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We are not black lambs in infringement proceedings in the EU

We are not black lambs in infringement proceedings in the EU

Our opposition is working poorly, even in the European Parliament, regardless of the fact that infringement proceedings are initiated by the European Commission.😊

On 31 December 2019, a total of 66 proceedings were on the agenda against Hungary (33 were initiated in 2019), however, e.g. Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany are also ahead of us.

If the 1564 open procedure is projected on the 28 Member States, 55 will come out on average. That is, we are a little more messy than the average, which fills me with pride, given that a lot of procedures touch on politically sensitive issues.

Details are available in detail in the reports referenced below.


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"Union money" is not a gift. We don’t get anything from anyone, that money is ours

Share this video with anyone who sees EU funds as a gift

Our humble opinion is that if "the union" withdraws a single forint or eurocent source from Hungary for any reason, the customs duty must be introduced immediately on all Western products that enter the territory of Hungary. We think we would have a lot more money than that.

An earlier article of ours said the same thing, EU money is not the title of a gift.
We have described in it a little longer and in more detail what the Prime Minister also said.

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A ranking that is better at the end

Now will it be that the "zorbán", Tiborcz and Lőrinc bought Eurostat? :)

A ranking that is better at the end

📊EuroStat's robbery statistics per 100,000 people show a mixed picture of European countries. Most of these crimes occurred in Belgium, where the indicator was 167. France and Spain follow, with rates of 150 and 144, respectively.

🇭🇺According to Eurostat, Hungary is the safest country in Europe. We have only 9 robberies per 100,000 inhabitants. Slovakia has similarly good statistics, followed by Liechtenstein with a value of 11.

Source (Eurostat link)https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php?title=File%3ACrime_statistics_robbery-Feb-2020.jpg

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The rule of law is not a condition of the EU budget

Although the text of the full agreement is available, it is also flowing from the tap that there is no system of rule of law conditions, yet the index is lying to the contrary!

The rule of law is not a condition of the EU budget

The "False News Operative Tribe" gathered at night (index, 444, hvg, benchmark, transparent, immediate, 24.hu, 168h, etc.), but unfortunately their creativity was not much, so they didn't even try to distort reality, just the opposite. described. According to them, the rule of law is included in the text of the agreement, the reality is that it is not. The text of the document is also attached.

Index.huDo you find your readers so stupid? Are you amazed at the decline in your popularity and revenue? Very big blama this article (also)

An agreement has been reached on the EU budget and the restart fund. Hungary has achieved what it wanted!🇭🇺

The left constantly said that Viktor Orbán was isolating Hungary.

On the other hand, even Politico, who is not very fond of the Hungarian national government, writes in his summary this morning that "Hungary has achieved everything it wanted."

The full article can be read here:https://www.politico.eu/newsletter/brussels-playbook/politico-brussels-playbook-deal-the-art-of-the-budget-bribes-brits-and-tectonic-shifts/

Nevertheless, the index smoothly covers the lie on the front page that "the rule of law remains in the EU budget"

The full text of this document, whoever finds the system of conditions in it, we pay a beer for it.https://www.consilium.europa.eu/media/45109/210720-euco-final-conclusions-en.pdf

The reality is that there is no such condition in it. Politico writes that "RULE OF LAW LEFT OUTSIDE THE BUDGET: The rule of law doesn't seem that much of a problem any more for the frugals - unanimity makes for give and take, generally speaking, in Council. Hungary got what it wanted - actually, it got everything it wanted. " - this means that the rule of law was omitted from the text of the agreement and Hungary got what it wanted.

The "rule of law" is mentioned in a single line at the conceptual level, so much is written in the document that
"The European Council emphasizes the importance of respect for the rule of law". - OK, we respect it, but there is NO conditionality, withdraw money because someone says we are not a rule of law CANNOT.

"The European Council underlines the importance of the protection of the Union's financial interests. The European Council underlines the importance of the respect of the rule of law."

The lying article of the index (which will now be manipulated, rewritten, etc.)
The official document:https://www.consilium.europa.eu/media/45109/210720-euco-final-conclusions-en.pdf
Hollik refuted:https://www.facebook.com/.../778846398980380/1444576299074050/

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The agreement was reached, Viktor Orbán achieved what he wanted !!

The agreement was reached, Viktor Orbán achieved what he wanted !!

🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺The agreement was reached, Viktor Orbán achieved what he wanted !!
Viktor Orbán went to Brussels to win and not participate! He was not alone - millions of Hungarians were in his soul! Thank you for having such a Prime Minister!🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺

After four days of unprecedented negotiations, an agreement was reached: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán achieved what he wanted. Hungary received 3 billion euros more money than previously expected. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to close the Article 7 proceedings against Hungary during the German Presidency, ie by the end of 2020.

As is known, the Hungarian parliament last Tuesday voted on the conditions under which the Hungarian government can negotiate in Brussels, ie how it can support the European Union's borrowing to alleviate the economic damage caused by the coronavirus epidemic, according to an article in Origo.

Their terms of support include that:

poorer countries cannot receive less resources than richer ones; money can only be used to relaunch the economy, start economic growth, protect jobs and create new ones; moreover, the source cannot be linked to political and ideological conditions such as the rule of law or the assessment of the issue of immigration.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán traveled to Brussels to discuss such a parliamentary resolution.

The position of the Hungarian government is that if the EU member states take out the loan together, they must also decide on the conditions together. Without exaggeration, after an unparalleled long and difficult trial, it turned out: Hungary cannot be blackmailed because

During the negotiations, it was achieved that the money due to Hungary is not linked to political conditions and political control, but only financial control.

Viktor Orbán has now failed to prevent NGOs from receiving money from the budget, but Hungary will continue to fight for this goal. Overall, the Brussels summit, originally scheduled for two days and finally lasting four long days, ended with a clear Hungarian success: Viktor Orbán achieved what he wanted, Hungary will receive 3 billion euros more than planned, and by the end of the year, as Angela Merkel promised, procedure, writes Origo.


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The Hungarian position is firm and consistent: conditional payments are not acceptable. (Video)

Once again, the Dutch are attacking the Hungarian position

The Hungarian position is firm and consistent: conditional payments are not acceptable.  (Video)

There is a good chance that an agreement will be reached at the EU summit in Brussels - Viktor Orbán told reporters in Brussels recently before the third day of negotiations began.

According to the Prime Minister, the size of the recovery fund, the ratio of loans and aid, the system of reimbursements and the conditionality of payments are controversial issues. Regarding the extent to which Michel's proposal for the rule of law is compatible with the mandate given by the Hungarian Parliament, the head of government believed that it washes away politics and the economy, which is not acceptable according to the parliament either.

"The Netherlands is in the red corner and Hungary is in the blue," he said, stating that Hungary's request to end the seven-article procedure had not yet been met.

Speaking about the level of subsidies, Viktor Orbán stated that the situation in the field is improving a lot so that richer countries do not receive more money than the poor, but the rich want to keep the privilege of rebate (ed.). According to the Prime Minister, the situation with regard to the money to be allocated to Hungary is no longer “mathematically absurd” or “humiliating”, so the recent plans would not provide orders of magnitude more support to states with similar strength to our country, such as Portugal.

Viktor Orbán said he was willing to continue negotiations for as long as possible in order to reach an agreement on the 2021-27 framework budget and the related economic recovery rescue fund.

As he said, it is about Europe, and EU leaders are all aware of how dramatic the economic situation on the continent is.


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Signature collection for National Regions has resumed!

Signature collection for National Regions has resumed!


Requests for Numbers - the antidote to the false news on the left:

1. Find your acquaintances in the EU member states and please sign! It is open to citizens of all 27 countries and is available in all languages; you can start by selecting the language.

2. If you have dual citizenship, you should not sign it as a Hungarian, but with your other EU citizenship! This is especially important for Croatian, Slovenian and Austrian citizens, where they live in larger numbers.

3. Otherwise, who has not yet signed, please replace it; let's be as many as possible!

The reopening of signature collection became possible due to the epidemic. Every signature counts, but now it is also very important that other EU citizens sign it, because it is useless to have 1 million supporters if there is no other condition: that there be a sufficient number of signatories from at least 7 countries.

For those who don't know yet, the purpose of collecting signatures is:

"The Union's cohesion policy shall give priority to regions which are distinguished from those surrounding them by national, ethnic, cultural, religious or linguistic characteristics." That is, e.g. we support the Hungarians living in Transylvania in the bloc by signing, but also minority communities living in other regions of Europe. "


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The Dobrev / Karácsony / László axis is lying again, silencing and distorting reality

The Dobrev / Karácsony / László axis is lying again, silencing and distorting reality

Two news items were published, but only one was advertised by the left, and they also lied: Klára Dobrev sets the 1.5 billion that Újbuda "won" for her own merit

Dobrev’s saying that the opportunity for local governments to apply directly is his merit is a lie. He writes: "This is how it should be done! The local government of Újbuda in the South has successfully applied to the European Union. They won HUF 1.5 billion to build an online cultural community. The success of Újbuda is also important because it seems that bypassing the government, local governments can apply. then to eu resources. That's what we promised in the campaign, it became a reality! "

Reality: In which now the XI. district won is as follows:

So this is the 5th round of an urban development fund launched in 2015, which neither Klara Dobrev, nor the DK, nor the other left-liberal parties have anything to do with its launch.

The situation is that the first application period was already in the 2015-16 round:

In Hungarian, Dobrev has achieved nothing, but lies and adorns himself with other feathers.

Meanwhile, other news not advertised by the left came to light: due to its paralysis Karácsony, the capital lost a HUF 1 billion EU subsidy. The difference between the two amounts is 500 million, ie 16 months' salary of Gergely Karácsony's consultants, of which 9 months have already been spent.

The capital, led by Gergely Karácsony, committed another huge buck, this time with EU support. Due to a faulty planning by the “expert” management, Budapest lost 900 million VAT sources, which would have meant one billion forints to the capital with an intensity of 85 percent.

The first section of the Csepel ridge was completed by the Budapest Municipality led by István Tarlós. In February of this year, the General Assembly of the Metropolis accepted the tender for the second and third sections of the ridge, and even provided the deductible, but it has now turned out that Karácsony a huge mistake was made in preparing the petition, so EU support is swimming. The story is interesting just because all the opposition politicians - led by Klara Dobrev - are campaigning loudly for EU money to be given to local governments. Now would have been an opportunity for a district to develop with EU support, but Karácsony the opportunity has gone away due to paralysis. Interestingly, neither Mrs. Gyurcsany nor the opposition politicians in Brussels are talking about this anymore. Could it bother them that Csepel has a Fidesz leadership? It would be interesting…

The first section of the Csepel ridge was completed by the Budapest Municipality led by István Tarlós and the Csepel Municipality led by Szilárd Németh. Based on the agreement of the Mayor of Csén, Lénárd Borbély and István Talós, HUF 400 million of the capital's own resources were provided for the planning and preparation of the 2nd and 3rd phases. This was enough to start the work, but no longer to make the complete construction plans. Therefore, the government, considering it important for the development of the capital and supporting Budapest, included it in the list of CEF projects financed by the Union. This gave the capital the opportunity to apply for 900 million VAT funds, which could have been spent on port development.

In its decision in February, the Metropolitan General Assembly also accepted that they should apply and provided the co-payment.
However, during the preparation of the application, the management Karácsony made a gross mistake, as they did not apply for port development, ie road development related to the port, in order to approach it, but submitted it smoothly as road development.
Therefore, understandably, the European Commission does not mention in the evaluation report the project proposal for the full preparation of the final phases of the Capital and BKK Csepel ridge, as it was not evaluated in detail due to incorrect submission, as “Road” was submitted as a sub-priority instead of “Port”, where the application was not eligible.


The ridge has long been a struggling topic for the district government. Lénárd Borbély, the mayor of Csepel, said that the construction of the ridge was a 1993 story, which was promised by Gábor Demszky.

He promised this in every election campaign. Then came the mayor's office of István Tarlós and then, with his support, the first section of the ridge was built in 2012, said the mayor of Fidesz.

He added that the construction was divided into three phases. For the next local government cycle between 2014 and 2019 - when Lénárd Borbély was already the mayor - it was agreed with István Tarlós that planning would continue for the construction of further sections of the ridge road. The capital has allocated HUF 400 million for this purpose in its budget. As he said, it has already been seen that this money will not be enough to fully plan the project. The municipality has decided to merge the second and third phases and will also plan and implement them. This was followed by a call for proposals opened by the European Union. This is a so-called CEF tender, where you can apply for a port and port-related developments. The government has recognized that the backbone is an important infrastructure investment for both the district and Budapest.

That is why the government has included the backbone in the project list, giving them the opportunity to apply for EU funding. A general meeting decision was made on this in February. The tender should have been submitted as an infrastructure development leading to the port, which is fully in place, as it would be an easy way to get to the free port of Csepel via the ridge road, said Lénárd Borbély.

The situation, however, is that the “experts” in the capital submitted the tender as a smooth road development that has nothing to do with the port. That is why this application was clearly rejected without a substantive evaluation.
I think such a gross professional mistake can be made very rarely, I think there may even be intent behind it. I can't imagine it being any different, ”added the mayor of Csepel. He said he would ask Gergely Karácsony that since this application had been submitted in this way and the district had lost a net 900 million plus VAT grant, the capital would set aside this money from its budget for further planning and make up the necessary funding.

Lénárd Borbély said that since Gergely Karácsony was the mayor, the Csepel municipality had wanted to install a homeless hotel in the city center without his knowledge, and the mayor had pulled the municipality out of all possible road renovations in the cycle. money from the development of the cycle path network from the European Union. (He withdrew the latter not only from Csepel but also from two other districts.)

On behalf of my district, I expect the mayor to stand up if this application has already been submitted and to pay the capital city’s additional planning costs, as this is already a capital investment, the mayor said.


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Despite the crisis, the European Union is spending EUR 585 million on migrants

DK and Momentum applaud selflessly

Despite the crisis, the European Union is spending EUR 585 million on migrants

Let us start by saying that we believe that the restoration of countries, the establishment of peace, the restoration of refugee homes by those who committed this crime and they should not fund the conservation of the current state.

As a preliminary point:
To make the amount felt, we enclose the main areas of our 2021 budget:
There will be HUF 156 billion for health care, HUF 80 billion for education, HUF 327 billion for pensions, EUR 26 billion for culture, HUF 41 billion for the social sphere and HUF 67 billion for family support next year than this year. From the outbreak of the migration crisis to the end of 2019, Hungary's border protection cost HUF 500 billion. Our physical and legal border lock protects not only Hungary, but the EU as a whole, as it closes an important route for millions who ignore the Schengen rules, but the EU did not want to enter this cost. Or let’s be fair: a little over 1% was paid. Since 2015, the Hungarian government has spent more than HUF 500 billion on border protection, compared to the EUR 20 million promised by the European Commission for border protection expenditure, ie a small amount of about HUF 6.6 billion.

and then come the news:
The European Parliament in its plenary session in Brussels approved funding of 585 million euros (about 205 billion forints) to support refugees stranded in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon due to the Syrian crisis and their host communities, the EU parliament said on Friday.

The approval will enable EUR 485 million in humanitarian aid to be disbursed to Syrians living in Turkey and EUR 100 million to Syrian and Palestinian refugees from Jordan and Lebanon and their host communities.

The support contributes to support for access to education, livelihoods and health, sanitation, water supply and waste management services, as well as to the financing of projects in the field of social protection.

In 2020, the Syrian conflict entered its 10th year. The crisis is not expected to end in the near future and will continue to threaten the stability of the whole region, in particular the neighboring countries, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, the latter two of which receive the most refugees in the world per capita.

The EP underlined in its explanatory memorandum that the countries concerned had shown extraordinary solidarity with the refugees in the Syrian conflict. The impact of the coronavirus crisis has added new challenges to their already difficult situation. Given the protracted nature of the crisis, all three countries continue to need assistance. As long as the conditions for the safe return of refugees are not in place, EU assistance remains essential as it contributes to maintaining stability in a complex local environment, they added.


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EU asylum policy is moving in the direction that Orbán wants

EU asylum policy is moving in the direction that Orbán wants

It took 5 years and the constant loss of popularity of the left-liberal forces to realize that Viktor Orbán is right about migration. The stakes are not small, as they may lose the opportunity to govern in more countries in the next election. In Italy, for example, Salvini's chances are very good, so the left, realizing the self-made trap of lies, is now beginning to understand that what they have been pushing for half a decade is far from the interests of Europeans facing irresponsible "Willkommenspolitik" : rape, delay, terrorist attacks, street riots, dirt, epidemics, livelihood crime, complete lack of will to integrate.

According to current plans, the European Commission will present its new proposal for a European asylum and migration policy in September.
"Europe cannot take in all the refugees in the world. That is why we need to work with the countries that host asylum seekers, "EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said on Tuesday.

According to current plans, the European Commission will present its new proposal for a European asylum and migration policy in September. But based on the details revealed at the press conference following the videoconference of European interior ministers, it seems very much that the EU migration policy is moving in exactly the direction that the Hungarian government has wanted to steer for years.

Representative Commissioner Johansson and the German government holding the rotating EU presidency, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer also emphasized the need to: strengthen the external dimension of EU migration policy
against the root causes of migration
seek partnerships with countries with large numbers of refugees or migrants going to Europe to eradicate international human trafficking networks.

To this end, a summit will be held next week in Italy, attended by representatives of the EU institutions and Member States, as well as the governments of the North African countries concerned. One week later, politicians from EU and Balkan countries will consult in Vienna on the Balkan migration route. "

Viktor Orbán: Europe is in retreat

The Foundation for Civil Hungary held an online international conference entitled "Europe Uncensored". The event was attended by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa and François-Xavier Bellamy, Member of the European Parliament for the French Republicans.

Conference chair François-Xavier Bellamy spoke of this crisis as a moment of decision. According to the MEP, we can find our way again and our common principles to give citizens the opportunity to decide on their future. He stated that the opportunity for dialogue must be regained because that is the essence of democracy.

Vucic: It is a difficult time for the whole of Europe

Aleksandar Vucic began his speech on the coronavirus by saying that an epidemic can change a lot. He added that the coronavirus has transformed a lot of things in the world.

"This is a very difficult time for the whole of Europe, as a major economic downturn could ensue"

said Vucic, adding that small businesses need to be protected because it is vital to win the future.

He said he was still with us about the recurrence of the migration crisis. According to Vucic, there is a need for closer cooperation on security issues between European countries. He stated that although they did not agree with Hungary on the issue of migration in several areas, mutual respect remained.

Vucic also talked about the decision made at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis that Serbia did not belong to Europe because they could not buy health equipment from the west. He recalled that he had asked China for help at the time and received the biggest attack from the liberal media, while his opinion was not even sought.

The Serbian president said he had learned a lot from Viktor Orbán in strengthening the economy.

He said of the EU, it must become the strongest in the world, not only in terms of living standards, but also in terms of political strength. Not only do we need the Union, but the Union also needs more countries in the Western Balkans, he added. “Europe has a good opportunity to become the best place in the world,” Vucic said.

Jansa: Brexit had a big impact

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa said at the beginning of his speech that he thought an uncensored conversation was needed in these times.

“We are living in the COVID era, but nevertheless Brexit has and has had the biggest impact on Europe in the last 15 years,” he said. He added that Brexit had significantly shifted the balance within the union.

He also said that there was a golden age in Europe around 2004 with the big enlargement, but now the reality is visible. The adoption of the European constitution and its rejection in several countries was a great failure, and then came the economic crisis, the effects of which are still being felt today, Jansa said.

Janez Jansa said global institutions, including the WHO, the UN and the EU, had failed at the start of the pandemic. "The Union looked like Europe in the Middle Ages," he said.

The Slovenian Prime Minister is confident that the EU crisis management package will be successful and will be agreed.

The most important thing is to defeat the virus, and as long as there is no vaccine, you need to create an application to track the virus that does not work on a completely voluntary basis, Jansa said. He added that this needs to be coordinated between European countries, because if this does not happen, each country will look for solutions separately.

Janez Jansa stated that the EU's borders must be equal to the Schengen borders, so Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria must join the zone.

“Ideologically, cultural Marxism is the biggest threat to the EU,” he said. He added that the offensive of cultural Marxism in the media is huge. According to Jansa, whoever acts against the offensive is classified as a fascist, more united action is needed against cultural Marxism. The stakes here are much greater than the future of the union, Jansa said.

Janez Jansa stated that if there is no population, if there is no population, if there are no Europeans, then everything is lost. Addressing demographic issues is a strategic challenge for the future, he warned.

Families need to be protected and comprehensive policies are needed. Only properly managed migration can provide a solution to demographic challenges, the Slovenian Prime Minister said.

Viktor Orbán: Europe is in retreat

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that without Serbia's EU membership, the security of the continent could not be guaranteed.

According to the prime minister, Europe is in retreat, performing worse than it has been thirty years ago. At the time, the fertility rate was 1.8, while today it is only 1.5, and the number of marriages is steadily declining, he detailed.

Viktor Orbán pointed out that Europe is also spending less and less on security, and that the EU's weight in the world economy has also fallen from 25 to 15 percent.

According to the prime minister, the balance of nations within the union has changed dramatically with the departure of the British. The weight of the Germans has increased significantly, and today they can save Europe again, he added.

He also talked about how the union has moved from crisis to crisis over the last 22 years. And the biggest problem is that none of them have been handled well by the EU, he added.

According to Viktor Orbán, the union cannot solve its own problems, but at the same time it wants to solve the problems of the world. He tells others what to do, but he should solve his own problems first, he said.

In the debate on the future of Europe, many take a liberal stance, while the other concept is in favor of protecting the Christian heritage. "How can the two parts of Europe be held together in this way?" Viktor Orbán asked.

The West cannot force its view on the East, and vice versa, the Hungarian prime minister said.

He said that the EU budget has always been agreed and that a compromise is needed again. We need to manage the budget and the next generation fund together. The latter is a loan and its distribution must be flexible and fair, he stressed.

Viktor Orbán said Europe had only given reactive responses to global challenges, but now we need proactive responses.

“Europe needs to focus on competitiveness and economic cooperation in the international arena. Different cultures in one direction always give birth to contradictions, ”he said. He added that the European People's Party must be the driving force in the design and implementation of this new European strategy.


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