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Reminder for the finals of the Gyurcsány show!

According to Márki-Zay, it would be worth knocking down health care and education for a change of government as well!

Reminder for the finals of the Gyurcsány show!

Video: Mark-Zay's planhttps://www.facebook.com/Elegahazugsagokbol/videos/3669785709737583
What happened not long after in a hospital?
And what happened when they saw that Orban could not be forced to his knees?
And what does his support Karácsony say?
Karácsony would abolish Fidesz, along with its voters.
Do you understand? I would "eliminate" you. Do they want to kill us? What are they up to?

Péter Márki-Zay is not a right-wing politician, he is a Trojan tree horse reserved in case he fails Karácsony. Mark-Zay always voices that he has 7 children, as if that mattered in terms of who could be a good prime minister and who couldn’t. Mark-Zay confessed to beating his children! This man is made for the left to come to power by overthrowing health care.

STOP RING! Stop all your puppets!
👉Add on!

There is no limit to cheekiness!
Some “doctors” did not have a monthly salary of 2.7 million forints, they started blackmailing the hospital!

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Communists do not change

They can produce new logos, new parties, hide behind others, the point does not change - thieves remain!

Communists do not change

We support Fidesz and democracy and say no to Bolshevik methods! According to them, Dobrev is preparing to give political instructions to the courts and threatens to plunder people who do not rebuke him. Her husband had also "run on the ground" before. The left is preparing in an unconstitutional way to throw away two-thirds of the laws and the constitution itself! This would lead to a CIVIL WAR!

We want to continue living in a peaceful and developing Hungary!

NOT the thief to the left!
YES to Fidesz!

If you think so, pass it on!


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Mrs. Ferenc Gyurcsány talks about “striped overhead”

We know what this means in practice! Overhead would become more expensive for almost everyone except them and their buddies!

Mrs. Ferenc Gyurcsány talks about “striped overhead”

Funny when the eye-catching wife talks about the "overhead reduction is a lie" thing, while they tripled the price of gas, doubled the price of electricity, Orbán reduced gas, electricity, water, garbage transportation by 25 percent in 2013 and the price of the common cost, and has not raised prices for 8 years now.

Well, this "woman" is talking about banded overhead ... What would the thing look like in practice? Thus:

- I would raise prices roughly for everyone
- I would say that whoever is "poor" should go and humble himself, fill in all sorts of paperwork, stand in line to claim gas price support, say every six months, which is either given or not
- They would give themselves and a small circle of friends the cheap overhead as a subjective right, in Hungarian they would rob others and forge themselves.

We Hungarians do not ask for this!
Give it on!

Reality about overhead reduction and how much cheaper the overhead is today, how much easier it is to pay the overhead today!
Source: For strong nerves only, from about 31 minutes. Have a lavor on hand for that!https://www.facebook.com/dobrevklara/videos/571982634130780/

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Is Karácsony threatening his boss?

Tiny Piroska's son-in-law's adviser is threatening, only this time he shot very close to him!

Is Karácsony threatening his boss?

"We will not allow our motorways to be sold out, whoever wants to take part in this business will answer," writes GeLgely, the only problem being that the motorways were sold out by his boss and his minions, thus indebted Hungary until 2040!

They caused 2853 BILLION (!) Forints in damage! This is not the cost, it's just the damage! We are paying so much more for the PPP contract, only this year 117 billion forints will be spent for this purpose, and this is not what we say, but the hardly anti-government G7 portal.
Here is the link:https://g7.hu/kozelet/20190723/negy-szerzodessel-annyit-dottott-ki-az-allam-mint-a-nyugdijpenztari-vagyon/
Number article on the topic:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3943/2853_milliard_forintos_szamlat_hagyott_hatra_a_baloldal
Francis stole so much more than that, and that's not all!
GeLgely squeak:https://www.facebook.com/karacsonygergely/posts/4751704491529026

So Geri, you can start! The goré must be looking forward to hearing from you!


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No more additional exams!

The left bankrupt Hungary five times in 100 years

No more additional exams!

👉We will not leave! Give it on!

As we listened to more and more hateful, Nazi, and stigmatizing speeches by left-wing politicians, we wondered what might be the reason the left hadn’t changed anything in 100 years. In each of the periods shown in the picture, Hungary had a left-wing leadership, and all five rounds ended in bankruptcy or a near-bankruptcy.

Today, the same left is sitting in the National Assembly, which was the cause of the degradation between 2002-2010, although since then they have produced a few new logos, exchanged a few faces, but their essence has not changed: they kick in Hungarians and Hungary both. The two likely faces of the "pre-selection", the grandson of Antal Apró and the counselor of Piroska Apró's son-in-law, nothing has changed.

They incite social tensions, the Roma with the Hungarians, the poor with the rich, the law-abiding citizens with the convicts, the Hungarians with our neighbors, men with women, families with children without children, retirees with workers, Hungarians living here and beyond on the border. our country, where they come close to power, steal everything that comes into their hands, stop developments, carry out political cleansing, seize and dispose of money, falsify documents, and allow our achievements since 2010 to be destroyed.

They must not be allowed to get a chance for the sixth time, the country would not be able to stand it anymore!


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Stop raising taxes! (with video)

Share it! Stop the thief left side!

Stop raising taxes!  (with video)

István Hollikshared a video detailing the plan of the left, which can be summed up again as "It'll hurt"

Karácsony: "I don't think it's wrong that the corporate tax rate is the lowest in Hungary in Europe"
Hollik: "And we think he's fine!"

They’re not just talking about this, it’s in their program!
Raising corporate tax: HUF 500 billion would be stolen from companies, so there would be no more wage increases.
30% PIT
Abolition of the family support system
With the tax system on the left, everyone would be harmed: families, workers and companies.

The left serves foreign interests and they want to eliminate Hungary's current competitive advantage. For them, their foreign clients are more important than the Hungarian people.

Thank You,István Hollik! We will succeed together! At least we will make Hungary a Hungarian country.

Source (video):https://www.facebook.com/hollikistvan/videos/917524625508348/

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The Gyurcsány show is over

Their essence is fraud, and they even play it in-house

The Gyurcsány show is over

What about the votes already cast?
How could the dead vote?
Who counts the votes?
Why are you looking down on your followers?
After that, who believes that people really decided here?

Joe Biden likes this :)

👉Instead of counter-selection fraud
While the opposition is manipulating the results with its own pre-selection system, the country is moving forward!

The IT system of the Gyurcsány show was shut down
The left is prepared for the pre-election, it just didn't expect those who want to vote - so the awkward collapse of the weekend can be summed up freely after Hof

The overture of the left pre-selection turned into a cabaret joke, the IT system said Thursday in almost no time. He stumbled and then stopped. Only the explanation of the opposition parties in the latest chapter of the Gyurcsány show was more pathetic than that.

The pre-election, heralded as the culmination of left-wing innovation, the celebration of the return to democracy, as the zero point of a new era, almost began on Saturday. At the level of the prime candidate candidates, the heralds of the Gyurcsány show, which is shrinking from six parties to five parties, informed the followers of the Pre-election 2021 Facebook page in the morning that "pre-election is a huge success - a two-hour standstill to expand resources."

This was the first version to prove that the system did not freeze due to an attack, but that the IT background was not surprising. The president of the Momentum, András Fekete-Győr, then wrote on his Instagram page: "Crowds wanting to change attacked the opposition tents, which the algorithm took as a hacker attack, so it started to block." The situation worsened minute by minute, the voting software stopped after the initial stall. No picture nor sound.

It was then that the left changed its narrative and its politicians began to talk about an IT attack organized by the government. 168.hu quickly stated that a cyber attack could have taken place. György Magyar, the chairman of the Civil Election Commission, refuted this, but not long after, the National Pre-Election Commission also spoke out on the matter, saying that the voting system had stopped because it was paralyzed by a hacker attack from China. György Magyar, on the other hand, insisted that there were simply many people and the system had to be restarted in several places, which caused downtime.

Gergely Karácsony persevered to the end, the virtual mayor sent a message to his followers on Facebook: "If the Orbans now think we are backing down, they are very wrong!" As a finished fact, he claimed that a hacker attack was behind him. Eventually, the IT system gave up permanently and had to announce it would start again on Monday.

One of the pre-selectors left on the hop believed, “Uncle Gyuri is no longer as gallant as he used to be. The money went to sled lighters, inflated color revolutions, dislike system clips. Such is the case when one of the kissing “knowledgeable” relatives wins the job instead of experts. ”

Another commenter suggested, "At least the few months ahead would be done as if they understood something other than incompetence." A third commenter pointed out, "Such a technical fiasco weakens voters' faith in professionalism, indirectly in government capacity, and confusing explanations undermine the credibility of organizers."

András Hont, a former publicist at HVG, wrote mockingly, “The pre-selection data recording system will be shut down, so thank you, Orbán! (The electors) could only ponder for a few minutes that their holy elects were such lame themselves. ”

Ferenc Gyurcsány (DK), Péter Jakab (Jobbik) Erzsébet Schmuck and Máté Kanász-Nagy (LMP), András Fekete-Győr (Momentum), Ágnes Kunhalmi and Bertalan Tóth (MSZP), and Tímea Szabó and Gergely Karácsony (Dialogue) Stop, They explained their testimony in a joint statement called Orbán, still mentioning the attack from the “Carmelite Monastery”, but writing with confidence: “We will return with renewed strength on Monday! Let's decide together who will be the next prime minister of the country! ” Fidesz responded with a single, concise sentence: "Do not lubricate your own paralysis!"

Background graphics: Fundamental Rights Center

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The autumn speech was made public 15 years ago, but nothing has changed!

👉Let's remember these sad times by sharing their NEW lies. The autumn speech is known to everyone, but these recordings are not! Now they can’t even be accused of “pointing back,” it’s happening now.

1 share = 1 message to the left!
🟥From Hungary with your hands!

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