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Consider who you are voting for

Márki-Zay: "Yes, it must be accepted that there is no emergency or maternity care near those living in rural towns or even villages."

Consider who you are voting for

The topic is explained in more detail here:https://mandiner.hu/cikk/20220121_belfold_marki_zay_peter_baloldal_korhaz_egeszsegugy_ellatas

Watch this video - the left would CLOSE it all, I would KILL the doctors, the nurses and the other workers! Healthcare workers would not not only have high but not even low wages! They would have no pay, the left would send us to death!

One more video: Statements that the left now denies. Look, pass it on!
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/976130949992185

Do the same so that the past does not return!
The share button is a great weapon against them!

Márki-Zay epidemic, amid economic difficulties CLAIM MONEY FROM THE HOSPITAL! Is it lower than that?

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The left would do business out of solidarity and equal health

The poor would not receive adequate care, the rich would pay more

The left would do business out of solidarity and equal health

Everyone is subject to a uniform 7% health insurance contribution, which means that an assistant living on a gross minimum wage of HUF 200,000 contributes HUF 14,000 each month to the operation of healthcare, while a project manager earning HUF 1,000,000 gross contributes HUF 70,000.

This is the difference between the two of them.

The similarity, however, is that because they are the same people, they receive the same care in the hospital, they get the vaccine in the same way, they can go to the GP, the dentist, any specialist in the same way. None of them are on the waiting list over the other. Their children receive the same service from a pediatrician. When they retire, they receive the same benefits regardless of the amount of their pension.

Hungarian healthcare treats its patients equally, everyone receives the same service. At the same time, those who earn better contribute more to the operation, those who earn less contribute less, so Hungarian health care is also in solidarity. If someone pays less contributions than they manage, they won’t receive an invoice for the difference.

Péter Márki-Zay would do business from healthcare just like his comrades and his boss, Ferenc Gyurcsány. In Hungarian, this means that due to market-based operation, the richer would have an advantage over the poorer, so health care would lose its equal and solidarity character. For the richer, girls in grass skirts could serve mojitos according to MZP. But what about the poorer ones?

The left is voicing solidarity on the road, it is failing in its plans to show solidarity. In fact, because they are no longer left-wingers, but globalists. They would only show solidarity with those who envision a world without national and classical European values, that is, with liberals who have lost their identities and who have come to take advantage of the social welfare system.


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Márki-Zay epidemic, amid economic difficulties CLAIM MONEY FROM THE HOSPITAL!

Is it lower than that?

Márki-Zay epidemic, amid economic difficulties CLAIM MONEY FROM THE HOSPITAL!

Understand, right? It does not support, but CHARGES THE HOSPITAL!

The left is also able to plunder health care in opposition. Not surprisingly, since they have been told that health care is their business. These statements, and much more, are also featured in the Numbers ’video of left-wing politicians (now denied).https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/976130949992185
Orbán is in an opposition town and is developing and expanding the hospital! More health improvements: (video)https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/404216781419888
Consider who you support!

The expansion of the hospital in Hódmezővásárhely is in progress, with the development of more than two billion forints, a new pediatric and internal medicine department will be established, and modern diagnostic equipment will arrive at the institution.

The municipality of Hódmezővásárhely, led by the candidate for prime minister on the left, is once again demanding money from the hospital. Péter Márki-Zay, who praised health care operating on a market basis, had previously entered the institution hard in a forum, with which he was suing at the same time. Now the city has billed the hospital for thirty million in rent.
The local government, headed by Mayor Péter Márki-Zay, is demanding HUF 30 million from the hospital in Hódmezővásárhely for the use of the car park, internal roads and sidewalks that make up the yard, Mandiner learned. The requirement, which can also be seen as a tribute, should be examined in the light of the recent battle with the health center by the opposition mayor, prime minister and member of parliament, demanding HUF 140 million for the one-year land use of a crane working on the street due to hospital development. The last attempt at scratch has already failed - we will return to this in this article - but the scandal over the rent for the hospital yard that is now being introduced is expected to unfold only after that.

A copy of the newly issued invoices for the years 2014-2019 has been in Mandiner's possession.
30 million are being asked during the epidemic for the hospital yard

At the beginning of the last decade, the hospitals in the hands of the municipalities became state-owned, but in several places the ownership remained mixed to some extent. Thus, in the case of the hospital in Hódmezővásárhely (full name: Csongrád-Csanád County Health Care Center - Hódmezővásárhely-Makó), the mosaic plots between the hospital buildings remained in the ownership of the municipality. In essence, this would be used by the left-wing municipality to raise money from the hospital.

Not only are the parking areas, visitors, doctors, nurses, and patients and prenatal internal routes routed by the Márki-Zays, but to the best of our knowledge, the area included in the rent collection also includes a tent for soldiers vaccinating against COVID. The case is also surprising because it has never occurred before that the municipality charges the health care facility for rent for these areas within the hospital.

György Kriveczky, the legal representative of the hospital center, outlined the strange situation for Mandiner as follows:

“After the hospital in Hódmezővásárhely enforced its tens of millions of debt claims arising from a loan agreement, the municipality acted by invoicing rents. There are many hospitals that have mixed ownership. But which is the city government outside the fairgrounds that would charge a rent set at market prices for many years, in the middle of a covid epidemic, for plots of land in the middle of a local hospital where patients park and walk through?
This unprecedented nationwide procedure is in principle legitimate, but it is incorrect and deeply unfair. ”

The mayor goes to the crane
Péter Márki-Zay already had a dubious battle with the hospital in Hódmezővásárhely. The main motive for the case, which began in the spring of 2021, was that the municipality had asked for a horrible public space usage fee so that the contractor for the high-rise renovation of the hospital could use the short stretch of street needed to parade a crane. The two-level expansion of the outpatient clinic is one of the stages of a cross-border government project funded in part by the European Union. Until now, the Department of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics has been in a tight space, but through development, they can continue in more dignified conditions and with a fleet of equipment.

However, according to the mayor's office's consent decision for road managers in March last year, they wanted more than HUF 136.3 (!) Million from the contractor to use one of the lanes, sidewalks and cycle paths of Hunyadi Street bordering the hospital for a full year. vehesse.

However, with the requested amount, the investment of 1.4 billion in the part of the project related to the development of specialist clinics in Hódmezővásárhely was jeopardized.
The contractor would not have been able to pay for this, and it would not be possible to build it without unobstructed tower crane work. In addition, construction prices have skyrocketed.

The local Fidesz organization then called on the mayor in a statement: if he no longer helps the city, don’t even hinder the development of the hospital, give up the huge fight. János Lázár - who was the mayor of the county town between 2002 and 2012, and from 2002 the individual parliamentary representative of the affected constituency - also spoke. He called the requirement of almost 140 million forints a criminal tax, adding: “He who now takes away from those fighting on the front line, rather than gives, is like shooting his own in the back. I believe a campaign for a prime minister-designate will cost a lot, but don’t let the city’s patients have to stand in the guild. Get your hands off the hospitals, get your hands off the healthcare workers! ”

Director General Árpád Kallai called the land use fee a shocking and faceless claim, and then made it clear: This is unmanageable from the hospital budget and is not available in the project budget either. Just one example: the institution's annual drug budget is HUF 140 million. ”

Péter Márki-Zay did not back down as long as he could: saying to our newspaper, which referred to the 2004 decree, that the amount of 136.3 million per penny had been set according to the parameters set out therein. According to the mayor, "the EU tender funding provides ample opportunity for the city to legally cut off a few million, which would be suitable for Hódmezővásárhely".

The government failed the bribe
The contractor withdrew his original application, narrowed down the external parade area to be used, and continued the work in a slow and fragmented manner. In the meantime, the hospital requested that this development project in Hódmezővásárhely be a government priority investment. As a result, by the end of the summer, a government decision had been made to end the threat to the project.

The privileged investment status prevented Márki-Zays from asking for money for the crane's use of space.
The municipality could no longer make such a claim.

Since then, construction has returned to its original pace. The two new levels have already been installed on the given hospital building, and the windows and mechanical elements have been installed. However, if the government had not made the decision to bridge, the development of health care for the residents of Vásárhely and those living in the area would fail or suffer a great delay due to the actions of Márki-Zayék.

He lost a lawsuit over the death campaign
The death campaign of the mayor of Hódmezővásárhely related to the local hospital was also memorable. Márki-Zay rudely went to the hospital of his own city in a campaign at a campaign forum in Attila Kiss, a right-wing candidate for Attila Kiss, in March 2018, during the parliamentary election campaign. He said this shortly after the interim mayor's election as mayor:

“If you go to the hospital in Hódmezővásárhely, you are risking your life!
My friend, when he cut his hand to the bone, could still go home for dinner before receiving care. Uncle Feri had not received breakfast, lunch or dinner in the neighborhood for three days, let alone treatment. A forty-two-year-old woman, a baby, died at the hospital at the age of three last year. ”

The director general of the hospital, Árpád Kallai, reacted immediately to all this: the mayor's statements seriously damaged the reputation of the hospital and the honor of the 570 employees of the institution.

The right-wing parliamentary candidate was beaten by János Lázár of Fidesz in the election, and Márki-Zay, who supported him, was sued for his insulting statements at the Vásárhely hospital. More specifically, the Csongrád County Health Care Center filed a lawsuit against Márky-Zay for violating the reputation of the hospital. The lawsuit was won at the first, second and third instance - by the court, the court, the Curia - by the health care institution. The Court of First Instance and the Court of First Instance unanimously held that:

MZP violated the hospital's reputation and personal rights by alleging untruths.
The judges emphasized that it was a hospital and that these statements were apt to undermine confidence in health care. For this reason, the mayor was also fined 800,000 forints. The Curia's verdict differed from the previous ones in that it said the introductory statement - who goes to the hospital in Vásárhely risk his life - fits into free expression. On the other hand, the Curia left in place that the mayor had violated the institution’s rights of privacy with specific, untrue allegations; the payment of the said damages also remained. Defendant Márki-Zay - only after enforcement was initiated against him - paid the amount of 800 thousand together with the litigation costs.

Her daughter was able to do an internship at the hospital
The story is not over yet. We learned from the people of Hódmezővásárhely that the daughter of a medical student from Szeged, the mayor who was attacking the hospital hard, chose the hospital in Hódmezővásárhely, which closely cooperates with the University of Szeged, as the venue for her internships during the period in question and even after that. Presumably because he wanted to acquire a good standard of professional knowledge, which is, of course, in stark contrast to his father’s ruthless campaign against his death on a hospital forum.


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Appreciation for health and social workers! the power-hungry left roars!

Then let’s see who appreciated them!

Appreciation for health and social workers!  the power-hungry left roars!

The numbers speak for themselves. In 2010, a novice doctor or a nurse earned below average salary, and today their salary is well above it!

In addition, Fidesz has significantly improved working conditions, as our healthcare and social institutions have been developing for 12 years. We also made a video about it, it's worth watching!

And the left closed, privatized hospitals and nursing homes, and fired doctors and nurses.

Don't be silent! Give it on!


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The last nail into the coffin of the false news manufacturers - The facade of the Kútvölgyi Hospital is also being renewed!

Now how will Hungarian health care be depicted? Pictures of Romanian barracks and Ukrainian hospitals remain!

The last nail into the coffin of the false news manufacturers - The facade of the Kútvölgyi Hospital is also being renewed!

We have been looking forward to this moment, because despite the fact that Fidesz has already renovated more than 100 hospitals and nearly 100 clinics (and, of course, thousands of doctor's offices), the left-wing dirty media has always taken the image of this building when it comes to healthcare. Inside, the hospital is fine, but of course they forgot to write about it, they always gave the image of the façade a false appearance, as if it were common in Hungary.

Important: The work was not "in Zorba" but because of a dispute! Litigation was pending, so it was not possible to continue it until the court ruled. Now the contractor is finally finished!

The creators of the Numbers therefore made a video showing pictures of the renovation and condition of the other hospitals.

About Kútvölgyi: During the project, nearly 11,000 square meters of facade will be renovated. The Kútvölgy block is completely renewed!
The value of the investment is HUF 11 billion

"For many years we looked at the ruined tower, which was mocked by Chernobyl as well, the good news is that it won't be long. The façade of the Kútvölgyi tower will be completely renovated. "ready for spring", Balázs Fürjes, Secretary of State responsible for the development of Budapest and the metropolitan agglomeration, shared the latest developments in connection with the renovation of the Kútvölgyi tower on his community page.

In his entry, the politician stressed that

It's not just optical tuning! The entire Kútvölgyi tower will be renewed from HUF 5 billion government funds, so that we can provide uninterrupted health care to the people of Buda even during the construction of the new central hospital in János Hospital.

Upon completion of the renovation, the new building will also house internal medicine, surgery, urology and intensive care. There will be a total of 250 hospital beds, 5 operating rooms with endoscopic laboratories, medical rooms and a rest area.

Similar developments:
KorábbiPrevious articles in the series:https://szamokadatok.hu/fejlodes
👉The new building of the Clinic of Oncoradiology of the University of Debrecen was handed over
👉The Semmelweis Clinic of Internal Medicine and Hematology has been renewed
The Ferenc Jahn South Pest Hospital was renovated from HUF 5,5 million, with a total of 44 beds and 22 doctors.
👉New, state-of-the-art thoracic surgery operating room at the National Institute of Oncology!
👉The Kútvölgy block is completely renewed!
👉We clean up the ruins left behind by the left 11 years ago!
👉The obstetrics of St. Margaret's Hospital has been renewed!
👉Development of the ambulance service
👉The new ward of the St. Francis Hospital in Budapest has been handed over!
👉The left has been lying for 10 years about “health in ruins”
In the meantime, the renewed healthcare institutions will be handed over every month! The obstetric building of the hospital in Kaposvár has now been renovated!
👉Good news: there is no doctor and the hospitals are in ruins
Reality: There has been a significant increase in the number of doctors working and hospitals are fine
👉The South Buda Central Hospital will cost as much as all the stadiums together!
Stadium phobics, attention! But this is bleeding, right! :)
👉New health center in Szombathely
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2835/Unauj_fejezet_a_megsarcolt_es_elle minimalitett_ellenzeki_varosok_cimu_mesebol
👉The 100th lung transplant was successfully performed in Hungary
HUF 700 billion for the health developments of the capital and Pest county
So far, improvements worth HUF 245 billion have been implemented.
👉When they can no longer get involved
At 444, the medicine is completely gone!
👉Hospice construction now and hospital closure in the time of the left
👉The new building of St. Barbara's Hospital in Tatabánya will be expanded
We will choose in 222022!
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Many will be able to pay the overhead, the loan, the rest of the cost, but you’re not sure!
👉 “Health in ruins” - FAKE NEWS!
Reality: The Cardiology Clinic of the University of Pécs has been renewed (in the "bled" Pécs)
👉World-class health development in Józsefváros!
👉Another 20 ambulances were on duty
And since 2010, more than 1,000!



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Health care has been sold once!

Don’t let our hospitals renovated by the current government be resold!

Health care has been sold once!

Health care has been sold once!
Don’t let our hospitals renovated by the current government be resold!

Péter Márki-Zay would privatize health services and privatize hospitals. What it means?
"That private hospitals would set the price they want!"
- The cost of increasingly expensive treatments would be billed to the health fund
- Due to rising spending, the left-wing government would continue to raise its health contribution, leaving us with less net pay!

When they were in government, dozens of hospitals were CLOSED and SOLD OUT! Here are the specific examples:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/4634/Marki-Zay_ujra_ezt_tenne

And now 80% of the healthcare facilities have been renovated, new hospital blocks, new health homes have been built! Here is a video about it! That's what they want to privatize now! Good greasy snacks, PROPERTIES in frequented places!

SUPPORT the FIDESZ-KDNP party alliance!



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Márki-Zay would do it again!

This is not what Fidesz says, not the media, but itself! here's the shot!

Márki-Zay would do it again!

Viktor Orbán and his government renovated the hospitals and clinics, which would privatize them to their friends! Imre László also said that half of the hospitals should be closed so that there would be NO hospital nearby!

Mari-Zay's statements:
Statements by Imre László:

There is nothing to see here! The left does not change! What did they do when they steered? Let's see!

How much was the commission here?
The left has closed or privatized our hospitals!
Let's see what happened to them!

During the rule of the left, it sold or closed hospitals, left the remaining institutions destroyed, virtually no nails were hit, there were no renovations, HUF 600 billion was deducted from health care.
In opposition, Fidesz has been constantly being held accountable for the poor state of health care since 2010, and although Fidesz has been constantly renovating health care facilities, the left has been portraying the public with pictures of Romanian barracks.
And their latest brainstorming session is that A LOT OF HOSPITALS!
444 wrote that the new building of the Mercy Hospital was ugly!
Here are some of the institutions renovated by Fidesz! (video)

Let's look at the facts!

Hospital in Körmend
- The left was privatized by the left, and in 2004 it was replayed for 20 years by Hospinvest, which was launched as a single candidate by their buddies.
- Fidesz took back the hospital and renovated it in 2016
- The left the hospital closed in 2007 after 139 years of operation
- Fidesz established the Gyula Nyírő National Institute of Psychiatry and Addiction in 2013, and the OPNI monument building will be renovated, and an international school will operate in it.
Veszprém Heim Pál Children's Hospital
- The left the hospital closed on July 12, 1995
- Fidesz renovates the listed building and adds a new function: Acticity has started: a large-scale cultural center is being built in Veszprém
Kiskunhalas Hospital
- The left was privatized by the left, and in 2004 it was replayed for 20 years by Hospinvest, which was launched as a single candidate by their buddies.
- Fidesz took over the hospital and renovated the hospital in 2019
Hatvan Hospital
- The left privatized the hospital, and the operation of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Hatvan received Hospinvest free of charge from the MSZP-led local government.
- Fidesz took back the hospital and renovated it in 2015
Hospital in Parádfürdő
- The left privatized the hospital, replayed it to Hospinvest, founded by their buddies.
- Fidesz renovated the hospital within the framework of several projects.
Csepel Hospital
- The left closed the hospital in 2003
- Fidesz renovated the hospital in 2013
Szabolcs Street Hospital
- The XIII. district Szabolcs utca hospital was closed by the left at the end of October 2008
- Fidesz renovated the building in 2012, it currently houses a homeless hospital
Schöpf-Merei Hospital
- The left closed the hospital in 2009
- The property is still owned by the Budapest Municipality. We have found news that a drug research center is being set up in it, but there is no news of it being handed over. The result of the 2019 election has stopped this process, Karácsony they are not doing anything!
BM Central Hospital
- The left closed the hospital in 2007!
- Fidesz will settle the fate of the property, the Hungarian Museum of Architecture and the Documentation Center for the Protection of Monuments will be located here.
Buda Children's Hospital
- The left closed the hospital in 2008
- The property is listed in the XII. district sold in 2019
Szolnok Lung Hospital
- The left closed the hospital in 2008
- Fidesz built the largest public park in Szolnok, the new Ormos Imre park
Eger hospital
- On February 29, 2008, the Heves County General Assembly with a majority of the MSZP decided to transfer to Hospinvest the operation of the Ferenc Markhot Training Hospital and Clinic in Eger, which it maintained and was operating at a loss (What is it?). There was significant social resistance to the decision. Eventually, however, the company took over the institution on November 1, 2008
- In 2017, Fidesz renovated the hospital with a development of 7.3 billion
Budagyöngye Hospital
- The left closed the hospital in 2007
- Fidesz is renovating the building! A nurse's hostel and training center will be established from the former Budagyöngye Hospital
Gyöngyös Hospital
- The left also replayed this hospital to Hospinvest in 2007
- In 2015, Fidesz renovated and expanded the hospital
Pécs Lung Hospital
- The left closed the hospital in 2009
- The building became the property of PTE with the change of model of PTE, and a decision on its development will be made soon.

There are plenty of examples like this! Not only were hospitals closed and left to perish, the fate of thousands of buildings and listed buildings was sealed due to conscious left-liberal damage! Here are some more examples!

Thieves don't change!
The left sells EVERYTHING you can control. That was the case before 2010, and it is the case now
"Educational reform" Gyurcsány style
We have been cleaning the ruins left by the left for 10 years!

Finally, it's worth seeing what the "Orbán regime" has done with our historic buildings! (video)
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/577667423675955

Never left again!

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Action instead of speech

Thus, Fidesz "did not improve" health care!

Action instead of speech

The government has implemented the largest ever medical wage increase and a four-step wage increase for health professionals has also been completed. The salaries of doctors increased fivefold compared to 2010, and the salaries of nurses tripled, at the same time banning gratitude money. He who gives or accepts gratitude money commits a crime!

In addition:
HUF 1,700 billion annually for health care
More than 100 renovated hospitals
54 renovated clinics
107 refurbished ambulance stations
23 new clinics
34 new rescue stations
Construction of the super hospital begins
1000 new ambulances
80% CT and MR examination
7,000 doctors, 15,000 nurses
Thanksgiving money was taken out
Thousands of renovated clinics
9 new rescue helicopters
The National Vaccine Factory is built
The nursing homes have been renewed
The institutions of the Blood Supply have been renewed

👉Further health improvements, specific examples of the above:https://szamokadatok.hu/egeszsegugy
👉Development of health care institutions (video)https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/404216781419888


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This is what Fidesz did! Share it with your friends and acquaintances!

We show you where the "stolen money" is with videos!

This is what Fidesz did!  Share it with your friends and acquaintances!

Since 2010, thousands of nurseries, kindergartens, schools, doctor's offices, health centers, hospitals, ambulances, test halls, gyms, sports facilities, roads have been built or renovated, and public transport has developed, and with the help of the Hungarian Village Program to the smallest settlements under 100 also get the support. Where it really is needed!

Let the pictures speak instead of words!
Video: Built in 2021
Video: Improvements (end of summer, autumn)
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/435217704665393
Video: Improvements (end of spring, summer)
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/1835329446647711
Video: Modern Cities Program Results
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/907885750101274
Video: This is what Orbán did with our public education institutions!
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/1215108605666438
Video: This is what Orbán did with Hungarian healthcare!
Video: This is what Orbán did with our listed buildings!
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/577667423675955
Video: This is what Orbán did with public transport
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/1219882711827007
Further developments:https://szamokadatok.hu/fejlodes

For more than 2 years, we have been spreading the reality and refuting the false news of the power-hungry left! Each enhancement in the videos is labeled so everything can be checked e.g. using Google Images. We don’t just talk, we support what we say.

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