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This is their democracy

However, the decision is in our hands! Let's vote for FIDESZ!

This is their democracy

️The left-liberal network works in a coordinated way:
Donald Trump, who is still in office, has been banned
The Parler community site has been blocked
Journalist Tucker Carlson has been banned
Opposition parties and TVs have been banned in Ukraine
They restrict the right in social media
Russian news was banned
People's property is being confiscated
Artists, athletes, journalists are fired
They are funding their campaign with a cocaine business
Domestic left-liberals are banning critics
Hundreds of millions are stolen in “taken back” cities
The free Metropolis was restricted in Budapest
They broke into the Origo editorial office
In 2006, he was shot among the people
They support the Ukrainian regime with weapons and money
Today, several right-wing news portals have been attacked

Let us not let the global background power take over in Hungary!

Let's vote wisely!

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We just ask

We just ask

️In Ukraine, too, they also funded the coup in 2014, and we see how beautiful a new world, what democracy they have brought to the Ukrainians. In a cynically "anti-terrorist" operation launched by the Ukrainian regime against their own people since 2014, 14,000 people have died, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, residential areas have been bombed for 8 years, and the great Western democracies have been silent. For 8 years, the Russians tolerated the death of Russian-speaking people at their borders.

What would we (Western countries) do in a similar situation?

️Pictured is a list of U.S. bombings and regime change attempts since World War II. So let’s ban American athletes, artists, and companies from everywhere now? Shame!

️The principle of collective guilt has returned to the famous Western democracies
We hope that the Russians will not be taken to labor camps

They chase athletes, artists, students, businessmen, everyone who is Russian. Their sin is that they were born Russian. There has been a time in the history of Europe and the world when certain peoples have been stigmatized and persecuted, not so long ago! We really don’t want this period to come back!

🤍️We stand up for Cherchesov and all the innocently persecuted Russians!

️We very much hope that companies operating in Hungary will not join this line, because if they do, we will report such cases on this page. We will not allow people to be persecuted for their nationality, because if we go unspoken in such cases, we will accept the legitimacy of the method. The Beneš decrees were a similar package of measures where the Hungarian people were stigmatized.

️In any case, international humanitarian law states that the method used by Western countries is FORBIDDEN. This is enshrined in the Geneva Convention, we quote:
"No one shall be held guilty of any penal offense on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a penal offense, under national law, at the time when it was committed."

Where is the great democracy, tolerance, protection of private property, sportsmanship, respect for nations, cultures, religions, protection of civilians, freedom of expression, freedom of the press? Hmm?

This is when we have secondary shame, it is bad to be European.

What is their purpose with this? "Russia cannot be defeated, it can only be destroyed from within." some Western "smarts" said. The plan is to make it impossible for all Russians who work, study, play sports, etc. in the West, these people to go home and protest against the government (since they will not have a real job at home, their university student status, etc.) They will be told that your misery is because of your president, go home and replace him.

️In this article we have gathered all the important information you are interested in, what has led you here, read it, look at the materials.

👉Text with the Geneva Convention
👉The Ukrainian ambassador would fire Fradi's Russian coach
👉Beneš decrees

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Left-liberal Censorship and Dictatorship - Divide by a Thousand!

The politicians serving foreign interests in the picture are asking Facebook to delete our site because, in addition to the approximately 5,000 posts we have written so far, we have translated a few videos into Hungarian (most of them before the conflict).

Left-liberal Censorship and Dictatorship - Divide by a Thousand!

️In other words, opposition politicians are asking Facebook to block the pro-government, civilian-edited Numbers page, the Numbers community. What is this, if not an external intervention in the Hungarian electoral system? He does all this on behalf of the EP, citing his status as an MEP. (In principle) a Hungarian MP who stigmatizes a page edited by Hungarian civilians 2.5 years ago as Moscow-controlled is trying to delete it because we support their political rival, the Fidesz-KDNP!

️Left-liberals lie about the importance of freedom of the press, freedom of speech, respect for diversity of opinion, non-governmental organizations, in practice they try to silence those who have a different opinion.
They are now trying to silence a Hungarian community of 100,000 civilian patriots.
Shame! That is why you will fail in the election!

Make one note: On Facebook, along with your buddies, you may be able to catch our mouths, but you will never catch our hands in practice! As long as we live, we will fight against the destructive policy you have represented!

️Here is the open, inciting, hateful, censored post of Anna Donáth, below which are the comments of the other two.

️If at the request of an opposition politician, Facebook deletes the page, it will be quite clear that external intervention is taking place. We will say this on all channels with the help of the media.

️We wrote this morning about this left-liberal opinion terrorist:
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/4973/Barkit_kik Switchnak

️It will never be muted, if the page is deleted, we will start again!
All previous posts available here:https://szamokadatok.hu

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Everyone is turned off!

️Dustard and scary is what Western “democracies” can afford

Everyone is turned off!

Do you think they won't come for you? You are wrong! You're in their hands too! Trump blocked, Parler blocked, Russian media blocked, Who's next?

Type "Новости России" (News from Russia) into the search engine and see if 1 out of 10 results is loaded. That one will be either a foreign-funded anti-government site or has not yet been blocked. They similarly weeded out Russian content from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other sites they run. They ban Russian government sites, the pages of Russian companies, they silence everyone! They did the same with Trump, and with a social site called Parler used by U.S. patriots, which was banned from the AppStore and Google Play, and its website, which was on Amazon’s cloud service, was blocked, the system ceased to exist, and no one knew it. to prevent. How good would it be for a server of its own, an IT system under its own control, right?

The purpose of this is to misinform people and cause economic hardship to those who do not dance the way they whistle. Only the opinion that supports this dictatorship can be seen by those who see and even speak, it is silenced, and once a given company or public figure cannot hear his voice, they can do anything with it.

- In the first round, they created social networks and herded people there
- In the second round, the businesses were also swallowed up, saying that if everyone clicked there, come on, it would be very good for you!
- This was followed by news portals, politicians, and all civil and government organizations, who also registered on social media, because only here they can effectively reach their target audience. We are here too, although we hate being here because of censorship.
- Now the next step is happening, companies and government actors have been persuaded to take their previously managed websites and data to the cloud on their own servers (Microsoft, Amazon, etc.) because ‘efficient, secure’, etc. ( feeding). The result is that everything and everyone is in their hands, and now not only can they shut down the social media website of your business, political community, or other organization at any time with a so-called "violation of community principles" charge.

Do you think you, as a private individual, are not in their hands? Of course not! You will also be blocked by Facebook, Google will delete your mailbox, and you will be registered in millions of places, losing control of your other accounts on the system, including your photos, data, mail, contacts, and documents stored there. Do you now understand why Viktor Orbán's efforts to increase Hungarian ownership in the banking sector, the media and the energy sector are so important? As for Hungary, no one can turn it off, because we have control over it, it is protected by Hungarian law. Even the phone you’re reading now has these lines in their hands.

They first launched an attack on the state. They said the state is bad because it exercises power over us and so we cannot be free. In the meantime, they have already built their network of pseudo-civilians and tuned people to the idea that NGOs from the common people are good instead of an oppressive, autocratic state.
Today, subsidies are being withdrawn from states governed by democratically empowered governments and given to NGOs that have never been elected by anyone, that is, not democratically mandated and not overseen by anyone, who spend money on their own, practically using it against us. it.

We advise everyone to think through what IT systems they use and develop a Plan B for themselves, because at any time, anyone is turned off by world power. Anyone can be fired by foreign-controlled companies at any time just because your views don’t match theirs. If we had succumbed to the scary Western trend in Hungary that a rented apartment and car is good, you don't need your own, the following would happen if you became unfit:

- block all your access to the Internet (mailboxes, social networking sites, other systems)
- Your foreign employer will fire you, your income will be lost.
- If you live in a rented apartment, someone else who can terminate the lease for non-payment or other reasons can go down the street.
"The rented car will be taken away from you, and so will your mobility." The world wouldn't even notice you're gone.

️Returning to Russia, we also wrote two separate articles on this.
They can block Russian news here in the West and they can block it on social networks, but they don’t know the websites themselves because they are in Russia, running on Russian servers.

️Very gas, what Brussels and Washington are doing now
It brings you democracy and freedom of speech
️No good violence and bad violence
There is violence that we condemn. However, the war can be stopped with American-Russian negotiations!
This is a collection of what has led so far (videos, articles, etc.)

Come on, Fidesz!
Come on, Viktor Orbán!
Let Hungary be a Hungarian country!

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We are doing more economic damage to ourselves

Many traders are boycotting Russian crude oil, pushing up the prices of others. It's not expensive because of Orban, we're just talking

We are doing more economic damage to ourselves

The situation is similar with natural gas: Brussels imposes sanctions on European citizens and European companies
Last week, the stock market price of natural gas in Europe peaked again

Brent’s futures quotes rose $ 7 7.1 percent on Tuesday to $ 104.97 a barrel, the highest closing rate since August 2014. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude closed the market at $ 103.41, up 8 percent. It was the highest closing value since July 2014 and the largest daily percentage increase since November 2020.

American oil and liquefied petroleum gas are obviously democratic, they have never been at war! Right? Or not? Only among ourselves: Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, etc. Furthermore, they are the only country to have deployed an atomic bomb against another country, closing in parentheses.

It’s all about not being able to defeat Russia at gunpoint, trying to cause economic and social problems. They have put pressure on Russian companies to sanction, ban, ban, withdraw, and cause social discontent to try to replace the president of Russia with a coup in a scenario like Kazakhstan. Why? Your country is too greasy! Ukrainian arable land has already been acquired, so should the Russian. That would be a lot of drinking water, natural gas, oil, gold, diamonds, uranium, and other minerals.
It won't work, we'll just talk. The Russian people have been tried several times to be destroyed, they have never succeeded, nor will they.


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This is treason!

Left backs Brussels, Washington and murderous Ukrainian regime against Hungarians' interests

This is treason!

This is treason!
️The left opposes the interests of the Hungarian people in Brussels, Washington and the murderous Ukrainian regime.

The left was thus openly on the aggressor's side. Ukrainians have been killing their own Russian-speaking citizens for 8 years and terrorizing and intimidating Hungarians in Transcarpathia for 8 years.

The Ukrainians had the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the residents of the two eastern counties, only to implement each point of the Minsk Agreement. They did not do so, they blocked part of their own population for 8 years, shot them every day, killed 14,000 people, including women, children and the elderly. In Odessa, protesters were burned alive in the trade union house, history was falsified, statues were demolished and anti-Hungarian actions were taken.

If anyone had forgotten, Ukrainian nationalists wanted to poison Beregszász's drinking water with cyanide!

This will have consequences! You will fail in April.
Come on, Fidesz! Viktor Orbán announced: There can be no question of sending soldiers and weapons to Ukraine!


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Dojcsland imposed sanctions on the German population and German industry

RRussophobia costs money. Lots of money!

Dojcsland imposed sanctions on the German population and German industry

"Europeans will soon pay 2,000 euros for 1,000 cubic meters of natural gas," Medvedev said.

The former Russian president has swung a gas price that is sure to hurt Europe. The German federal government is suspending the process of commissioning the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with immediate effect in response to Russia's recognition of the independence of Russia's pro-Russian breakaway territories in serious violation of international law, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced in Berlin on Tuesday.

Medvedev said: Welcome to the beautiful new world, where Europeans will soon pay 2,000 euros for 1,000 cubic meters of natural gas. That would be no small price increase, last August Gazprom calculated that it would have to pay $ 269.6 for a thousand cubic meters of gas. True, it was in December last year that the price had risen to $ 1,921. If Medvedev’s threat is truly true, the record price could even remain permanent.

THANKS TO Viktor Orbán DO NOT AFFECT US. We had a contract with Putin BEFORE the misfortune. THAT is Master Orbán!

Brilliant pull, really!
👉Unplug your ventilator.

"Berlin's response to Putin: Nord Stream 2 will be suspended with immediate effect" - and then what will happen now? Do some people seriously think that if they have to choose between "life and sausage", will the Russians choose sausage? No, they're wrong! The Russians are choosing life, and right now they are putting an end to 8 years of genocide perpetrated by Ukraine by their Western buddies!
We have already written about this in several posts, we will link at the end of this article!

And he had such a good conversation with Chancellor Putin ScholzVideo:https://www.facebook.com/109117190565423/videos/816047946456213

️Let's look at the "gas" topic! Ok, gas won't start on the new pipeline, but who will lose it? We react in points.

The Russians are selling gas to China, Turkey and Asia - you won't push them out! They choose life from money and life.
The German population and German industry pay for one of the most expensive gases in the EU. They get another gas price increase! It will hurt them!
German and other European companies are at an even greater disadvantage compared to Asia! German car factories are already fleeing!
The price of a dilettante energy policy is not paid by politicians but by ordinary people. Their patience is finite! Take care of that!

️1. Putin warned the Germans back in 2013: they will be heated with wood! Video.
️2. The Russians are able to sell gas in any quantity, not according to customer demand, but their extraction capacity is a bottleneck. However, there is an energy crisis in Europe and it seems to remain so. Video.
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/1248091822341171
️3. "Bezzegnywest" They are now buying 600% more expensive liquefied natural gas, while they could buy four times cheaper Russian piped gas! - we wrote in December. The United States is doing well, Russia is failing and the EU is paying. Bravo!
️4. Cheap overhead has two conditions. Long-term gas purchase agreement and confidence in Fidesz voted in April!
️5. The Russian president also talked about the fact that if there was a war, there would be no winner. Russia is now stopping the massacre of Russian-speaking people, the West will do better to leave them alone! Video.
️6. The gas price is at its peak! - we wrote in October.
It costs nearly $ 1,200 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas in the “developed west” Hungary is not threatened by this danger! Later, the price of natural gas rose to $ 1,700! What will be here next winter !?

Margin for planned Western sanctions. What would we do in a similar situation?
The Russians made a historic decision!
Russia recognizes the independence of the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic!
The President of Ukraine came to mind diplomacy as a tool!
How interesting!
They celebrated Putin's decision in Donetsk with fireworks (probably because this decision is so "inhumane", right?

Related videos:
️️Video: Putin to Scholz: Who bombed Belgrade without a UN mandate?
️️Video: Putin to the West: there will be no winner in this war!
️️Video: Lavrov to the British: this is a dialogue between the dumb and the deaf
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/483963163343299


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Has Romania been ahead of us in everything since 2010?

Yes, if we look back!

Has Romania been ahead of us in everything since 2010?

According to the left-wing prime ministerial candidate, Romania has “pulled along with us in virtually everything since 2010”. We have gathered some of the areas in which Romania has stretched alongside us. In reverse.

Romania has overtaken us in population decline. In 2010, the population of Hungary was 10,014,324 and that of Romania was 20,294,683. By 2021, the population of Hungary had decreased to 9,730,773 and that of Romania to 19,186,201. That is, the population of Romania decreased by 5.5%, while the population of Hungary decreased by 2.8%.

In Romania, the price of residential gas increased by 238% in 2021, while in Hungary it did not change. Hungary was protected from rising energy prices by overheads.
In 2020, the proportion of people living in deep poverty (severe material deprivation) was 13.8% in Romania and 7.2% in Hungary. Romania is ahead of us even in poverty.

According to the latest Eurostat report for 2019, there were 15.2 students per teacher in Romania and 12.7 students in Hungary. That is, if we are talking about a shortage of teachers, left-liberal lie factories should rather set an example with Romania.

At the same time, according to Eurostat statistics, 318.67 doctors out of 100,000 in Romania and 349.37 in Hungary. In other words, there are 313.8 people per doctor in Romania, while 286.2 people in Hungary, so Romania is ahead of us in the shortage of doctors.

In Romania, 16 governments have been operating since 2010, taking into account the caretaker governments, while in Hungary, as is well known, three, each led by Viktor Orbán. Romania had a total of 14 different heads of government during this time. So Romania was also ahead of us in instability.

In addition, we mention the minority policies of the countries. Romania is a world champion in violating the rights of minorities, of course in a tie with Ukraine. Minorities can live in peace in Hungary.


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The coalition of unprincipledness has failed!

They lie about "stealing in Zorba" while pushing hundreds of millions into government securities

The coalition of unprincipledness has failed!

️Yourself has been overthrown by the coalition of unprincipledness!
They lie about "stealing Zorba," while pushing hundreds of millions into government securities.

The left is constantly claiming that Hungary is ruined.
Meanwhile, millions, tens of millions, or as it turns out, hundreds of millions are held in Government Securities.
According to his declaration of assets, the socialist Gergő Czeglédy from Óbuda holds 100 million in Government Securities.
With that, he is the absolute left-handed recorder.
The camouflage artist Lajos Korózs has 50, Karácsony deputies, Kata Tüttő 67 million and Czeglédy about 100 million in Government Securities.

According to left-wing politicians, Hungary has been ruined by the Orbán government, yet government securities issued by the Hungarian state are treated like sugar.

As BENNFENTES wrote earlier, Lajos Korózs of the MSZP, the camouflage video of the left, put more than forty million government bonds in 2021.

Brenner Koloman, a Jobbik politician, did the same, though he collects his ten million-dollar government securities on a more modest scale.

Kata Tüttő is the deputy of a one-scale larger saver Karácsony.

In 2021, Tüttő wrapped another HUF 13 million in government securities in a single year, increasing the value of its portfolio to HUF 67 million. Like Hadházy, Kata Tüttő seems to be bright, because this is HUF 13 million more than his total net salary as deputy mayor in 2021.

Lajos Korózs, a representative of the Hungarian Socialist Party, famous for his camouflage video, invested in government securities the money he received after the sale of real estate, according to the politician's declaration of assets.
In 2021, Lajos Korózs, an MSZP politician, sold his half-owned apartment in Eger, which he reported in the "Other Announcements" section of his declaration of assets.

The money from the sale, HUF 44 million, was invested in Magyar Államampapír Plus.

While in 2020 it held about HUF 5 million in government securities and had pension savings of more than HUF 10 million, in 2021 it held HUF 50 million in government securities with almost unchanged pension savings.

At the beginning of 2021, the right-wing Brenner Koloman committed HUF 7.7 million in government securities, but by the beginning of 2022 this amount had risen to HUF 13 million.
Interestingly: in 2018, as a new representative, Kolennan Brenner - according to his declaration of assets - did not even save a single forint.

Recent declarations of assets by the leaders of the capital also hide government securities.

Karácsony, Kata Tüttő, increased her savings in government securities by HUF 13 million in a single year. In 2021, Tüttő wrapped another HUF 13 million in government securities in a single year, increasing the value of its portfolio to HUF 67 million.

Like Ákos Hadházy, Kata Tüttő can be bright, because this is HUF 13 million more than his total net earnings as deputy mayor throughout the year.
However, the real gunner, the absolute record holder, the socialist Gergő Czeglédy, the recently deputy mayor of Óbuda, has accumulated a lot of savings by 2022: currently HUF 100 million in government securities, HUF 225.8 million in investment funds (shares, government securities).

In addition, it has HUF 124 million in receivables from financial institutions and HUF 27 million in other contracts.


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Can't stand the theft? Really?

Then look around your buddies!

Can't stand the theft?  Really?

If you really can't stand it, repay with your buddies the HUF 2,853 billion stolen by PPP, the $ 167 billion stolen at Metro 4, the thousands of billions in damage caused by the privatization of state-owned enterprises, the price of wasted gold, the price of public buildings sold, 600 billion from health care, but don't forget the billionaire Katalin Cseh, your boss will return the stolen fork!

PPP mutyik:https://bit.ly/3GqcEAx
Metro 4:https://bit.ly/3J8byLo
Robbery privatization:https://bit.ly/3Goq0ND
Gold reserve:https://bit.ly/3GnK176
Destruction in health care:https://bit.ly/3rsCEaf
Dirty affairs of left-wing cadres:https://bit.ly/3ruU3Pq
The stolen fork:https://bit.ly/3rqTiak


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