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Jakab has been lying for 11 years!

Nothing good can be expected from the "jobseekers" from the left!

Jakab has been lying for 11 years!

️Jakab said all along that he represents the interests of the jobseekers ...
️The first time you reported, you reported the job to the job!

Who does more for the country? Gyula Kovács or Péter Jakab?

A week after the uncensored recording of Péter Jakab's frenzy in Fonyódliget was published, Vasarnap.hu appeared with another exclusive content: they were the first to sound Gyula Kovács, the "working machine worker", in the Hungarian media.




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Jakab vs Orbán

Gyurcsány's soldier was withdrawn again! Viktor Orbán arranged the matter elegantly

God bless you, Prime Minister!
Today is Viktor Orbán's birthday!

Péter Jakab, the leader of the Jobbik faction, complained that he had received a fine of HUF 10 million for recently calling several of his fellow Members foolish. This time he defeated Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and later called him a street fighter.

Following the usual introduction from Péter Jakab, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán responded.

You are the leader of a faction of a parliamentary party, which is a serious matter - Viktor Orbán began his response. Jakab called Peter a comedian who makes himself a clown week by week. This will cost the voters HUF 6 million a month, as Péter Jakab will also receive a salary, a car and a driver for all the production provided in the parliament. In addition to knowing that Ferenc Gyurcsány hires him not for his wit but for his productions, Fidesz-KDNP would expect more witty jokes for so much money.

The floor was repeatedly withdrawn from Peter James until it was eventually taken away.

Péter Jakab sold Jobbik to Ferenc Gyurcsány - to which Viktor Orbán drew the attention of those present.



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Another slap for Jakab!

This is for anyone who confuses Parliament with the pub

Peter Jakab "sneered" in Parliament, taking the floor away from him. The president of Jobbik can expect additional sanctions. In his speech in Parliament on Monday, Péter Jakab called the Fidesz MPs a scorn, before László Kövér took the floor and warned that further sanctions would be imposed on the President of Jobbik.

Do you remember what the law of slavery is, I bastard ?! ”
Péter Jakab asked the Members. As Speaker, László Kövér warned Jakab that he would take the floor from him and asked him not to insult his fellow Members.

"Can that be my opinion of you?" He asked James Fat, who said, "please sit down, I took your word off you," and then turned off Jakab' microphone.


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Six million HUF Jakab : this is how much Peter Jakab costs taxpayers every month

He plays a beak while living a luxurious life, so with the pariser image, Jakab tricked his sympathizers ugly!

Six million HUF Jakab : this is how much Peter Jakab costs taxpayers every month

Péter Jakab receives approximately HUF 6.2 million in honorarium and allowance per month - our summary shows. The president of Jobbik has unimaginable prospects for the average person, as in addition to his millions of salaries, he is driving a driver, renting a luxury office and an apartment in the elite quarters of the capital, but can even spend millions to pay his confidants. As is well known, the left-wing politician has been trying to campaign with parizer, red gold and paprika fries these days.

In recent days, we have dealt with Péter Jakab and his financial situation in several articles. The reason for this was that the left-wing politician uploaded several images to his social site in an attempt to establish himself as a "simple child of the people." In the first photo, he ate tesco paris with red gold and croissant, and in the second, paprika fries in the company of his children.

It costs taxpayers more than six million a month
Yet Péter Jakab is one of the highest paid representatives, one of the highest earners based on his income. All in all


Monthly honorarium and benefits due to Péter Jakab
(calculated on the basis of the honorary basic honorarium (HUF 1,210,800) on March 1)

Honor fee: HUF 2,421,600
Car use
Use of an office apartment in Budapest: HUF 423,780
Office frame: HUF 847,560
Employee base: HUF 2,421,600
Use of mobile phone service: HUF 60,540
Total: HUF 6,175,080

Driver, apartment, office, dream life
In the first part of our series, we presented: Péter Jakab, in addition to taking almost two and a half million forints home every month, is transported everywhere by a driver. As is known, from March 1, the salaries of the faction leaders, the vice-president of the parliament and the housewife will increase by more than 214 thousand forints, receiving a uniform HUF 2 million 421 thousand. As the left-wing politician controls the Jobbik group, he is also subject to the salary increase. The dream payment also comes with a premium car: the party president is freaked out with a Škoda Octavia. The Jobbik faction also leases the vehicle from Porsche Hungária Kft.

We then looked at how much room for maneuver there is in office rentals. Jakab can boldly choose from the luxury offices, as the HUF 847,560 budget provides a luxury category office in any part of Budapest, even in the most frequented, inner districts. Without any particular shock, you could rent an 140-square-foot, Art-Deco-style office at the bottom of Rose Hill, with four separate entrances. But if you feel like it, you could also move into a luxury rental office building next to the Krisztina Square church with your staff.

It is also in a privileged position with regard to the flats in the capital, it can spend HUF 423,780 per month on housing in Budapest. In this price range, a 130-square-meter, 3-room apartment on Donáti Street can be rented near the Fisherman's Bastion, overlooking the Parliament. But there would also be a property located in a house built in 1891 according to the plans of Alajos Hauszmann, which is under monument protection.

There is no end to the line, as in addition to dream pay, driver, office rental and housing use in the capital, the left-wing party president can even build his own hinterland, of course with public money. Not least, you can hire employees and secretaries for HUF 2,421,600 per month, ie you can give work to your friends and acquaintances.


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Jakab's buddy rents an apartment for 310 thousand taxpayers a month, while he has a 173 square meter property in Buda in his name!

You can start "accounting" with your buddy, Petike!

Jakab's buddy rents an apartment for 310 thousand taxpayers a month, while he has a 173 square meter property in Buda in his name!

Mutual parties want to build a country! Are they talking about "theft", "corruption", are they "fideszing"? Stealing stealing on the back of the opposition! Cypriot offshore companies, buddy pocket contracts, billions in billions, abstract discounts and increased local fees, while serving themselves "caviar with lobster" instead of parizer, it just goes to Facebook!

While Gergely Kálló, a right-wing MP, rents an apartment in Budapest for HUF 310,000 a month with taxpayers' money, he became a co-owner of a 173-square-meter property in Buda, according to this year's declaration of assets, according to data published on the official website. Although Péter Jakab's confidant complied with the legal requirements on paper, it seems that he did not have the slightest need to take advantage of the opportunity aimed primarily at rural politicians. This is because the property listed in your return is a typical family home, which you cannot rule out when you travel to work a few times a month.

At midnight on January 31, MPs ’declarations of assets for last year became public, showing how their assets have changed over the past 365 days.

He rents an apartment for 310 thousand
Gergely Kálló from Kobbikos won the Dunaújváros interim parliamentary election in February 2020 in the colors of the left-wing coalition. A month later, he officially became a member of Parliament after taking the oath among his fellow Members.

The law stipulates that MPs who hold a mandate during the term must submit a declaration of assets once they become members of parliament. Kálló has fulfilled this: in his statement he mentioned a 100-square-meter family house in Érd, which otherwise stands on a 600-square-meter plot. The document also states that he acquired the property through sale and purchase, of which he is otherwise half-owned. It is important that at that time his apartment in Budapest was not included in his declaration of assets.

Although Érd is not far from the parliament, the Act on the National Assembly allows MPs who do not have real estate in Budapest to rent an apartment in the capital with state money. The provision is based on the legislator's intention that rural representatives will not be able to get to their jobs as easily as their colleagues in Budapest.

As can be seen from the data published on parlament.hu, Kálló took the opportunity shortly after his election as a Member.

And the apartment lease agreement is still valid as of February 24, i.e. it has not been terminated by the parties.


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Total fire on James' lies!

They've been pushing the "Butcher" and "theft" duma for 10 years, they have no new ideas, they have no evidence, they don't have a single report, but they're just trying!
Thanks to the country developing, wages have doubled, we live much better even in times of crisis than during their reign in "peacetime" ... (although the entire duration of their reign was a crisis they caused themselves)

Thank You,Bence Rétvári, Csaba Dömötör,Máté Kocsis,Tamás Menczer
Now honestly: Would you watch this video entrust the future of your family to a coalition of Péter Jakab, Gyurcsány, Fekete-Győr, Dobrev and other power-hungry, traitorous politicians? Are they also fighting for power in "reclaimed" cities, and cities are stagnating at best, but in many cases are regressing, and do they want to control the country? When there were only MSZP and SzDSz, they were still fighting, now there are six!
We certainly do not want Hungary and all Hungarian families to fall victim to the "cat fight"!
👉Add MORE!

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Even in an epidemic situation, the Gyurcsánys think only of power

Even in an epidemic situation, the Gyurcsánys think only of power

Today is a notable day, as today the collapsed opposition gathered and signed a 6-point plan written by Gyurcsány, along which they would like to govern the country after a change of government they dreamed of. We will not have a hard time, as the opposition today is led by the same people who shot eyes and who bankrupted Hungary, bled and intimidated Hungarian families. The logos are new, the words are beautiful, the methods are new, but the designs and faces are the same. Let us move forward in a row and, knowing the activities of the left over the past 30 years, let us fill these points with content.

📌1. A nation at peace with itself.
What can the Gyurcsány-Dobrev clan think? Isn’t it just that everyone who disagrees with them is threatened, grounded, blackmailed, and silenced in one way or another? For example, by a mouthpiece decree, which was used in Vác, by wage cuts, which were practiced in several "free cities", by dismissal, by expiration, by "continuous total fire." During the reign of the left, there were not so many brave mouth heroes as now, because everyone was aware that a single bad word could appear in front of the house on the "Black Volga" ...
The first point, then, is not the peaceful nation, but the majority intimidated and silenced by the minority in their interpretation. Here and now, we are nailed down: we are not afraid, you cannot lock, kick or intimidate 6-7 million people behind bars. This is our country and we will protect it - at all costs! Make a good note of this!

📌2. Democratic rule of law.
Translated, this means that whoever dares to protest will simply be shot, at best with a rubber bullet. What kind of democracy is the one who suppressed peaceful protest by bloody methods, who initiated conceptual lawsuits, who openly confessed that he lied, deceived the electorate, and then did not resign? Would this be democracy? Would that be the rule of law? Perhaps it would be the rule of law where the rights of all deviant minorities prevail, for the majority - simple, working, raising children, paying taxes, married parents, men and women are forgotten and oppressed? Where are the words mother and father forbidden? Where can you even marry a stool? Where can a healthy child be adopted as a dog? Where will you want to settle MILLIONS with a foreign culture, a religion that is not typical of Hungary, avoiding work in a big arc, but queuing for help?
NO! This is not a rule of law! This is the left-liberal, bloody dictatorship itself!

📌3. Forward-looking governance.
We have already learned about forward-looking governance: 12% unemployment, 82% government debt, IMF loan, closure of schools, kindergartens, hospitals, dismissal and coercion of doctors, teachers, nurses, privatization of hospitals and health insurance, sale of energy sector, PPP privatization, robbery privatization, robbery privatization .
They would downplay the Army, the Ambulance Service, health care, the railways, the road network, the social sector and agriculture.
This is NOT governance! This is treason!

📌4. A caring society
Gyurcsány's society takes care of everyone, not just the one who generates the money and pays the taxes. What did they do to the decent Hungarian people? They raised taxes, tripled the price of gas, doubled the price of electricity, abolished tax breaks, took away home subsidies (even when it meant 20x less money than now), stole a year's worth of money, leaving tens of thousands of Hungarian women without income. in the third year of the child, the subsidized forint loans were abolished, the family allowance was increased, thus sponsoring subsistence childbearing among the unemployed, the children starved, the money ended up in pubs and slot machines, they took a monthly pension, they took a monthly salary, they raised their pensions , they wanted to introduce a property tax, introduce a visit fee, a hospital per diem and a tuition fee, make textbooks and child food payable again. Part of the society was kept on a “ventilator” with aid, and the other part was deprived of 60 percent of their salary.
It is NOT a caring society, it is the financing of the work-avoiding part of society by the working part of society.

📌5. A fair economy.
It is fair for Gyurcsánys if foreign multi-billion dollar companies make a profit in Hungary, but it is not fair for there to be 1-2 successful Hungarian companies. When Gyurcsany came to power, they would confiscate the property of Hungarian entrepreneurs and replay the companies, just like the villa in which they live, they would simply standardize, divide the property among their buddies and live, sell the companies again, foreign companies would close them, they would be fired, or the developments would be stopped, the wages would be frozen, the profits would be taken out of the country, and the decision-makers would, of course, be sadly rewarded for making the necessary decisions. Everyone would do well, except for the Hungarian economy and Hungarian workers.
Furthermore, they would raise corporate tax, employers' contributions to wages, thereby stopping wage growth, raising unemployment again to 12 per cent, so that companies would not apply for a good workforce but employees would be vulnerable, raising income taxes to 42 per cent to pay who works and get free money from the one who does not. They would restore the inheritance tax, ie the death tax, push the construction industry to the brink again (since all development and home creation would be stopped), there would be a new "Hajdú-bét", a new "Seviép", a new "Sukoró", a new "4" subway "affairs. If given the opportunity, it will “hurt” again - for everyone!
This is NOT a fair economy. That would be bankruptcy itself.

📌6. European Hungary.
"For me, being Hungarian means nothing" / Ferenc Gyurcsány /
All that makes country a country and a nation would be given up and reset by the nation the left. They would tear down the fence, relocate those who should not be written about on “democratically censored Facebook”, terror, rape, mass unemployment, street fighting, arson, police patrols, religious, gender, ethnic tensions, beheadings, church destruction would also appear in Hungary. and arson, would impose all sorts of quotas when, for example, a leader is not selected on a professional basis but on the basis of gender or skin color, when it would be mandatory to learn other religions and other languages ​​where Hungarians would be discriminated against in their own country.
This is NOT a European Hungary! This is the complete abandonment of the Hungarians, the abolition of the nation-state and the nation, and its sale for kilo money, per kilo.

Of course, we cannot insert this post on the pages of DK, Gyurcsány, Dobrev, jakab, MSZP, LMP, Dialogue, Karácsony and others, because we are disabled in the name of DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM OF SPEECHWhy? Because we asked a question.


PS: We have collected the above from our left-handed criminal record article we collected earlier. The list is not complete as these criminals add every day!

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Jobbik cannot account for almost one and a half billion forints

The question arises: Where is the juice, comrades ?!

Jobbik cannot account for almost one and a half billion forints

It looks like Jobbik has already learned to steal, so it fits perfectly into the DK-MSZP-MOMENTUM-LMP-DIALOGUE axis.


The Jobbik for Hungary Movement has had many problems with the State Audit Office, which examines the management of parties. According to the SAO's report, a recurring problem in Jobbik's management since 2005 is to ensure the transparency of the public funds used.

The Jobbik for Hungary Movement also deceived its own membership and public opinion, as the party's management in 2017 and 2018 was not transparent and accountable, the SAO said in a statement issued on 18 December. As they write: the financial statements of the party in 2017 and 2018 (during which the party received more than HUF 1.4 billion in public money) do not show a reliable and realistic picture of the party's finances. In addition, the SAO also notes that the management irregularities revealed during the now closed audit have been repeatedly present in the party's management since 2005.

The SAO also reported that the remarks of the President of the Jobbik for Hungary Movement on the draft report were not substantiated and did not dispute several findings of the audit. They added that in order to correct the revealed irregularities, the SAO formulated a total of 11 proposals to the President of Jobbik, who must prepare an action plan within thirty days.


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Another nervous breakdown of James. (Video! Add it!)

We’re starting to worry seriously about this man’s condition. In our opinion, it is a public danger to Hungarian society. A Member of Parliament cannot behave in this way, because by setting a bad example, he is radicalizing his followers. Let's say this is exactly their goal, they saw in Borsod that they can't win by democratic means, because there is no support for this kind of distasteful behavior, so they try by pub means.

To Balázs Jakab Orbán:
The main problem is that you are a parliamentary saboteur, a political minute man and an extreme provocateur. …. And this is also a workplace, and obviously you have to behave in the workplace…
And there is only one expectation for you that you have repeatedly and consciously failed to meet for years: to behave.
I would like to ask you to try once and for all not to deal with yourself, not with your political survival, but with the interests of the country, and to do all this in a way that preserves the dignity and fairness of this house. And then you will be able to work in exactly the same way as all the other Members.

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