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Numbers on Pest TV! Tonight from 22:00!

️Pest TV should not be closed, but supported! After a winning battle, the soldiers are not fired, but honored!

Numbers on Pest TV!  Tonight from 22:00!

There may be a few more shows, but it may be the last. For those who can, see those who do not have Pesti TV, we will link to the new broadcast tomorrow. In the meantime, all the previous shows are here, so far we have had 27 of our shows together for 27 weeks.

Trumpet Christopher- THANK YOU!Whatever the future holds, you can count on us to be a true patriot!
András Kovács,Sándor Magyari,Mátyás Kohán- Thank you too, the team is the strongest in this formation!

Come on, patriots! We do it for our country!

PS: No one can lock us up because no one can hold us. We are free to form an opinion, we don’t have to ask anyone for permission. We continue, for our country, for our family!

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Another lie, another refutation

Left-liberals will never change

Another lie, another refutation

ZDF wrote the fake news, the index shared it, it was swallowed up by many fake news consumers. Meanwhile, the reality is that the Hungarian position on the oil and gas embargo has not changed: we do not support it!


PS: The index will rewrite the article afterwards anyway, so we'll comment on the original fake news as an image!

Pass it on to fake consumers!

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Ildikó went into the forest :)


Ildikó went into the forest :)

Gergely Gulyás enlightened the uninformed journalist of atv, the reality is that the government reduced the excise tax, fixed the wholesale price at 480 forints and gave 20 forints compensation to the small wells, the small wells sell the fuel at a PROFIT. Where is the loss here? - asked Gergely Gulyás :)

Source: (approx. 14 minutes from 24 seconds)https://www.facebook.com/governance/videos/3065766170351870/

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According to them, it is not the public media that is the culprit!

Opposition missed more than an hour to advertise for free in the public media

According to them, it is not the public media that is the culprit!

Under current law, the opposition party coalition would also have had the opportunity to reach viewers of the public media with political advertisements. He didn't live with it. - and this is not written by "NER", but by the harsh left-liberal Litmus, which in turn was created by 444 former employees.

After that, how are you going to "Fidesz Public Media"? Wasn't it about the fact that attacking the public media became fashionable on the left? There was no problem with the public media, the problem was with the left-liberal politicians who boycotted MTVA and HírTV . Karácsony, for example, repeatedly said that he did not make a statement to HírTV, even though he would have had the opportunity to send his opinion to the right-wing voters on this channel as well.

Driving Gyurcsány on the left is also the guarantee for the two-thirds of Fidesz in 2026, so it is good for us if Feri stays in public life. Just keep lying and insulting people calmly!


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Telex readers have been scammed again!

They were created with a lie and have been lying ever since!

Telex readers have been scammed again!

Orbán didn't "plow in" the index, the discarded ballot paper article was written in February! The lies have been prepared in advance!

Time machine: Telex was able to write its article on discarded Transylvanian ballot papers on February 1st. The discrepancy between the time the article was born and the time it was published was discovered by an independent election media monitoring delegation requested by the Foundation for Transparent Journalism.

️ Similarly, the potato videos and the "almost burnt, almost crumpled" ballot lies in Hungary have been prepared in advance.

Pictures, evidence:https://bit.ly/3uFXEL4

Not far from the residence of the well-known left-wing activist, Boróka Parászka, 25-30 ballots were found thrown out, and the left is demanding the destruction of foreign votes as a result. You can read more about this by clicking here.

The news was reported by Telex, among others, and the story was shared on Facebook. Interestingly, based on the URL on the Facebook developer page, this article was written by the portal on February 1, 2022:https://bit.ly/3iRAvzE

How could the article be in February unless the letter votes were received on March 15th?

Although the chronology of the article URL shown above has changed since our article was written, Telex was able to create the article on February 1, based on the version stored by Google's search engine. Of particular interest is the fact that the voters in Transylvania were not allowed to vote until 15 March.https://bit.ly/3uMWRIo

The prefabricated lie is still visible here:https://bit.ly/3tXCDwe

This is how they lead receptive, naive readers by the nose. They lie "morning, night and evening"

This case, we think, is smoothly a crime: electoral fraud. We hope they make the reports.The official website of the Gyula Budai Member of Parliament- it is worth examining, do not lie with impunity!


They've lied before, we wrote about it:
Once again, one of the largest foreign-funded sham news factories is expanding with lies!
Telex invented the timetable for the election months ago!https://bit.ly/3qUsiz8
The left is about to fall!
They lie about fraud even before the election, and surely the potato videos are also being diligently produced!https://bit.ly/3IXbNIQ
Writing by Balázs Németh:https://bit.ly/3iQ3moh

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This is their democracy

However, the decision is in our hands! Let's vote for FIDESZ!

This is their democracy

️The left-liberal network works in a coordinated way:
Donald Trump, who is still in office, has been banned
The Parler community site has been blocked
Journalist Tucker Carlson has been banned
Opposition parties and TVs have been banned in Ukraine
They restrict the right in social media
Russian news was banned
People's property is being confiscated
Artists, athletes, journalists are fired
They are funding their campaign with a cocaine business
Domestic left-liberals are banning critics
Hundreds of millions are stolen in “taken back” cities
The free Metropolis was restricted in Budapest
They broke into the Origo editorial office
In 2006, he was shot among the people
They support the Ukrainian regime with weapons and money
Today, several right-wing news portals have been attacked

Let us not let the global background power take over in Hungary!

Let's vote wisely!

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This is how brainwashing works

Treat with reservations what they write! They make it for money, they have specific goals!

This is how brainwashing works

The left-wing propaganda media writes the fake news, letting it spread for hours
It is later written that this did not happen. The task is completed, brains are washed.

The closer the choice is, the more such fake news will appear! We are evaluating the performance of Viktor Orbán and his government based on our own experience over the past 12 years, and we therefore support them unbroken! They pursue a consistent policy and represent the interests of the Hungarian people.

👉Add MORE!

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It hurts so much for them on the Numbers page that they write an article about us every week

Liberal tears

It hurts so much for them on the Numbers page that they write an article about us every week

They are like the Germans who want to push out with Putin, but shut off the gas tap for themselves and raise prices to the skies (currently 2,200 ounces per 1,000 cubic meters!)

Libsik! 14,000 followers in 2 weeks! Thank you for advertising! Write more articles like this! We're going forward, not backward!

(If they haven't cried so far, they started at this point)

The false articles of the Transparent and Fake News portals 444 will not be linked, anyone who is interested will find them. Anna Donáth also lied, all on an EP letterhead, citing the mandate of MEPs. He called our site a Moscow-controlled site, but the reality is that our site is edited by Hungarian civilians living in Hungary and taxing in Hungary, who have their own opinions, and as you can see, this opinion does not match the opinion of Libyiks. In fact! Sometimes we don’t even agree with some of the government’s decisions, and there are. And we can do that because NO ONE PAYS us, unlike the Transparent, the 444, and such Donáth Anna.

So that's the scream :)

Left-liberals lie about the importance of freedom of the press, freedom of speech, respect for diversity of opinion, non-governmental organizations, in practice trying to silence those who have a different opinion.

We do it for our country! We are not afraid of anything or anyone! No one will ever catch our mouths! We support Viktor Orbán and his government, and the more the libsi screams, the more confident we are on the right track.

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Elon Musk refuses to ban Russian news sources, he insists on free speech

Finally a normal person!

Elon Musk refuses to ban Russian news sources, he insists on free speech

"We won't do it unless they're threatened with a gun. I'm sorry I'm an absolutist on free speech."

How much gas is this great Western democracy! They accuse a people of something and forbid them from even being able to defend themselves.
Students, athletes, artists are fired just because they are Russians. The method is eerily reminiscent of that used in pre-World War II times, only then were the Russians not the bad ones.

After Russia launched an operation in self-defense against a regime that has been killing Russian-speaking people in Ukraine for 8 years, Western countries have banned several Russian news sources saying Russian "propaganda." In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that Moscow would close DW's Russian correspondent office and revoke the accreditation of its employees in order to ban the German-language Russian state TV channel in Germany. The Russian Foreign Ministry has initiated the classification of DW as a foreign agent in Russia. (Russian feeds have been declared foreign agents in the United States much earlier!)

Google also eliminates Russian state-owned media from appearing on its platforms after Facebook and YouTube

Following these announcements, Russia has announced that it will ban Facebook, meanwhile because of one of the laws passed by the Duma, the BBC has indicated it is withdrawing from the country. A law passed in Russia on Friday, by which the BBC justified the decision, could be sentenced to imprisonment for spreading rumors of Russian army operations. For a similar reason, CNN and CBS News have announced they will stop broadcasting in Russia.

They say they can only lie. Gas!
Long live the freedom of the press! Thank You, Elon Musk!


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Everyone is turned off!

️Dustard and scary is what Western “democracies” can afford

Everyone is turned off!

Do you think they won't come for you? You are wrong! You're in their hands too! Trump blocked, Parler blocked, Russian media blocked, Who's next?

Type "Новости России" (News from Russia) into the search engine and see if 1 out of 10 results is loaded. That one will be either a foreign-funded anti-government site or has not yet been blocked. They similarly weeded out Russian content from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other sites they run. They ban Russian government sites, the pages of Russian companies, they silence everyone! They did the same with Trump, and with a social site called Parler used by U.S. patriots, which was banned from the AppStore and Google Play, and its website, which was on Amazon’s cloud service, was blocked, the system ceased to exist, and no one knew it. to prevent. How good would it be for a server of its own, an IT system under its own control, right?

The purpose of this is to misinform people and cause economic hardship to those who do not dance the way they whistle. Only the opinion that supports this dictatorship can be seen by those who see and even speak, it is silenced, and once a given company or public figure cannot hear his voice, they can do anything with it.

- In the first round, they created social networks and herded people there
- In the second round, the businesses were also swallowed up, saying that if everyone clicked there, come on, it would be very good for you!
- This was followed by news portals, politicians, and all civil and government organizations, who also registered on social media, because only here they can effectively reach their target audience. We are here too, although we hate being here because of censorship.
- Now the next step is happening, companies and government actors have been persuaded to take their previously managed websites and data to the cloud on their own servers (Microsoft, Amazon, etc.) because ‘efficient, secure’, etc. ( feeding). The result is that everything and everyone is in their hands, and now not only can they shut down the social media website of your business, political community, or other organization at any time with a so-called "violation of community principles" charge.

Do you think you, as a private individual, are not in their hands? Of course not! You will also be blocked by Facebook, Google will delete your mailbox, and you will be registered in millions of places, losing control of your other accounts on the system, including your photos, data, mail, contacts, and documents stored there. Do you now understand why Viktor Orbán's efforts to increase Hungarian ownership in the banking sector, the media and the energy sector are so important? As for Hungary, no one can turn it off, because we have control over it, it is protected by Hungarian law. Even the phone you’re reading now has these lines in their hands.

They first launched an attack on the state. They said the state is bad because it exercises power over us and so we cannot be free. In the meantime, they have already built their network of pseudo-civilians and tuned people to the idea that NGOs from the common people are good instead of an oppressive, autocratic state.
Today, subsidies are being withdrawn from states governed by democratically empowered governments and given to NGOs that have never been elected by anyone, that is, not democratically mandated and not overseen by anyone, who spend money on their own, practically using it against us. it.

We advise everyone to think through what IT systems they use and develop a Plan B for themselves, because at any time, anyone is turned off by world power. Anyone can be fired by foreign-controlled companies at any time just because your views don’t match theirs. If we had succumbed to the scary Western trend in Hungary that a rented apartment and car is good, you don't need your own, the following would happen if you became unfit:

- block all your access to the Internet (mailboxes, social networking sites, other systems)
- Your foreign employer will fire you, your income will be lost.
- If you live in a rented apartment, someone else who can terminate the lease for non-payment or other reasons can go down the street.
"The rented car will be taken away from you, and so will your mobility." The world wouldn't even notice you're gone.

️Returning to Russia, we also wrote two separate articles on this.
They can block Russian news here in the West and they can block it on social networks, but they don’t know the websites themselves because they are in Russia, running on Russian servers.

️Very gas, what Brussels and Washington are doing now
It brings you democracy and freedom of speech
️No good violence and bad violence
There is violence that we condemn. However, the war can be stopped with American-Russian negotiations!
This is a collection of what has led so far (videos, articles, etc.)

Come on, Fidesz!
Come on, Viktor Orbán!
Let Hungary be a Hungarian country!

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