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Dobrev spreads false news, went to the relatives of the deceased

The carnivores in action!

Dobrev spreads false news, went to the relatives of the deceased

It’s so disgusting that there are no words for it that don’t violate “Facebook’s Community Guidelines,” so we don’t even describe it, we leave it to everyone’s imagination.

️ Meanwhile, the reality: Number of deaths in the first 9 weeks of the last 6 years. (We know that there are many, but since the left keeps this topic on the agenda, they are lying, so we have to refute it, otherwise the lie will remain)

2015: 27,876
2016: 23 364
2017: 28,910
2018: 25 470
2019: 27 893
2020: 24 050
2021: 26 165

It is not true that most people died in Hungary!
EU data refutes left-wing death campaign!
Left Anti-Vaccination Campaign:
Lies with examples:

Source:Central Statistical Office - CSO https://www.ksh.hu/docs/eng/xstadat/xstadat_evkozi/e_wnh004a.html

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DK: We will return the stolen property to the Hungarians

You can start!

DK: We will return the stolen property to the Hungarians

With the standard fork
By repaying the HUF 2853 BILLION (!) Damage caused by the PPP contracts
With the amount of IMF loan taken and repaidhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2351/Megszolalt_a_DK-s_Varju_eladositas_ugyben
With the repayment of HUF 167 billion stolen at metro line 4
By repurchasing privatized state-owned companies or repaying money
With the repayment of 1,300 billion withdrawn from local governments
By repaying the price of wasted gold reserveshttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1004/Az_index_Matolcsy_helyett_Suranyi_velemenyere_kivancsi
By repaying the price of wasted public buildings
With a repayment of 600 billion abstracted from health care

Gyurcsány's criminal record: The list is NOT complete!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2918/Segedlet_Gyurcsany_evertekelo_beszedehez


The site that spreads DK's message, EzaLényeg, has already spent nearly 80 million forints on Facebook ads. It’s a question of who and what money you pay for this!https://bit.ly/2QYOMQm

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Health care will be paid if the Gyurcsánys come to power!

Nothing changed!

Health care will be paid if the Gyurcsánys come to power!

👉If you support them, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself! They talk about "jobseekers", but the Gyurcsánys only support a privileged, rich circle of friends!

And this is not a snatched example from their program, here are a few more! What we see is one element of a system that results in the bankruptcy of the country and the Hungarian population.

They are preparing for tax increases! Anyone who earns more than the minimum wage will be "richer" and "will pay more" (not as if they didn't pay more now! The flat tax is a percentage!)
Price increases in Szeged
The left has also tackled the crisis at the local level with austerity and tax increases
Don't be your own enemy! That’s how we used to tax, and that’s how we tax now.
If you support the Gyurcsánys, you are not pushing out with Orbán, but with yourself!
Ferenc Gyurcsány, one of the worst leaders in the world, and his new friends
Dobrev's new plan and message:
Don’t learn, don’t try, don’t want to be more than others!
The mayor of Újpest Momentum took the housing allowance for the young couple
Do you want to live and work in a country under construction or decline?
On the table, the difference between the left and Fidesz
Crisis management in the past and now
The price of gas has been raised 15 times! If they come to power, they will continue.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2694/A_rosszabb_elethez_ragaszkodok_ drawingelme
Gyurcsány's lawyer became 90 million richer. He will have money for better health care, you are not sure.
Újbuda was damaged by more than 12 billion forints! Demszky's friend is mowing, the people of Újbuda are paying!
If the left comes to power in 22, everyone will pay
Who so, who so, but it will hurt everyone. (more articles and videos at the end of the description)
The creativity of libsik is limitless: If they can’t raise taxes, they will penalize people with tolls!
We have put into a bunch the plans of the left that have been published and, in part, have already introduced tax increases and cancellations!
so Péter Márki-Zay felt obliged to tax the EARTH!
Buses are rented from a Cypriot offshore company Karácsony

Paid health care would come with DK

In government, the Democratic Coalition would transform the system of social security. According to party chairman Ferenc Gyurcsány, who is willing to pay more contributions should receive higher quality care in the state system. "If the care worked as it is in the DK program, the system would be overthrown and the system would be discriminatory," the end-of-century expert told the Hungarian Nation.

The Democratic Coalition would upset the social security system based on solidarity if it came to government. This is clear from the program, which is also available on the party's website. DK would break down the current health care system into care packages. There would be one that would be a matter of individual right, this would include, for example, emergency benefits. The package for insured persons (including those for whom the central budget pays the contribution) would provide everyone with uniform care, with “medical procedures in line with the current average standard of health care”. What would be included in this is not included in the program. However, it is true that "other details of the content of the package should be worked out in a professional consultation".
The third item would be the so-called tb extra package. This would benefit anyone who is willing or able to pay more. Part of the extra payment could be written off from the tax as planned. However, all this means that whoever is unable or unwilling to pay a larger amount on a regular basis, remains the basic package. This is not a new idea: Ferenc Gyurcsány has already stated this on 17 December 2015.

According to the President of the DK, the social security extra should be introduced, the essence of which is that “whoever is willing to pay more social security contributions as much as possible should receive higher quality care in the state system”.

- In Hungary, there is a health care system financed by TB. The most important guiding principle of this is solidarity, the importance of which is also excellently confirmed by the viral situation - Maurer Szemere, the head of the healthcare business of Századvég Gazdaságkutató Zrt., Told Magyar Nemzet. He indicated that the epidemic has clearly shown how dangerous it is to manage health care purely on the basis of business, cost-benefit calculations. "In Western Europe, where the solidarity-based TB system has been pushed into the background and the emphasis has been on business foundations, they are now in big trouble," said Maurer Szemere.
- In Hungary, everyone has access to all public health services without discrimination for a fee.

If the system worked as it is in the DK program, the one who pays more would receive higher quality care. This would upset solidarity and discriminate against public benefits, he explained.

He added that if someone wants to pay extra money for some care, they can still do so with one of the private providers today. There is no way in the state system to get more benefits for more money.

DK’s program would essentially create a VIP system within the state benefits.

- All this would increase social tensions and lead to a less transparent structure. Let's not forget, when the Ferenc Gyurcsány ruled the country, they made health care payable, just think of the visit and hospital per diem. On the other hand, they worked to downsize health services, hospital beds, and even closed hospitals. What was profitable and profitable on a market basis was outsourced, and what was unprofitable remained in the state system. If everything had remained as it was then, we would now be in a much more vulnerable position to the epidemic, the end-of-century expert added.


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The left gets more and more slaps!

This was now given by "mutti." Germany buys 30 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine!

The left gets more and more slaps!

👉Haho! Deans! Head to Brussels, you can "experiment with people"! Proceedings can be initiated against Germany! Or are you cowards for that?

Here are two videos, in which we show the vaccination campaign of DK and their minions and the ways of lying with examples!
Vaccination campaign:
Lies with examples:

Germany buys 30 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine

Germany is buying 30 million doses of the Russian vaccine against Sputnik V, a new type of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), German news portals reported on Thursday.

The acquisition was reportedly briefed by Saxon Provincial Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer in Moscow after talks with Health Minister Mikhail Murasko.

He said tens of millions of servings would be bought in June, July and August as planned. The condition for procurement is that the Russian preparation has an EU marketing authorization.

Michael Kretschmer stressed that there will certainly be a strong willingness to administer the Russian vaccine in eastern Germany, in the province of the former GDR.

Germany plans to buy tens of millions of doses of Russian vaccine in June, July and August


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After the OPNI building, the Budagyöngye Hospital will also be saved!

Gyurcsány's legacy!

After the OPNI building, the Budagyöngye Hospital will also be saved!

👉The left is destroying, Fidesz is building! This is the case!

FRESH: Our video showing the improvements is expanding again! There are another 100 slides, now with 2000 enhancements. Here's the "stolen money"! Give it on!

Mihály Vargawrote: Investments in Buda! Not only does OPNI escape destruction!
The Budagyöngye Hospital, also closed in 2007, is located in the II. district in Hűvösvölgy comes to life. A nurse’s hostel and training center will be established with government support.
The building was originally the mother house of the Congregation for the Daughters of St. Francis of Assisi, which also housed a nursing school. The institution was established in Annex II. nationalized after World War II, the building housed a party school, a school for children with lung disease, and was closed for 14 years as a ward of St. Roch's Hospital.
It will soon open in its original beauty, in its original function.

"Health in ruins," they say, are those who have closed hospitals:

- (Veszprém) Heim Pál Children's Hospital, 1995;
- Csepel Hospital, 2003;
- (Kapuvári) Lumniczer Sándor Hospital, 2007;
- BM Hospital and Clinic, 2007;
- (Budapest, Szabolcs utca) National Medical Center, 2007;
- (OPNI) National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, 2007;
- Buda Children's Hospital, 2007;
- Svábhegy Children's Hospital, 2007;
- Schöpf-Mérei Hospital, 2007;
- Szolnok Lung Hospital, 2008;
- Pécs Lung Hospital and Sanatorium, 2009.

Those who sold hospitals to their buddies (Hospinvet scandal)

- Eger Hospital
- Kiskunhalas Hospital
- Körmend Hospital
- Hatvan Hospital
- Gyöngyös Hospital
- Parádfürdő Hospital

They who put thousands of doctors and nurses on the streets!
They are the ones who have closed the youth training institutions!

And these "people" want to destroy Hungary again!
Think, liberal voter! If you choose these, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself, your children and grandchildren!

We have been cleaning the ruins left behind by the left for 10 years
The Gyurcsánys closed the OPNI, the building was allowed to be destroyed, Fidesz established the Nyírő Gyula National Institute of Psychiatry and Addiction in 2013, and now the listed building will come to life again!
"Educational reform" Gyurcsány style
We have been cleaning the ruins left behind by the left for 10 years!
It's down! Health is not important to the opposition!
Open attack on health! Even in opposition and able to hinder development, even hospital development!
Crime record of Gyurcsany. The list is not exhaustive!
Do you want to live and work in a country under construction or decline?
On the table, the difference between the left and Fidesz
Gyurcsány - Lies (with examples) Instructional video
World Monument Day!
And the government is not talking about this, it is acting!


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The Gyurcsánys' camouflage organization failed again!

In vain did they fight against the opening of the schools in the PDSZ - they couldn't even kick the ball!

The Gyurcsánys' camouflage organization failed again!

👉99 percent of educators hired on Monday! We thank them gratefully for working together and doing what is their duty, what is their vocation!

A portion of the remaining 1 percent could be a very warped DK activist, and they have nothing to gain in public education! Of course, there may be normal educators in this 1 percent who were just on sick leave, we wish them improvement!

On Monday, attendance at lower primary schools began and kindergartens also opened; although several encouraged parents not to allow their children to go to school, rioters appear to have been unsuccessful: according to our paper, 75 percent of inferior children appeared in class.

We know that the opening was very much awaited among the parents of kindergarteners: 60 percent of the little ones went to kindergarten on Monday. At the same time, at the national level, 99 percent of educators got the job in order, that is, they showed up at school and kindergarten to receive children.

The government has made every effort to ensure that the lower grades of schools can be opened safely on Monday, government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirály reminded on Monday morning, adding that she herself had exposed her lower child with a calm heart in front of the school in the morning.

He recalled that in recent weeks educators working in schools, kindergartens and nurseries have been vaccinated and requested to disinfect schools, and after opening, previous protocols such as body temperature measurement, disinfection, distance keeping will return.

Alexandra Szentkirályi drew attention to the fact that the rate of infection in the lower grades is half, a third of the upper grades, because the lower grades are only in contact with a few permanent teachers, there is no class breakdown yet, “children are not mixed up”.

The Ministry of Human Resources highlighted in a statement on Monday that almost all of the educators were employed. The Ministry thanked all kindergarten and school workers for their “sacrificial work” in relaunching attendance education.

The shame of the teaching community is the PDSZ, which performs the party political tasks of DK
They protested against graduation and then demanded an oral one, but they even protested against the salary increase
They caused hysteria about the National Core Curriculum
"National Resistance" - they managed to bring together a 30-man demonstration with a small circle of friends.

Herniation of PDSZ:https://nepszava.hu/3115808_a-pdsz-mindent-megtesz-hogy-ne-nyithassanak-ki-az-iskolak-aprilis-19-en

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Nurses' wages have not fallen!

Slowly let’s say Dobrev understands, too

Nurses' wages have not fallen!

️Who cut them, it was the left, they took a monthly salary, fired thousands of health workers, sold or closed hospitals.
On the other hand, Fidesz increased the salaries of nurses by a total of 72 percent from 2018, by 118.5 percent since 2016, and tripled compared to 2010, and also rewarded their work with a reward of HUF 500,000, while nursing homes, nursing schools and hospitals were renovated.

🟢This health improvement is in a Numbers video, including hospitals, surgeries, pay rises, other improvements, everything is labeled, everything is verifiable.
🟢In this article, we have gathered all the information related to health care improvements and wage increases:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2962/Ma_van_a_magyar_apolok_napja

With hundreds of thousands of pay cuts, Dobrev riots nurses

The lie of the left was revealed again: Klára Dobrev claimed on her community page that health care workers could receive up to a hundred thousand less wages after their new service, which was refuted in detail a few hours later by the National Hospital Directorate General. Thus, the Gyurcsány party politician did not receive the Korózs Prize by chance, and he is not the only one who spreads a vile lie to the detriment of health care and epidemic management.

It is a rumor that the basic salary determining the salaries of health care professionals is decreasing - the National Hospital Directorate General (OKFŐ) said, after a left-wing press rally - headed by Napi.hu - Klára Dobrev stated on the community page that employees “20-30 thousand in extreme cases They received HUF 100,000 less than in the previous month.

In this way, they were shortened by the new employment contract, ”said the DK Prime Minister-designate aspirant. In comparison, OKFŐ described:

the introduction of the Health Service Act has not reduced the basic salaries of health professionals, as the legislation guarantees that no employee covered by the law can have a lower basic salary than that set for them until 31 December 2020.

"In the case of overtime pay, certain allowances are fixed item by law, while in the case of on-call time and shift allowances, the law only stipulates a statutory minimum, from which employers and employees may deviate in a positive direction by mutual agreement," the DG pointed out. In all cases, pay supplemented by shift allowances is proportional to the work performed, so pay differences should be examined in this light.

In their announcement, they also informed that, contrary to the news in the press, the institutions had not yet received a signal from the OKFŐ regarding the decrease in salaries. “In order to investigate and clarify individual cases, we recommend that those concerned contact their employer,” the institution stressed, and then confirmed that Covid-infected health care workers receive 100 percent sick pay.

"Contrary to false news, there is a multi-year comprehensive wage increase program for health professionals," the DG pointed out.

Corrosion Award for Gyurcsány and Dobrev

After this, it is no wonder that Ferenc Gyurcsány, President of the Democratic Coalition and his wife, Klára Dobrev, Member of the European Parliament for the DK, was awarded the Cameroon Prize in March by Lőrinc Nacsa, a faction spokesman for the Christian Democratic People's Party. This award is given to those who are the biggest pseudo-newsgroups in defense against the epidemic and who attack those involved in defense.

In addition to announcing on Facebook a drop in hospital workers' earnings of up to 100,000 forints, Klára Dobrev toured the country unmasked in early March, even infecting others, and only attacking the government and professionals when she was ill.

Ferenc Gyurcsány also discussed the collapse of the vaccination plan from Brussels, and then, after receiving the vaccination, he had to admit that everything went well. Otherwise, Tímea Szabó, Ákos Hadházy and DK, who wants to ban the Chinese vaccine, were also awarded.

Left lie factory
This is not the first false news spread by the left about health and the epidemic. The “namesake” of the aforementioned award, socialist representative Lajos Korózs, chairman of the Parliamentary Welfare Committee, talked to Athina Németh, who released herself as an ambulance officer, about the situation in Hungarian healthcare. In it, he claimed that nine out of ten patients sent home had died.

After the entire left-wing press took over the news, the National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) announced in a statement that the woman was not known by any of the interviewed paramedics and was not on the register of either the organization or Hungarian health professionals.

The private provider also said he did not know with whom the Socialists later contacted him. The recording was removed from its surfaces by both Korózs and the MSZP after the obvious fall.

Tímea Szabó, who was “recognized” with the Korózs Prize in December, was not left out of the lie factory either: the representative of the Dialogue directly stated that “the nurses of the Covid ward of Margaret Hospital will not be paid the promised extra allowance”.

In contrast, St. Margaret Hospital told 24.hu that it recognizes the overworked work and dedication of the nurses working in its Covid ward, so in October and November the workers received an above-average supplement of 150 percent in addition to their basic salary. - This amount included the December and January supplementary allowance. From February, they will receive a 50 percent wage supplement in addition to their basic salary, which is the same as the national average benefit for Covid care workers. Stakeholders were informed about the additional benefit, the institution said, then added that this means that despite the rumors of Tímea Szabó, the benefits were paid in advance.

Hadházy's lie
On January 8, Ákos Hadházy, an independent member of parliament, rioted his followers on a community page with a video shot in the Szentendre morgue, where he claimed that the dead were stacked in open coffins due to the government's poor epidemiological protection.

On the other hand, it turned out that the mortuary in Szentendre had nothing to do with the government, as it was operated by the opposition-led municipality of Szentendre.

Several pro-government politicians also expressed outrage at Hadházy's use of dead people in his political actions in a merciful manner. In a statement to Hír TV, Fidesz's communications director, István Hollik, said: Hadházy is continuing the left-wing death campaign that the opposition has already started in the first wave of the epidemic. “What Hadházy is doing is offensive and distasteful. There are simply power and political considerations behind it all, ”said Fidesz's communications director. Because of the outrage, Hadházy began to explain in a post he published on his community page, but still did not acknowledge that he had spread fake accusations and the government.


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The internet does not forget

In a bunch, the Gyurcsánys' anti-vaccination attacks

No matter how much they erase their earlier statements, no matter how they clean up the clues, the anti-vaccination campaign by DK and their minions was a historic sin, and we will remember that in 2022 as well!
👉Add MORE!

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He takes his deaths from DK's anti-vaccination propaganda

The opposition has crossed all borders! Their anti-vaccination campaign is killing people and so they will respond in 2022!

He takes his deaths from DK's anti-vaccination propaganda

👉Register! Don't be the next victim of DK!

István Hollikwrote: "While Ferenc Gyurcsány is trying to insure everyone about the vaccinations, he gives it to himself right now. It is a toast in itself, but unfortunately it is not the biggest problem.

The irresponsible anti-vaccine policy of the left
demands human lives. You should finally understand that a vaccine means life, no matter who makes it!

The left should finally stop inciting against Eastern vaccines! "

👉A representative of the Tata DK, whom Klára Dobrev, a coronavirus met, also passed away while touring half the country without a mask, passed away!

👉DK anti-vaccination propaganda: This post alone was shared by 1400 DK sympathizers! And how much was that!https://www.facebook.com/dk365/posts/3655492331207821
👉Oriental opening saved lives.
👉Reeds discourage others from getting vaccinated, of course they vaccinate themselves.https://mandiner.hu/cikk/20210401_gyurcsany_oltas_belfold_covid

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