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Record investment rate!

That's for sure, because Fidesz is so badly governed, isn't it? :)

Record investment rate!

2021 III. Investments increased by 12.4% in the third quarter
This year, HUF 7,800 billion worth of development has already taken place
Investment doubled from 2010 levels
We are podium finishers in the EU!

Here are the 1,000,000 new jobs! Fidesz does not base its future on aid, but on a growing economy and work, as this is the only way forward.

"Everything is bad," shouts the power-hungry foreign-serving left!
The figures show that Hungary has been developing for 12 years and that prosperity is growing at the same time.

Mihály Vargavideo:
CSO data:https://www.ksh.hu/docs/eng/xftp/gyor/ber/ber2109.html

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Another recognition, now from the European Court of Auditors

The European Court of Auditors presented its 2020 annual report to the European Parliament's Wednesday plenary session, noting that Hungary's performance was outstanding in the 2014-2020 financial period.

Another recognition, now from the European Court of Auditors

️This is not the only recognition, here is a small list.

What did we spend our money on? Here are a few thousand facts (scroll)

"By the end of 2020, Hungary had used nearly 15 and a half billion euros from the European Structural and Investment Funds, with which it achieved the best result among the V4 countries in terms of population, and it ranks fourth behind the three Baltic states in the EU as a whole," he said. Ádám Kósa, the representative of Fidesz.

According to the report, several Member States are struggling to bring in money, which will cause them serious losses towards the end of the seven-year financial period. Ádám Kósa emphasized: "Due to the hard work of the Hungarian government, there is no chance of losing funds in the case of Hungary." He added: "Regarding public procurement, according to the European Commission's Internal Market Scoreboard, Hungary is in the middle of the EU, in the company of Germany, Ireland or the Benelux countries."

Tamás Deutsch said in connection with the report's presentation to the commission: "Thanks to the Hungarian government's zero tolerance for corruption and the public procurement rules confirmed in 2011, the regularity and efficiency of the use of funds in Hungary has been continuously improving since 2010, and this is reflected in the Court's report."


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Péter Jakab has just learned that Hungary is performing excellently!

The face is the mirror of the soul :)

Péter Jakab has just learned that Hungary is performing excellently!

Hungary's GDP will grow by 7.4 percent this year, and we have become a leader in the EU
We moved up five places in the competitiveness rankings
Moody's upgraded Hungary (Not down, but up!)
According to the OECD, the Hungarian economy will soar
Poverty has dropped to a third in recent years
According to the European Commission, we have handled the crisis excellently!
WHO: Hungarian healthcare is excellent! "You are the heroes of the pandemic!"
We are among the top 10 investment destinations in the world
Global Capital: Hungary is the best debt manager in the region
The majority is satisfied with Viktor Orbán and the government's measures
According to the IMF, the government's crisis management has passed the exam!
Six Hungarian banks have been rated by Moody's
S & P classified Hungary in the category recommended for investment
Fitch also acknowledges the effectiveness of Hungarian crisis management!
The IMF has improved its forecast for the Hungarian economy

Plus: The growth of the Hungarian economy is the 2nd best in the EU!
This was not always the case! Let's see the numbers!

Go Hungary!
Hungarians go for it!

Thanks to Bors for the photos and interesting details

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The 40-year backlog due to our history cannot be covered in 10 years, but we are on a very good path!

The facts are stubborn things!

The 40-year backlog due to our history cannot be covered in 10 years, but we are on a very good path!

Hungary's GDP per capita increased from 13 thousand to 18.5 thousand dollars, which is an average improvement from 30 to 40 percent compared to the more developed countries!
The average salary in Hungary increased from 450 euros to 840 euros, wages did not reach a quarter of the wages of developed countries in 2010, now they exceed a third

We are catching up with Europe, but we have left much of the world well (read on!)

How? Here are some reasons
👉Orban “stole” the recession!
That's how we became frontrunners from army drivers!
👉Currently, 11.1 percent of people in OECD countries live in relative poverty. In Hungary, this proportion fell to a third in 11 years, from 23.4 percent to 8 percent.
👉There will be no tax increase!
Hungarian companies will continue to pay the lowest corporate tax in Europe!
👉The payment of bills does not "hurt" an average Hungarian family today, while in 2010 it hurt!
These are the facts, comrades!
ÉrtékI promised, they did! Fidesz is raising wages while cutting taxes
The left took wages while raising taxes!
👉What Fidesz undertook fulfilled! we have a million new jobs!
👉The reality is that Hungary has one of the lowest taxes on wages!
MagyarHungarian GDP will grow by 7.6 percent this year, making us third in the EU!
It also means that we have worked off the downturn of 2020 and, in fact, our economy has continued to grow!
👉IMF: Hungary will be a regional record holder this year
The Hungarian economy is rolling much faster than expected!
👉 Income taxes have been reduced by 50 percentage points since 2010!
And that's not all! Check out these 6 links too!

One of Hungary's most important goals is to catch up with half as rich in Europe, and we will see how we have succeeded in the last 10 years. Surprisingly, there are not so many countries outside Europe that are more developed than we are.

The goal of catching up
With the change of regime, the goal floated for most of us to catch up with the countries of the continent, which became rich countries after the Second World War, in terms of quality of life, especially labor income, with a similar economic and social system. This process was difficult to start, as it took several years to adapt to the world economy: the former industry, which produced non-marketable products, was downsized, and it took time for investors to produce the most advanced technologies to wait for market economy institutions to emerge.

Thus, catching up did not start until the second half of the 1990s and was still fluctuating, but since about 2014 it has switched to a very high speed, and this has not been significantly disturbed by the effects of the epidemic, as the adverse effects also affected developed countries. sometimes stronger than catching up.

GDP and frameworks
To examine the extent of catching up, we look at two numbers: GDP per capita and net average earnings. The former shows quite well the level of development of the countries as a whole, and the latter specifically the income that the labor force can achieve, and this is particularly important in the European Union (plus Switzerland and the European Economic Area), as anyone can work in any Member State.

The Visegrád region is currently
We take into account the estimated data for 2021 in terms of GDP per capita, as last year's data would be very distorted due to the impact of the epidemic. We look at the data in dollars, after this statistical practice for the time being, and we will compare earnings in euros.
According to current estimates, this year’s growth will be high after last year’s downturn, bringing per capita GDP to just over $ 18,000.
According to the latest IMF estimate for October, the Hungarian GDP figure is $ 18,500. Of the Visegrad countries, Slovakia is $ 21,400 ahead of us, the Czech Republic $ 22,900 ahead of us, while Poland is $ 17,300 behind us.

Current ratios
The data for the group of developed countries that can be set as targets for catching up are between 45 and 50 thousand (France and Belgium 45, Germany 46, Austria a little more than 48 thousand dollars).
There are higher figures, but in many cases the tax haven effect is distorted (Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg).
As can be seen, we are currently at 37-41% of the level of the ideal group of countries, but part of this is due to the relative undervaluation of the forint, ie the difference in price levels. Data on PPPs are used to eliminate this, but it is almost impossible to calculate them precisely: it is extremely difficult to assess, or even compare, the price level and average cost of living in each country.

Plenty of 10 years of catching up
As for the 10-year development: in 2010 the GDP per capita in Hungary was $ 13,000, while in Germany it was $ 42,000, in Austria it was $ 47,000, in Belgium it was $ 44,000 and in France it was $ 40.5,000.
Thus, at that time the Hungarian GDP reached only 27-32 percent of the mentioned group of countries, which has now increased to 37-41 percent, rounded slightly from 30 to 40 percent on average.

Good place in the world
What is really interesting, however, is that while Hungary's GDP grew from $ 13,000 to $ 18.5,000, there are fewer countries in most non-European countries, but there are several countries where there has been a straightforward decline (of course, there is an exchange rate effect).
The point is that Hungary's GDP has grown compared to most of the world's middle-income countries, and the interesting situation is that although we are relatively backward in the European Union, there are not many countries on other continents that have a higher per capita GDP than ours. .
Excluding oil countries, city-states, and small states with populations well below one million, only the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Israel, and Taiwan (if considered a separate country, de facto, but China’s own only 8 countries.

European pull
This shows that, on average, Europe is by far the richest of the many continents, as we are still lagging behind, but we have already overtaken much of the world. It also indicates that the main driver of our rapid development is the driving force of the richer countries in Europe, so far we have avoided the trap of moderate development, where many Asian and Latin American countries are stuck.

Income catching up
Finally, let’s look at the most perceptible data, the catching-up.
The average domestic salary, excluding public works and taking into account family benefits, is roughly EUR 840 net at the current exchange rate. In the case of the previously examined target group, France, Belgium, Germany and Austria, the amount is between 2300-2600 euros, so the domestic level is 32-36 percent of it, on average a little more than a third.
10 years ago, the average net Hungarian salary was roughly 450 euros, while in France it was around 2,000 euros and in Germany around 2,100 euros. Thus, the Hungarian data is 21.5-22 percent of these, compared to which today's 32-36 percent is a very spectacular improvement. In other words, the level did not reach a quarter then, it now exceeds a third.

It can go on
Of course, this may still seem small in itself, and it is probably this difference, and partly the labor shortage it causes, may be the driving force behind the rapid rise in domestic wages in the coming years, ie further catching up.


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Paks II. - let the numbers and the experts talk!

It is a lie that the investment will never pay off!

Paks II.  - let the numbers and the experts talk!

Thick II. it is a profitable investment in itself, and in the event of a lack of development, a possible permanent power outage would cause immeasurable, huge damage to the Hungarian economy!
Giving up Paks II would be like entrusting the operation of a ventilator to a pencil battery: as long as it works, it’s good, but if it runs out of power, the damage is irreversible.

We recommend two excellent articles for our readers! One of themAtomic - Zsolt Hárfás' s blogwrote, the other by the Hungarian Builders
Both articles were written by PROFESSIONALS and are not irresponsible left-liberal politicians. (Follow both pages on Facebook too!)

We would like to highlight an important point here: "The unit production cost of Paks II will be around € 55 / megawatt hour for the full 60 years of operation. and will also generate significant profits for the owner, the Hungarian state.Responsible government communications and expert statements have consistently said in recent years that electricity prices will inevitably rise.Well, this is what has happened now! its price was almost 200 euros / megawatt-hour, but in some hours it was close to 430 euros!

Thick II. - numbers and reality about payback
Paks II: the construction of 18 structures in five complexes is in progress

Stop the irresponsible left that wants to endanger the country!

What does the left say?
"Get out of the car and walk"
"Driving a smaller car is the price of gasoline"
"I do not consider any social component to be justified in the price of petrol"
"You can reduce utilities, how could you use less water, electricity, gas?"

What is Viktor Orbán doing?
- Thick II. - is being built
- Overhead reduction - maintains
- Cheap Russian gas - you need and have
- Pollution charges - the big multis pay and not the people
- Fuel prices - are regulated
- Energy companies - Hungarian owned
- Retail prices - have not risen for 12 years
- Who do you represent - the Hungarian people
- Message - Hungary is our first!
- He froze the price of fuel
- has not increased fees since 2010,
taxes, rewriting costs
- Free TRAFFIC course
- Unchanged technical examination fees
- Large family car support
- Pedigree, registration number
nor has it become more expensive since 2010
- wage increase, tax refund,
tax credit, 13th month pension,
to make driving accessible to everyone

German disaster relief is preparing people to stop heating
This happens when demagogic politicians with current political interests come to power. (Mark Zay is like that too!)

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Overhead reduction will also be available for small businesses!

Huge help! (For Telex readers: Orbán stole the price increase)

Overhead reduction will also be available for small businesses!

"Everyone can be aware that as long as there is a civilian government, there is a reduction in overheads, and now small entrepreneurs are also participating in this," said Gergely Gulyás at the government information.

While under the left government only a few privileged large corporations (including the GYF company) received electricity at a discounted price, now the overhead will be cheaper for all small businesses!

Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister's Office, said at the Government Info on Thursday that the overhead reduction will be available not only to the population but also to businesses, thus easing the burden.

This practically means that they will also pay an overhead reduced price. As he explained, small businesses are defined as those companies that were also entitled to a reduced tax rate in the local business tax: Where the number of employees does not exceed 10 people and the net income does not exceed HUF 4 billion.

Gergely Gulyás put it this way: the government hopes that the reduction of petrol and diesel prices will contribute to curbing inflation, that the reduction of overheads will contribute, and that the extension of the overhead reduction to small entrepreneurs will also contribute.

The minister finds the left-wing statements against petrol price cuts and overhead cuts very damaging.

“Everyone may be aware that as long as there is a civilian government, there is an overhead reduction,
and small businesses are now becoming part of it, ”he said.

Fuel will be of the usual quality despite the price reduction Gergely Gulyás reported on the government's steps to reduce petrol prices, which he assessed as successful, as the necessary changes took place everywhere.

He drew attention to the fact that the National Tax and Customs Administration constantly monitors the quality of fuels in addition to prices, so that everyone can buy the usual high-quality fuel despite the price reduction. He added that the authorities have so far not found a well where the rules have not been followed.

He stressed that NAV has world-class mobile laboratories, which can be used to demonstrate in a few minutes whether the samples meet official standards.

The government has decided to fix the price of petrol and diesel at a per capita limit of HUF 480 from 15 November, the minister leading Gergás Gulyás announced at the Government Info last week.

👉Energy policy in brief
Irresponsible decisions come at a price, and you will pay that price! Think!
👉Meanwhile, James tossed potatoes
This crisis did not "hurt" Hungary, there was no tax increase, no withdrawal, no scratch!


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Orbán “stole” the recession!

That's how we became frontrunners from army drivers!

Orbán “stole” the recession!

Orbán handled the crisis so badly that Hungarian economic growth came second in the EU. He who says otherwise lies. He who says we have not managed to overtake is also lying. And the one who says a change of direction is also lying.

We are all on the podium!
The economic growth
Investment rate
Wage growth
Tax reduction
Family support
Reducing the proportion of those in need
Tax exemption for young people
Family tax refund
Retirement premium, 13th month pension

Here are the details!

This was not always the case! Let's see the numbers!

️Add MORE!
Readers of 444 and Telex should know this too!


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Energy policy in brief

Irresponsible decisions come at a price, and you will pay that price! Think!

Energy policy in brief

Blikk published a very interesting interview today. Péter Márki-Zay actually ANNOUNCED that he would regulate EVERYTHING ON THE MARKET BASE IF THEY WERE GOVERNED!
- There would be no overhead reduction
- There would be no energy subsidy
- There would be no gas station stop
Instead, regulate everything THE MULTICURE AND ENERGY INDUSTRY

Péter Márki-Zay confirmed that he rejects the overhead reduction and refuses to take any social aspects into account in the price of fuels. In practice, this would mean that the left would resell utilities, drinking water, gas storage, Russian gas and Paks II, in line with their old custom. investment would be rejected for political reasons, obedient to Brussels, the Hungarian people could pay MUCH prices now!

Anyone who, knowing these, continues to support the left is the enemy of himself and his family.

Fidesz, on the other hand, has a balanced energy policy, providing cheap gas and electricity for the long term, building solar power plants, supporting energy modernization of homes, buying electric buses, keeping household prices low for 12 years and rejecting the lobby in Brussels. Why? Because Hungary is really the first for them!

While James tossed potatoes
This crisis did not "hurt" Hungary, there was no tax increase, no withdrawal, no scratch!
"Everything is bad," shouts the power-hungry foreign-serving left!
The figures show that Hungary has been developing for 12 years and that prosperity is growing at the same time

BalFake Newswriting
German disaster relief is preparing people to stop heating
👉This happens when demagogic politicians with current political interests come to power. (Mark Zay is like that too!)
👉Video: Putin warned the Germans as early as 2013!
If they continue like this, they will be heated with wood!
👉Transport development master's degree! There will be 1,100 electric buses in operation nationwide by 2025
In év1 years, the world market price of natural gas has quadrupled
The heating season is approaching, but since 2010 we don’t have to worry about prices because they won’t go up!
👉We decided! 1.4 million people completed the national consultation!
99 percent of respondents don’t want higher overheads! Pollution charges will not be paid by families, but by multinational corporations!
👉If the left comes to power, a brutal increase in overhead will come, because they will go to bed with Brussels immediately!
OlcsóCheap overhead has two conditions:
1. Long-term gas purchase agreement We have it!
2. In 2022, a vote of confidence in the current government.
👉Can be “world market priced”
Those who come with this just laugh at themselves!
👉Hungary was the first to legislate for full climate neutrality
The government has adopted the National Clean Development Strategy. Some just talk. And there are those who act!
👉Orbán buys back what the Gyurcsánys sold!
Gas storage facilities, energy companies, MOL shares, electricity suppliers, power plants, etc. The country's energy supply cannot be in foreign hands!
👉In this article we detail when which energy company became the property of the Hungarian state or Hungary.
👉What to be proud of!
We have compiled perhaps the biggest, most effective and spectacular measures of the Government of Hungary so far!
👉P robbery privatizationhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/948/Rabloprivatizacio
👉Main nationalisations and repurchases of the energy sectorhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2430/Hosszu_evek_utan_magyar_kezbe_kerult_a_Budapesti_Eromu_Zrt
👉After the National Utilities The National Waterworks will also be established
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2288/A_Nemzet_kozmuvek_utan_Letrejon_a_Nem National_Vizmuvek_is
👉The government recovers wasted state property!
👉Construction (video)https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/287195332858965
👉The Mátra Power Plant will be renewed and environmentally friendly
But most importantly: no one will be fired!
👉Revice reduction - here are the real numbers
With the help of our two enthusiastic fans, we show the extent of the savings. (READ OUT!)
👉The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased tenfold!
(comprehensive climate strategy article at the end of the description)
👉After many years, Budapesti Erőmű Zrt
ÓtaThe proportion of those who are unable to heat their homes sufficiently has been declining since 2012. Let's see the numbers!
👉The traitorous DK demands an increase in overhead prices in Brussels!
👉2 × 400 kilovolt transmission line to be built between Slovenia and Hungary!
👉The MVM Group acquires the Czech natural gas trading company!
We don't sell, we buy the other!
👉Our home is our property! The proportion of private dwellings in Hungary is 91 percent!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2497/Balliberalis_mantra_30_eve_azt_hazudjak_hogy_nyugaton_kolbaszbol_van_a_kerites
👉 At the European level, the cost of housing in Hungary is low
We will choose in 222022! Here are the numbers. Part 1
We will choose in 222022! Here are the numbers. Part 2
👉TIGÁZ and TITÁSZ become Hungarian property again
👉Significantly more money is left in people's pockets due to overhead cuts, tax cuts and steadily rising wages since 2010
👉Hungary has the cheapest electricity and natural gas in the whole EU
👉Investment record in Hungary!

👉Not speak numbers instead of opinions.
👉TITÁSZ and TIGÁZ also became the property of OPUS Global Zrt.
Liberal tears are falling that they will be "gassed" like this?
👉 “Did the Latvian gas price increase?” Gyurcsány asked at a press conference before 2010
Csökkent Since 2017, it has been reduced to a flat rate, making Hungary the lowest corporate tax in the EU
👉Thick II. - our sovereignty must not be negotiated
He received the permit to establish an energy office in Paks II. power plant
👉Green demagoguery versus numbers
A nuclear power plant is forty times less harmful to the environment than a gas plant, but it also has a fourfold advantage over wind and solar plants.
👉Press review before and after 2010

👉Our gold reserves at a record level!
Hungary's gold reserves increased thirty-fold to 94.5 tons in 2010!
The Hungarian Earth Day movement is 31 years old!
The government is not talking about this, it is acting!
👉Another “scandal” ... (list)
Orbán “stole” the money from the left protecting pedophiles and “secretly” launches 123 new, low-floor, environmentally friendly, air-conditioned electric buses worth HUF 18 billion as part of the Green Bus program
👉Ukraine can no longer blackmail or tap the gas we buy!

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The growth of the Hungarian economy is the 2nd best in the EU!

This was not always the case! Let's see the numbers!

The growth of the Hungarian economy is the 2nd best in the EU!

In 2009, the Hungarian economy performed well below the EU average. This was the result of the sacrificial work of the left's "expert government."
At present, however, Hungary's economic growth is well above the EU average, and Hungary's GDP growth is the second best in the EU! And this is the result of the "regime" of Fidesz!

We like the Fidesz government better!

According to the European Commission, there will be a 7.4 percent increase in Hungary this year. (data and authentic source in the article below)
This year's III. According to quarterly data, the Hungarian economy grew by 6.1 percent
This year's II. According to quarterly data, the performance of the economy increased by 17.9 percent and by 2.7 percent compared to the first quarter! That was an absolute record!
So it was with unemployment. In 2009, Hungary was well below the EU average and is now well above it.

Latest data (Eurostat):https://bit.ly/3DlFLnP
Data for 2009 (Eurostat):https://bit.ly/3kGiplK

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Fresh data!

A III. economic growth was 6.1% in the third quarter!

Fresh data!

The left would have distributed aid from your tax!
And Fidesz has increased the number of jobs, putting our economy on a stable footing in the long run, creating coverage for tax cuts, 13-month pensions, youth tax exemptions, family tax rebates or even overhead cuts!

We see, we feel, thank you!

Mihály Vargasaid the economy strengthened 6, 1 percent year-over-year in the third quarter. This is the second highest value ever measured at this time of year and is above the EU average according to currently available data. The performance improved by 0.7 percent compared to the previous quarter, according to the latest CSO data. The Hungarian economy has already outperformed before the epidemic and remained on a dynamic growth path in the third quarter.

Orbán “reached out” to the recession
How did the government perform in the year after the crisis now and during the devastating reign of the left?
The growth of the Hungarian economy in the II. quarter! GDP growth in the second quarter was higher than expected, with gross domestic product growing by 17.9 percent, the highest economic growth ever measured in the second quarter.
Let’s just say left-liberals understand it too!
Viktor Orbán brought the country back from the brink of bankruptcy, where your favorites drove it!

Details on the European Commission's website:https://bit.ly/30rk874

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