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There was another two-thirds here!

We have slipped over it in an unworthy way, but now we are filling that gap

There was another two-thirds here!

The Jobbik faction has shrunk by two-thirds from 26 in 2018 to 9. James says it's still a good direction. AsCsaba Dömötörsaid after the interim election in Borsod, “For the better, this is the downward direction! The avalanche in Borsod will bury Jobbik, and do you know whose face they will see when we get over it? Ferenc Gyurcsány! There won't be many thanks to him, but neither will he be "

It's in this video from 1:38.
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/2723409041263347

Come on, Petya! Good direction!
You demolished two-thirds, but that was two-thirds of the Jobbik faction. Those 9 MPs won’t win individually, they’ll be on the list, including you. Thank Orbán for the election system!

PS: The parizer is on sale at Tesco, buy a few pounds, bad times are coming!

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Our Country is a big scam!

One half of Jobbik openly supports the left, the other half shares Fidesz under a new name and new logo

Our Country is a big scam!

Some say it is a good thing for Our Country because "they are a normal opposition" or "there must be such an opposition, it is good that there are". We think the situation is completely different and many people completely misunderstand the stakes of the election. Here we will not choose between parties, but between life and death. If we allow room for these thoughts, if we don’t form a single huge unit, we’ll get it out because the left is casting “hundreds of tricks” against us 12 years ago, and thousands of tricks will come in the days to come.

Let's take a look at what's going on.

1. The scum coalition is unviable in itself. We have seen the result of the by-elections in Borsod in a district that cannot be called Fidesz, the overthrown opposition has been knocked out because people have realized that if they win, it will not be development, but the distribution of positions, money-making, fighting. We know what went on in Göd, what went on in Vác, Budapest, the other opposition cities, what the differences are between the left-wing parties, how unimportant the representation of the people is, and how distasteful and unscrupulous they steal public money, put their friends, their companies they see the world and how they want to introduce sick neoliberal ideas in Hungary that are spreading faster in the world than the virus. They failed in Pepper, and it is quite clear that they would fail in the next election, as support for Fidesz may never have been as high as it is now. So they had to do something to scam the voters.

2. Already a couple of years ago, Jobbik was split in two. We use that word intentionally, because Jobbik wasn’t torn in two, it was a conscious move. The whole Jobbik phenomenon is nothing more than a product of the "divide and rule" principle, Jobbik was created as planned to share Fidesz, and it was partly successful, as it reached 20 percent in the heyday of Jobbik. What they could not win at the time was that the Jobbik started separately, apart from the other opposition parties. The second two-thirds defeat was followed by the third, and the left was again forced to act. They realized that many of the Jobbikos would be reluctant to approach Gyurcsány, while others did. If everything stays the same, the left cannot win together or separately, as if Jobbik starts separately, the results of the 2018 election will be repeated, if they start together, they will lose the anti-Gyurcsány right-wingers and they will go through nicely. to Fidesz, as there was no other alternative for them.

3. June 23, 2018: The Our Country Movement, established by the former right-wingers, is set up to serve as a refuge for politicians, MPs and sympathizers leaving Jobbik for the DK and other left-liberal parties. But not only as a refuge! Our plan with Our Country is exactly the same as with Jobbik: to divide Fidesz, to gather people from Fidesz who, for one reason or another, have been disillusioned by left-liberal propaganda, are moving away due to personal insults, and to weaken the Fides from the left in Sunday's election. . Remember - the Our Country party (or movement) is supported by people who do NOT want to cooperate with Gyurcsány but do not like Orban for something (we do not understand why, what harmed them ...).

The leadership of the party, on the other hand, will be willing to cooperate with Ferenc, and no one should have any doubts about that! Just as no one thought of Jobbik in 2010 that Gy.F. side by side, now many people think the same about Our Hungary, but let's not rock ourselves in this misconception. There will be no bacon from a dog.

4. The Our Country movement has a repulsive force for the normal Fidesz, so only the Hungarian Guard, the Jobbik, the divisive anti-Roma policy that is no longer openly accepted by the leaders of this party, but previously the same people are black they marched in uniform in the settlements inhabited by the Roma, which partly explains why the support for this party is so low. Low, but not insignificant, as this may still be the language of the balance sheet: e.g. Libsi rollover 47%, Fidesz 46%, MH 4%, other competitors a total of 3%. With such a line-up, Our Country will stand by the left and they will form a government together.

There has never been such a stake in a parliamentary election, and there has never been such a headwind. The left enjoys the support of the Western "liberal forces", they have unlimited money at their disposal, the social sites are on their side, the trajectory is clearly sliding in our direction.

We need to come together even better than before, because our strength, our weapon, is that we are more. But we will only be in the majority if we line up behind Fidesz and all of us leave on Sunday.

Do we want all the sick ideas that Momentum represents that Gy.F., who heads DK. made with Hungary before 2010, with which James threatens, do we want Hungary to give up its national interests and submit to the will of the Western "liberal" world. Are we ready to give up our family support system, stop development, replace job creation with rising unemployment, hit another wave of robbery privatization instead of increasing public wealth, replace the system of tax breaks with austerity measures? follow the overhead price increase, etc.

According to us, those who vote for Our Hungary are Gy.F. their cart is pushed. It is obvious that the Fidesz-KDNP is the only force capable of winning and governing elections on the national side. So let's all stand there and sweep away the left-liberals.

PS: We ask those who think that Our Country Party is useful not to be angry with us! Realize that every single vote they give them is a threat to national governance. The new Jobbik, that is, Our Country, is a party with a strong orbán phobia. (https://bit.ly/3nXfxkc)

If we do not want Gy.F. laugh at the end, let's get together. Come on, Fidesz!

And one more thing: this is worth reading, Life-and-death choice is coming
Divide et impera, or divide and rule:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1075/Oszd_meg_es_uralkodj_-_semmi_sem_valtozott_a_Romai_birodalom_ota
What are left-liberals preparing for in 2022?

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Bravo Petya!

Feri can be proud of you! You liquidated a 20% party!

Bravo Petya!

Recent news: The party's vice-president in Debrecen has left Jobbik

Better? LMP? MSZP? Dialogue? Momentum? Which of these would reach the parliamentary threshold if they started on their own? The whole upheaval is only good for their well-known and still-living subsistence politicians in Parliament to be able to sit in Parliament again for 4 years, because they will either start in the tuti-safe districts or be on the list.

Other members of these parties would do better to consider whether or not they will continue to play the role of biodiversity.

There are still two political forces in Hungary: one is Viktor Orbán and the Fidesz-KDNP party coalition behind him, and the other is the oligarch and his party living in the stolen villa. The others are only statistics for the Szemlőhegy soap opera.


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Petya! This is for you!

After failing in the election where Fidesz did not even run, Jakab is living with food

Petya!  This is for you!

Jakab is constantly struggling with the price of food, of course the price increase is Orbán's work, he writes the price tags, he gives the raw materials more expensive, etc. However, we looked at how much of the net (!) Minimum wage, which doubled compared to 2010, we can buy from these products, since we are always looking at prices in relation to something. We used the data of the CSO, the Tesco shopping page and a few other data sources to help you, of course we will link them at the end of the article. Here are the results!

Net minimum wage 2010: HUF 57,816
Net minimum wage 2021: HUF 111,321

2010: 140 Ft> 413 kg
2021: 223 Ft> 499 kg
86 kg
👉Edible oil
2010: 405 Ft> 142 liters
2021: 599 Ft> 186 liters
44 liters
👉Dry sausages
2010: 3,360 HUF> 17 kg
2021: 4 140 Ft> 27 kg
10 kg
2010: 120 Ft> 481 kg
2021: 199 Ft> 559 kg
78 kg
SChicken leg
2010: 744 Ft> 77 kg
2021: 737 Ft> 151 kg
74 kg
2010: 205 Ft> 282 kg
2021: 299 Ft> 372 kg
90 kg
2010: HUF 201> 287 liters
2021: 229 Ft> 486 liters
199 liters
2010: 122 Ft> 474 kg
2021: 183 Ft> 608 kg
134 kg

Plus, we can buy more fuel!

In summary: It is not the potatoes and the oil that are expensive for us, but the ruined 10 million service car, and the monthly expenditure of HUF 6 million, which costs the country to maintain such a lying politician.


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This is how Péter Jakab, the president of the once 20 percent Jobbik, reset himself

"You can't do two things: win and lose"

This is how Péter Jakab, the president of the once 20 percent Jobbik, reset himself

Jakab in front of the Borsod interim: "Let's break down the two-thirds!"
Jakab after the interim in Borsod: Péter Jakab did not dare to go to today's sitting of the parliament
James, After recovering from the fall: he took fries to Parliament
Viktor Orbán's answer: Jobbik does not know two things; to win you to lose
Jakab, when he believed that he could be prime minister in the shadow of Gyurcsány:https://www.origo.hu/itthon/20191120-a-hatalomra-vagyo-jobbikos-beult-a-miniszterelnok-szekebe.html
James, when he realized he couldn't break down a third. He was beaten in his own space by his own teammates, but of course the "regime" and "the Zorban" are at fault in this ...

You're pathetic,Jakab Péter! You have zeroed yourself and your party.
Remember well: the Prime Minister will be called Viktor Orbán even after 2022, even if you are on top of your heads. If you may have planned street riots, we suggest you don’t, because just as we are the majority in the polling booths, so will we be the majority on the street. Anti-democratic tools are first and foremost dangerous for those who use them. Hungary is a state governed by the rule of law and will remain so.


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Jakab lied, Jakab fell

Everyone on the left has their own camouflage video and their own “camouflage artist”

Jakab lied, Jakab fell

Jakab’s “miserable” statistician took a leading position, vacationing in Croatia, and was the candidate for the right municipal representative. You can read more about this here:https://pestisracok.hu/jakab-nyomorgo-kisgyermekes-anyukaja-megint-lebukott-most-nyaraltak-tiz-napot-a-horvat-tengerparton/
Jakab' camouflage video:
Bence Rétvárihis brilliant speech: the left is involved in fake news production to the neck!

“So much for ourselves that whoever is“ miserable ”today can’t be made by Orban, but by himself! 1,000,000 new jobs have been created since 2010, wages have at least doubled, but in some sectors they have tripled, there are jobs, there are opportunities. Whose salary depends solely on individual knowledge, experience, skills and willingness to work! You don’t have to complain, because anyone who doesn’t prosper at home won’t even go abroad that much, especially if they don’t speak that particular language or at least English!
You have to work, comrades! To work! And then it will be all!


👉Proliferative rhetoric
This is the case when a minister, in the performance of his or her job duties, attends a trial abroad
👉The camouflage photographer, camel video Ujhelyi has failed again!
This time he depicted Hungarian healthcare with a photo of a Romanian hospital, not a Romanian one, not a Ukrainian one!
👉There are no two left
We remember everything, we will share all the pigs, and together we will defeat the traitorous left!
👉What is happening in Budapest?
That explains everything! Csaba Dömötör's speech 2 days before the municipal election!
👉Gergy Gergely's election lies
This is how the people of Budapest were beaten
👉Hypocrisy has fallen Karácsony!
The demagogue slogan movement is registered in a luxury villa!
KatalCatherine of the Czechs pocketed billions
👉It failed again!
This time, the laundry coalition depicted the Hungarian institution with the image of a ruptured Russian hospital, not a Romanian one!
👉Nurses' salaries have not decreased!
Slowly let’s say Dobrev understands, too
👉Jakab's previous camo video
👉Tímea Szabó lied again and fell down again
The left is still pushing for the virus
👉We respond to Lajos Korózs' s latest camo video with numbers
Korózs has just made a scathing, lying video about pensions
👉Hadházy runs down the settlements and lies
👉Akos Ádad Hadházy, who alternates parties more often than his socks, spread horror news again
(The list is endless)

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It is a non-democratic pre-election play

It is a non-democratic pre-election play

The list of candidates for the opposition pre-election can be considered final, and the collection of signatures is underway. Strictly speaking, from the side of the numbers, without pondering the chances of the given candidates, we now point out some surprising and amusing facts.

For 106 seats, 251 candidates measure their strength. So the 5-6 “serious” parties put an average of 2.36 candidates in 1 constituency, which points to the extent of setbacks. Quite specifically, 11 places are not even pre-selected because a candidate has been nominated in these places. This please the so-called. a net continuation of the left-liberal conception of democracy. In 55 places, so in more than half of the constituencies, only 2 candidates are measured against each other. 32 places in 3 places, 6 places in 4 places, and 2 places in 5. The more candidates there are, the more NSAIDs appear, which indicates that the chances are much clearer in reality.

Most of the candidates will be started by DK, 60 in number, followed by Momentum with 59 people. Jobbik starts in 50th place, MSZP in 42nd place, LMP in 16th place and Dialogue in 12th place. Or there are those who started yet. Examining where these candidates are likely to stand will be seen better by political analysts, or will be revealed within weeks.

It was created against the Jobbik Gyurcsánys anno. In light of this, it is particularly interesting that in 19 places they were behind the DK candidate, and in almost 20 cases, the DK was behind the Jobbik candidate.

Another interesting fact is that DK and Jobbik, in constituencies where 2 candidates run, where these parties stand in a total of 7 places against each other out of 55 and 6 out of 32, respectively. These numbers are a great reflection of the extent to which we are facing a bargain tsunami and pre-played matches.

The DK has the greatest support from other parties, as their 60 candidates are supported by at least one, but mostly several other parties. This attitude, on the other hand, is not very reciprocated by DK, as only 38 seats support candidates from other parties. Jobbik is supported in 50 places, while giving support to other parties in 46 places. Momentum is supported by other parties in 59 places, returning this support in 34 places. The extent of the stinginess is already visible in the case of the MSZP, as they receive support in 42 places, but they have to return it in 57 places. The LMP candidate receives support from elsewhere in 16 places, while in 78 places they support a candidate from another party.

On the other hand, we miss the candidates of the Patriotic People's Front. Oh no! The opposition itself is the neomarxist, neoliberal, brown-shirted patriotic People's Front. The communist is not lost, he is only transformed.


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Jakab has been lying for 11 years!

Nothing good can be expected from the "jobseekers" from the left!

Jakab has been lying for 11 years!

️Jakab said all along that he represents the interests of the jobseekers ...
️The first time you reported, you reported the job to the job!

Who does more for the country? Gyula Kovács or Péter Jakab?

A week after the uncensored recording of Péter Jakab's frenzy in Fonyódliget was published, Vasarnap.hu appeared with another exclusive content: they were the first to sound Gyula Kovács, the "working machine worker", in the Hungarian media.




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Jakab vs Orbán

Gyurcsány's soldier was withdrawn again! Viktor Orbán arranged the matter elegantly

God bless you, Prime Minister!
Today is Viktor Orbán's birthday!

Péter Jakab, the leader of the Jobbik faction, complained that he had received a fine of HUF 10 million for recently calling several of his fellow Members foolish. This time he defeated Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and later called him a street fighter.

Following the usual introduction from Péter Jakab, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán responded.

You are the leader of a faction of a parliamentary party, which is a serious matter - Viktor Orbán began his response. Jakab called Peter a comedian who makes himself a clown week by week. This will cost the voters HUF 6 million a month, as Péter Jakab will also receive a salary, a car and a driver for all the production provided in the parliament. In addition to knowing that Ferenc Gyurcsány hires him not for his wit but for his productions, Fidesz-KDNP would expect more witty jokes for so much money.

The floor was repeatedly withdrawn from Peter James until it was eventually taken away.

Péter Jakab sold Jobbik to Ferenc Gyurcsány - to which Viktor Orbán drew the attention of those present.



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