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Bomb news! Huge punishment for Jakab!

You can't clown with impunity in the Parliament!

Bomb news!  Huge punishment for Jakab!

László Kövér punished Péter Jakab Péter for HUF 4.4 million for the potato action!
The trembling can start!🥔🥔🥔

Record punishment in Parliament: Péter Jakab fined 4.4 million for his potato bag operation
László Kövér, President of the Jobbik Group, was fined an unprecedentedly high amount of HUF 4.4 million by President Jobbik for his potato bag action last week. he stood before the prime minister, thus preventing James from attacking him with the sack of potatoes.

🔴🔴🔴For those who may be behind, here's a little video:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/2707723759476952
Here is a more detailed video:

James has collapsed, unable to process the defeat.
He made a pub out of Parliament! Shame! Pathetic! Ridiculous!
Meanwhile, Jobbik handed out the fries, in the video in the article it's about 2 minutes and 50 seconds:https://mandiner.hu/cikk/20201011_a_krumpli_trukkot_is_bevetette_a_baloldal


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The left cannot do two things: win and lose


🔴James has collapsed, unable to process the defeat.
He still made a pub out of Parliament today! Shame! Pathetic! Ridiculous!
Meanwhile, Jobbik handed out the fries, in the video in the article it's about 2 minutes and 50 seconds:
❤️Come on FIDESZ! Let's clean up these clowns in Parliament in 2022!
Up to a four-fifths victory!

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They would build already handed-over developments again in Eger

They would build already handed-over developments again in Eger

🔴Left-wing failure in Eger: they haven't even read the proposal they submitted, stolen from the previous cycle, they want to rebuild the already implemented developments, they are leading the city into a debt trap and selling public property.
Did the voters entrust the city of Eger to these people? Applause!

Once handed over, they would build developments in Eger


They are preparing to sell off public property in left-liberal-led Eger, while the general meeting voted a HUF 1 billion free-to-use overdraft facility. Mayor Ádám Mirkóczki, meanwhile, became the object of ridicule by presenting an economic program that included implemented improvements.

The city has no accepted economic program not only in the left-liberal majority Tatabánya, but also in Eger, led by Ádám Mirkóczki - Sándor Oroján, the leader of the Fidesz – KDNP faction of the Heves county seat, informed us. According to the Municipal Act, within six months of the formation of the representative body, each municipality must adopt its economic program, which covers the next five-year cycle. However, this did not happen in Eger either, the difference is that until the general assembly discussed the economic program in Tatabánya, the proposal was voted on at the county seat of Heves.

- Mayor Ádám Mirkóczki would have done better if he had not submitted his economic program, because then he would not have been burned before the General Assembly. What happened was that the city administration presented us with the program adopted in the previous cycle, with some modifications. We examined the material and found that it was more than sixty percent letter-identical to the program adopted five years ago, without even changing its table of contents. For this reason, there may have been improvements in Mirkóczki's proposal that have now been implemented, stressed Sándor Oroján.

The pro-government politician mentioned as an example that the material includes the construction of a road connecting Eger with the M3 motorway. "In addition, they planned to build a two-lane road twice in their submitted economic program, while the two-lane M25 had already been handed over two weeks ago," the Fidesz-KDNP faction leader added. Sándor Oroján explained: In the material, the Mirkóczki family proposes to renovate the István Bárány Sports Swimming Pool and the Eszterházy Square in addition to tidying up several roads, but these have also been completed in the last cycle. - That's why the blama may have happened that several left-liberal MPs voted down the economic program. Ádám Mirkóczki must come up with a new proposal as soon as possible, because the local government is already committing a breach of the law by not having an accepted economic program for Eger, the Fidesz-KDNP faction leader pointed out.

Sándor Oroján also expressed concern that while the left-liberal majority approved a HUF 1 billion overdraft facility at the last general meeting, they are preparing to squander public assets. - The property decree has been amended so that the mayor can decide on the sale of any property worth a maximum of HUF 25 million in one person. In addition, it was decided that the property and real estate of the local government should be assessed and, if possible, prepared for sale - Sándor Oroján emphasized. He added that the old Gyurcsány methods are destroying the city.


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Viktor Orbán: the climate crisis has reached Jobbik, it is melting like an iceberg

Viktor Orbán: the climate crisis has reached Jobbik, it is melting like an iceberg

If anyone still knows about the rural Jobbik basic organization in the country, let them knowAlmost every day, you can read news about outgoing politicians, faction members, and disbanding foundations. Péter Jakab fulfilled the hopes of Ferenc Gyurcsány: the party, which once had 20% support, practically ceased to exist.

Today, Jobbik consists of a couple of narrators from Budapest and a few people in the countryside, they continue to push the distasteful hate policy on Facebook, they lie just as much "morning and night" as their customer: Ferenc Gyurcsány.

Those who think this is the end of a Trojan tree horse trick called "Jobbik" are wrong. Jobbik was created to share Fidesz, which was their original goal, and their target audience was the patriotic but politically naive social stratum. The formula worked well, the party reached 20% support in its heyday, then came the evidence of obvious left-wing affiliation, Jobbik voted more and more against Fidesz and in favor of the left, more and more people became frustrated with the party.

Then came the next project: Jobbik 2.0, ie "Our Country"
New name, new logo, old faces. Those who were receptive to the right remained and shifted to the left, for whom it was a lot, they were lured to Our Country, but the goal did not change: to divide the right, thereby driving the water to the mill of left-liberal forces.

Today, the joint support of Jobbik and Mi Hazánk is 8-9% (various opinion polls give 7-8% to Jobbik, 0-1% to Our Hungary)
This means that the former 20% support has now shrunk by less than half. A significant portion of Hungary’s population had sobered up and realized they had been driven by their noses for years.

! ️Recent News: Jobbik's Hatvan organization has also disbanded.

Following the dissolution of the Ludas and Nagyút Jobbic groups last week, one of the party's largest basic organizations, Hatvani, made a similar decision on Monday.
The quitters wrote about the network of informants within the organization, lying circulars, and destruction in their farewell statement, and also called the leadership of the party hypocritical, Origo reports.

“We, the righteous people of Hatvan, also decided not to push the chariot of the band of Peter James and the Pitian. The basic organization of Jobbik in Hatvan is hereby abolished, and our members are leaving the party, ”the lines of the Hobbians of Hatvan said goodbye to their former organization. Incidentally, the announcement was published by Csilla Rákócziné Lózs, who worked for a long time as a constituency assistant of Tamás Sneider and to this day belongs to the former party chairman.

The exobicans then listed why the glass had been filled with them. Using unusually harsh words, they put it this way: “we are unwilling to assist in further destroying the party”; "We do not ask for false circulars";
"We are not asking for the hypocritical behavior of the presidency"; "We do not ask for a network of informants who are ashamed of the avos methods, who faithfully serve all the desires of the new Jobbic lords and remove from the party those who do not like the destruction of James."


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It was graduation, not an attraction

Graduation would have been boycotted, unnecessarily

It was graduation, not an attraction

Their graduation took place again this year. Does anyone else remember what hysteria was going on about this in advance? Just remember!
In recent weeks, their graduation has taken place with great interest. Therefore, before making any comment, it is worth recalling the views of the independent and objective press and the most professional organizations on their graduation date and how they were received. After all, let us assume in good faith at first, I always do this before I take care of the second possibility, obviously, as far as they were concerned, they were again professional, benevolent and helpful in solving the problem.

Already on April 9, a gloss came down in Népva, “The government is not helping the graduates,” in which the starting lines are worth noting right away: “This is not the mountains that give birth to the mouse, but the hump given to the lame in the evening. We could say it is the usual Fidesz gift, but it is simply an inability to get used to someone who has been given the power and opportunity to help, aggravate it rather than alleviate it. ”

The following is the statement of the PDSZ dated April 25, which also appeared in the Népva. As a blow, they write that the decision - that is, the graduation ceremony - will certainly have victims, therefore they call on Zoltán Maruzsa not to pass the exams. It is important to quote a few sentences exactly from the article: “According to the PDSZ, no person’s health and life should be endangered when there is no maximum safety and no risk-free alternative. However, there is an opportunity to postpone their graduation and the start of the university autumn semester, and beyond that, there are quite a few other options, including either a ticket offer or an online graduation ”. László Trencsényi, the president of the Hungarian Pedagogical Society, will also be spoken in writing, who says that high school graduates have a huge health risk.

On the same day, we read in his People's Word that the Democratic Coalition had launched a petition to postpone graduation,
as the government also endangers the health of students, teachers, family members and friends!

A little earlier, on April 17, 444 brought down a report on the situation, entitled “Written graduation will not reflect students’ real knowledge ”. Let’s look at what insights they started with herding: “On graduation day, students will be covered in public transportation, even though many of them themselves suffer from chronic illnesses, are diabetic or asthmatic, and there are plenty of students living with their grandparents. Not to mention that much of the teaching community is also 50-plus and many of them struggle with high blood pressure as a professional harm. ” They added, “Graduation is a rite. The fact that the students get dressed, prepared, appears in front of the exam committee and then at the banquet. They are all obsolete now, and it’s very hard to imagine a masked, rubber-gloved graduation. ”

On April 20, the same 444 communicated the Parental Voice’s worrying announcement, quoting “it is inexplicable on what basis it can still be considered safe to hold a written graduation. It is important for the government to make public the reasons for a decision that directly affects hundreds of thousands of people, the health of students, educators, school technicians, parents and grandparents, and even their lives. ” Also on 444, on April 24, an article entitled “The Teachers’ Network Requests the Graduation to Be Blown Away ”was brought down, quoting Erzsébet Pásztor, who said the most important aspect is epidemiology, everything else just follows.

And let’s also remember the most repulsive moment, which is also tied to the PDSZ. Based on the eighteenth report of Magyar Hang in April, they wanted to make it impossible for them to graduate with a coordinated leave. I ask the dear reader to try to feel all the weight of this pull.

The PDSZ would have instructed the teachers to let the students down.
Those who have been trained, taught and helped for years should be left without support at the most important point in their lives so far, from an academic point of view. Would you be seriously interested in how anyone who did or would have done this would look into the eyes of their students from there? How do you re-enter school and be received by those who may not be graduating now, but have received an eternal memento of how much and how they can count on this teacher when there is a real need?

Should nurses, doctors, government officials, shopkeepers, and pharmacists also have thrown the reins among the horses?

Well, the graduation was successful, without interruption, despite all the wheel-tying attempts.

Have we heard of any problems, misfortunes, scandals?
The independent and objective press, the most professional professional associations, examined the days with a magnifying glass, if any event worth mentioning happens, it is immediately mentioned, described, reported, as they bend down for the tiniest crumb.

No such thing happened, but everyone is past a difficult task, according to the natural order of things. Not a single thread to see.

Imagine what it would be like if they reached a goal. Everyone would have sucked, everyone would have been much worse and more complicated, for nothing, for hysteria.

After this, two explanations are offered as solutions, nothing more. Suppose, truly representing the top of their professional level, they fought, in the awareness of their own truth, to postpone graduation. If so, it is time to retire from the expertise, because it is quite clear that they do not understand it and their professional failure would have made the lives of tens of thousands more difficult. However, I find the second scenario more likely. They did not professionalize anything, they just made another attempt at destruction. It didn’t work this time either, and we won’t forget that either.

Source:cushion https://mandiner.hu/cikk/20200622_erettsegi_volt_latnivalo_nem
Graphics:Numbers - the antidote to the false news on the left

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Terribly vicious, and infinitely pathetic when a politician steals graphics from a civilian side and even lies next to him

Terribly vicious, and infinitely pathetic when a politician steals graphics from a civilian side and even lies next to him

Dr. Lukács László György(who, by the way, has fewer followers than our side for being a politician) has also reached this level.

He seems to be running just that much around Jobbik's house. Zero creativity, zero work, 100% lies and theft. They sure aren’t worth thinking about, as they’re just counting how many quit that day and how many of their county organizations have been dissolved.

Jobbikos (Jákobbikos) "Dr. Lukács László György" stole the previously published graphics of our site.

Original graphics on the Numbers page:https://www.facebook.com/.../photos/10914131.../174817140662094/

Stolen graphics by Jobbic's livelihood politician:

The lies he has brought together have been refuted by the "omnipotent" index itself, so we do not waste our energy on them.

Index article:

It will not be the job of healthcare workers to claim the 500,000 reward

There has been widespread information in recent days that the gross reward of half a million for healthcare professionals for fighting the coronavirus will not come automatically, but will have to be claimed. Many immediately came to the conclusion that everyone would have to correspond with Emmi themselves, and they also shared memes about it on Facebook, such as opposition politicians.

Now the ministry has issued a statement saying the claim does not mean that every worker will be forced to manage the money for themselves.

According to the announcement, health care providers will prepare the payment of a one-time benefit of HUF 500,000, "in order to avoid transparency and multiple benefits, they will record the application for the payment of their employees' remuneration",

“The false news in opposition press reports about the details of the one-time wage payment cannot be seen as anything other than creating a mood to draw attention to the fact that by Semmelweis Day, health sector players are receiving this extraordinary benefit,” he wrote.

According to their information


The request for payment of the remuneration of health care workers - similarly to the salary supplement - must be recorded through the administration system of the service providers, it has been written.

It was emphasized that everyone is entitled to the bonus only once, so the payment is made only once to those who have several legal relationships or have additional legal relationships in addition to their full-time position, so it is necessary to record data per employee in order to avoid transparency and multiple benefits.

This report is carried out by healthcare providers and should not be seen as an additional administrative burden, as they already have a well-established practice in implementing similar measures. In this way, providers of publicly funded care but privately maintained will be able to pay a one-off extraordinary benefit, they said.

According to Emmi, the smoothness of the measure is also indicated by the fact that 3,000 of the approximately 11,000 affected service providers submitted their claims to the National Health Insurance Fund Manager in a few days.

The gross HUF 500,000 will be received by about 160,000 employees.

The benefit was announced by Viktor Orbán in the usual Kossuth radio interview in early March, and the next day Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister's Office, said that everyone, even the technical staff, would receive this money.


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Liberal values

This is how Hungarians are threatened, insulted and attacked by left-liberal politicians and their narrators.

! ️Video! ️In this way, Hungarians are threatened, insulted and attacked by left-liberal politicians and their narrators. Tímea Szabó twisted the words of László Kövér, and for several days, along with other left-wing female politicians, he hinted that the Speaker of the House had spoken out about his timeless behavior and another outburst about Hungarians across the border (on the mask issue). The Numbers team has gathered some statements from left-wing politicians and public figures that are offensive and threatening to millions of Hungarians.

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Jobbik uses the sad fact of the double murder in Deák Square for political gain

Jobbik uses the sad fact of the double murder in Deák Square for political gain

While the number of crimes in Hungary is decreasing year by year (including all crimes and the number of intentional homicides), Jobbik uses the news of the recent murder in Budapest in a vile, demagogic way for agitprop activities. One of the statements of the Gyurcsányist party before Sándor Pintér before 2010 was taken out of the context and is presented as if Sándor Pintér had promised that there would be no murder. Since it is not possible to put a police officer next to every fool (although such a card would not harm László Györgyök Lukács), crimes have always been, are and will be, the question is what the state is doing to reduce their number.

In a comment, we place a figure that clearly shows the trend of the last 10 years, so it’s not just about snatched numbers, it’s a process.

Statement of Sándor Pintér in 2010:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4220xJr4wg

About the double murder in Deák Square:https://youtu.be/Ld7jY3mmJcg

The number of homicides in Hungary is decreasing year by year.
The number of intentional, completed homicides registered in police proceedings in 2017 was 90 in the country; There were 78 such cases in 2018 and 58 in 2019.

Divided into one hundred thousand inhabitants (9.79 million inhabitants), the ratio was 0.92 in 2017, 0.79 in 2018 and 0.59 in 2019.

In addition to the behavior of offenders, the efficiency of police work and measures taken in the field of crime prevention, changes in criminal statistics may also be the result of changes introduced in the Criminal Code. Given that such an amendment falls within the examined time interval, it is necessary to keep in mind the relevant changes of the new Penal Code (hereinafter: the Criminal Code), which entered into force on 1 July 2013, when analyzing and interpreting the data. It is important to emphasize that the number of crimes that are given priority is covered by the Criminal Code. resulted in a significant decrease after the change, ie also between 2013-2018, so the decrease experienced during the period 2010-2018 examined in the analysis is not only due to the Criminal Code. triggered by an amendment.
Another significant methodological information is that the values ​​of the indicators to be included in the PRE-STAT system are displayed according to the time of registration, which does not necessarily coincide with the time of the offense. The data of the ENYÜBS are linked to criminal offenses, so in the case, for example, if a defendant commits several criminal offenses with one act (eg there are several victims), then not one but several criminal offenses appear in the statistics.

Wicked Jobbikos:https://www.facebook.com/.../21316109669611.../2834593783329528/

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Debt instead of development: Unprecedented default in Eger

Eger belongs to the buddies too!

Debt instead of development: Unprecedented default in Eger

HUF 129,608,215: this is exactly what the people of Eger had to repay

Ádám Mirkóczki did not feel it important to tell the Eger people: the city had to repay exactly HUF 129,608,215 to the state coffers in connection with the investment in the southern industrial area, which it already had to do.

What has happened so far

The scandal erupted back in February, when it turned out that Ádám Mirkóczki had not submitted a request to change the deadline related to the development of the southern industrial area by 31 December, so the city would have to repay nearly HUF 300 million from the already received support to the state coffers.

Mirkóczki did not stand out after the scandal, that isEger Newshowever, he approached the Prime Minister to find out how much the default would actually cost the Eger. However, the Prime Minister's reply revealed that Mirkóczki did not send the mandatory progress report at the end of last year, which could show how much money was spent on the grant. After a week of silence, Mirkóczki was looking for culprits in the municipal office. (At the time, they began to search with great diligence among the office workers for those who could sew responsibility around their necks, but there has been a great deal of silence since then about finding the “culprits.”) The Jobbik mayor also said: the waive the refund.

The Prime Minister replied, Mirkóczki listened again

For at least two weeks, the mayor did not share with the Eger that he was very ignored by his request for fairness. The Prime Minister then stated to their editorials:

“Act CXCV of 2011 on Public Finances. Act No. 368/2011 Coll. (XII. 31.) of the Government also names only the justifiable reason for the conclusion of the Grant Agreement with reference to the Beneficiary's omission. The Municipality of the City of Eger did not comply with the legal requirements, so unfortunately we cannot take into account reasonable circumstances. Given that there is no opportunity to exercise fairness, the city needs to start accounting. ”

Of course, the Prime Minister sent the rejection decision to Mirkóczki earlier. They also added that “so far there has been no example of this under the Program”.

What has happened since the decision?

Our editorial office has repeatedly approached the Prime Minister to find out what has happened since the negative decision in April. We received the following answer:

“In view of the repeated rejection decision, the professional and financial report was submitted by the city to the ministry. During the review of the report, several professional and financial deficiencies were identified, for the clarification of which additional documents had to be submitted by the Municipality. It has been preliminarily established from the attached documents that due to the omission, the city will have to repay HUF 129,608,215 of the HUF 350,000,000 grant, which the Municipality returned to the account of the Prime Minister on 7 May. The final accounts are currently being reviewed in connection with the accounts. "

So the omission has now certainly cost more than 129 million forints for the people of Eger.


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