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Blama: Public procurement of Chain Bridge is not regular

Blama: Public procurement of Chain Bridge is not regular

With 44 consultants, 5 deputies and HUF 180 billion in their “pockets”, they were not able to announce a flawless public procurement either. The Public Procurement Authority dropped the document due to substantive errors

Budapest belongs to the friends, the Chain Bridge to the mine.

Even after a delay of more than half a year, it was not possible to announce a regular public procurement for the renovation of the Chain Bridge by the management of the capital. The Public Procurement Authority dropped the document due to content errors, so the BKK board has to amend it, Fidesz in Budapest announced on its community page.

- The farce of Christmas Gregory continues. Even after a delay of more than half a year, it was not possible to announce a regular public procurement for the renovation of the Chain Bridge by the management of the capital. The Public Procurement Authority dropped the document due to content errors, so the BKK board has to amend it. Therefore, who will be responsible according to the mayor? Certainly the government. To be sure, the renewal of one of the symbols of the nation will be delayed for another week due to incompetence, misfortune, Fidesz in Budapest wrote on its community page.

Our paper previously reported that in the event of a successful tender, the reconstruction of the Chain Bridge could begin in the spring of 2021 and be completed in 2023. If, on the other hand, the tender is not successful, a delay of up to several years is expected. The works would be financed by the capital's local government from its own resources, loans and the government's HUF 6 billion contribution.


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They are lying about Lake Balaton, while they are the ones who are abolishing the free beaches

Bolshevik method

They are lying about Lake Balaton, while they are the ones who are abolishing the free beaches

All free beaches in Szeged were liquidated by László Botka.
While Lake Balaton is for everyone, there are plenty of free, well-equipped, well-kept beaches for those wishing to swim, in Szeged, in the faithful citadel of the left, there is no such opportunity.

Most recently, Ágnes Kunhalmi lied a huge one when she was snuggling in Fonyód, where all the beaches are free.https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/posts/188369149306893

The attempt to seize the free beaches is an assassination attempt against the Hungarian summer, therefore we demand that the company network near Fidesz cannot acquire and make the free beaches of Lake Balaton payable - this is what the MSZP, which has been longing for a rescue belt in the SE, has been campaigning for days. Representatives of the party's local government in Szeged also joined the party's signature-gathering campaign with great enthusiasm.

However, Haág Zalán, the president of the KDNP in Szeged and the leader of the party's general assembly faction, reported to the Hungarian Nation that in the last decade and a half the same politicians had assisted the left-wing city government in eliminating all free beaches in Szeged.

Fidesz municipal representative Ferenc Német remarked in this connection that at the turn of the millennium there were designated free beaches on the Foka free beach at the foot of the Upper Town panels in Tápé, at the foot of the upper town panels, and on both sides of the Újszeged bridgehead of the Downtown Bridge.

Today, the left city administration has abolished all free bathing facilities on the Tisza in Szeged
The pro-government politician highlighted.

The municipal representative of Fidesz said:

liquidated free beaches could be re-operated at minimal cost. According to him, this would require the municipality to re-designate the affected areas as bathing areas, to place buoys, to build a washbasin with a mobile container, toilets and to employ a lifeguard.
"Of course, you could dream of a bigger one, a few kilometers from the county seat, in Algyő, formerly part of Szeged, they offer locals and visitors a free beach opportunity on the banks of the Tisza," said Ferenc Német.

Haág Zalán emphasized that László Botka led it in Szeged

instead of free beaches, to the annoyance of motorists, a capital city pattern, the wharf is generously given to pedestrians for the weekend at the suggestion of the local Momentum.
At least for the few who want to spend the summer on the hot asphalt in sunny weather.

"Instead of giving back the free beach to the people of Szeged on the opposite side of the Tisza," adds Haág Zalán.

Source: Szegedma News Portalhttps://szegedma.hu/2020/07/szeged-osszes-szabadstrandjat-folszamolta-botka-laszlo

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Development of health expenditure

10 Years of Civil Governance - Part 13

Development of health expenditure

Concluding remarks on the health topic from the Perspective Institute:
“According to OECD data, per capita health expenditures decreased in real terms only in Hungary between 2003 and 2009, while they increased in Hungary between 2010 and 2016. Health expenditure alone increased in proportion to GDP in 2016 - it should be added that in addition to dynamically growing national income, but also in the context of dealing with the emergency caused by the coronavirus, this ratio will also increase significantly. ”

Emphasizing once again:
Left-liberals who are constantly “educating health care” have also reduced health spending in real terms under their rule (1), the only one among OECD countries (2). During the rule of Fidesz, expenditures started to increase, we got off the shame.

OECD statistics also include household and government expenditure. We were bold and simply did the calculation with public spending.

We examined in detail how the real value of per capita public health expenditure changed on an annual basis. That is, we looked at the percentage increase / decrease in expenditure per year (3) and adjusted it for inflation (4). Public health expenditure in 2002 was determined on the basis of the 2003 change (5).

The figure shows that left-liberal governance only increased public health spending in real terms in 2005 and 2006 (6.9%, 1.3%). In 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, by 3.5%, 1.1%, 11.6%, 1.7%, respectively, 5, Expenditure decreased by 5% in real terms. Overall, the real value of public health spending fell by 14.7%.

During the rule of Fidesz, spending stagnated roughly in 2010 and 2011 (0.3%, -0.1%), while in 2012 it decreased by 5.8%. From 2013 to 2018, spending in real terms increased by 2.4%, 6.5%, 5.7%, 5.4%, 3.6%, and 6%, respectively. Overall, the real value of public health spending increased by 25.9% under Fidesz.

That is, in the days of left-liberal governments, public spending beautified only the outrageously rough withdrawal of public health funds. And are they still in health care?



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In the US, the left is also setting its own country on fire for power

In the US, the left is also setting its own country on fire for power

! ️The radical left is raging in the United States: violence broke out in the flames of Portland, Chicago and New York. Part of Minneapolis was virtually completely destroyed. (Videos)

The left is frightened by nothing when it comes to power: if they have no chance of winning in a democratic way, they bring out violence, harass social strata against each other, incite religious, racist and ethnic tensions, burn cities in the strictest sense of the word. Nothing is sacred to them, they need power and money - people’s lives are just a necessary loss in their plan. The article, the recordings and the video should be aimed primarily at those who break their heads like this: Hungary is a state governed by the rule of law, this will not be the case here. We protect Hungary at all costs.

In the wake of radical left-wing unrest and anti-police movements, the wave of violence sweeping across the U.S. is hitting the cities controlled by Democratic politicians the hardest. Yet left-wing mayors are unwilling to accept the help of federal law enforcement and are actively protesting against President Trump directing them to their city. And where federal policemen are present, Democrats are trying by all means to undermine their work. Snapshots from the Dili House: a detailed summary of the Center for Fundamental Rights.

! ️Video: Minneapolis (video) When "Democracy" Camehttps://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/272089010879040

Brutal child murder in the midst of a wave of violence, New York, USA, July 13, 2020
A one-year-old boy was shot dead in Brooklyn. They attended an outdoor roast with his family and friends when he opened two unknown fires at them. Davell Gardner was immediately taken to hospital by his uncle, but his life could not be saved. Three male members of the company were also shot, they survived. There were 49 shootings in New York in one week, an increase of 276% from last year’s average. Ten of the victims were children. But Blasio blames the gun possession while cutting the police budget by $ 1 billion by letting the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the American Anthem is racist, July 14, 2020.
The paper published an article in which guest author Jody Rosen called for the national anthem to be replaced. In his article, he writes that the statue of the author of the "Star-Striped Flag" was monumental and ugly, so it's no problem that the vandals overthrew it, especially given that Francis Scott Key was a slave owner. Therefore, "The Star-Striped Flag" is not suitable for the national anthem, especially since the word "slave" appears in the text of the anthem. This is in the third verse, which is not sung, is fundamentally anti-British, and was probably used in an abstract sense by the author to describe Americans who clung to the crown during the War of Independence. Rosen believes the anthem as such is a horribly outdated and reactionary thing, and there is no need for it. But if you have to have one anyway, choose Bill Withers' "Lean on me." to symbolize the spirit of the American age, especially without mentioning America.

Another Fallen Anarchist Mini-State, Portland, Oregon, USA, July 16, 2020
Police liquidated a police-free zone called the Chinook Land Autonomous Territory, which was set up by protesters in a central park in Portland. The zone survived for 32 hours. Police closed the area around the park at 5 a.m. and then gave protesters 10 minutes to leave. Whoever did not do so was arrested.

Fear of anti-Semitic attacks, New York, USA, July 16, 2020
Ray Kelly, a former New York City police commissioner, described "American Jewry as having a difficult historical moment" and suggested that it would be worthwhile to raise security measures around synagogues in Europe. because he said the crackdown on police prestige and budget cuts will lead to American Jews being less secure.Kelly is currently leading the Anti-Semitism Accountability Project advocacy group.

Portland in Flames, Oregon, USA, July 19, 2020
Hundreds of protesters marched in Portland. Fences and barriers installed by police were damaged and an attempt was made to occupy the federal court building and then barricade the exits of the building to block the exit from the police station in the building. Police threw tear gas at them. At a nearby location, the detractors entered the building of the largest police union in Portland and set it on fire. Police quickly regained control of the building and managed to put out the fire.

The contradictions between the city and state authorities and the federal Department of Homeland Security are serious. The city’s Democratic mayor, Ted Wheeler, is insisting on the withdrawal of federal policemen. Meanwhile, the also-democratic state attorney general sued the federalists, saying they had illegally arrested protesters, who were then transported in unmarked vehicles. And the city fire chief forbade police to use fire department equipment.

! ️Video:https://youtu.be/B8z0jFxOmFo

Mayor of Chicago does not ask for help, Illinois, USA, July 20, 2020
Donald Trump is also planning to deploy U.S. federal law enforcement forces in Chicago, among others, because of the wave of violence there. The city’s Democratic mayor, Lori Lightfoot, said he would do anything to thwart Trump’s plans in this regard, and called the head of the city police union crazy, a coward suffering from conspicuous itching, who is of the opinion that Chicago should be eligible for federal assistance. The previous weekend, 54 people were shot and 7 died in Chicago.

! ️Video:https://youtu.be/leNaiDSK3EY

Brutal attack on a judge and her family, New Jersey, USA, July 21, 2020
On an unknown bright day, she rang the house of a federal judge, Esther Salas, shot her son and seriously injured her husband. The FBI found the main suspect dead the next day. Roy Dan Hollander, who identified himself as a men’s lawyer, presumably committed suicide. The case includes the judge hearing a fraud case involving Jeffrey Epstein's name and the recent arrest of Epstein's accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell. Epstein was remanded in custody on suspicion of pedophile prostitution. His acquaintances included celebrities such as Bill Clinton and the British Prince Andrew of York. Epstein committed suicide in his cell

He was indicted by the brave couple, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, on July 21, 2020.
Mark and Patricia McCloskey have been charged with illegal arms use. The couple, as they crawled the Internet, chased a Black Lives Matter parade from the garden of their house with a gun. The election campaign of the prosecuting prosecutor was supported by György Soros. The Republican governor of Missouri, on the other hand, has previously indicated that the McCloskey couple can count on the governor’s mercy. In principle, they can be sentenced to up to 4 years in prison.

! ️Video:https://youtu.be/8b0FTmjzzp4

Again brutal violence in Chicago, Illinois, USA, July 22, 2020.
A shooting broke out around a funeral home in Chicago. At least 15 people were injured when, around half past seven in the evening, unknown perpetrators opened fire on a car. The mourners then returned the fire before the car switched to a higher speed, but soon slipped off the road and smashed. The passengers in the car scattered. An eyewitness to the incident likened the scene to a war zone.

The video is suitable for disturbing the peace of mind:
! ️Video:https://youtu.be/V_2wlSjPUJk

In vain he stood by them, anarchists ousted the Mayor of Portland, Oregon, USA, July 23, 2020.
The Democratic politician arrived at the scene of the Portland demonstration with the intention of expressing solidarity and thanking the protesters for their opposition to Donald Trump's "occupiers", referring to federal policemen seeking to restore order in the city. tossed and chased away from the scene.At one point, Ted Wheeler's bodyguards also had to intervene as they tried to escape the mayor to a safe place.

! ️Video:https://youtu.be/3g-2cE1p2aw

Minneapolis (video)https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/272089010879040

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Left-handed tales about scratching, bleeding, mourning

Left-handed tales about scratching, bleeding, mourning

5 deputies, 44 consultants, billionaire contracts for buddy companies, Olga Kálmán, István Vágó employment and ample supply of public funds (who meanwhile do nothing that would be a matter for Budapest), standing projects and a neglected city. But where is the juice? Where did the hundreds of billions that were in the coffers after the October handover go?

In this article, we have listed specific numbers

And in this video we get an explanation of the phenomenon:
"the past will be recalculated, the money out."

Zsolt Láng left almost ten billion, Zsófia Hassay eight and a half billion, Balázs Bús more than six billion, Sára Botond two and a half billion forints

Instead of a lack of resources, there is an abundance of resources, but instead of social sensitivity, it is a playground for power politics - this is how Gergely Karácsony's “solidarity” Budapest has become in the last nine months. The facts, the numbers obscure the innocence and martyrdom of the left.

If only the daily entries made by Gergely Karácsony on the community page, the weekly lamentations of the left mayors, the people of Budapest would be informed, the martyrdom, social sensitivity, resilience and expertise of the opposition would be easily justified. Like all medals, the speeches of left-wing politicians have two sides. The DK, the MSZP, the Dialogue or the Momentum also try to distort reality in such a way that only they and not the capitalists benefit from it.

But in contrast to the interpretations of reality presented by the opposition, it is sometimes worth recalling the facts, the numbers — that is, the other side of the coin — that not only obscure (XXXXKE’s) innocence, refute the left’s power-political virginity, the opposition’s information bubble. The opposition has been saying for months that before the autumn municipal elections, the Fidesz-led municipalities in the capital handed over the keys to the town halls to the mayors of the rainbow coalition with empty coffers and skeletons. That local governments need to be reorganized, developments need to be postponed, austerity is needed so that districts can be put in order.

What do the numbers say? For example, the fact that pro-government mayors handed over local governments with a significant plus. For example, Zsolt Láng, II. The former head of the district left him at the coffers - almost ten billion forints. A significant reserve remained in Terézváros as well, the former mayor Zsófia Hassay handed over the district to Tamás Momentum Soproni with 8.5 billion. The mayor of Óbuda, László Kiss, who in the meantime became a Gyurcsányist from the socialist, could not complain either, because thanks to his predecessor, Balázs Bús, he had more than six billion forints in his coffers. But it is worth mentioning the VIII., Which is fighting scandals suspected of corruption. The situation of the district, where the Fidesz city administration handed over the keys with 2.6 billion to the left-liberal mayor, András Pikó, who complained most about the lack of funds. The situation is similar with regard to the “defamation” of local governments. As we have reported, there is no question of the government penalizing districts for the results achieved in municipal votes. On the contrary: Budapest has an abundance of funds, as, for example, the Municipality of Budapest has HUF 180 billion in government securities savings and has ninety-four billion forints in its commercial bank account. Let us add that, according to press reports, the legacy left behind by István Tarlós may soon run out, and not precisely because of which Karácsony it erupts on a daily basis.

At the same time, there is the not insignificant tendency, according to which the capital was the biggest winner of the economic and development policy decisions of the Fidesz – KDNP governments, and its business tax revenues have doubled in the last ten years. If we look at the recently adopted budget, we cannot speak of a “Budapest tax” in the light of it, as according to the current situation, the capital will receive more than one hundred and fifteen billion forints of operating support from the state next year. This is HUF 22 billion more than this year.

The question arises, by when did the district savings go, what will be the fate of Stubble’s legacy? It is certain that in the last nine months, no decisions have really been made that would take into account the interests of the people of Budapest, they would earn the trust they received last autumn. Following the trends of the recent period, it has become clear that the capital has become a paying point for the left-liberals, a power political playground for the opposition.

As we wrote, the winner of the accumulation of positions in Budapest and the accompanying public dispersion was the left-wing party clientele. This is how Tibor Draskovics was appointed chairman of the board of BKK, so Imre Lakos and Sofia Havas returned to the stage. (XXXXK )’s narrow set of party politics is estimated to cost more than two hundred million more over the next five years than the previous city leadership. As a previous article in 24.hu pointed out, left-wing leaders cost the capital's taxpayers one billion a year. Among the most expensive municipalities are those where the previous city administration has accumulated significant savings.


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The pointlessness of the visit fee and the hospital daily fee in numbers

Gyurcsány's "innovation" hurt the poor, did not solve system failures and lack of resources

The pointlessness of the visit fee and the hospital daily fee in numbers

It doesn’t hurt to sometimes remember the deeds of left-liberals so that they don’t fall into obscurity. Recently, there was a visitation fee and a hospital per diem introduced by left-liberals 13 years ago and lived for roughly 1 year. By default, it meant HUF 300 occasionally, while for certain benefits it meant HUF 600 and HUF 1,000, respectively. This system was abolished by the results of the Fidesz referendum. In this post, we will quantify and scale up to see how much bullshit this fundraiser was around 2007-2008.

In 10 months, this “innovation” brought in HUF 21.7 billion in revenue, so we can talk about 26 billion on an annual basis.

We can count on savings of 77 billion in one year, if we get 64 billion in 10 months. They saved on the care of active and chronic patients, as many did not go to the doctor. This could be explained by the fact that unjustified doctor-patient contacts did not occur, however, the justification of a contact is always revealed only later. Drug turnover has fallen by 15 billion in 10 months, meaning then most missed doctor visits might have been justified because medicine is rarely prescribed for anything. Further arguments and counter-arguments can be found in the Index article, which was not yet clicked in 2008.

The graph shows that, compared to the HUF 1,854 billion health expenditure of the 2007 budget, the HUF 26 billion revenue and the HUF 103 billion (thus doubtful) savings achieved were negligible.

In order for our liberal readers to be able to compare to this, we have also plotted the 330 billion spent on stadiums over 10 years and the 2018 health expenditures on the graph. Thus, even they can see what kind of crazy governance the left-liberals have produced in this area as well.


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The performance of the left during an epidemic - the biggest scandals

Full list of 1 videos. This will be needed in 22

The performance of the left during an epidemic - the biggest scandals

They don’t put that on the wall and we never forget them. We could not expect the Hungarian left in an epidemic situation either. Their politicians abused their trust and the power vested in them, using the epidemic for political gain.

Camouflage videos, fake news, needy, children, kindergartens, deprivation of wages, neglect of nursing homes and homeless people, intimidation, stopping and obstructing developments, wasting public property, obstructing free expression, penalizing fossil districts, foreclosure , obstruction of governance and defense, fraud of voters, communist methods, intimidation, listing, word of mouth, political cleansing, tourism, attack on the hospitality industry, incitement to social tensions, contempt.

The Numbers team gathered and thematically grouped their most inhumane and most scandalous actions. Share this with everyone because it will be needed before the 2022 election. People soon forget the bad and rather remember the good, so it happens today that Ferenc Gyurcsány, who sent the country and millions of Hungarian families to the floor, shot our eyes, he may be the leader of the left today.

Let's see the reality! Each of the listed articles can be found athttps://szamokadatok.hu/on our website (if you could remove the censorship)

🔴🔴🔴Video of some of the crimes listed below:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/3335953163089582

🔴🔴🔴Camouflage videos, lies, fake news

🔴🔴🔴Corruption of needy children, kindergartens, deprivation of wages, nursing homes, homeless people, intimidation

🔴🔴🔴Stopping and obstructing developments

🔴🔴🔴Wasting public property

🔴🔴🔴Obstruction of freedom of expression

🔴🔴🔴Punishment of Fidesz districts

🔴🔴🔴Economy Contracts

🔴🔴🔴Foreign and domestic maturity

🔴🔴🔴Indebtedness of cities and urban companies

🔴🔴🔴Governance and obstruction of defense

🔴🔴🔴Election promises and reality

🔴🔴🔴Communist methods, intimidation, listing, word of mouth, political cleansing

🔴🔴🔴Attack on tourism and hospitality


🔴🔴🔴Creating social tensions


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We refuted the camouflage video of 444

Lies, slips, opinions

We refuted the camouflage video of 444

🔴🔴🔴We tasted one of the latest camouflage videos on the serial blog called 444. Not even Olga Kálmán was able to cram that many lies in a single video, the 444 managed the impossible. Numbers in 12 points refutes the left-liberals.
For the nervous only, this is the 444 "masterpiece"https://youtu.be/e6B6_BNBRj0

The majority of the video (about 60%) consists of opinions, emotionally based and unsubstantiated, non-specific statements. We will not react to these either, because there is nothing to do. In some cases, statements made 20 years ago are contrasted with extraordinary measures taken due to an unexpected epidemic situation, and the compilation of trained pseudo-news producers is full of similar “subtleties”. For example, 20 years ago, educational and health care institutions were maintained by the local government, the Gyurcsánys closed them continuously, they are currently under a central budget and control, and the state is constantly developing both areas. We refute the specific issues raised in the video in points.

! ️1. Diósgyőr Castle: It is a lie that the government withdrew the grant agreement.

The reality, on the other hand, is that Pál Veres, the mayor of Miskolc, was unable to sign the contract for more than half a year. As Paul Veres' chair warmed up, he began to shatter his plans! In the hope of the concert, the new city management wanted to make more and more technical changes in the plans! And the government even accepted that. There was a significant delay, but on February 20 this year, the government gave Paul Veres and his team a chance to sign a valid contract with the contractor. Compared to this, Pál Veres was unable to decide and sign the related construction contract for another two months. If you sign, today Miskolc is 1.5 billion forints richer

Our full article on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/908/Valotlansagokat_allit_Veres_Pal_a_Diosgyori_var_15_milliard_forintot_erinto_forraselvonasarol

! ️2. Business tax: It is a lie that the government takes away the business tax, and it is especially a lie to say this in general, for all municipalities. The reality is that no one takes anything.
What is it about:
According to a bill, the government can declare investments that create at least HUF 5 billion in costs, create and maintain costs, to be a special economic zone. What is the purpose of the government? Protect jobs - no more, no less. In the case of Göd, the money will not be taken by anyone, the money will be transferred to the County Assembly and will be used locally in close cooperation with the mayors. It’s not going to be true to steal, and that’s a big problem for them. If there is a special economic zone in several places, the government will not take anything there either, the government will give billions for job creation, which will create many new jobs (as it has been 850,000 since 2010), and will become a solvent population that spends money locally. strengthen the economy of the given city or region.
In Göd, the problem is not the designation of the Samsung factory as a special economic zone, but the quarrel between the left-liberals. The Government did not want to take more than 4,000 employees of the Samsung plant hostage to this.

Our full articles on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1019/Sir_a_baloldal_es_a_fakenews_mediajuk_mert_nem_tudjak_ELLOPNI_az_emberek_penzet

! ️3. Car Tax: It is a lie that this is a significant deduction, and also that it is “sending municipalities to the floor” The reality is that the government spends 20% of GDP on epidemic management and everyone takes their share of the burden. The government asked only 1.13% of their revenues from local governments. There were far more outages than this for workers, companies, entrepreneurs, state-owned companies, and the state itself. The government has always helped local governments, for example, in 2013 it took over HUF 1,200 billion in debt from them, now it has asked for only HUF 34 billion in return. More than 2,000 billion worth of developments have been implemented in Budapest alone, a significant part of which also brings new revenues to the city.
Municipalities will get back 3.4 times the $ 34 billion “sarc” next year.

Our full articles on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/718/Balliberalis_polgarmesterek_alairasgyujtese

! ️4. Parking: It is a lie that the government takes the parking money. The reality is that parking has been made free by the government for a temporary period (which is long over anyway) as a measure of the epidemic situation. While, for example, Gergely Karácsony reduced the number of flights and crowded people on buses, the Government made a responsible decision and made parking free for the time necessary for those who want and know to be able to drive, because the most important thing is the lives of Hungarians. Left-liberals have always used parking companies as a payment point, Gergely Karácsony's parking company in Zugló was the only loss-making parking company in Tarlós's time. Not knowing where the money was put. As Mayor Karácsony, the price of parking has been raised by 30%, idiots and unnecessary bike lanes have been designated, and everything is being done to make the lives of motorists impossible.

Our full articles on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1340/Minel_nagyobb_a_baj_a_baloldal_annal_jobban_lehuzza_az_embereket

! ️5. The bill of Zsolt Semjén: This was not adopted, and even withdrawn, precisely so that there would be no screaming, but it became screaming nonetheless. We wrote an article about this earlier because we anticipated that it would still be needed. In particular, this is proposal T / 9934, which has already been withdrawn by the governing parties in the name of cooperation. It is worth writing a few words about this because the left will certainly not forget this proposal.
Under the proposal, mayors who sabotage government action in an emergency or cause direct panic among the residents of the settlement they run would not have had more opportunities to do so. Let us remember the outbreak of the MSZP mayor of Mohács, who arbitrarily took over the powers of the operational tribe and declared Mohács the focal point of the epidemic, quarantined the city and ordered a curfew. By doing so, he exceeded his authority, and even luckily, in his great effort, he did not order the right of pallos and the right of the first night.
What was the problem with the opposition with this bill?
Their main problem was that if the law had been passed, the mayors would not have been able to make a decision in one person, but would have had to discuss their decisions with the Defense Committee for the physical integrity of us all.

Our full article on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/672/A_polgarmesterek_dontesi_joga_koruli_nyugtalankodasrol_avagy_a_balliberalisok_altal_oly_sokat_emlegetett_fekek_es_ellensulyok_rendszererol

! ️6. Göd again: A larger dose of “crying” follows: (dust, noise, road condition, “Göd’s will”, etc.): we can’t say anything about the mayor’s anti-factory and anti-workplace statements: this is the Hungarian left! The factory employs 4,300 people, if that’s not the case, we don’t know what the 444 journalist means by “Gödian interest”. All factors (dust, noise, road, etc.) are below the environmental limits, and revenues from the factory will also be spent locally, including for road development. It is not the Government that stops the developments, but the result of the Göd left-liberal march is the resetting of the developments. The mayor abused his special authority given by the emergency and used it to, for example, enter into an independent consultancy contract with Iglu Ltp Kft. He did so despite the fact that the majority of the municipal council also opposed the agreement and the finance committee did not decide on the proposal. According to our information, Balogh's decision was confirmed by a member of the external committee of Momentum, who is a personal acquaintance of Lucsik.

Our full articles on the topic:

! ️7. “Samsung Factory Not Informed” - We listened to this twice because we didn’t want to believe our ears that this 444 lies, thousands of people believe it. If he had not been informed, he would obviously not have come here and, above all, would not have started the development of the second phase of the factory.

Our full article on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/823/God_-_kulonleges_gazdasagi_ovezet

! ️8. “Compensating residents” - we don’t know how to compensate residents, but we think 4,300 jobs is just enough compensation. Some say that foreigners work in the factory, and this may be partly true, but there is a bit of a bump: Hungarian law says that a foreign worker can only be hired if there is no suitable Hungarian candidate for the position, so all Hungarian workers who wants to work in the factory can work there. Perhaps Gergely Karácsony, László Csőzik, Péter Niedermüller or Botka could show how they “compensate” the residents for a factory.

! ️9. Revenues of cities have decreased: Bravo! Everyone's has fallen: the state's revenue has fallen, the revenue of state-owned companies has fallen, companies', private entrepreneurs, shops, gas stations, highways have fallen, and virtually everyone's revenue has fallen. Revenues from tourism and the hospitality industry have zeroed in, do left-wing municipalities want to profit from the situation? Even though their revenues and budgets have been growing year by year, are they unwilling to take their share of the burden? We are no longer surprised by this, but when we see such a “scream” we react to it. Using the example of Budapest, we show in the following articles how unscrupulous they lie. They are the ones who take the money from the Fidesz districts, Tarlós did not do that. Tarlós' last budget was 385 billion forints, Karácsony this year's budget is 415 billion, and next year's 425 billion. What are you talking about?

Our full article on the topic:

! ️10: The cost of defense: The left would also pay for this with the government, while for example Csaba Czeglédy has 36 million, but they do not have 35 million for defense. The epidemic not only meant new expenditures, but also significant savings. In the following article, we show what this is all about using the example of Újpest. for example
* declining energy bills
* redundancies in the SZTK
* savings due to the suspension of nursery and kindergarten care
* costs saved for missed programs
* savings of cultural institutions that suspend their operation
In the case of Újpest, this is 100 million, which covers roughly three times the cost of the defense.

Our full article on the topic:

! ️11: VIII.-IX. "abstract billions" of districts: Lying, no one was away.

Pikó, District VIII: Chronology.
District 1 billion road:
April 2019: Sarah Botond asks.
June 2019: Máté Kocsis kilobbizza at the government.
July 2019: the parliament votes (Antal Csárdi votes “NO”!)
October 2019: Pico becomes mayor.
In 2020, the money will be available.
February 13-March 23, 2020: Pico has no idea what to do -> doesn't call for money, while other cities do.
March 23, 2020: The government blocks money as an unused resource due to the epidemic.
Since then: András Pikó, instead of seeing himself as a bastard, is constantly lying and blaming others.

Our full article on the topic:

IX. district Baranyi 400 million.
Krisztina Baranyi did not need the HUF 400 million grant, and then accused the government of not giving this money.

After Krisztina Baranyi attacked the government by "taking 400 million forints" from Ferencváros, at the sitting of the parliament on May 18, 2020, it turned out to be a complete lie. Tibor Pogácsás, State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, said in a parliamentary briefing, Baranyi requested in a letter to the Ministry that the development should not take place. Hypocritical political communication in the IX. from the left mayor of the district, the same thing happened as with András Pikó in Józsefváros.
"They took 400 million forints from Ferencváros. This is the amount of the Hungarian budget that is intended for the renovation of the community house, which was completely destroyed. It is missing to fight the epidemic. " - at the end of April, Krisztina Baranyi informed her followers with this entry intended for dramas that the district she ruled had again lost serious development funds, according to her, due to the government. However, Péter Juhász's Former Representative did not reveal every detail of the truth: someone was really to blame for the loss to the part of the city, and she is called Krisztina Baranyi.
Máté Kocsis: Tasteless Baranyi
Máté Kocsis reacted to the latest developments on the community page. "In connection with the József Attila housing estate community house, Krisztina Baranyi herself requested in a letter that this investment should not be realized," the Fidesz faction leader explained in the National Assembly, according to which
the mayor of Ferencváros himself requested that the investment not take place.
Kocsis assessed Baranyi's behavior in the matter as tasteless. "To put it mildly, it's tasteless to blame others (mainly the government and me) for failing to renovate two months after that." The rubble remains, "he wrote on his community page, pretending to be disappointed. it catches up later. " he said.


! ️12: The room for maneuver of local governments is decreasing: Very interesting! No Fidesz municipality is crying, even though they are burdened by exactly the same “tribes”. They solve it, beautifully, quietly, cleverly. The left is lying so much in this area that even existing developments with already available resources, possibly in the construction phase, are stopped, and this was not started at the time of the epidemic, but before that, even though there is money - no expertise. They spend the money on their buddies, they just take it away from the cities, the residents, raise taxes and introduce new tributes. Let's look at some examples.


More Articles ahttps://szamokadatok.hu/on our site where we present the reality against left-liberal sham propaganda!

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The misfortune of mature Márki-Zay: the new library will not be built in Vásárhely!

Hódmezővásárhely lost billions due to Márki-Zay (official document)

The misfortune of mature Márki-Zay: the new library will not be built in Vásárhely!

! ️Hódmezővásárhely lost 5,000,000,000 forints due to the failure of the construction of the knowledge center and library due to Mayor Péter Márki-Zay (All Hungary Movement - Association for Clean Fairgrounds), said Tamás Cseri (Fidesz-KDNP) local government representative in the Great Plain on Thursday.

The politician said in a press conference that the lack of development is a very good example of “where political circusing leads”. Péter Márki-Zay “does not want to build the city, but his own political career,” “he is primarily concerned with how he can push himself on the field in the opposition scramble,” he said.

The MP recalled that in May 2017, the former city administration agreed with the government to support the construction of the new library and knowledge center for almost HUF 5 billion under the Modern Cities program. In accordance with the needs of the population, four suitable downtown locations were also selected, and then an international design competition was announced, which was successfully completed in the spring of 2018.

Péter Márki-Zay had one of the campaign promises in the by-elections, the library will not be realized at the planned location in Kossuth Square, and in the autumn of 2018, after an internet vote, another downtown plot was chosen. After that, nothing happened for more than a year, and earlier this year, the mayor announced, but not there, but in a location farther from the center, that the library would be built, so the planning process had to start again from scratch.

The government did not allow the grant deed to be extended after the start of the investment was postponed for years and the municipality requested another amendment to the agreement. The city has to repay the subsidies previously paid, the MP said.

Tamás Cseri also mentioned that the construction of an underground garage was also part of the project, which would have solved the parking problem in the city center.

The politician stressed that after the municipality broke the contracts and did not start the investment, other projects planned under the Modern Cities program, such as the extension of the rural cycle path network for more than 100 kilometers and the expansion of several schools, were also jeopardized.

Due to the two-year imperfection and political circus of Péter Márki-Zay and the new city administration, Hódmezővásárhely can say goodbye to billions more: now the implementation of the new library and knowledge center has failed, the city has fallen billions. We ask the question: what else can come?

Under the Modern Cities Program, the government undertook to support the construction of a new library and knowledge center for HUF 5 billion in May 2017. The then Fidesz city administration already had concrete plans for a large-scale and important development on a Kossuth Square site. However, Péter Márki-Zay wanted to implement the investment in a new location, so he practically shut down the Kossuth Square project. Since then, after about two and a half years, we are already at the third location, where we have to start the planning process again from scratch. Given that the investment had not even started for years, the government no longer supported another aid modification. As a result of the two-and-a-half-year activity of Péter Márki-Zay, Hódmezővásárhely failed to support the library and knowledge center. The city has lost billions. In addition, according to a government letter posted by the mayor, the ugly failure is exacerbated by the fact that the municipality must also repay the subsidy amounts not used by 31 March 2019.

Let’s just say: this is certainly one hundred percent the result of the mayor’s “activities,” as he also turned the new library into a political circus and campaign. He voted the people of Vásárhely about new locations, while he should have been working towards implementation for a long time.

It is also instructive that the General Assembly voted in favor of the venue in Hódtó despite the fact that two thirds of the residents took part in the city consultation organized last summer at the expense of 12-14 Zrínyi Street. he cast his vote on his empty plot. Extremely many people, rightly and understandably, were also disappointed by this, as the meaning and real intention of the consultation was questioned. After all, even the website of Hódmezővásárhely announced the final result with the headline "I want the library on Zrínyi Street". Sensing this, the mayor tried to explain his certificate in such a way that the purpose of asking the opinion of the population was to select the best three of the nearly a dozen possible areas. Based on the proposal of the chief architect, the general assembly made the final decision in Hódtó.

To top it off, it also happened in January this year, and since then, no information has come to light about what happened in connection with the investment.

So while the previous city administration had plans ready, he got nowhere in two and a half years. Our portal also indicated months ago that a new design tender is needed due to the change of location, and we have warned that the mayor and the city administration will linger as long as the investment can go on.

And the Ministry of Human Resources has indicated, as expected, that since the investment has not been launched since 2017, it will no longer be able to support inaction.

And now, as far as possible, let's try to think coldly about what happened: if the new library and knowledge center had become such a sudden fog, what billion-dollar projects could still float due to perpetual squabbling and political sentiment?


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The Gyurcsánys received a HUF 2,000 million dividend from their company, while they did not sacrifice a stinking iron for epidemiological control.

The Gyurcsánys received a HUF 2,000 million dividend from their company, while they did not sacrifice a stinking iron for epidemiological control.

Liberal false news propagandaists are lying and lying with lies made about Lőrinc Mészáros, while he is so rich who, in addition to employing 25,000 people, even donates regularly. In this article, we have listed 4 well-known donations, including the HUF 1 billion he was among the first to transfer for epidemiological control.

In contrast, the left-wing oligarchs, the Gyurcsány couple, did not donate a penny, quietly collected a HUF 2 billion dividend from their starving company dictated to huge dictatorships in the dictatorship, .

A billionaire prime minister from a robbery privatizer


If you are a red baron, then Ferenc Gyurcsány. The wealth of the former prime minister is a sharp observation of how the young communists gained dizzying fortunes after the regime change. Crime-bound transactions, buddies and, of course, a wife whose mother meant an entry card among the top left billionaires. An interesting refraction is that while Gyurcsány constantly mentions Fidesz oligarchs, in the last four years alone he has received a total of more than two billion forints in dividends from Altus alone.

The first pillar of Ferenc Gyurcsány's company empire is his first company, Altus Investment and Asset Management Company, which he founded on November 10, 1992. Gyurcsány founded Altus, which started with a share capital of ten million forints, on paper with an acquaintance of KISZ, he himself was a sixty-percent owner, and Attila Molnár a forty percent owner. Gyurcsány provided the initial capital to Altus from the dowry of his then wife, from the price of a family house near Pécs.

Ádám Szilas helped Gyurcsány to enter the entrepreneurial career by securing the headquarters (Szent István körút 11.), and Szilas's wife, Ilona Tatai, with her sectoral expertise acquired in late socialism - similarly to György Jagiellowicz, who later played an important role in Altus. Both Jagiellowicz and Ilona Tatai worked under the leadership of the Taurus Rubber Company. According to the book of József Debreczeni (The new Prime Minister), Attila Molnár was the stroma of Ilona Tatai in the Altus of Gyurcsány from the very beginning. According to Debreczeni, all this was necessary because the name of Ilona Tatai, who appeared as a member of the Political Committee of the Hungarian Socialist People's Party, would have sounded bad in the business world of the years after the change of regime. Initially, in the first months, the company only dealt with consulting, but later the owners turned their attention to privatization. Then, in 1994, Ilona Tatai became a member of the Board of Directors of Altus, and Györgyn Jagiellowicz became the President and CEO of Fortus Rt., Established by Altus, and in the 2000s he also managed Altus. Attila Molnár was finally bought out of Altus by Gyurcsány in 1998.

Altus in action
In December 1993, Ferenc Altus Rt. Of Gyurcsány acquired its first privatization prey, Gép- és Technológiaszerelő Rt. Gyurcsány worked in the usual way at that time: he bought 51 percent of the company, covered the deductible from a compensation ticket, and took out an existence and bank loan for this. According to Gyurcsány, the acquisition of the company eventually resulted in only a loss, so in 1995 the economic activity was terminated and the workers were laid off. Altus bought on credit again in 1994, this time with Béta-Roll Hengergumizó Kft.

Marriage, politics
A very important thing happened in Gyurcsány's life in 1994: he married Klara Dobrev.

After the wedding, events unfolded, which were obviously not independent of the fact that Dobrev's mother was the Little Piroska, who also served as Prime Minister Gyula Horn's chief of staff during this period. Altus' share capital was tripled by the company's shareholders in 1995, and the company's own assets increased sevenfold.

Gyurcsány's two much-disputed real estate cases, the purchase of real estate on Szalay Street and in Balatonőszöd, were also indirectly connected to Altus Rt., As Altus's company, Aldo Kft., Acquired the two properties in January 1994 concluding agreements with the Hungarian state, in particular with the Office of the Prime Minister representing it. It is worth recalling how the sale and purchase took place, as the details of the transaction paint a clear picture of the methods that led to Gyurcsány's enrichment.

"Once I tell you this at the club"
The 319 square meter showroom, located on the lower level of the building at Szalay utca 4, was acquired in May 1994 by one of Ferenc Gyurcsány's companies, Aldo, under a leasing contract. Aldo should have paid a total of HUF 13 million in installments, but in January 1995 it sold its purchase right to another company in Gyurcsány, Altus Rt., Which bought the property with an advance payment of HUF 11 million and then turned it into a representative club. Three months later, one of the economic companies of the chancellery, Közlöny- és Lapkiadó Kft., And from 2000 Human Jövő 2000 Kht., Repurchased it for 1.1 million forints a month, and even renovated it for about one hundred million forints.

The rent in 2003 was almost HUF 14 million, ie the rent for one year was higher than the amount for which the Office of the Prime Minister (MeH) had previously sold the property to Gyurcsány. Thus, Gyurcsány did well, but the same cannot be said about the gazette publisher, which according to the contract even had to carry out the interior design work of the club: it cost about 122 million forints. (Altus paid only ten million of this.) In addition, Altus received 28 percent of the proceeds from the operation of the Members' Club and the membership fee throughout.

Resort for free
Gyurcsány obtained the government resort of Balatonőszöd in a similar way. What made the whole deal particularly spicy was that

The Gyurcsánys leased the property for HUF 2.5 million a year, but - that they did not - the later prime minister leased the building to a state holiday company for just such an amount. This meant that the Gyurcsánys had virtually nothing to pay for the property.

Also in 1995, in November, Altus privatized the Magyaróvár Alumina Factory and Műkorund Rt. (Motim), which employs 1,400 people, and in December, the Perfekt Pénzügyi Szakoktató és Kiadó Rt. Piroska Apró, Chairman of the Board of Hitelbank Rt. (MHB), disbursed the loan to Altus for the purchase of Motim. It is a contradictory fact that while the DK has been demanding lower energy prices on the basis of need, there was no such program during Gyurcsány's rule. An exception to this was the Prime Minister's company, Motim, which, together with some other large consumers, could buy electricity at a price lower than the "in principle" lowest domestic price at an official auction, which could be considered wholesale. Meanwhile, household electricity prices doubled during the eight-year period of left-wing rule.

In 1997, Little Piroska became the Chairman of the Board of Altus. Already in the second half of the Horn government's term, Gyurcsány received a number of consulting assignments called Altus Consulting, primarily from the background institutions of the Ministry of the Environment and Regional Development, where György Szilvásy worked as Secretary of State at the time.

Fortus is on track
Let's turn back to 1995, as this year began one of the most interesting and darkest periods of Gyurcsány's company development, in which Energol Rt., Famous for Tamás Portik, appears. But let's move on from the beginning: Altus and Magyar Villamos Művek (MVM) He founded a joint venture called Fortus. The former owned 45 percent and the latter 55 percent. Altus entered the business with nine million forints in cash, and MVM, which was then advised by Piróka Apró, wanted to contribute the fuel oil reservoirs of the Dunamenti Thermal Power Plant to the company. The plan was pushed through by the State Audit Office. Incidentally, the reservoirs were established by the state a little earlier from four billion forints of public money, for which it borrowed from the Hungarian Development Bank. MVM argued that the operation of the oil storage facilities was a problem for it, so a partner had to be found for the operation. This partner became Fortus Rt.

However, the transactions here are not over yet. MVM made another generous gesture. Namely, the company's memorandum of association granted a five percent dividend and voting preference to Altus, which originally had a minority stake. It increases the number of question marks: why did MVM need a company through which it handles oil supplies for itself? Fortus reported that forty thousand tons of fuel oil were sold to power plants in 1996 alone.

Gyurcsányék anyway

László Sáska, Mol's former commercial director, has been certified for Fortus. He was later nearly executed when a businessman unknown in his car fired several shots at a man still unknown to him.

Oil business with heavy boys
What makes the events even more mysterious is the fact that the founding document of the Cypriot offshore company Dryden Enterprises Limited, which emerges as the owner of Fortus, was found during an August 1997 house search with his wife, István Dékány, one of the leaders of the oil mafia. It is a question of how Gyurcsány's sensitive company letter could have reached the people of Energolos.

As is well known, the Energol lawsuit revealed that Energol also procured serious oil shipments through Fortus. Fortus defended itself during the criminal proceedings by unknowingly participating in the transactions only through paper, fake invoices. And if we go to the Energol case again, we cannot go without saying that before the scandal broke out, on April 21, 1997, Ferenc Gyurcsány and György Jagiellowicz fled Fortus, the later prime minister resigned from the supervisory board, and the businesswoman resigned as chairman. resign. It is also a fact that Fortus had a business relationship with another large oil company, ETL Rt., Which has a background in MSZP and was known to be Energol's main supplier. The ETL supervisory board in 1996, the year of the most profitable oil derivative has been known in the Socialists' main energy expert Imre Karl and Erika Szucs, then a member of the Socialist Caucus of the country as well. Szucs currently plays Gyurcsany's party, the Democratic Coalition.

Head for the Balkans!
Returning to Altus:

the company produced a stable annual profit after tax of about one hundred million forints in the 2000s.

The company was managed by Klára Dobrev in the year of Gyurcsány's departure as prime minister, from 2009. Altus Zrt. Founded the BudaShen Sino-Hungarian trading house and established Altus-ConsAlt Kft., Which broke into international laurels: it offers and offers consulting services to Eastern and Central European governments, local governments, private interests and non-profit organizations. In November 2011, Ferenc Gyurcsány founded a company offering mobile payment solutions with János Kóka, called Cellum Bulgaria AD. In Albania, organized by Altus-ConsAlt, the Central European Investment Services Kft.

The governments of Macedonia (now northern Macedonia), Montenegro, Serbia, and Bulgaria have employed the Altus staff to effectively spend catching-up resources.

From April 2010 to the autumn of 2013, the Gyurcsány group of companies participated in almost forty Balkan projects involving the public sector.

The reference list includes mandates such as the Plovdiv Urban Development Strategy in Bulgaria or the preparation of Roma NGOs in the Western Balkans to draw on international funding. In the latter case, György Soros's Open Society Foundations commissioned Gyurcsány's consulting company.

The consortium led by Altus also won an EU public procurement of about one and a half billion forints in 2015, according to which data and studies on the cohesion policy of the EU budget period 2014-2020 will be collected. Not long after, Ferenc Gyurcsány's company was able to examine the Polish development policy for roughly 400 thousand euros, at today's exchange rate for more than 140 million forints.

By the way, Ferenc Gyurcsány has received more than two billion forints in dividends from Altus alone in the last four years. So the “success story” continues.


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