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Left-liberal double standard

This is how news is manipulated, so that the brains of people who are receptive to it are washed by pseudo-news factories operating with foreign money!

Left-liberal double standard

The World Hunting Exhibition
Scandal! Do we remember how Tímea Szabó screamed in Parliament? The dirt sheet called "Western Light" called the World's Fair a "dead animal spectator Semjén show"
Son of an oligarch poacher
Crying silence! But it is so big that you can also hear the hum of the fly.
Gasoline and diesel are expensive
Gone is the screaming, for all (also) Orbán's fault, oh-oh-oh, what about "the people"
Gasoline and diesel became cheaper
Now everyone is afraid of oil companies profiting from the population, How interesting, isn't it?
The wedding of a corrupt politician, Catherine of Czech Republic
Left-liberals say "footage media" is violating their right to privacy
The businessman's butcher's wedding
He was on the front pages for weeks, and they lied that Jennifer Lopez herself would perform at the event.
Foreign money media
Telex - a Czech billionaire stuffed it with money, there's nothing wrong with it, it's democratic, it's such a modern, so cool thing if foreign money interferes with the Hungarian electoral system
Media operating with Hungarian money
Gergely Karácsony insulted an MTVA employee at today's press conference, complaining that the company operates from public funds (Let's say KÖZmédia operates elsewhere from public funds, but they are no longer interested in it)
The Foreign Construction Company
This is the pinnacle of capitalism itself! How good it is if e.g. Strabag is building at home, taking profits out of the country and creating new jobs elsewhere. Somehow they don’t write lengthy articles about how much procurement Strabag or Swietelsky won! This is not "our money"
The Hungarian construction company
Of course, this is "our money", the Hungarian construction company is bad, it is a crime! What dares to pay subcontractors? What is the right to pay the tax? It is a scandal to make a profit at home!
The Patriotic National Core Curriculum
The left had been fighting against him for roughly a full year, the PDSZ even organized a "gig demonstration," though there were so few that could fit in the foyer of the Tiny Villa.
A Gender Propaganda
Of course it's good! It is Nazi, fascist, despised and stoned who does not line up! We are now there that not only do we have to tolerate this thing, but those who live in a normal family are already treated as criminals.
Sale of the Town Hall (public property)
The left-liberal media excuses the inescapable. They got to the point where they had taken away the listed building for everything: uneconomical, in poor condition, unnecessary, a waste of money, and so on. In Hungarian, the only solution is to SELL public property.
Repurchase of a Power Plant
Do you remember how much screaming there went around buying the Mátra Power Plant? It does not matter that the left sold the Mátra Power Plant for 13 billion, the foreign owners took out 101 billion in dividends. This is good! This is European! Bezzeg, when the "evil" Orbán bought it back, the robbery had already gone, it was pressed how unsustainable this bad power plant was for us. We can only hope that there will not be a need for professionals to connect this power plant to full capacity here yet! If it's going to be a good cold winter, "We're not going to freeze here in the winter. They can be born there as men"


More about everything:https://szamokadatok.hu

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Left-liberal censorship - silence those who are not sympathetic to them!

No! You will not be Prime Minister in Hungary! Millions of Hungarians will take care of this!

Left-liberal censorship - silence those who are not sympathetic to them!

Do you know what the left-wing prime ministerial candidate worried about freedom of speech is doing on Facebook to those whose opinions are different from his own?
LETILTJA! If it comes to power, it will even shut down! The shot was just the test, these criminals are capable of anything! According to them, "Everyone's Hungary" does not belong to everyone, only to those who nod to them. The others are now only barred, and once they come to power they would be handcuffed or bulleted. See if you are banned, if not, ask him! Write your opinion to him!

If you don't want to live in a liberal dictatorship either, pass it on!

We had been writing for a few days now that this migrant, over-the-top figure had banned us, but we thought it would end censorship as a result. We were wrong! Since then, Péter Márki-Zay has certainly silenced thousands of people, including banningDániel Deákt andTrumpet Kristófot is.András Kovácsand he wrote him an open letter as MZP spreads his lies in a paid advertisement.https://www.facebook.com/kovacsandras1982/posts/1074870903313651

Blocked us:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/4185/Marki-Zay_is_elnemitja_a_kritikus_hangokat_-_Add_tovabb
Disabled Dániel Deák:https://www.facebook.com/deakdanielemez/posts/435510594599643
He blocked Trumpet Christopher:https://www.facebook.com/kristof.trombitas/posts/1610513435952549

Write in a comment if you have been blocked! If not already, ask on your side why do you silence Hungarians who think differently? Is this done by an agent "Romanianizing" Hungarians across the border in the name of freedom of speech, freedom of the press or democracy?

The election program of the left
Think carefully about where you put the X, because you will pay the bill and not Orban!
Not for 10 years, not for 5 years, but yesterday we talked about Márki-Zay that migration is a good thing, we have to accept and "integrate" everyone
MZP overhead reduction: "just go up" prices while walking dirty, thirsty, living in putri
Does this amok runner really think everyone is running water unnecessarily now?
Márki-Zay called the Fidesz sympathizers fools

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With 400 private planes, participants arrived at the climate summit to tell you how polluting you are!

This fake green policy is so hypocritical!

With 400 private planes, participants arrived at the climate summit to tell you how polluting you are!

👉After his plane landed, Joe Biden arrived at the Glasgow climate summit with a 30-car convoy. Environmental protection is paramount! It must have all been electric. Yes, no.

The EU makes driving, road haulage and agriculture completely impossible
While the really polluting luxury and cargo shipping, aviation, coal-fired power plants, old, diesel locomotives are not sanctioned
The world’s 15 largest cargo ships emit more harmful substances than the world’s 760 million cars
There are about 90,000 container vessels in the world's seas
In America, 60,000 people die each year from air pollution caused by cargo ships.
On the record day so far, 202,000 flights carried passengers. In addition, of course, cargo planes also flew.
At the time of the record so far, 19,285 aircraft were in the air at the same time
Pictured are some examples of the EU's dilettante, demagogic climate policy: link

A four-hour trip on a private jet produces as much greenhouse gas as the average European resident in a year.
The UN climate summit in Glasgow began on November 1, with world leaders discussing how to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees and how to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

As is well known, aviation is responsible for a significant proportion of CO2 pollution. Aware of this, it is interesting that the participants arrived with nearly 400 private planes to say we are digging our own grave with carbon pollution.
A four-hour trip on a private jet produces roughly as much greenhouse gas as the average European resident in an entire year.

The four hundred machines released 13,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, producing more than 1,600 Scottish residents a year. Of course, the trip to Glasgow could have been triggered by scheduled flights as well.


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Are you talking about morality? Who do you want to cheat on?

Unfortunately, we cannot write this in a comment to the pseudo-right side of Márki-Zay, who has the ambitions of the Prime Minister, because in the name of democracy and freedom of speech, Márki-Zay has BAN us us

Are you talking about morality?  Who do you want to cheat on?

Share it with as many people as possible!
Maybe that's how he gets to it.

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The left issued the fire order 15 years ago!

We do not forget! You will never rule in Hungary again!


️ Reminder for forgetful.

Here is the left in action: the Hungarians who were rightly outraged after the speech in Öszöt was made public were shot. Their methods have not changed even today, whoever dares to open their mouths will be blocked, reported if they can put them behind bars. Liberals say only democracy when they are in government who dare to criticize makes it impossible. In cities "taken back" by the left, workers in jobs under municipal influence are silenced by a mouthpiece ordinance, informers are employed and paid, all previously institutionalized local support is withdrawn, developments are stopped and money is figured out. Almost all left-headed county seats are in a state of bankruptcy after 8 months.

We do not forget! With the Hungarians, no one can do that anymore.

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This is true left-liberal hypocrisy!

They entrust the fight against corruption to those who are corrupt themselves!

This is true left-liberal hypocrisy!

There are several lawsuits against Katalin Cseh's family company!
European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) under investigation
NAV has launched an investigation
The Office of Economic Competition is investigating
Procurement has been initiated by the Public Procurement Authority

But it doesn't bother anyone there in Brussels, they pretend nothing happened! Katalin Cseh is the anti-corruption and anti-fraud rapporteur in the EP! It looks like a robber will be the best pandur.


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How good is this "dictatorship", isn't it, Peter ?!

MZP, and many others spit into the plate they eat from

How good is this "dictatorship", isn't it, Peter ?!

And how many such "Márki-Zay" there are in Hungary ... They scold the government as they walk out of their new, chocolate house, get into their new car bought with government support, go to spend a trendy ruch or 80,000 and cry that there is no money, the government is taken away for everything ...

Péter Márki-Zay likened Viktor Orbán to Hitler
Márki-Zay took over his new 7-seater car bought with government support.


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There is also "unrest" around the pension premium

According to some, Fidesz "gives" because of the choice, while the pension premium has been in existence for 4 years, the amount of which depends on economic growth

There is also "unrest" around the pension premium

If the government does not give a pension premium, that is wrong
If you give a retirement premium, that’s the problem
If you gave it differentiated, that would be the problem
If you give it to everyone uniformly, that’s the problem
If the government would give little, that would be trouble
If you give a lot, “woe-woe, the taxpayers’ money ”

To sum up: Fidesz now "gives" and "gives" so much because our economic growth is at a record rate and because the institution of the pension premium is regulated by law, which can be paid for 4 years, as our economy and government are PERFORMING WELL!
👉In this article we summarized the essence of the performance of the country and the government:

More about the pension premium and pensions:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/4053/80_000_Forint

435,000 people would have received less than that, but the government decided that everyone would receive it uniformly! Respect and gratitude for it!

Many people comment on this anyway, but we see that none of the commenters are retired :) Ciki.


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Factive titles, billions recorded, zero performance

This is how Katalin Cseh's money pump Momentum works

Factive titles, billions recorded, zero performance

You know, they're talking about corruption and "thieving" Fidesz, while they can't show any evidence of that. Well, we can provide evidence that it is not Fidesz but the leftist thief!

It is important to mention that Katalin Cseh is an ASSOCIATE of one of the founders and members of Momentum, a friend and ally of András Fekete-Győr, Gergely Karácsony, Ferenc Gyurcsány, Klára Dobrev, Péter Jakab and other "collapsed" politicians, and so the responsibility is shared!

As early as 2019, the Szécsény Board of Representatives mentioned a suspicion of crime in connection with those companies that have now clearly become part of Katalinék Cseh's company network. There was also a recording of the board meeting in question, which could be viewed by anyone.

One reader drew the attention of the Hungarian Nation to the fact that although much was revealed about the company network connected to the circle of Momentum politicians, the events in the city of Szécsény had so far been avoided by the press.

The Mediaworks News Center then came across the 2019 video recording of a contemporary meeting of the local council.

The deliberation becomes exciting when László Stayer, independent mayor, gives the floor to dr. Chef dr. Erzsébet Fábián, who joined the board with the support of the Let's for the Szécsény Association. Urging a comprehensive investigation, the politician said that according to Mondat Nyomdaipari Kft. And Royal Press Hungary Nyomdaipari és Kommunikációs Kft.


This is important because the companies operating in the city were able to use special support in order to develop the area by launching various tenders, minimizing the deductible.

As the place of implementation of the project was Szécsény, dr. Mrs. Serfőzőn also aroused interest in what the city had benefited from the activities of the two businesses. He found it particularly interesting that the companies named a property that was then owned by the municipality as a branch.

That is why he was waiting for an answer from the mayor, among other things, as to whether it is possible to know what kind of activity and development took place in the property. László Stayer's answer revealed practically that there was none, because the key was with the local government, which no one picked up.

Catherine of the Czech Republic has often spoken out over EU subsidies. Will he do it now? Photo: Didier Bauweraerts

In recent weeks, it has become clear that the two companies also belong to the company network that can be linked to politician Katalin Cseh Momentum. In recent years, the group of companies has pocketed approximately HUF 4.8 billion in EU support under rather suspicious circumstances. The press revealed that the companies systematically cooperated, tricking their headquarters and branches to maximize profits.

The only icing on the cake was that the text of one of the tenders signed by Katalin Cseh applied for a grant referring to the Budapest Olympic tender, in the drilling of which the current MEP had a major role to play.

In the case, for the first time in weeks, an individual filed a complaint for a crime of budget fraud that caused significant property damage. Recently, Fidesz Member of Parliament Gyula Budai announced on his community that he had filed a complaint against an unknown perpetrator at the NAV's Directorate General for Crime. The politician also wrote that he had handed over documents proving how the company network in which the Czech Catherine had an interest had stolen European Union and state subsidies.

Meanwhile, the European Anti-Fraud Office, OLAF, has also opened an investigation into chaotic cases involving EU funds.

So the case is already being investigated by several authorities due to suspected fraud. For the time being, the scandal has left no consequences, as although Katalin Cseh did not provide an acceptable explanation for what happened, she did not resign from her position.

Momentum also considers the case closed despite the fact that András Fekete-Győr previously spoke on Hír TV about it: if a politician Momentum turned out to have misused EU funds, he would also be held accountable.


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The greatest sins and lies of the left

This comes to mind when you vote! If you support them, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself and your family!

The greatest sins and lies of the left

Why is the liar, why is the left hypocritical and harmful to Hungary and the Hungarian people? Here's a brief summary! And at the end of the article, there will be a link to a longer, more detailed list.

They fear freedom of the press, while banning newspapers they do not like in Budapest, avoiding right-wing journalists, threatening and expiring them.
They worry about "jobseekers" while raising taxes, attacking job-creating investments, and James even reported a jobseeker.
They fear democracy, while attacking the referendum, the National Consultation, questioning the legitimacy of the elected government.
They are worried about health care, while hospitals and doctor's offices have been closed, thousands of doctors and health workers have been fired, visit fees and hospital per diems have been introduced, and hospitals have been sold.
They criticize education policy, while firing 15,000 teachers, closing hundreds of schools and kindergartens, profiting from textbooks.
They are attacking the government's measures related to transport, while creating artificial traffic jams in Budapest, when the government closed the sidings, allowed the vehicle fleet to age, and increased the price of passes several times a year.
They are worried about the situation of the pensioners, meanwhile they took the 13th month's pension and Fidesz returned it
According to them, the government does not support families, meanwhile they were the ones who took away the socts, the family tax credit, took away a year’s worth, raised unemployment to 12 percent, supported those who avoided work, and harassed working and tax-paying parents.
They are attacking energy developments, the Paks investment, they were the ones who doubled the price of electricity and tripled the price of gas.
They are worried about public safety, while breaking down the fence, allowing undocumented migrants into the Schengen area.
Fidesz is accused of violence, while they are the ones who light the lanterns, threaten, foul Fidesz and Fidesz sympathizers.
Fidesz is accused of stealing while pocketing billions through their own companies by bidding, and this “corrupt” Fidesz also gave them money
They attack Hungarian companies, Hungarian entrepreneurs, they do not think that millions of Hungarians work for Hungarian companies, they support their families from the wages earned there.
They shout “Police State,” meanwhile, they were the ones who shot our eyes.
Family protection measures have been under attack for 11 years, but it is considered important to march with children on the pride
Fidesz accused of treason, while in Brussels it urges withdrawal and sanctions against Hungary
They are constantly campaigning for more expensive food, while they have not voted in favor of this year’s budget, which includes much more money for pensions, wages, family benefits, tax cuts.
Epidemiological control was made more difficult by lies, false news, harassment, lies about vaccines, distribution of camouflage videos, and then a death campaign
They promised heat and wood before the municipal election, tricked the voters because they did nothing of what they promised.
They hate motorists, they do everything to make driving impossible, they don’t understand that if driving becomes more expensive, everything will become more expensive
They plunder and neglect the cities and districts they lead. They are characterized by empty coffers, garbage, weeds, homelessness, buddy pocket contracts. Instead of city leadership, they still just talk, Facebook, herg, they don’t do what they were elected for. Let us not let Hungary and Hungarian families be plundered again!

👉In more detail:https://bit.ly/3zrV3VT
👉 We have 3700 more arguments for Fidesz here:https://szamokadatok.hu


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