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Censorship of Facebook, which evokes communist times, has started again

This morning, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Hungarian users were unjustifiably banned

Censorship of Facebook, which evokes communist times, has started again

Everyone who has had a previous ban, usually also illegal, is banned. Anyway, now that Facebook hasn’t committed any “violations,” even under its own laws, the ban will run for 30 days, and quite coincidentally, this period will include the U.S. presidential election. How interesting, right?

One of the editors of Numbers was also restricted, even though he wrote virtually nothing with his private profile, and what he wrote was not offensive either. No wonder Facebook has not indicated in this case either which statement they still violate the "Community Principles", which are worded in the same way as "the rule of law" - virtually anyone is silenced at any time if they do not agree. with the views of liberal mainstream pseudo-news propaganda. It is clear from the picture that last time our editor had a "violation" in June, which was just as unjustified as the current one. And today, he was again banned for 30 days on the grounds, even though he was unduly given a mouthpiece for 1 month in June as well.

We do not give up, we are not afraid, because they can limit here, but they cannot limit our thoughts, our opinions.

"We haven't written so far, and we don't write anything offensive anymore." We are formulating our political opinion, which Facebook is limiting by this unreasonable decision. Those who are really afraid of press freedom should share this post, because press freedom is really in danger, not only because of the Hungarian government, but because of cybersalinist companies using foreign dictatorships.
- We have been and will continue to stand up for Hungarian national interests. The more we shut up, the more we will love Hungary, the more we will support the nation government led by Viktor Orbán
- So far and from now on, we will do our best to make Hungary a Hungarian country.

Please comment if Facebook has blocked anyone in your environment in the last 24 hours. Obviously, those who have been banned cannot write this because censorship has just shut their mouths.

If a new article doesn't appear on the page for a while, you know that all of our editors have been disabled.

🇭🇺Long live Hungarian freedom! Long live the home!

PS: We learned thatZsolt Jeszenszkyyour private profile has also been banned for no reason, here is a post about it on his page

"Be very careful with Facebook! The censorship road roller has started again.
No matter what side you are on; if you have a bit of an independent opinion, if you don’t press perfectly what the liberal canon requires, you’re dangerous and they’ll go after you.
Now that the U.S. election is coming, the Zuckerberg galaxy is particularly highly associated. We have a CLOSED (!!!) group dealing with American politics, my BEGINNING OF AUGUST (!!!) post was taken earlier, the case was closed, but I NOW got a 30 DAY BAN.
Therefore, my personal profile does not work, I cannot reply to messages, so I apologize to anyone I do not respond to for 1 month.
My site also has another admin, so - for now - I can post here. I am curious when István Vágó's DK reporting brigade strikes.
Because let us not forget: although there will be no elections at home now, the treatment of the coronavirus is a cardinal issue, and the left is determined so that they can thematize, they define public discourse, they can spread panic and dissatisfaction.
Therefore, be very careful what you post. Don’t use forbidden words (they start with b, c, m, n, zs), nor offensive terms, don’t send the ‘cssa’ to those who would otherwise deserve it.
This is how the "liberal" world unfortunately works today. They determine what can be said. You have to speak very carefully, in flower language. Just like that in communism.
But it is important not to give up, not to leave ourselves. Also, as our parents did in communism that year, our grandparents. If it’s in flower language, it’s in flower language, but you have to tell the truth. We must break down the wall of silence and not allow neomarxists, with tech companies and their media fully intertwined with them, to build a wall against freedom. (While, of course, they are the ones who talk about freedom of the press and speech, democracy.) This is what the current American election is about, and Hungary is expected to talk about it in 2022. "


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You may not distribute a newspaper in public spaces who is not a Karácsony propagandist

We look forward to the left-liberal outrage of Vera Jourová and all the press releases!

You may not distribute a newspaper in public spaces who is not a Karácsony propagandist

It restricts freedom of the press and expression of opinion through a document voted at Wednesday's general assembly, led by Gergely Karácsony, the capital. The proposal voted by the left is that the capital city municipality must provide four full pages free of charge to the owner of a press product who wishes to distribute his paper free of charge in public places. The new regulation mainly affects the Metropolis and the Local.

- Quite amazingly unscrupulous and arrogant: under the names of Erzsébet Gy. Németh and Csaba Horváth Karácsony the need for economic assistance was used to enact legislation for their party propaganda without even the slightest democratic rights - the Fidesz – KDNP faction led by Zsolt Láng that in the future it will be possible to distribute a free newspaper in the public areas of Budapest only if the own documents of the Metropolitan Municipality appear on four full pages without compensation.

"Even Comrade Rákosi would envy that!" He added. Péter Kovács, the mayor of Kertváros, did not leave the additional proposal of Erzsébet Gy. Németh and Csaba Horváth without a word.

- I don't even know what to say anymore. In 2020, this could also happen in Budapest, led by Gergely Karácsony, the Free People's Half Hour was a bit of a mess - Péter Kovács, XVI. mayor of the district after the decision of the capital.

🔴The document:https://magyarnemzet.hu/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/ otf / 691w ​​/ 120468538101597284916823163431680491981516863o.jpg

The proposal states that only those who provide a free interface to the content specified by the capital's municipality can receive a public space reservation permit.

The interesting thing about the case is that the supplement to the motion was not voted on as a separate agenda item, but was hidden from prying eyes as a supplement to the economic rescue package.

At the meeting of the General Assembly of the capital, the Fidesz-KDNP faction asked for a separate vote on the inappropriate addition to the proposal. The ruling parties have stated that in a democracy, such a proposal should not be voted on. Finally, a majority of left-wing MPs gave their blessing to the motion.

After Gergely Karácsony's election, his first task was to start a war against Lokál and banish him from the metro exits.

In December, he also terminated the capital's contract with the paper.

Source:Hungarian Nation https://magyarnemzet.hu/belfold/nem-terjeszthet-lapot-a-koztereken-aki-nem-karacsony-propagandistaja-8745462/

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Tech companies in the hands of liberals are constantly holding our mouths

Tech companies in the hands of liberals are constantly holding our mouths

🔴According to Jouruvá, Hungarian people are "not in a position to form an independent opinion"

He is partly right, because tech companies in the hands of liberals are constantly holding our mouths.

If this goes on like this, then in 2022 in Hungary, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok and Twitter will win elections, and not the majority of Hungarians. There is an urgent need to take action against "cybersalism", to talk about the problem, to take action against it. We are not lawyers, we do not know what possible measures can be taken, but we believe that such tools exist. If not, it would also be good if the competent ministry would inform the Hungarians what is the obstacle to persuading these companies to comply with the law.

It is precisely Jourova and the like who are not in a position to form an independent opinion, we have an opinion, they are only sometimes silenced and "made grounded".
Our previous article:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/posts/204094374401037

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The African American mayor has decided that only blacks can receive maternity benefits

The African American mayor has decided that only blacks can receive maternity benefits

🔴USA: Pregnant women receive $ 1,000 a month, but only if they are black. The mayor who is launching the racist project takes the Black Lives Matter movement seriously because it seems to him that only black lives really matter.

The African American mayor has decided that only blacks can receive maternity benefits.

The City of San Francisco has announced maternity benefits for women who are pregnant and caring for their babies. The amount of the support is uniformly $ 1,000 (approximately HUF 305 thousand) per month, which maternal mothers receive from pregnancy until the baby is 6 months old. However, expectant mothers in White, Asia and Latin do not have to bother applying, as the benefit is judged on a racial basis: only blacks can receive it. - Reported by The Blaze.

The left-wing mayor of the big city of California, the otherwise black London Breed, on Monday announced a project that many call eloquently named Abundant birth, meaning “Abundant Birth”. According to this, the city gives $ 1,000 a month during a woman’s pregnancy and for the first six months after the baby is born, but only to selected expectant mothers. The city limits money to black and Pacific women, who the mayor says are “on the wrong side of a long-standing racial gap in maternity statistics. "

The mayor who is launching the racist project takes the Black Lives Matter movement seriously because it seems to him that only black lives really matter. Breed said he hopes to be able to expand the so-called basic income supplement in the future. However, he did not mean the extension to the population of different skin colors, but the duration of the support. She plans to get the black mothers in the selected status for up to two years. (Khmmm… Maybe so they can line up again and again without a break?…)

Ahead of the criticisms, the mayor’s office stated that their decision was made mainly because of health considerations. In the case of blacks, the rate of preterm birth is the highest and the rates of infant disability and mortality are also higher. However, the mayor has made it clear that it is not solely health concerns that justify judging support only to his own kind. He put it this way, “The Abundant Birth Project is rooted in racial justice,” he said.

Interestingly, the clearly racist decision was not even reported by the mainstream media, only the papers titled the far right dared to report it factually. At the same time, some Afro-fascist organizations are believed to be trying to take advantage of the situation by means of stealth legislation. Indeed, if social outrage fails or legally fails, the case could set a precedent and open the door to systemic oppression of whites.

Original English link:https://www.theblaze.com/news/san-francisco-pregnant-moms-race

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Anna Donáth and other Hungarian left-liberals support anarchy and unjustified revolution in Belarus

Anna Donáth and other Hungarian left-liberals support anarchy and unjustified revolution in Belarus

What and why is happening in Belarus today is reported in this article:

We also wrote about why we need to know about this, why we need to understand what is happening, and why it is important to prepare in advance for the worst-case scenario.

Left-liberals, if they cannot win a democratic election, will try to seize power through a civil war, a “maidan”, an “Arab spring”. This is a proven method and currently in Minsk the same scenario is being played as it was 6 years ago in Kiev. The only difference is that Yanukovych was a coward to put in order, Lukashenko will not be a coward.

According to Anna Donáth, the "brave Belarusians" are the mobs that suffered a huge defeat in the election and are currently racing, arsoning and throwing stones on the streets. If they win, democracy, if they fail, is dictatorship. we don't know what the left-liberals are doing with lines in their pockets, but we will protect Hungary from any mobs who might be dating.

Anna Donáth: There will be no "Maidan" in Minsk, but not in Budapest either! We protect Hungary - at any cost. We won’t be cowards if we have to, we’re going to take to the streets, not just the cops and soldiers. Don’t think of organizing street riots here because we will be fast, determined and efficient. There will be order in Hungary, remember that well.


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The performance of the left during an epidemic - the biggest scandals

Full list of 1 videos. This will be needed in 22

The performance of the left during an epidemic - the biggest scandals

They don’t put that on the wall and we never forget them. We could not expect the Hungarian left in an epidemic situation either. Their politicians abused their trust and the power vested in them, using the epidemic for political gain.

Camouflage videos, fake news, needy, children, kindergartens, deprivation of wages, neglect of nursing homes and homeless people, intimidation, stopping and obstructing developments, wasting public property, obstructing free expression, penalizing fossil districts, foreclosure , obstruction of governance and defense, fraud of voters, communist methods, intimidation, listing, word of mouth, political cleansing, tourism, attack on the hospitality industry, incitement to social tensions, contempt.

The Numbers team gathered and thematically grouped their most inhumane and most scandalous actions. Share this with everyone because it will be needed before the 2022 election. People soon forget the bad and rather remember the good, so it happens today that Ferenc Gyurcsány, who sent the country and millions of Hungarian families to the floor, shot our eyes, he may be the leader of the left today.

Let's see the reality! Each of the listed articles can be found athttps://szamokadatok.hu/on our website (if you could remove the censorship)

🔴🔴🔴Video of some of the crimes listed below:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/3335953163089582

🔴🔴🔴Camouflage videos, lies, fake news

🔴🔴🔴Corruption of needy children, kindergartens, deprivation of wages, nursing homes, homeless people, intimidation

🔴🔴🔴Stopping and obstructing developments

🔴🔴🔴Wasting public property

🔴🔴🔴Obstruction of freedom of expression

🔴🔴🔴Punishment of Fidesz districts

🔴🔴🔴Economy Contracts

🔴🔴🔴Foreign and domestic maturity

🔴🔴🔴Indebtedness of cities and urban companies

🔴🔴🔴Governance and obstruction of defense

🔴🔴🔴Election promises and reality

🔴🔴🔴Communist methods, intimidation, listing, word of mouth, political cleansing

🔴🔴🔴Attack on tourism and hospitality


🔴🔴🔴Creating social tensions


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The Gyurcsánys received a HUF 2,000 million dividend from their company, while they did not sacrifice a stinking iron for epidemiological control.

The Gyurcsánys received a HUF 2,000 million dividend from their company, while they did not sacrifice a stinking iron for epidemiological control.

Liberal false news propagandaists are lying and lying with lies made about Lőrinc Mészáros, while he is so rich who, in addition to employing 25,000 people, even donates regularly. In this article, we have listed 4 well-known donations, including the HUF 1 billion he was among the first to transfer for epidemiological control.

In contrast, the left-wing oligarchs, the Gyurcsány couple, did not donate a penny, quietly collected a HUF 2 billion dividend from their starving company dictated to huge dictatorships in the dictatorship, .

A billionaire prime minister from a robbery privatizer


If you are a red baron, then Ferenc Gyurcsány. The wealth of the former prime minister is a sharp observation of how the young communists gained dizzying fortunes after the regime change. Crime-bound transactions, buddies and, of course, a wife whose mother meant an entry card among the top left billionaires. An interesting refraction is that while Gyurcsány constantly mentions Fidesz oligarchs, in the last four years alone he has received a total of more than two billion forints in dividends from Altus alone.

The first pillar of Ferenc Gyurcsány's company empire is his first company, Altus Investment and Asset Management Company, which he founded on November 10, 1992. Gyurcsány founded Altus, which started with a share capital of ten million forints, on paper with an acquaintance of KISZ, he himself was a sixty-percent owner, and Attila Molnár a forty percent owner. Gyurcsány provided the initial capital to Altus from the dowry of his then wife, from the price of a family house near Pécs.

Ádám Szilas helped Gyurcsány to enter the entrepreneurial career by securing the headquarters (Szent István körút 11.), and Szilas's wife, Ilona Tatai, with her sectoral expertise acquired in late socialism - similarly to György Jagiellowicz, who later played an important role in Altus. Both Jagiellowicz and Ilona Tatai worked under the leadership of the Taurus Rubber Company. According to the book of József Debreczeni (The new Prime Minister), Attila Molnár was the stroma of Ilona Tatai in the Altus of Gyurcsány from the very beginning. According to Debreczeni, all this was necessary because the name of Ilona Tatai, who appeared as a member of the Political Committee of the Hungarian Socialist People's Party, would have sounded bad in the business world of the years after the change of regime. Initially, in the first months, the company only dealt with consulting, but later the owners turned their attention to privatization. Then, in 1994, Ilona Tatai became a member of the Board of Directors of Altus, and Györgyn Jagiellowicz became the President and CEO of Fortus Rt., Established by Altus, and in the 2000s he also managed Altus. Attila Molnár was finally bought out of Altus by Gyurcsány in 1998.

Altus in action
In December 1993, Ferenc Altus Rt. Of Gyurcsány acquired its first privatization prey, Gép- és Technológiaszerelő Rt. Gyurcsány worked in the usual way at that time: he bought 51 percent of the company, covered the deductible from a compensation ticket, and took out an existence and bank loan for this. According to Gyurcsány, the acquisition of the company eventually resulted in only a loss, so in 1995 the economic activity was terminated and the workers were laid off. Altus bought on credit again in 1994, this time with Béta-Roll Hengergumizó Kft.

Marriage, politics
A very important thing happened in Gyurcsány's life in 1994: he married Klara Dobrev.

After the wedding, events unfolded, which were obviously not independent of the fact that Dobrev's mother was the Little Piroska, who also served as Prime Minister Gyula Horn's chief of staff during this period. Altus' share capital was tripled by the company's shareholders in 1995, and the company's own assets increased sevenfold.

Gyurcsány's two much-disputed real estate cases, the purchase of real estate on Szalay Street and in Balatonőszöd, were also indirectly connected to Altus Rt., As Altus's company, Aldo Kft., Acquired the two properties in January 1994 concluding agreements with the Hungarian state, in particular with the Office of the Prime Minister representing it. It is worth recalling how the sale and purchase took place, as the details of the transaction paint a clear picture of the methods that led to Gyurcsány's enrichment.

"Once I tell you this at the club"
The 319 square meter showroom, located on the lower level of the building at Szalay utca 4, was acquired in May 1994 by one of Ferenc Gyurcsány's companies, Aldo, under a leasing contract. Aldo should have paid a total of HUF 13 million in installments, but in January 1995 it sold its purchase right to another company in Gyurcsány, Altus Rt., Which bought the property with an advance payment of HUF 11 million and then turned it into a representative club. Three months later, one of the economic companies of the chancellery, Közlöny- és Lapkiadó Kft., And from 2000 Human Jövő 2000 Kht., Repurchased it for 1.1 million forints a month, and even renovated it for about one hundred million forints.

The rent in 2003 was almost HUF 14 million, ie the rent for one year was higher than the amount for which the Office of the Prime Minister (MeH) had previously sold the property to Gyurcsány. Thus, Gyurcsány did well, but the same cannot be said about the gazette publisher, which according to the contract even had to carry out the interior design work of the club: it cost about 122 million forints. (Altus paid only ten million of this.) In addition, Altus received 28 percent of the proceeds from the operation of the Members' Club and the membership fee throughout.

Resort for free
Gyurcsány obtained the government resort of Balatonőszöd in a similar way. What made the whole deal particularly spicy was that

The Gyurcsánys leased the property for HUF 2.5 million a year, but - that they did not - the later prime minister leased the building to a state holiday company for just such an amount. This meant that the Gyurcsánys had virtually nothing to pay for the property.

Also in 1995, in November, Altus privatized the Magyaróvár Alumina Factory and Műkorund Rt. (Motim), which employs 1,400 people, and in December, the Perfekt Pénzügyi Szakoktató és Kiadó Rt. Piroska Apró, Chairman of the Board of Hitelbank Rt. (MHB), disbursed the loan to Altus for the purchase of Motim. It is a contradictory fact that while the DK has been demanding lower energy prices on the basis of need, there was no such program during Gyurcsány's rule. An exception to this was the Prime Minister's company, Motim, which, together with some other large consumers, could buy electricity at a price lower than the "in principle" lowest domestic price at an official auction, which could be considered wholesale. Meanwhile, household electricity prices doubled during the eight-year period of left-wing rule.

In 1997, Little Piroska became the Chairman of the Board of Altus. Already in the second half of the Horn government's term, Gyurcsány received a number of consulting assignments called Altus Consulting, primarily from the background institutions of the Ministry of the Environment and Regional Development, where György Szilvásy worked as Secretary of State at the time.

Fortus is on track
Let's turn back to 1995, as this year began one of the most interesting and darkest periods of Gyurcsány's company development, in which Energol Rt., Famous for Tamás Portik, appears. But let's move on from the beginning: Altus and Magyar Villamos Művek (MVM) He founded a joint venture called Fortus. The former owned 45 percent and the latter 55 percent. Altus entered the business with nine million forints in cash, and MVM, which was then advised by Piróka Apró, wanted to contribute the fuel oil reservoirs of the Dunamenti Thermal Power Plant to the company. The plan was pushed through by the State Audit Office. Incidentally, the reservoirs were established by the state a little earlier from four billion forints of public money, for which it borrowed from the Hungarian Development Bank. MVM argued that the operation of the oil storage facilities was a problem for it, so a partner had to be found for the operation. This partner became Fortus Rt.

However, the transactions here are not over yet. MVM made another generous gesture. Namely, the company's memorandum of association granted a five percent dividend and voting preference to Altus, which originally had a minority stake. It increases the number of question marks: why did MVM need a company through which it handles oil supplies for itself? Fortus reported that forty thousand tons of fuel oil were sold to power plants in 1996 alone.

Gyurcsányék anyway

László Sáska, Mol's former commercial director, has been certified for Fortus. He was later nearly executed when a businessman unknown in his car fired several shots at a man still unknown to him.

Oil business with heavy boys
What makes the events even more mysterious is the fact that the founding document of the Cypriot offshore company Dryden Enterprises Limited, which emerges as the owner of Fortus, was found during an August 1997 house search with his wife, István Dékány, one of the leaders of the oil mafia. It is a question of how Gyurcsány's sensitive company letter could have reached the people of Energolos.

As is well known, the Energol lawsuit revealed that Energol also procured serious oil shipments through Fortus. Fortus defended itself during the criminal proceedings by unknowingly participating in the transactions only through paper, fake invoices. And if we go to the Energol case again, we cannot go without saying that before the scandal broke out, on April 21, 1997, Ferenc Gyurcsány and György Jagiellowicz fled Fortus, the later prime minister resigned from the supervisory board, and the businesswoman resigned as chairman. resign. It is also a fact that Fortus had a business relationship with another large oil company, ETL Rt., Which has a background in MSZP and was known to be Energol's main supplier. The ETL supervisory board in 1996, the year of the most profitable oil derivative has been known in the Socialists' main energy expert Imre Karl and Erika Szucs, then a member of the Socialist Caucus of the country as well. Szucs currently plays Gyurcsany's party, the Democratic Coalition.

Head for the Balkans!
Returning to Altus:

the company produced a stable annual profit after tax of about one hundred million forints in the 2000s.

The company was managed by Klára Dobrev in the year of Gyurcsány's departure as prime minister, from 2009. Altus Zrt. Founded the BudaShen Sino-Hungarian trading house and established Altus-ConsAlt Kft., Which broke into international laurels: it offers and offers consulting services to Eastern and Central European governments, local governments, private interests and non-profit organizations. In November 2011, Ferenc Gyurcsány founded a company offering mobile payment solutions with János Kóka, called Cellum Bulgaria AD. In Albania, organized by Altus-ConsAlt, the Central European Investment Services Kft.

The governments of Macedonia (now northern Macedonia), Montenegro, Serbia, and Bulgaria have employed the Altus staff to effectively spend catching-up resources.

From April 2010 to the autumn of 2013, the Gyurcsány group of companies participated in almost forty Balkan projects involving the public sector.

The reference list includes mandates such as the Plovdiv Urban Development Strategy in Bulgaria or the preparation of Roma NGOs in the Western Balkans to draw on international funding. In the latter case, György Soros's Open Society Foundations commissioned Gyurcsány's consulting company.

The consortium led by Altus also won an EU public procurement of about one and a half billion forints in 2015, according to which data and studies on the cohesion policy of the EU budget period 2014-2020 will be collected. Not long after, Ferenc Gyurcsány's company was able to examine the Polish development policy for roughly 400 thousand euros, at today's exchange rate for more than 140 million forints.

By the way, Ferenc Gyurcsány has received more than two billion forints in dividends from Altus alone in the last four years. So the “success story” continues.


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The left has completely bounced off the ground of reality

The left has completely bounced off the ground of reality

At the beginning of the epidemic, 60,000 people were rioted, complaining that there were few ventilators, saying a football player’s monthly salary cost more than a ventilator, so a lot had to be bought.

The next step (when you already had a lot more ventilators than you needed) came with the “Ok, there’s a machine, but there’s no doctor” standard nonsense. It turned out that there is also a doctor, lords of the Government and the Operational Tribe for the situation.

This was followed by the production of camouflage videos about other benefits, the false statements of camouflages, the burglary of hospitals, and the masked statement of people set up for the hospital worker who could not in any way be connected to health care. the lying left-liberal politicians, who, like the hyenas, tried to exploit the already overburdened health care system and abuse their position to deal with political gain (as we can see in retrospect, for example, with the support of the MSZP - with little success).

Hospitals have been bombarded with requests for data, the domestic and foreign left-wing press have been lying about sending patients home with half-stitched wounds, there is no mask, and Orbán is doing nothing, and Parliament has closed.

When, without exception, all their lies came to light, everything turned out to be created, fabricated accusations, videos, pictures, statements, the Terik, the Athinas, and all the "civilians" who were declared non-civilians at all, lying like a stream of water, and actively politicized, now comes the next step: Lots of ventilators, look very expensive.

These left-wing parties, politicians and their media could hardly wait for the moment when at least one patient would be in a situation where he could not get a ventilator .... We are quite sure that they were even pushed for such a situation to develop. Anna Donáth, for example, made no secret of her regret that the first Hungarian infected people in the epidemic were not Hungarians, but Iranians. Well, if such a situation had arisen, it would be bad to think about what a scream it would have been. And such a situation has certainly developed in several "developed, western countries." The left was still in the sky and would have inscribed in red smoke that "Orban killer."

The real situation in brief: The Government of Hungary has, of course, over-secured the number of ventilators, as the outcome of the epidemic cannot be planned, the spread of the epidemic can be slowed down, but the epidemic cannot be stopped. Everyone agrees that although we are beyond the difficulty of the first wave, there will be a second wave as well. Ventilators are technical items, so if you break down a machine, you don’t currently have to bother with repairing it, you have to take a new machine off the shelf and you’re done. We can sell machines that are considered redundant at any time, as the demand for machines is still high.


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Mark-Zay likens Orban to Ceausescu

Although he receives several million forints of state (taxpayer) support every year, he has lived and taxed abroad for 5 years

Mark-Zay likens Orban to Ceausescu

We do not know whether Péter Márki-Zay can count on his great hatred? We know that not everything is financial about having a child, but let's just look at how much social, community financial help he would lose if there were those in government whose chariot he is also pushing. We could also say how much extra tax they would have to pay for the “luxury” of the seven children.

If we look only at the family allowance and the tax credit, it would fall from a net net of HUF 343,000 per month, because the ideological basis of the left-liberal adorers about the child and the future is the following: private affairs. No one has anything to do with it, if he wanted to, he stood the guild. If there is any help, then only on the basis of need (He is a mayor, with a good salary, so he would have a fity as a rich driver, ticket inspector, postman, let's remember only Lajos Bokros's nice package that it contained exactly these!). Thus, on an annual basis, with a left-liberal government, the Márki Zay family would be 4 million 116 thousand forints slimmer.

Péter Márki-Zay, from the mayor's salary, would pay 343 thousand forints a month for the pleasure of having seven children. But, of course, there would be no free textbook as well as half-price meals for the kids. Of course, he would take note of this with his salivating image without any problems, because if a left-liberal government came to power, Péter Márki-Zay could have even more public money and, knowing the left-wing recourse mechanisms, would get back many times the amount of discounts in a Nokia box.

But This is Peter Zay, he is close to "fire." And how would you, dear left-wing voter, deal with them? We help you: you would lose millions of forints a year, and no one would care that you can't pay your loan or your children's living standards are deteriorating, because they think the family is a "private affair".


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