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We have been cleaning the ruins left behind by the left for 11 years!

Fidesz solves the problems caused by the left

We have been cleaning the ruins left behind by the left for 11 years!

Here are some of the many examples
1. OPNI: closed in 2007. The building will be renovated to become an international school.
2. Budagyöngye Hospital: closed in 2007. The building will be renovated and will become a nursing home.
3. Szolnok Lung Hospital: closed in 2008. The building was demolished, and the Ormos Imre park was opened on its site
4. Heim Pál Hospital in Veszprém: closed in 1995. The building will be renovated and become a cultural center
5. Hatvan Hospital: he was laid off, handed over to his buddy Hospinvest in 2006. The building has been renovated and is again state-owned.
6. Görgey Artúr Primary School, Csepel: closed in 2003. The building was demolished and a wonderfully beautiful park opened in its place.

EBut we can also give many other examples!
Here is our video showing dozens of similar rebirths!
Modern Cities Program - Tatabánya. A grammar school is born from the former Mining Hospital!
Corvinus Campus Székesfehérvár. It is a symbolic example of the indifference of the left, the governance of a thief and the excellent nation-building activities of Fidesz.
Health House, Szokolya. There are two directions and we decide which one to choose
A unique Neo-Renaissance castle was renovated in Pest County for 4.5 billion forints.
Mathias Corvinus Collegium creates real value! In addition to education, listed buildings are also being renovated!
The Diósgyőr Castle will be renewed from 13 billion forints!
Dömsöd, Health House. "Bleeding! Health in ruins! Scratching! Butcher," etc. shouts the opposition! In the meantime, we need to clean up the ruins right after them
We made a collection on the occasion of World Heritage Day
Instead of words - Renovation of the hermit Kamalduli hermitage! The latest work of the National Castle Program and the National Castle Program!
The exterior renovation and decorative lighting of the festive Festetics castle have been completed. The castle will be open to the public, so contrary to false news, it was not renewed for "Orban", but for everyone.
Our past, present: many castles and chateaux are reborn again
"Educational Healthcare Professionals" - Attention! Patient care is already underway in the new wing of the Buda Mercy Hospital. The old, listed building is being renovated for 21 billion forints!
The Western Railway Station will be renewed! The building is completely renovated, the roof structure is already completed. The cost of the complete renovation is almost 10 billion forints!
Train station, bus station, Dorog.
For the first time in 68 years, a new railway section will be built over the Danube in Budapest! The old bridge will also be completely renovated.
"Bleeding" of Budapest

The line is endless ....

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Health is not in ruins!

There are those in ruins who lie like this!

Health is not in ruins!

The obstetrics of St. Margaret's Hospital has been renewed! (and much more!)

In our latest video, the first 6.5 minutes is all about health improvements!
And in our latest article, we list health improvements, it’s a kind of collection of links for those who watch but don’t see.

Mihály Vargawrote: Investments in Óbuda
Cot, maternity chair, newborn crib, newborn resuscitation, ultrasound equipment, ECG device and mobile X-ray. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of St. Margaret's Hospital was also equipped with modern medical equipment with government support.

Meanwhile, the opposition is constantly and consistently depicting Hungarian institutions with images of Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian and other run-down hospitals and barracks. Most recently, it was the "defining individuality" of 0 percent LMP that Erzsébet Schmuck did, but she failed.


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Today is International Nurses Day!

Thank you for the work of more than 80,000 nurses working in Hungarian healthcare!

Today is International Nurses Day!

But what has Fidesz done in the last 10 years?
🟢We ​​SHOW! Pass it on!

The Minister of Human Resources thanked the work of more than 80,000 nurses working in Hungarian healthcare on the International Day of Nurses.

Wage increases! It has raised nurses' wages by a total of 72 percent from 2018, by 118.5 percent since 2016, and tripled compared to 2010! Nursing homes, hospitals and the entire health infrastructure will be renovated.
Development of ambulance service
The nurse's hostels have been renewed!
Thus, the government “does not improve” health care!
Reality: The government will spend HUF 2,884 billion on health care, HUF 769 billion more than this year, from which institutional renewal and health improvement programs can continue!
Development, construction, renovation of institutions: 👉VIDEO

This year, healthcare received a record amount of funding!
The government reallocated a total of HUF 1,127 billion to health care, bringing the total value of expenditures to HUF 3,000 billion
Fake news: there is no doctor and the hospitals are in ruins
Reality: The number of doctors working has increased significantly and hospitals are fine
Funding for dentists has increased by 60% this year
Comparing health care reforms
The average age of ambulances - the numbers are stubborn things
Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director, acknowledged Hungary's excellent performance!
Fewer and fewer doctors are going abroad!
The Gyurcsánys closed or sold the hospitals, fired the doctors, exiled them abroad, the Orbán government valued the doctors, it increased their salaries five times compared to 2010!
Thanksgiving money was banned, with doctors raising their salaries fivefold and nurses threefold compared to 2010
Encouraging investment in the health sector
The salaries of doctors and specialists working in primary care have been increased (No deduction, no adjustment, no reduction, no taxation, no super-grossing, no austerity, but an INCREASE)
It is not true that there is no doctor and no nurse!
Fidesz increased the number of doctors and more nurses than Gyurcsánys fired and persecuted abroad
HUF 700 billion for the health developments of the capital and Pest county
Medical wage increase, details
Funding for dentists has increased:
The salaries of general practitioners and their assistants have increased:
Wages in the social sector
There is a doctor. He lies who claims the opposite
Healthcare is not a business but a national affair
The nonsense of the visit fee and the hospital per diem in numbers
Waiting lists


Employment of people with disabilities, accessibility, child protection
Debt settlement

Fake news: “Health in ruins”
Reality: Public education, health and social institutions across the country are being renewed and built one after another!
So the Government is “not helping” ... This time we are visiting Dömsöd
"Bleeding! Health in ruins! Scratching! Butcher," etc. shouts the opposition! In the meantime, we need to clean up the ruins right after them
After the OPNI building, the Budagyöngye Hospital will also be saved! It will become a nurse's hostel and training institution!
The hospital has been renovated! (with videos!)
The new ward of the St. Francis Hospital in Budapest has been handed over!
The left has been lying for 10 years that “health in ruins”
In the meantime, the renewed healthcare institutions will be handed over every month! The obstetric building of the Kaposvár hospital has now been renovated!
The Semmelweis Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic in Szeged has been renewed! (with video)
The South Hospital Central Hospital will cost as much as all the stadiums together!
Another chapter from the tale of "Opposed Cities Opposed and Impossible."
New health center in Szombathely
Left-liberal propaganda is lying about “Health in ruins”
Meanwhile, the 100th lung transplant was successfully performed in Hungary
Hospital construction now and hospital closure in the time of the left
The St. Barbara's Hospital in Tatabánya will be expanded with a new building
The HUF 18 billion investment is the largest healthcare development in Hungary at present. Meanwhile, libsik lie that health care is in ruins
We have been cleaning the ruins left behind by the left for 10 years
The Gyurcsánys closed the OPNI, the building was allowed to be destroyed, Fidesz established the Nyírő Gyula National Institute of Psychiatry and Addiction in 2013, and now the listed building will come to life again!
Dobrev is worried about the state of health
Let's worry together, let's see what the reality is!
Hungarian hospital! Not a "country"

Our hospitals are constantly evolving
Since 2010, nearly 100 hospitals have been completely refurbished
No, this is not a 5 star hotel. This is the birthplace of St. George's Hospital! As a result of the project, which started in 2018, one of the best - designed, developed and equipped maternity wards in the country was created (free, public institution!)
"Educational Healthcare Professionals" - Attention!
Patient care is already underway in the new wing of the Buda Mercy Hospital. The old building is being renovated for 21 billion forints!
Within the framework of a green field investment, the Gastroenterology Clinic of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Central Hospital and the University Teaching Hospital could move to a new building.
Mogyoród, Health House
So it was "health care in ruins" and it is evolving today as shown
There are two directions and we decide which one to choose
The handover of new or renovated health homes and doctor's offices throughout the country is ongoing
Health in ruins! Yes, no
The renovated Infertility Center of St. John's Hospital was handed over. The center has state-of-the-art equipment
The new wing of the St. Francis Hospital in Budapest was handed over

Meanwhile, the left ...
The stolen money (600 billion has been taken from health care!)
Health care will be paid if the Gyurcsánys come to power!
It's down! Health is not important to the opposition! Hospital development was hindered.

They lied about the nurses' pay


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We will elect in 2022! Part 2!

We will elect in 2022!  Part 2!

👉Do not be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Orbán will be able to pay the visit fee, he won't be in need of a 13-month pension, but you're not sure!
👉Seeing the success of the first part, we also prepared the second part of the confrontation post. Share both in as many places as possible!
🟢First part:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/posts/324010979076042

👉Let's look at the details in the second part!
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w0B92t
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/2RaFgdq
13th month pension
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bnHCfU
Visitation fee, hospital per diem
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3eB072x
IMF Loan, PPP mutyi:
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w25Lkm
Border protection
Left side:https://bit.ly/3uK2JRl
Home renovation support
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/2SIJzgG
Proportion of those in need
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3tFMLGC
Baby waiting support
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3vWUNwg
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w1j2tm
Proportion of people living in overcrowded housing
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3y7hfVx
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bhixmL
Administrative procedures
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bhixmL


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Health care reform means something different to both sides

Health care reform means something different to both sides

To the left, downsizing, closing, withdrawing, and knocking out friendly companies.
🟢Fidesz, the continuous development, salary increases, increasing the number of doctors and nurses, stabilizing the system.

👉Health care reform in Gyurcsány style:
Hospitals for sale
Closure of hospitals
Freezing wages
Deduction of a monthly salary
Dismissal of doctors, nurses
Elimination of 16,000 active beds
Introduction of visitation fee, daily allowance
Closure of nursing homes
Subtraction of 600 billion
Safes ...

👉Health reform in Orbán style:
🟢Wage increase
🟢Renovation of hospitals
🟢Construction of new hospitals
🟢Evaluation of doctors, nurses
🟢Historical-scale medical wage increases
🟢Cancellation of visitor's fee, daily allowance by referendum
🟢Construction of South Buda Central Hospital
🟢Provide an additional € 1,700 billion
🟢Building a stable, crisis-resistant system
🟢Renovation of sister hostels
(There are sources for each statement at the end of the article!)

👉Speak pictures instead of words: The first 6.5 minutes is all about improving health!
We choose in választ2022!
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Orbán will be able to pay the overhead, the loan, the other costs, but you're not sure!

It is a huge resource for health care

The health care budget will increase significantly next year. The framework also includes coverage for wage settlements, and there are plenty of resources for improvements. The epidemic pointed out that medical devices are key, and Hungary strives for self-sufficiency in their production.

According to the draft budget for next year, in 2022 HUF 2884 billion will be allocated to health care. This is HUF 769 billion more than this year's amount. If we look back until 2010, the difference is HUF 1,689 billion. The 2022 budget also includes coverage for wage increases.

Thanks to the wage settlement that has begun, medical salaries will increase by an average of two and a half times in two years. The salaries of health professionals will also rise, by 2022 a nurse will earn an average of two and a half times as much as she received before 2016.

The state will spend almost HUF 460 billion on health care wage increase programs launched in 2021 next year.

The budget also takes into account investments in the health industry. The coronavirus has pointed out the need to prepare for pandemics. Therefore, institutions capable of caring for a large number of patients, where even the most severe patients are treated during a pandemic and where cases of suspected infection requiring other emergency interventions are treated, will be further strengthened. To this end, central hospitals and infectious disease facilities will be developed and epidemiological hospitals with special needs will have to be set up. All areas of the country are affected by modernizations, which include the acquisition of equipment as well as the construction of new ambulance stations and the renovation of existing ones.

The role of both health industry developments and research has been enhanced by the emergence of the coronavirus. The Health Industry Support Program helps the development of Hungarian enterprises with a budget of fifty billion forints. The goal is to be self-sufficient in the manufacture of medical devices. The Ministry of Finance has previously identified health product areas whose availability is of strategic importance, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). In August 2020, the Ministry announced the first round of the support program with a budget of fifty billion forints. In one week, more than forty companies submitted support applications in the amount of about sixty billion forints, for the implementation of a large project worth a total of seventy billion forints.

Most applications included a development plan for the production of masks, disinfectants and raw materials. They have also applied for the production of X-ray and ventilator machines, as well as medicines, according to the convergence program.

Incidentally, the initiative embraced not only the production of end products, but the entire horizontal value chain. This means that aid claims for the production of raw materials, components and packaging have also been accepted. In the first round, the tenders of thirty companies won, which received HUF 33.3 billion in budget funds for investments with a total value of HUF 41.4 billion.

Due to significant interest, the government increased the budget. Thus, the Ministry of Finance reopened the possibility of applying in November 2020 and then in January 2021. In the second and third rounds, another 32 companies won a total of about HUF 35 billion in support for the implementation of investments exceeding HUF 45 billion. With this, the state promoted a productive investment worth almost ninety billion forints out of the HUF 68 billion budget framework of the Health Industry Support Program.

The government has pointed out that rapid capacity building is key. Ten projects from the first round of applications have already been submitted.

With this, extremely important production capacities have been put at the service of the health care, as well as the security of supply of the country, which are capable of producing automatic disinfectants, domestically developed air purification equipment, masks, rubber gloves and medical devices for vaccination.


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️It is ambulance day today!

Thank you to the rescuers for their rightfulness and sacrificial work to save lives every day!

️It is ambulance day today!

God bless all the workers in the rescue stations!

👉The government is constantly improving health care!
Since 2010, 91 hospitals have been renovated, 54 clinics and 107 ambulance stations have been upgraded, 23 new clinics and 34 new ambulance stations have been built.
This is also shown in detail in the Numbers video!
Wage increases and other improvements were collected in an article written for Nurses ’Day!
Respect to the police! April 24 is Police Day in Hungary!
May 4 is the day of firefighters!
Thank you for protecting people's lives and wealth every day of the year with outstanding perseverance and courage

👉Add MORE!

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Thus, the government “does not improve” health care!

Reality: The government will spend HUF 2,884 billion on health care, HUF 769 billion more than this year, from which institutional renewal and health improvement programs can continue!

Thus, the government “does not improve” health care!

We have previously reported that this year's healthcare costs will reach HUF 3,000 billion. This far exceeded the originally planned budget of € 2,115 billion, the difference being provided by the government through redeployment, as the epidemic placed an extraordinary burden on the health care system. We spent money on tools, pay rises, tests, vaccines, masks, vaccinations and much more. You can read more about this here:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3182/Rekordmeretu_forras_az_egeszsegugyben

More resources are flowing into health care
According to next year's draft budget, the government will spend HUF 769 billion more on health care.

The government will spend HUF 2,884 billion on health care, 769 billion more than this year, from which institutional renewal and health improvement programs can continue

In the 2022 budget bill, the government expects dynamic economic growth of 5.2 percent, said Minister of Finance Mihály Varga on the occasion of submitting the 2022 budget bill to the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.

Mihály Varga said that in the draft HUF 7,308 billion is available for the restart of the economy.

- HUF 2,778 billion is available in next year's draft budget for family benefits, such as PIT-free for young people and home creation, which is HUF 483 billion higher than this year.

- Next year, the government will continue to help families moving to new homes with VAT and tax exemptions, which could mean HUF 170 billion in savings for those affected.

- The government will spend HUF 255 billion more on pension payments in 2022 compared to this year; the amount - HUF 160 billion - is also available for the reconstruction of the 13-month pension. He also added that pensions will follow the expected rate of inflation (the budget includes 3 percent inflation). In case of higher growth, he continued, the elderly can also expect a pension premium, for which the government has earmarked HUF 68.5 billion.

- The government will spend HUF 2,884 billion on health care, HUF 769 billion more than this year, from which institutional renewal and health improvement programs can continue, Mihály Varga indicated. He emphasized that HUF 460 billion would be allocated to raising the salaries of health care workers struggling on the front lines of the epidemic, with which the government intends to acknowledge their extra work.

- With various tax and contribution reductions, families and businesses will have HUF 423 billion more money next year, taking into account the benefits for those under 25 years of age.

- As a result of the 2016 agreement between employers, employees and the government, the reduction of the social contribution tax will continue by another 2 percentage points next year.

🟢This health improvement is in a Numbers video, including hospitals, surgeries, pay rises, other improvements, everything is labeled, everything is verifiable.
🟢In this article, we have gathered all the information related to health care improvements and wage increases:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2962/Ma_van_a_magyar_apolok_napja
🟢Nurses' wage increaseshttps://www.szamokadatok.hu/Post/2439/A_napokon_erkezik_meg_az_apolok_megemelt_bere
🟢Increased funding for dentists:
🟢The salaries of GPs and their assistants have increased:
🟢The salary of doctors has increased:
🟢Wages in the social sector
🟢Health is evolving! (video)
🟢Is a doctor. He lies who claims the opposite
🟢Our comprehensive article on the development of the ambulance service can be found here:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1868/Romokon_az_egeszsegugy_-_hazugsag
🟢700 billion forints for the health developments of the capital and Pest county
🟢Comprehensive article on health care development, wage increases, etc.
🟢Health is not a business but a national matter


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The average age of ambulances - the numbers are stubborn things

This is how Fidesz does not improve healthcare!

The average age of ambulances - the numbers are stubborn things

Before anyone thinks this is a "snatched case" here, we encourage them to watch the video as well, the first 6 minutes are about health improvements.

Bence Rétváriwrote: In recent years, we have replaced a significant portion of older ambulances, reducing the average age of the fleet by almost half. So much for the left-wing lie that the government doesn’t pay attention to health care!

AlsoBence Rétváriwrote: Ambulances survived the coronavirus under enormous load. An important step forward was that the budget of the National Ambulance Service has increased by 124% and 124% in ten years.

Modernized, developed in terms of staff and equipmentNational Ambulance Serviceeven in this situation he was able to perform his duties. The National Ambulance Service has published incomprehensible numbers!

Just two of these: 155,000 infected people have been hospitalized in the past good year and one and a half million coronavirus tests have been performed.
In a lengthy interview with Növekedés.hu, Gábor Csató, Director General of the National Ambulance Service, revealed to the public the activities of the ambulances during the epidemic.

* 12 million pairs of rubber gloves, half a million protective clothing and 3.5 million masks sold out
* more than a thousand people took part in 3-4 thousand rescue tasks a day, performing up to 20 thousand tests
* Sampling was facilitated from the beginning by a 100-person call center with volunteers, Red Cross, medics, and patient transporters.
* 100 sampling points have become available (only half of this is needed today)
* 400 mobile sampling units were operational at the peak of the epidemic
* 1,233 samples were taken, the daily peak was 20 thousand - in the meantime, most of the process has been digitized so that no data is lost and the workload does not become unmanageable
* sms have been sent out in the millions in recent weeks
* at the peak of the epidemic, they had 1,500 coronavirus deliveries per day
* 4.5 kilometers traveled, 155,000 suspected or confirmed infected patients were hospitalized for covid alone
* The defense consumed HUF 3 billion last year, a significant part of which was overtime pay
* Infection rate among paramedics was 2.5 percent (not all became ill while working), 100 percent sick pay was paid in all cases

Gábor Csató also revealed that with the escalation of the epidemic situation, the coronavirus rescue activity was separated from the general one, thus managing to maintain the standard, there were quasi-"two ambulance services".

The rescue service refuted another horror of the lying Hadházy
It was not the supply that collapsed, but the fake news factory on the left!
In this article, we have gathered information about health improvements and wage increases
The development of the Ambulance Service and health care is continuous


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We saved 550 billion forints by purchasing eastern vaccines!

We saved 550 billion forints by purchasing eastern vaccines!

👉With the single right decision of the government, it saved thousands of lives, we were able to open a month and a half earlier, and it was kind to even the "stadiums" :) The amount saved is more than one and a half times the money spent on stadium construction!


The Hungarian economy has saved a huge amount thanks to the eastern vaccines, the Secretary of State for Information and International Representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

Tamás Menczer said in a video published on his community page: the Hungarian economy suffered a daily loss of HUF 10-15 billion during the closure.

He noted that the 4 million vaccinees could have been reached a month and a half later without the Eastern vaccines. During this month and a half, the Hungarian economy would have suffered a loss of more than HUF 550 billion, he added, adding that this amount, or at least a significant part of it, could be saved thanks to oriental vaccines.

That is, procuring the Russian and Chinese vaccines — in addition to saving lives and restarting — was also an economically good decision, ”the secretary of state said, stressing,“ the more people we vaccinate ourselves, the sooner we get our old lives back ”.

As "stadium" has a long tradition in Hungary, here are 3 more articles on this topic!
The Hungarian state won billions of forints in the construction of the Groupama Arena!
Left-liberal governments have done multiple damage to the cost of stadiums. The PPP contracts for the highways took away 8.5 times the amount for stadium construction, and nothing was built out of it, just the damage!
Stadiuming, or the demagoguery of the decade. 0.18 percent of total government spending went to all stadiums built and 99.82 percent to everything else.


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