat Orbán on him, there is a heck campaign going on against me because I made a labor decision that was unavoidable”.

He also wrote that “Dull doesn’t risk anything as long as I use my entire assets if the company is headed”. According to Bodolai, the dismissal did not take place as Szabolcs Dull put forward, in fact the outgoing editor-in-chief “incited the editorial staff” and then “plowed the press” to be blackmailed.

According to Bodolai, the editorial board needed to know that demanding Dull's readmission was an unachievable condition on such antecedents, meaning that after the president's confidence in the editor-in-chief was shaken, the editorial staff began to speak "hitting an incredible tone."

Media1 contacted Szabolcs Dull to comment on Bodolai's statements. The former editor-in-chief and board member said he would respond later.

Highlight: László Bodolai, a member of the National Electoral Commission commissioned by Possible Other Politics (LMP), will sign the oath in the Parliament on 14 May 2018. MTI Photo: Attila Kovács

🔴2. It turned out: the index editor had agreed with Klára Dobrev.

The Guys of Pest know from index sources that after the ominous board meeting Szabolcs Dull talked to Klára Dobrev immediately, the wife of Ferenc Gyurcsány talked to the former editor-in-chief of the portal for almost half an hour.
As we wrote earlier, László Bodolai reported in a closed Facebook group that Szabolcs Dull, editor-in-chief fired from Index, had consulted several times with leading left-wing politicians. Bodolai said Dull leaked trade secrets to the competition and deliberately smashed the paper in consultation with left-wing politicians. However, according to the Pest Guys, Dobrev is not the only one Dull met.

From index circles, we know that the editor-in-chief of the portal has been in contact with István Nyakó, who is currently working as a background person at the socks, several times a day, so he was able to have daily discussions with the influential faces of the left-liberal side.

The piquancy of the case is that Dobrev, who has been listening in silence until now, made a post on Facebook today, drawing a dramatic tone between the Hungarian rule of law and the end of an Internet portal. According to Dobrev, who envisions the United States of Europe, there is no rule of law without an Index. Steep.

When we fight for the rule of law in Hungary, we also fight for the Index. And vice versa: when we fight for the Index, we also fight for the rule of law and democracy. And for the millions - You see - from whom an important source of information has been robbed again
- writes in his post.

What else can come from the left after that ?!


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