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Censorship of Facebook, which evokes communist times, has started again

This morning, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Hungarian users were unjustifiably banned

Censorship of Facebook, which evokes communist times, has started again

Everyone who has had a previous ban, usually also illegal, is banned. Anyway, now that Facebook hasn’t committed any “violations,” even under its own laws, the ban will run for 30 days, and quite coincidentally, this period will include the U.S. presidential election. How interesting, right?

One of the editors of Numbers was also restricted, even though he wrote virtually nothing with his private profile, and what he wrote was not offensive either. No wonder Facebook has not indicated in this case either which statement they still violate the "Community Principles", which are worded in the same way as "the rule of law" - virtually anyone is silenced at any time if they do not agree. with the views of liberal mainstream pseudo-news propaganda. It is clear from the picture that last time our editor had a "violation" in June, which was just as unjustified as the current one. And today, he was again banned for 30 days on the grounds, even though he was unduly given a mouthpiece for 1 month in June as well.

We do not give up, we are not afraid, because they can limit here, but they cannot limit our thoughts, our opinions.

"We haven't written so far, and we don't write anything offensive anymore." We are formulating our political opinion, which Facebook is limiting by this unreasonable decision. Those who are really afraid of press freedom should share this post, because press freedom is really in danger, not only because of the Hungarian government, but because of cybersalinist companies using foreign dictatorships.
- We have been and will continue to stand up for Hungarian national interests. The more we shut up, the more we will love Hungary, the more we will support the nation government led by Viktor Orbán
- So far and from now on, we will do our best to make Hungary a Hungarian country.

Please comment if Facebook has blocked anyone in your environment in the last 24 hours. Obviously, those who have been banned cannot write this because censorship has just shut their mouths.

If a new article doesn't appear on the page for a while, you know that all of our editors have been disabled.

🇭🇺Long live Hungarian freedom! Long live the home!

PS: We learned thatZsolt Jeszenszkyyour private profile has also been banned for no reason, here is a post about it on his page

"Be very careful with Facebook! The censorship road roller has started again.
No matter what side you are on; if you have a bit of an independent opinion, if you don’t press perfectly what the liberal canon requires, you’re dangerous and they’ll go after you.
Now that the U.S. election is coming, the Zuckerberg galaxy is particularly highly associated. We have a CLOSED (!!!) group dealing with American politics, my BEGINNING OF AUGUST (!!!) post was taken earlier, the case was closed, but I NOW got a 30 DAY BAN.
Therefore, my personal profile does not work, I cannot reply to messages, so I apologize to anyone I do not respond to for 1 month.
My site also has another admin, so - for now - I can post here. I am curious when István Vágó's DK reporting brigade strikes.
Because let us not forget: although there will be no elections at home now, the treatment of the coronavirus is a cardinal issue, and the left is determined so that they can thematize, they define public discourse, they can spread panic and dissatisfaction.
Therefore, be very careful what you post. Don’t use forbidden words (they start with b, c, m, n, zs), nor offensive terms, don’t send the ‘cssa’ to those who would otherwise deserve it.
This is how the "liberal" world unfortunately works today. They determine what can be said. You have to speak very carefully, in flower language. Just like that in communism.
But it is important not to give up, not to leave ourselves. Also, as our parents did in communism that year, our grandparents. If it’s in flower language, it’s in flower language, but you have to tell the truth. We must break down the wall of silence and not allow neomarxists, with tech companies and their media fully intertwined with them, to build a wall against freedom. (While, of course, they are the ones who talk about freedom of the press and speech, democracy.) This is what the current American election is about, and Hungary is expected to talk about it in 2022. "


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Work is progressing well on the 28-kilometer section of the M8 motorway between Körmend and the Austrian border (Rábafüzes)

Fake news vs. reality

Work is progressing well on the 28-kilometer section of the M8 motorway between Körmend and the Austrian border (Rábafüzes)

Left-liberals shudder and speak incoherently when something is BUILT in Hungary.
We are already used to the fact that left-liberal false news propaganda tries to portray all developments in the same color as if the money spent on it landed in the pocket of an entrepreneur (Lőrinc Mészáros), billions would enrich him alone, and of course nothing the works are no longer reported. Neither the index nor the other lie factories wrote about the construction process, only the news of the decision was disseminated in a way that demonizes the government (in their language it is "NER") and the 25,000 people who are employed and taxed at home, developer, donor Lészincet Mészáros.

Another tool of liberal pseudo-news propaganda (ie "LÁP") is that they write almost exclusively and exclusively about the tenders won by Mészáros, thus creating the false appearance that everything in Hungary is built by a single company, which of course is a lie. We have shown the proportions in numbers, "LÁP" is silent when Swietelsky, Strabag, or another foreign company wins one tender at a time.
📌Lőrinc Mészáros hardly won a public procurement in the period 2011-2019

There will always be a layer, of course, driven by hatred and envy, so there will always be a "market" for sham news production. Fortunately, this layer is thin, as shown by the Borsod interim election.

Let's face it in reality.
The total cost of the M8 motorway project is HUF 62 billion. This includes everything: the cost of construction, the price of raw materials, wages, the tax, the development of related infrastructure, etc., etc. Obviously, all the percentages of the total amount will be the contractor’s profit, as this is how the economy works, if there were no profits, then why would a company work? Of the 62 billion, 1-2 billion could actually benefit the Butcher construction company in the end. We are happy about this, as Mészáros has already employed 25,000 people, and this money will probably create more jobs.
So much for the financial background of the thing, and now let's see what Hungary gets during the project:

Instead of nonsense, the Hungarian Builders reported on reality.

This is how the works on the M8 road, which also spans the valley bridge, are progressing

In the project carried out by the Danube Asphalt, as well as by Mészáros and Mészáros, a 2x1-lane motorway will be built for almost 30 kilometers.

The works on the section of the M8 motorway between Körmend and the Austrian border (Rábafüzes), which is being prepared with the joint work of Duna Aszfalt Zrt. And Mészáros és Mészáros Kft. For about HUF 62 billion, are progressing well - the National Infrastructure Development Ltd. (NIF) as an investor.

Work on the project began in the spring of 2018, with the creation of a 2x1-lane highway 28.9 kilometers long.

Currently, the construction is taking place along the entire length of the section, however, the technical readiness of some sections is different: in some sections the concrete paving base is being prepared, in other locations the asphalt binding layer has already been completed.

Between Körmend and Rábafüzes the following will be implemented within the framework of the investment:
four special level junctions (Körmend west, Csákánydoroszló, Vasszentmihály, Szentgotthárd),
one level node (main road 86, starting junction),
a couple of simple resting places (Gasztony),
and a couple of complex resting places (Szentgotthárd).
A total of 22 overpasses, 13 underpasses, 8.6 kilometers of road correction, 5.1 kilometers of service roads, 700 meters of cycle paths (at the western junction of Körmend) and 1.2 kilometers of noise shielding walls (in the area of ​​Körmend-Horvátnádalja) will be built on the entire section.

During the project, 10.2 hectares of replacement forest will be planted and 336,175 trees and shrubs will be planted. In addition, the contractors installed more than 2 million cubic meters of aggregate.

A section of almost 10 kilometers will be available from spring The investment will be divided into two sections. The section between Körmend and Vasszentmihály is expected to be completed by August 2021, while the 9.45-kilometer section from Vasszentmihály to Rábafüzes will be put into operation next April.

The construction works were hampered this year by the rainy weather affecting the area and the continuous high groundwater due to the floodplain of the Rába.

The track slab is already being built on the valley bridge
One of the longest valley bridges in Hungary, the 575-meter Vasszentmihály valley bridge, is being built on the section. In the project, the bridge construction tasks are performed by A-Híd Zrt. And Hódút Kft. As subcontractors.

One of the largest ongoing bridge developments, the substructure has already been completed, the steel main girders are in place, and the reinforced concrete track slab is currently being built. The track slab at the Vasszentmihály valley bridge will be built in nine phases, for which Doka formwork will be used.

The 11-pillar valley bridge will also have 22-meter pillars in order to cross the valley of the Red Creek and the road between Nemesmedves-Vasszentmihály.

Prior to the commissioning of the entire section, it is expected that the lower level crossings and their artefacts will be placed on the market in order to complete the final works on the main track.

📌Source, more pictures: Hungarian Builders🇭🇺https://magyarepitok.hu/utepites/2020/10/igy-haladnak-a-volgyhidon-is-ativelo-m8-as-ut-munkalatai
📌Index demonizing liar article:https://index.hu/gazdasag/2017/12/23/63_milliardos_kozbeszerzessel_kivant_boldog_karacsonyt_meszaros_lorincnek_a_ner/

This is a short summary of one of the most successful Hungarian entrepreneurs hated by libsik, Lőrinc Mészáros:
(I wish we had more Butchers!)
📌1. One of the largest flood protection investments in the country has started
📌2. Butcher builds because he has the best offer as alwayshttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1795/Azert_Meszaros_epit_mert_ove_a_legjobb_ajanlat_mint_mindi
📌3. Despite this year's "spitting" on the left, this year's Elizabeth camps are successfulhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1711/Baloldali_kopkodes_ellenere_is_sikeresek_az_idei_Erzsebet-taborok
📌4. The Butcher Foundation supports talented students with a scholarshiphttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1702/Osztondijjal_tamogatja_a_tehetseges_diakokat_a_Meszaros_Alapitvany
📌5. Who has "added value"?https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1665/Kinek_mennyi_a_hozzaadott_erteke
📌6. The left opposes the reconstruction of “resorts” in this state, new jobshttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1664/Ilyen_allapotu_udulok_ujjaepiteset_uj_munkahelyeket_ellenez_a_baloldal
📌7. The bridge built by Hídépítő and Mészáros will soon be available to the traveling publichttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1594/A_Hidepito_es_a_Meszaros_altal_kivitelzett_hidat_hamarosan_mar_birtokba_veheti_az_utazokozonseg
📌8. Another charity donation of 200 million from Lőrinc Mészároshttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1484/Uuper_200_millios_jotekonysagi_felajanlas_Meszaros_Lorinctol
📌9. The Gyurcsánys received a HUF 2,000 million dividend from their company, while they did not sacrifice any stinking iron for epidemiological control.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1426/Gyurcsanyek_2000_millio_forint_osztalekot_vzett_fel_cegukbol_kozben_a_jarvanyugyi_vedekezesre_egy_budos_vasat_sem_aldoztak
📌10. We thank Lőrinc Mészáros for renovating the Elizabeth camps!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1372/Koszonjuk_Meszaros_Lorincnek_hogy_felujitotta_az_Erzsebet-taborokat
📌11. Hungarian-owned catering units are being attacked by the lefthttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1311/A_magyar_tulajdonu_vendeglatoipari_egysegeket_tamadja_a_baloldal
📌12. Lőrinc Mészáros employs 25,000 peoplehttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1203/25000_embernek_ad_munkat_Meszaros_Lorinc
📌13. Lőrinc Mészáros hardly won a public procurement in the period 2011-2019https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1188/Meszaros_Lorinc_alig_nyert_kozbeszerzest_a_2011-2019-es_idoszakban
📌14. The list has been expanded: Another donation from Lőrinc Mészároshttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1070/Bovult_a_lista_Uebben_adomany_Meszaros_Lorinctol
📌15. Another school is being built in Hungary, on which a local Hungarian company can build

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EzaLényeg.hu is lying and insulting the Fidesz people

Fake news production has not stopped

EzaLényeg.hu is lying and insulting the Fidesz people

EzaLényeg.hu sets the results of the work of the previous Fidesz mayor and city management for the success of the current left-liberal city leadership.

Let’s be clear: we, and certainly the locals, are happy with the new health home, this article is about something different now. This article is about how the fake news factories of the left-wing footage media are trying to distort reality and how they are trying to gain political laurels by publishing the work of others as their own.

The fake news site, of course, does not report that the project did not start on October 13, 2019, but at least a year earlier. Preparations for the health house project started already in 2018, when the mayor of the city was József Szabó, there is a lot of evidence on the Internet, the most obvious is the October 2019 issue of Szigetszentmiklós's city newspaper, Kisváros. It is clear from the newspaper that the visual design of the building is exactly the same as the final condition in the picture, so the planning, the successful tender, the source, the plot were all available.

This is a January 2018 writing, and you already had the money for development.
"We hereby inform the residents of our city that our tender" Support for the Development of Municipally Owned Primary Health Care Institutions in Pest County "Establishment of a New Health Care Institution in Szigetszentmiklós" received a grant of HUF 200,000,000 from the Supporting Ministry of National Economy.
Within the framework of the tender, our local government intends to build a new adult GP surgery and a new pediatric GP surgery on the 7030 hrsz property in the Szigetszentmiklós-Bucka district. As a result of the project, 1 adult and 1 pediatric practice and service rooms would be built. With the construction of the surgeries, it will be possible to create 2 new adult and 2 new children's districts. We want to ensure the comfort of the premises by purchasing appropriate tools and furniture. "

Link:https://bit.ly/3d2b1Mv(the newspaper can be downloaded in PDF format)

All issues can be found here:https://bit.ly/2GMFMss

While editing the article, we looked at the page of Mayor János Nagy, and what happened was that he was holding a live reception class. Taking this opportunity, we asked him a question:

Video:https://www.facebook.com/103845594479140/videos/3439837539431944(and below the comments if you don't delete them over time. The video said "moderator" wasn't available during the live broadcast)

Our question:

"Why does EzaLényeg.hu write that the Buckai health home is your merit, while the project started in 2018, the previous management applied, won, designed the building, secured the plot, sought a contractor, etc. You just had to wait for the building to be completed.Why are they denying reality together with this fake news factory?https://szigetszentmiklos.ezalenyeg.hu/helyi-ugyeink/sikeres-az-uj-szigetszentmiklosi-vezetes-elkeszult-az-egeszseghaz-a-buckaban-19916"

After the mayor ran several times to avoid an answer (insulting us, making contemptuous statements about the countrymen, demanding a name from us, even though he could know the difference between a site and a private profile, etc.) he finally replied:‼ ️You don't know why EzaLényeg.hu wrote this‼ ️

Let's say it's welcome that the ongoing investment was at least not stopped, like the construction of the central hospital in Budapest.

For those who don't know what "Ezalényeg.hu" is: this is a site that spent 5 million forints on Facebook advertising with 5,000 members before the election. Where does an anonymous fake news site with just a few members have so much money for advertising? We would have liked to have asked the mayor this as well, but due to his apparently hostile attitude, his mockery on our side and the people in the countryside, we did not ask him any further questions. The video has been saved as it is assumed to be deleted sooner or later. More about this fake news factory:

Mayor's nominating organizations:https://bit.ly/2GAAWz1
It is also stated in the video that he is not a member of any party and positions himself as independent, but in reality he is very dependent: DK-MOMENTUM-JOBBIK-MSZP-LMP-EVERYONE HUNGARY nominated him for the position of mayor together.

We are sending a message to the lying page called EzaLényeg.hu that there will indeed be a change of government in 2022: the fourth Orbán government will be replaced by the fifth Orbán government.


This is a false article:https://szigetszentmiklos.ezalenyeg.hu/helyi-ugyeink/sikeres-az-uj-szigetszentmiklosi-vezetes-elkeszult-az-egeszseghaz-a-buckaban-19916
Mayor's online press conference:https://www.facebook.com/103845594479140/videos/3439837539431944
About the project:http://szigetszentmiklos.hu/index.php?p=news&act=show&cid=3860

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444 with numbers

Not just with fours

444 with numbers

The 444 was founded in the name of Péter Uj, when he left the Index in 2013 and started his new pseudo-news factory within the ranks of Magyar Jeti Zrt. According to the company's annual report for 2019, the profit reserve is HUF -514,949,000, which means that so much money has been burned over the years to build and maintain the alternative reality image of many hundreds of thousands of readers. In other words, half a billion forints were thrown out the window so they could lie. They were quite determined. 444 is just a loss-making company, which is very much Zorbán's fault. The business model is unsustainable.

Until the 2018 business year, the paper generated an annual loss of between HUF 40 million and HUF 119 million, which by 2019 resulted in a profit of HUF 2 million. This does not mean that they would have managed so well, only that in 2019 they already received HUF 95 million in reader support, after HUF 57 million in 2018 and HUF 26 million in 2017. Similarly, Other income may have included the amount of up to HUF 80 million that Magyar Jeti Zrt. Has won from the Google Digital News Initiative Fund in recent years.

In parallel with Magyar Jeti, Péter Uj and Miklós Gábor Kardos established PlanCman Kft., Which was initially the 100% owner of Magyar Jeti. It increased its initial fixed assets and liabilities of HUF 180 million to HUF 282 million in 2015, so this amount was invested in 444 (borrowed?). Where did PlanCman or their owners get this money from? It is obscured.

In 2014, Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) / Digital News Ventures LLC bought a 28% stake in Magyar Jeti for half a million dollars, ie more than 100 million forints at the then exchange rate. MDIF maintains close relations with György Soros and the Open Society Foundation. Of course, MDIF's Marie Nemcova and Valér Kot were also given positions in 444. Marie was also the program director of the Czech branch of the Soros Open Society Foundation. So ornate company came together. The name Soros blog is clear from here.

The restricted reserve of Magyar Jeti amounted to HUF 97 million in 2017 and then to HUF 307 million in 2018. It is probable that PlanCman gave the money as a loan to Magyar Jeti, which could not arrange to repay the loan, so it was released.

The operation of the 444 is also unsustainable in its current form, just as that of the Index was. The thing is, as left-liberal fake news sites turn and rise in this great media repression, so does the revenue of the others. Namely, Hungarian readers cannot accept more than a certain amount of false news, so according to the law of survival of stupidity, if the same amount of false news is poured from several poop buckets, then smaller poop buckets must always be bought. In parallel, advertising revenue is also distributed.

Maybe the 444 will be the next one, which, like Index-Telex, will pop up pointing at the Government and then revive as an even more disgusting cesspool. But it is also possible that with the new payments of the old owners or the involvement of new owners or the usual ranch, they will lie in the same form for a long time, we can refute their bullshit.

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You may not distribute a newspaper in public spaces who is not a Karácsony propagandist

We look forward to the left-liberal outrage of Vera Jourová and all the press releases!

You may not distribute a newspaper in public spaces who is not a Karácsony propagandist

It restricts freedom of the press and expression of opinion through a document voted at Wednesday's general assembly, led by Gergely Karácsony, the capital. The proposal voted by the left is that the capital city municipality must provide four full pages free of charge to the owner of a press product who wishes to distribute his paper free of charge in public places. The new regulation mainly affects the Metropolis and the Local.

- Quite amazingly unscrupulous and arrogant: under the names of Erzsébet Gy. Németh and Csaba Horváth Karácsony the need for economic assistance was used to enact legislation for their party propaganda without even the slightest democratic rights - the Fidesz – KDNP faction led by Zsolt Láng that in the future it will be possible to distribute a free newspaper in the public areas of Budapest only if the own documents of the Metropolitan Municipality appear on four full pages without compensation.

"Even Comrade Rákosi would envy that!" He added. Péter Kovács, the mayor of Kertváros, did not leave the additional proposal of Erzsébet Gy. Németh and Csaba Horváth without a word.

- I don't even know what to say anymore. In 2020, this could also happen in Budapest, led by Gergely Karácsony, the Free People's Half Hour was a bit of a mess - Péter Kovács, XVI. mayor of the district after the decision of the capital.

🔴The document:https://magyarnemzet.hu/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/ otf / 691w ​​/ 120468538101597284916823163431680491981516863o.jpg

The proposal states that only those who provide a free interface to the content specified by the capital's municipality can receive a public space reservation permit.

The interesting thing about the case is that the supplement to the motion was not voted on as a separate agenda item, but was hidden from prying eyes as a supplement to the economic rescue package.

At the meeting of the General Assembly of the capital, the Fidesz-KDNP faction asked for a separate vote on the inappropriate addition to the proposal. The ruling parties have stated that in a democracy, such a proposal should not be voted on. Finally, a majority of left-wing MPs gave their blessing to the motion.

After Gergely Karácsony's election, his first task was to start a war against Lokál and banish him from the metro exits.

In December, he also terminated the capital's contract with the paper.

Source:Hungarian Nation https://magyarnemzet.hu/belfold/nem-terjeszthet-lapot-a-koztereken-aki-nem-karacsony-propagandistaja-8745462/

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Tech companies in the hands of liberals are constantly holding our mouths

Tech companies in the hands of liberals are constantly holding our mouths

🔴According to Jouruvá, Hungarian people are "not in a position to form an independent opinion"

He is partly right, because tech companies in the hands of liberals are constantly holding our mouths.

If this goes on like this, then in 2022 in Hungary, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok and Twitter will win elections, and not the majority of Hungarians. There is an urgent need to take action against "cybersalism", to talk about the problem, to take action against it. We are not lawyers, we do not know what possible measures can be taken, but we believe that such tools exist. If not, it would also be good if the competent ministry would inform the Hungarians what is the obstacle to persuading these companies to comply with the law.

It is precisely Jourova and the like who are not in a position to form an independent opinion, we have an opinion, they are only sometimes silenced and "made grounded".
Our previous article:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/posts/204094374401037

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What will be here before the election !!!

What will be here before the election !!!

Zoltán Kovácswritten by:
🚫The official account of the Government of Hungary, About Hungary, has been blocked by Twitter without any prior explanation. This is extremely interesting in view of the fact that the European Commission will publish its first rule of law report today. It seems that the beautiful new world has finally arrived, in which the absurd case of tech-thieves silencing those who are of a different opinion than the Liberians can happen. We have taken the necessary steps, we are waiting for the official response and explanation from Twitter.

If the Libernyans try to influence Hungarian domestic politics in this way, we must take the necessary steps. Fif thousand billion fines to Twitter, Facebook, all such cybersalinist sites.


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According to Jouruvá, Hungarian people are "not in a position to form an independent opinion"

We think he is the one who is not in this situation. The Hungarian press market is balanced, thank you, it is fine!

According to Jouruvá, Hungarian people are "not in a position to form an independent opinion"

Viktor Orbán and Judit Varga also distanced themselves from Jourová's insulting statements, and we suspended all contact with the Vice President of the EC. We wrote 2 articles about this, links to the article company.


The Hungarian press market is balanced, and the same amount of information is obtained from conservative as well as left-liberal sources - according to the latest analysis of the Media Review Center. The study provides a comprehensive picture of the situation of the Hungarian press market, pointing out that the number of left-liberal media has been growing steadily since 2010, and that Hungary's most significant media companies are profitable regardless of their relationship with the government.

1. Easy access

The Hungarian media, regardless of their attitude to the government and their political affiliation, is easily accessible to anyone throughout the country. The population has a particularly high level of equipment: 3.8 million households have 3.7 million television subscriptions; the number of internet subscriptions exceeds the population of the country; 91 per cent of adults have a mobile phone, and 73 per cent of them also use it for internet access - according to the analysis of the Hungarian Media Situation Center. According to them, access to all news sources is widely provided in Hungary, with 89.2 per cent of the population over the age of 18 watching television, 75.4 per cent using the Internet, 50.7 per cent listening to radio and 27.1 per cent reading the print press. In addition, 66.6 percent of the adult population has a Facebook registration, which is the most popular social media platform in Hungary. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed by the Research Point Workshop, or 74 percent, are at least weekly, and 47 percent are daily consumers of social media news, and 16 percent are the primary source of information for them.

2. Balanced

The Media Review Center also examined the political balance of the media market. 95% of the Hungarian adult population, ie 7.7 million people, are regular media consumers, and trust in the media is in line with the EU average. The Hungarian media market is balanced: the same amount of information is obtained from conservative as well as left-liberal sources, the former representing 84 percent, ie 6.8 million, the latter 83 percent, ie 6.7 million people. The number of those who are equally informed by the media on both sides is almost six million, meaning that at least 75 per cent of the electorate is guaranteed access to the views of each political side.

Figure:https://magyarnemzet.hu/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/ otf / 691w ​​/ 02mediafogyasztas.jpg

3. Hungarian owned

The last decade has brought a real turnaround in the Hungarian media market, both on the right and on the left. During the change of regime, a number of capital-intensive foreign investors skilled in media operations appeared in Hungary: the German Axel Springer, the Swiss Ringier and the German Bertelsmann dominated the Hungarian media market for two decades. Springer is the publisher, informs the Media Viewing Center. In 2014, Sanoma's interests were acquired by the Central Group, which is owned by the Hungarian billionaire Zoltán Varga, who is said to have a left-liberal connection. Centrál Médiahmä Zrt. Is currently the publisher of one of the largest, million-dollar left-liberal news portals, 24.hu, but it also has a significant market share for public and economic HVG, which is present both in the printed market and online. . Also after 2014, one of the major players in the Hungarian media market, Mediaworks Hungary Zrt., Became Hungarian-owned. Hungarian Nation or Mandiner. One of the most important online portals, origo.hu, also fell into Hungarian hands in 2015, after Magyar Telekom, which is majority-owned by German Deutsche Telekom, sold it to New Wave Media Kft. In 2015. In its analysis, the Media Viewing Center points out that the foreign TV market has a significant foreign presence, as RTL Group owns the RTL Club, which broadcasts the country's most accessible news program, and several major cable channels. However, the TV2 Group is Hungarian-owned, which operates the other dominant national channel, TV2, as a competitor of RTL Klub. The analysis shows that in the market of politically decisive media - in terms of the number of press products - a 95% Hungarian ownership share has developed - the analysis shows.

4. Left-liberal growth

One of the important features of the Hungarian plural media world is that thanks to the permissive legal regulations, it is easy and fast to establish new media, so new press products appear regularly on the Hungarian media market. According to the Media Viewing Center, it is a remarkable phenomenon that the number of left-liberal media has been steadily increasing since 2010, increasing from 33 to 48 by 2020, which means a 45 percent increase. The Hungarian regulation adopted in 2010 prescribes minimum, easily achievable conditions in connection with the establishment of a media: practically only those who wish to launch a new media have an obligation to notify.

Figure:https://magyarnemzet.hu/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/ otf / 519w / 02mediumok-1.jpg

5. They can be profitable

It can be stated that Hungary's most significant media companies, regardless of their relationship with the government, are profitable. In addition to political newspapers, the portfolios of these companies often include thematic and tabloids, which can provide a more stable operating environment while reaching a wider consumer base, and it is not uncommon for them to deal with book publishing or online services. Only Magyar Jeti Zrt., Which publishes the left-liberal 444.hu, is unable to find a - now traditionally - sustainable business model, which can hardly be explained by its (hostile) relationship with the government; .

6. Free from anything

Hungary guarantees the freedom of the press and expression in its constitution and laws, and the Hungarian media market implements these freedoms even to the detriment of individual or community rights, emphasizes the analysis of the Media View Center. This is because media actors or those who express themselves prefer to publish content that violates human dignity, the religious beliefs of communities, but does not shy away from even calling for the violent overthrow of power. On the cover of the Hungarian Orange left-liberal weekly, he portrayed Viktor Orbán with a Hitler mustache, the daily Népszava published a caricature of Christ, and the new online portal of Mérce provided space for revolutionary journalism. The Media Viewing Center notes that the conservative media, however, criticizes the person and activities of György Soros with preference.

Insulting caricature in the People's Word Source: Media Viewing Center:
Figure:https://magyarnemzet.hu/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/ otf / 691w ​​/ 02karikatura-1.jpg

7. Strong independence

The media authorities of many EU member states are subordinate to governments, often directly under ministries, while the Hungarian National Media and Communications Authority and its Media Council, in addition to having their own revenues, are subject only to a cardinal law requiring a two-thirds majority in Parliament. This practice also severely removes the media watchdog from the executive, compared to many Member States of the European Union.

8. Severe sanctions

From the examination of the decisions of the Media Council of the National Media and Communications Authority, the Media Review Center clearly states that the Hungarian media authority punishes conservative media more often and more severely than the left-liberal one. More than two-thirds of the cases sanctioned by the independent media authority between 2012 and 2020 were on the right, while less than one-third were related to left-liberal media, with 66 per cent of the fines imposed, ie HUF 357 million conservative, and only 34 per cent, ie HUF 183 million, paid by left-liberal media.

9. Government information

It serves the government to inform the public about the so-called Government briefing, a joint press conference by the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister and the Government Spokesperson, at which representatives of the left-liberal and right-wing media are free to ask any questions. In its analysis, the Media Review Center draws attention to the fact that in parliamentary systems it is rare for Members of Parliament to be able to ask the Prime Minister directly on any subject during parliamentary Question Time without first sending a specific question, to which the Prime Minister is obliged to answer.

10. Bias here and there

The political bias of public service media towards governments has been the subject of constant criticism around the world and across Europe. There are two types of media out of public money in Hungary: public service media and local government press products. The Media Review Center points out that although the greatest attention is usually paid to the previous one, ie the public service media, after the 2019 elections, most of the capital and its districts, as well as ten of Hungary's 23 major cities, came under political opposition. In some places, there was a change of editor-in-chief, and the publicly funded municipal press products of the opposition-led cities began to display the values ​​and messages of the left-liberal side.

Source:https://magyarnemzet.hu/belfold/gyakrabban-es-sulyosabban-buntetik-a-konzervativ-mediat-8737158/ Hungarian Nation

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Klubrádió has repeatedly violated the rule, admitted and paid the fine, however, it can apply again

And Anna Donáth is just lying, lying, lying again

Klubrádió has repeatedly violated the rule, admitted and paid the fine, however, it can apply again

Today does not pass without any left-wing party and its politicians running to Brussels to defeat Hungary and lie about a domestic (internal) affair. What is it about? Anna Donáth wrote the following lines on her Facebook page:

"The Club Radio‼ ️by silencing‼ ️our greatest fears have been proven. "" In defense of Hungarian media freedom now‼ ️I lodged another complaint with the European Commission‼ ️together with the National Association of Hungarian Journalists, because‼ ️the government is not acting despite the calls‼ ️"" The EU Directive requires national media authorities, including the Media Council, to‼ ️be independent of the government‼ ️"" But the media will really only be free if we finally replace the government. "" As we've shown before, the government has occupied free media positions in succession in recent years. They closed Népszabadság, occupied the Hungarian Nation, the Origin and now, most recently, the Index. That is why we, the citizens, have an increasing responsibility to help the free media and deliver real news to everyone. "

In addition to making a foreign affair again from an internal affair, lying, expiring Hungary, the Hungarian government and the media authority, Anna Donáth is able to contradict herself even within a single text. In one sentence, he asks the government to act on the media authority and then writes that the media authority should be independent of the government. Are you independent now, or do you act? Meanwhile, he makes no secret that he will be truly "independent" when they come to power. We know what this independence will be like: they will make everyone ground, and the "independent" members of the media authority will be selected from the staff of the index, 444 and alpha news.

We are not asking for a communist dictatorship, the media authority does not act on the basis of party political considerations, but on the basis of legislation, which is described in the legislation, it must be observed and enforced. Whoever does not do so must bear the pre-written consequences.

The case of the other media listed by the momentary politician is not analyzed now, but it is worth mentioning that
- The index is so "occupied" that there are now two of it (index and telex),
- Népszabadság was closed by the Austrian businessman Heinrich Pecina, the owner of the paper,
- After the two-thirds victory in 2018, Simicska decided to terminate most of his interests (Magyar Nemzet, Lánchíd Rádió) or sell them, withdrawing from the media, no one forced him.
- And Telekom sold Origo in 2016, anyone could buy it.

In the case of Club Radio, this happened:

The 92.9 MHz frequency used by Klubrádió will be re-eligible

Due to a statutory reason for exclusion, the Media Council of the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) did not renew the entitlement of Klubrádió Budapest to the 92.9 MHz frequency and started the preparation of the tender procedure.
Due to the repeated violation of the Club Radio service provider, according to the Media Act, the Media Council did not extend the media service right expiring on 14 February 2021 on the Budapest 92.9 MHz regional frequency. During its seven years of operation, the Radio Radio, which broadcasts on the frequency, has repeatedly violated the provisions of the Media Act, due to which the Media Council applied various legal consequences.

The decisions affected by the repeated violation were taken into account by Klubrádió, no legal remedy was initiated in court, and the amount of the fines was paid. Pursuant to the relevant provision of the Media Act, the reason precluding the renewal of the right to provide media services is that the media service provider repeatedly or seriously violates the provisions of the Media Act during its operation, the NMHH states in a statement.

In order to ensure the continuous operation of the 92.9 MHz frequency in Budapest, the Media Council has started the preparation of the tender procedure for the utilization of the frequency. Despite the repeated violation of the law, during the tendering process, the currently available Club Radio service provider will have the opportunity to submit a tender offer. According to the intention of the Media Council, community radio should operate continuously on the 92.9 MHz frequency in Budapest.

The panel approved the draft call of the Győr 96.4 MHz district radio frequency tender for community use and agreed that Karc FM Média Kft. Should start its community broadcast on Sopron on the 98.4 MHz frequency with a two-month delay, no later than December 8.

Anna Donáth's liar writes:https://www.facebook.com/donathannajulia.momentum/posts/933944553761267
The reality:https://hirado.hu/belfold/cikk/2020/09/11/ujra-palyazhato-lesz-a-klubradio-altal-hasznalt-929-mhz-frekvia
Other interesting articles:https://szamokadatok.hu/

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New Index (Telex) receives money from Czechs

Welcome news, but let’s just see who is in the background!

New Index (Telex) receives money from Czechs

NOS: It took just 1 click to get from the Czech entrepreneur Zdenek Bakala mentioned in the article to Uncle Soros and Radio Free Europe.

There is no network and events are not related, right?

"The conference on philanthropy was organized by the Policy Association for an Open Society (PASOS) and Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty and it was attended by Czech financier Zdenek Bakala,"

Telex post:

The joke is that he also paid for the old one, in addition to the Hungarian left-wing parties. Then now it is that instead of 1 index, they did two while expiring the government and making martyrs out of the "outgoing indexers."

It's such a transparent scenario, and so much has been taken ... It's very cool.

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