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DK: We will return the stolen property to the Hungarians

You can start!

DK: We will return the stolen property to the Hungarians

With the standard fork
By repaying the HUF 2853 BILLION (!) Damage caused by the PPP contracts
With the amount of IMF loan taken and repaidhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2351/Megszolalt_a_DK-s_Varju_eladositas_ugyben
With the repayment of HUF 167 billion stolen at metro line 4
By repurchasing privatized state-owned companies or repaying money
With the repayment of 1,300 billion withdrawn from local governments
By repaying the price of wasted gold reserveshttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1004/Az_index_Matolcsy_helyett_Suranyi_velemenyere_kivancsi
By repaying the price of wasted public buildings
With a repayment of 600 billion abstracted from health care
In addition: By repaying the unauthorized subsidies of Momentum fraudsters

Criminal record of the left: The list is NOT complete!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2918/Segedlet_Gyurcsany_evertekelo_beszedehez


The site that spreads DK's message, EzaLényeg, has already spent nearly 96 million forints on Facebook ads. It’s a question of who and what money you pay for this!https://bit.ly/2QYOMQm

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Dobrev's (and the left's) opinion of the Hungarian people

We are cheap, silly, vulnerable, uneducated and unnecessary people in their eyes

️Once once, "jobseekers" have been ruined, if given the opportunity, they will do so a second time. You don't want to, do you?
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The greatest sins and lies of the left

This comes to mind when you vote! If you support them, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself and your family!

The greatest sins and lies of the left

Why is the liar, why is the left hypocritical and harmful to Hungary and the Hungarian people? Here's a brief summary! And at the end of the article, there will be a link to a longer, more detailed list.

They fear freedom of the press, while banning newspapers they do not like in Budapest, avoiding right-wing journalists, threatening and expiring them.
They worry about "jobseekers" while raising taxes, attacking job-creating investments, and James even reported a jobseeker.
They fear democracy, while attacking the referendum, the National Consultation, questioning the legitimacy of the elected government.
They are worried about health care, while hospitals and doctor's offices have been closed, thousands of doctors and health workers have been fired, visit fees and hospital per diems have been introduced, and hospitals have been sold.
They criticize education policy, while firing 15,000 teachers, closing hundreds of schools and kindergartens, profiting from textbooks.
They are attacking the government's measures related to transport, while creating artificial traffic jams in Budapest, when the government closed the sidings, allowed the vehicle fleet to age, and increased the price of passes several times a year.
They are worried about the situation of the pensioners, meanwhile they took the 13th month's pension and Fidesz returned it
According to them, the government does not support families, meanwhile they were the ones who took away the socts, the family tax credit, took away a year’s worth, raised unemployment to 12 percent, supported those who avoided work, and harassed working and tax-paying parents.
They are attacking energy developments, the Paks investment, they were the ones who doubled the price of electricity and tripled the price of gas.
They are worried about public safety, while breaking down the fence, allowing undocumented migrants into the Schengen area.
Fidesz is accused of violence, while they are the ones who light the lanterns, threaten, foul Fidesz and Fidesz sympathizers.
Fidesz is accused of stealing while pocketing billions through their own companies by bidding, and this “corrupt” Fidesz also gave them money
They attack Hungarian companies, Hungarian entrepreneurs, they do not think that millions of Hungarians work for Hungarian companies, they support their families from the wages earned there.
They shout “Police State,” meanwhile, they were the ones who shot our eyes.
Family protection measures have been under attack for 11 years, but it is considered important to march with children on the pride
Fidesz accused of treason, while in Brussels it urges withdrawal and sanctions against Hungary
They are constantly campaigning for more expensive food, while they have not voted in favor of this year’s budget, which includes much more money for pensions, wages, family benefits, tax cuts.
Epidemiological control was made more difficult by lies, false news, harassment, lies about vaccines, distribution of camouflage videos, and then a death campaign
They promised heat and wood before the municipal election, tricked the voters because they did nothing of what they promised.
They hate motorists, they do everything to make driving impossible, they don’t understand that if driving becomes more expensive, everything will become more expensive
They plunder and neglect the cities and districts they lead. They are characterized by empty coffers, garbage, weeds, homelessness, buddy pocket contracts. Instead of city leadership, they still just talk, Facebook, herg, they don’t do what they were elected for. Let us not let Hungary and Hungarian families be plundered again!

👉In more detail:https://bit.ly/3zrV3VT
👉 We have 3700 more arguments for Fidesz here:https://szamokadatok.hu


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The hypocritical Karácsony has fallen!

The demagogue slogan movement is registered in a luxury villa!

The hypocritical Karácsony has fallen!

A Christmas 99 "Movement" of Christmas wedges is registered in a villa of hundreds of millions, which "fights" against the "1% privileged" A revealing video was made of how the left is urinating and meanwhile lying!


KatalCatherine of the Czechs pocketed billions
👉The program of the left: it will hurt! (There are links to more articles at the end of this article!)
And it will hurt everyone, not just motorists, because the extra charges for shipping are ultimately paid by consumers!
👉99 1 argument against Gergely Christmas!
Give it on! Gyurcsány’s puppet actually supports the 1 percent privilege against 99 percent of people!
👉Tracking traffic problems
Taste these two approaches and don’t vote against yourself next year!
👉Message of Gergely Christmas
He failed to set the law, now he takes revenge on the people of Budapest and the capital for his own incompetence.
👉Christmas Gergely's first year
Its activity with numbers and facts
👉Climate policy failure: energy prices in the skies and the use of fossil fuels continue to rise in Germany
This is the "green" policy, which is actually fake green
👉Budapest is the only European city where the air is worse than before the epidemic
👉The EU makes it completely impossible for cars, road haulage and agriculture
While the really polluting luxury and cargo shipping, aviation, coal-fired power plants, old diesel locomotives are not sanctioned
👉 "Budapest for everyone"
Traffic jams, weeds, stench, garbage, livelihood politicians and alien propaganda characterize today's capital
👉We have a beehive here! What is in Budapest is GAZ!
Message to Tímea Szabó, Gergely Karácsony and the other left-wing livelihood politicians
👉Gerely Gergely's election lies
This is how the people of Budapest were beaten
👉The fallen student
If he has no longer managed to put down the right, no one else should drive. Gergely Christmas is slowly banning cars from half the city
👉Caos in Elizabeth City, Transport collapsed, it is the result of populist, incompetent policy


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Such is the left-wing "DEMOCRACY" - even those who just ask are banned

The left is already holding the mouths of the people in opposition. If they come to power, they will even shoot our eyes!

And in this video, Dobrev explains that he thinks manual workers are sick and unnecessary for society.
Let everyone see what the left is looking at us for! Dobrev is just one of them, but all of them!
This is the democracy of the left:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2638/Gyurcsany_demokraciaja

Take a test (if you haven't already disabled it)! Let's see how "democratic" this DK is!

1. Go to your page:facebook.com/dobrevklara
2. Write a comment
3. Notice how many minutes you will disable it.
4. In a comment, write to us that you have previously disabled or are now disabled
5. Share this post so that as many people as possible can take part in the big “Dobrev” democracy test
6. (plus) Use the right emoticons :)

👉Add MORE!

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We will elect in 2022!

Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. The privileged (buddies) will be able to pay the overhead, the loan, the rest of the cost, but you’re not sure!

We will elect in 2022!

The left is "rich" everyone who has learned something, has a profession, and earns more than the minimum wage. Well, they will pay!
👉Video: Everyone will pay
👉How much does the left look at the "jobs"
👉This is when they are in a leading position
👉And they did it before 2010!
👉It's ​​their best man
👉They raise the overhead (and we have summarized their further plans in this article)

And why is Fidesz better? The majority feel this in their own example, you know, we show it to others! Of course, that’s not all, we can’t condense everything into a single post, but we have an additional 3,500 hungry on our website!https://szamokadatok.hu

Let's see the details!
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/2RaFgdq
👉 Unemployment
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/2Q85UmV
👉Price of natural gas
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3tDOvzY
👉Electricity price
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3f7rHn3
👉Corporate tax
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/33Bpw61
👉Average wage
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3hikqUq
👉Minimum wage
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bisQHo
👉Guaranteed minimum wage
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bieIOn
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w0B92t
👉13. monthly pension
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bnHCfU
👉IMF Loan, PPP mutyi:
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w25Lkm
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3w1j2tm
👉Personal income tax
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3eA3FSx(with super gross 21.6%, over 5 million 40.6%)
👉Inheritance sarc (death tax)
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/33vGC5a
👉Visit fee, hospital per diem
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3eB072x
👉Administrative procedures
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3bhixmL
👉Family tax credit
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3twcwco
👉Home creation support
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3o5OHH4
👉Home renovation support
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/2SIJzgG
👉Baby waiting support
Before 2010:https://bit.ly/3vWUNwg
👉Car purchase support for large families
Before 2010: it wasn't like that
👉Patient exemption (young people, mothers with many children)
Before 2010: it wasn't like that

Plus: theoretical differences!

Border protection
Left: "fake problem"https://bit.ly/3il6Cce
Fidesz: There is no compromise in border protection.https://bit.ly/3wTpina
Left: aidhttps://bit.ly/2Ro5edB
Fidesz: workhttps://bit.ly/2Rn726E
Left: not supportedhttps://bit.ly/3uWxBgG
Fidesz: they support ithttps://bit.ly/3chGn2g
Installation, multicultural
Left: supportedhttps://bit.ly/3wZZjKS
Fidesz: rejectedhttps://bit.ly/3il7622
Rural development
Left: not supportedhttps://bit.ly/3uTN55l
Fidesz: supportshttps://bit.ly/3uRsoXG
Distinction, listing
Left: they list like the Nazishttps://bit.ly/2Ro64af
Fidesz: rejectedhttps://bit.ly/34N3y0f
Left: "Country k"https://bit.ly/3plmjl8
Fidesz: our sweet countryhttps://bit.ly/3uU2gLM
Left: tax increasehttps://bit.ly/3z4c3Cc
Fidesz: tax cutshttps://bit.ly/3ijBkCr
Left: paid, privatizedhttps://bit.ly/3cjULae
Fidesz: developing, statehttps://bit.ly/3w6I0Ys
Schools, Nurseries, Kindergartens
Left: closedhttps://bit.ly/3x15M8G
Fidesz: they are buildinghttps://bit.ly/2TN2TtP
Family support
Left: something was always taken awayhttps://bit.ly/3x00tGe
Fidesz: constantly expandinghttps://bit.ly/3w6WSq9
Environmental Protection
Left: they are talking about ithttps://bit.ly/2S3temV
Fidesz: they acthttps://bit.ly/2S5haS6
Left: demolishedhttps://bit.ly/3cjbmex
Fidesz: constantly evolvinghttps://bit.ly/3g8U0SN
Left: taken awayhttps://bit.ly/3gqWqwj
Fidesz: 13th month raiseshttps://bit.ly/2RuuGyk
Churches, religion
Left: constantly provokedhttps://bit.ly/3cmAYHg
Fidesz: partnershiphttps://bit.ly/3yXaWnI
Left: stolen and stoppedhttps://bit.ly/3cmB3uy
Fidesz: transparent processes, developmenthttps://bit.ly/3pr4AJ8
International relations
Left: provocations, scandals:https://bit.ly/3poRCvt
Fidesz: partnershipshttps://bit.ly/3gcZD2k
Monument protection
Left: allowed to perishhttps://bit.ly/3vZotJC
Fidesz: being renovatedhttps://bit.ly/3posp45
Job creation
Left: not supportedhttps://bit.ly/3po7FJF
Fidesz: they support ithttps://bit.ly/3z414st
State Property, Gold Stock
Left: wastedhttps://bit.ly/3vYiqVQ
Fidesz: enrichedhttps://bit.ly/3clKdYl
IMF loan
Left: picked up, raisedhttps://bit.ly/3uUmJzS
Fidesz: they have been repaid and will never be recruited againhttps://bit.ly/3ijXlBe
Public transport
Left: demolishedhttps://bit.ly/2Ro58mi
Fidesz: being developedhttps://bit.ly/3il9PIO
Energy sector
Left: privatized, soldhttps://bit.ly/3ikTeVd
Fidesz: regained Hungarian ownershiphttps://bit.ly/3clKB9f

Now it's your turn! Pass on the reality!

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Textbook publisher before 2010 and now

Can you feel the difference?

Textbook publisher before 2010 and now

The left sold the textbook publisher to a buddy company, the price of textbooks went up year after year, someone mowed a lot at the kids!
👉Quote: "The National Textbook Publisher, privatized under scandalous circumstances, and Perfekt Zrt., Which can once be linked to Ferenc Gyurcsány, will also be sold through the sale of the owner Láng Holding. The textbook publisher may be transferred to foreign hands."
👉Textbook business in Gyurcsány mode
Private publishers circumvented the price cap, split a publication into two semesters, published it in two volumes, and purchased it separately, multiplying the price of the original book

And what else did the left do?
14,000 teachers were fired, 487 schools and 283 kindergartens closed. next to them, of course, they took away the family tax credit, stole a year of gyes, took away the home-building allowance, and raised the overhead: gas tripled, electricity doubled, all spiced up with 12 percent unemployment. It was a real "family-friendly" government, wasn't it? Their governance hurt!

And what did Fidesz do?
👉The Textbook Book is again state-owned, and even the Alföld Printing House in Debrecen, which produces textbooks, was bought by the state so that the whole process would be in one hand, in the hands of the state, and no one could profit from it. Textbooks are free for kids! Schools, kindergartens, nurseries are being renovated and new ones are being built, the overhead has been reduced by 25 per cent for 8 years and since then the largest family support system of all time has not been raised and introduced!

👉The textbooks are being prepared in the printing house in Debrecen. As in the previous year, this year we will provide textbooks for free to students studying in public education and vocational training.
This year's textbook supply is guaranteed: 13.3 million textbooks are in production, all will be in schools by the beginning of the school year in September, the Secretary of State for Public Education of the Ministry of Human Resources said at the Alföld Printing House in Debrecen on Friday.

Zoltán Maruzsa indicated:
As in the previous year, free textbooks will be provided to all students in public education and vocational training, for which HUF 13 billion will be spent this year.
He added: before 2010, textbooks cost HUF 7.5 billion to the central budget, and HUF 7.5 billion to families. The Secretary of State said that with the supply of state textbooks - although in the meantime the price of raw materials and live labor has also risen - textbooks are being produced in good quality, cheaper.

Think about it, because orbánphobia will come at a price if the left comes to power, and you will pay that bill!

We will choose in 2022!
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Many will be able to pay the overhead, the loan, the rest of the cost, but you’re not sure!
Robbery privatization!
Few got rich, the state, the taxpayers were plundered!
We have something to be proud of!
We have compiled perhaps the biggest, most effective and spectacular measures of the Government of Hungary so far!
Despite the roar of the left-liberal choir, education under the new National Core Curriculum has begun
All children can start the school year with equal opportunities!
In addition to free textbooks for everyone, schoolchildren will also receive a free school package
From September, the textbook is free for all students

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We message Dobrev

The Ukrainian scenario will not work in Hungary either!

We message Dobrev

Your knife has broken into Belarus, if you think that you can carry out the anti-democratic coup in Hungary, the illegal amendment of the Basic Law, then you are wrong! Such attempts will have unpredictable consequences, especially for you! Ukraine lost a significant portion of its territory as a result of the unconstitutional coup and 14,000 people were killed in the civil war. This will not be the case in Hungary!

👉The Basic Law was adopted by the Parliament by a two-thirds majority.
👉The Basic Law can only be amended by a two-thirds majority.

Make a good note of this! The Hungarian people respect the Basic Law, it is obligatory for you!

Csaba Dömötörvideo:https://www.facebook.com/domotor.csaba.gov/videos/347041023460434

What are left-liberals preparing for in 2022?
Street riots?
All indications are that the left is preparing for an anti-democratic coup, street riots, shadow government.
Protects a neo-Nazi Karácsony!
This circulated criminal, Protasevich, served not only in organizing the coup attempt in Belarus, but also in a Ukrainian volunteer neo-Nazi battalion.
Ukraine can no longer blackmail or tap the gas we buy!
WE NEVER get on our knees!
If someone thinks that sanctions can force us to surrender, then they do not know Hungarians!
We message the heterophobic aberrants in Brussels
In Hungary, the mother is a woman and the father is a man
Our Basic Law is 10 years old!
God, bless the Hungarians!

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The government will recover the wasted state property!

What the Gyurcsánys sold, stole, liquidated, Fidesz will recover and rebuild!

The government will recover the wasted state property!

👉Gyurcsánys sold everything they could, state-owned companies, utilities, valuable real estate, zeroed in on gold reserves, took out an IMF loan, and charged Hungarian taxpayers with 40-year PPP contracts. This era is over! We hope forever.

The government is recovering the wasted state property

The state's assets must include elements that are strategically important, their operation is economical and profitable, and absolutely necessary for the performance of state tasks, said Andrea Bártfai-Mager, according to the latest summary, the value of state assets is close to HUF 18,000 billion. The minister without portfolio responsible for managing national wealth stressed that the increase was the result of government policy since 2010.

The assets of the Hungarian state are approaching 18 thousand billion, which means that the book value has increased by 52 percent or about six thousand billion forints compared to 2010, the minister without the portfolio responsible for managing national assets said. Andrea Bártfai-Mager said: the Hungarian state manages public property in a good way, which has been growing steadily in recent years.

While the value of state assets was HUF 11,650 billion in 2010, it reached HUF 17,743 billion by 2020.

The Minister recalled that all this was the result of the fact that the primary goal of the government's property policy since 2010 was to increase, rationally and economically utilize state property.

- The composition of the dynamically growing state property is 62 percent real estate and 21 percent corporate share. The remainder is supplemented by other assets such as movables. The 6,000 billion in wealth growth comes from real estate purchases on the one hand, and real economic growth for companies on the other, which is a consequence of the strengthening after the crisis, he added.

Among the transactions of the last decade, the Minister highlighted acquisitions in the energy sector.

- In order to preserve the results of the overhead reduction, we established the National Utilities (NKM) operating the electricity, natural gas and district heating business lines of the national utility service through targeted acquisitions.

With the rethinking of the strategic and managerial role of MVM Magyar Villamos Művek Zrt. And the reorganization of the support activities in NKM, the integration of the MVM Group and NKM was achieved. The resulting national service provider is able to implement a successful regional strategy and contributes greatly to Hungary's security of supply and the utilization of renewable energy sources - justified Andrea Bártfai-Mager.

The Minister called it a significant step forward that the member companies of the MFB Group are working to enable Hungarian companies to access more extensive financing solutions. In the field of lending, they perform development institutional tasks by expanding the range of own-source products, increasing their risk appetite, and channeling European Union funds to a dynamic market.

In the cooperative credit institution sector, the merger process was completed in 2019, as a result of which all savings cooperatives were merged into Takarékbank Zrt., Thus creating the fifth largest banking group in Hungary. Thanks to the merger, the unified Takarékbank, both in terms of business and IT, will provide better, more up-to-date products and services to its customers throughout the country.

- The result of the increased state involvement in strategic sectors since 2010 is that the number of state-owned companies is now close to six hundred, said Andrea Bártfai-Mager. He stressed that it is a basic requirement for companies to manage effectively.

Turning to the public service providers, the Minister said that their primary task is to create security of supply and, ultimately, to serve the interests and well-being of Hungarian families. They should also contribute to the effective achievement of national economic and governmental goals.

- It is necessary to get rid of assets that do not serve social purposes. Thanks to the public and transparent online auction interface created in 2015 for the purpose of portfolio cleaning, the state has received nearly HUF 60 billion in revenue so far, the minister said. - We have moved closer to the goal that the scope of state assets actually includes such elements of assets that are strategically highlighted, their operation is profitable, their ownership is absolutely necessary for the performance of state tasks. In the course of our work, we strive for the state to have a clean, value-creating asset portfolio that can greatly contribute to increasing the country's competitiveness, said Andrea Bártfai-Mager.

Enrichment instead of cerebral palsy
"Left-liberal politicians who are supporters of the European United States think that nation-states are bad farmers, so everything must be swept out, sold, privatized," Imre Boros told the Hungarian Nation. However, according to the economist, the state can indeed be a good farmer. Imre Boros believes that it was a good step that half of the banking system operating in Hungary fell into Hungarian hands. According to him, it is most worthwhile to acquire property in the field of public services (water, gas, electricity) and in strategic sectors. This also happened in Hungary after 2010: the state bought gas storage facilities, became the owner of large energy companies. László Parragh also mentioned energy transactions and the repurchase of Mol shares when contacting our paper about acquiring positions in sectors of national economic importance.

According to the President of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Orbán government manages national property according to completely different principles than did the pre-2010 cabinets, which have squandered many assets. "There was a spectacular privatization during the Bokros package, but the Gyurcsány government was also at the forefront of the sale of national assets," said László Parragh, emphasizing that non-wasted and repurchased assets are also characterized by natural growth. "In addition to recoveries, new elements have emerged and become more valuable among state property, the importance of which has really come to the fore in recent years, such as property rights related to IT and digitization," he explained. He added that both the transport infrastructure and the vehicle fleet have developed tremendously in recent years. (Gergely Kiss – Balázs Pintér)

Castles in private hands
The hotel industry was a typical area of ​​privatization during the so-called spontaneous privatization from 1989 to 1992 and during the decade. In 1992, the Hungarian National Holiday Foundation was established as the legal successor of the Directorate-General for Recreation of the National Council of Trade Unions, which registered a total of 365 properties with less than twenty SZOT resorts, valued at HUF 4 billion. Mikosszéplak, Szilvásvárad, Tóalmás, Zalakomár).

Most of the castle assets are still in private hands: for example, Taurus Rt., Which listed the Zichy castle in Seregélyes, was sold in 1996 by ÁPV Rt. To Compagnie Financiere Michelin. By 1998, 88 castles and palaces remained in state ownership, by which time the castles of Abony, Bodajk, Kéked, Kisbér, Sopronhorpács, Sülysáp and Vál had become privately owned. The foundation later established Nemzeti Üdültetési és Vagyonkezelés Kft., Which later became Hunguest Vagyonkezelő Rt. In 1996, with the help of a bond issuance scheme, the holiday property became essentially privately owned by Tamás Leisztinger, who owned the hotel until 2016, which, after several changes, is now owned by Opus Global Zrt., The largest domestic hotel company with 22 own and partner hotels.

The Hungarian listed company also owns the company operating Balatontourist campsites, most of which are still municipally owned due to the ill-considered privatization in this area. Last year, a favorable turn took place in shipping on Lake Balaton, and instead of the previously fragmented and resource-poor management, the role of the state came to the fore again. In order to ensure the competitive operation of shipping on Lake Balaton, the state gained a 75% majority stake in Bahart with a capital increase of HUF 6.6 billion. (Katalin Thurzó)

We choose in választ2022! - numbers
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself. Orban will be able to pay the overhead, the loan, the other costs, but you're not sure!
We choose in választ2022! differences in principle
Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself! The left has once ruined the country, and according to their statements, they are still preparing for it!
👉What we should be proud of!
We have compiled perhaps the biggest, most effective and most spectacular measures of the Government of Hungary so far!
👉Construction (video)https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/287195332858965
👉Crimon's crime record: The list is NOT complete!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3364/Ime_a_DK_valasztasi_programja
👉DK: "We will return the stolen property to the Hungarians" You can start!


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Gyurcsány's party is attacking the construction of the National Vaccine Factory and construction would be stopped! (with video)

We thought he was no lower, but we were wrong!

Gyurcsány's party is attacking the construction of the National Vaccine Factory and construction would be stopped!  (with video)

Let's tell DK together what we think about this!
1 share = 1 message to DK

Do you understand? So they want to NOT have a vaccine factory in Hungary! I want to be exposed to foreign companies and foreign political interests! I want to be able to put pressure on Hungary from abroad by "dosing" the vaccine ... Madness!

We thought that after the anti-vaccination campaign, they would not dare to go any further, mainly because now everyone could see, experience on their own skin what it meant to us to be vaccinated earlier than others. A very spectacular example of this is the photo of the auditoriums of the stadiums:

And the only thing about the National Vaccine Factory is that it is a factory, they will be able to produce anything here that
a) we developed
b) for which we bought the documentation (by implication, this also means that we can only buy what is sold to us!)

In summary, the National Vaccine Factory will sooner or later produce Hungarian vaccines, while China and Russia have indicated their intention to cooperate, Pfizer, Moderna, Astra and other Western companies have not yet stated this to the best of our knowledge. The Government, as with the purchase, has purchased ALL the vaccines that are safe and found to be effective by professionals in production, and intends to produce them in the future.

DK certainly wants as many Hungarians as possible to die, and they will certainly bear the consequences. They will fail!

Video: The latest news.
Video: Left Anti-Vaccination Campaign:
Video: Lies with examples:

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