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Dobrev's (and the left's) opinion of the Hungarian people

We are cheap, stupid, vulnerable, uneducated and unnecessary people in their eyes

️Once they have ruined the "jobs" once, if given the opportunity, they will do so a second time. You don't want to, do you?
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Whoever votes for the opposition will vote for Gyurcsány!

We put the first 8 members of the opposition list in the picture. Ornate company!

Whoever votes for the opposition will vote for Gyurcsány!

We also share a material about each, but of course there is much more to it than that. Using our search engine on our website, you will find more articles on why a seven-party coalition is unsuitable to lead the country.

️Péter Márki-Zay
It violated all strata of Hungarian society, and was pro-war.
️Dobrev Klára
He called the manual workers superfluous and uneducated, and the Tiny-Dobrev clan would do anything for power.
️G Christmas Christmas
He is the symbol of the anti-car policy of the left that he did in Budapest is incomprehensible. Plans to sell the town hall put the point on the i.
️Jakab Péter
Chief of parliamentary provocations and mischief, he believed he could be prime minister, but he was fourth even in the election where Fidesz did not run.
️ AndrásFekete-Győr
He was able to recite the texts he had learned in advance, but when he answered questions, he was completely destroyed. He campaigned for a Romanian party against the Hungarians in Transylvania.
️Bertalan Tóth
His party organized the roughest anti-Hungarian campaign in its history, attacking the CSOK and then picking it up.
️Hungary Péter
Thick II. one of his main opponents, if they come to power, they will stop development, we simply won’t have electricity because Paks I will have to be shut down soon.
FerGyurcsány Ferenc
"We lied in the morning, at night and in the evening" ... The biggest assassination attempt against Hungarian health care took place under his leadership.

If you do not want these to wear out the benches in Parliament for the next 4 years for public money and hinder work, DO NOT VOTE AGAINST!


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Ferenc Gyurcsány is the little dog of Putin

The liar Gyurcsány would sell his homeland and our souls again!

Ferenc Gyurcsány is the little dog of  Putin

Máté Kocsis restored a rebel named Bence Tordai, who again accused Viktor Orbán of what his owner, Ferenc Gyurcsány, had done.
Let's look at what happened in Feri's chronology:

MárciusMarch 2006: Lunch at Putin's Gyurcsany House, face-to-face meeting
MájusMay 2006: György Szilvássy will become a secret minister
SzeptemberSeptember 2006: Gyurcsany holds private meeting with President Putin in Rostov
JanuárNew 2007: People of the Russian secret service are allowed into the NBH to carry out internal reconnaissance based on political opinion, ie to screen out Fidesz-friendly workers. The head of the secret service was Lajos Galambos.
MárciusMarch 2007: Gyurcsany spends a day in Putin's villa
JúniusJune 2007: MOL replay begins
September: Lajos Galambos is sentenced to 4 years in prison for violating state secrets

If the left came to power again, would they betray the country in discussions behind closed doors again? Would those who think differently be victims of political persecution again? In my experience, yes!


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They've sold everything once!

If we leave, they will plunder the country and the people again!

They've sold everything once!

No more exams!
The sale of state-owned companies has caused invaluable damage to Hungary of thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of billions!

Their goal is not to increase national wealth, not to improve the quality of life of Hungarians, but to serve their foreign farmers and customers unconditionally. Márki-Zay is no different, she learned the "craft" during her 5 years of training abroad, and if this puppet without faction and support comes to power, Gy.F. and his wife shall come to power again. In addition to price increases, tax increases, lawlessness, deductions, the nation's wealth is being hammered again! What can we expect from a Canadian citizen ?! He sells everything, plunders everyone, and then flees to those he has sworn to.

Viktor Orbán and his government are buying back what the left has wasted !! And Bence Rétvári reminded the left in the Parliament about everything they sold when they were in government, for buttons! Video:

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What the Gyurcsánys sold, stole and liquidated, Fidesz will recover and rebuild!
👉P robbery privatization!
Few got rich, the state, the taxpayers were plundered!
👉Orbán buys back what the Gyurcsánys sold!
Gas storage facilities, energy companies, MOL shares, electricity suppliers, power plants, etc. The country's energy supply cannot be in foreign hands!
👉DK: we will return the stolen property to the Hungarians
👉2853 billion forints
The Gyurcsánya caused so much damage only with the PPP contracts of the motorways! Nothing was built out of this money, it's just the damage, the total cost is nearly $ 4,000 billion, and we'll pay the bill by 2040!
👉Orbán: Dangerous times are coming, reserves, cover and security are needed!
Our gold reserves are at a record level!
👉What do we decide in 22?
Now our existence is at stake! ️Hajrá Fidesz-KDNP!
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If you "steal everything in Zorba," what is it all about?
👉List of what many have been waiting for! We have something to be proud of!
We have compiled perhaps the biggest, most effective and spectacular measures of the Government of Hungary so far!
👉After the National Utilities The National Waterworks will also be established
Drinking water will never be sold again!
👉Buda Palace (Postapalota) - a symbol of Gyurcsány's robbery privatization
Budapest, Krisztina körút 6. (Széll Kálmán Tér)
👉The facts are stubborn things!
Proponents of the left don’t even like it, and we all the more so!


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Dobrev lies like a stream of water!

“We lied in the morning, night and night,” nothing changed

Dobrev lies like a stream of water!

Now the number of children born cannot be interpreted by the resident of the stolen villa on Szemlőhegy Street.

Reality: We are on the right track!
The CSO has published fresh data!
Lie: Dobrev does not understand that there are fewer women of childbearing age, the desire to have children has increased even with a lower birth rate! And women of childbearing age were born before 1998! Their lower number is Horn's fault, not Fidesz's!

Szalai Piroska wrote:
Klára Dobrev's post on Thursday afternoon is, in my opinion, a deliberate misrepresentation!
Between 2010 and 2020, the number of women aged 20-40, ie the most active parents, in Hungary decreased by 17%, by 257 thousand people! Nevertheless, fewer women had 2,665 more children in 2021 than in 2010. s 4951 more than in 2011!
Our fertility rate was 1.25 in 2010 and improved to 1.59 by 2021. This is the biggest improvement in the whole of the European Union, and we have finally reached pre-Bokros levels. (You will read about the development of fertility in the Democrat next Wednesday!)
It is important to know that 2005 was the 29th year of the largest “grade”, born in 1976, in which we find nearly 90,000 women. In 2020, the number of women of the same age was less than 60,000. Today, the average age of mothers is 29-30 years. If the Medgyessy-Gyurcsány-Bajnai governments wanted to do so so that the desired children could be born in Hungary, their most effective measures could have been between 2005 and 2007. But at this very time, nothing happened to support the families. In fact, parenting has become a real financial disadvantage since 2008. (Here's a previous Democratic article on this:https://demokrata.hu/gazdasag/szegenyseg-es-tarsadalmi-kirekesztettseg-2-469910/
Watch the numbers, the numbers don't lie!
# fertility # birth number



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Feri was very scared, he knew he "elxurta"!

Do you still have it?

Feri was very scared, he knew he "elxurta"!

2008.03.03 - "Gyurcsány's 100 Million Audience Has Arrived"
New vehicles of the Republican Guard Regiment arrived in Hungary. Armored vehicles ordered to transport high-ranking people were manufactured by Audi.

The minimum wage in 2008 was HUF 56,190 net.
Gyurcsány's car cost a minimum wage of 1,780. This means HUF 236,740,000 at today's price (calculated with a net minimum wage of 133,000)

In contrast, Viktor Orbán runs a 20 million series-produced minibus. He doesn't need armored vehicles! It also shows how surreal it is that the deception that "Orbán went among the ovis in a bulletproof vest" has appeared! Orbán, who has been a prime minister for 12 years, who goes anywhere with people in a field, unarmoured minibus, wears a bulletproof vest right for the ovis ....

Everything is tried by the libsik, "all in," as they say.


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DK was lying orbital again! All in! Anything for power!

Now they just lied that pork went up by 30 (!) Percent at the end of the year. But what is the reality?

DK was lying orbital again!  All in!  Anything for power!

Let's see! The CSO's database contains the average price of certain products dating back many years, including pork. Using the net minimum wage, current prices (based on Tesco’s non-promotional prices) and prices, we have shown how much can be bought from pork now and at the end of their rule.

The joke is that not only has the real value of wages increased, but the price of pork has DECREASED compared to prices 2 years ago! Do we still remember their mating with "New Year's Piggy Back" blocks when pork was more expensive just because of the swine flu? It was 2 years ago, 1 year ago when the price of meat dropped they were listening and we wrote an article.

In summary, today the minimum wage is worth twice as much pork as in 2010! In addition to the 5% VAT, wage increases, tax cuts and overhead cuts, you can really owe this to “Viktor”!

There was a comment during DK's post that was immediately "democratically" deleted. One of their followers wrote, "I'm selling meat, that's not true."

Prices CSO
Wage calculator 2009
Wage calculator 2020
Wage calculator 2022
Minimum wage
Orbán reduced the VAT on meat!
Prices now:https://bit.ly/3318gun(Tesco online shopping)
https://bit.ly/3f8sOU0- saved as an image.
DK's lying post

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Reminder for forgetful!

700,000 family homes
The cars of 1,000,000 families have been put at risk because of the left-wing policy of serving foreign banks.
This program hurt - even for those who supported the left.
Think! Are you willing to go bankrupt again to replace Orban?
Full recording:https://bit.ly/3JsV3L2

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