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Opposition rhetoric of the last 1 year

There would be no comment on this, but Vadai made sure the addition was inevitable

Opposition rhetoric of the last 1 year

The list in the picture has now been supplemented by the brainstorming of Vadai from the SE, who says "Zorbán" opens the terraces to extend the "MILK POWER" (No spelling! See "Source")
Vadai wrote the following, let’s quote literally, because it has become so pathetic that you don’t even have to snatch some details out of it, the whole gas as it is!

"After opening the terraces, a lot of questions arise in me. BUT the most important thing:
Why does Orbán really want to extend his power? Maybe you now want to write the building of the Parliament in the name of Lőrinc Mészáros? Do you think so?
Thanks for sharing!
Photo: telex.hu "

So far they have demanded closing and then opening, now the trouble is that the outdoor events and terraces have been opened. Does anyone understand this? Because we don't.

Left Anti-Vaccination Campaign:
Lies with examples:
Germany buys 30,000,000 Sputnik:
Austria buys one million doses of Sputnik vaccine
The terraces open
For 4 million vaccinees, further restrictions are coming


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Loopy liberal impairment also in vaccination of priests

Loopy liberal impairment also in vaccination of priests

Priests and pastors are vaccinated out of line now that we have crossed the 3,250,000 vaccinated. We may have become accustomed to the loss of identity loopy liberals attacking everything that is a religion that prefers a normal family or is just national. This was not the case with the vaccination of priests and pastors. We’ve flipped through the comments on the index article on Facebook and the filth we found there is depressing. The vision that is acceptable to us is described in the Conjuncture blog.

Let's look at the question from the side of the numbers!

We know that the number of vaccinees is over three million, we also know that at least one million from the Eastern vaccine alone will arrive in April, and the number of vaccinees could double by the end of May. Elderly priests, pastors, and those who are also engaged in educational activities have already been vaccinated.

A total of 3,000 Catholic priests, 1,560 Reformed and 350 Lutheran pastors serve in Hungary. These are the largest churches. We did not find exact statistics, but taking into account all the historical churches, the number of priests and pastors cannot reach 6,000. A lot of them are elderly, and a lot of them also teach, meaning they could already get the vaccine along with the teachers. Many may have been queuing anyway, so they shouldn’t be considered queuing either. We are now talking about a very maximum of 3,000 extraordinary vaccinations of people who are presumably long overdue and would be queued anyway. This is being attacked by atheist liberals.

It is well known that 1,000,000 doses of vaccine will arrive from China in April, which can be given as the first dose because the remaining nearly 3,000,000 doses are due in May. 200,000 first doses are coming under contract from Russia and hundreds of thousands more from the EU.

So within 2-3 weeks, while this up to 3,000 priests and pastors are vaccinated, the number of people vaccinated could increase by at least 1,000,000.

That is, 0.3% of those who will be vaccinated in the coming weeks will experience brainlessness in the loopy liberal space. Don't get me wrong! That is exactly what we expected from them.


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German "rule of law"

Awesome: Zsolt Petry was fired by Hertha for his political opinion! Zsolt Petry's "sin" was that he was on the side of normality

German "rule of law"

Zsolt! Consider this an acknowledgment and NEVER apologize for being on the side of normality! Left-liberals are weak, intolerant of the diversity of opinions, even though they have consistently proclaimed that they are fighting for diversity. This is not true! They’re just pushing a certain amount of propaganda that we’re not asking for! Zsolt, come home, no one at home will surely drag you because it's NORMAL.

Shame! Are these coming to teach us out of the rule of law? Those who fire a man because they HAVE THEIR OWN OPINION! It is as if a Hungarian company has fired a German colleague who says that the family is something else, as we Hungarians have known for centuries. How screaming would it be? And they accuse us of homophobia while they themselves are chasing people who represent NORMALITY! By the way, isn't there an expression for that? Slowly, normalcy will be pursued ... We are not afraid, and we will not scribble meaningless shapes on our palms under any pressure ....

Hertha BSC announced on its official website that it had terminated Zsolt Petry's contract with immediate effect after the club's Hungarian goalkeeper coach had also expressed his political opinion in an interview with Magyar Nemzet.

Hertha's announcement justifies the dismissal of Zsolt Petry on the grounds that his statement published in Magyar Nemzet is not in line with the values ​​represented by the club. Thus, the termination of the contract was not for professional reasons, but for the fact that, as an employee of the team, he expressed an opinion that did not appeal to the club. (In parentheses: according to them, the German Labor Code allows this! The Hungarian does not!)

“We have always valued the work of Zsolt Petry during his years with Hertha. We knew him as a helpful, tolerant, and open man who had never made homophobic or xenophobic manifestations. We would like to thank Zsolt Petry for his work and wish him all the best in the future, ”quotes CEO Carsten Schmidt in an article published on Hertha's website.

In the statement, Zsolt Petry also said: “I would like to emphasize that I am neither homophobic nor xenophobic. I regret my statement on immigration policy, and I apologize to all those who seek refuge with us and who I have offended. I loved working for Hertha and I respect the decision. I wish the club all the best for the future. ”

Petry has been a member of Hertha’s professional staff since 2015. He previously coached at Paderborn and Hoffenheim, and in 2008 he was the goalkeeper of the Hungarian national team under Erwin Koeman.


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How can you look in the mirror, Peter ?!

How can you look in the mirror, Peter ?!

And how many such "Márki-Zay" there are in Hungary ... They scold the government as they walk out of their new, chocolate house, get into their new car bought with government support, go to spend a trendy ruch or 80,000 and cry that there is no money, the government is taken away for everything ...

Péter Márki-Zay likened Viktor Orbán to Hitler
Márki-Zay took over his new 7-seater car bought with government support.


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The power-hungry opposition also denies factual things

The results of the Hungarian vaccination program are recognized all over the world, but the left is still pointing to others

The power-hungry opposition also denies factual things

We send a message to Gyurcsány and his colleagues that if they think that everything is always better abroad, then "Come on! You can go!"

According to DK, there is no mass vaccination in Hungary. We don’t know what it’s called when 139,700 people are vaccinated in a single day.
The vaccination record in Hungary was broken on Friday.
Nor do we know why, according to DK, it is BAD that Hungary is currently at the top of the European vaccination ranking.
Hungary tops the EU rankings in terms of vaccination of the adult population.
However, we know that if it were up to Gyurcsányek, there would be no Chinese or Russian vaccine, the number of vaccinated people would not even reach 1 million, which would also result in a much higher number of infected, sick and dead people.
The number of people vaccinated is close to two million

👉Did Gyurcsany drink or smoke something? Do they consider their own believers so uninformed? You can argue about certain things, but the numbers are a pity.

Fortunately, this crisis is not being handled by the left, and so they can only do verbal damage, but that's enough to see - the six-party coalition represents foreign interests against Hungarian national interests, the six-party coalition is incapable of governing because they are fighting each other. , the collapsed opposition would have made political decisions on this issue instead of professional decisions.

Csaba Dömötör wrote:
"1. Serbia also uses the Chinese vaccine against which Ferenc Gyurcsány's party has petitioned, boycotted locally and would have been banned at some point.
2. If this had been achieved on the basis of their anti-vaccination campaign, many hundreds of thousands of Hungarians would have been vaccinated so far.
3. The fact that, even after such an antecedent, he attacks the vaccination program without batting an eye proves nothing but that he remains the most unscrupulous figure in Hungarian politics.
Hungary is at the forefront of vaccination among EU countries. At least they could give more respect to the professionals who make it possible. "

Vaccinations are limited only by their arrival, which is not up to us. The government has done everything it can to buy vaccines from all available sources, but production capacities are finite and there is a huge demand for vaccines in the world. The fact that we are at the forefront in itself proves that the government handles the vaccination program well.

Don’t support those who would sacrifice your life in order to come to power!



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Champion of transparency

In 2019 alone, Hadházy mowed 40 million at the barn practice that was forbidden to him as a representative! In addition, he pockets the millions of MPs' honor and even tars!

Champion of transparency

Nothing has changed for the left, they are becoming more corrupt, stealing more and more spectacularly and muttering more and more. Do these people want to hold anyone accountable? Do they want to govern?

SHAME! After such a case, Hadházy should leave immediately, but he will not, he would rather lie and cheat more than there is no consequence on the left, this case will not happen either. But no problem! From now on, Hadházy's presence will do more harm to the left-liberal upheaval than use it, because as soon as he opens his mouth anywhere, we will immediately nail him to his fraud cases.

More sums have come to light, with Hadházy pocketing millions every month, although as a Member he could not do so!https://magyarnemzet.hu/belfold/a-szabalyokat-kijatszva-lehet-tobb-tizmillios-bevetele-evente-hadhazy-cegenek-9563726/

And then does this "man" accuse the diligently working mayors and residents of small towns of stealing?
By the wayMónika Vargáné Csengeri - Mayor of Ludasjust yesterday he showed what the school of the settlement was like and what it was like, the difference is heaven and earth!

And Hadházy lied about him again, there was no raid. (For Hadházy, however, it would be timely!)


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European solidarity: empty, meaningless words

Brussels is not only failing to meet the promised deadlines and quantities, but also the principle of apportionment

European solidarity: empty, meaningless words

👉Orbán Viktor stepped in time, Hungary buys vaccines from several sources!

The current practice of unequal access to coronavirus vaccines by EU member states needs to be corrected, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said at a press conference with the Czech, Slovenian and Bulgarian prime ministers in Vienna on Tuesday.

The prime ministers - Czech Andrei Babis, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa and Bulgarian Prime Minister Bojko Borisov - agreed with the Austrian Chancellor's statement. It has been said that there is a need to return to the previous agreement of the Heads of Government of the EU Member States, ie the distribution of vaccines to the population.

Kurz emphasized that the aim of their joint action was not to find scapegoats, but to enforce the much-voiced principle of European solidarity and to find a common European solution to the problem.

He added that the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, and Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had given their support to the initiative of the Heads of Government, and that a possible solution would be discussed by video conference later this week.

“Pharmaceutical manufacturers are not only failing to meet the promised deadlines and quantities, but also the principle of proportional distribution,” said Bojko Borisov.


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Jakab's buddy rents an apartment for 310 thousand taxpayers a month, while he has a 173 square meter property in Buda in his name!

You can start "accounting" with your buddy, Petike!

Jakab's buddy rents an apartment for 310 thousand taxpayers a month, while he has a 173 square meter property in Buda in his name!

Mutual parties want to build a country! Are they talking about "theft", "corruption", are they "fideszing"? Stealing stealing on the back of the opposition! Cypriot offshore companies, buddy pocket contracts, billions in billions, abstract discounts and increased local fees, while serving themselves "caviar with lobster" instead of parizer, it just goes to Facebook!

While Gergely Kálló, a right-wing MP, rents an apartment in Budapest for HUF 310,000 a month with taxpayers' money, he became a co-owner of a 173-square-meter property in Buda, according to this year's declaration of assets, according to data published on the official website. Although Péter Jakab's confidant complied with the legal requirements on paper, it seems that he did not have the slightest need to take advantage of the opportunity aimed primarily at rural politicians. This is because the property listed in your return is a typical family home, which you cannot rule out when you travel to work a few times a month.

At midnight on January 31, MPs ’declarations of assets for last year became public, showing how their assets have changed over the past 365 days.

He rents an apartment for 310 thousand
Gergely Kálló from Kobbikos won the Dunaújváros interim parliamentary election in February 2020 in the colors of the left-wing coalition. A month later, he officially became a member of Parliament after taking the oath among his fellow Members.

The law stipulates that MPs who hold a mandate during the term must submit a declaration of assets once they become members of parliament. Kálló has fulfilled this: in his statement he mentioned a 100-square-meter family house in Érd, which otherwise stands on a 600-square-meter plot. The document also states that he acquired the property through sale and purchase, of which he is otherwise half-owned. It is important that at that time his apartment in Budapest was not included in his declaration of assets.

Although Érd is not far from the parliament, the Act on the National Assembly allows MPs who do not have real estate in Budapest to rent an apartment in the capital with state money. The provision is based on the legislator's intention that rural representatives will not be able to get to their jobs as easily as their colleagues in Budapest.

As can be seen from the data published on parlament.hu, Kálló took the opportunity shortly after his election as a Member.

And the apartment lease agreement is still valid as of February 24, i.e. it has not been terminated by the parties.


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“Unloading” Budapest

They deny reality to the fake news factory, so let’s help spread the reality together

“Unloading” Budapest

In this article, we summarized how Budapest was “bled” in 2020
In this video, among many other things, we present dozens of developments that took place in Budapest.
These are developments in Tarlós (video)
This is the list of projects completed and launched by Tarlós (list)

And now let’s look at how the city will develop in 2021
(list at the end of the article)

Domonkos Schneller: 444 "watches a very different cinema"
Paper can handle a lot of things. It is often seen that certain organs present only a thin slice of reality, which they thought was suitable for presentation, or perhaps unilaterally or through distorted optics. 444.hu to write a news portal, in which they write about the "unloading of Budapest" and that "the government wants to distribute 80 percent of the EU subsidies to the capital, especially around the athletic stadium".

444.hu, and of course in the wake of many other news portals, now somehow watches a very different cinema. Could it all be a coincidence? Aligha. It may be hopeless, but I am still trying to make a timid attempt to compare the dissertation on EU funds with the facts. So let’s look at the allegations and see if they stand up to the comparison with reality!

The first statement follows from the title of the article itself: someone or someone consciously (?) Wants to drive down Budapest. This statement is false.

The reality, on the other hand, is that someone or someone has developed this city from 2,200 billion forints in the last 10 years. Of this unimaginably huge amount, the monuments that have been destroyed for decades (Várkert Bazár, Buda Castle, Mihály Pollack's Ludovika Historical Building, Academy of Music, Vigadó, Eiffel Hall, Gül's Tomb, etc.) have been renovated (HUF 375 billion). previously really depleted) districts, the Capital, BKV.

Meanwhile, 1575 public transport vehicles (trams, buses, trolleys, metro trains) were placed on the market. For the first time since the truncation of the '60s and' 70s, Budapest's tram network has also expanded in this period. At the same time, 393 thousand square meters of green space (Normafa, Margaret Island, Orczy Park, Millenáris Wind Gate, 7 family sports and leisure parks, etc.) were renovated or created. During the same period, three university campuses were built (National Civil Service University, Moholy-Nagy University of Arts, University of Physical Education) and another (Pázmány) is being prepared. So Budapest was built, not damn. And the second half of the writing (beware, spoiler!) Will show that this will continue to be the case in the future.

According to the second statement, Hungary will receive a total of HUF 11,000 billion in EU support between 2021 and 2027. This is true.

Of this, if the government did not do everything (see later) to get much more to Budapest than it would get under EU rules, little would get here, which is partly true. It is still false without explanation. Budapest is a developed region in the EU, so it receives very little money from the resources allocated on a territorial basis. This has been the case in the previous period. Comparing the source for Budapest with the country's 11,000 billion source mass (which also includes agricultural money) is considered to be a deliberate deception of the reader.

The next statement, according to which the government gives HUF 5 billion to the capital, is at the same time several times, seriously untrue.
The article tried to calculate 20% of the ERDF resources due to Budapest. Failed. Budapest's (according to EU rules and as a consequence) ERDF money with compulsory domestic co-financing is HUF 60 billion (compared to the region's more than 5,000 billion ERDF source). 20 per cent of these 60 are HUF 12 billion, not 5. Probably only the source without domestic co-financing was calculated, which is 40 per cent of the amount, but this is wrong.

The government spends the remaining 60 billion forints on priority projects, namely park developments, which (hopefully) hardly run counter to the preferences of the Metropolitan Municipality, and concrete projects will only be implemented if the Government and the Capital agrees - that is, in fact, the Capital has a say in all developments in Budapest. What's more, the government has already started the preparation of these park developments for more than one billion forints (Városmajor, Gellért Hill public park), in fact, there are already places where the selection of the designer is already taking place (new public park in Csepel).

The article shows as further evidence of the destruction of Budapest why the Capital has only over 20 percent of this 60 billion forints (again: not 5, but 12 billion forints). It is important to remember: at the time of István Tarlós, this rate was 15 percent instead of 20 percent. That is, the Metropolitan Self-Government can dispose of the resources in a larger proportion than in the time of István Tarlós. From the 2014–2020 VEKOP (where Budapest had ERDF money), local governments received 15 percent of the funds. The government's current offer is more generous - in line with the fact that the government spends 80 percent of the ERDF money allocated to areas outside Budapest (ie Debrecen, Győr, Székesfehérvár, etc.) on a sectoral basis and 20 percent to the local government sector, so Budapest does not receive worse treatment than the countryside. So the statement is again false.

The article states that “mainly” the government would spend EU funds on Budapest in the vicinity of the Athletic Stadium. It’s complete nonsense, got out of the air.
According to a recent study, 80 percent of the people of Ferencváros support the construction of the Athletics Stadium (which will be supported by 80 percent of the people of Ferencváros) in any way, and the construction contract was signed by the builder BMSK last year. So not only does it not spend, but it could not spend EU funds on it.

And why, how does the government plan to develop Budapest from other sources that do not belong to the capital as an individual in the next 7 years?

As Budapest (as we have seen above) is developed and could receive a total of HUF 60 billion in ERDF according to EU rules, the government compensates this much more abundantly than in other periods from other EU sources, the Cohesion Fund and the RRF (the 444 “rescue package”, correctly: Recovery and Resilience Tool). Hungary has not yet published final project lists, but according to the current state, the government will spend HUF 745 billion from the RRF and well over HUF 500 billion from the planned new IKOP for developments in Budapest.

What for? For example, for the complete renewal of the HÉV network carrying 245,000 passengers a day, amounting to many hundreds of billions of HUF! In addition, the Gödöllő and Szentendre lines will also be renewed from EU funds, and the HÉV lines will receive about 71 new, air-conditioned, quietly gliding trains worth hundreds of billions of forints (instead of the 50-year-old, truly “stalled” vehicles). We can also translate it: many hundreds of thousands from Budapest.

From resources that the government could otherwise spend in any other part of the country.
And what else do the Romans give us, besides all this?

For example, many tens of billions of forints are planned for the revitalization of the Ráckeve - (Soroksár-) Danube branch, which was partially destroyed a few weeks ago with used oil. Sewage, habitat restoration, from the Kvassay sluice to the Tassi structure, i.e. at almost 57 kilometers. If successful, this will be the largest continuous biodiversity-oriented environmental investment in Budapest in recent decades.

In addition, keeping in mind the example of the Berlin S-Bahn, the Southern Roundabout project will also be built from many hundreds of billions of forints at the expense of EU funds, creating a fast, frequent, convenient ring connection between the suburbs, Újbuda, Ferencváros and Kőbánya: The replacement of the elements of the Southern Railway Linking Bridge is already underway under this project.

Meanwhile, the government is planning a new bridge to southern Budapest from domestic sources, and has given many hundreds of millions of forints to the Budapest Municipality for the feasibility study of the city's next bridge, the Aquincum Bridge. It is tidying up the also rotting Citadel, finishing the abandoned Biodome instead of the Metropolitan Municipality, extending the tram line on the quay of the Technical University… and could be listed until sunny.

Well, that's how the government will incite Budapest in 2021.

New buses
Instead of a climate hist: Balázs Fürjes announced a 2,000 billion railway development program
The South Hospital Central Hospital will cost as much as all the stadiums together!
New schools
Modernization of the Budapest – Hatvan (80a) railway line in Finis!
New bridge (and they're already lying about it)
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2735/Alhirek_vs_valosag_a_jelenleg_meg_csak_tervezo Deskon_levo_Galvani_hiddal_konnectatosan
HUF 700 billion for the health developments of the capital and Pest county
The government provides hundreds of billions every year for the development and operation of Budapest
Liget Budapest Project - the pictures speak for themselves


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"The family is the family," or "What's going on here in Gyöngyös?"

"The family is the family," or "What's going on here in Gyöngyös?"

György Hiesz's wife was also vaccinated out of turn, but the wife of the family doctor, who is the managing director of a Gyöngyös municipal company, also received the vaccine. It seems to them that their own lives matter, but the lives of people belonging to vulnerable groups do not.

Oltásmutyi in Gyöngyös: György Hiesz vaccinated himself on the advice of a former social representative

Gyöngyös' left-wing mayor vaccinated himself on the advice of his former socialist general practitioner. According to our information, the wife of György Hiesz was also vaccinated. But the vaccine was also given to the wife of the family doctor, who is the managing director of a municipal company in Gyöngyös. Target the left vaccination mutation.
Written by Dániel Kacsoh and Gergő Kereki

As our paper reported, the left mayor of Gyöngyös may have been illegally vaccinated against the coronavirus. György Hiesz vaccinated himself at the beginning of January, when only healthcare workers and those at risk were entitled to do so. The 64-year-old politician was vaccinated at the Pál Bugát Hospital in Gyöngyös, which was later confirmed by the staff of the institution.

The politician initially did not answer the questions asked in the case, and eventually admitted it on the Gyöngyös city television program, actually receiving the vaccine, which according to the vaccination schedule could only be received by health care workers or people living in a nursing home for the time being. The mayor first fled the staff of Hír tv and then Pesti Tv.

According to Mandiner information, vaccine was left over from the vaccination organized in the parade nursing home, which was unauthorizedly obtained by the left mayor. He admitted this himself on city television anyway, but he kept quiet about where he had obtained information that there was still vaccine left over from the vaccination organized in the nursing home. All Hiesz said about this was that when the medical staff was confronted with dozens of vaccines left in the vaccine, they informed the GPs in Gyöngyös, who told people they knew in their area that there was still a vaccine left.

“I got a phone like that to get a lot of vaccines left, go in, get the vaccine,
I have an hour to decide: yes or no. ” Hiesz said he went to the hospital at that time and was vaccinated with the others.

The GP and his wife also sat in the car.
The Mandiner learned from the locals that Hiesz's own GP, ​​the Abasar district doctor, Dr. András Lénárt had suggested that he be vaccinated. At least he advised her to take the opportunity if she still had a vaccine. The piquancy of the story is that the wife of the family doctor, Dr. Anikó Lénártné Benei, is none other than the managing director of the Gyöngyös municipal company, Gyöngyösi Várostérség Fejlesztő Kft. He was elected to this position by the left-majority Gyöngyös representative body headed by the left-winged mayor, who was vaccinated out of turn, in the autumn of 2019. Moreover

according to our information, not only the mayor but also his wife were vaccinated out of turn.
But Dr. Lénártné Benei Anikó, the head of the municipal company, also received the vaccination. We also personally asked those concerned whether our information was true.

We reached Dr. András Lénárt over the phone, who said he was the family doctor of the Hiesz family, but denied that he had told the mayor about the possibility of vaccination. However, he admitted that they had talked to the mayor on the phone and himself recommended Hiesz to give the vaccine. Moreover, the GP immediately got in the car with Mrs. Lénártne, saying that if there was already such a possibility, the vaccine would also be given to the wife of the otherwise municipal company manager. By the way, Lénárt found nothing objectionable in Hiesz's vaccination, he said, since the mayor is also the chairman of the local defense committee, it doesn't hurt to be protected against the virus.

Another addition to Lénárt is that he previously worked with the founder of the MSZP, György Hiesz, the founder of the socialist faction in the Heves County Assembly, as the chairman of the health committee. Incidentally, Lénárt ran as a candidate of the MSZP in the autumn 2006 municipal elections and sat in the Heves County Assembly with a mandate obtained from the list of less than 10,000 inhabitants. His wife, Anikó Lénártné Benei, was the mayor of Abasár until 2019, for 17 years.

Mandiner also turned to György Hiesz, the mayor of Gyöngyös, with questions about the case, who has not yet answered our request and has not picked up his phone, despite our repeated attempts.

The mayor claims to city television he did not know about the vaccination plan

To suggest to Gyöngyös city television that in early January, when the mayor was vaccinated, there were health workers in line with the vaccination plan, Hiesz practically says that he was unaware of the vaccination plan: I do not know".

However, because of Hiesz's GP's occupation, he needed to know about the vaccination plan and that only health care workers and residents of nursing homes could be vaccinated during this period.

But Hiesz also needed to know about the vaccination protocol, as as mayor the head of the local defense committee.
And it would be surprising if someone as the head of the local protection committee did not know that he was not yet entitled to the vaccine under the vaccination schedule, as for the time being, only health workers and residents of nursing homes can receive the vaccine.

📌Background: "Epidemiological measures" of the oppositionhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2767/Az_ellenzek_jarvanyugyi_intezkedesei

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