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The greatest sins and lies of the left

This comes to mind when you vote! If you support them, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself and your family!

The greatest sins and lies of the left

Why is the liar, why is the left hypocritical and harmful to Hungary and the Hungarian people? Here's a brief summary! And at the end of the article, there will be a link to a longer, more detailed list.

They fear freedom of the press, while banning newspapers they do not like in Budapest, avoiding right-wing journalists, threatening and expiring them.
They worry about "jobseekers" while raising taxes, attacking job-creating investments, and James even reported a jobseeker.
They fear democracy, while attacking the referendum, the National Consultation, questioning the legitimacy of the elected government.
They are worried about health care, while hospitals and doctor's offices have been closed, thousands of doctors and health workers have been fired, visit fees and hospital per diems have been introduced, and hospitals have been sold.
They criticize education policy, while firing 15,000 teachers, closing hundreds of schools and kindergartens, profiting from textbooks.
They are attacking the government's measures related to transport, while creating artificial traffic jams in Budapest, when the government closed the sidings, allowed the vehicle fleet to age, and increased the price of passes several times a year.
They are worried about the situation of the pensioners, meanwhile they took the 13th month's pension and Fidesz returned it
According to them, the government does not support families, meanwhile they were the ones who took away the socts, the family tax credit, took away a year’s worth, raised unemployment to 12 percent, supported those who avoided work, and harassed working and tax-paying parents.
They are attacking energy developments, the Paks investment, they were the ones who doubled the price of electricity and tripled the price of gas.
They are worried about public safety, while breaking down the fence, allowing undocumented migrants into the Schengen area.
Fidesz is accused of violence, while they are the ones who light the lanterns, threaten, foul Fidesz and Fidesz sympathizers.
Fidesz is accused of stealing while pocketing billions through their own companies by bidding, and this “corrupt” Fidesz also gave them money
They attack Hungarian companies, Hungarian entrepreneurs, they do not think that millions of Hungarians work for Hungarian companies, they support their families from the wages earned there.
They shout “Police State,” meanwhile, they were the ones who shot our eyes.
Family protection measures have been under attack for 11 years, but it is considered important to march with children on the pride
Fidesz accused of treason, while in Brussels it urges withdrawal and sanctions against Hungary
They are constantly campaigning for more expensive food, while they have not voted in favor of this year’s budget, which includes much more money for pensions, wages, family benefits, tax cuts.
Epidemiological control was made more difficult by lies, false news, harassment, lies about vaccines, distribution of camouflage videos, and then a death campaign
They promised heat and wood before the municipal election, tricked the voters because they did nothing of what they promised.
They hate motorists, they do everything to make driving impossible, they don’t understand that if driving becomes more expensive, everything will become more expensive
They plunder and neglect the cities and districts they lead. They are characterized by empty coffers, garbage, weeds, homelessness, buddy pocket contracts. Instead of city leadership, they still just talk, Facebook, herg, they don’t do what they were elected for. Let us not let Hungary and Hungarian families be plundered again!

👉In more detail:https://bit.ly/3zrV3VT
👉 We have 3700 more arguments for Fidesz here:https://szamokadatok.hu


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The hypocritical Karácsony has fallen!

The demagogue slogan movement is registered in a luxury villa!

The hypocritical Karácsony has fallen!

A Christmas 99 "Movement" of Christmas wedges is registered in a villa of hundreds of millions, which "fights" against the "1% privileged" A revealing video was made of how the left is urinating and meanwhile lying!


KatalCatherine of the Czechs pocketed billions
👉The program of the left: it will hurt! (There are links to more articles at the end of this article!)
And it will hurt everyone, not just motorists, because the extra charges for shipping are ultimately paid by consumers!
👉99 1 argument against Gergely Christmas!
Give it on! Gyurcsány’s puppet actually supports the 1 percent privilege against 99 percent of people!
👉Tracking traffic problems
Taste these two approaches and don’t vote against yourself next year!
👉Message of Gergely Christmas
He failed to set the law, now he takes revenge on the people of Budapest and the capital for his own incompetence.
👉Christmas Gergely's first year
Its activity with numbers and facts
👉Climate policy failure: energy prices in the skies and the use of fossil fuels continue to rise in Germany
This is the "green" policy, which is actually fake green
👉Budapest is the only European city where the air is worse than before the epidemic
👉The EU makes it completely impossible for cars, road haulage and agriculture
While the really polluting luxury and cargo shipping, aviation, coal-fired power plants, old diesel locomotives are not sanctioned
👉 "Budapest for everyone"
Traffic jams, weeds, stench, garbage, livelihood politicians and alien propaganda characterize today's capital
👉We have a beehive here! What is in Budapest is GAZ!
Message to Tímea Szabó, Gergely Karácsony and the other left-wing livelihood politicians
👉Gerely Gergely's election lies
This is how the people of Budapest were beaten
👉The fallen student
If he has no longer managed to put down the right, no one else should drive. Gergely Christmas is slowly banning cars from half the city
👉Caos in Elizabeth City, Transport collapsed, it is the result of populist, incompetent policy


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The left really does not like the people to express their will!

They attack the referendum, the National Consultation, and their mayor no longer holds a press conference (Budapest Info was in Tarlós' time, now it is not!)

The left really does not like the people to express their will!

👉The thing is very simple: whoever encourages you to stay away is actually saying yes to spoiling the children, confusing their gender identity.

2004: Referendum on dual citizenship
The left campaigned against Hungarians across the border.
December 5, 2004 - It has been a day of shame!
2016: Referendum on mandatory resettlement
The left boycotted the referendum, supporting the resettlement and Brussels' self-destructive plan!
2021: Referendum on child protection
The left will boycott the referendum, standing by the pedophiles, exposing the children to them
And their mayor doesn't even hold a press conference (Budapest Info was in Tarlós's time, now it is not!)

Now they can only block those who think differently on Facebook!
If they come to power, our eyes will be fired too!

Gyurcsany responded to the announcement with a "mother-in-law."
Máté Kocsiswrote: "Gyurcsány opened a new chapter in Hungarian public life today, in inciting public discourse. wondering what made the fallen prime minister so upset.

From the referendum? It would be no wonder when the people can express their will, it doesn’t mean much good to him.
From the child protection law itself? It is not new, it has already deprived families and those who have children of almost all support, even as head of government, and it is also to his liking to be able to treat children with deviant ideologies.

Or are you upset that we are not allowing violent LGBTQ propaganda among children even under pressure from Brussels? And we won't. Unlike leftists, we trust parents to raise their own children the way they want. They have prerogatives, not disguised organizations that spread alternative sexual propaganda.

So Ferenc Gyurcsány! Between two mothers, make good friends with the idea that the Hungarian child protection law will not be decided by the power-obsessed elite in Brussels, but by the Hungarians, at home, in a referendum. And feel free to forget the words home, nation and child protection, they were not invented for yourself, we have known this for a long time. Get your hands off our kids! ”


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There will be a referendum - the left is in big trouble!

What do they say to these questions?

There will be a referendum - the left is in big trouble!

They have two options:
👉Or they stand by the children, support the referendum, and refuse to molest the children (ok, we can rule that out, they won’t!)
👉Or they try to evade answering: we can see that now.

Gyurcsány has already called the referendum "fun":
James called the referendum "propaganda":
The Momentum called the child protection referendum a "hateful camouflage referendum."
Karácsony just steer, "hum" one instead of the answer!

Yes or no?

Now it will be clearly separated from the water.


# 5xNO

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NOT to blackmail!

No one will blackmail Hungary, no one will interfere in the Hungarian electoral system!

NOT to blackmail!

Here’s their plan: They want to spend development resources on the election, and Brussels will help them with that. LET'S GET OUT OF THIS INFECTIOUS!https://bit.ly/3xYjIRq

Judit Varga wrote:

️The Commission has again taken a remarkable double standard

We reject biased, politically motivated, professionally substandard accusations that unreservedly evoke the opinions of NGOs from a dagger!

Enough of the false mantras!

️The Commission has repeatedly shown that a politically biased institution cannot be suitable for comparing complex legal systems from the point of view of the rule of law.

We will continue to defend the honor of the homeland, adhere to the Child Protection Act and not allow the LGBTQ lobby into our public education institutions!

Full interview in today's Hungarian Nation:https://magyarnemzet.hu/belfold/varga-judit-az-europai-bizottsag-ismet-kivaloan-vizsgazott-kettos-mercebol-10106018

The definite answer of Máté Kocsis
The Hungarian Child Protection Act is in accordance with all EU law and the Hungarian Basic Law, they will NOT be changed!
The decision of the EU court was declared unconstitutional by the Polish Constitutional Court!
A big slap for the EU!
Brussels blackmails Hungary!
Due to the Child Protection Act, the European Commission delays the signing of the agreement with the Hungarian government on the recovery fund for the coronavirus epidemic
12 points about why we support the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance!
We want Hungary to remain a Hungarian country! Pass it on if you can!
WE NEVER get on our knees!
If someone thinks that sanctions can force us to surrender, then they do not know Hungarians!
Clear message from Balázs Hidvéghi (with video)
Hungary does not accept intervention in matters in which it has never delegated powers to the European Union
Viktor Orbán: "We can't let others tell us how to live!" - That's right! We will protect our country, our children, our peaceful lives!
A new message has arrived for the Liberals
Péter Szijjártó formulated the short and concise message he was well accustomed to, and at the same time thanked those who support Hungary in this fight.
The anti-pedophile law protects children and punishes pedophiles
Those who attack this law would protect pedophiles, not children!
László Kövér: "I will still be worth it when the EU ceases to exist in its current form"
We are very much looking forward to this moment, Mr President.
László Kövér on the European Union:
"If there were a referendum now, I would definitely vote no"
EU support is not a gift, but a license to print money
EU funds go to the Member States. - video
So these are not donations, but in return we opened our markets when we joined the EU, we suffered the related damage, we opened our labor markets - said Balázs Orbán in the discussion with Katalin Cseh.
EU money is not a gift, we have given our market for it
It is not Orban who wants to take it, but the left! Orban is the one who prevents them from doing this!
75 percent of investment sources are domestic. The remaining 25 percent is not a gift either, we give our market and our workforce for it
There is no free EU support
The German EU Commissioner admitted why it is worth supporting Eastern European countries
Nor does Babis sign a statement condemning the pedophile law
Thank you, Mr Babiš. And those who have signed up are protecting pedophiles, aberrant criminals, from children!
Orbán to the left and Brussels:
“Whatever they do, we will not allow LGBTQ activists into our children’s kindergartens and schools!”
What are left-liberals preparing for in 2022?
Street riots?
All indications are that the left is preparing for an anti-democratic coup, street riots, shadow government.
Protects a neo-Nazi Karácsony!
This circulated criminal, Protasevich, served not only in organizing the coup attempt in Belarus, but also in a Ukrainian volunteer neo-Nazi battalion.
Ukraine can no longer blackmail or tap the gas we buy!
We message the heterophobic aberrants in Brussels
In Hungary, the mother is a woman and the father is a man
Our Basic Law is 10 years old!
God, bless the Hungarians!
Outrageous, tasteless provocation, unworthy mockery of Hungarian statehood and our national symbol
A piece of advice for the future
These words have never been so relevant
What shakes liberals out of the cold
From there, we know we are on the right track to be constantly attacked! (list!)
Video: Putin to the Finns: We will protect our children from this!
Just as the Russian anti-pedophile law does not violate the rights of minorities, so does the Hungarian one!
The left was openly on the side of pedophiles!
We reject the abuse and recruitment of children!
The left fears pedophiles and excuses pedophiles
Who would have thought? Those who lubricate Kaleta, run by the left-wing government before 2010, are now worried about freedoms over the anti-pedophile law ... Isn't it pathetic?
Rutte protects pedophiles
According to the Dutch Prime Minister, Hungary has nothing to earn in the European Union
Video: Putin to the Dutch: "If we had an organization promoting pedophilia, people in some regions of Russia would take up arms. But there is such an organization in the Netherlands!"
An unprecedented incident against the Hungarian Embassy in The Hague!
A sexual criminal is attacking the Hungarian child protection law
Domestic and foreign anti-Hungarian forces dictate and attack the institution of marriage in Brussels again
The mother is a woman, the father is a man
“We live in such times that it does not hurt to enshrine this in the Basic Law” / Judit Varga /
The family is the family! Dad, mom, kids are the ingredients
Csaba Dömötör responded to the threats of the domestic representatives of the Brussels regime
"We won't leave !!!"

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The liar, thief left failed again!

Fidesz has been accused for 11 years of what they are doing themselves!

The liar, thief left failed again!

Katalin Cseh fell down, pocketing billions, while "Butcher" and "Orbán"
However, the truth turned out! Momentum's traitorous politician has previously written on Facebook that "Fidesz cannot pass on EU funds to its own politicians without consequences"
Then how is it? Now what will be the consequence? Maybe he will resign from all office and pull him out of public life? Maybe he'll return his horse? No way! There is no consequence of this on the left.

👉The camelid Korózs remained in place
👉Czeglédy, who was finally convicted, remained in his place
👉Thank you very much, the cigarette smuggler Zsolt Legény is fine
👉Niedermüller, who is hiding a power theft in his office, is at large
👉Vidantically, Mrs. Bangó, who rattles the Hungarians, continues her “work”
👉The lamp-iron Szarvas Koppány is still a Momentum member
👉Hadházy did not resign when it turned out that he was doing business as a representative
👉The Dobrev / Gyurcsány duo did not disappear after falling down with usury (they gave EU money to “loan” Czeglédy)
EBut Gréczy is lurking in the area again.


👉The left, according to their communist custom, always accuses Fidesz of what they do themselves!


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Such is the left-wing "DEMOCRACY" - even those who just ask are banned

The left is already holding the mouths of the people in opposition. If they come to power, they will even shoot our eyes!

And in this video, Dobrev explains that he thinks manual workers are sick and unnecessary for society.
Let everyone see what the left is looking at us for! Dobrev is just one of them, but all of them!
This is the democracy of the left:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2638/Gyurcsany_demokraciaja

Take a test (if you haven't already disabled it)! Let's see how "democratic" this DK is!

1. Go to your page:facebook.com/dobrevklara
2. Write a comment
3. Notice how many minutes you will disable it.
4. In a comment, write to us that you have previously disabled or are now disabled
5. Share this post so that as many people as possible can take part in the big “Dobrev” democracy test
6. (plus) Use the right emoticons :)

👉Add MORE!

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Freedom of the press? Dictatorship?

There has been no Budapest info for 631 days! Those who are anti-press are the left!

Freedom of the press?  Dictatorship?

Tarlós was not afraid, he kept the Budapest info every two weeks, all the opposition journalists were there! Government info is available weekly
️ Karácsony is a coward, he only answers pre-arranged questions from the footage media, fleeing from other journalists.

Stubble: It starts with, "Dude, here's the mighty 444!"
And this is the "anti-press" Orbán:https://bit.ly/3qVxf9N
️ Karácsony: He escapes questions, he is consciously and consistently afraid to make a statement to the right-wing press.https://bit.ly/3xmpdcm

The small part of the post: Reporters Without Borders says Orbán is the "enemy of press freedom"

The title of the association is more "Fake News Without Borders," so it's more accurate.

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99 1 argument against Gergely Karácsony!

Share it! Gyurcsány’s puppet actually supports the 1 percent privilege against 99 percent of people!

99 1 argument against Gergely Karácsony!

Today's example of this is that Gergely Karácsony canceled the road renovations of the pro-government districts for the entire local government cycle, but the work is already going on in front of Gordon Bajnai's house!

Governance is not a game! The fate of 15 million Hungarians depends on it! Don’t let us fall into the hands of a dilettante amok runner! We have compiled a comprehensive list of why Gergely Karácsony is unfit to lead the country! Distribute, with shares we can reach millions together!

1. There is a problem with libsik
Tímea Dialogic Szabó announced Fidelitas because they mowed the gas instead of Gergely Dialogical Christmas
2. They consciously make it impossible for traffic to introduce a congestion charge
3. Budapest deserves more
Gone are the days when the capital takes vehicles taken away by others and scrapped by other countries ... Shame!
4. Gergely Karácsony's election lies
This is how the people of Budapest were beaten
5. European capital or Chernobyl?
This is what the Puskás area looked like a day before the start of the European Championships
6. Gergely Karácsony's message: “Get out of the car and walk”
He failed to set the law, now he takes revenge on the people of Budapest and the capital for his own incompetence.
7. Gergely Karácsony piles up the failures!
After the failed traffic exam, after the failed language exam, he now also failed the next lawsuit.
8. They have been prosthetic for 11 years
They are even able to hiss at doctors ’pay rises, which they themselves have demanded with a foaming mouth before.
9. The left is next to the student city, which will be built
Their followers did not protest when they raised local taxes in an epidemic, crisis, closed parking fees, closed institutions, signed contracts with Cypriot offshore companies, distributed multi-million premiums
10. City dwellers get ragweed, rubbish, fee increases, traffic restrictions, stoppages, institutional closures, layoffs, false election promises
The buddies will receive a premium of HUF 70 million ...
11. Protects a neo-Nazi Karácsony!
This circulated criminal, Protasevich, served not only in organizing the coup attempt in Belarus, but also in a Ukrainian volunteer neo-Nazi battalion.
12. A total of 102 new public transport vehicles worth HUF 61 billion could arrive in Budapest
if Gergely Karácsony and her gang would finally order them!
13. Karácsony lied about getting a PhD on Corvinus!
And the reality is that he was fired from there!
14. The vast majority of people think a head of government should know English!
15. Sadiq Khan: "Terror is part of metropolitan life"
Gergely Karácsony: "Sadiq Khan has made London" livable ", and Budapest is striving for the same"
16. Basic tax basics for high and skinny mayors
Karácsony is lying, we are taxing more not because taxes have increased, but because we are earning more!
17. The left would re-indebted Hungary! The Gyurcsány-Bajnai couple took out an IMF loan of EUR 20 billion (approximately HUF 6,000 billion), which was paid out by Fidesz and Hungarian taxpayers after 2010!
Now Gergely Karácsony and the left led by Gyurcsány are forcing an EU loan of HUF 3,500 billion, and I would pay us the price of their own incompetence again!
18. Karácsony and his minions scrambled the population despite the ban!
They caused difficulties artificially and intentionally! They will answer!
19. Such is the case when “Budapest belongs to everyone”
Karácsony completely depreciates the capital! The pictures show the current state of Népliget, Gellért Hill and Városmajor
20. The fallen student
If he has no longer managed to put down the right, no one else should drive. Gergely Karácsony is slowly banning cars from half the city
21. The beautiful flower bed in front of the Chain Bridge was asphalted
22. Gergely Gulyás wrote: The idea of ​​the capital's leadership of the Buda Castle, or that is what St. George's Square would look like if the left were in power.
23. Conscious left-liberal damage occurs
Karácsony They spent 45 million on mobiles, but they don’t give 17 million on the uniforms of BKV workers!
24. Coalition of unprincipledness: worried about jobseekers, meanwhile raising the wages of BKV workers by HUF 0
25. Mass events were planned in the harshest stages of the epidemic
26. 117 billion, ie 117,000 million .... So much money went to an unknown place in Budapest
27. The capital is reaching out to the wage subsidies of caterers!
The litter coalition is not the solution, it is part of the problem!
28. Hundreds of millions go to buddies and "trainings" for unknown purposes
29. They are concreting Mocsárosdűlő!
The left is planning a giga construction in Mocsárosdűlő, office buildings can grow like mushrooms in the partially protected, wetland
30. The property of the people of Budapest under the hammer!
Gyurcsány and Karácsony sell everything, just like before 2010!
31. Gábely Karácsony's letter to entrepreneurs is not only cheeky, but even ILLEGAL!
32. Public procurement or "procurement"? Not all the same!
Failed Karácsony billionaire public procurement
33. Gergely Karácsony states no less than that the government does not consult with the local governments and Budapest does not receive development funds.
The reality, on the other hand, is that in 2020, 44% of all state aid (EU and domestic), HUF 3,000 billion, went to Budapest. And the government is documented to negotiate!
34. True communists: the smuggling coalition is trying to silence Fidesz. They take down the molines of Fidesz.
35. We recommend to Gergely Karácsony:
Fewer consultants! More maintenance! One after another, BKV's vehicles light up
36. There is money. No sense!
While all community programs and events were banned, the Left-liberal Widow Coalition said more money would be needed for community programs and events
37. Money at City Hall, or "the dollar rings" to buddies
Gergely Karácsony, the mysterious head of the department, received a prize of seven million
38. Sound recording! Karácsony used a Christian blasphemous buddy
The desecrating left-wing provocateurs and their accomplices have failed!
39. Good leaders do not cry. Karácsony spent $ 22 million on posters
Gergely Karácsony vs dr. László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen
40. The puppet of the left-liberals received a huge slap from the Curia
The Mansion forbade Gergely Karácsony to oblige the free papers to left-wing propaganda
41. Gergely Karácsony and his circle of friends shortened Budapest by the same amount as the prices of two rural stadiums
42. Fake news vs. reality about the Galvani Bridge, which is still on the planning table
Pleasure poisoning instead of well in libsi mode
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2735/Alhirek_vs_valosag_a_jelenleg_meg_csak_tervezo telephone
43. They lied about the business tax. Therefore, it is a treacherous Karácsony crying to “bleed” Budapest
The facts follow
44. A-Híd Zrt. May renew the Chain Bridge for a gross amount of HUF 26.6 billion
Karácsony inaction cost HUF 5 billion
45. Budapest became a place of payment
But they do not support retirees, nor young people, nor entrepreneurs Karácsony, but SELF
46. ​​This is not city management!
Gergely Karácsony causes a billion-loss to BKV, while the Chain Bridge and Metro projects have become 15 billion more expensive
47. But this is "bleeding!" Gyurcsány's lawyer became 90 million richer
48. The left would re-indebted BKV!
It is planned to take out a HUF 30 billion loan, while the capital has more than HUF 200 billion in savings!
49. Gergely Karácsony New Year's Eve even on New Year's Day lies, provokes, deals with political performances and visual politics
50. Festive fairness FKF style. Budapest is for friends!
One of the executives of the capital company awarded himself the award for manual workers
51. They have been lying about the financial situation of the capital for 2 years. "Hundreds of Tricks"
52. Shame and sin: the opposition has darkened part of the country
Now they have darkness not only in their heads, but also in the cities they control by the scam of the electorate.
53. Karácsony gift for preschoolers: fee increase in the canteen
The perversion of the left is that EVERYTHING has to get more expensive in January
54. The man is ashamed of the country!
He cries that he has no money, while raising his advisory number from 44 to 55 and the cost of his office in Brussels from 37 million to 112 million.
55. Máté Kocsis to Gergely Karácsony: "Don't hiss, Mayor!" It is not the mayor who needs financial help, but the people of Budapest
56. Even the name of Dialogue is a lie!
Gergely Karácsony, co-chair of the party, abusing the special legal order of the emergency, excluding the General Assembly, adopted the budget of Budapest in one person
57. Karácsony began layoffs
Nearly two dozen people - physical and mental subordinates - are being sent out of their jobs. They need poverty and dissatisfaction because then they can “squirm”
59. We have put in a bunch the plans of the left that have been published and, in part, have already introduced tax increases and cancellations!
60. Gergely Karácsony deprived BKV of HUF 1,700 million in annual revenue
The bill is paid by Budapest!
61. Buses are rented from a Cypriot offshore company Karácsony
Awarded hundreds of millions of BKV tenders Karácsony to a company that did not even exist at the time of the tender
62. The freebies failed again
There is money, no expertise

63. Tree planting programs: After 1 year, the lie is clearly separated from reality. Karácsony cuts down trees, does not plant new ones.
64. The Gyurcsány package has arrived in Budapest!
As before, new year - new taxes, tax increases, deductions, exploitation of people and companies
65. The Blaha is renewed with reduced content and more expensive

66. Gergely Karácsony is afraid of the police. I wonder why?
We think only criminals should be afraid, but they have to!
67. BKV paid a fine of 100 million for the decision of Gergely Karácsony
68. The Karácsony face, i.e. the restart tax, is unacceptable!

69. Left-liberal censorship was slapped!
The censorship decree of the Christmas Gregory is already violating in the first instance
70. Budapest cash increased by HUF 58 billion (!) In 3 months
Karácsony and they lie that there is no money
71. Mihály Varga: Karácsony explains and misleads
The Minister of Finance refutes the lies of the Amok Runner Karácsony with numbers
72. Further austerity, tax increases and borrowing are planned in Budapest
The government will not let you!
73rd Mass event during an epidemic!
Clever. Only the left knows that!

74. Karácsony stuffs NGO octopus with millions of taxpayers instead of Budapest caterers
Millions more for Soros. Interestingly, he has said so far that there is no money
75. It could even be funny if it weren’t so pathetic
Gergely Karácsony “Mayor ”’s biggest problem during the epidemic: Too many male street names, need more female!
76. An itemized refutation of Gergely Karácsony's self-painting
We have classified the material: under one. Share this so your followers can see, not just look!
77. A death campaign was carried out, but they did not go to the nursing home on Pesti út

78. Karácsony did not place on the market new trams that had already been delivered for 1 year
because he kept the ribbon cut for his own 1-year-old mayor’s birthday. (with video)
79. The first year of Gergely Karácsony
Its activity with numbers and facts

80. You may not distribute a newspaper in public spaces who is not a Karácsony propagandist
We look forward to the left-liberal outrage of Vera Jourová and all the press releases!
81. These are also improvements - only these have not materialized because Karácsony is teasing

82. Gergely Karácsony can no longer lie consistently
It seems that the 5 deputies and the 44 advisers are no longer enough to keep Gergely Karácsony consistent within at least 1 post. Another day - another lie
83. A fashionable topic is climate protection, left-wing politicians also like to talk about it a lot. Let’s see who speaks and who acts!
84. Once again, free money would be distributed by two, perhaps the most dilettante politicians on the left

85. Gergely Karácsony's private Facebook page is advertised by the Budapest Municipality out of taxpayers' money
86. One third of the residents died of the corona virus in the Rózsa út nursing home in the capital
87. Reminder: Karácsony He received HUF 10 billion in February 2020 to improve patient care and did nothing!
88. Community meeting collects personal data under the heading Gergely Karácsony and the Municipality of Budapest led by him
89. Blama: Public procurement of Chain Bridge is not regular. The slip cost 5 billion

90. He started a city diplomacy academy Karácsony with one of the leaders of the CEU

91. Left-handed tales about scratching, bleeding, mourning

92. Time bomb on the Grand Boulevard common bus-bike lane

93. A tale of empty coffers - here are the numbers, here is the reality

94. Budapest is the only European city where the air is worse than before the epidemic. The reason is artificial plugs.
95. Gergely Karácsony - the fake animal protector. The dog you campaigned with is in the shelter

96. They do not work in the city center because of the bike lanes of the service providers Karácsony

97. Parking: 30% fee increase

98. Karácsony connects: now he not only posts instead of working, but also harasses the people of Budapest in private messages
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1310/Karacsony_rak Switch_most_mar_nem_csak_posztolgat_munka_helyett_hanem_privat_uzenetekben_zaklatja_a_budapestieket
99. Let the town hall belong to the homeless

1: Karácsony states that the capital is responsible for supporting the LGBTQ community. We think it would be its job to support Hungarian families in trouble
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1173/Karacsony_szerint_a_fovaros_feladata_az_LMBTQ-kozosseg_tamogatasa_In our opinion

And why do we support Fidesz? We have 3500 arguments for this:https: //szamokadatok.hu


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Opposition rhetoric of the last 1 year

There would be no comment on this, but Vadai made sure the addition was inevitable

Opposition rhetoric of the last 1 year

The list in the picture has now been supplemented by the brainstorming of Vadai from the SE, who says "Zorbán" opens the terraces to extend the "MILK POWER" (No spelling! See "Source")
Vadai wrote the following, let’s quote literally, because it has become so pathetic that you don’t even have to snatch some details out of it, the whole gas as it is!

"After opening the terraces, a lot of questions arise in me. BUT the most important thing:
Why does Orbán really want to extend his power? Maybe you now want to write the building of the Parliament in the name of Lőrinc Mészáros? Do you think so?
Thanks for sharing!
Photo: telex.hu "

So far they have demanded closing and then opening, now the trouble is that the outdoor events and terraces have been opened. Does anyone understand this? Because we don't.

Left Anti-Vaccination Campaign:
Lies with examples:
Germany buys 30,000,000 Sputnik:
Austria buys one million doses of Sputnik vaccine
The terraces open
For 4 million vaccinees, further restrictions are coming


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