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Consistent governance - that's what we love!

️It is not like the left who promised tax cuts and became tax increases, layoffs, overhead increases

Consistent governance - that's what we love!

Obviously, life is not easy now, there is high inflation, energy rises for market participants, war, the refugee crisis, and much more, but where the government knows, it will help. What they have undertaken will be done, and as long as that is the case, they can count on our support. Anti-Russian outbursts should be curbed a bit (eg Katalin Novák, Zsolt Németh, Government of Hungary, etc.), after all, one of the bases for overhead reduction is the operation and expansion of Russian gas, Russian oil and the Paks nuclear power plant. These can be maintained in partnership, not with Russophobic statements.


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Family-friendly governance has yielded improved results

We are on the right track!

Family-friendly governance has yielded improved results

In Hungary, the mother can be a woman, the father a man, marriage can take place between a man and a woman, our policy focuses on the family and the child! The number of marriages is rising, the number of divorces and abortions is falling, and the total fertility rate is at a 30-year record. We know that Santa is coming to the fathers elsewhere, but we won't have one!

Normality, families are supported by the Orbán government. Details:https://szamokadatok.hu/csalad

In 2021, 93,000 children were born.
The number of births was last so high in 2016.
72,000 couples are married.
The number of marriages was last so high in 1986.
The total fertility rate rose to 1.59 from 1.25 in 2010
The number of divorces decreased from 24 thousand to 15 thousand (2010-2020)
The number of abortions decreased from 40 thousand to 24 thousand (2010-2020)


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Say goodbye to IV. Orbán government

Thank You! The V. Orbán government can come!

Say goodbye to IV.  Orbán government

We think they have done an excellent job, and looking at the election results, many seem to think so! More precisely, 232,644 more people than in 2018 :)https://bit.ly/3xPgIts

️You can read more about the listed measures on our website, under the menu items "livelihood" and "economy".
These measures are set out in Annex IV. It was brought or maintained by the Orbán government.


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We're going forward, not backward! That is what it means in practice

We will vote carefully for Fidesz!

We're going forward, not backward!  That is what it means in practice

️When you vote, think about your wallet!
Share this summary with your friends! Let as many people see the reality!

Inheritance tribute
9% of an inherited property after 2010 and 0% now. Just figure out how many millions would fall if the left-wing government came back ?!
Number of apartments [pcs]
2010: 4,330,681
Now: 4,501,344
Nearly 170,000 new homes have been built, and existing homes are being expanded and renewed. This, of course, is also possible because it is "stealing from the Oban," isn't it?
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/30e7mJA
Proportion of those in need [%]
2010: 23.4
Now: 8.3
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3F2q45y
Employment [persons]
2010: 3,748,000
Now: 4,687,000
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3HfsPT8
Family tax refund
Never before, now is it! If economic growth allows, so will the future!
Tax exemption for young people
Never before, now is it! Do you think it doesn't affect you? But how much that touches! It will affect your child and it will take you, today’s young people will produce your pension. If they succeed, so will you!
Number of crimes [pcs]
The more people work, the less crime!
Proportion of people living in overcrowded housing [%]
CSOK, baby waiting, rising wages, falling taxes - more and more people can afford a larger apartment.
13th month pension, pension premium
Retirees received 17.1% more money!
Net average wages in euros
2010: 501
2022: 817
(Currently 353 the exchange rate, in 2010 it was 278)
Net minimum wage in euros
2010: 216
2022: 376
(Currently 353 the exchange rate, in 2010 it was 278)
National wages compared to Budapest [%]
The difference between wages in Budapest and in the countryside has significantly decreased!
Financial assets of households [HUF billion]
2010: 16 443
Now: 63 804
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3HbR6sV
That, too, is because everything is bad, right?
They can't keep their home warm enough [%]
Overhead reduction works, numbers prove it.
Number of motorcycles in circulation [pcs]
2010: 142 251
Now: 194 594
The motorcycle is the confessional, more a hobby than a means of transportation. He who rides a motorcycle also has a car. The number of engines has increased by more than 50,000!
Number of cars in circulation [pcs]
2010: 2 984 063
Now: 3,920,799
In short, the number of cars has increased by almost 1 million!
Previous article on this:https://bit.ly/3HeXzmX
Ratio of residual burden to net average salary [%]
The overhead has been reduced by a third!
Ratio of residual burden to net minimum wage [%]
The overhead has been reduced by a third!
Household assets in government securities [HUF billion]
2010: 727
Now: 10,000
Of this, the MÁP portfolio alone amounts to HUF 6,000 billion!https://bit.ly/3H960QN
At the same time, the country's net external debt decreased:https://bit.ly/3F3qGYC


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Haho, liberals! Are you looking for the Fidesz program?

We help! Here it is (part of it)

Haho, liberals!  Are you looking for the Fidesz program?

Worth to share! Left-wing narrators anesthetize people, they're talking about a Fidesz victory! This is not true because nothing is known! There will be a victory if we go to the polls! if we don’t leave, it won’t be - it’s that simple.



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"For family substitutes"

You get a lot more from Orban, but it's not enough to watch, you have to see!

"For family substitutes"

In the graph, the amount spent on the family tax credit and the family allowance [HUF billion] As you can see, Fidesz gives 3.5x more to families on these two items than the left! Let us note only softly that the amount spent on family allowances has been lower this year not because it has been reduced, but because the number of beneficiaries has decreased.

The left would continue to support making a living as a child!
Nothing changed!https://bit.ly/358ZLOH

We don't even talk about the other elements of family support in detail now, but let's mention it! This was not the case at the time of the left

CSOK, baby waiting, gyes for 3 years
Home Creation Support
Home renovation support
Family tax refund
Family tax benefit
Free textbook and meals
Tax exemption for young people
Exemption from duty and VAT
Mortgage Relief
Discount for first married couples
Elizabeth Camps program
Nursery Development Program and more!

The baby waiting support helped 200,000 young couples start their lives
So far, 100,000 families have been supported to renovate their homes
CSOK has supported the creation of homes for 200,000 families
2.5 million retirees received a premium of HUF 80,000
123,000 more children were born in 10 years
The number of abortions fell by 100,000
2 million parents will receive back HUF 600 billion in taxes
We spend 6.2 percent of GDP on family support, which
we are world leaders!

2010 budget:https://www.parlament.hu/irom38/10554/10554-1903.pdf
Budget 2022:https://www.parlament.hu/irom41/16118/16118.pdf

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The left would continue to support making a living as a child!

Nothing changed!

The left would continue to support making a living as a child!

️Our answer to this is a definite NO!

According to them, the family tax credit, home-building subsidies, free textbooks, free meals, the institution of tax exemptions and other work-related subsidies would be abolished!

As a working parent, we cannot support this!
We don’t want to work to support others!

The left did this before 2010 and would do so now if the majority goes out and votes on them on April 3rd.

Fidesz, on the other hand, helps WORKING people and encourages those who avoid work to work. One such measure was a refund of the tax paid. Who did you go to? To someone who worked and paid taxes! For those who don't, it's not that simple.

If you don't want to work for someone else to have your money and your kids go hungry, pass it on!

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Family policy in practice

The number of nursery school places has increased by 70 percent. Compared to 2010, there are three times as many nursery care places

Family policy in practice



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Who did more for the young people?

Let's look at some examples! We are not expressing an opinion, we are talking about the specifics!

Who did more for the young people?

(Just in parentheses: this time Péter Márki-Zay got a video for a young boyhttps://bit.ly/3i06o90)

Graduate of GYED
2009: It wasn't like that
PIT over 25 years of age
2009: There was no exception, the 36 percent PIT applied to everyone
Now: 15%https://bit.ly/34CApZ1
Free TRAFFIC course
2009: It wasn't free, everyone paid.
Language exam fee refund
2009: It wasn't like that
Tax exemption up to 25 years
2009: There was no exception, the 36 percent PIT applied to everyone
Inheritance and gift wrestling
Proportion of graduates (population)
Employment rate (20-24 years)
Number of unemployed (20-24 years)
Cheap overhead (rented and own home too!)
2009: Overhead was 1.25 times today's prices with wages three times lower than today.
CSOK, Baby waiting, discount for first married couples
2009: Everything was deleted.https://bit.ly/3F5Dq0B
Proportion of people with secondary education (20-24 years old)

The government is doing a lot for you, but now it's your turn!
Support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!



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