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A tale about bleeding education

A tale about bleeding education

Students manipulated by the left lie that the government makes higher education impossible, dictatorships, lies, spreads false news. Meanwhile, the reality is that education and higher education are also evolving at an unprecedented rate. Now we show the reality on the example of the University of Pécs.

Modern Cities Program - Spectacular modernization at the University of Pécs. Developments have been underway since 2016, several buildings have already been completed.

As part of the Modern Cities Program, the Hungarian government supports the University of Pécs with HUF 24.8 billion, the aim of which is to strengthen the competitiveness of the institution, increase the number of foreign students and provide the necessary infrastructural conditions. The rapid development at the University of Pécs can already be seen. It is important to emphasize that development and modernization affect all ten faculties of the university and the Clinical Center.
More about the projects:https://mvp.pte.hu/

Dr. Péter Hoppál announced the decision on the next grant: Latest news: The Government has decided and will support Pécs with billions again!
It provides another HUF 5.7 billion to the University of Pécs for investments under the Modern Cities Program.

PTE receives almost HUF 6 billion in extra money (another HUF 5.7 billion!)

The latest issue of the Magyar Közlöny, published yesterday, revealed that the government will provide HUF 5.7 billion in additional funding to the University of Pécs in connection with the investments of the Modern Cities program.
The government has decided on the transfer of appropriations necessary for the expansion of the capacity development of the University of Pécs, which will be implemented as part of the Modern Cities program, and on the 2021–2022. on the provision of resources for.

According to the publication, the support to be disbursed in three stages will focus on capacity building and the development of the university's research and development potential in connection with the expansion of the university's foreign language courses.

PTE will receive 2.7 billion forints this year, 2.5 billion next year, and another HUF 533 million in 2022.

If, on top of that, someone still wants a 'Fri' university, buy one for themselves. These institutions are renewed with taxpayers' money, which not only means aesthetic and energy renovation, but also expands and modernizes the equipment, increases the number of lecturers, renews the colleges , infrastructure, IT and much more are evolving.

Those who take to the streets and "dictate" should be ashamed of themselves.


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Compared to the EU, there is no shortage of teachers in Hungary!

"Educational health professionals" - pay attention again!

Compared to the EU, there is no shortage of teachers in Hungary!

We looked at how many children / students a teacher in Hungary receives in the most popular forms of education (kindergarten, primary, secondary and higher education) and what is the EU average. The fewer students a teacher gets, the better the teacher supply. Projected: we are doing well.

Bence Rétvári has previously compared Hungary with OECD countries in terms of educational expenditure, but has also shown that while there are 12 children per teacher in Hungary, the OECD average is 14.

We have now visualized Eurostat data, which works on the basis of the ISCED 2011 classification system, thus providing a uniform system for international statistics, but can also be interpreted by country. In the case of kindergarten, the ED02 category was taken into account, in the case of primary education the average of the ED1 and ED2 categories, in the case of secondary education the ED3 category, and in the case of higher education the ED6-8 category. In ISCED terminology, ED2 means lower secondary, which is in our 5-8. corresponds to our grade.

It can be seen that in the case of kindergarten, primary education and higher education, fewer students per teacher in Hungary than the EU average, ie our teacher supply is better than in the EU, which is elevated by loopy liberals. Only in the case of secondary education do we have a slight lag.

This means that there are no more teachers anywhere else, there is at least such a shortage of teachers everywhere. But if we want to be a whip and not want to break an alliance of many countries, then of course there is no shortage of teachers, everything is working fine in the EU, and even in Romania, the fence is made of sausage. Yeah, but then in Hungary too! In fact, even more here!

Finally, a small excerpt on German education:


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The share of education expenditures in the OECD has grown the most in Hungary

"educational health professionals" - attention!

The share of education expenditures in the OECD has grown the most in Hungary

Among the OECD countries, education expenditures increased one of the largest in Hungary, Bence Rétvári, vice-president of the Christian Democratic People's Party, said on Sunday.

Bence Rétvári recalled that this month the OECD's annual education report, "Education at a Glance" 2020, was published, which presents education data from these countries.

The analysis also covers the development of budget education expenditures, which increased by an average of 1.3 percent per year in OECD countries between 2012 and 2017. In Hungary, this ratio was more than three times the OECD average, ie 4 percent - pointed out the vice-president of KDNP.

He explained that the 50 percent increase in teacher salaries and school improvements in more than 900 locations during this period played a significant role in the expansion. With this result, Hungary ranks third in the table after Turkey and Iceland, ahead of Germany, Belgium, Austria, Finland and Sweden, among others.

The increasing education expenditures also reported by the OECD also indicate that Hungary can continuously reduce the gap compared to Western Europe, said Bence Rétvári.

The pro-government politician also pointed out that due to the introduction of compulsory attendance at kindergartens from the age of three, 92 per cent of 3- and 5-year-olds in Hungary participate in pre-school or primary school education, while the OECD average is only 88 per cent.

The proportions are equally favorable in terms of the number of children per teacher: while in Hungary there are 12 children per teacher, in OECD countries the average is 14 children. So in most OECD countries there are far fewer teachers per student than in Hungary. Ensuring the supply of teachers is apparently a serious task in most countries, but Hungary is more successful in this than in many countries richer than ours, Bence Rétvári emphasized.

He noted that the analysis also covered the effects of the coronavirus epidemic. The report found that the class numbers in Hungary are in line with the OECD average, so the conditions for effective protection are in place, with appropriate precautions.

Although the left regularly attacks the Hungarian education system, at the same time OECD data refute the political claims of the left in numbers, said the vice-president of the KDNP. He emphasized that thanks to the educational measures taken by the Fidesz-KDNP government, Hungary was able to progress faster in many areas and achieve better results than other OECD countries.


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10 years - 10 kindergarten renovations

10 years - 10 kindergarten renovations

# family - friendly government # education

With this text, Ernő Görgényi, the mayor of Gyula, uploaded the photos of the kindergartens in Gyula renovated in the last 10 years. Thank you for this fantastic compilation!

Family-friendly Hungary - these are not just words. It has the work of hundreds of thousands of people, from decision makers to assistants, to make Hungary a "bezzegland" that we can all be proud of.

Here is the list:

1. Blessed Apor William Kindergarten
2. Galbácskerti Kindergarten
3. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road Kindergarten
4. Gyulavári Kindergarten
5. Peace Avenue Kindergarten
6. Mágocsi Travel Kindergarten
7. Romanian City Kindergarten
8. Dawn Star Reformed Kindergarten
9. Törökzugi Kindergarten
10. Máriafalva Kindergarten

Dear Mayor! They did a great job in Gyula!

(Momentum in Gyula meanwhile produced an O1G mask - shame.)


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Hungarian vocational training has been renewed and the new scholarship system is starting

Hungarian vocational training has been renewed and the new scholarship system is starting

🇭🇺Hungarian vocational training has been renewed and the new scholarship system is starting. Grants will be subject to deficit and outcome. Young people are already educated at the desk that there is no individual entitlement, who wants more money, he has to work harder and work harder.
Very good! This is what we have been waiting for!

Starting this school year, together with the renewable vocational training, a new vocational training scholarship system will be launched, the aim of which is to ensure support for all students, while at the same time making benefits dependent on absences and results, said Gáborné Pölöskei, Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) Deputy Secretary of State in charge at a press conference in Budapest on Monday.

Approximately 73,000 students will be enrolled in technical schools and vocational schools in Grade 9 and Grade 13 after graduation in the 2020/21 school year. More than 50,000 of them attend technical schools, they receive a scholarship of HUF 8,000 per month during the period of basic education, and students in vocational schools receive HUF 16,000, he explained.

The monthly amount of scholarships for students in technical schools is more than 435 million forints, and the amount of scholarships for students in vocational schools exceeds 300 million forints per month, so this year about 8 billion forints will be spent on scholarships, the Deputy Secretary of State indicated.

Mrs. Gáborné Pölöskei emphasized that the school year, which started in September, was a milestone in the history of vocational education in Hungary. New entrants to vocational training can already learn in a renewed, more flexible vocational training system that takes the needs of the economy more effectively into account, he said.

The most important task of the renewed vocational training is to train professionals with well-founded knowledge who respond well to the challenges and technological development of the coming decades, said the Deputy Secretary of State.

He pointed out that scholarships would be transferred to a bank account, so all students involved would have to open an account.

For those students who do not yet have a bank account, the process of opening an account is supported by the interface developed in cooperation with MKB Bank in the Public Education Registration and Study Basic System (KRÉTA), Gáborné Pölöskei emphasized.

CRETE records students' academic results and absences, therefore teachers and lecturers are not burdened with administration; the data is automatically monitored and can be taken into account by the system when paying the scholarship. This solution also shows that the renewed vocational training is based on the widespread use of digital opportunities, the Deputy Secretary of State added.

At the press conference, Ildikó Ginzer, MKB Bank's Deputy General Manager for Business and General, announced that as an ITM partner, MKB will launch an account package for students in secondary vocational education called Future, which includes digital banking and convenience solutions tailored to the needs of young people.

Speaking about the terms, he said, among other things, that students will receive a free bill package free of bank fees. MKB provides a bank card, free electronic transfers up to HUF 20,000 can be initiated from the account, cash can be withdrawn twice a month free of charge, and the package includes internet banking access.

In response to a question, Gáborné Pölöskei said that using MKB's new account package is an option, it is not obligatory, other accounts can be used. The first payments will be made in October.

Wage increase in vocational training:

The instructors in vocational training have received their new salary offer, and those involved are earning an average of eighty thousand forints more from July. Young people are especially valued by the new system, and the best-performing career starters can receive a salary increase of up to 75 percent, said Gáborné Pölöskei, Deputy Secretary of State for Vocational Training.


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The Greek Catholic primary school in Debrecen was renovated and given a new gym

The Greek Catholic primary school in Debrecen was renovated and given a new gym

‼ ️"We'll show who mowed the most on TAO grants!" - writes the left-liberal propaganda, then they brush for a long time that our tax forints are "poured into the sport in Zorba", "urinated", etc.

Here's one such "urination" (with video)
‼ ️Video:https://www.dehir.hu/videogaleria/jelentos-fejlesztesek-a-szent-efrem-gorogkatolikus-altalanos-iskolaban/

The Greek Catholic primary school in Debrecen was renovated and given a new gym with video

On Saturday, the renovated interiors and the brand-new gymnasium of the St. Ephrem Greek Catholic Primary School, maintained by the Archdiocese of Hajdúdorog, were handed over. The Hegyúdorog Archdiocese financed the internal modernization from its own resources with more than HUF 200 million. The construction of the gym cost 1.1 billion forints, 70 percent of which came from corporate tax subsidies.

To close the investment, the building was dedicated by Metropolitan Archbishop Philip Kocsis.

"When we bless a house, a warehouse, a kindergarten, a school, a sports hall, Jesus enters there through the blessing, through the prayer of the church, and from then on he is there," we could hear Philip of Kocsis.

The interior of the school was renewed on 2,500 square meters. The cladding, interior doors were replaced, the entire electrical network was renovated, the electrical fittings were new and the complete interior painting of the building was carried out by the contractor. Dancer Szabolcs Komolay said at the handover ceremony that education is a key strategic sector for Debrecen.

- As in previous centuries, for the city, this may be one of the breakthrough points that can ensure the long-term competitiveness of Debrecen in the 21st century. The growing denominational schools add to the educational palette that Debrecen can offer to the students studying here, Szabolcs Komolay emphasized.

The new 1,800-square-foot gymnasium is FIBA-certified, so not only will the school’s students use it in the future, but it will also serve as a base for DEAC recruiting.

Secretary of State for Sport Tünde Szabó said that the unity of the church and the sports society now appears here, and the integrity of body and soul can only increase in the harmony of the two.

"Anyone who lives in sports knows for sure that there is nothing more important than that future generations should be able to exercise regularly in the best possible conditions in everyday life," said Tünde Szabó.

Member of Parliament László Pósán emphasized that in today's world it is important that we do not treat the value of construction at the level of commonplace, but with more serious content.

"Every construction presupposes awareness, faith in the future, if you like sober Estonian, presupposes normality," the MP emphasized.

The Hajdúdorog Archdiocese solved the internal modernization from more than HUF 200 million from its own resources. The construction of the new HUF 1.1 billion gym was 70% funded by the so-called TAO. The remaining part was provided by the Archdiocese of Hajdúdorog, the maintainer of the school.


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In 2020, we will still shovel the legacy left behind after the left ... The mournful story of a closed school

In 2020, we will still shovel the legacy left behind after the left ... The mournful story of a closed school

The history of the former Artúr Görgey Primary School is an excellent illustration of the disgraceful, thieval government, the emphasis on private interests instead of the public interest, which the left-wing figures, who are still actively politicizing, left behind with Ferenc Gyurcsány.

Fidesz Mayor of Csepel, Lénárd Borbély, shared the pictures of the park currently under construction on Facebook with the following text:

"Do you still remember what the former Görgey school building and its surroundings looked like?
This morning’s tour, along with the deputy mayors, we were pleased to see the work by which the once devastated area is completely renewed with community planning, incorporating the comments and ideas of those who live here. Thanks to the investment, we are re-enchanting another public space, and soon the residents of the promenades and at the same time everyone from Csepel can enjoy the new recreation park.
Hajrá Csepel!

But let’s look at the events around the area and the school in chronological order.

📌1. Left won election in 2002 with lies and unscrupulous hate campaign
📌2. In 2003, the Artúr Görgey Primary School was already closed (education reform in a social way). They didn’t renovate, they didn’t look for any other way to use it, they just shut it down smoothly. The reason was that there are not enough students and therefore need to be closed. It was later revealed what the real reason was: the plot was replayed to a buddy company that wanted to build a residential park in the area.
📌3. Finally, the school and its territory were handed over to Ibiza Kft. a kind of stalemate has developed: the plot is no longer public property, but private property, but it is not possible to build apartments on it. This explains why the area stood untouched for years and why the former school building on it became a homestead for homeless and drug addicts.
📌4. In 2010, the left will suffer an ugly defeat in the election. here the story reverses, and the era of decline is replaced by a period of development, of recovery. We repaid the IMF loan by 2013, and from then on, the continuous development that has continued ever since began.
📌5. In 2013, the news was that Ibiza Kft had reported HUF 1 billion in damages and that a lawsuit against the local government was pending. The company said they were misled in 2007 and the money was recovered. Szilárd Németh, the mayor of Fidesz (2013), made a HUF 1 purchase offer for the property, but the owner did not accept it.
📌6. After a long tug of war, the municipality was finally able to reclaim the area in 2018.
📌7. In 2019, the ruined, life-threatening building was demolished. A public forum was held, the residents of the district were contacted by post, and in consultation, a joint decision was made regarding the future utilization of the area: A park will be built on Csikó sétány.
📌8. 2020 (currently) the works are in progress, the newest park of Csepel will be completed and handed over soon.

Thank you, Lénárd Borbély! Such a good farmer, a good manager, if you like. He doesn’t talk about problems, he solves them to the delight of all of us! We will remember this in 2022 and in 2024 too!🇭🇺❤️


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OECD report: More and more children are participating in education, teacher salaries have risen, we have more teachers than the OECD average

A lot of "educational health professionals" will be sad about this article :)

OECD report: More and more children are participating in education, teacher salaries have risen, we have more teachers than the OECD average

Today, the OECD’s annual education report, Education at a Glance 2020, was published, which typically presents 2017 education data for each country. The focus of the analysis this year was on vocational training.

With regard to public education, the analysis finds that in Hungary, 92% of 3-5-year-olds participate in pre-school or primary school education (2018 data). The average of OECD member countries is 88%, and in Hungary 12 children have one teacher, while the OECD average has 14 children per specialist. In 2017, according to the OECD statistical methodology, Hungary spent 3.9% of GDP on education from primary to tertiary level. Between 2012 and 2017, the expenditure per institution resulted in an annual average increase of 6.5%, taking into account the decrease in the number of students.

Between 2005 and 2019, the salary of a teacher with 15 years of experience and the most important qualifications in OECD member countries increased by 5-7%, while in Hungary the increase was 37% in real terms compared to the year before the introduction of the teaching career, offsetting significant changes under socialist rule. decrease. The obligatory number of hours for teachers in the OECD average is 680 hours / year in upper primary school, while in Hungary - mainly due to the shorter school year - 648 hours / year (the OECD counts 45 teaching hours as 45 minutes).

The analysis also covered the effects of the coronavirus epidemic. According to the OECD, the reopening of schools depends to a large extent on the size of the class: in Hungary the average class size in the lower grades of primary schools is 22 (OECD average: 21), in the upper grades the average is 21 (OECD average: 23), thus, the possibilities for effective defense are given.

Source:https://www.kormany.hu/hu/emberi-eroforrasok-miniszteriuma/oktatasert-felelos-allamtitkarsag/hirek/oecd-elentes-egyre-tobb-gyermek-vesz-reszt-az-oktatasban-emestedtek-a-tanari- salaries
Original report:https://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/docserver/69096873-en.pdf(obsessionhttp://www.oecd.org/education/education-at-a-glance-19991487.htm)

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Balance at the beginning of the school year

Balance at the beginning of the school year

👉Each school’s textbook package will be paid for by the Government from this school year.
👉10% teacher salary increase.
👉101 thousand new graduates, including 10 thousand new young teachers (language exam amnesty).
👉After last year’s 60,000, this year’s summer camp for 80,000 students
👉Triple public funding for child nutrition since 2010.
👉This year's expansion of the family support system: 28 thousand large family car applications, 44 thousand mothers with 4 children are exempt from tax.
👉Government acceptance of the fee for the first language exam and the license KRESZ exam.

Thank You! In the old days, when we went to the "Hungary performs better" campaign, we missed this - the numbers, the details. Today, government communication has improved a lot: every representative has their own Facebook page, they report on all the important local and national issues, they publish the developments, the numbers, the reality.

Thank You!🇭🇺
Source:Dr. Péter Hoppál https://www.facebook.com/hoppalpeter/posts/3788189461194638
More about the listed points:https://szamokadatok.hu/

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Despite the roar of the left-liberal choir, education under the new National Core Curriculum has begun

Despite the roar of the left-liberal choir, education under the new National Core Curriculum has begun

Pictured is a free textbook and workbook package from a first student, a total of 15 packages.
❤️We would like to thank the Government of Hungary for making the textbooks free of charge, thus providing all Hungarian students with equal opportunities to study.

It is also worth mentioning that in addition to free textbooks for everyone, schoolchildren in need also receive a free school package, so no one stays "on the side of the road". new gyms, swimming pools, sports fields.

When we were still students, in the late 1990s, in the early 2000s, our parents certainly paid hard money for textbooks at the beginning of each school year. The price of an average textbook package cost 20-25 thousand forints, and the minimum wage was around 50 thousand. Then no one cried about how bad the government was, everyone pretty much pulled one more on his belt and bought the books.

There has never been more prosperity than now! So many types and such amounts of family support, tax relief, home creation opportunities, non-refundable subsidies, car purchase program, PIT exemption, free meals, etc., etc., etc.

It is much easier to be a parent now than it was 10-20 years ago!

🇭🇺Family support, full list:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/996/Minden_a_csaladtamogatasrol_-_Teljes_lista_a_baloldali_alhirek_ellen
🇭🇺Video:https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/556505975240465

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