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Another "Scandal"!

This money can no longer be stolen by the left! Fidesz does not say "get out of the car and go on foot" / Gergely Karácsony /, but develops public transport!

Another "Scandal"!

Orbán “stole” the money from left-wing MEPs and “secretly” sells 503 new, low-floor, environmentally friendly, air-conditioned buses at Volánbus worth HUF 32.9 billion.

Of particular note is the bloodthirsty fact that most of the buses will be manufactured in Hungary, which is a "severely exclusionary" situation that harms the interests of foreign customers of left-wing parties.

Thank you, Fidesz!

The Coach Bus is buying 503 new buses
With more than half a thousand buses, the Volánbusz fleet can be rejuvenated. Most of the new compositions are made in Hungary, some in Mosonmagyaróvár and Győr, and others in Debrecen.

The public procurement tenders of Volán Buszpark Kft. Announced at the beginning of the year have been successfully completed, thanks to which one of the largest domestic bus procurements of recent times can be realized. Three companies, Kravtex, ITE Bus & Truck and Volvo Hungaria, were selected as the winners in the tender of the company responsible for fleet management.

Kravtex, which has plants in Győr and Mosonmagyaróvár, delivers 365 Credobus Econell 12, partly low-floor buses to Volánbus. 150 of the ordered quantity can be sold within one month. With the handing over of the last copy, the number of Econells on circulation at Volánbus will increase to 1,000. The suburban Credobus Econell 12 presented at the press conference has 43 1 seats and 39-47 stands on board. The bus, with a total weight of 16.5 tons, is powered by a 210-horsepower diesel engine that meets Euro VId emissions standards and is equipped with a ZF AS Tronic Lite 6AS 1010B automatic transmission.

ITE Bus & Truck Kft., Headquartered in Debrecen and with a factory, can deliver 88 Mercedes-Benz Reform 501 HP buses to Volánbus. As it is known, the design of today's most beautiful big-wheeled Hungarian-made bus is written by Péter Kozák, who previously worked on the most beautiful Hungarian joint, the Ikarus E94G. The Reform 501LE type bus was introduced in 2018, its series production started at the end of last year at the county seat of Hajdú-Bihar.

The model features a Euro VId, OM 936, 7.7-liter, 350-horsepower (260 kW) diesel engine capable of 1,400 Newton meters. The powerplant is connected to the ZF's six-speed EcoLife automatic transmission. The passenger compartment of the semi-low-floor bus has 45 Kiel passenger seats and 37-40 parking spaces. According to Volánbusz, the Reform 501LE type buses will transport passengers in Hajdú-Bihar, Fejér and Komárom-Esztergom counties.

Volvo Hungaria Kft. Can deliver 50 Volvo 8900 B6SC three-axle solo buses made in Poland to Volánbusz. Of the buses, some of which are low-floor and capable of carrying about 95 passengers, 20 to 20 will be available in the western and eastern regions of the country, while 10 will be available in the central part from November this year. This type is also not unknown to the Wheelbarrow, as in 2020 the company’s vehicle fleet was enriched with 15 Volvo 8900s. The model is powered by an 8-liter diesel engine with Euro VId emission standards.

All buses are air-conditioned and feature an electronic passenger information system, on-board camera system, wheelchair and pram space, a folding ramp and 1 USB port per seat pair. The Hungarian-made buses are equipped with premium quality Continental Conti Hybrid and ContiCoach type tires.

“In Hungary, more than a fifth of passenger traffic falls on buses and trolleybuses. This proportion is the highest among the Member States of the European Union. In the development of road public transport, we can clearly do the most to gain the trust of passengers by renewing the vehicle fleet. In 2021, Volánbusz will launch public procurements for the purchase of a total of 1,600 buses. The government is working with the MÁV-Volán Group to maintain the leading share of public transport at the European level on a permanent basis, ”said László Mosóczi, State Secretary for Transport Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

Since 2018, a total of 1,070 buses have been on the market in the Volleybus vehicle rejuvenation program. You can see exactly what they are in the video below.

👉Bulky train at Lake Balaton!
Renewable track, road construction, development of public transport: not a dream! Reality! Contrary to false news, Lake Balaton is not "for Fidesz", but for everyone
👉Environmental protection, public transport in practice! (list at the end of the article) The diesel era on a section of the North Balaton railway is over
👉Tracking traffic problems
Taste these two approaches and don’t vote against yourself next year!

👉The picture shows the 16 new buses from Debrecen that have already been handed over, which were reported earlier in this article:

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12 points about why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!

We want Hungary to remain a Hungarian country! Pass it on if you can!

12 points about why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!

With 12 comprehensive articles (and another 3,500 on our website), let us tell you why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance! For the sake of clarity, let's say: we are not paid by Fidesz, Mészáros or Megafon - no one! We are "merely" field taxpayers, and we support the current government, we edit this page because we love our country, we know how bad our lives were during the left government, and we see how much more humane Hungary is now. , how much better life is, how much more is the opportunity now. Fidesz is not "handing out fish", but giving us the opportunity to "fish", and that is the only right way! Home, family, work - no other alternative!

Let Hungary stay
You're rightm

Family friendly

Your healths


Environmentally friendlyt



His unitys

We send a message to Niedermüller and traitors like him: The best thing in the world is to be HUNGARIAN!
The more Hungary is attacked from abroad, the more we will gather around Viktor Orbán, and with the fourth two-thirds victory in 2022, we will tell everyone our opinion about how we see the world!


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Environmental protection, public transport in practice! (list at the end of the article)

The diesel era on a section of the North Balaton railway is over

Environmental protection, public transport in practice!  (list at the end of the article)

The electrification works on the 55 km line section between Szabadbattyán and Balatonfüred have been completed. With the end of diesel towing, comfortable, environmentally and passenger-friendly transport has been created, and the approach to the north and south coasts has become even faster due to the predictable rail timetable and reduced journey times.

Before we go any further, let’s remember how balliberal sham propaganda dealt with this topic! Now that the development is complete and the passenger can enjoy nicer, more modern, more convenient and faster transportation, of course they will keep this news silent!
24.hu, one of the most distasteful false news factories, wrote:
"Lőrinc Mészáros and his son-in-law won a HUF 23 billion state railway construction"
They managed to grasp the point .... They have a problem if they build a HUNGARIAN company, the profit stays HOME, the state generates TAX REVENUE, JOBS are created and the SUBCONTRACTORS are paid. That's all about that.

The overarching goal of the development is to make environmentally friendly and safe rail transport more attractive by modernizing the service to meet needs and reducing travel time. As a result of the electrification and renovation of the line section, the passenger traffic interventions of the affected stations and stops, a fast and environmentally friendly electrified railway connection will be realized. The accessibility of the North-Balaton priority tourist area and the quality of the public transport service connecting its settlements will significantly improve.

As part of the investment, the 55 km line section was electrified and the Szabadbattyán substation was rebuilt and expanded. The development included the accessibility and reconstruction of the Polgárdi, Balatonkenese, Balatonfűzfő and Alsóörs railway stations - for example, 55 cm high platforms were built, the entire track network and switches and crossings were replaced, the passenger information system was modernized, the space lighting was renewed and the safety equipment was renewed. An electrified truncated track was built at Balatonfüred station for the smoother conduct of locomotive changes.

A new overhead line vehicle storage facility has been built at Alsóörs station, which will house the overhead line assembly and maintenance vehicle used for the maintenance of the railway line. The track connection of the building was realized together with the construction of the station tracks.

In addition, the maintenance of the entire line section was regulated, and local track faults were eliminated.

The Csittényhegy tunnel, which was handed over in 1909, was also rebuilt, where due to electric traction it was necessary to lower the level of the track by about 25 cm, so that pantograph vehicles can also pass through.

In addition to the railway works, the development works of the traction transformer substation in Szabadbattyán were also completed. To ensure the traction energy, a new supply line was built up to the supply phase boundary, thus the 2 × 25 kV supply system of the railway line could be provided all the way to Balatonfüred.

László Mosóczi, State Secretary for Transport Policy of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, emphasized: The government has recently spent a total of more than HUF 300 billion on transport development in the Lake Balaton area. The continuation of the modernization of the North-Balaton railway line is already being prepared, as well as the renovation and electrification of the 106-kilometer Balatonfüred - Tapolca - Keszthely and Tapolca - Ukk line sections. The long-term goal is to create the full walkability of Lake Balaton with an environmentally friendly railway that fits into the landscape. The government will continue to support the development of transport on Lake Balaton in the order of one hundred billion forints.

István Bóka, Mayor of Balatonfüred, said: Mobility and the increase in the number of cars posed a huge challenge to the region's transport. The transport investments made in North Lake Balaton have brought about a significant change in how the surrounding settlements can be reached. Infrastructure improvements have shortened the road by several minutes and kilometers. Our long-term goal was to be able to communicate between Balatonfüred and the capital on a fixed track as quickly and as comfortably as possible, on nice stations and in comfortable vehicles.

Róbert Homolya, President and CEO of MÁV Zrt., Added: There will be almost twice as many flights to Lake Balaton this season. Coastal trips will also be easier, and travel times will be reduced by up to 20 minutes to some towns. Tomorrow morning, the KISS elevated motor train will start for the first time to Fonyód, with weekend flights you can get to the southern shore from Szolnok and the busier stations of the Cegléd line, as well as from the Danube Bend from the Szob and Vác area. Throughout the summer, you can use the Balaton 24 and 72 day tickets known from last year, of which we have already sold 2,400 units by June 10 this year. Extensions of these tickets are the Balaton 24/72 Duo day tickets, with which 123 local flights of Volánbusz can also be used.

Zoltán Nyul, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of NIF Zrt. Emphasized: According to our plans, we will not stop in Balatonfüred, we will continue with the planning in the direction of the Balatonfüred-Tapolca-Keszhely, Tapolca-Ukk sections. NIF Zrt. Has announced a public procurement for the planning of the electrification of these sections, and we are currently evaluating the received bids. The Designer will be responsible for preparing the licensing plans for all disciplines, obtaining all the official permits required to start construction, and preparing the technical volumes of the tender documentation for construction. In addition to the electrification works, we have also prepared plans for the reconstruction of the reception buildings and station lobbies of some of the Balaton railway stations, and hopefully we will receive the necessary resources for these developments this autumn, so the image of Lake Balaton transport can be completely renewed.

Károly Kontrát, Veszprém county no. The Member of Parliament for the Individual Constituency of the Parliament said: I am pleased that this investment will be handed over, as it is an important step in the development of public transport. It has now become accessible in an hour and a half from Lake Balaton to Budapest and back, which is also important for locals, tourists and guests. The season is starting, I hope that Lake Balaton will attract many guests who will use the railway to get down.

The development is being carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology in the investment of NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. From EU and domestic sources.

👉Hungary because to be great! (list)
The share of Hungarian ownership in the energy sector, the banking sector and the media sector has increased significantly
👉Public transport, environmental protection
Fidesz does not talk about it, it acts! (list at the end of the article)
👉The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased tenfold!
(comprehensive climate strategy article at the end of the description)
👉31 years of the Hungarian Earth Day movement!
But what did the government do? We will show you!
👉Mátra Power Plant will be renewed and environmentally friendly
But most importantly: no one will be fired!
AksThick II. - our sovereignty cannot be negotiated
He received a permit to establish an energy office in Paks II. power plant
👉The largest solar power plant in Central Europe was handed over in Kaposvár
Instead of talking
👉Tracking traffic problems
Taste these two approaches and don’t vote against yourself next year!
👉Budapest deserves more
Gone are the days when the capital buys vehicles that have been scrapped by others and scrapped by other countries ... Shame!
👉Value creation in Hungary!
The section of the M85 motorway between Csorna West and Balf junction has been handed over!
👉The first section of the M8 motorway has already been handed over!
👉Our development video is about infrastructure improvements from 13 minutes to 35 seconds
👉Previous articles in the series:https://szamokadatok.hu/fejlodes
👉Only one county town is no longer available on a four-lane road
👉A total of 6,000 km of roads and 500 km of expressways have been built or completely renovated since 2010.
👉Sopron is also connected to the expressway network
The cost of the project is HUF 150 billion PURE DOMESTIC SOURCE
👉The expressway connection of Eger has been completed
(Non-loan and not payable for 35 years in a PPP scheme)
👉Modernization of the Budapest – Hatvan (80a) railway line in Finini!
In this way, Orbán "stole" the country, or more precisely, it rebuilds Hungary!
👉In 2020, 642 kilometers of roads were renewed in 214 projects.
👉1000 kilometers of road will be renewed this year!
Since 2010, 6,000 km of roads have been renewed, and the total value of the investments made was HUF 755 billion
👉The construction of the section of the M6 ​​motorway leading to the Croatian border has started!
And since it is being built by Fidesz, it will not have to be repaid for 35 years and thus there will be no damage of HUF 2853 billion!
👉Construction starts: Northern Transdanubia enriches with 36 kilometers of four-lane road
We are not talking about improvements, we are implementing them!
👉The easternmost section of the M4 was handed over, thus reaching the Romanian border
👉The approach of Debrecen from the east became faster with a four-lane road. The value of the investment is HUF 10.5 billion. They don't talk about it! They are building!
👉The M4 is close to Szolnok

👉Development of public transport

👉The road network of small settlements is also supported by the Hungarian Village Program
👉Kalocsa-Paks Danube Bridge: the work area has been handed over, construction is starting
👉This way the future is built in Hungary!
The construction of the M85 is in full swing! The Balfi junction will be completed soon. The transfer is getting closer
👉In our video presenting country building, there are another 2000 developments and road constructions!
👉Previous articles in the series:https://szamokadatok.hu/fejlodes
👉We are building a bridge that connects! Hundreds of bridges have been built and renovated since 2010! Here are some examples!
👉Hódmezővásárhely Népkert stop
We have been cleaning the ruins left behind by the left for 11 years!

Source:https://nif.hu/2021/06/befejezodott-a-szabadbattyan-es-balatonfured-kozotti- line section-villamositasa/

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We will elect in 2022!

Don't be your own enemy! If you support the left, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself! The left has once ruined the country, and according to their statements, they are still preparing for it!

We will elect in 2022!

In the previous similar post, we compared the numbers who haven’t seen it yet, check it out and share it!
And now let’s look at the theoretical differences between the two sides

Border protection
Left: "fake problem"https://bit.ly/3il6Cce
Fidesz: There is no compromise in border protection.https://bit.ly/3wTpina
Left: aidhttps://bit.ly/2Ro5edB
Fidesz: workhttps://bit.ly/2Rn726E
Left: not supportedhttps://bit.ly/3uWxBgG
Fidesz: they support ithttps://bit.ly/3chGn2g
Installation, multicultural
Left: supportedhttps://bit.ly/3wZZjKS
Fidesz: rejectedhttps://bit.ly/3il7622
Rural development
Left: not supportedhttps://bit.ly/3uTN55l
Fidesz: supportshttps://bit.ly/3uRsoXG
Distinction, listing
Left: they list like the Nazishttps://bit.ly/2Ro64af
Fidesz: rejectedhttps://bit.ly/34N3y0f
Left: "Country k"https://bit.ly/3plmjl8
Fidesz: our sweet countryhttps://bit.ly/3uU2gLM
Left: tax increasehttps://bit.ly/3z4c3Cc
Fidesz: tax cutshttps://bit.ly/3ijBkCr
Left: paid, privatizedhttps://bit.ly/3cjULae
Fidesz: developing, statehttps://bit.ly/3w6I0Ys
Schools, Nurseries, Kindergartens
Left: closedhttps://bit.ly/3x15M8G
Fidesz: they are buildinghttps://bit.ly/2TN2TtP
Family support
Left: something was always taken awayhttps://bit.ly/3x00tGe
Fidesz: constantly expandinghttps://bit.ly/3w6WSq9
Environmental Protection
Left: they are talking about ithttps://bit.ly/2S3temV
Fidesz: they acthttps://bit.ly/2S5haS6
Left: demolishedhttps://bit.ly/3cjbmex
Fidesz: constantly evolvinghttps://bit.ly/3g8U0SN
Left: taken awayhttps://bit.ly/3gqWqwj
Fidesz: 13th month raiseshttps://bit.ly/2RuuGyk
Churches, religion
Left: constantly provokedhttps://bit.ly/3cmAYHg
Fidesz: partnershiphttps://bit.ly/3yXaWnI
Left: stolen and stoppedhttps://bit.ly/3cmB3uy
Fidesz: transparent processes, developmenthttps://bit.ly/3pr4AJ8
International relations
Left: provocations, scandals:https://bit.ly/3poRCvt
Fidesz: partnershipshttps://bit.ly/3gcZD2k
Monument protection
Left: allowed to perishhttps://bit.ly/3vZotJC
Fidesz: being renovatedhttps://bit.ly/3posp45
Job creation
Left: not supportedhttps://bit.ly/3po7FJF
Fidesz: they support ithttps://bit.ly/3z414st
State Property, Gold Stock
Left: wastedhttps://bit.ly/3vYiqVQ
Fidesz: enrichedhttps://bit.ly/3clKdYl
IMF loan
Left: picked up, raisedhttps://bit.ly/3uUmJzS
Fidesz: They have been repaid and will never be recruited againhttps://bit.ly/3ijXlBe
Public transport
Left: demolishedhttps://bit.ly/2Ro58mi
Fidesz: being developedhttps://bit.ly/3il9PIO
Energy sector
Left: privatized, soldhttps://bit.ly/3ikTeVd
Fidesz: regained Hungarian ownershiphttps://bit.ly/3clKB9f

Now it's your turn! Pass on the reality!

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The Newborn Forest Program has started!

Until 2030, at least 10-10 seedlings will be planted every year for children born in the country, ie about 150 hectares of new forest will be born every year.

The Newborn Forest Program has started!

The government is acting, others are just talking about planting trees. In her municipal election program, Gergely Karácsony promised that “Every child born in Budapest will get a tree, which means 15,000 seedlings a year”
Where are the 23,000 trees, Geri ?! We haven’t seen much new trees since October 2019, only weedy public spaces and felled trees. Tree planting is an important and fashionable topic among politicians, there are only Fidesz politicians who make promises come true and there are livelihood politicians who promise "heat-wood" before the election, and then when they get in position, they just wheel out public money. , but they don't take any meaningful steps!
Climate emergency - these are just empty words in Budapest!

👉The opening of the Newborn Forest program took place in Baranya, the first such forest transfer took place in Vajszló on Thursday morning.

- The oak of Vojszló is still a concept. At the end of the 19th century, at the beginning of the 20th century, long, straight, good quality oak from Vojvodina became a sought-after commodity on the world market, and to this day it is so. Not only are foreigners looking for it, but there are some domestic woodworkers who look at the wood even when they are on their feet.

He notes what this is worth to him - István Ripszám, the CEO of Mecsekerdő Zrt., Told our newspaper at the handover. - We wanted to stay true to this emblem, we made the first afforestation from oak. In addition, 30 percent of other tree species were planted on the five-hectare area of ​​the former Vojszló seedling garden. A total of 50,501 trees were planted in February, an increase of 15 centimeters in the last two weeks. In three years, they will be so big that we will not look out of it, he added.

One such forest is born in each county, where the trees to be planted are always selected according to the conditions of the given area, said Sándor Szentpéteri, Deputy State Secretary for Forests of the Ministry of Agriculture, at the handover. The Forest of Newborns can be seen by anyone walking towards Vajszló, and in the next ten years new ones will be planted in ten different locations in the county. Next year it will be the turn of the Szigetvár area.

Fidesz Member of Parliament Csaba Nagy emphasized at the handover of the Newborn Forest in Vojvodina that the number of live births in the country increased by 3.4 percent between 2019 and 2020, which now has a beneficial effect on afforestation. He highlighted that we previously had 7.3 million acres of forest. After Trianon, it dropped to one million hectares, meaning we lost 85 percent of our forests. He added that it took Hungary 100 years to increase the number of its forests from one million to twice.

Istvan Nagy

🟠Related: (there are other important links in the articles!)
Public transport, environmental protection
Fidesz does not talk about it, it acts! (list at the end of the article)
The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased tenfold!
(comprehensive climate strategy article at the end of the description)
The Hungarian Earth Day movement is 31 years old!
But what did the government do? We will show you!
Instead of air conditioning
The government will continue the Settlement Afforestation Program with a doubled amount
The country and settlement afforestation program of the Ministry of Agriculture is a huge success. With numbers
New tax breaks in agriculture!
The burden has been significantly reduced and the administration has been simplified
According to our reports, 10,000 tons of illegal waste have been eliminated in the Clean up the country! program
The left usually talks about environmental protection, Fidesz acts


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The largest solar power plant in Central Europe was handed over in Kaposvár

Instead of talking

The largest solar power plant in Central Europe was handed over in Kaposvár

The new 100-megawatt solar power plant in Kaposvár was handed over. Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics said at the event:
which has so far been considered the largest similar facility in Hungary.

The Kaposvár solar power plant represents a 5% increase in the Hungarian photovoltaic capacity.

He stated that the investment is extremely important because it contributes to the realization of Hungary's climate policy goals and is a good example of the developments that investors have continued during the coronavirus epidemic, trusting the Hungarian economy.

László Palkovics reminded: Hungary has undertaken to become a carbon-neutral country by 2050, reducing its carbon emissions by 95 percent compared to 1990 levels. We undertook to install at least 6,000 megawatts of photovoltaic capacity by 2030, and by 2020 we will reach 2 gigawatts, and this has happened, "he added. He pointed out that Hungary had 2.3 gigawatts of solar power capacity at the beginning of 2021, performance of the Kaposvár solar power plant.

The Minister also said that within the home renovation subsidy it is possible to apply for HUF 3 million for the reconstruction of residential houses and flats and the installation of solar panels, as well as a significant amount of more than HUF 150 billion "The latter program will be announced by the end of July at the latest," he added.

László Palkovics pointed out the importance of solar power plants and pointed out that on 9 May this year, 37% of the total Hungarian electricity production was provided by industrial-scale photovoltaic power plants.

The capacity of residential solar power plants also increased significantly, doubling in one year, he added.

The Minister also called the green bus program an important area of ​​climate protection. He reported that electric buses will also be built in Kaposvár, thanks to the local involvement of BM Heros Zrt., Which partly manufactures special vehicles.

László Palkovics pointed out: Hungary has taken significant steps to strengthen its cooperation with China in many areas. He mentioned the construction of the Budapest-Belgrade railway line, the planned Budapest campus of Fudan University, and the fight against the coronavirus, among others.

Károly Szita, Mayor of Kaposvár (Fidesz-KDNP) called the new solar power plant a pioneering investment in the energy supply of the future. "This power plant is important not only for us, the people of Kaposvár, but for the whole of Hungary," the politician stressed.

According to Károly Szita, the city has undertaken to reduce its carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050 compared to 1990 levels.

“We’re at 58 percent today, but with the investment now handed over, we’re going to make an even bigger decline, reaching our goal not in 2050, but in a good 10 years,” he said.

Hungary for being big! (list)
The share of Hungarian ownership in the energy sector, the banking sector and the media sector has increased significantly
Public transport, environmental protection
Fidesz does not talk about it, it acts! (list at the end of the article)
The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased tenfold!
(comprehensive climate strategy article at the end of the description)
The Hungarian Earth Day movement is 31 years old!
But what did the government do? We will show you!
The Mátra Power Plant will be renewed and environmentally friendly
But most importantly: no one will be fired!
Thick II. - our sovereignty cannot be negotiated
He received a permit to establish an energy office in Paks II. power plant


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We have something to be proud of!

We have compiled perhaps the biggest, most effective and spectacular measures of the Government of Hungary so far!

We have something to be proud of!

We've published a list before, it was about the "results" of the left. Those who haven't seen it can read it here. In 8 years, the development of the country has been delayed by at least 30 years!

Now let's see the results of Fidesz-KDNP. The list is not exhaustive, now we have gathered only the measures and their effects that we can feel on our own skin in everyday life.

In this video, we present country building
And in this video, only health care (since this is the erogenous zone of left-liberals)
Let the numbers speak instead of opinions.
Year after year, more and more flats are being built and bought
The industry is already performing better than before the virus!
Hungary defended itself successfully at the EU level as well!
Focusing on nine areas, the economy is recovering
Workplace protection then and now
The domestic investment rate is in the leading position in the EU!
Investment record in Hungary!
Economic year opener - we have every reason to be optimistic
Hungarian crisis management is unique in the whole world!
The government will continue the Settlement Afforestation Program with a doubled amount. This will realize Hungary's largest inland afforestation initiative.
In the 11 years since 2010, we have more than doubled the amount spent on family support to $ 2,600 billion! With family support in excess of 5% of GDP, Hungary is a world leader!
Crisis management in the past and now
Eurostat: The number of people in need in Hungary has decreased significantly in ten years
Viktor Orbán explained the most important numbers!
Hungary and the V4 handled the crisis excellently, so our economic growth remains at the forefront
Job-creating investments: list (detail)https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2964/620_uj_munkahely_Uuper_hatalmas_beruhazas
More people worked in December than a year ago!
Results of the economic protection action plan in figures
During the pandemic, HUF 1,676 billion in investments were received in Hungary
“Panic governance,” Dobrev lies
Then the reality comes to the fore: Standard & Poor’s and Fitch both consider Hungary a country recommended for investment despite the crisis
This is how the purchase value of wages has changed over the last 30 years!
It has been reduced to a flat rate since 2017, making Hungary the lowest corporate tax in the EU
Hungary has the cheapest electricity and natural gas in the entire EU
Wages, net, gross, labor costs.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2671/Ha_Gyurcsanyekat_tamogatod_nem_Orbannal_tolsz_ki_hanem_magaddal
The government has created perhaps the world’s largest and most comprehensive family support and home-building system
Fees for public services and administration have decreased significantly
In the great dictatorship, the number of people living in overcrowded housing fell from 47 percent to 20 percent
Significantly more money is left in people's pockets due to overhead cuts, tax cuts and steadily rising wages since 2010
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2707/M mind_maradt_a_rezsi_kifizetese_utan_most_es_2010
Let the numbers speak instead of words!
👉 Unemployment rate 2010
Hungary: 11.3%, EU average: 9.6%
👉 Unemployment rate now
Hungary: 3.9%, EU average: 7.6%
More and more new homes are being built in the great “dictatorship”!
Hungarian workers pay the fourth lowest tax in the European Union
Public transport, environmental protection.
Fidesz does not talk about it, it acts! (list at the end of the article)
Facts: We are twice as rich as we were in Gyurcsany's time
Overhead reduction - here are the real numbers

1,100,000 people have regained their Hungarian citizenship!
Hungary has the fewest robberies in the EU!
Simple correlation: The more people work, the less crime!
Wage increases for healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, GPs, etc.)
The Hungarian population set aside billions in 2020!
The most beautiful result! 115,000 children were born thanks to the family support system.
The share of Hungarian ownership in the energy sector has increased significantly
Here's the heating season, let's look at the numbers!

This is how the purchase value of wages has changed over the last 30 years!
GYOD amount (Children's home care fee)

The warmth of home: we were army drivers, we are performing much better than the EU average now!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2670/Az_otthon_melege_sereghajtok_voltunk_az_E__U_atlaganal_sokra_jobban_teljesitunk_ present
Fidesz is a much better crisis manager!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2622/Fidesz_sokat_jobb_valsagkezelo
Healthcare development: waiting lists, tools, salaries, headcount, etc.
We have saved more than a million families from losing their homes!
Pensions, Manyup, Raises, etc.

https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3401/Igy_nem_segit_a_kormany_a_nyugdijas Installations
Our gold reserves at a record level!
Hungary's gold reserves increased thirty times from the 2010 level to 94.5 tons!
Parliament has adopted the PIT exemption for young people!

Gyes, gyed, gyet - Expiring permissions are being extended!
The rate of marriages per thousand people reached the 1985 level in 2020, with this
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2924/Az_ezer_fore_juto_hazassagok_aranya_2020-ban_elerte_az_1985-os_ Levelet_ezzel
Turning point! By 2020, fertility has reached pre-Bokros package levels!
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2808/Fordulopont_2020-ra_a_teremenyseg_elerte_a_Bokros_csomag_bevezetese_elotti_ Levelet
We are past a decade of demographic change!

The number of cars in circulation in Hungary has increased by 936,736 since 2010 and by 108,786 in the last year!
Our investment rate is soaring!

Health investments, the goal is full self-sufficiency.

Viktor Orbán's 10 largest crisis management

Another credit rating agency recognized the performance of the Hungarian economy and the Hungarian government!
Hungarian foreign trade is divided

HUF 7,537 billion for the development of rural Hungary!

Military industry development in Hungary: Defense, business, jobs!

In Hungary, labor productivity in agriculture increased by 10.3%
Re-nationalization of the energy sector

Paks II is built - the key to our energy security.

Hungary was ahead of Slovakia in terms of GDP per capitahttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2275/Magyarorszag_megelozte_Szlovakiat_az_egy_fore_juto_GDP
After the National Utilities, the National Waterworks will also be established

Country upgradeshttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1971/Hatalmas_elismeres_a_magyar_gazdasagnak
TIGÁZ and TITÁSZ will become Hungarian property again

The Hungarian Village Program is a real success!

Poverty has fallen by a third!

Free textbooks, NAT2020!

According to the OECD register, the real value of the minimum wage increased the most in Hungary after Lithuania between 2010 and 2019
Inheritance and gifting tribute - abolished by Fidesz

We will choose in 2022! Here are the numbers. Part 1

We will choose in 2022! Here are the numbers. Part 2

Not what we said!
According to the left, Fidesz is badly governed. The world sees it differently!
Unemployment rate: Thank you, we are fine!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2529/Munkanelkulisegi_rata_Koszonjuk_jol_vagyunk
At the European level, housing costs in Hungary are low

Our home is our property! The proportion of private dwellings in Hungary is 91 percent!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2497/Balliberalis_mantra_30_eve_azt_hazudjak_hogy_nyugaton_kolbaszbol_van_a_kerites
To the attention of ‘world marketers’, facts follow

By the end of 2020, the financial assets of households increased to HUF 66,080 billion, which is an increase of HUF 5,445 billion compared to the previous year!
By 2020, we have met the target of an employment rate of 75% in the 20-64 age group!

There has been a significant increase in the number of doctors working

As a proportion of GDP, Hungary spends more on education than the EU average.

Hungary is the second largest tax cutter!

A record-breaking source in healthcare!

More and more Hungarians can afford a holiday!

The current Hungarian unemployment rate of 4.1 percent is the fourth best indicator in the European Unionhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1380/A_jelenlegi_41_szazalekos_magyar_munkanelkulisegi_rata_a_negyedik_legjobb_mutato_az_Europai_Unioban
The results of Hungarian family policy were also noticed in Japan!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2633/Japanban_is_felképeltek_a_magyar_csaladpolitika_eredmenyeireire
Hungary repaid the IMF-EU loan

All municipal debt is taken over by the government

10 years of civilian rule - 28 parts in one

👉Restoration of the Hungarian economy
Consolidating economic foundations

Business support
Reducing administrative burdens and red tape
Rationalization of public procurement
The land belongs to the one who cultivates it
Villages and rural development
Transformation of the municipal system

Restoring the dignity of the police, increasing public safety

Police personnel, court cases

Healthcare wage development, practices

Waiting list, satisfactory care, healthy lifestyle
Debt settlement for hospitals, development of ambulances, drug subsidies
Development of health expenditure

👉Social security
Home protection action plan, helping foreign currency borrowers

Compatibility of work and childbearing
Pensioners, pension system reform
Employment of people with disabilities, accessibility, child protection
Wages in the social sector, support for medical aids

👉Democratic norms
Restoring the rule of law

Anti-corruption measures and a little reminder
Recovery of national wealth
Public services, administration
National consultations

👉More results
Businesses: predictability and increasing productivity

Baseline and what to do in healthcare
Force development and modernization
Sports and shameful NOlimpia
Economic bleaching


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Public transport, environmental protection

Fidesz does not talk about it, it acts! (list at the end of the article)

Public transport, environmental protection

Without claiming completeness, which will now be discussed:
90 IC car
The Tram train starts
P R car parks are being built
The Southern Roundabout will be renewed
Railway lines are being renewed
The Eastern Railway Station will be renewed
The Western Railway Station will be renewed
50 renewable station projects
115 new locomotives arrive
40 KISS double decker motor trains
The Coach Bus is buying 3,200 new buses
Bicycle storage was built at 97 bus stations
A container terminal will be built in Zalaegerszeg and Fényeslitke
50 hybrid multiple units are being procured
A 2,000 billion rail development program will be launched in the capital
From 2022, only electric buses can be placed on the market in settlements with a population of more than 25,000

Sustainability objectives of the MÁV-Volán Group in order to protect the Earth

The goal of the MÁV-Volán Group is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, for which purpose it has developed its sustainability objectives. The Green Strategy goals will be presented by the Group on Earth Day, among which the reduction of CO2 emissions of transport service providers, green digitization, efficient energy management, reduction of environmental impact of waste and transition to a circular economy, as well as environmentally friendly, sustainable corporate operations are of key importance.
The group's green campaign was launched on 17 February 2021 in connection with the European Year of Railways. From this date, the railway undertaking shall indicate the CO2 savings for the distance on the electronic train ticket, season ticket issued by MÁV-START and on the printed tickets and season tickets where this does not cause additional paper consumption. As an average, a passenger who chooses the railway transport provided by MÁV-START instead of a passenger car emits more than 70% less CO2 emissions per kilometer.

The MÁV-Volán Group's sustainability strategic objectives include further reducing CO2 emissions from transport by increasing the length of electrified railway lines, the number of electric rail and road vehicles, and shifting freight to rail. Another priority - and one of the cornerstones of development - is the modernization of the vehicle fleet. Nine of the 40 KISS double-decker motor trains ordered have already been put on the market, fifty-five of the 90-series series are self-manufactured IC cars and the production of a first-class IC bogie car is in progress. The first tram-train vehicles arrived in Szentes, which will be able to travel between Hódmezővásárhely and Szeged from the end of the year. 115 locomotives and 50 hybrid multiple units are also in the process of being procured. Part of the national bus strategy is that from 2022 only electric buses can be placed on the market in settlements with a population of more than 25,000. As part of the Green Bus program, VOLÁNBUSZ is testing electric buses and marketing them in eight cities and in the area of ​​the Mátra Power Plant. The ultimate goal is to create a modern bus fleet, to reduce the emissions and operating costs of bus transport in order to protect the environment in a sustainable way.

As part of the 50 renewable stations project, MÁV B R will build car parks at more than 20 stations and stops, facilitating the transition between bicycle, car and rail transport. By building P R car parks set up in cooperation with municipalities, we are encouraging people to park their cars and choose the environmentally friendly mode of transport, the railway. In the last two years, P R and B R car parks have been built at 8 locations, and in 2021 work will continue at 9 more locations. Volánbusz has set up bicycle storage facilities at 97 bus stations across the country, which are suitable for the safe storage of a total of 3112 bicycles. In addition, bicycle storage facilities were built at 58 major technical sites with a total storage capacity of 958 units to support the cycling work of our employees.

An important element of sustainability goals is green digitization. An important step in creating optimal, green transport in Hungary was to combine rail and road bus transport, which will make it possible to coordinate rural transport, eliminate unnecessary duplications and unused flights, and thus reduce energy consumption. A key project of green digitization is the joint electronic ticketing system for rail and road, which facilitates ticket purchase and is being developed by the MÁV Service Center on behalf of MÁV-START. More and more bus and train passes and tickets are available in the user-friendly ELVIRA and in the MÁV Application. The development of IT systems plays a key role in efficient passenger information and service, in the optimal planning of the railway and road timetable, and in all the processes that can be used to conserve environmental resources. The aim is to create integrated station and on-board passenger information, to set up an integrated dispatch center and to implement a unified basic data management system for timetables and fares. The joint rail and road ticketing system is already being developed and the central traffic management systems will be extended to new sections. Using renewable technology, more reliable and accurate information is delivered to rail and bus users. The visual passenger information system of the Southern Railway Station has been supplemented with three large vandal-proof LCD monitors suitable for industrial operation. We have set up a modern LED passenger information display wall at the Keleti railway station, and centrally controlled passenger information displays will help you find your way in the customer area of ​​the passenger center under construction. A large LED display is also being built at the Western Railway Station.
Among the environmental objectives of the MÁV-Volán Group, the reduction of the environmental load of waste, the development of a sustainable and circular economy by implementing the selective collection of municipal waste, preventing the generation of surplus waste, increasing the rate of reuse and recycling, and innovative waste collection, introduction of treatment and reduction technologies. Last year, more than 21,000 tons of waste was generated nationwide from more than 160 types of waste generated at the group's nearly 500 sites, which is the same as the annual municipal waste production of a city the size of Eger. This quantity can only be properly managed by operating a suitable waste collection system, so that all waste is selectively collected and stored by the Group at 1,800 workplace collection points and 28 self-operated hazardous waste collection points until it is handed over for treatment. The amount of scrap metal from the renovation of railway tracks handed over for recycling in 2019 exceeded 24,000 tonnes, and up to two Eiffel Towers could be built from this metal material. By creating the conditions for greener, paperless workplaces, it is possible to use as little paper as possible in the day-to-day operations of the group of companies through digitization.
The group of companies strives to increase the use of electricity from green energy during its operation by planning sustainable building energy developments.

The MÁV-Volán Group is launching a sustainability website, where in addition to the details of the green strategy objectives, those interested can also find out about the main sustainability indicators, current green news and interesting facts. There is also a counter running on zold.mavhmä.hu, which shows the CO2 savings per full passenger kilometer compared to car traffic per second. In the CO2 saving game created on the website, all passengers with tickets and passes can register and read the company’s sustainability objectives on topics related to noise pollution, CO2 emissions from traction energy and illegally abandoned waste along the track. Valuable prizes will be drawn among registrants on the site.

On Earth Day, the MÁV-Volán Group presents the FLIRT motor train stickered on the occasion of the European Year of Railways, which symbolizes the importance of protecting the environment by promoting rail transport, while the CREDO Innovel bus it represents a significant reduction in CO2 emissions due to new purchases.

In our video showing the improvements, we show the development of transport from 13 minutes to 35 seconds
For the first time in 68 years, a new railway section will be built over the Danube in Budapest!
620 new jobs! Another huge investment!
A nearly HUF 16 billion logistics container terminal is being built in Zalaegerszeg! (previous announcements, jobs at the end of the article!)
Construction has begun on Europe’s largest intermodal terminal in Fényeslitke
400 new jobs in Szabolcs county! (with video at the end of the article)
Instead of a climate hist: Almost 1000 new buses arrive in the Fleet Bus fleet!
The Western Railway Station will be renewed!
The building is completely renovated, the roof structure is already completed. The cost of the complete renovation is almost 10 billion forints!
Several companies will develop public transport in the future based on a common concept!
What we have been wanting for decades will come true! Climate change instead of concrete measures!
Another “Squeeze”
10,000 parking spaces and 8,000 bicycle storage facilities will be built in “bled” Budapest based on the Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy
Here is the latest "stadium": Esztergom received a new bus station in a railway development project
New buses are also pictured
By 2022, the Volánbusz, which has been providing nationwide services since October last year, will launch a total of 3,200 new buses.
6 new articulated buses were handed over in Zalaegerszeg
Buses installed in Debrecen were handed over in Győr!
A total of 39 new Mercedes-Benz Conecto buses will be used to develop public transport in Győr
23 new Mercedes-Benz Conecto G type articulated buses to Székesfehérvár. (with video)
New buses are constantly arriving in Budapest
1000 kilometers of road will be renewed this year!
Since 2010, 6,000 km of roads have been renewed, and the total value of the investments made was HUF 755 billion
Instead of a climate hist: Balázs Fürjes announced a 2,000 billion railway development program
Lőrinc Mészáros will create another 500 jobs!
(In addition to the existing 25,000!) The Mészáros Group and Stadler jointly produce railway carriages!
Modernization of the Budapest – Hatvan (80a) railway line in Finis!
This is how Orbán "stole" the country, or more precisely, how he rebuilds Hungary!
Renewable railway stations

Development of the Bagi railway station
Country building in winter and summer
Another HUF 3 billion government subsidy for the renovation of the underpass level of the Eastern Railway Station!
A significant project has been completed on the dominant railway line of the capital
They promised they would. New double-decker trains are available
By 2022, 40 such trains will be on the market, 50 stations will be renewed! (more improvements at the end of the article!)
Transformed Kaposvár: the first new intermodal hub in the country was handed over
The more than 100-year-old Kaposvár railway station, declared a monument, received the Construction Industry Award
We do not erase the past, we preserve it!
Railway with a speed of 160 km / h!
Not a dream - a reality! The first section between Ebes and Debrecen was handed over!
12 tram-trains will run between Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely
There are only 3 railway construction machine chains in Europe, such as the one purchased by V-Híd Építő Zrt and handed over today in Debrecen
Rail transport will accelerate with 115 brand new locomotives from 2022 onwards
The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased tenfold!
Today is the 31st anniversary of the Hungarian Earth Day movement! In this article, we have summarized the government’s environmental and climate strategy measures

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The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased tenfold!

(comprehensive climate strategy article at the end of the description)

The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased tenfold!

Last Thursday was the 31st anniversary of the Hungarian Earth Day movement, in honor of which we wrote a summary article about the Hungarian environmental protection measures, programs, plans and implemented developments. Worth reading and sharing!

The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased tenfold
Environmentally friendly photovoltaic capacity can be further expanded with the help of investments supported by the latest METÁR tender promoting renewable electricity generation

The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased tenfold in Hungary in five years, and the trend will continue in the future. With the well-scheduled implementation of the developments, the goal of the National Energy Strategy and the National Energy and Climate Plan to increase the capacity of solar power plants to almost 6,500 by 2030 and to almost 12,000 MW by 2040 can be met prematurely.

One of the key goals of the National Energy Strategy is to make carbon dioxide-free ninety percent of domestic electricity production by 2030, and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 in line with EU targets. The goals of the climate action plan include increasing the capacity of solar power plants to more than three times over the next ten years, and by 2035, two hundred thousand households should have solar panels installed on the roof.

János Péter Horváth, President of the Hungarian Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, said that Hungary has taken significant steps in recent years to achieve climate goals. The capacity of household-sized solar panels increased from 128 MW in 2015 to 640 MW by the end of September 2020, a fivefold increase in five years.

At the end of September 2020, the Office registered 79,681 small household power plants, of which 65,140 were installed by natural persons, the figures were announced by the President of MEKH.

Péter János Horváth pointed out that the growth trend was even stronger for solar power plants above household size (50 kW). The installed capacity of these power plants has increased fiftyfold in the last five years, compared to 1208 MW in 2015 today. The President of MEKH highlighted that the total capacity of household-sized and above-household power plants increased more than tenfold from 2015 to the end of September 2020, from 153 MW to 1,848 MW.

As he said, the vigorous growth will not stop in the future. With the help of the investments supported by the latest METÁR tender, which encourages the production of renewable electricity, the environmentally friendly solar power plant capacity can be further expanded, and we can generate another 343 GWh of electricity from renewable sources every year. This can cover the total electricity needs of 160,000 households per year.

The President of MEKH reminded that according to the data of the National Energy Strategy, in addition to energy efficiency as the main target area, the government also gave priority to industrial energy efficiency and the expansion of electric transport. In the 2014–2020 period, more than HUF 600 billion in non-repayable support and almost HUF 175 billion in low-interest loans were available from the operational program funds for energy efficiency investments and increasing the utilization of renewable energy sources, added János Péter Horváth. The President recalled that between 2012 and 2016, green energy producers received almost HUF 215 billion in operating support under the mandatory take-over system (KÁT). From 1 January 2017, the KÁT system was replaced by the METÁR system, where, according to the National Energy Strategy, the maximum annual new support content that can be allocated is HUF 45 billion until 2026, said the President of the Office.

Péter János Horváth explained that the rapid expansion of renewables also poses challenges for the regulatory side, as the production of solar power plants must be safely integrated into the existing network. In the interests of security of supply, traditional technologies are still indispensable, and we must take care to build and maintain a realistic harmony between renewable and conventional power plant capacities, the President of MEKH added.

MEKH supports the development of green district heating systems, the increase of the use of biomass, biogas and geothermal energy for heating purposes, and the promotion of environmentally friendly transport. As he said, in order to achieve the objectives of the National Energy and Climate Plan, consumers must also strive for energy efficiency and energy savings, as the cleanest energy is unused energy.

Rapid development in the field of renewables

Tamás Tóth, Vice President of MEKH, spoke in one of the Trend FM programs about the rapid development of renewable energy sources in Hungary, as the total solar capacity has now reached 2000 MW, and new solar power plants are being built almost all over the country. The dynamic growth is also reflected in the support of such electricity generation (METÁR).

Even the first auction brought a significant drop in prices, when it was still possible to bid for power plants of up to 20 megawatts. In the second tender, the upper limit was already 50 megawatts. The vice-president said that in the METÁR tender, most bidders offered a price similar to the electricity price available on the market. Sustainable green electricity production can be implemented without burdening consumers, ie the renewable tender system is cost-effective - pointed out Tamás Tóth.

In the interview, the Vice-President of MEKH also mentioned that micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as public institutions, are increasingly installing solar power plants, and today 65,000 residential users operate small-scale solar power plants. The goal of the National Energy Strategy is to reach at least two hundred thousand solar systems for the population. Responding to a question, he said that the balance settlement, which will end in December 2023, is sure to bring about change, but at the same time, the government aims to further encourage the establishment of household solar power plants with the help of investment subsidies.

According to Tamás Tóth, the establishment of energy communities can also help the further spread of household-scale electricity generation and allow solar panels to be placed on the roof surfaces of condominiums or panel flats.

The compilation was prepared with the support of the Hungarian Energy and Utilities Regulatory Authority.

About the building of Somogy County Government Office in the picture:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2534/Ezzel_a_felujitassal_havonta_milliokat_sporolhat_Kaposvar
Thick II. - our sovereignty cannot be negotiated
He received a permit to establish an energy office in Paks II. power plant
The Mátra Power Plant will be renewed and environmentally friendly
But most importantly: no one will be fired!
On EU demagogic climate policy:
European record investment in Győr!
Announced live by Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade!
Instead of air conditioning
The government will continue the Settlement Afforestation Program with a doubled amount

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Today is the 31st anniversary of the Hungarian Earth Day movement!

The government is not talking about this, it is acting!

Today is the 31st anniversary of the Hungarian Earth Day movement!

👉Let's see the details!

Judit Vargawrote: Today is the 31st anniversary of the Hungarian Earth Day movement. This world day was first held in Hungary in 1990, which became a celebration of action for our common future. Year by year, more and more social organizations, municipalities and schools are joining the initiative through a variety of environmental and awareness-raising programs.
️ Earth Day also draws attention to the need for joint action on climate change. In 2016, the Paris Climate Agreement was signed on this day, which Hungary was the first EU member state to ratify.
️ Hungary pays special attention to the protection of natural values ​​and our environment. We have achieved many results so far, but with the implementation of the Climate and Nature Action Plan announced last year, important environmental issues have been translated into practical steps.
️ Remind us today that the motto of the Earth Day movement is, "Who said you can't change the world?"
️ Therefore, after overcoming the pandemic, it is important to strive for long-term thinking, to preserve the richness of our natural environment, and to improve the use of green technologies and solutions.
️The livable future of future generations is in our hands
Let’s make every day Earth Day

And what is the government doing to make our country climate neutral by 2050? We spend thousands of billions of forints on environmental protection, energy efficiency, cycling, afforestation, public transport, reducing emissions, waste management and environmentally conscious education. Here are some of the measures!

Our public buildings will be renovated, energy efficient, tree planting will continue, railway capacity will be developed, public transport will be modernized, solar parks will be built, and much more! In a 42-minute video, we summarized what the government has built over the past 10 years! Of course, this is not all, but a significant part of the implemented improvements
All cities with county status will be connected to the four-lane road network. Accelerating traffic significantly reduces emissions!
Volánbus will launch 3,200 new Euro 6 or electric buses. New, environmentally friendly vehicles significantly reduce the burden on the environment!
Instead of climate change! The government will continue the Settlement Afforestation Program with a doubled amount
We have planted 450 million trees in Hungary since 2010, and this year and in the following years, 17,000 hectares of new forests will be planted and 3,000 hectares of industrial wood plantations will be established.
Within the framework of the settlement afforestation program, after last year's 12,000 trees, 24,000 trees will be planted this year.
Tree planting in Győr, Budapest (in the time of Tarlós)
Information on the energy, climate policy directions, goals and activities of the Hungarian Government.
This is the "National Energy and Climate Plan"
Hungary's wonderful landscapes are finally getting modern, environmentally friendly accommodation
Country Afforestation and Settlement Afforestation Program.https://orszagfasitas.hu/orszagfasitas-napjainkban/
Trendy topic of climate protection, they also like to talk about it a lot of left-wing politicians. Let’s see who speaks and who acts!
Instead of a climate hist: Balázs Fürjes announced a 2,000 billion railway development program
According to our reports, 10,000 tons of illegal waste have been eliminated in the Clean up the country! program
The first electric Ikarus was launched!
Hungary pays attention to environmental protection and is greening
Climate hysteria or real steps to reduce pollution? We chose
Instead of Greenpeace’s actions for the media, the government is taking real action.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2076/Uuper_olcso_ballib_propaganda_65_oran_at_demonstral_a_Greenpeace_Orban_hivatalanal
• National afforestation program: 450 million trees planted in 10 years
• The country's emissions have fallen by 32% since 1990
• Railway development: 660 km will be renovated between 2018 and 2023, 440 km long line will be electrified,
and a new trail or second (third) track will be built at 200 kilometers. The amount of the developments is HUF 1,000 billion.
• Development of railway transport: 115 new locomotives, 70 new IC wagons, 40 double-decker "KISS" trains, renovation of existing rolling stock.
• Paks II project: clean energy instead of coal.
• Development of public transport infrastructure: Development of stations, stops and railway stations, construction of intermodal centers.
• Development of a cycle path network: 1,500 kilometers of new cycle paths have been built in 10 years.
• Energy modernization, thermal insulation, etc. of public institutions: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, surgeries, offices will be renewed in the order of thousands.
• Encouraging household renewable energy investments
• Non-refundable Grants: Home Warmth Program
• Repayable grants: concessional loan program
• Operating subsidies: heat pump tariff, discounted solar billing: 12,000 residential
heat pump and ca. 40,000 solar power systems with a total household size of 330 MW in 2018
Support for municipal energy investments based on local renewable energy sources:
• Sustainable development, support for innovative corporate solutions ("10 billion for Áder" ...)
• Investment grants for Operational Programs: 54 schemes
• Making district heating flats controllable and equipping them with cost allocators: HUF 2 billion subsidy
frame, making the heating system of up to 12,500 flats controllable, smartening
Significant expansion of PV capacities, introduction of the METÁR tendering system:
• One-third decrease in need for funding, two and a half times oversubscription in the Pilot tender
Traffic greening:
• Green license plates and related discounts: more than 16,000 green license plates
• Electric car and charger installation subsidies: 2082 cars with HUF 4.5 billion and 171 HUF with 425 million HUF so far
charger support
• Green Bus Program: HUF 36 billion subsidy following a HUF 1.6 billion pilot project
• Energy efficiency TAO discount: 323 projects in 2018, TAO discount requested after HUF 7.3 billion investment
EU demagogic climate protectionhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2333/Az_EU_demagog_klimavedelme
Climate policy failure: energy prices in the skies and the use of fossil fuels in Germany continue to rise
Modernization of the Budapest – Hatvan (80a) railway line in Finis!
For the first time in 68 years, a new railway section will be built over the Danube in Budapest!
Since 2010, 1,575 public transport vehicles have been placed on the market in Budapest
The Galvani Bridge will be built, which will significantly reduce travel time and thus pollution.
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2735/Alhirek_vs_valosag_a_jelenleg_meg_csak_tervezo telephone
Liget Budapest Project - this has been attacked and is still being attacked by the Hungarian representatives of the liberal dictatorship. The green area is growing to 65 percent!
Bike parks are being built in 36 settlements! 1600 km of cycle paths have been built since 2010!
We divert freight from road to rail!
Several companies will develop public transport in the future based on a common concept!
What we have been wanting for decades will come true! Climate change instead of concrete measures!
The Mátra Power Plant will be renewed and environmentally friendly
Another billionaire non-refundable grant for the modernization of district heating in condominiums!
The government is taking real steps to help people and achieve climate protection goals!
Paks II is built. - nuclear energy is environmentally friendly!
HUF 1 billion for electric bicycles: for you, for us!
Real action instead of climate change, real help
Green demagoguery versus numbers
Nuclear power plants are forty times less harmful to the environment than gas power plants, but they also have a fourfold advantage over wind and solar power plants.
Home Warmth Program - Air Conditioner Instead



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