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Mihály Varga: Karácsony explains and misleads

The Minister of Finance refutes the lies of the Amok Runner Karácsony with numbers

Mihály Varga: Karácsony explains and misleads

An embarrassing explanation can be read on the community page of Mayor Gergely Karácsony, the essence of which is that the “ugly, evil” government takes the capital’s money, destroying the capital’s self-government, the finance minister wrote in his Facebook post on Thursday.

According to Mihály Varga, on the other hand, it is a fact that since 2010 the government has taken over a debt of HUF 375 billion from Budapest, while its business tax revenues have risen from 85 billion to 164 billion. At the end of the second quarter of 2020, the capital's local government had HUF 27.9 billion available and government securities HUF 135 billion, he added.

He pointed out that the principle of solidarity - where richer municipalities support the poorer with a solidarity contribution - had previously been broken by only one municipality and paid less: Budapest. This exception will be phased out by the government: the capital will pay 85 per cent of the amount under the “normal formula” this year, and the situation will only end next year. By the way, this process started already in the time of István Tarlós - the Fidesz politician wrote.

“Gergely Karácsony explains, misleading, while the - critical of the government - Moody's credit rating improved the assessment of the capital's financial situation from stable to positive. Decide who to trust: Karácsony or Moody's? ” Mihály Varga asked.

Karácsony Lies:https://www.facebook.com/karacsonygergely/posts/3731918026841016

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With a relentless rent increase, the left makes it impossible for the people of Miskolc

Even now, they hit those who hurt the most, those who can defend themselves the least. (with video)

With a relentless rent increase, the left makes it impossible for the people of Miskolc

The Fidesz-KDNP faction in Miskolc protests, according to which the left-wing leadership of the city brutally increased the rent for municipal apartments. The governing parties believe this has pushed many tenants to the brink of insolvency. According to the city management, the increased fees would be used to renovate dwellings in poor condition. Fidesz-KDNP deputies say that not only should former rents be restored, but also catering and taxi companies in difficult situations should be helped, it was revealed in the M1 Newsletter.

Tenants in Miskolc will receive a brutal rent increase from the city administration - the Hungarian Nation wrote about this on Monday. According to the article, the left-liberal leadership of the city of Borsod County has drastically increased the rent for municipal housing in Miskolc, pushing thousands of citizens to the brink of insolvency.

Among other things, the former employees of the cement factory in Miskolc, some of whom may have a 50 percent or even double increase in their monthly housing costs.

According to the decision, residents will also have to pay a deposit from January,
which the municipality would collect not only from new tenants but also retroactively from those who have lived in municipal housing for decades.

Several residents told M1 that if you pay the new rent along with the security deposit, almost nothing will be left of their pension.

In addition, the tenants say the municipality would be wrong to ask for a deposit from a significant portion of the residents.
It has already been worked on by many local factories under the original housing contracts.

At the request of M1, Miskolc Holding Zrt., Which manages rental flats, stated that the city management would renovate the municipal flats in poor technical or unpublishable condition from the increased fees.

They wrote that 60 percent of the proceeds would be spent on reconstruction, but their response did not indicate what the rest of the money collected from tenants would be spent on.
According to the Fidesz-KDNP faction in Miskolc, it is also unacceptable that they want to pay for the renovations to the needy residents.

Attila Soós, a pro-government local government representative, emphasized that the left-wing city administration could do so either from tender sources or from the tax revenues received in the city.

As he said, the decision affects 3,800 flats and thousands of Miskolcis, including retirees, as well as hundreds of families with small children, with whom the municipality has not consulted on the matter.
Meanwhile, pro-government MPs on Wednesday spoke out against more than just left-wing city government decisions on rental housing.

Representatives of Fidesz-KDNP also proposed that the local government of Miskolc release the public land use fee and a part of the rents imposed on caterers and taxi drivers by the end of December in view of the coronavirus epidemic.

A similar proposal was recently submitted by the Fidesz-KDNP faction in the capital, which was rejected by the General Assembly chaired by Gergely Karácsony in Budapest.
The city administration in Baloda did not put the 50 billion rescue program on the agenda in the capital either, instead it submitted a proposal of its own, in which the amount of subsidies intended for Budapest residents was reduced compared to Fidesz's proposal.

Source, video:https://hirado.hu/belfold/belpolitika/cikk/2020/10/27/konyortelen-lakberemelessel-leetleniti-el-a-miskolciakat-a-baloldal

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10 billion forints disappeared in 1 year in Érd, now the laundry coalition wants to take out a billion-dollar loan!

10 billion forints disappeared in 1 year in Érd, now the laundry coalition wants to take out a billion-dollar loan!

Károly Simórepresentative wrote on his Facebook page.


Today, 5 minutes (!!) before the meeting of the Finance Committee, we received a proposal according to which the city management intends to take out a new overdraft of 1,200,000,000, ie more than one billion forints, this year. They want to decide on it at the General Assembly on Thursday.

The left justified the borrowing, which meant indebtedness to the city, on the grounds that there was a virus situation and that there were no tax revenues, and the state's revenues had decreased due to the state anyway.

Turns out they didn't tell the truth again! On Friday (October 16, 2020), I received the official and real data on my request, which includes the funds in the bank accounts, securities and cash of the municipality.

According to them, approx. The city has 650,000,000, ie more than half a billion (!!) forints, money that can be spent freely. So it’s not about the city needing an overdraft!

The committee meeting also confirmed that September had ended surprisingly well, with much more revenue than expected.

Still, the mayor’s chief of staff came to the committee meeting in person to sword in favor of borrowing, though he didn’t usually come at other times. It was also said that a political decision had been made, similar to other left-wing municipalities.

It is clear that it is just a matter of left-wing municipalities wanting to convince voters that they are close to bankruptcy or will be by the end of the year.

While the reality is that there are hundreds of millions that can be spent freely, and in total there are more than 30,380,000,000, ie more than 30 billion (!!) forints in bank accounts and cash registers.

One year ago, the city was taken over by HUF 40.5 billion. Meanwhile, ten billion forints disappeared from the accounts.

Is this visible in the city? "

These numbers, this "taken back" Érd. Congratulations to those who elected Pipes and also to those who did not go to the polls. If you stayAndrás T. Mészárosthen Érd would have remained a thriving city today, but the people of Érd decided to experiment on their own, as if it seemed like a bad idea. We hope that the authorities will investigate where 10 billion forints have disappeared in 1 year, ie an average of 833 million per month, and if fraudulent treatment arises, they will take action.



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According to the majority of Hungarians, Gyurcsány is responsible for the police and must leave public life

According to the majority of Hungarians, Gyurcsány is responsible for the police and must leave public life

🔴Never wash this blood off yourself !!
According to the majority of Hungarians, Gyurcsány is responsible for the police and must leave public life. According to the crow, it was possible to demonstrate in 2006, it is not possible today! Do you understand? So it can’t be today, but it could have been in 2006! DK is lying in such a cheeky way!

🔴According to László Varju, in 2006, during the Gyurcsány government, there was democracy and it was possible to demonstrate peacefully, and today this is not possible. The DK politician was asked about the brutal police abuses in 2006 by the investigative show Hír TV Informátor, according to Varju, it was free to demonstrate at the time. The staff would have wondered what the pro-Gyurcsány politician would say to people who were beaten or shot in the eyes of the police in 2006 from a 14-year perspective.

According to 63 percent of Hungarians, the former head of government should leave public life, the Hungarian Nation wrote, referring to the latest representative research of the Institute of Viewpoints, based on a telephone survey of a thousand people.
On the occasion of the sad anniversary, the Point of View Institute surveyed the social perception of what happened. From the perspective of so many years, 40 percent of Hungarians consider police intervention involving civilian victims to be illegal; this ratio was already similar in 2016. Interestingly, while in 2016, 34 percent of Hungarians called the events legal, this year only 24 percent said so.

Police violence disrupted Hungarian politics and became a defining generation experience
- Point of View points out, adding that young people under the age of thirty no longer remember what happened, 53 percent of them could not even judge the question of legality.

This autumn, 30 percent of Hungarians said they held Ferenc Gyurcsány and the government he led to be responsible for "that several civilians were injured after the commemoration on October 23, 2006." The brutal action was perpetrated by some police officers, but in the absence of identification numbers, prosecution was very slow and with modest results. The interpretation of the then head of government - that the political mood caused by Fidesz and the wrong choice of location can be blamed for what happened - now convinces only seven percent of the respondents, and 26 percent of the respondents hold both parties responsible.

The research analysis of the Perspective Institute reveals:

Ferenc Gyurcsány lost his social support permanently at that time,
since the austerity measures unexpectedly introduced after the 2006 election, the moral and cultural low point of the autumn speech, the use of police against a political opponent led to a lasting loss of popularity for the then prime minister. Today, 63 percent of Hungarians believe that Ferenc Gyurcsány should “withdraw from politics,” and only 20 percent oppose it.

According to the institute, it is an interesting turn that the camp near Gyurcsány decreased significantly in two years, because in September 2018, 30 percent of Hungarians still considered Gyurcsány's political role necessary. The police, on the other hand, did not suffer any permanent damage, and the Hungarians resent political decision-makers and not the executors of the decisions, the analysis emphasizes.

When asked whether Hungary can be proud of its police, 62 percent of respondents answered yes and only 25 percent said no.
October 23, 2006 was a black day in political history after the regime change. On the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution and the War of Independence, the institute recalls a memorial rally organized by Fidesz, the largest opposition party at the time, with tear gas, a truncheon and a cavalry attack, citing action against far-right runners. As they write, it did not happen after 1990 that the government used violence against peaceful protesters, it only happened under the post-communist government, just on the important anniversary.

Ferenc Gyurcsány and his government have at least the political responsibility for the scandal, which is known as the “police wheel”, and he cannot escape from it fourteen years after the events.
The Perspective Institute reminds us that the Jobbik was reorganized at that time, which wrote the anti-Gyurcsány policy on its flag, so it is especially absurd that today's Jobbik is an ally of Ferenc Gyurcsány.

The majority of the respondents therefore hold Ferenc Gyurcsány responsible for what happened in 2006. Aware of this, it is interesting to know why László Varju makes such a statement to the staff of HírTV Informátor that it was a democracy at that time and it was possible to demonstrate calmly - unlike today. What’s more, he even accused the channel of inciting, trying to shift the responsibility of his party president to the TV crew for the street events of 14 years ago.


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The left does not like the ruined Radetzky barracks being renewed

The left does not like the ruined Radetzky barracks being renewed

Symbolic building: The Gyurcsánys sold this public property and then went homeless for years, now the owner would develop it, but someone really doesn't want to!
He hit it: once again, the left is in the way of development. This development is also a victim of their own struggles for power, after the October elections, several rural cities and Budapest, if they come to power, will take the whole country hostage .... Let's not leave!

Planned balliberal damage is taking place, for two main reasons if we now disregard the incompetence: 1. theft of money for the 2022 election (Budapest); 2. to cause as much economic decline as possible, they themselves have stated ui. That Orban can only be replaced if there is an economic downturn.

A II. the issue of renovating the Radetzky barracks on Bem Square could also escalate into a war within the left leadership of the district. While the local Momentum is strongly opposed to the renovation of the completely dilapidated building, Gergely Őrsi, the mayor of MSZP, has repeatedly assured the project of his support. Incidentally, the building of the former MDF headquarters was transferred by the Gyurcsány government to a company that was later liquidated. With this, the left-wing government already announced 14 years ago that the Radetzky Barracks did not represent a serious value. By the way, Gyurcsány will be able to put an end to the discussion of left-wing forces that do not have an independent character, as has happened in several similar cases in recent months.

To get an accurate understanding of the situation around the Radetzky Barracks on Bem Square, we have to go back in time to 2006, the developer explained to Origo in connection with the fact that in recent weeks the II. district Momentum has launched an action against the renovation. The head of the company recalled that in 2006 this property was exchanged for another property by the Gyurcsány government (one of the allies of Momentum is currently the Gyurcsány-led DK both in the district and nationwide). Here it is important to mention that the state received in exchange a property of smaller size and value than that represented by the Bem Square building complex. It is important to note that the then left-wing government was letting this know that the Radetzky Barracks did not represent a serious value.

Interesting bankruptcy

In 2007, the company that exchanged the property on Bem Square was liquidated. However, even before the bankruptcy, the Radetzky barracks were sold to Unicredit Bank. The leasing company Unicredit Bank has planned a major investment here, but nothing has become of it since the 2008 global economic crisis. Subsequently, the Slovak HB Reavis bought it together with a valid building permit and started demolition in 2017. Importantly, they were demolished in the original buildings within a few days of demolition and restoring it is now an unrealistic request, it can’t be done, it would cost pointless and cost hundreds of millions. In 2017, due to protests by neighboring residents over the demolition, the Prime Minister granted protection to the building, trying to block the situation.
The valuable facade is preserved

The developer said that after several negotiations, the Slovak company announced the property and bought it after a detailed analysis. After lengthy negotiations, we have come to the conclusion that the former MDF headquarters will be preserved in size, the façade will be preserved, but the building will have a completely new structure, which can be used and filled with function. The head of the company recalled that
before and after the 2019 municipal elections, they were constantly consulted, and then with the left-wing leadership set up under the leadership of Gergely Őrsi, and basically they also agreed with the plans and did not try to push it. The main goal is to preserve the facade of the building and behind the original Bem Square building a crowd is being built and backwards a new building.

Momentum had no meaningful suggestions

The coronavirus epidemic transformed the situation to the extent that the government declared the project a priority investment, thus removing it from the district’s jurisdiction, and from then on, local Momentum attacks began. The opposition formation has not made any substantive proposals in the recent period on how to remodel the building, which is in very poor condition and does not represent serious value, except for the facade of Bem Square. There was a vague indication that a museum should be established, but no concept was presented in this regard, the developer said. It is important to emphasize that the mayor of the MSZP still basically likes the transformation, as long as the interests of the residents of the area are not harmed, and thus he seems to be in serious conflict with his coalition partner as well.
Gyurcsany will decide in the end

The local conflict between the MSZP and the Momentum is certainly just an appearance, as the final word in these matters will be given by Ferenc Gyurcsány, the real leader of the left. As neither the MSZP nor the Momentum are in a position to pursue an independent policy, the debate over the renovation of the barracks will also be only temporary. It is memorable that in Göd, Gyurcsány finally made a point at the end of the debates.

ORIGO👍András Kovács👍

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Itemic refutation of Gergely Karácsony's self-painting

We have classified the material: under one. Share this so your followers can see, not just look!

Itemic refutation of Gergely Karácsony's self-painting

Recently, one of our readers in Budapest found a treasure in his mailbox: the propaganda material of Gergely Karácsony's one-year activity full of slips and lies has arrived, which we are now itemizing.

In the material, we marked the biggest lies and slips in red, and then, after revealing the reality, we added a grade to their work below each one.

📌Lie: we are building a city with better air
Reality: Even 444 wrote in early July that “Budapest is the only European city where the air is worse than before the epidemic”. Gergely Karácsony's thoughtless decision on bicycle lanes and quays has matured in a dictatorial way, without any impact assessment, completely without professionalism.

📌Lies: safer and easier transport
Reality: As a result of ill-considered, one-person decisions, dangerously designed bicycle lanes have been created. There have been a number of complaints about which several articles have already been published. The situation has not improved significantly.

📌Lie: We have solved to make CT available to everyone in Budapest
Reality: It has been available so far, nothing has been resolved. Already in November 2019, 43 CT devices were available in Budapest, ie almost two per district.
Is that what CT propaganda is all about? Still, there will be no CT in every district? The promise of the campaign was: “no new stadium will be built until CT equipment is available in every district”. Fortunately, this lie did not come into play either, as the Bozsik Stadium is doing well and even the athletics stadium can be rebuilt.

📌Slide: We have reduced waiting lists for cancer
Reality: The reduction of waiting lists can be realized from a part of the HUF 50 billion provided by the Government. This HUF 50 billion is insignificant compared to the 750 billion budget of the Healthy Budapest Program. EMMI experts who can evaluate the move professionally are not just puffing up empty phrases, they are seeing problems Karácsony with their idea.

📌Sliding: After more than 30 years, the process of renovating the Chain Bridge has begun.
Reality: “The process is ongoing” - This was a kind of statement by Gábor Kerpel-Fronius. In the time of Tarlós, the renovation of the Chain Bridge had already been prepared, and professional and financial plans had been prepared. After reaching public procurement after many months of imperfection Karácsony, it failed to comply with the law. The Government will pay HUF 6 billion for the renovation of the Chain Bridge.

📌Sliding: we will launch new trams soon
Reality: The trams were even ordered by Tarlós, they arrived, but Karácsony the trams were not put on the market within a year.

📌Lies: with traffic calming and the development of cycling
Reality: We have already written about this issue above.

📌Lie: We introduced overhead support.
Reality: In his election promise, Gergely Karácsony stated that pensioners and those in need will receive a HUF 20,000 overhead subsidy. In the meantime, it turned out that the HUF 200 million budget set aside for this purpose is not enough, as 400,000 pensioners live in Budapest, while the amount would be enough for only 10,000. Moreover, support is not a matter of individual right, but can be claimed. According to our information, a few hundred requests were received

📌Slide: We have made public transportation free for job seekers
Reality: Karácsony In his campaign promise, he promised that public transport will also be free for those under 14 years of age. In contrast, this discount was introduced only for job seekers. Presumably, the number of people under the age of 14 was multiplied by the price of the pass and the reality was confronted.

📌Lies: we help local businesses in trouble to recover.
Reality: Probably the writer of the propaganda material confused Vienna with Budapest, where they really provide subsidies to businesses in trouble. The Budapest management did not support those working in the tourism sector, taxi drivers and caterers. The help was given by the Government to the people and businesses.

📌Slide: We introduced the Budapest supplement for more than twenty thousand employees.
Reality: The concept of the Budapest supplement was created by Tarlós in 2012. The Budapest allowance actually affects a few thousand employees of municipal companies, and even "The Budapest allowance has already played an active role in this year's wage agreement for BKV employees, where it has replaced the previous seniority allowance one by one." So they took the seniority allowance like a libsi and give the Budapest allowance instead.

📌Slide: We have banned evictions without placement
Reality: At the initiative of pro-government politicians, a law was passed earlier, so for years the moratorium on evictions has been running nationwide from November 15 to April 30. The moratorium during the coronavirus epidemic put it with a shovel.
Gergely Karácsony forbade eviction without placement only in the case of a maximum of a couple of thousand properties managed by the Municipality of Budapest. Interpreted: it did not prohibit eviction, but without placement. Not all real estates in Budapest, only the local governments of the Capital, ie not those managed by the districts, nor those in private ownership.

📌Lie: We have protected our theaters that have endangered their artistic freedom
Reality: This means that Enikő Eszenyi has expired and art positions have been distributed on a political basis.

📌Lie: We protect the green of the City Park
Reality: In fact, it is a left-liberal demagoguery that the Liget project is reducing the proportion of green space. In contrast, it increases from 60% to 65%. But it can also be interpreted as meaning that as the agreement on the development of the Liget project seems to be in the interests of the Government, the green space is already being defended because Karácsony has failed to trip it.

📌Lie: We saved more than a thousand trees from felling
Reality: Geri personally gave permission to cut 85 trees. But the bigger problem is that there is no sign of the promise in the campaign that “every child born will have a seedling planted in the capital”. According to CSO data, nearly 15,000 children are born in Budapest in one year. Where's the 15,000 tree, Geri?

📌Lies: we involve the people of Budapest in the most important decisions
Reality: While the National Assembly also met during the special legal order, Karácsony ruled Budapest by decree. Meanwhile, of course the Momentum reason has plunged every corner of the EU to dictatorship, but that’s a different story.

📌Lies: government abductions… hit municipalities with a policy of martyrdom instead of support
Reality: The Government granted a total of HUF 36 billion to local governments, of which Budapest undertook roughly HUF 7 billion. Budapest's budget for 2020 is still larger than in 2019. Obviously, Budapest, like everyone else, lost tax revenue. The difference is that while everyone else can understand this, liberals are squealing.

📌Slide:… Initiate,… EU… Spend at least half of EU crisis management support through local governments
Reality: Karácsony conveys ongoing demagoguery about targeted funding for cities. Fortunately, resources are still decided by national governments, even if they may involve local governments in certain types of payments. In addition, there have been targeted resources available to local governments in the past. There is nothing to see here!

📌Lie: not over the heads of the people of Budapest
Reality: We have already written about what happened during the special legal order, bicycle lanes, quays, etc. The rest is just demagoguery, sensitization and nonsense.

Karácsony annual activity with numbers and facts:

It’s unbelievable that many still always believe in this boy and suck. Many who voted for this leadership have not yet realized that they have been cut through. This is because they are only willing to consume left-liberal media where lies and slips are silenced and even portrayed in a positive color.

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Overhead reduction in DK

Overhead reduction in DK

🔴1. Before 2010, Gyurcsány doubled the price of electricity for the population, his own company bought electricity at a discount. While people had to choose between buying fruit for the child or paying the electricity bill, billionaire Gyurcsány had access to electricity much cheaper for his own company called Motim. All this was, of course, possible at the cost of political pressure.

Details:📌 https://mandiner.hu/cikk/20200623_a_fidesz_gyurcsany_rezsibloffjerol_beszel

🔴2. Gyurcsánys sold public utilities, gas storage facilities, power plants (eg Mátra too!) By robbery privatization, and they simply used up the money. It took Hungary almost a decade to recover the wasted strategic companies.
📌2011: the state repurchases Mol's 21.22 percent stake from Surgutnyeftyegas (HUF 500 billion)
📌2012: the capital's local government buys back 25 percent of the shares of Fővárosi Vízművek (with management rights) from RWE and Suez (HUF 15.3 billion)
📌2013: MVM acquires E.ON Földgáztrade, E.ON Storage and Panrusgaz, natural gas storage and wholesale companies from E.On (HUF 260-280 billion)
📌2013: MFB acquires 51 percent of the safety gas storage company MMBF Földgáztároló Zrt. From Mol (HUF 140 billion) HUF 19.9 billion)
📌2014: MVM purchases 49.83 percent of Főgáz from RWE (HUF 41 billion), then in the same year, now ENKSZ Első Nemzeti Közműszolgáltató Zrt. Took over another 49.83 percent of Főgáz from the Budapest Municipality.
📌2014: the local government of Székesfehérvár acquires 49 percent of the liquidated Székesfehérvár Heating Power Plant previously owned by mega-investors from Nemzeti Reorganizációs Nonprofit Kft. (HUF 2.75 billion)
📌February-July 2014: MET first acquires 24.5 and then 74.8 percent stake in Dunamenti Power Plant from Engie
📌September 2015: Főgáz, already a member of the national utility company, acquires 99.93 percent (HUF 5 billion) of the universal service and competitive market licensee GDF SUEZ Energia Magyarország Zrt.
📌2015-2016: after Magyar Telekom, E.On Energiaszolgáltató Kft. And Tigáz returned their retail gas supply licenses, Főgáz / NKM took their place
📌2016-2017: the national utility company buys the electricity supplier EDF Démász from EDF (HUF 121 billion)
📌October 2017: NKM Nemzeti Közművek Zrt. Acquires Égáz-Dégáz Földgázelosztó Zrt. From Engie (HUF 64 billion - HUF 90 billion)
📌2017-2018: OPUS originally planned to have a majority stake in the Budapest Power Plant with the Czech EPH, and then alone will acquire 72 percent of the Mátra Power Plant from RWE (51%) and EnBW (21%) (40 billion forint)
📌2017-2018: MET Group acquires 98.99 percent of Tigáz Zrt. (Natural gas distributor) from ENI

🔴3. Did you think power theft was a thing of the past?
You are wrong! This is the present in Elizabeth City

Overhead reduction in DK mode. The "most European party" steals electricity from the municipal building.
Calling the formations that frighten the Hungarians, Niedermüller must leave, as this could only have happened with his knowledge!

📌Call of István Szakács:https://www.facebook.com/109502963090733/videos/636883653640434
📌Niedermüller's explanation. (Maybe tell him your opinions if you're not already blocked like we are)

In a multinational, if such a case were to emerge, the entire axis would fly: the one who committed it, its boss, its boss, all the way to the executive. A leader MUST KNOW what is happening in the organization he or she manages.

They lied that Budapest belongs to everyone - it turns out that Budapest belongs exclusively to the buddies who, abusing people's trust, stuff their own pockets instead of serving the public good.

A police action took place in the municipality of Erzsébetváros led by Péter Niedermüller, they are being investigated for power theft, a DK representative also resigned

A police action took place at the Erzsébetváros municipality led by Péter Niedermüller. For the time being, the police have confirmed that they have actually withdrawn and carried out a procedural act or are investigating theft. Tamás Borka-Szász from DK, who may be involved in the case, resigned from his mandate as a municipal representative and resigned from DK, the newspaper writes.

It is known that several IT equipment was seized during the police operation in the office of Tamás Borka-Szász, the representative of the Democratic Coalition in Erzsébetváros. In the investigation against a hitherto unknown perpetrator, cryptocurrency mining may have emerged, which in itself is not a crime. However, it is worth noting that cryptographic mining machines can be extremely expensive to buy, they are usually ordered from China, and are usually available for between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000.

Cryptographic mining machines become extremely hot and can be accident-prone if not used properly. In addition, they consume a lot of electricity. Police have stated that the National Investigation Bureau of the Standby Police is investigating an unknown perpetrator on suspicion of theft (the PS knows that it is power theft). During the investigation, the police officers carried out a procedural act in the VII. District in the building of Erzsébetváros Municipality. In the interests of the investigation, the police will not provide further information about the procedure.

The paper also interviewed a cryptocurrency expert who said the tool is likely to be ethereum mining, priced in the order of $ 5,000- $ 7,000, but also pointed out that it is stored in an amateur, long-used wooden frame structure, which carries an extreme fire hazard. . The machines used in this way have a very strong heat output; it is not inconceivable that the wooden frame suffers from self-ignition in some cases.

Meanwhile, DK acknowledged the police action in a statement sent to Index, and then it was written that Tamás Borka-Szász, DK VII. may be a district municipal representative. As a result of the events, Tamás Borka-Szász immediately resigned his mandate as a local government representative and left the DK.

As Tamás Borka-Szász won in an individual district in 2019, an by-election will be held in the 4th constituency of Erzsébetváros.


📌Niedermüller did not start today:
More by Niedermüller:


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The first year of Gergely Karácsony

Its activity with numbers and facts

The first year of Gergely Karácsony

The first year has passed. Since the activity of Gergely Karácsony is most measurable based on his Facebook appearances, we start with that. We rolled back a year and counted a total of 704 posts on our Facebook page. In terms of advertising spending, we have seen HUF 29,971,812 since March 28, and until April 15, HUF 29.4 million was spent from taxpayers' and Budapest's money to advertise left-liberal propaganda.

So, in total, at least 55 million forints went to Facebook advertising in one year from Everyone's money.

So Karácsony he spends his time posting instead of meaningful activity. His posts reflect complete brain death, camouflage solidarity, as well as sensitizable, manageable, in-circuit loopy liberal and prolific thought patterns.

It turned out that Budapest became far from everyone's, but a narrow left-liberal company that distributes greasy positions among each other and spends taxpayers' money on propaganda, friendly companies, pointless measures or simply losing developments. Facebook propaganda, sensitization, lies, car chase. We now summarize Gergely Karácsony's activities so far, which we only recommend to those with strong nerves.

📌Details of the first semester can be found here:

Highlights in headlines:
- Impossibility of Liget project, dissemination of false news
- Political cleansing, harassment of theater directors, firing the leaders of city companies
- The Central Hospital project has been stopped
- Increase of land tax, construction tax, tourist tax
- He lied about bleeding Budapest
- 44 consultants for 30 million a month
- Ordinary governance: although the parliament sits, Karácsony it does not convene the municipality
- Soros stuffed it with 1 million euros (roughly 350 million forints) but the way and use of the money is unknown
- He believes because of the 1% abstracted in connection with the epidemic
- If you get a job, you complain, if you get a job, you complain
- There were 500 elderly people without a doctor, forgery, falling
- Empty bike lanes will be completed, traffic reduced by a third due to the epidemic will become clogged
- It has been confirmed: since November there has been no doctor in the home of the elderly in Pest.

📌The yield of the half-year since then in detail:
He changed his mind daily in early May, asking for tightening or easing in relation to the epidemic:

📌When the first wave of the epidemic began to subside, it was clear that the rate of infection was much higher in nursing homes maintained in the capital than elsewhere:

📌Budapest received the first 10 billion forints to develop patient care in the capital. No plans, no statements about the fate of the money:

📌It turned out that the situation in the nursing home on Pesti út was even worse than we had guessed: They barely bathe the residents, they save on hygiene:

📌Home for the elderly in Pest: undernourished, dehydrated, neglected caregivers were taken to hospital:

📌Pikó caused a billion forints of damage to Józsefváros. Karácsony is also:

📌Revenge on the motorists. Bicycle lanes were painted on the Grand Boulevard, although the bike lane was unused and the car lane became even more crowded. Budapest is not for motorists:

📌Postponement of the renovation of the Chain Bridge. By the end of May, the tender had not even been announced, although the money is there and the professional preparation has been done:

📌During the period of the special legal order, he resorted to anti-democratic methods Karácsony:

📌They are constantly trying to make the Liget project impossible, citing Kamuzöld reasons:

📌Demagoguery and the plowing of the Government are constant, although Budapest can manage from a much larger budget than in the time of Tarlós:

📌Karácsony reset the road renovation framework of four Fidesz districts:

📌Neither the Fogarasi road nor the road of King Louis the Great will be renovated:

📌Redundancies in baths:

📌David Dorosz's lies and the reallocation of money:

📌However, the renovation of the Chain Bridge could proceed smoothly:

📌Panel program will not be restarted, rents and taxes will be raised:

📌Karácsony In addition to Facebook, he also posts on the asphalt, nonsense:

📌Demagoguery reloaded. A short summary at the end of June:

📌The Western Railway Station will not be renovated Karácsony, but by MÁV and Magyar Építő Zrt .:

📌Financial situation with specifics, numbers, without misunderstanding:

📌Although a climate emergency (whatever it means) has been declared, air quality has deteriorated. How is this?

📌Many renovations and modernizations are missing: Blaha Lujza Square, City Hall, Széna Square, etc .:

📌Karácsony has nothing to do with the fact that the Government is renovating and building in the amount of HUF 700 billion within the framework of the Healthy Budapest Program:

📌Dobrevék, Karácsony set up a municipal EUs tender opportunity for their own merits, which has been operating for years:

📌It turned out that the bicycle lanes created on the Grand Boulevard also slow down public transport and are dangerous:

📌When the Chain Bridge's public tender was finally announced, it turned out to be irregular:

📌Tamás Soproni clears the trees in Terézváros:

📌The epidemic also took place in the home of the elderly in Rózsa út, maintained by the capital:

📌Stubble was not corrupt, according to the National Bureau of Investigation, which is a huge slap in the face Karácsony, as this slander campaign can be forgotten. One trump card less:

📌The ads Karácsony are constantly spinning on the Facebook page:

📌Karácsony talks back and forth about the financial situation of Budapest:

📌These lies were quickly corrected by the Hungarian State Treasury:

📌They are proud of their stubble results, while the commitments also include developments at the plan level:

📌He continues to lie about direct city funding. Although the money he mentions is distributed centrally:

📌BKV's new CAF trams have been dusting in remix for 1 year now, they are not able to put them on the market:

📌Insect hotels, wasp garages and bee-friendly gardens have begun to be installed in the public parks of the capital:

📌Tarlós was required to air-condition the M3 metro lines, and 8 drinking wells were installed as a visual measure:

📌Karácsony campaign focused on the environment. He even promised to plant a tree after every child born. In reality, 85 trees were cut down:

📌In December, the city was paralyzed by a snowfall. Instead of taking action, he reassured me in a Facebook post. The promised heating subsidy of HUF 20,000 for pensioners and families with small children has not been realized. In the first (and so far second) wave of the coronavirus, he did not seek a solution, but pointed to the Government and sought excuses. The inappropriate "weird" flag for the town hall has been removed:

📌It was also possible to buy tickets for the 100E bus, which is not currently operating, from BKK's vending machines, thus damaging passengers by HUF 15 million:

"In short" that's it.

András Kovácswrite:https://www.facebook.com/kovacsandras1982/posts/818972772236800
Magyar Hírlaphttps://www.magyarhirlap.hu/belfold/20201013-cselekvo-vezetes-helyett-panaszkodas

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Lookouts, then and now

Lookouts, then and now

Who else remembers the Bodrogkeresztúr lookout tower built from 40 million forints, ie 1 million forints per centimeter?
In 2009, 40 million was a lot of money !, here’s a little video
📌This is how the Gyurcsánys built a lookout tower. It dripped and dropped there abundantly for every buddy.https://youtu.be/sKOEtPW4BDE

In contrast, since 2010, 22 state forest enterprises have made real developments worth HUF 20 billion, including:
* 85 lookouts were built
* 121 forest accommodations were renewed and built
* 25 forest ecotourism centers have been renewed or built
* An additional HUF 22 billion worth of projects are currently being prepared, the deliveries of which are due in the next few years.
The newly handed over Várhegyi lookout tower was built by Ipolyerdő Zrt.
Thank You!


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Farewell gift of Gyurcsánys

The leading figures of the left, which are so loudly demanding today, justified the withdrawal of the 13th month's salary in 2008 due to a crisis situation

Farewell gift of Gyurcsánys

On the left today, to find a large number of those who in December 2008 in the then Parliament took away the thirteenth monthly salary of those working in the public sector, including those employed in health care.

The current parliament Week DK-s and eight Socialist MEPs sitting, who on 15 December pushed the "yes" button 2008, when they voted Erika Szucs (MSZP) moved the public sphere of the 13th month salary withdrawal, which heavily affected the health workers. This was during the Gyurcsány government, which passed a bill in July 2008 to ensure that public sector workers receive their thirteenth monthly salary not in a monthly breakdown but in a lump sum from 2009, in December, before the Christmas holidays. At the autumn session of the then parliament, in late September and early October, there was no mention of the removal of thirteenth-month public sector wages among the amendments. By December, however, a historic amendment proposal had been made by the left, entitled the amendment of certain laws in connection with the thirteenth monthly salary and wage payment system.

Fidesz-KDNP, which protested against the amendment, asked for a roll-call vote in Parliament. Gergely Arató, Erzsébet Gy. Németh, Ferenc Gyurcsány, László Hajdu, Lajos Oláh, Ágnes Vadai and László Varju, who were still voting in the MSZP faction at the time, voted to take the 13th month's salary. Csaba Molnár, the then Chancellor of the fallen Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány.

The “yes” button was also pressed by István Hiller, a socialist video maker Lajos Korózs, still belonging to the socialists, Attila Mesterházy, Gyula Molnár, Zsolt Molnár, László Szakács, József Tóth and László Varga. Sándor Burány (MSZP) from the current Dialogue Group was represented in the vote, which also narrowed the pockets of health care workers. László Botka, the mayor of Szeged and Csaba Horváth from Zugló, also took part in the deduction of the 13th month's salary from the persons representing today's left.

At the time, the withdrawal of the 13-month wage was justified by the fact that in the money market situation due to the financial crisis, the secure financing of public services expenditures, maintaining the stability of public finances and the revenue decline due to the economic downturn in 2009 forced the government to take decisive action. There is still a crisis today…

Source: Magyar Hírlaphttps://www.magyarhirlap.hu/belfold/20201007-gyurcsanyek-bucsuajandeka

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