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The DK is sinking deeper and deeper - they don't even know what they're lying about anymore, their new fake news was shared by 1,000 "blind" people

The DK is sinking deeper and deeper - they don't even know what they're lying about anymore, their new fake news was shared by 1,000 "blind" people

According to DK, the task of education policy is to make the building accessible - no comment. The buildings of the schools are not being modernized by the education politicians, but within the framework of the school renovation program, through the Széchenyi 2020 tenders, accessibility is taking place, among other things, but let's leave this little thing to the test.

What is it all about, how does desire-driven sham production work:
The left-wing fakenews media produces tiny little pseudo-crumbs that left-wing parties, in this case the DK, take out in various comparisons from time to time, and in addition to the fact that the data reported is false, the allegations are liars, these pseudo-mosaics are stacked. next to them, to read the poster to provoke indignation in ignorant, dark people.

Not a single statement in the picture is true, but let’s move on in line.

📌1. 7.5 million "many": We wrote about this in a separate article, while their propaganda from the left and the fake news producer writes that a lot of 7.5 million, in reality, accessibility is already underway. So they didn’t start, they didn’t invent, they didn’t call for tenders, they didn’t plan, they all already have them. Construction is in progress. The statement is thus not true.

📌2. 360 million Matolcsy statues: The works of art will go to the Post Palace, which was privatized by the left, bought back by our National Government, and now the monumental building is being restored to its old splendor. The building will be a money museum, so the statue will not belong to Matolcsy, but will increase the splendor of a museum. We know that everything that is national, that is Hungarian, that is culture, that is history hurts the left, because "for them, being Hungarian means nothing" The left sold the imposing building of Magyar Posta for the 2.5-year amount of the subsequent rent. In 10 years, the Post Office paid four times the sales price of the Post Palace as rent. If this were not done, the Post Office would have been able to renovate the palace on its own and would still be the owner of the property.
The Fidesz government repurchased the building, renovated it, and the property of the Hungarians would be returned to the ownership of our country. The Money Museum, which is currently moving into a building under renovation, already has a Facebook page, follow it!
We wrote more about this here:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/196/A_Postapalota_tortenete

📌3. “20 billion for ministerial office furniture” Lie! The reality, on the other hand, is that the government does not buy furniture for HUF 20 billion, but in all public institutions where it is needed.
The amount also includes the delivery, assembly and maintenance of the furniture. When the left lies that schools are only thermally insulated, but the equipment does not change, we will respond to it with this article, as for many times they are lying to themselves.
The furniture will go to nearly 1,000 institutions (social institutions, government offices, document offices, schools, kindergartens, etc.) so this furniture will not be used by the “zorbán” but by everyone. Balliberal propaganda TV, the RTL club, on the other hand, showed Péter Szijjártó's chair in the report, which has served 8 cycles in 22 years, and the minister does not intend to replace it.

📌4. "Mészáros Mátrai's business" - The Mátra Power Plant is not Mészáros' business, but Magyar Villamosművek owns the power plant. This is again a national asset that was sold out by the left during exactly their robbery privatization, which is now attacking the government for repurchasing and renovating the power plant. The majority ownership of the Mátra Power Plant was sold to the German investor (RWE) by the Socialists at a price below the price of only HUF 13 billion during the Horn government in 1995. Meanwhile, the company generated an annual profit of HUF 20 billion - the national wealth was squandered for the company's 8-month profit! If they had not been sold, how much expenditure could Hungarian taxpayers have been spared? We know, right? "Our money!"
Robber Privatization:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/948/Rabloprivatizacio
Mátra Power Plant:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/169/Mese_a_Matrai_Eromurol

Well, these amounts are buttons compared to what they stole only on the M5-M6 motorways: 2,853 billion forints. No spelling! 2853 BILLION HUF damage was caused. Details:

DK is a liar, folly, demagogue:https://www.facebook.com/.../175110892579333/3147254408698285/


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The Gyurcsánya talk about corruption, while they have been enriched by theft and tax evasion

Billionaires, but no donations were made at the time of the epidemic. (The 20 masks were taken by the party!)

The Gyurcsánya talk about corruption, while they have been enriched by theft and tax evasion

One of the best speeches on the subject in 2007 was given by Tibor Navracsics.
! ️Video:https://youtu.be/yAwgB_GcuB4
Meanwhile, the ally of the Gyurcsánys was Jewish in the National Assembly yesterday, but they did not distance themselves from Dobrev and Gyurcsány, who led the formations that frightened the Hungarians.
! ️Video:https://youtu.be/2FUtjMHkeNU

They live in a stolen villa, were involved in tax evasion and building a 60-square-foot pool while people were hit by the Bokros package, doubling the price of electricity, but giving electricity to their own company cheaper. Are they talking about corruption today?

It is the family member of the fallen prime minister who preaches fairness when there are not a single point in Gyurcsány's business past that has not been overshadowed by suspicions of corruption.

While Klára Dobrev and Ferenc Gyurcsány criticize the government for what they think are adverse economic issues, there would be more to sweep around their own houses. Figuratively and literally, because at one time they rented out their residence through their own company, the Tiny Villa, which they could thus write off from their tax.

The Democratic Coalition (DK) launched Klára Dobrev as a new face, a new candidate in the European Parliament (EP) elections in the spring of 2019. The trick came in, but the good results achieved by the DK also required a weak campaign and poor performance by the Socialists and other parties on the left. Dobrev was soon elected vice-speaker of parliament. On Tuesday, the MP pleaded with the ruling parties in the National Assembly about the inappropriate use of EU funds, but at the same time Klára Dobrev also had problems with EU funds.

Although he only made his debut as a Member in 2019, he already held a significant position under the Medgyessy government in 2002, he was Vice-President of the Office for National Development and EU Grants of the Prime Minister’s Office. Klára Dobrev was responsible for the unified monitoring and information system (EMIR), which was established for the IT management of development resources arriving in Hungary. The system was made for HUF 18 billion, but the state entered into an unfavorable contract with Welt 2000 Kft., Which developed it.

This was later revealed in an investigation in Brussels, which almost required the repayment of EU funds, but due to the intervention of the Orbán government, the money was eventually used in other programs. Klára Dobrev also had personal responsibility for the matter, as she was in charge of the EMIR agenda items at the 2003 and 2004 meetings of the Interdepartmental Committee on Development Policy and regularly addressed issues around EMIR.

The history of the Gyurcsány – Dobrev couple's residence, the villa on Szemlőhegy Street, is well known: first it was registered by the Arrow Cross during the Second World War, then in 1952, under Mátyás Rákosi. Dobrev's grandfather, Antal Apró, received the villa for his role in the conceptual lawsuit of Imre Nagy and his fellow martyrs, based on the decision of the Central Committee of the Hungarian Socialist People's Party. The history of real estate after the change of regime is less well known:

At the age of twenty-three, Dobrev bought the villa from the district government for nine million forints. Then, in the same year, he sold the right to use the property for sixteen million forints to his family business with Ferenc Gyurcsány, Fittelina Kft.

This maneuver may have taken place due to tax optimization. The lease right was recorded at a value of HUF 16 million until 2000, on the basis of which HUF 2.6 million per year could be written off as an expense against the company's income, thus reducing the corporate tax payable. The company not only leased the property to the Gyurcsány couple, but also carried out renovations and value-adding investments. In 2003, Fittelina Kft. Was merged into the Altus owned by Ferenc Gyurcsány.

In November 1995, the company owned by Gyurcsány privatized the Magyaróvár Alumina Factory and Műkorund Rt. (Motim). The deal was established when Altus received a loan to purchase Motim, courtesy of Piroska Apró, Chairman of the Board of Magyar Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank Rt. (MHB). A 2007 scandal is also linked to Motim, as the company owned by Gyurcsány was able to buy electricity cheaper than the market price at a time when the retail price of electricity was rising sharply as a result of left-wing governance.

Ferenc Gyurcsány, as a future demiseist, was refined by the Metropolitan Council with an apartment, the first business successes are already connected with the then Prime Minister's Office.

The man whose husband doubled the electricity bills of Hungarian families spoke about corruption, but gave electricity to his factory, the "Gyurcsány Works", cheaper - István Hollik, Fidesz's communications director, responded to the parliamentary speech of Klára Dobrev. It is peculiar that a member of Gyurcsány's family, who became a billionaire from a robber privatizer, preaches about honesty, good morals, when there is not a single point in the business history of the fallen prime minister that is not overshadowed by suspicions of corruption.

In the case of Ferenc Gyurcsány, the original capital accumulation began with the fact that before the change of regime, in 1988, the President of the Metropolitan Council donated an apartment in Zugló to Demis, Vice President of KISZ. Gyurcsány, the former secretary of the KISZ Central Committee, as Vice-President of Demis, then mediated in the sale of the KISZ headquarters to the Commercial Bank in 1989, and at the same time donated Csillebérc to the Pioneer Association. László Varju, administrator, and Imre Karl, chamberlain, who later made sure that the core of the KISZ property did not remain. Gyurcsány also got a slice, Varju and he and his company, Altus, were commissioned to liquidate the Handyman with a nationwide store network.

From 1990, Gyurcsány turned to business. One of the areas of business acquisition was the Prime Minister's Office. It is no coincidence that the then state secretary, the former KISZ buddy, György Szilvásy, who served as a midwife over state resorts, served here. The secretariat was also staffed by a young lady who is currently the Vice-President of the European Parliament, the “granddaughter of the bloodthirsty Communist Minister of the Interior”, Klára Dobrev, Gyurcsány's later wife. Under such a fortunate star, the business career of the young KISZ privatizer jumped, which was initially limited to the acquisition and utilization of various state properties. One of these was in the neighborhood of the Parliament, the property on Szalay Street, which was leased by Gyurcsány in 1995, but in 2006 the prosecutor's office found that its acquisition was in good morals, but there was nothing to do, the deal was time-barred.

The other major acquisition was the property in Balatonőszöd carved out of the government resort, which was leased by the Altus subsidiary from the state in 1994, and then leased back by the state from the Gyurcsánys. According to well-proven technology in the Golden Age, for just as much as the annual rent. At the end of the term, the villa was then purchased at residual value. Gyurcsány was later reported by a lawyer from Siófok, saying that even in the banana republic, it is not possible for an incumbent prime minister to acquire state ownership. However, the report was rejected by the Attorney General's Office. Ferenc Gyurcsány got rid of the property in July 2010, but the company's balance sheet did not show how much he earned on what he got for free.


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The Dobrev / Karácsony / László axis is lying again, silencing and distorting reality

The Dobrev / Karácsony / László axis is lying again, silencing and distorting reality

Two news items were published, but only one was advertised by the left, and they also lied: Klára Dobrev sets the 1.5 billion that Újbuda "won" for her own merit

Dobrev’s saying that the opportunity for local governments to apply directly is his merit is a lie. He writes: "This is how it should be done! The local government of Újbuda in the South has successfully applied to the European Union. They won HUF 1.5 billion to build an online cultural community. The success of Újbuda is also important because it seems that bypassing the government, local governments can apply. then to eu resources. That's what we promised in the campaign, it became a reality! "

Reality: In which now the XI. district won is as follows:

So this is the 5th round of an urban development fund launched in 2015, which neither Klara Dobrev, nor the DK, nor the other left-liberal parties have anything to do with its launch.

The situation is that the first application period was already in the 2015-16 round:

In Hungarian, Dobrev has achieved nothing, but lies and adorns himself with other feathers.

Meanwhile, other news not advertised by the left came to light: due to its paralysis Karácsony, the capital lost a HUF 1 billion EU subsidy. The difference between the two amounts is 500 million, ie 16 months' salary of Gergely Karácsony's consultants, of which 9 months have already been spent.

The capital, led by Gergely Karácsony, committed another huge buck, this time with EU support. Due to a faulty planning by the “expert” management, Budapest lost 900 million VAT sources, which would have meant one billion forints to the capital with an intensity of 85 percent.

The first section of the Csepel ridge was completed by the Budapest Municipality led by István Tarlós. In February of this year, the General Assembly of the Metropolis accepted the tender for the second and third sections of the ridge, and even provided the deductible, but it has now turned out that Karácsony a huge mistake was made in preparing the petition, so EU support is swimming. The story is interesting just because all the opposition politicians - led by Klara Dobrev - are campaigning loudly for EU money to be given to local governments. Now would have been an opportunity for a district to develop with EU support, but Karácsony the opportunity has gone away due to paralysis. Interestingly, neither Mrs. Gyurcsany nor the opposition politicians in Brussels are talking about this anymore. Could it bother them that Csepel has a Fidesz leadership? It would be interesting…

The first section of the Csepel ridge was completed by the Budapest Municipality led by István Tarlós and the Csepel Municipality led by Szilárd Németh. Based on the agreement of the Mayor of Csén, Lénárd Borbély and István Talós, HUF 400 million of the capital's own resources were provided for the planning and preparation of the 2nd and 3rd phases. This was enough to start the work, but no longer to make the complete construction plans. Therefore, the government, considering it important for the development of the capital and supporting Budapest, included it in the list of CEF projects financed by the Union. This gave the capital the opportunity to apply for 900 million VAT funds, which could have been spent on port development.

In its decision in February, the Metropolitan General Assembly also accepted that they should apply and provided the co-payment.
However, during the preparation of the application, the management Karácsony made a gross mistake, as they did not apply for port development, ie road development related to the port, in order to approach it, but submitted it smoothly as road development.
Therefore, understandably, the European Commission does not mention in the evaluation report the project proposal for the full preparation of the final phases of the Capital and BKK Csepel ridge, as it was not evaluated in detail due to incorrect submission, as “Road” was submitted as a sub-priority instead of “Port”, where the application was not eligible.


The ridge has long been a struggling topic for the district government. Lénárd Borbély, the mayor of Csepel, said that the construction of the ridge was a 1993 story, which was promised by Gábor Demszky.

He promised this in every election campaign. Then came the mayor's office of István Tarlós and then, with his support, the first section of the ridge was built in 2012, said the mayor of Fidesz.

He added that the construction was divided into three phases. For the next local government cycle between 2014 and 2019 - when Lénárd Borbély was already the mayor - it was agreed with István Tarlós that planning would continue for the construction of further sections of the ridge road. The capital has allocated HUF 400 million for this purpose in its budget. As he said, it has already been seen that this money will not be enough to fully plan the project. The municipality has decided to merge the second and third phases and will also plan and implement them. This was followed by a call for proposals opened by the European Union. This is a so-called CEF tender, where you can apply for a port and port-related developments. The government has recognized that the backbone is an important infrastructure investment for both the district and Budapest.

That is why the government has included the backbone in the project list, giving them the opportunity to apply for EU funding. A general meeting decision was made on this in February. The tender should have been submitted as an infrastructure development leading to the port, which is fully in place, as it would be an easy way to get to the free port of Csepel via the ridge road, said Lénárd Borbély.

The situation, however, is that the “experts” in the capital submitted the tender as a smooth road development that has nothing to do with the port. That is why this application was clearly rejected without a substantive evaluation.
I think such a gross professional mistake can be made very rarely, I think there may even be intent behind it. I can't imagine it being any different, ”added the mayor of Csepel. He said he would ask Gergely Karácsony that since this application had been submitted in this way and the district had lost a net 900 million plus VAT grant, the capital would set aside this money from its budget for further planning and make up the necessary funding.

Lénárd Borbély said that since Gergely Karácsony was the mayor, the Csepel municipality had wanted to install a homeless hotel in the city center without his knowledge, and the mayor had pulled the municipality out of all possible road renovations in the cycle. money from the development of the cycle path network from the European Union. (He withdrew the latter not only from Csepel but also from two other districts.)

On behalf of my district, I expect the mayor to stand up if this application has already been submitted and to pay the capital city’s additional planning costs, as this is already a capital investment, the mayor said.


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The left-liberal fake news propaganda only talks about Mészáros, not the red barons. A gap-filling article follows

The left-liberal fake news propaganda only talks about Mészáros, not the red barons.  A gap-filling article follows

The red barons have a huge fortune

Your people, the red barons, will also receive support. I do not make a decision based on who has what color, because the economy cannot be built on a party basis. Anyone who arrives with a meaningful development program will receive support - Viktor Orbán responded to László Szakács' question about the Kisfaludy program in the immediate question hour on Monday.

Although the prime minister did not specify exactly who the red barons were, the Origo gathered, among other things, who he could think of. There are also those on the list who don’t have businesses, so they don’t apply for grants either, but they have huge fortunes, which in many cases were acquired under disputed circumstances.

Zoltán Varga

The CEO-owner of the Central Media Group caused a huge scandal in just weeks, when it turned out that he and his co-owners took out one and a half billion forints in dividends from Central Media, which also owned 24.hu, while reducing its employees' salaries citing the coronavirus epidemic.

Péter Felcsuti

Felcsuti is the former president of the Hungarian Banking Association. He was the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank from 2007 to 2010, one of the inventors of the Hungarian foreign currency lending that pushed many Hungarians into debt. He regularly criticized all measures aimed at bearing the burden on banks. Prior to the change of regime, he was involved in the country's indebtedness, being one of the inventors and drivers of foreign currency lending in the 2000s (thereby seeking to improve Raiffeisen Bank's position vis-à-vis market leader OTP). Felcsuti also tried to capitalize on his influence in financial circles and his wealth as a banker in politics: he was one of the founders of the Gordon Bajnai Together, which he supported with a considerable sum. Prior to the change of regime, the MNB participated in the management of borrowing (and thus in the indebtedness of the country). He was a committed communist, even joining the Labor Guard.

Running Peter

The estimated assets of the founding co-owner of the Futureal Group, the President of the National Association of Employers and Industrialists (MGYOSZ), are currently HUF 97.1 billion, placing them in 11th place in Forbes' 2019 publication entitled "50 Richest Hungarians". He was previously his partner (together with Viktor Nyíri) in the former company of the former Minister of Economy, close to SZDSZ, Csaba Kákosy, Omega 99 Ingatlanforgalmazó Kft.

Tamás Leisztinger

The entrepreneur close to the socialists was ranked 14th in this year's publication "100 Richest Hungarians" with an estimated 86 billion in wealth. During the left-wing governments, he intervened thoroughly in politics: many suspected him behind the appearance of Miklós Hagyó and some suspicious BKV transactions. Kata Tüttő, one of Gergely Karácsony's deputies, was his partner for a long time. He currently owns the radical left-wing daily Népszava with one of his companies, Proton Trade Zrt. One of the most well-known corruption cases of the Gyurcsány era is also connected to his name: he bought it without a public procurement procedure, very cheaply from the left-wing XI. the Kopaszi Dam from the district municipality. In the case, Gyula Molnár, the then left-wing mayor, was sentenced in the second instance to 8 months in prison (he was finally acquitted on the grounds of lack of evidence by the Curia).

Péter Oszkó

Gordon Bajnai, the finance minister, has also amassed significant wealth from his companies. He did not break with politics after the change of government in 2010: his name can be found among the founders of the Home and Progress Association, backed by Bajnai and George Soros. He later briefed his former supervisor on Together's economic policy program. Although the project was not successful in the long run, the party ceased to exist in 2018, and Oszkó has been expressing opinions on domestic political issues since then. It is characteristic of his property that he sold one of his luxury properties, which he had built in violation of the building regulations, for 700 million forints.

János Veres

The Minister of Finance Ferenc Gyurcsány is still an influential left-wing public figure. His political career began before the change of regime, when he became the economic policy secretary of the Nyírbátor city committee of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (MSZMP). After the fall of Péter Medgyessy, the socialist politician took a government position: he appointed him the chief of staff of the new prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsány, from where he inherited the ministerial seat of Tibor Draskovics. Despite his ugly fall, he still tells his views on public issues. In April, for example, he spoke in a television interview that a coronavirus epidemic could lead to a complete economic collapse in Hungary. His assets were acquired, among other things, through an offshore company registered in a Swiss tax haven, which was represented before the authorities by a stroma. When he was called an offshore knight in the press for this, Veres sued but lost.

László Puch

The career of the former MSZP treasurer, the number one economic background man and member of parliament began well before the change of regime, when he joined the MSZMP in 1980. From 1994 to 2014, he was a member of the National Assembly, acting as the gray eminence of the Socialist Party faction. In addition to party politics, he also took part in the work of the left-wing government: first he was appointed Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy and Transport, and immediately then in the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Energy. During his years in the political elite, not only his political, but also his media and economic influence grew: he owned Népszava for years, which he then passed on to Tamás Leisztinger, and with his companies he gained a lot of public money during the MSZP-SZDSZ governments. He has amassed an amazing fortune, which nothing shows better than running a luxury yacht worth HUF 80 million with his wife and children.

András Kupper

András Kupper's businessman used to own the Centrum parking service provider, whose 23 managers were prosecuted. The Centrum Empire was involved in parking fraud in several districts. Although Kupper seemed to be on the parking lot for a long time, it didn’t. Most recently, Csaba Horváth, the socialist mayor of Zugló, wanted to buy parking meters from them, but as a result of the scandal, he seemed forced to back down. However, the news arrived a few months later: the mayor of the MSZP bought parking meters from Kupper's former company, C-Ware Kft., For HUF 278 million. Incidentally, the large contractor was convicted by the court of eighty thousand ordinary frauds in connection with a case in Zugló.

Bajnai Gordon

The fallen prime minister, the founder of the Home and Progress Foundation, and the founder of Together came from the business world to the world of politics. Even before the change of regime, he came into contact with Ferenc Gyurcsány, who had been one of his main confidants for a long time. As is well known, in 2009 he was just replacing the current President of the DK in the Prime Minister’s Chair. The left traveled to the United States after the fall of the 2010 election. After gaining serious overseas ties, he returned again. With the support of the Center for American Progress (CAP), which can be linked to George Soros, he founded the Home and Progress Foundation, which later grew into Together. For a long time, it seemed that Bajnai could be the candidate for prime minister of the left coalition in the 2014 parliamentary elections, and in the end, Attila Mesterházy of the MSZP was left to choose the left-wing parties. Bajnai has since stepped back from active politicking and works as one of the executives of a London-based global financial advisory firm. In recent years, he has reactivated himself: in the mayoral election, he supported Gergely Karácsony, for which he gave the new mayor an important position for several people. One of the most serious scandals after the change of regime is related to its name: due to the financial maneuvers of Wallis Zrt., Many of the goose breeders became landlords, nine of them fled to commit suicide. Most recently, it turned out that for a time he personally directed the left-wing propaganda fund, the Index.

János Kóka

Former President of the SZDSZ, Member of Parliament, former Minister of Economy and Transport Ferenc Gyurcsány, like Bajnai, also came from the business world. Between 2006 and 2008, as a minister, he accumulated failure: his “reform policy” brought record unpopularity, in which his announced railway reform played a significant role. It originally planned to close 27 rail wing lines, but backed down due to a national protest. In 2007, he was elected president of the SZDSZ against Gábor Fodor. Between 2007 and 2009, he was the leader of the SZDSZ parliamentary faction, and the group he led secured the majority for the election of Gordon Bajnai and the actions of the Bajnai government. He did not extend his party membership after the change of government, leaving the world of politics and found himself in the business sector.

György Dunai

According to the 2009 list of Forbes, the large entrepreneur is the 39th most wealthy Hungarian with assets of HUF 39.1 billion. An old player in the construction industry, he also owns the Thermal Hotel Visegrad. Danube showed up in Attila Kulcsár's brokerage scandal: a VIP-listed client was sued for embezzlement, but was later acquitted. This was not his only criminal case: in 2014, he was prosecuted against Gábor Garamszegi and a former MSZP municipal representative for money laundering and dishonesty. According to the accusation, the Concrete Road managed by them handed over HUF 1.8 billion in 2002 in two installments, as part of a sham asset management contract, to Britton Llc., Which appeared in the brokerage case, most of which was later transferred to the Danube and Garamszegi Swiss accounts.

Count József

The socialist agricultural entrepreneur studied postgraduate studies in Moscow, later TSZ president. He has been a member of the MSZMP since 1970, when he changed his regime. Member of Parliament, then Minister of Agriculture in the governments of Ferenc Gyurcsány and Gordon Bajnai. When Gyurcsány resigns, it even arises that he will be the prime minister. Several companies were members of the boards of directors and supervisory boards after the change of regime. In 2004, Invest-Group Bóly Rt., Indirectly owned by Gráf, acquired one of the most significant agricultural enterprises, Bóly Rt. Privatization caused a huge scandal because Count and his associates got the company below cost and got rich.

András Simor

The former Governor of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank played a significant role in the liberalization of foreign currency lending. He began his career at the MNB before the change of regime, and enriched himself through his contacts here. In 1989, he was the CEO of Creditanstalt Securities Rt., One of the first Hungarian brokerage companies, half owned by Budapest Bank. They organized the largest Hungarian stock exchange, launched the first Hungarian bond fund and the first open-end investment fund. He later became the CEO of the owner of the brokerage firm.

In 1998, he became chairman of the Budapest Stock Exchange and then head of Deloitte's subsidiary. This was inconsistent with the position of stock market president, but resolved it with a simple promise: Deloitte will not act on behalf of its business partners. After Ferenc Gyurcsány became prime minister, he became one of his advisers. In 2007, he became Governor of the MNB. In 2009, the press noticed that 90 percent of the billionaire’s assets had disappeared from his declaration of assets - revealing that he was holding them in offshore investments in Cyprus. He then promised to sell his companies, but its fulfillment was later disputed several times.


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Reminder for forgetful

Here is the left in action: the Hungarians who were rightly outraged after the speech in Öszöt was made public were shot. Their methods have not changed even today, whoever dares to open their mouths will be blocked, reported if they could put them behind bars. Liberals say only democracy when they are in government who dare to criticize will make it impossible. In cities "recaptured" by the left, workers in jobs under municipal influence are silenced by a mouthpiece decree, informers are employed and paid, all previously institutionalized local support is withdrawn, developments are stopped and money is figured out. Almost all left-headed county seats are in a state of bankruptcy after 8 months.

We do not forget! With the Hungarians, no one can do that anymore.

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DK is lying to an unprecedented extent

Reality: The number of waiters and waiting times has decreased significantly

DK is lying to an unprecedented extent

"The Democratic Coalition draws attention to the fact that waiting lists of unprecedented length are solely an ugly result of the weak and cowardly Orbán regime and a failed health policy." write power-hungry, anti-national politicians on their side.

The reality is just the opposite. Queues can be queried by anyone, the system is transparent and constantly improving.

DK has provided fake news about the waiting lists - here’s NEAK’s refutation and the real data.

The National Health Insurance Fund Manager (NEAK) has refuted the Democratic Coalition’s (DK) claims about surgical waiting lists.

“Untrue and misleading news has appeared in the press about waiting lists based on a statement by a Democratic Coalition spokesman. Contrary to the opposition party's claim, the number of people waiting for surgery has dropped significantly, by nearly 60 percent since 2012, ”they wrote in a statement on Tuesday. As is well known, DK claimed that there are waiting lists of unprecedented length, and they say this is the result of a flawed health policy. They also stated that the government had “not crossed straw in the last ten years to improve the health care of Hungarians”.

However, according to NEAK, the health government and the fund manager are taking a number of measures to help them make deferred benefits as soon as possible after the emergency has ended. “To this end, outpatient specialist care can provide unlimited hours of care, and NEAK has provided inpatient care providers with the registration of deferred claims, thereby supporting the adoption of rapid redesign measures,” they said. They added that a downtime of about three months among planned operations could cause an additional waiting time of up to three months. However, by providing additional surgical times and capacities, the service providers are expected to make up for this shortfall in a shorter period of time.

Recalled: From 1 July 2012, the National Health Insurance Fund Manager has been operating in Hungary under the supervision of the online real-time, national institutional waiting list register, which always provides authentic and accurate information on waiting lists. - With regard to mandatory surgical waiting lists, the number of waiting people decreased from 70,000 to 31,000 by March. With the onset of the emergency on June 17, the number of people on surgical waiting lists, including those scheduled, was 28.5 thousand. From the beginning of 2014, the government provided about HUF 5 billion a year to reduce long waiting times. By the end of last year, a total of about HUF 26 billion in additional funds had been paid for this purpose, and the additional funds of HUF 5 billion had been provided this year as well, they explained.

International comparison
Hungary has reached the set goal, the waiting time corresponds to the international average, or in some cases, such as Cataract surgeries, the more favorable the results.

This is confirmed by the results of the comparison with international data (link to the source).


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It was graduation, not an attraction

Graduation would have been boycotted, unnecessarily

It was graduation, not an attraction

Their graduation took place again this year. Does anyone else remember what hysteria was going on about this in advance? Just remember!
In recent weeks, their graduation has taken place with great interest. Therefore, before making any comment, it is worth recalling the views of the independent and objective press and the most professional organizations on their graduation date and how they were received. After all, let us assume in good faith at first, I always do this before I take care of the second possibility, obviously, as far as they were concerned, they were again professional, benevolent and helpful in solving the problem.

Already on April 9, a gloss came down in Népva, “The government is not helping the graduates,” in which the starting lines are worth noting right away: “This is not the mountains that give birth to the mouse, but the hump given to the lame in the evening. We could say it is the usual Fidesz gift, but it is simply an inability to get used to someone who has been given the power and opportunity to help, aggravate it rather than alleviate it. ”

The following is the statement of the PDSZ dated April 25, which also appeared in the Népva. As a blow, they write that the decision - that is, the graduation ceremony - will certainly have victims, therefore they call on Zoltán Maruzsa not to pass the exams. It is important to quote a few sentences exactly from the article: “According to the PDSZ, no person’s health and life should be endangered when there is no maximum safety and no risk-free alternative. However, there is an opportunity to postpone their graduation and the start of the university autumn semester, and beyond that, there are quite a few other options, including either a ticket offer or an online graduation ”. László Trencsényi, the president of the Hungarian Pedagogical Society, will also be spoken in writing, who says that high school graduates have a huge health risk.

On the same day, we read in his People's Word that the Democratic Coalition had launched a petition to postpone graduation,
as the government also endangers the health of students, teachers, family members and friends!

A little earlier, on April 17, 444 brought down a report on the situation, entitled “Written graduation will not reflect students’ real knowledge ”. Let’s look at what insights they started with herding: “On graduation day, students will be covered in public transportation, even though many of them themselves suffer from chronic illnesses, are diabetic or asthmatic, and there are plenty of students living with their grandparents. Not to mention that much of the teaching community is also 50-plus and many of them struggle with high blood pressure as a professional harm. ” They added, “Graduation is a rite. The fact that the students get dressed, prepared, appears in front of the exam committee and then at the banquet. They are all obsolete now, and it’s very hard to imagine a masked, rubber-gloved graduation. ”

On April 20, the same 444 communicated the Parental Voice’s worrying announcement, quoting “it is inexplicable on what basis it can still be considered safe to hold a written graduation. It is important for the government to make public the reasons for a decision that directly affects hundreds of thousands of people, the health of students, educators, school technicians, parents and grandparents, and even their lives. ” Also on 444, on April 24, an article entitled “The Teachers’ Network Requests the Graduation to Be Blown Away ”was brought down, quoting Erzsébet Pásztor, who said the most important aspect is epidemiology, everything else just follows.

And let’s also remember the most repulsive moment, which is also tied to the PDSZ. Based on the eighteenth report of Magyar Hang in April, they wanted to make it impossible for them to graduate with a coordinated leave. I ask the dear reader to try to feel all the weight of this pull.

The PDSZ would have instructed the teachers to let the students down.
Those who have been trained, taught and helped for years should be left without support at the most important point in their lives so far, from an academic point of view. Would you be seriously interested in how anyone who did or would have done this would look into the eyes of their students from there? How do you re-enter school and be received by those who may not be graduating now, but have received an eternal memento of how much and how they can count on this teacher when there is a real need?

Should nurses, doctors, government officials, shopkeepers, and pharmacists also have thrown the reins among the horses?

Well, the graduation was successful, without interruption, despite all the wheel-tying attempts.

Have we heard of any problems, misfortunes, scandals?
The independent and objective press, the most professional professional associations, examined the days with a magnifying glass, if any event worth mentioning happens, it is immediately mentioned, described, reported, as they bend down for the tiniest crumb.

No such thing happened, but everyone is past a difficult task, according to the natural order of things. Not a single thread to see.

Imagine what it would be like if they reached a goal. Everyone would have sucked, everyone would have been much worse and more complicated, for nothing, for hysteria.

After this, two explanations are offered as solutions, nothing more. Suppose, truly representing the top of their professional level, they fought, in the awareness of their own truth, to postpone graduation. If so, it is time to retire from the expertise, because it is quite clear that they do not understand it and their professional failure would have made the lives of tens of thousands more difficult. However, I find the second scenario more likely. They did not professionalize anything, they just made another attempt at destruction. It didn’t work this time either, and we won’t forget that either.

Source:cushion https://mandiner.hu/cikk/20200622_erettsegi_volt_latnivalo_nem
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Gyurcsány: The budget of weakness, cowardice is 2021

Gyurcsány: The budget of weakness, cowardice is 2021


Foreword, a little reminder of a taste of Ferenc Gyurcsány's previous work: This is how the government was handed over in 2010.

❗️Budapest's debt: 251 billion
❗️MÁV's debt: 300 billion
❗️BKV debt: 80 billion
❗️Municipal debt: 1,200 billion
❗️Government debt 80.6%
❗️IMF / World Bank loan: 4600 billion
❗️M5 / M6 PPP debts: 3841 billion
❗️Hospital debt: 100 billion
❗️Loss of the MNB: 41.6 billion
❗️Unemployment 11.3%
❗️Foreign currency loan ratio: 63%
❗️Hospital closures, bed cuts, layoffs, flight reductions, line closures, tax increases, robbery privatization, one of the highest overheads in Europe.

Ferenc Gyurcsány, the keynote speaker at DK, called next year the budget of weakness and cowardice.

According to the party chairman and faction leader, the government appears to be tired, unimaginative and intellectually and politically weak on the basis of the budget.

He said the budget always provides an opportunity for governors to face the real state of the country, deep conflicts, but he does not see the cabinet doing that. "Cowards in the face, weak in the answer," said Ferenc Gyurcsány.

In his words, the standard of public debate dictated by the government is outrageously low compared to the challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis, although one would have to live up to the responsibility, the role of the state would have to be reassessed.

Is it a national policy, for example, for the country to operate a health care in which the vast majority struggle with terrible vulnerability, while the “acting on behalf of the nation” has created high-quality but expensive private health care for itself? He asked.

With regard to digital education ordered due to the coronavirus epidemic, he drew attention to the fact that in many small settlements, digital education did not have the minimum conditions because there was no computer, no internet, no parental skills. However, he said the government is not responding to this either, pretending that there have been no lessons in recent months.

There is no answer to the situation of nursing homes in the budget either, the DK keynote speaker continued, and there is no well-thought-out care system for the elderly. He also asked the ruling parties about the possibility of beating Mayor Gergely Karácsony politically in the case of the nursing home on Pesti út in the capital, where there were many victims of the coronavirus epidemic.

Turning to the municipalities, he said, the government will not allow the settlements to be their own masters, it will take everything away from them, it will stifle them, it will constantly nationalize them.

The opposition party chairman also suggested that income disparities should be limited, for example, billionaires may not be subject to a modest income tax and a zero inheritance tax.

Ferenc Gyurcsány summed up: he does not see a “common story”, the events are unimaginative, and the budget reveals that the government does not answer any problems, it does not want to face them.

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There is nothing else to say about this - Traitors!

There is nothing else to say about this - Traitors!

DK did not take part in the Parliamentary commemoration in Trianon.

According to them, Thursday’s commemoration is “nation-dividing”.
The Democratic Coalition announced in a statement that its faction would not go to the Parliament’s parliamentary “nation-sharing” Trianon commemoration. And in our opinion, it is the DK divider that is listed in the picture.

According to them, Thursday's session "is about nothing but exclusion from the nation, moreover, from those who are destroying Hungary and from whom we would never accept education about Hungarianness and national feeling".

We will never forget who were those who, despite a declining population, did not support the introduction of dual citizenship in 2004, robbing people of 23 million Romanians. We will also not forget who were the ones who did not vote on the Dual Citizenship Act in 2011, we will also remember who were the ones who did not support the motion in 2019 for this year’s National Cohesion Act. and we will not forget the present day for them. The DK does not represent the interests of the Hungarians, but is working to make our nation disappear from the face of the Earth. It is a question of whether we will be so foolish (the majority of voters) that we will give them a chance to do so in 2022.

Nowhere in the world is there such a filthy opposition as ours.


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