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If the left comes to power, the family tax credit will be abolished!

Once it has been canceled, a second time it will be done

If the left comes to power, the family tax credit will be abolished!

In the time of left-wing governments, the employer paid more and the employee took home less. The numbers speak for themselves! We are now refuting several false news and mantras circulating for a decade now with a single article. Left-liberal false news propaganda will not like this very much, but the point for us is that with concrete examples, numbers, data, pictures and authentic citations we refute what no one has ever refuted before, the lies have been allowed to spread. Let's cut into it!

Fake news:
"Orban does not help the childless"
"Orbán does not help employers"
"Orbán extends half of our salary"
"Everything is expensive"
"Orban only helps his oligarchs"
"Orbán only spends on stadiums, not on wages, hospitals"
The reality:
Let’s line up these statements, we’ll link additional full articles to each statement, and we’ll even support with a video why we support the current direction and knowing their plans, why we don’t support the left. No one should doubt that if they come to power, EVERYONE will pay again:

1. "Orban does not help the childless" - LIE!
As you can see in the statement below, the net pay of childless people has also increased, not by much! From the same wage (we calculated an average wage of HUF 400,000, but everyone can recalculate it with their own wage) In Orbán's tax system, the employee takes home HUF 52,500 more than in Gyurcsány's tax system, so the net wage increased by 24.6% even in the case of children. The numbers can be checked by anyone:
Payroll Calculator 2021:https://nettober.com/index.php?p=berkalk20210101
Payroll Calculator 2008:https://nettober.com/index.php?p=berkalk20080101
In addition, the cost of overheads has been reduced for the childless, they also use the results of the developments (details in point 6), they can also enjoy free education, developing health care, free public administration, and above all they can benefit from starting a family. from the elements of our family support system, accessing a 60 million house at half price, or a 30 million property almost completely free of charge. 850,000 new jobs have been created, so unemployment is no problem for the childless and they too can experience improved public safety.

2. "Orbán does not help employers" - LIE!
Orbán has been helping employers for 10 years, and now, due to the crisis, he is supporting them with additional benefits (eg halving the business tax, job-creating wage subsidies, job-protection wage subsidies, tax breaks, credit moratorium, etc.) But let's look at regular spending, wage payments! how much did it cost to pay the 400 thousand forint salary in Gyurcsány's tax system, and how much does it cost now? We know that the one who is looking for 400 thousand today earned half of it in the time of Gyurcsány, but we used the same amount to sense the measure.
Well, the reality is that the salary of 400 thousand forints cost the employer 535,950 forints in Gyurcsány's time, and today they have to spend 468,000 forints for this purpose. This saves employers HUF 67,950 per month per employee. This represents a 14.5 percent reduction in wage expenditures. More articles:
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2618/Vilagosan_es_erthetoen_foggyalott_Orban_Balazs_az_iparuzesi_adoval_k thoseatos

3. "Orbán takes down half of our salary" - LIE!
In Gyurcsány's tax system, net wages were much lower, the childless took home 53.7 percent of their gross, and today 66.5 percent, it follows that Orbán deducts much less tax than Gyurcsány, more remains in the pockets of the childless. and the net salary of employees raising children increased significantly due to the previously non-existent tax tax (or only HUF 10,000 for large families)!
Anyone with any pay can see the extent of the "downgrade" now and in 2008. if you do not like the 400 thousand salary, you can count on anything.
Payroll Calculator 2021:https://nettober.com/index.php?p=berkalk20210101
Payroll Calculator 2008:https://nettober.com/index.php?p=berkalk20080101

4. "Everything is expensive" - ​​LIE!
Although we do not dispute that the price of certain products has increased due to inflation, at the same time we note that the Gyurcsánys' inflation was 42.2 percent in 8 years, while Orbán's was 10 percent in 10 years. As the average wage has increased from HUF 202,525 to HUF 397,400 since 2010 and the minimum wage has increased from HUF 73,500 to HUF 161,000, it can be seen that real wages have also increased. In net terms, the childless minimum wage changed from HUF 56,190 to HUF 107,065 compared to 2008, and the net average wage increased from HUF 121,821 to HUF 264,271. Today, we can take a lot more from our wages, as we will show with concrete examples
Prices: (the article below the link contains articles about other products!)https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3375/A_liszt_ara_Es_meg_sok_minden_mase_Linkek_a_cikk_vegen
The textbook is free:
Reduced overhead price:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3373/Rezsicsokkentes_-_ime_a_valodi_szamok
Free public administration:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2659/Dragulas_helyett_csokkeno_kiadasidega_indult_az_ev
Family support - full list:

5. "Orbán only helps his oligarchs" - LIE!
On the one hand, Mészáros won only 6.8 percent of public procurement, and on the other hand, this constant side-talk is also about the left wanting to steer public discourse in the wrong direction when it comes to living better.
It is not true that Orbán does not help, because everyone's salary, pension, esteem has increased, everyone enjoys new doctor's offices, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, roads, parks, renewable public transport, improved public safety, all the benefits of a developing country!

6. "Orbán only spends on stadiums, not on wages, hospitals" - LIE!
The part of the thing about wages has been explained above, let the stadiums come. We refute this with noble simplicity with a video showing the development of hospitals, educational institutions, settlement development, public transport, the military, green spaces, the energy industry, flood protection, public buildings and monumental buildings!

More articles:
We will elect in 2022. Part 1
We will elect in 2022. Part 2
We have something to be proud of! The biggest results of Fidesz since 2010!
Thus, the government “does not help” retirees
Thus, the government “does not help” Hungarian families!
Thus, the government “does not improve” health care!

Acknowledgments from abroad
Rétvári: we have saved more than a million families from losing their homes!
Median wage then and now
10 YEARS OF CIVIL GOVERNANCE: 28 topics in one
Crisis management then and now:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2543/Valsagkezeles_regen_es_most_-_lista
We have created the largest home-building and family support system of all time:
Unemployment: well below the EU average:
Additional economic protection measures:
Since 2010, the government has saved the homes of one million families:
Due to the left, the government is forced to introduce a tax increase stop:
Change of attitude:

If there is work, everything is:

At the European level, housing costs are low in Hungary
Repurchase of energy sector:
Electricity and gas prices
This is how the left was ruined and indebted to Hungary by the left.
The left would distribute free money to those who avoid work:
Taxes are being raised locally by the left, so government intervention was needed.
The more people who work, the less crime there is and the more capacity they have to detect a particular crime, which has also improved the rate of detection.
The state does not tame family wealth
Our gold reserves at a record level!
Hungary's gold reserves increased thirty times from the 2010 level to 94.5 tons!
Credit moratorium and further crisis management facilitations now and austerity in the time of the left government:
Hungary is the second largest tax cutter:
Balance at the beginning of the school year:

The tax burden on Hungarian workers is the fourth lowest in all of Europe:
Tax cuts instead of restrictions:

PIT rate:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/171/Szamok_-_a_szemelyi_jovedelemado
The price of gas is 28, the price of electricity is the cheapest in Hungary in the EU for 12 months.
Saving nearly 600,000 forints for an average family by reducing overheads. (And we don't even think how much more we would have paid if libs had steered in the last 10 years ...)
The traitorous DK demands an increase in overhead prices in Brussels!
More children are born:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2386/Tobb_gyermek_szuletet_iden_mint_egy_eve
The number of marriages is increasing, the number of divorces and abortions is decreasing.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2271/A_magyar_tarsadalom_lassan_de_biztosan_gyogyul_az_utobbi_10_evben
Economic bleaching:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2144/Gazdasagfeherites
Poverty has fallen by a third!

The number of passenger cars in circulation in Hungary has increased by 936,736 since 2010 and by 108,786 in the last year!
We are past a decade of demographic change!

Gyes, gyed, gyet - Expiring permissions are being extended!
The warmth of home: we were army drivers, we are performing much better than the EU average now!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2670/Az_otthon_melege_sereghajtok_voltunk_az_E__U_atlaganal_sokra_jobban_teljesitunk_ present
This is how the purchase value of wages has changed over the last 30 years!
The Hungarian population set aside billions in 2020!

Overhead reduction - here are the real numbers

Facts: We are twice as rich as in Gyurcsány's time
Hungarian workers pay the fourth lowest tax in the European Union
Significantly more money remains in people's pockets due to overhead cuts, tax cuts and steadily rising wages since 2010
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2707/M mind_maradt_a_rezsi_kifizetese_utan_most_es_2010
In the great dictatorship, the number of people living in overcrowded housing fell from 47 percent to 20 percent
Fees for public services and administration have decreased significantly
Wages, net, gross, labor costs.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2671/Ha_Gyurcsanyekat_tamogatod_nem_Orbannal_tolsz_ki_hanem_magaddal

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We have been cleaning the ruins left behind by the left for 11 years!

Fidesz solves the problems caused by the left

We have been cleaning the ruins left behind by the left for 11 years!

Here are some of the many examples
1. OPNI: closed in 2007. The building will be renovated to become an international school.
2. Budagyöngye Hospital: closed in 2007. The building will be renovated and will become a nursing home.
3. Szolnok Lung Hospital: closed in 2008. The building was demolished, and the Ormos Imre park was opened on its site
4. Heim Pál Hospital in Veszprém: closed in 1995. The building will be renovated and become a cultural center
5. Hatvan Hospital: he was laid off, handed over to his buddy Hospinvest in 2006. The building has been renovated and is again state-owned.
6. Görgey Artúr Primary School, Csepel: closed in 2003. The building was demolished and a wonderfully beautiful park opened in its place.

EBut we can also give many other examples!
Here is our video showing dozens of similar rebirths!
Modern Cities Program - Tatabánya. A grammar school is born from the former Mining Hospital!
Corvinus Campus Székesfehérvár. It is a symbolic example of the indifference of the left, the governance of a thief and the excellent nation-building activities of Fidesz.
Health House, Szokolya. There are two directions and we decide which one to choose
A unique Neo-Renaissance castle was renovated in Pest County for 4.5 billion forints.
Mathias Corvinus Collegium creates real value! In addition to education, listed buildings are also being renovated!
The Diósgyőr Castle will be renewed from 13 billion forints!
Dömsöd, Health House. "Bleeding! Health in ruins! Scratching! Butcher," etc. shouts the opposition! In the meantime, we need to clean up the ruins right after them
We made a collection on the occasion of World Heritage Day
Instead of words - Renovation of the hermit Kamalduli hermitage! The latest work of the National Castle Program and the National Castle Program!
The exterior renovation and decorative lighting of the festive Festetics castle have been completed. The castle will be open to the public, so contrary to false news, it was not renewed for "Orban", but for everyone.
Our past, present: many castles and chateaux are reborn again
"Educational Healthcare Professionals" - Attention! Patient care is already underway in the new wing of the Buda Mercy Hospital. The old, listed building is being renovated for 21 billion forints!
The Western Railway Station will be renewed! The building is completely renovated, the roof structure is already completed. The cost of the complete renovation is almost 10 billion forints!
Train station, bus station, Dorog.
For the first time in 68 years, a new railway section will be built over the Danube in Budapest! The old bridge will also be completely renovated.
"Bleeding" of Budapest

The line is endless ....

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Health care reform means something different to both sides

Health care reform means something different to both sides

To the left, downsizing, closing, withdrawing, and knocking out friendly companies.
🟢Fidesz, the continuous development, salary increases, increasing the number of doctors and nurses, stabilizing the system.

👉Health care reform in Gyurcsány style:
Hospitals for sale
Closure of hospitals
Freezing wages
Deduction of a monthly salary
Dismissal of doctors, nurses
Elimination of 16,000 active beds
Introduction of visitation fee, daily allowance
Closure of nursing homes
Subtraction of 600 billion
Safes ...

👉Health reform in Orbán style:
🟢Wage increase
🟢Renovation of hospitals
🟢Construction of new hospitals
🟢Evaluation of doctors, nurses
🟢Historical-scale medical wage increases
🟢Cancellation of visitor's fee, daily allowance by referendum
🟢Construction of South Buda Central Hospital
🟢Provide an additional € 1,700 billion
🟢Building a stable, crisis-resistant system
🟢Renovation of sister hostels
(There are sources for each statement at the end of the article!)

👉Speak pictures instead of words: The first 6.5 minutes is all about improving health!
We choose in választ2022!
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Orbán will be able to pay the overhead, the loan, the other costs, but you're not sure!

It is a huge resource for health care

The health care budget will increase significantly next year. The framework also includes coverage for wage settlements, and there are plenty of resources for improvements. The epidemic pointed out that medical devices are key, and Hungary strives for self-sufficiency in their production.

According to the draft budget for next year, in 2022 HUF 2884 billion will be allocated to health care. This is HUF 769 billion more than this year's amount. If we look back until 2010, the difference is HUF 1,689 billion. The 2022 budget also includes coverage for wage increases.

Thanks to the wage settlement that has begun, medical salaries will increase by an average of two and a half times in two years. The salaries of health professionals will also rise, by 2022 a nurse will earn an average of two and a half times as much as she received before 2016.

The state will spend almost HUF 460 billion on health care wage increase programs launched in 2021 next year.

The budget also takes into account investments in the health industry. The coronavirus has pointed out the need to prepare for pandemics. Therefore, institutions capable of caring for a large number of patients, where even the most severe patients are treated during a pandemic and where cases of suspected infection requiring other emergency interventions are treated, will be further strengthened. To this end, central hospitals and infectious disease facilities will be developed and epidemiological hospitals with special needs will have to be set up. All areas of the country are affected by modernizations, which include the acquisition of equipment as well as the construction of new ambulance stations and the renovation of existing ones.

The role of both health industry developments and research has been enhanced by the emergence of the coronavirus. The Health Industry Support Program helps the development of Hungarian enterprises with a budget of fifty billion forints. The goal is to be self-sufficient in the manufacture of medical devices. The Ministry of Finance has previously identified health product areas whose availability is of strategic importance, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). In August 2020, the Ministry announced the first round of the support program with a budget of fifty billion forints. In one week, more than forty companies submitted support applications in the amount of about sixty billion forints, for the implementation of a large project worth a total of seventy billion forints.

Most applications included a development plan for the production of masks, disinfectants and raw materials. They have also applied for the production of X-ray and ventilator machines, as well as medicines, according to the convergence program.

Incidentally, the initiative embraced not only the production of end products, but the entire horizontal value chain. This means that aid claims for the production of raw materials, components and packaging have also been accepted. In the first round, the tenders of thirty companies won, which received HUF 33.3 billion in budget funds for investments with a total value of HUF 41.4 billion.

Due to significant interest, the government increased the budget. Thus, the Ministry of Finance reopened the possibility of applying in November 2020 and then in January 2021. In the second and third rounds, another 32 companies won a total of about HUF 35 billion in support for the implementation of investments exceeding HUF 45 billion. With this, the state promoted a productive investment worth almost ninety billion forints out of the HUF 68 billion budget framework of the Health Industry Support Program.

The government has pointed out that rapid capacity building is key. Ten projects from the first round of applications have already been submitted.

With this, extremely important production capacities have been put at the service of the health care, as well as the security of supply of the country, which are capable of producing automatic disinfectants, domestically developed air purification equipment, masks, rubber gloves and medical devices for vaccination.


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The left would re-indebted Hungary!

Nothing new, just the usual!

The left would re-indebted Hungary!

The Gyurcsány-Bajnai couple took out an IMF loan of EUR 20 billion (approximately HUF 6,000 billion), which was paid out by Fidesz and Hungarian taxpayers after 2010!
🟡Now Gergely Karácsony and the left led by Gyurcsány are forcing us to take out an EU loan of HUF 3,500 billion, and I would pay the price of their own incompetence with us again!
🟢In contrast, the Orbán government does not plan to take out the loan, however, the non-refundable subsidy due to us will be used to the last penny to restart the economy!

For those who say EU money is a gift, help or support, they are wrong! No free money! We gave our market for it!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2322/Az_unios_penz_nem_ajandek_a_piacunkat_adtuk_erte

It continues to force Karácsony EU gigabytes

The mayor would insist that Hungary take the thousands of billions of loans immediately. However, with a loan that would reduce indebtedness by seven per cent, the vast majority of Member States do not take the opportunity, nor can they spend what they want.

On Sunday, Mayor Gergely Karácsony presented the alternative plan of the Association of Hungarian Local Governments (MÖSZ) on the use of the EU gigantic loan. In his presentation on Facebook, the co-chair of Dialogue and MÖSZ put it this way: “Hungary misses a historic opportunity” if it misuses the HUF 6,000 billion gigantic loan that the union makes available to the country.

The mayor does not agree with the government that Hungary should only absorb the HUF 2,500 billion non-refundable subsidy from the EU,
in their opinion, the HUF 3,500 billion credit line should also be drawn down, as it is believed that it can be used on much better terms than the cabinet's Chinese or Russian loans.

The mayor could easily spend the gig credit

The mayor explained that 45 per cent of the funds, 2705 billion, would be spent on strengthening “social solidarity”. After that, the second largest amount would be spent on action against climate change, HUF 2,070 billion, in addition, HUF 725 billion will be allocated to strengthen digitalisation and HUF 500 billion to restore the economy. Gergely Karácsony mentioned as an example that more than HUF 1,000 billion would be spent on the improvement of housing conditions, HUF 695 billion on the eradication of child poverty, and HUF 135 billion on the extension of the job search allowance.

The mayor has indicated that their plan will be put into social dialogue and will be happy to discuss it with the government as well.

The left would therefore insist that Hungary take out the thousands of billions of loans immediately. But it will be possible later: according to some calculations, the loan would reduce indebtedness by seven per cent, the vast majority of Member States would not take the opportunity, and they would not be able to spend what they wanted.
Opposition lies, mistakes, and slippages about the recovery fund
Criminal record of the left (The list is NOT COMPLETE, as they make more fictions every day!)
We have something to be proud of! The biggest achievements of the Orbán government since 2010!
The majority is satisfied with Viktor Orbán!
According to the IMF, the government has passed the exams!
Moody's is happy with us
Both Standard & Poor’s and Fitch consider Hungary a country recommended for investment despite the crisis
The European Commission has also acknowledged the work of the government!
Hungary and the V4 handled the crisis excellently, so our economic growth remains at the forefront
Recognition from Eurostat
EU recognition for the government!
Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director, acknowledged Hungary's excellent performance!
The government will recover the wasted state property!
The country is being built too! (video)


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Karácsony and his minions scrambled the population despite the ban!

They caused difficulties artificially and intentionally! They will answer!

Karácsony and his minions scrambled the population despite the ban!

Proceedings have been initiated against the Metropolitan Municipality and eight districts for violating the population despite the ban!

The Budapest Government Office has initiated proceedings against nine local governments in Budapest, including Józsefváros, for illegal fee increases affecting the population. As is well known, the local government led by András Pikó changed the parking ordinance despite the government's ban, which ended the free waiting fee for households in households after the second car.

Eight Budapest district municipalities and the Metropolitan Municipality ignored the government's provision that they may not increase the burden on the population until the end of 2021, the Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest told MTI. As it was written, in order to comply with the decision of the government, the decisions of all districts of the capital were examined and it was established that eight left-wing district municipalities (districts I, IV, VII, IX, XI, XIV, XVIII in addition to Józsefváros) and the Metropolitan Self-Government also violated the law when it was decided to increase residential fees and extend the scope of obligations. The government office therefore initiated a total of 13 legality proceedings. The illegal decisions will also affect parking fees, rents, communal taxes, birth certificates, child catering and public land use fees, the government office said.

As we wrote earlier, András Pikó would have made parking in Józsefváros significantly more expensive, but it was banned by a government decree. However, the ban was circumvented by the left-wing leadership of the district when it changed a letter in the parking ordinance, so that as of March 31, 2021, the previous discount is no longer per resident but per apartment. Accordingly, families living in 1 apartment do not have to pay for only 1 car. For the second, yes.

And this was written by Sára Botond in connection with the planned drug center of Pikóék: “Nothing about us without us!” - this is what the left promised to the people of Józsefváros. Residents then rightly expect not to make decisions over their heads. Yet this is what city management does, many times. The mayor has now decided, together with the mayor, to open a drug center in Teleki Square.

The residents were struck by lightning from the clear sky. They knew nothing about the whole thing, though the decision had been prepared for many weeks. Only they forgot to ask in the meantime. In their indignation, they began collecting signatures, demanding that the city leadership revoke the decision. The mayor took care of it all by making a mistake because he was late with COMMUNICATION. It is no coincidence that he forgot to ask the opinions of the residents there. But he doesn’t even dare look into their eyes afterwards, even though he would have had the opportunity at the convened residential meeting, but he just sneezes and flattens. Once again, it has been proven that participation, dialogue, and similar sounding expressions are just empty words for the left.

This method is reminiscent of the Demszky times, when the mayor and the mayor decided, without asking people, to bring homeless hostels into the district.
But it is not surprising the move of the city administration. Why would anyone be asked when the mayor himself repealed a decree in March that required him to consult with residents and civilians. Yet this is required by law. The government office initiated legal proceedings for the violation.

And if the city management thinks that we are not going to account for the hundreds of millions spent by deceiving the people of József, citing "participation", they are very wrong!


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The failed student

If he has failed the driving licence, no one else should drive. Gergely Karácsony is slowly banning cars from half the city

The failed student

He will punish you for his own incompetence!

It is very gas that this man is at the head of Budapest, while he was not even able to obtain a lawyer. This is bloodthirsty.

Fidesz Budapestwritten by:Gergely Karácsony is not curious about the opinion of motorists!
According to a vote published on the official website of the capital, Andrássy út and Kós Károly promenade would be closed from car traffic on summer weekends. For the time being, the vote is going head-to-head between cyclists and motorists (the result will be announced on the City Hall page anyway, and we think the closing party will win in the end). We see again, there is no real needs assessment, if it were up to Gergely Karácsony, he would ban cars from all over Budapest…

It is not clear to us why the mayor wants to cripple Budapest's car traffic. If two lanes of Andrássy Avenue are closed to motorists twice every weekend, it will cause huge chaos and endless traffic jams not only in the surrounding streets.
Has an impact assessment been carried out on the closure?
Who thought of those living on the surrounding streets and detours?
Has there been a transparent survey on closure, or will they only refer to the results of the vote on the page they manage?
Is this really the biggest help for those who spend their summer weekends in the capital?
By the way, did anyone think that the lower quay would be closed at the same time as the planned closure of Andrássy út and Kós Károly sétány, the Chain Bridge would be renovated, and the metro line 3 would not run on the downtown section?

We have already seen a similar idea realized from a sudden upset
What about Gergely Karácsony, and what became of it? And then he only took a lane away from the motorists on the Grand Boulevard ... And let's be honest, to put it mildly, it wasn't a successful project either!

Our previous articles:
👉 Balázs Fürjes: Karácsony stop chasing motorists!
👉Plan car and anti-car steps Karácsony
👉The creativity of libsik is limitless: If they can’t raise taxes, they will penalize people with tolls!
👉They do not work in the city center due to the service provider Karácsony bike lane
👉Unjustified lanes, after the reduction of flights, motorists have now been exiled from the lower quay of Pest
👉Niedermüller would permanently exclude motorists from its district
it would only allow those who live there
👉Meanwhile, the government is working and developing Budapest.


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Gyurcsány team said: If they come to power, they will plunder the universities again

They steal the wealth of universities and place education under their own ideological control

Gyurcsány team said: If they come to power, they will plunder the universities again

👉They don't need a free university! They need a communist cadre trainer that they control.

The essence of the foundation's operation is that the universities will become self-sufficient and independent, the government will not interfere in the operation of the universities, and the university will train professionals with the help of which it can improve its own financial situation and reduce state expenditures. if universities manage their own assets, then public funding will no longer be needed.

This is attacked by the left, they need the exact opposite. Their ideal is a cadre-forming cadre-paid, but in the meantime they are governed by them, based on their own ideological considerations, as SzFE was for decades. The SzFE party has not come together, now they are trying to brag about the change of model in Parliament and outside its walls.

The opposition has already promised to rob the universities of the wealth they have just received

Even in the history of our zakkant opposition, it is unprecedented how much frenzy was cut down when parliament voted two-thirds to fund the fundamentals of university model change. Many small pocket prime ministers at home, in the kitchen, have long calculated how much everything will be stolen after their hopeful victory in 2022 and how their foreign principals will be paid. We experienced this once already in 2002. And now they are realized that they have only a small chance of legally destroying higher education and Hungarian science.
No wonder the Gyurcsánys are outraged, they have very fond memories of the 2002 hundred-day looting. In 2002, no one thought that communist robbers could rule Hungary once again. It was a bitter experience that the Hungarian government, in principle, plundered Hungary in all respects, squandered the working capital owned by the state, took out loans in the worst possible constructions and handed over the Hungarian population to usury.

Currently, we can be optimistic about the 2022 election, but the devil is not asleep. The opposition coalition was organized to steal Hungarian state property, transfer Hungarian farmland to foreign ownership, put Hungarian higher education at the service of liberal ideology, and indebted Hungarian households, and their foreign farmers will do their best to get the country into the hands of their servants.

It is quite amazing what people here are lying about who could completely forget the past of Gyurcsány, the privatizer who ruined the country. We are dealing with traitors who dare to call the the repurchase of public utilities, the settlement of local government debts, and the growth of the country's gold reserves. The opposite of all the looting that the Gyurcsany did.

This gang is hysterical because they have been deprived of the hope of stealing many billions of forints by the “recapitalization” of higher education. For these nobody, the only thing not to steal is to transfer national wealth and tax revenues directly to their secret bank accounts. They don’t have a single buddy who doesn’t steal everything that isn’t paved. They really think that if they win, they can all take something more valuable home from Parliament, the National Museum or the National Bank. And all of them have put up with the fact that the Holy Crown and the coronation supplies can be taken home by the Gyurcsány family, because Péter Jakab, Erzsébet Schmuck, Tímea Szabó, Bertalan Tóth (MSZP) all think that it is in the safest place.

And each of them had already looked out which county to take his name from, that is, which one he asked the head of the patinated Gyurcsány nation in return for his services. After all, only what is in their name is not stolen.

Being beyond our legitimate outrage, let’s take a closer look at this whole thing. From the perspective of thirty years, the uncomfortable conclusion is that the fifth, sixth lines of the dictatorship were the most horrible part of the system. The political elite of the late Kádár era consisted of people of extremely modest ability but able to restrain themselves in public. Gyula Horn came from the third line, Medgyessy was already from the sixth, their place in the dictatorship was in a special proportion to their personality and human strength. Unfortunately, Hungary, under the leadership of Gyula Horn, among others, was occupied and abducted by formations emerging from the sixth line.

The “claim managers” of the era (“andrás of the gunman”), that is, robbers who did not have any positive emotional connection with the conquered land and its inhabitants, were recruited at the lowest level of the dictatorship, as agents, informants, . However, this markedly separated social stratum also had its own intellectuals and artists, who then emerged in the image of the SZDSZ during the change of regime. It turned out that communist takeover was much more successful in universities and in the world of culture than anywhere else. After 10 years of right-wing rule, we are in the same place as in 1990. The Hungarian State finances almost entirely higher education in the social sciences, which tries to turn the current university youth into deadly enemies of the nation. Full universities and many elements of the institutional system of high culture are also part of a network that cares only for the well-being of its own people and only sips the Hungarian budget. Part of this network is also the Hungarian opposition, which consists of stunted parties and insignificant politicians, and a propaganda machine called the opposition press. It’s amazing how intellectually emptied this company is.

It is hopeful, however, that the vast majority of university elites, where there is real knowledge and value creation behind their careers, seem to be flexibly detached from the churning out in the additional scapegoat offered by the left-liberal robber gang. Thousands of Hungarian university people feel competitive in the global knowledge market, but they do not want to fight for resources with Genders and Marxists in the vicinity of Gyurcsány, but look at their teaching and research careers in terms of social usefulness.

Universities need to serve the needs of society’s knowledge providers, the state, and the people, and provide a playground for non-self-fulfilling feminists, untalented artists, and vivid social engineers.

It is no coincidence that the reason Momentum, for example, attacked so resolutely that the Hungarian Government wants to spend thousands of billions on higher education from the restoration fund. They don’t want normal higher education, just activist training for themselves.

We must not allow the opposition to have the opportunity to plunder higher education. Because that’s one of their goals now.

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It is a symbolic example of the indifference of the left, the governance of a thief and the excellent nation-building activities of Fidesz.
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The left-liberals have failed! The revolutionary did not come together :)
More people applied to the University of Theater and Film Arts than last year and only four left the university
SAO: The management of SZFE is characterized by a series of irregularities in Verebes' earlier sentences
What an interesting consonance? A little reminder before the left writhes tomorrow!


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24 years ago the pension einstand!

It was not Fidesz that "stretched", but the left privatized part of the pension fund to the circle of friends.

24 years ago the pension einstand!

👉Once again, the rescue, camouflage left has taken out the mantra that has been repeated from time to time, so we are now refuting the lies again. Let's see the reality!
Our article consists of 3 parts: a brief summary at the beginning, in more detail on the reform of the private pension system and the development of the pension system over the last 10 years, plus another article by another person at the end.

1. Facts in brief.
Based on a 1997 decision, it was mandatory to join a private pension fund from 1998 because
In 2010, the system became OPTIONAL. 97 percent of people have opted for a state pension! Anyone who wanted to stay in the hands of stock market sharks could make a statement. Anyway, anyone can open a private pension fund account since then.
In summary, it was the left that forced the private pension fund system on the Hungarians against the will of the majority of the people, and it was Fidesz that made it optional.
Thus, it is not Fidesz that should be disturbed, but the robbers who privatize, camouflage, lie and anti-Hungarian left-liberal politicians.

2. How has the pension system developed in the last 10 years? Facts explained.

The Viewpoint Institute also talked about retirees:
“The purchase value of pensions was not only maintained but also increased by 10 per cent, the per capita value of social benefits for old age was 1529.3 in PPS in 2010 and 1766.5 in 2018. Among the economic measures, it is symbolic that the Government will gradually restore the 13-month pension withdrawn in the spring of 2009 from 2021. ”

In addition:
The average pension of HUF 97,259 in 2010 increased to HUF 142,114 (1) by 2019 (46.1%), while inflation was 27% in the same period (2), so the increase in the average pension exceeded inflation by 19%.

The 13-month pension was taken by the left-liberals (3) and meanwhile they have a face to constantly criticize the pension system. As of July 1, 2009, the Bajnai government abolished the 13-month pension and abolished the pure Swiss indexation, which takes into account inflation in half as well as expected net earnings growth. Even in return, they introduced the then economically unthinkable pension premium, as at that time GDP growth did not reach 3.5%, which is a basic condition for the pension premium. Sounds nothing to hold it tight! Furthermore, they abolished the Swiss indexation (3), ie introduced the rule that if GDP growth remains below 3%, only pensions will increase by the rate of inflation, between 3-4% by 80-20% of inflation and depending on net average earnings, between 4-5% in 60-40% depending on inflation and net average earnings, and from 5% in 50-50% according to classical Swiss indexation.

From 2012, raising pensions will only be linked to inflation.
Left-liberals, of course, scream about pensions (4). Let's examine the legitimacy of their screaming. In 2009, the 13-month pension was abolished, so they could have screamed, but they didn’t scream because it was arranged by the Bajnai. In 2010 and 2011, GDP did not grow above 3.5% (5), so pensions increased in any case with inflation: no difference, Bajnai-half pension system lived.

According to the new pension system introduced from 2012, as well as according to Bajnai's version, pensions would have increased only in 2012 and 2013 with inflation, as GDP grew by less than 3%. In 2014, GDP increased by 4.2%, inflation was -0.2% and average earnings increased by 3%, in 2015, with GDP growth of 3.8%, inflation was -0.1% - and net average earnings increased by 4.3%. According to math, pensions should not have risen in these years, but they rose by 2.4% in 2014 (6) and by 1.8% in 2015 (7). In 2016, GDP growth did not reach 3%, there is no debate about raising pensions.

From 2017, however, retirees would have been better off if net wage growth had been taken into account at 60% in 2017, 50% in 2018, and 60% in 2019. However, the pension premium was already received by the retirees in these years, and the overhead voucher and the Elizabeth voucher also arrived.

From 2020, the 13-month pension will be gradually rebuilt over 4 years, which can be converted into a 2% annual increase over 4 years in addition to inflation.

Working pensioners can benefit from a contribution exemption from 1 July 2020, which represents a 14% increase in earnings (8).
Turning to private pension funds, the analysis reads as follows:
"The government encouraged private pension fund members to return to the state pension system, as it considered the second pension pillar created by the 1997 pension reform to be too costly and inefficient, and the measure stabilized the Hungarian pension system."

In addition: The private pension fund (manyup) received almost the full amount of the employee's pension contribution, while the employer's part went to the state pension fund.
The state pension fund operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, ie on the basis of income expenditure. Pensions are paid from pension (nature) contributions received from employees. If the income is less than the expenditure, it must be obtained from elsewhere, as the payment of pensions is obligatory in Hungary.

Over time, more and more people entered the labor market by paying part of their pension contributions to manyup, i.e. not the state. The proportion of active workers has not increased properly, with many rushing to retirement at a young age. GDP growth fell well short of the expected 5%, the general government deficit was unsustainable, inflation subsided, the operating cost of manyup kicked in multiples of 0.3% of capital, while pensions had to be paid. These factors caused the fact that by 2010 the operation of manyup imposed a total burden of almost HUF 3,000 billion on public finances, so that the situation deteriorated every year.

In recent years, the Orbán government has only been able to provide the economic conditions necessary for the operation of manyup.
When the Orbán government restored the pension system in 2011 (97% of manyup members automatically retired to the state pension, compulsory entry ceased), it nationalized HUF 3,000 billion in manyup assets.

Half of this was in high-interest government securities, which meant debts and debts to the state. Because the state could not owe it to itself, these government securities were simply withdrawn, resulting in a one-time, drastic reduction in government debt.

Of the remaining amount, the state paid pensions, family allowances, created jobs, and provided tax relief to families, basically this amount greatly contributed to the start-up of the economy.

So there is no question of theft, just malicious and / or ignorant lies on the part of the left-liberal fake news media and their guided readers. By eliminating manyup, Hungary escaped many HUF 1,000 billion in unnecessary expenditure and debt (9).

3. One more summary of private benefits, understandably, clearly.

One of the favorite topics on the left-liberal side is private pensions. According to them, "Viktor Orbán stuffed his friends 'pockets into his friends' pockets, wasting the old-age savings of people forced into the state pension fund." So let us be aware of the issue of private pensions as well.

The Horn government introduced a voluntary private pension fund system to "encourage" the World Bank. In addition to the payments of the population, the government "supported" these funds with HUF 30,000,000,000 (!!!) per month.

Where was thirty billion a month for this ?! Well, out of credit !!! Where did the loan come from ?! From private banks to busy interest rates! These banks and private pension insurers, in turn, gratefully "substantiated" the bank accounts of the government members pushing for the introduction abroad.

The monthly interest of 30 billion and the added annual interest of 40 billion cost taxpayers HUF 400 billion a year! That is, these private funds generated 400 billion in public debt a year! During their thirteen years of operation, approx. 5,000 billion was reached from the state coffers! What a great deal to do to mask the state as a mask ?!

This huge deficit has made huge holes in the budget. All this was diligently falsified by Jani Veres in the EU budget reports, at the request of Ferenc Gy. "Hundreds of tricks that you obviously don't need to know helped us survive this." (From Gy.F. Öszödi's speech)

The soclib governments put their favorite banks and insurers in a position to the detriment of the Hungarian people! What is the similarity between the destruction of foreign currency creditors and private pension funders ?! Banks and insurers are always the beneficiaries of vile betrayals! But what could we expect from such bank governors ?!

And now pay close attention! From the state approx. 5,000 billion migrated to MANYUP. However, in 2010, when the system was liquidated, only HUF 2,400 billion in assets were returned! Where did the 10-12 year payments go, and most of the sums received from the state ?! Disappeared in stock exchanges and other mazes!

On the other hand, the managers of the funds stationed in Hungary regularly received billions in rewards! There was a fund whose executives remitted 5 billion home to their account during the crisis, while most of the savings disappeared! And after that, dare any opposition say that Fidesz stole the pensions of millions of contributors ?! Of course he dares, because he's mean to his heart, a lying villain! After all, now they also dare to call people to a demonstration. To protest against those who have done and are doing order.

How many more junk circuses are still being run on the streets, waking people up to overthrow the government ?! I wonder why the government elected eight years ago should be overthrown ?! After all, he has won an unprecedented proportion of democratic elections in Europe. We voted for them ourselves, not the Hottentots! Oh yeah, I get it! For by them all meanness is brought to light.

We have been listening for eight years that Fidesz has stolen pensions. We've been listening for eight years that "Zorbán" has exterminated people. For eight years now, the whole opposition has been shedding lies in the MANYUP case. For eight years, Viktor Orbán has endured serious, lying slander.
The reality, however, is that the existence of a socialist-liberal system was violence itself!

The cadres of the socialist-liberal system stole the payers! They have committed worldly meanness to us! Millions of Hungarians have been stolen and stolen, and now there is skin in their image in a canon that the "mafia government destroys the workers and does not care about the retirees".

Meanwhile, no one can present a law that would have obliged the government to step back into the state pension system! It was optional; we either stay private or go back to the state. Contrary to the binding decree of the Socialists!

Since the reorganization of the pension system was also voted on by the entire Jobbik faction, their accusation is now extremely strange. As a result of the leadership of their voters and sympathizers, today the right-wingers are the loudest defenders of the betrayals of the soclibs!

The good intuition of the population was shown by the fact that most of them fled back to the secure state system, because the private coffers could not show almost anything of their 10-12 years of payment! Not only would the deposit they had collected have increased, but even from it, only crumbs of what we had entrusted to them remained, for careful handling!

So much for that...

8.https://www.kormany.hu/hu/nemzetgazdasagi-miniszterium/adougyekert-felelos-allamtitkarsag/hirek/az-uj-jarulekszabalyok-evente-350-milliardot-hagynak-a-csaladoknal-a-lakossagnal-es-a- businesses

Alias ​​of the left:
Private pension fund-The cadres of the socialist-liberal system stole the payers!

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DK: We will return the stolen property to the Hungarians

You can start!

DK: We will return the stolen property to the Hungarians

With the standard fork
By repaying the HUF 2853 BILLION (!) Damage caused by the PPP contracts
With the amount of IMF loan taken and repaidhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2351/Megszolalt_a_DK-s_Varju_eladositas_ugyben
With the repayment of HUF 167 billion stolen at metro line 4
By repurchasing privatized state-owned companies or repaying money
With the repayment of 1,300 billion withdrawn from local governments
By repaying the price of wasted gold reserveshttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1004/Az_index_Matolcsy_helyett_Suranyi_velemenyere_kivancsi
By repaying the price of wasted public buildings
With a repayment of 600 billion abstracted from health care

Gyurcsány's criminal record: The list is NOT complete!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2918/Segedlet_Gyurcsany_evertekelo_beszedehez


The site that spreads DK's message, EzaLényeg, has already spent nearly 80 million forints on Facebook ads. It’s a question of who and what money you pay for this!https://bit.ly/2QYOMQm

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Opposition rhetoric of the last 1 year

There would be no comment on this, but Vadai made sure the addition was inevitable

Opposition rhetoric of the last 1 year

The list in the picture has now been supplemented by the brainstorming of Vadai from the SE, who says "Zorbán" opens the terraces to extend the "MILK POWER" (No spelling! See "Source")
Vadai wrote the following, let’s quote literally, because it has become so pathetic that you don’t even have to snatch some details out of it, the whole gas as it is!

"After opening the terraces, a lot of questions arise in me. BUT the most important thing:
Why does Orbán really want to extend his power? Maybe you now want to write the building of the Parliament in the name of Lőrinc Mészáros? Do you think so?
Thanks for sharing!
Photo: telex.hu "

So far they have demanded closing and then opening, now the trouble is that the outdoor events and terraces have been opened. Does anyone understand this? Because we don't.

Left Anti-Vaccination Campaign:
Lies with examples:
Germany buys 30,000,000 Sputnik:
Austria buys one million doses of Sputnik vaccine
The terraces open
For 4 million vaccinees, further restrictions are coming


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