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New developments for jobs, a developing and safe Hungary!

New developments for jobs, a developing and safe Hungary!

Crisis here, epidemic there, the development of our country cannot stop. This is the goal set by the government, and we fully support this goal. The improvements are driven by families, jobs, declining spending and the way the economy works. Let's see today's list!

📌1. The logistics center of the army has been completed

The new logistics center of the Hungarian Armed Forces was handed over in the vicinity of the former military Szentkirályszabadja airport in the presence of Tibor Benkő, Minister of Defense, Colonel Ferenc Korom, Commander of the Hungarian Armed Forces and Roland Juhász, Secretary of State for Asset Management.
The reader reported on the handover after seeing traffic control military police officers and then a larger military delegation appear at the logistics center on Tuesday morning. The fact of the transfer was reported on the community page of the Ministry of Defense.
The construction of the logistics center took a little over a year, and the handover of the facility and, in the absence of the press, was timed to the day of military logistics, which is a rather kind gesture, as the newly built center can work on twenty thousand square meters in modern 21st century conditions. . The Hungarian Defense Forces will have to handle, store and, of course, deliver the 23,000 pallets and 18,000 tons of military equipment material to the user units with the help of a modern warehouse management system. This is the first new military logistics center in Hungary to be built as part of the national defense and force development program, as a greenfield investment, for more than ten billion forints.
Incidentally, the new warehouse also created new job opportunities, as job advertisements in the army, warehousing and logistics have been available on various advertising spaces for months.


📌2. The Sáfrik Mill in Kiskunhalas has been renewed

Member of Parliament Gábor Bányaiwritten by:
The renovation works of the Sáfrik Mill in Kiskunhalas have been almost completely completed. We hope to visit the renewed windmill again in the spring, a creative house could be built as part of the project, and several historical games and historical demonstration elements were built in the park in front of the mill. The settlement of the area is expected to be completed early next year.
I am confident that the renewed windmill will be able to receive many new guests and even more fishers once the epidemic is over, when we can finally hand it over to the general public.
Hajrá Halas!


📌3. The running circle and the Little Botanical Garden are completed (with video)

From today, visitors can take possession of the renewed Mőcsényi Mihály Botanical Garden, the second dog adventure park and the two-kilometer, record-covered, lighted running circuit as part of the complete landscape architectural transformation of Városliget. "With these developments, more than one hundred and fifty thousand square meters of green space were renewed during the implementation of the Liget Budapest Project, and nearly five hundred new, healthy trees were planted," emphasized Benedek Gyorgyevics, CEO of Városliget Zrt.
"The renewed botanical garden, the new dog adventure park and the two-kilometer-long, illuminated Városligeti Running Circle have been completed within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project," announced Benedek Gyorgyevics, CEO of Városliget Zrt., Responsible for the implementation of the Liget Budapest Project.
As explained, the Mőcsényi Mihály Botanical Garden awaits visitors as a colorful, cozy community space and natural knowledge center, in the second canine adventure park a separate part awaits small and large dogs, and the now handed over two-kilometer, illuminated further enhances the sports offer of Városliget.


📌4. An entrepreneurial Incubator House was built on 2,200 square meters in Nagykálló

Office parts have been added to the hall building, as well as parking lots and bicycle storage facilities serving the buildings.
An entrepreneurial incubator house was built in Nagykálló, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county. The development, funded by the European Union, was handed over on Wednesday.
The local government of the city received more than HUF 661 million in support to provide the appropriate infrastructure for local small and medium-sized enterprises and to make the necessary real estate investments. The municipality included its part in the development by providing 2,200 square meters of its own land, so it could be completed: the almost 1,400 square meters of hall space,
the associated office space of about 200 square meters,
and parking lots and bicycle storage facilities serving the buildings.
The facility will hopefully become an important venue for local economic life as soon as possible.
During 2021, new developments will be handed over
In his speech, Miklós Simon, Member of Parliament for the region, emphasized that 104 investments were supported in the region through the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program, of which 80 investments have already been completed and the remaining HUF 15.7 billion developments will be handed over next year.
Industrial development similar to that of Nagykálló will take place in Nyírbátor and Nyírbogát, with a value of HUF 1.5 billion and HUF 350 million, respectively, the representative added.
Tibor Horváth, the independent mayor of Nagykálló, said that the tender for the construction of the incubator house included the construction of five factory halls and three offices, and that a multi-purpose loader and a paving machine were purchased. He indicated more leases are being signed with businesses wishing to relocate these days.


📌5. More Leopards arrived at the new Tata hangar

Increasing our defense capabilities is also an important goal in peacetime. All Leopards have arrived: the number of Leopard 2A4HU tanks serving in the Hungarian Armed Forces has increased to twelve.
At the solemn handover of the new Leopards hangars in Tata:
Two more Leopard 2A4 tanks arrived at the Tata barracks
Szilárd Németh, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, inaugurated two hangars of about 2,000 square meters each in the barracks of the 25th György Klapka Rifle Brigade in Tata. The new hangars will house Leopard 2A4 tanks leased by the military from the military vehicle manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW).
Szilárd Németh said that eight tanks of this type have already arrived in Tata, and the ordered four are expected in the spring.
The 12 combat vehicles are primarily used to train the crew, as they are much more complicated to handle than the T-72s used so far, he added.
The Secretary of State said that from 2023, state-of-the-art 2A7 armored personnel will be able to be used by soldiers, 44 of which will be deployed to develop weapons.
He emphasized that from 2016, the state of the Hungarian economy allowed them to formulate the Zrínyi 2026 national defense and force development program, as part of which the Tata brigade would be equipped with the most modern equipment.
The program set a threefold goal, the high-level training of soldiers, the introduction of the latest techniques, and the construction of the appropriate infrastructure, Szilárd Németh said.
With the construction of new hangars and the acquisition of Leopard tanks, it will be possible to acquire the right knowledge so that the triple goal can be achieved, he added.
Szilárd Németh thanked the Defense Forces for their ability not only in possible combat situations, but also in today's pandemic times. As he said, the first phase of the fight against the coronavirus was won with the exemplary contribution of the soldiers.


📌6. Students can study in Debrecen in a renewed environment. György Dózsa Primary School in Debrecen has undergone energy modernization.

The György Dózsa Primary School in Debrecen was renovated with an investment of HUF 272 million, the details of which were presented to the institution on Wednesday. László Papp, the mayor of Debrecen, said that within the framework of the energy renovation, doors and windows were replaced, the thermal insulation was modernized, so the institution will operate with less energy demand in the next period. All this improves the daily lives of 450 students, 39 teachers and support staff in a renewed environment
We can see a new element of a very important development process here, several institutions in the Old Garden have been renovated in the recent period, and the renovation of the kindergarten on Miklós Sinai Street is still under tender. So far, we are beyond the renovation of 10 educational institutions, and 6 modernizations are in the preparation phase. This investment program is also very significant in terms of the fact that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted decreases by almost 2,100 tons, only in the György Dózsa Primary School it means 156 tons less carbon dioxide emissions - László Papp pointed out.
Member of Parliament Lajos Kósa added that with this modernization, the previous maintenance cost will be halved, so we can talk about a significant investment not only from an environmental point of view, but also from a budgetary point of view. "In Debrecen, the European Union subsidies are well utilized, which can also be seen by the city residents," he said.
Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa reminded that the renovation of the György Dózsa Primary School is part of a comprehensive development program, in the framework of which all the municipal and state-maintained institutions of the Old Garden will be renewed. He emphasized that as part of the program launched in 2014, the Venetian Garden will be renewed for a total of more than two billion forints.



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Our public institutions are being renewed!

School, kindergarten, research center, community house, sports field!

Our public institutions are being renewed!

📌More improvements in a spectacular video!

Let's look at today's developments, we have another 6 great news about how Hungary will be rebuilt!

📌1. The recently built Vizapogó Kindergarten received an architectural level award

The winners of this year's Budapest Architecture Award came to light online. Recipients of the Praise will also see a monumental rehabilitation, a university building or an architectural solution for a weekly fair, while the Level Award project became Vizafogó Kindergarten, which was also a huge success at last year's Media Architecture Award.
In July, the Municipality of the Capital of Budapest announced its public tender for the Budapest Architecture Award 2020, which is organized by the professional background of the Budapest Chamber of Architects. The award can be given to the designer of a demanding, high-quality building, rehabilitation, public space, interior design that improves the architectural image of the capital or the use and appearance of a part of the city, promotes architectural and environmental culture, shapes the cityscape and encourages further high-quality, innovative investments.
The task and goal of the annual competition is to recognize and make known to the public the most outstanding architectural works that shape the cityscape by presenting the Budapest Architecture Award.
Everything is together in the Vizapogó Kindergarten in Angyalföld. There is a building municipality, which is progressively developing and systematically renewing its kindergarten network. There was a kindergarten management who expected a forward-looking approach from the designers and became a part of the renewal in a real partnership. And there was the architect team, which was well-dosed with a sense of experimentation, a sense of proportion, openness and freshness, plus some humor for the task. They performed excellently. The original building, created as a product of panel construction in the 80s, was not demolished but was partially retained on the basis of a clever inspection. This act in itself is a message of value for a public building, but here there is no trace of any trade-offs that may result from it. The new entrance and atrium created by the expansion of the former middle tract will organize the new internal space structure.
A two-storey wooden porch has been built for both homely and spacious interiors, providing both ground floor and upstairs employers with a direct and generous outdoor connection. There is no surplus. Everything is large and formulated to remain proportionate, yet attention to every detail radiates a sense of care that can be felt from the children’s scale as well. The harmony and round whole that this building embodies from the builder's background and expectations to the proactive architectural attitude is exemplary, and can be set as a model for future public or private investments in the capital, regardless of scale.


📌2. The dining room of the Sándor Baksay Reformed Grammar School and Primary School in Kunszentmiklós has been renewed

The institution of the Baksay Sándor Reformed Grammar School and Primary School has been waiting for its students with an innovative environment through large-scale developments in recent years. In addition to the main building of the school, two new buildings serve the work of students and teachers, and this year the maintainer of the school, the Reformed Parish of Kunszentmiklós, carried out the renovation of the dining room belonging to the institution from its own budget.


📌3. Kindergarten was renewed in Rábatamási, and finally the sidewalk was completed.

Gyopáros Alpár
such is when the villagers, the village leadership and the Government come together!
Rábatamási won a fund in the Hungarian Village Program for the material costs of pavement renovation.
And more than 50 people from Rábatamás rolled up their sleeves and built the sidewalk!
The national-colored ribbon was cut by the two youngest (lower students) and oldest (72-year-old) contributors.
Congratulations Rábatamási!
The building was renovated 2 years ago!
As a result of the development, the slab and the outer walls were insulated and plaster was placed on the outer walls. The yard of the kindergarten was completely renewed, new outdoor toys were acquired, and the area of ​​the pavement also increased significantly.
The Hungarian Government contributed HUF 1.6 million and the Local Government HUF 6 million to the development.
A significant part of the investment was realized in-house, the value of the community work performed exceeds HUF 10 million.
The preschoolers made a fantastic show for the event, which was also a closing year and graduation ceremony.


📌4. The athletics track of the Szeged Railway Sports Association (SZVSE) suitable for organizing international competitions has been completed - the president of the association announced on the spot on Monday.

Lajos Szokol told reporters that the decades-long dream of the athletes of Szeged came true with the completion of the eight-lane, record-covered, modern track with lighting.
The new facility is suitable for all track and field, throwing and jumping numbers. They also designed a discus and a hammer throwing pitch, a grassy javelin thrower and two weightlifting tracks. Cultivation of discus and hammer sowing has not been possible in the city for many years because of the lack of the necessary throwing cage, the expert said.
Athletes from SZVSE’s four divisions - athletics, orienteering, wrestling and football - will use the new track in their main or additional training sessions, which is open to all athletic associations in the city, the president said. He added that the capacity of the facility will allow practitioners of other sports - kayak-canoes among others - to train here during the foundation period.
Lajos Szokol considers it important that the modern facility opens up new possibilities for student sports as well, the children can get acquainted with the basics of athletics in completely different circumstances than on the previous slag track. He is confident that this will also increase the number of people choosing the sport.


📌5. Mol handed over a new research and development center in Százhalombatta

Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, one of the most modern experimental reactor systems in the world, supplied and operated them, the other equipment was procured from 90% of Hungarian suppliers.
With an investment of ten million euros, Mol has handed over a new research and development center at the Százhalombatta in the Danube Refinery, the oil company said.
At Mol Polyol's research and development center, 12 engineers and 7 technicians carry out the research and development work.
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, one of the most modern experimental reactor systems in the world, supplied and operated them, the other equipment was procured from 90% of Hungarian suppliers.
Mol and thyssenkrupp have also entered into a joint research and development agreement to facilitate the entry of both companies into the polyol market.
The investment is of key importance for the whole region
Gabriel Szabó, the downstream managing director of the Mol Group, announced that the research and development center was named after György Mosonyi, the late CEO of Mol. The experts working in the laboratory equipped with the most modern equipment will develop the products of the Tiszaújváros polyol plant with the help of innovative solutions.
This center is not only of key importance to Mol, but also of national importance as the most modern polyol research center in Central and Eastern Europe.
the driver pointed out.
Sami Pelkonen, CEO of thyssenkrupp chemical progress technologies segment, highlighted in the announcement that the R&D laboratory launched thanks to their agreement is a big step towards finding and winning new markets for Mol polyol products.
The Mol Group's 2030 strategy sets the goal that the petrochemical business will contribute an increasing share to the results of the entire group. To this end, Mol will build a polyol complex in Tiszaújváros with an investment of EUR 1.2 billion, and the development of products with market potential and satisfying the needs of the customer base is essential for the successful operation of the plant.


📌6. The House of Culture will be renewed in Lőrinci

The works are coming to an end, the captions are in place in the picture.



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They promised, they do it. New double-decker trains are available

By 2022, 40 such trains will be on the market, 50 stations will be renewed! (more improvements at the end of the article!)

They promised, they do it.  New double-decker trains are available

The Gyurcsánys accumulated HUF 300 billion in debt at MÁV and did not develop the railway. In contrast, the national government has settled the debt and is constantly improving its fleet, track and stations as well!

On November 30, new KISS motor trains will start the passenger test operation on the Budapest-Vác-Szob and Budapest-Cegléd-Szolnok lines, so four-storey trains will transport passengers on the Vác and two on the Cegléd line. Passengers can meet a total of six storey trains on the two busiest suburban lines.

The 600-seat double-decker trains obtained the necessary permit for passenger test operation after the preliminary examinations and tests, MÁV announced.

By the end of 2022, each of the ordered vehicles, a total of 40 KISSs, can be placed on the market, thus achieving that


The railway company continues to urge its passengers to comply with public health regulations and remember that the use of the mask is mandatory not only on public transport but also at the station and stops where the passenger is before or after take-off.

Further developments:
📌50 renewable station projects:https://www.mavhmä.hu/mav/50-megujulo-allomas
📌NIF Zrt railway development projects (113 pieces)
📌The HÉV will also be renewed! 54 new, modern, air-conditioned, low-floor thermal trains arrive.
📌Transformed Kaposvár: the first new intermodal hub in the country was handed over. Next to it, the train station building was also renovated.
📌Railway with a speed of 160 km / h! Reality, not a dream.
📌12 tram-trains will run between Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely
📌A comprehensive picture of the situation of the Hungarian State Railways

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New developments!

(444, telex, hvg, index translators translated into their narrative: "stolen money")

New developments!

We build Hungary for our children, just as our fathers built it for us! Brussels wants the goods produced by Hungarians over a thousand years to be handed over voluntarily and singing to those who have never lived here, never worked here and never taxed a stinking iron in Europe or Hungary.

Well this is not going to work! We do not give this country because there is no other from the index, but no other from Hungary. Let's see today's second batch of improvements (we got so much news that instead of the usual "six" posts a day, there will be two today)

📌1. The development of the city center of Tatabánya has reached its final stage

Within the framework of the project, a communal and event space will be created on the site of the former 125-space surface car park, a two-storey underground garage with 279 spaces will be created under the space, and the space in front of the County Hall will be completely renewed.
The project entitled Reconstruction of the public spaces of the city center and Dózsakert is on schedule, which will be one of the most significant functional expansion investments in the history of the city. According to our newspaper, the construction has reached the 75% readiness level, the public utility replacements, the construction and the design of the premises have also been completed. The difficulties encountered have been successfully resolved. During the soil mechanical tests carried out before the start of the investment, it was revealed that the stratum water from the Gerecse Mountains is significant in the work area, therefore the contractor had to ensure the drainage of the work pit with a vacuum well.
Easy parking, spectacular new space
A two-storey, 279-space underground garage will be built on the site of the former 125-space surface car park, which will also provide convenient parking and electric charging for Tatabánya residents and visitors to the city. The communal space above the underground garage is made more comfortable by green islands, street furniture, drinking and fountains, and steam gates.
The pedestrian street of the Dózsakert district has also been renewed
As part of the project, the Dog Garden pedestrian street and its surroundings have also been renovated. In Dózsakert, the green space was renewed, and a green community space was created, which was colored with environmentally friendly and high-quality street furniture. In addition, public lighting and utilities have been modernized and the surveillance camera system has been expanded.

Source, more pictures:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/11/befejezo-szakaszaba-erkezett-a-tatabanyai-varoskozpont-fejleszteseHungarian Builders🇭🇺

📌2. A new and modern tank kitchen was handed over in the Tokaj Trade and Tourism Technical Center of the Szerencs Vocational Training Center!

Zsófia Koncz wrote:
In the 12-job workshop, students can learn the tricks of the profession in a modern environment that will be waiting for them in the world of work. The HUF 75 million investment was made 100% from national sources - and we were lucky enough to taste the first delicious snacks made in the kitchen.


📌3. The road section on Úrkút was handed over and the dental office was renewed

They promised by December, but the 1584-meter road section with which the old dreams of the manors were realized was completed and can be used earlier, as the now renovated section was almost unusable from the potholes. The road renovation cost HUF 156.3 million gross. Due to substructure problems, the contractor replaced the entire track structure on one section, while elsewhere it developed two layers of reinforcement after profile milling. The width of the road did not change, it remained six and a half meters, but at the same time the edge of the bridge was repaired and the traffic engineering elements were also replaced. "Inside and outside, the road damage, which greatly hinders the locals and the traffic passing through, has been repaired, and the investment has been completed to the delight of all of us," said Zoltán Fülöp, Mayor of Úrkút, during the on-site tour.
- It is a great pleasure for us, as we can drive in cultured conditions, thank you very much to the Road and the contractors.
The parliamentary representative of the region, Péter Ovádi, emphasized in this connection that the roads connect settlements and people as well.
In addition, they were pleased to report on the dental practice implemented within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program, which also involved external renovation, insulation, accessibility and equipment (treatment unit, sterilizer) and cost almost HUF 20 million. Member of Parliament Péter Ovádi emphasized that the aim of the Hungarian Village Program is to ensure that people living in small settlements have access to the same services as residents of a larger city. He cited the dental investment in Úrkút as an example, in which the practice was enriched with the most modern tools. According to him, trust is also important in small settlements in connection with such an investment, as in addition to human training, modern technology is also needed. Here it is all together, said Péter Ovádi.


📌4. Székesfehérvár: a leisure park was built for 1.2 billion forints

Tamás Vargha wrote:
Our dream of many decades has come true, as a fantastic leisure and adventure park with sports fields, fitness machines, a playground, a dog runner, a walking path and an event space has been completed at the Palace City Lakes for 1.2 billion forints. I recommend it not only to the people of the palace city, but to all the people of Fehérvár who want to relax.

The construction of the sports and leisure center at the Palotavárosi lakes has been completed. The HUF 1 billion 250 million TOP development serves the needs of city dwellers for a healthy living space, as well as provides a cultured environment for active leisure.
The large-scale project started in October 2019 within the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 program. At the south lake, an event space, a cooking space, a stage, a small playground, as well as a basketball and football field, and a dirt-bringpark serving the mountain bike and BMX community have been built.
The leisure center was inspected on Friday afternoon by Tamás Vargha, Secretary of State, Member of Parliament of Székesfehérvár, dr. Mayor András Cser-Palkovics and two representatives of Palotaváros, Attila Viza and László Farkas.
In addition to the northern lake, functions were also installed to serve the King Stephen Primary School. There was also a fitness park, a fitness park for the disabled, a traffic sign, a playground for young and older children alike. Two pedestrian bridges were built on the Varga Canal, which separates the north and south units, for interoperability and to connect areas. Around the southern lake, a mixed-use gravel promenade suitable for cycling, running and walking has been created with public lighting. The promenade continues at North Lake, all the way to the school.
Utilities were also developed with public lighting, sports field lighting and a camera system. In the area of ​​the leisure park, two water blocks were built, in which a toilet for the disabled and a changing table were provided. The water block next to the market also includes a market surveillance office. With the expansion of the existing car parks and the construction of a new paved car park and road next to the Varga canal, the parking facility was expanded, the road connection of which was realized by converting the junction into a roundabout.
During the construction, given the budget of the project, additional needs arose, such as the installation of a playground, almost 300 square meters of artificial grass cover and two Petanque tracks.

Source, more pictures:https://www.facebook.com/varghatamasjanos/posts/3667507240007745

📌5. The new church of Budakeszi was built with a visible concrete tower

The columns of the new building of the Lutheran Church symbolize the five continents and the Carpathian Basin, using the tools and structures of MEVA.
A newly built Lutheran church in the city center was handed over in Budakeszi. As we wrote earlier, the building was built according to the plans of László Benczúr, in the construction of Wandbau Kft., With the materials of MEVA Zsalurendszert Zrt.
It pays tribute to the victims of a century
According to the report of the evangelikustemplom.hu website, at the Thanksgiving service held with a limited number of people, dr. Tamás Fabiny, Bishop of the Northern Lutheran Diocese, served the ministry, and the liturgy was led by local Lutheran pastors and presbyters.
The church, designed by architects Ybl and Prima Primissima, commemorates, among other things, the victims who lost their lives during the persecution of Christians over the past good century.
The tower stretches nearly 20 meters high
Construction of the new church began in November 2017 in Budakeszi, Márity László Street.
On the construction site, the company's MEVA products used hand-operated, lightweight AluFix formwork, among other things, in the design of the tower.
The edge of the roof of the church is supported by six columns, which symbolize the five continents and the Carpathian Basin. On these columns were engraved the names of 72 members of 20 Christian churches in the name of the ecumenism, who became victims of the twentieth century. and XXI. century religious persecutions.
The highest point of the church is the 18.5-meter-high tower, built of visible concrete, supported on both sides by a reinforced concrete wall symbolizing the hands waiting for help from above.

Source, more pictures:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/11/latszobeton-toronnyal-epult-meg-budakeszi-uj-templomaHungarian Builders🇭🇺

📌6. The establishment of the Green City in Derecske has been successfully completed

Derecske - As a result of the project, Derecske was enriched with a new, modern and green city center, which the residents of the city were happy to take possession of. In 2016, the Municipality of Derecske successfully applied for the call for proposals TOP-2.1.2-15, Development of a Green City.
The implementation of the project entitled The Development of a Green City in Derecske and with the identification number TOP-2.1.2-15-HB1-2016-00007 started in 2017 and lasted until 10 November 2020, within the framework of which the city center of Derecske was renewed.
The Town Hall and Nap Street, which surround the center, have been renovated. A new Forum of more than one hectare has been set up. Around the Forum, the old buildings have also been beautified, and a new service house and market hall have been built.
The project with a total cost of HUF 1.131 billion was implemented with the help of a non-refundable EU grant of HUF 728.7 million.

- As a result of the development, for the first time in 2017 the pavement of Városház utca and Szováti út was renewed on a surface of 1364 m². A 669 m² sidewalk, 28 parking lots and a 400 m² park were built.
- In 2018, a complete reconstruction of Nap Street was completed. A covered stormwater drainage system, 2206 m² road, 415 m² sidewalk, 127 parking lots and 195 m² green surface were built.
- In 2019, the multi-generational multifunctional Forum was completed in János Makkay Square. A 9520 m² park, 4302 m² sidewalks, as well as a playground, a running track, an event space, a grandstand and a fountain will enrich the settlement. The use of the Forum is supported by a large number of benches, trash cans, bicycle storage and space monitoring systems.
- In 2020, the new 350 m² market hall was built.
- The two buildings of the new service building were built, in which six business premises, a gym and a conference room were built, on a total of 783 m².
- The 84 m² granary building under local protection was renovated and remodeled.
- The house of culture and the library building were renovated at 557 m². As part of the floor extension, an incubator house with a floor area of ​​326 m² was built.
- Within the framework of the project, the events of the awareness-raising campaign related to each project element were held.
The project was implemented within the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 program. For more information about the project, seehttp://www.derecske.hu/page.



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It’s cold, there’s a virus, but the construction is still performing superbly!

Viktor Orbán said: "No resources are taken away from us, all development is realized!"

It’s cold, there’s a virus, but the construction is still performing superbly!

📌Based on our previously shared articles, we’ve created a video with 1,000 improvements to share with those who only see stadiums.

Let's see today's dose!

📌1. It is already clear what the new court in Érd will look like

The new judicial center in Érd is being built in a greenfield investment. The project involves the construction of a three-storey building of approximately 3,570 square meters in a greenfield investment for HUF 3.24 billion. In addition to the court currently operating in a temporary building, the prosecutor's office will also be housed here in the important agglomeration city, and the police headquarters building will also be located nearby, making the construction of an important judicial center in Pest County
Progress is clear
On the ground floor, among other things
nine rooms will be set up,
hand over a customer center,
a witness room is placed,
and a spacious waiting room.
On the upper floors, there will be offices for court staff, as well as management offices and a multifunctional conference room. The project will also include the construction of 99 car parks, as well as the construction and development of public spaces.
After the structural construction has been completed earlier, the focus of the project is now on tinsmith and exterior locksmith work, mechanical and electrical installations and fittings, painting and wallpapering, and garden construction.
The affairs of seven settlements will be handled here
It was established in the temporary building of the District Court of Érd on January 1, 2019, as a result of several decades of preparatory process, it judges cases concerning Érd, Százhalombatta, Pusztazámor, Diósd, Tárnok, Sóskuta and Törökbálint.

Source, more pictures:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/11/mar-latzik-hogyan-fog-kinezni-az-uj-erdi-birosag-galeria Hungarian Builders 🇭🇺


From today, commuters in the area can use the final route of the newly built road with a new border crossing point on the Hungarian and Austrian sides.
Another milestone was the modernization of the section of the main road No. 87 between Kőszeg and Rőtfalva. During the road construction works, the continuous maintenance of the traffic of the main road in the 2 × 1 lane was a priority. To this end, from 8 April 2020, traffic could proceed on a newly constructed diversion road
On November 26, 2020, from 12 noon, another traffic change began. Traffic was diverted to the new section of the main road No. 87 completed within the crown edge. Thus, commuters in the area can already use the final route of the newly built road with a new border crossing point on the Hungarian and Austrian sides.
At the same time, the old Kőszeg-Rattersdorf Border Crossing Point will be temporarily closed. On the Hungarian side, the work will continue, therefore speed limits will be introduced on the new route, and on the section 407/2020 on the temporary reintroduction of border control due to the emergency situation caused by the Covid-19 virus. (VIII. 30.) during the entry into the country, the Police also carry out border checks on a permanent basis.
Due to the changing traffic regulations and the ongoing work, we ask for the kind patience and increased attention of those traveling in the area, as well as the increased observance of the TRAFFIC signs (restrictions) placed at diversions and border controls.
The route connects the main road No. 87 on the Hungarian side with the road B61a on the Austrian side with a new border crossing point, thus relieving the existing narrow-border Kőszeg border station and the inner section of the Austrian settlement of Rattersdorf (Rőtfalva).
During the development of the border connection between Kőszeg and Rőtfalva, an intervention was carried out on the Hungarian side on a section of 825 meters long, of which a new route was built on 625 meters, and the existing main road No. 87 was renovated on the remaining 200 meters. Until the completion of the project, by June 30, 2021, the road construction contractor will have to build a new road connection to the road leading to the old Kőszeg border crossing, complete the hydraulic works on the section of the main road 87 to be handed over, in addition to the crown edge. In order to ensure drainage, you will have to build a drainage system along the old railway embankment along the main road No. 87 along the old railway embankment, as well as a connection to the stormwater drainage channel.
The aim of the project is to improve the accessibility of the surrounding Hungarian and Austrian settlements and to make more efficient use of the common opportunities inherent in cross-border infrastructure. The investment was supported by a joint Interreg V-A project with the project Renovation of the Zsira-Lutzmannsburg (Locsmánd) connecting road project.
The project is implemented on behalf of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, in the investment of NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt., Within the framework of the Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary Cooperation Program 2014-2020. The construction is carried out by VértesAszfalt Építőipari, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. And Meliorációs és Rekultivációs Kft. With a net value of HUF 1,539,976,875.


📌3. The multifunctional learning center of the University of Debrecen is developing nicely

The newspaper of the University of Debrecen, Egyetemi Élet, published two recent photos (and in pairs the visual designs) on Facebook about the construction of the Learning Center.
The study center of the University of Debrecen on Dóczy József Street has been built by Dryvit Profi Kft. In Debrecen since spring, and they have 14 months to complete the work.
In the new, multifunctional, modern and comfortable learning center, students can prepare individually or in small groups, and the new building will also be a venue for lectures and exams. The facility will serve to build the community by integrating students of different nationalities and large numbers into a learning community, taking into account the individual needs of each culture.
The three - storey building with a net useful floor area of ​​4249 square meters will have a reinforced concrete structure with a lightweight closed - open mechanical roof level. On the ground floor there is a central hall, communal spaces, a lecture hall for 256 people, accessible from the first floor level, a buffet, an office and service spaces. Rest gardens will be built in front of the entrances. On the 1st floor, there will be open, separable, walled community student boxes. A II. upstairs electronic examination room, training rooms, separate consultation rooms, prayer room, while the III. upstairs there will be a server room and mechanical rooms.
The interior of the 4,200-square-foot study center will be similar to that of the renovated Library of the Humanities and will evoke a club-like atmosphere.
The net investment of HUF 3 billion 416 and a half million forints is implemented by the University of Debrecen with EU support and own resources. The Learning Center is expected to be available to students from the next school year.


📌4. The construction of the Innovation Center of the University of Debrecen is progressing well - with video

Debrecen - The foundation stone was laid only six months ago, but the facility in the industrial park on Vezér út is ready for construction.
The cornerstone of the Innovation Center was laid on 9 June in the presence of László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Development. In the industrial park of the University of Debrecen, this will be the first building based specifically on university knowledge, serving both research and industrial needs.
It is planned that the more than 5,000 square meter, three-storey facility in the Science, Technology and Innovation Park of the University of Debrecen will be handed over in the spring of 2021. The center, with its spectacular, huge glass façade, will bring together actors from education, research and the private sector.
"The building will primarily be used for incubation activities, but it will also serve as an educational and practical base, where projects from start-up companies will be available from theoretical research to prototype production," said Chancellor Zoltán Bács to hirek.unideb.hu.
The Innovation Center, which will be 85% of the HUF 3.8 billion, will also play a role in serving the companies moving into the science park. The missing part of the implementation will be able to be adapted on the ground floor “operational” level or on the top “office” floor, depending on the needs of the movers. The middle level of “open office & meeting rooms” will be fully prepared for those who want to move in or want to use only one work space.
A pilot vaccine plant and a vehicle laboratory will be built in the next phase in the Science, Technology and Innovation Park of the University of Debrecen. Archaeological work is already being carried out at the planned site of the latter. The originally 25-hectare university industrial park now awaits 70 hectares of joint investments with knowledge-intensive sectors. Innovative investments are being made in the DE science park, primarily in the healthcare and automotive industries.
The university-owned UD TUTI Science, Technology and Innovation Park Nonprofit Ltd. plays a decisive role in the implementation of the Innovation Center and the infrastructural development of the science park. The area was prepared by Dryvit Profi Kft., Based on the plans of BORD Építész Stúdió Kft. will be implemented by Hunép Kft. until February 2021.

Source, video, more pictures:https://www.dehir.hu/debrecen/jol-halad-a-debreceni-egyem-innovacios-kozpontja/2020/11/20/

📌5. The Forrás kindergarten in Orosháza was renewed

The renovation of the Forrás Reformed Kindergarten in Orosháza has been completed. The institution has undergone expansion, energy investment, external and internal renovation.
On December 20, 2017, the Orosháza Reformed Parish received a non-refundable grant of HUF 270.75 million based on the support decision of the Békés County Local Government thanks to the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program managed by the county local government. The aim of the development was to improve access to basic child welfare services and kindergarten care, to improve the quality of services, to support the employment of those raising young children, and to help families. The existing kindergarten building was expanded during the development, the net floor area increased by nearly 600 square meters. The institution was enriched with three new group rooms and a heating kitchen.
The new wing was built in accordance with the current energy requirements, and the old part of the building underwent energy renovation with the replacement of doors and windows, wall and ceiling insulation, so the maintainer can save significant costs during the operation of the institution. The old part of the building was remodeled, new rooms were created by demolishing and relocating public walls, and the interior windows and cladding were also replaced. Parking lots have been set up in the area of ​​the kindergarten, among which there is a barrier-free space.
In addition to the renovation works, new kindergarten equipment and furniture were purchased, with which the new rooms were furnished, and the previous, worn-out equipment was replaced. With the expansion, the number of places in the institution has also increased, so far the kindergarten has been able to accommodate 45 children, now it is possible to take care of 30 more, 75 young children in Orosháza and the surrounding area.


📌6. The developed embankments of Csongrád-Csanád county were handed over

The flood protection situation in the Lower Tisza Valley has improved, the risk of flooding has decreased, and the costs of flood protection are expected to decrease due to developments implemented with HUF 12 billion in EU support in the Southern Great Plain, the regional water directorate informed MTI- t.
According to the communication, the protection implemented by the National Directorate General for Water and the Lower Tisza Region Water Directorate has improved the protection of people living in the area, industrial and economic facilities and the agricultural areas concerned. The development also contributes to the protection of protected floodplain areas and the unique natural values ​​found there. The most significant flood protection development project of the last fifty years has affected the outskirts of Baks, Szentes, Mindszent, Szegvár and Apátfalva.
Large flood gates were built on the Dongéri and Sámson-Apátfalvi-Szárazér main canals to contain the flood waves, which are supplemented by 20-20 pumps with a capacity of 0.5 m3 / s each. On the left bank of the Hármas-Körös and Tisza rivers, embankment development works were carried out for a total length of 9.7 kilometers, during which the section size of the embankments was increased and a new road surface was built on the dam crown. At Mindszent, one inoperable pumping station was demolished and another was upgraded, increasing its capacity.
The Upper Kurca and Kurcatoroki locks, which play a significant role in the region, have been rebuilt and two dam sites have been completely renovated. The implementation of the project was an outstanding investment from the engineering point of view, involving the movement of more than one million cubic meters of land, during which flood gates were installed on the lower section of the Tisza.



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Another dose of "stolen" money

In the dictionary of the left, this means that this money is not in their Cypriot bank accounts, but was spent for the benefit of the Hungarian people, for the development of Hungary.

Another dose of "stolen" money

🇭🇺Spectacular video based on our previous articles:

Let's see the latest developments!

📌1. The hundred-year-old grammar school of Buda received a new gymnasium

The new gymnasium of St. Margaret's High School in the capital, about 1,400 square meters, has been completed. Together with landscaping, the investment amounted to approximately HUF 2.5 billion.
According to the public procurement data, the building was constructed by Laterex Építő Zrt. And Possibuild Kft. During the handover, it was stated that the state contributed HUF 1 billion 65 million to the construction of the St. Gellért Gymnasium.
A track has also been created at the top
The grammar school, located near Móricz Square in Buda, at the foot of Gellért Hill, was founded 100 years ago by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Savior.
According to the published prospectus
a pile wall around the building on the hillside holds the mass of land so that the north side of the building is completely underground.
The large hall of the gym houses a standard basketball court with a partition curtain that can be lowered in the middle. At the top of the building is a handball court made of rubber. In addition to school activities, the new hall will also serve as a venue for events in the future.
István Simicskó, the leader of the KDNP faction and the Member of Parliament of Újbuda also took part in the handover of the building on Tuesday; and Miklós Soltész, Secretary of State for Church and Ethnic Relations in the Prime Minister's Office. After the speeches, the gymnasium named after St. Gellert was blessed.

Source:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/11/uj-tornacsarnokot-kapott-buda-szazeves-gimnaziuma Hungarian Builders 🇭🇺


During the investment, a prefabricated and monolithic reinforced concrete structure with a 12 4-girder, three-pronged Y-bridge over the railway will be built. On the Kisfaludy street branch of the Y-bridge, bus bays will be formed in both directions. Pedestrian traffic will be provided by a designated pedestrian crossing on the bridge, and barrier-free traffic will be provided by an elevator.
At the intersection of Király and Vörösmarty streets, a new, modern, three-lane, traffic light-controlled turbo system roundabout will be established at the site of the existing traffic light junction.
The roundabout under construction will also be a safe crossing for pedestrians, as a designated pedestrian crossing will be provided with a traffic light. To replace the coniferous plants to be cut down due to the construction of the roundabout, the number and type of plants specified by the city administration will be planted in the designated places, and a green area with an irrigation system will be created inside the roundabout.
The contractor is currently carrying out pile foundation work as long as weather conditions allow. At the same time, the demolition of the embankment belonging to the Vörösmarty Street railway overpass, which was closed in September, will continue.



In the course of the program to increase traffic safety implemented in the investment of NIF Zrt., Four road crossings have been renewed so far in Ceglédbercel, Mende (Gyömrő), Sásd and Sárbogárd; development continues in Farmos and Tápiószentmárton.
In all cases, all the railway crossings of the project will be designed so that the vehicles running there can pass safely and without interruption. All renovated crossings have a high-load, long-life crossing system that securely connects the road and the rail. There will be less travel time as well as vehicle operating costs. The investment will contribute to reducing the number of accidents and material damage in passenger and rail freight.
More details:https://nif.hu/2020/11/utemtervnek-megfeleloen-haladnak-a-munkak-a-kozlekedesbiztonsag-javitasi-program-a-mav-halozatan-elnevezesu-projekt-ii-a-utemeben/


📌4. Modern Cities Program: The NYVSC sports field in Nyíregyháza will be renewed

Ferenc Kovács, The mayor of Nyíregyháza wrote:
Anyone who knew the old NYVSC course knows what impossible conditions were there, the meadow dominated the edge of Garden City.
It used to be owned by MÁV, the previous city management had already made a bad agreement with the railway, and a decade and a half ago the then local government took on a multi-million-year burden. As a responsible city manager, I managed to find a solution to get the sports complex owned by the city, which is the basis of the development. Now, before our eyes, a European-level facility is outlined on the site as part of the government’s Modern Cities Program. It has more and more spectacular elements both outside and inside, we are waiting for its completion next spring.
We will be proud of him!


📌5. The new wing of the Szent László ÁMK building in Baja has been completed

With the help of about HUF 456 million in government support, the new wing of the Szent László ÁMK could be built. The thousand-square-meter, three-storey part of the building, as well as the associated sports field and outdoor fitness park, have been completed according to the latest technological requirements. Thanks to the development, students will be able to continue their studies in a homely environment, in a modern and high-quality environment.

As previously reported, the 1,000-square-meter part of the building will be built from a total of nearly 900 million forints, according to the most modern technological requirements, with a solar roof structure and a heat pump heating system. Each level will have multiple classrooms, multiple grouping rooms, offices, and service rooms. In the spirit of modernity, interactive displays and digital tools will also contribute to the effective acquisition of the curriculum.
The sports yard of the institution has also been completely renewed: the sports facilities have been expanded with a fitness park, a multi-lane running track and a multifunctional sports field.
Two years ago, before the start of the investment, Secretary of State Róbert Zsigó, Member of Parliament for Baja and his region, said: In 2017, the Government of Hungary decided to start the largest school development program of the last decades, and since then educational institutions. - We will continue this work in the future, as it is in the common interest of all of us to continuously improve the conditions of education.
The top students of the school are already looking forward to taking possession of the new wing of the building, said Róbert Hajdók, director of the Szent László ÁMK, on ​​Wednesday, November 25, during the tour of the facility. "In the beginning, we faced many problems and pitfalls, but thanks to the contractor, the school wing was completed on time," the head of the institution added.
Students of the Szent László ÁMK are expected to move into the new wing of the building in early January.

Source, more pictures:https://www.facebook.com/zsigorobert/posts/3381593321952167

📌6. The development of the Mosoni-Danube has taken a spectacular step forward - video

With the work of Kötiviép’B and Mészáros and Mészáros, the significant water level drops of the river will be eliminated.
The delivery of the segment boards to the estuary under construction on the Mosoni-Danube has been completed, the community page of the North Transdanubia Water Directorate announced. The project is being carried out by a consortium of Mészáros és Mészáros Kft. And Kötiviép’B Kft. The engineering tasks are performed by Főber Zrt., The formwork tools are provided by Magyar Doka Kft. In August of this year, the 60 percent investment will be coordinated by a consortium formed by the National Water Directorate General and the North Transdanubia Water Directorate.
The main goal of the works is to rehabilitate the water level at the mouth of the Mosoni-Danube, ie to stop the lowering of small and medium water levels.
The problem was caused by the significant subsidence of the riverbed on the Danube from the 1950s to the 1960s.

With the work of Kötiviép’B and Mészáros and Mészáros, the significant water level drops of the river will be eliminated.
The delivery of the segment boards to the estuary under construction on the Mosoni-Danube has been completed, the community page of the North Transdanubia Water Directorate announced. The project is being carried out by a consortium of Mészáros és Mészáros Kft. And Kötiviép’B Kft. The engineering tasks are performed by Főber Zrt., The formwork tools are provided by Magyar Doka Kft. In August of this year, the 60 percent investment will be coordinated by a consortium formed by the National Water Directorate General and the North Transdanubia Water Directorate.
The main goal of the works is to rehabilitate the water level at the mouth of the Mosoni-Danube, ie to stop the lowering of small and medium water levels.
The problem was caused by the significant subsidence of the riverbed on the Danube from the 1950s to the 1960s.
The transport was also filmed from the suite of the Rába Hotel
As a defining element of the investment, an estuary structure will be built, in connection with which the segment board elements were delivered from the production plant to the work area. The operation was reported in the short film below.
The special oversized consignments were moved under police escort, accompanied by Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. And the transport company. The elements had to be transported from the production hall of HORA Kft. In Mosonmagyaróvár on the main road 1, on the M1 motorway, on the road 813, also affecting the inner area of ​​Mosonmagyaróvár and Győr. The shipment was accompanied by several cameramen, who filmed the balcony of one of the suites of the Rába Hotel.
Ecological interoperability is also ensured
As indicated earlier, the structure under construction plays a complex role. Accordingly, it consists of a water level regulator serving as a flood gate, a ship lock and a fish passage (this ensures the ecological interoperability of the Mosoni-Danube).
In addition, an operational bridge will be handed over in its area and a two-storey treatment building will be built. Flood protection embankments will be added to the structure, and boat-lifting ramps and falcons will ensure the free movement of water tourists.
The work of art is also of great importance for Győr, as the old water life of Győr can be revived with the stabilization of the water level.
They move the mouth of the river
Another important detail is that the relocation of the Mosoni-Danube estuary is part of the investment. The new riverbed that will be built will lead the water of the Mosoni-Danube to the Danube, partly on the Wolf Island, and partly on the island of Torda, through the estuary, about one and a half kilometers above the current estuary. The current riverbed will be transferred over the Győr-Gönyű National Public Port.
The sites of the investment are the island of Torda at the mouth of the Danube and the Mosoni-Danube and the nearby floodplain areas, which are located near the Elders northeast of Győr.

Source, video:https://magyarepitok.hu/vizgazdalkodas/2020/11/latvanyos-lepessel-haladt-elore-a-mosoni-duna-fejlesztese-videoval


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Despite the current situation, developments do not stop!

Despite the current situation, developments do not stop!

The left would stop everything, as they are still constantly demanding that developments be stopped. They do not understand that behind the improvements are jobs, tax revenue, cost reduction. How much cheaper is it to maintain a school that has undergone energy modernization than to “heat the street” from an outdated building? They don't think so!

📌For the sake of new members: Here is a video based on previously published articles. Fidesz-KDNP - the country builders!

Let's see today's dose!

📌1. Energy renovation will be implemented in the Nyírlugos primary school.

Member of Parliament Simon Miklóswritten by:
With the expenditure of about HUF 230 million, an energy renovation will be carried out at the St. Peter and Paul Greek Catholic Primary School in Nyírlugos, which we viewed in the company of Mayor György Hovánszki.
Congratulations Nyírlugos!

Source, more pictures:https://www.facebook.com/simonmiklos.sza6.vk/posts/2701354940178911

📌2. Asphalting works throughout the week on road number 8311

Ákos Kara wrote:
I respectfully draw the attention of Győrújbarát, rabbits and those traveling on the affected road section to the fact that on my initiative, following the government's decision, the renovation of road 8311 between Ménfőcsanak – Győrújbarát – Nyúl will take place after 24 November 2020, 25, 26 Asphalting works will continue on the 27th, 27th and 28th.
I wish you all good health! I wish the patients a speedy recovery and the quarantined ones a lot of patience!
As a Member of Parliament, I am working hard to further develop our region and our country.🇭🇺

Source, more pictures:https://www.facebook.com/karaakos.gyor/posts/3473097432786982

📌3. In this way, the renovation of the already impressive Füzér castle can continue

In the ongoing project, they will soon be able to work on, among other things, the castle walls and the bastion wall, with an investment of about 2.92 billion forints.
New developments can be started in the already significantly advanced reconstruction of the Füzér castle at the northern state border of Zemplén. In the project, which has been reported several times, LAKI Épületszobrász Zrt. Can continue the work according to the data of the EU public procurement notice.
In the tender now closed by the Füzér Castle Guardianship, a company that already knows the castle can work on two sub-projects out of a total of HUF 2.92 billion. The first of these is expected in the Upper Castle
the Rimay house with an exhibition room and a research room,
and the Papal House will be renovated as a staircase (230 square meters net).
The castle walls receive static reinforcement,
or work in multiple server rooms and on elevators.
As described in the other sub-project, a service block with a wooden storage, water block and warehouses will be built on the site of the cannon hill in front of the Upper Castle porthole bastion wall, as well as a walkway and a green roof directly above the castle wall. There will be an auditorium in the castle courtyard when the works are completed. Static reinforcement of the castle walls was also planned.
In Füzér, one of Hungary's first stone castles regains its old glow
The castle of Füzér was built in the Middle Ages and towers 170 meters above the village of the same name. It is believed that it was built by the Aba clan in the Árpádian era, and its special feature is that it may be one of the first aristocratic stone castles in Hungary. According to previous statements, by the first half of 2018 alone, more than 90,000 tourists have visited since the end of the first restoration phase in 2016. The full, comprehensive restoration is expected to last until 2025.

Source:Hungarian Builders 🇭🇺

📌4. The Kanizsa Arena has reached a milestone: the sports hall has been completed

The sports hall, built by ZÁÉV, together with the mobile stands, will be able to accommodate 3,000 people.
The multifunctional sports and event hall to be built in Nagykanizsa has reached its highest point, which will be built from nearly HUF 15 billion by ZÁÉV Zrt. Within the framework of the Modern Cities Program (MVP) - and on this occasion a bouquet ceremony was held on the spot. The project was last reported in June, when the investment was at 15% completion.
The supporting structure of the facility has been completed and its walls have reached the highest height, so construction of the roof structure can begin.
The sports hall will be located on an area of ​​more than 80,000 square meters, on a municipally owned property close to the city center.
The arena, together with the open mobile stands, will be able to accommodate 3,000 spectators.
In addition to sporting events, the contractors are building infrastructure suitable for other events - concerts, exhibitions, fairs, city community events, cultural events. During such events, it will be possible to accommodate an additional 2,000 spectators on the battlefield.
Various functions can be developed in the sports hall
On weekdays, two handball-sized areas can be created on the sports field of the hall using the closed mobile stands. The facility is also suitable for separating the battlefield into three parts, so that three basketball court-sized areas can be formed crosswise.
The separate arena required for separation, partitions, changing rooms, wardrobes and other service rooms allow several activities to be carried out in parallel in the hall.
In the arena, it will also be possible to separate residential and sports use.
The contractor ZÁÉV Zrt. Took over the work area last December, and the construction of the hall is currently at a 30% readiness level.

Source, more pictures:

📌5. The battle kindergarten was beautified

During the autumn of 2020, with the support of the Hungarian Government, the kindergarten of the Battle of Leva district was also beautified. The developments took place in the third phase of the Carpathian Basin Kindergarten Development Program.
In addition to Hungarian, an institution that also includes a Slovak-language department currently works with thirty-five children. This number of people almost exceeds the capacity of the kindergarten.
From the amount of support, we managed to renovate the roof structure and insulate the building. In addition, the Hungarian-language department was painted and a storage room was built at its own expense, and the terrace of the kindergarten was given a new outdoor covering with the help of sponsors. ”
- said Judit Debnár, the principal of the kindergarten, to our question, who was also pleased that the number of Hungarian kindergarteners has increased since September this year; the number of twelve last year increased to nineteen.
Their development plans also include replacing the flooring in the group rooms as well as painting additional rooms, but they would also buy new lockers, as they also consider it important to replace the less efficient radiators.
Yard development has begun in recent years. We plan to make the playground safer and more attractive by providing new playground elements. From tender sources and on their own, we managed to create a transport track in the yard of the kindergarten. However, we would like to see further development in the field of transport education in the future, ”she said, emphasizing the importance of developing digital teacher education in kindergartens, especially in relation to the current viral situation. “We would also be happy to upgrade the ICT tools we use. Of course, in addition to providing the material and technical background of the kindergarten, our goal is high-quality teacher education and experience-oriented kindergarten education. We consider it very important to fully prepare school-going children for school life. We work closely with the local Gábor Baross Elementary School, as well as with the institutions and local organizations of the neighboring villages. A positive relationship with the maintainer will significantly help us to achieve our aspirations, ”added Judit Debnár.


📌6. A busy inland road will be renewed in Eger

Within the framework of the project, in addition to the western section of Külsősor út, two asphalt-covered bus stops will be built.
The renovation of the western section of the busy and in poor condition Külsősor út in Eger can start in the spring with almost four hundred million forints from EU funds.
According to the information of the press officer of the local government, Andrea Szalay, the total cost of the investment is HUF 374 million, the construction can start in the spring of 2021 after the signing of the sponsorship contract and the public procurement procedure.
Two bus stops will also be built in the investment
As part of the investment, the following will be renewed:
the parking lane,
replace obsolete lamp arms and luminaires,
and the network extension will be carried out at the previously unlit railway crossing.
An important element of the development will be the construction of a safe pedestrian crossing and the construction of an asphalt pavement almost 600 meters long, the press officer added.
Within the framework of the project, in addition to the western section of Külsősor út, two asphalt-covered bus stops will be built.


Pass on the reality!

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We present the other 6 implemented developments

Share it to open together the eyes of the "stadionozók"!

We present the other 6 implemented developments

A park, a library, a doctor’s office, a new nursery, a renovated street, a modernized parish, and a new school gymnasium will be on the table in this article.
🇭🇺In the video below you will find at least 1000 more improvements!

📌1. Symbolic development: a park was built on the site of a school closed by the left before 2010.
A brief history of development.
- The socks closed the school and SELL the property.
- Fidesz bought back the property and gave it back to the people of Csepel in the form of a beautiful park.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1874/2020-ban_meg_mindig_lapatukat_a_baloldali_utan_hatrahagyott_oroksegetEgy_bezart_iskola_gyaszos_tortenete

We are constantly beautifying and making Csepel greener. Today, without holding an event, we handed over to the people of Csepel the park built on the Csikó promenade, on the site of the former Görgey school, with Lívia Tukacs, the local government's expert on sustainable development. The old school was closed by the Socialists before 2010 and then sold to house a housing estate there. As a mayor, I made a promise to him, and we also got the property back and then demolished the remaining pile of rubble. With community planning, based on your suggestions, we have re-enchanted a total of 16,000 square meters.
To this end, we built a 500-meter paved pedestrian walkway between the shop line and the park, while within the park it was completed on 1,700 square meters. For those looking to play sports, a 360-meter-long rubber-covered running circuit, badminton and football court, a teqball, ping pong table and a chess table were built. In addition, there is a spectacular fountain and modern benches and drinking fountains for visitors to the park. The water supply to the fountain was designed so that children could play there safely in the summer heat🙂
In the spirit of greening, we planted 40 trees and grassed nearly 13,000 square meters in the area, which was equipped with a modern irrigation system. In addition, we created new parking spaces while renovating existing ones. Finally, we put in order the road section between the park and Cirmos sétány 4 / A, as well as the road section opposite Spar there.
Thank you for the patience, understanding and cooperation of the families and businesses living in the area.
Take care of the park, take care of each other! We built the new park of Csepel for you and our grandchildren.
Hajrá Csepel!


📌2. The most visited public institution in Archbishop's has been renewed

Perhaps the most important building of the Archbishop's in a completely new robe. The municipality successfully applied for the renovation of the property, which also includes the library of the settlement and the doctor's office, in the spring of 2016, after which the work could start in November 2019.
And the end result was very spectacular, which was also shown to the press on Friday morning. They have created a real cultural, community space where, in addition to books, various computer tools and the Internet are also available. The library has been given new furniture, so from now on the Csanáds can choose from the books under decent conditions, as well as the library staff can work.
“This building is one of the oldest, one of the most beautiful and otherwise the most visited public institutions in the village,” said Róbert Felső, the mayor of Archbishop’s Council, in his greeting. This is no coincidence, as in addition to the library, the GP surgery is also located here. The facade of the building is protected, which posed a special challenge to the designers. Both the gate and the building managed to retain the Sárköz motifs. That is why I am sure that from now on this building will be included in all the tourist and campaign materials of the Archbishop, ”said the mayor.
In his greeting, Róbert Felső thanked all the participants who helped in the investment in any way. He emphasized that they had not had a meeting with Róbert Zsigó, the Member of Parliament of the region, in recent years, when the library building would not have been discussed. This time the politician could not take part in the handover, his greetings were handed over to those present by Norbert Vedelek, Vice-President of the Bács-Kiskun County Assembly.

Source, more pictures:https://bacskaiharsona.hu/news/megujult-a-leglatogatottabb-ersekcsanadi-kozintezmeny/

📌3. A new crèche was built in Bokodon for HUF 125 million.

The investment was aimed at creating day care for young children, and thus access to crèche services for the population of the settlement.
The reason for the implementation of the project was that there was no crèche service in the settlement, although there was a growing demand from the population.
Czunyiné dr. Judit Bertalan wrote: It's done. We'll see, we'll show you. It's been beautiful! The new crèche in Bokod is waiting for the children from Monday.

Source, more pictures:https://www.facebook.com/drberepar.judit/posts/3678696372181799

📌4. Török Ignác utca in Szombathely was renewed

Török Ignác utca in the Szentkirály district has been renewed, connecting Szent István király utca and Rumi utca. It was asphalted along its entire length, the sidewalk was given a new pavement, and the trenches were tidied up. The work area was handed over in April, and the work worth HUF 126 million has now been completed. The city is renovating three streets from its own budget: Mészáros Lőrinc Street has recently been handed over to traffic, and the renovation of Vadász Street is expected to be completed by mid-January.

Source. video:https://www.tvszombathely.hu/hirek/megujult-a-torok-ignac-utca-20201116

📌5. The parish building of Pannonhalma Abbey was renovated

The aim of the Hungarian village program is to enable people to live in villages with a similar quality of life as the cities, so the government supports all organizations that can achieve this goal, the government commissioner for the development of modern settlements emphasized in Pannonhalma on Thursday.
The renovated Parish Building of Our Lady of the Fruit Pest in Pannonhalma on the day of handover, October 22, 2020. In the background you can see the building of the Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma
Alpár Gyopáros announced that since the beginning of the Hungarian Village Program, since 2019, HUF 100 billion has been allocated to settlements, of which HUF 12 billion to churches.
As he said, the developments have led to an increase in the population of small settlements across the country.
Despite political attacks on church improvements, the government is committed to implementing the program, as historic churches have been an integral part of village communities for millennia, he stressed.
The government is supporting NGOs, churches, municipalities and families, among others, to make the program a reality, he underlined.


📌6. A gymnasium was built in Tiszabő

The gymnasium has been handed over, and the building will soon be filled with sports enthusiasts.
Within days, the municipality took over from the contractor and then handed over to the Maltese Charity Service the new separate gymnasium of the primary school, more than seven hundred square meters.
- According to the plans, the students of the primary school will be able to use it from the middle of December, and the sports clubs in the area would also hold trainings here, several of them indicated the needs to us - informed Deputy Mayor Zoltán Bíró.
Photo: János Mészáros
With a ceiling height of more than seven meters, the sports hall is suitable for many other sports in addition to basketball, volleyball and indoor football. A ground-floor service area was also built for the gym with two different student locker rooms, a teacher and first aid room, a ceremony, and barrier-free washrooms.
The investment was made exclusively from the central budget, three hundred million forints.



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The left is developing its own companies in Cyprus, while the national government is developing Hungary


The left is developing its own companies in Cyprus, while the national government is developing Hungary

When accusing Fidesz of "stealing", always ask what it all is made of if everything is stolen, and why nothing was built between 2002-2010 if they did not steal. These are difficult questions, give them time to prepare.
We are pleased to report on recent developments: Renovation of a doctor's office, railway development, underpass, swimming pool and gym, new crèche, new school and a newly handed over doctor's office.

🔴We’ve collected images from our previous articles in one video, well worth a look and share!

📌1. Medical office renewed in Újfehértó!

Member of Parliament Simon Miklós wrote:
Value creation in Nyírség 152 .: The building of the Central Medical Office in Újfehértó was renovated.
Using the support of the Ministry of the Interior for more than 26 million forints, the building of the Central Medical Office in Újfehértó was renovated, supplemented by the city's own resources. We visited it in the company of Mayor József Hosszú.
Congratulations Újfehértó!


📌2. The largest transport development project of Komárom-Esztergom county has started

A-Híd Zrt. Is building a new railway underpass, which will, among other things, distribute the traffic from the industrial park more evenly.
The construction of the new railway underpass has started in Tatabánya under the construction of A-Híd Zrt. For about HUF 7 billion in the investment of Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. .
On the one hand, the new crossing will distribute the traffic from the industrial park more evenly, as well as improve the approach to St. Barbara's Hospital, where a HUF 18 billion development program will soon begin.
The investment includes:
* construction of a more than 800-meter, 2x1-lane road with a 220-meter road underpass.
* construction of a new railway bridge with 2 tracks,
* as well as the implementation of a 6.5 meter wide connecting road with sidewalks and cycle paths.
The picture taken in Gyomaendrőd shows the underpass handed over in 2014.

According to the information of the project manager of A-Híd Zrt., Since during the construction the transport on the main railway line has to be ensured, as a first step a diversion track will be completed by March 2021.
The investment makes urban transportation easier
János Bencsik, who had previously run the city for twenty years, reminded that the connection of the districts had been on the agenda for a long time, as the 15-kilometer-long county seat was cut in half by the Budapest-Vienna railway line. Currently, only three locations can cross the tracks, which significantly slows down traffic.
At the press conference, Mayor Ilona Szücsné Posztovics said that: the county's largest transport development investment can be completed by March 2023.
The underpass also has a combined walkway and bike lane.
The local government of Tatabánya will provide half a billion forints for its own investment, and 6.5 billion forints will come from the Modern Cities Program and regional development funds, in equal proportions.


📌3. A disadvantaged micro-region will also receive a swimming pool and a gym

A 1,300-square-meter swimming pool will be built in Sarkad, which will include a 25-meter swimming pool, as well as a 1,300-square-meter sports hall in connection with the local primary school.
A witness pool can be built in Sarkad, Békés County, for more than one billion forints, where a city gymnasium is also being built for nearly 1.4 billion forints. Mayor István Mokán said that the investment will make a dream come true for decades, as there is no swimming pool or spa in the Sarkad micro-region, which is one of the most disadvantaged micro-regions in the country and Sarkad is the only city.
The work area will be handed over to the contractor within two weeks, who will have 480 days to complete the project.
As part of the investment, car parks will also be built and green space will be landscaped. The swimming pool is sure to open in the summer of 2022, the mayor said, expressing hope that the swimming pool would be open to the general public during the free periods.
A 1,300 square meter swimming pool will be built
In the summer of 2017, a government decision was made naming the construction of a swimming pool in Sarkadon. Back in the same year, the municipality transferred the 4670-square-meter area of ​​the former sports field to the state free of charge.
A 1,300-square-foot swimming pool has been designed here, with a 25-meter pool and a smaller training pool.
The operator will be the National Sports Centers, the procurement has already been conditionally carried out, the contract will enter into force upon the adoption of the government decision.
The city gymnasium will be completed next summer
Another sports investment is taking place in the settlement: a 1,300-square-meter city gymnasium will be built at the Sarkadi Primary School on Kossuth Street, which will include a standard handball court, which will hold three physical education classes at a time.
The investment is scheduled to close on August 31 next year and will also be open to out-of-school programs.
The construction of the gym, which has been awaited for decades, not only creates quality sports opportunities, but also creates jobs during and after the construction period.


📌4. The construction of the new crèche in Bugyin is progressing well.

A new crèche will be built in the village of Bugyi with a state subsidy of HUF 317 million. The work is coming to an end soon!
The youngest will soon be able to take possession of the new institution!

From the project description:
The Municipality of Bugyi is developing a new three-person crèche with changing rooms and baths. Employers must have a floor area of ​​at least 50 m2. Employers must be able to be merged as necessary. The building should also have a heating kitchen and a laundry room. The building should also include stroller storage, a changing room, washbasins, heating rooms, an office and a warehouse. Planned net useful floor area according to the design documentation: 495.41 m2

About the project in detail:https://www.kozbeszerzes.hu/ertesito/2019/0/targy/portal_434/meglook/portal_13153_2019/

📌5. A new school is being built in Maglód, Pest County

The teaching of 360 little students is solved with a school building in Maglód.

A contractor is already being sought for Maglód's new 12-class primary school, according to EU public procurement data. The construction in the investment of BMSK Zrt. Will take place on the property bordered by Aradi vértanúk utca and Kepler János utca.
The project will build a one-story institution to accommodate 360 ​​students and 26 teachers with a total floor area of ​​more than 3,600 square feet. During the design of the building, its accessibility is also ensured. Offers are welcome until December 15th.
The building is also serviced by a lift
The school building includes
12 classrooms,
3 small rooms,
a two-part gym with sports floors,
a directory
a heating kitchen,
a dining room
a hall
and an 8-person passenger lift with a capacity of 630 kilograms.
In the external field of the institution, it is realized
800 square meters sports yard,
920 square meters of playground and rest yard,
2800 square meters of rest area and playground,
28 parking spaces,
and more than 1,000 square feet of paving stone is laid.
Solar panels are placed on the roof
The future site of the school used to have buildings that had already been demolished, now an undeveloped area. The educational institution can be divided into four well-divided parts: three wings with a ridge perpendicular to the street of the Martyrs of Arad and the part of the building connecting them parallel to the street. On the north side of the plot, the gym is cut into the natural terrain.
Then, forming half-atriums, the wings of the buildings, which include the lower-class and upper-class classrooms, line up.
There are also specialist classrooms, group rooms, service spaces, as well as the porter and hall element of the main entrance, as well as the dining and heating kitchen that opens from here.
A complete solar system will be installed on the tile roof of the school. It is planned that the new school garden will be divided into four larger units and a total of 83 deciduous trees will be planted. Some of them will appear on the border of the planning area as well as on the street in the form of an alley.


📌6. Important health care development in Rákosmente: a new doctor's office was built

The new healthcare facility of more than 540 square meters will replace the Csongrád Street office.
The capital was completed in the XVII. a new doctor's office in Kucorgó Square. The investment was made entirely from local government sources, almost half a billion forints.
The new institution of more than 540 square meters will replace the clinic on Csongrád Street.
Doctors, nurses and assistants are expected to move in later this year after the municipality has procured the furniture and built the internal IT network. The building also housed 2 GP and pediatric practices as well as a nurse service.
29 parking spaces have also been created
The facility has already been designed to separate patient traffic by destination unit. In addition, surgeries meet accessibility requirements. The investment also included the construction of 29 parking spaces, 11 of which are located within the plot.
Tamás Horváth, the mayor of Rákosmente, spoke at the handover of the building about the end of the five-year program with the investment. Namely, the local government started the developments and reconstructions concerning health care in the previous cycle, so now all district offices have been renewed. The building cost 380 million forints, out of another 110 million forints its surroundings were renovated.



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10 years of development in the country!

The majority see this, we show the others the reality!

10 years of development in the country!

In this post, we report on another 6 enhancements, and in the video below, we’ve collected over 1,000 enhancements based on previously shared posts! Worth checking out!

And then let's see today's list!

📌1. Get closer to handing over the M85 every day

Attila Barczawrote: Every day closer to the handover of the M85. Thanks to the Government of Hungary for making a decade's dream come true in Sopron and thanks to all those who work for it.
Sopron and its region through unprecedented development! Let's continue together!
The project establishing the Sopron expressway is nearing completion. On the M85, work will take place on four sections between Csorna and Fertőrákos near Sopron. At the same time, work has already begun on the fifth section between Fertőrákos and the Austrian border, where tunneling work has recently begun with a church blessing.
Traffic technology is already being developed
Between Fertőd and Nagylózs II. section will be implemented by EuroAszfalt Kft., SWIETELSKY Magyarország Kft. and Betonútépítő Zrt. on 15.6 kilometers. Sándor Macher, Chief Engineer of EuroAszfalt Kft., Reported to the paper on the status of the works.
Rainfall required several weeks of rescue
The project posed a significant challenge to the Ikva stream and its associated flood stream due to weather conditions. “Heavy autumn rains severely hampered both riverbed planning and bridge construction after the riverbed was filled and almost poured out. This resulted in several weeks of rescue and pumping in the work area. ” Sándor Macher said that all this hindered the paving and bedding finishing work related to the bridge.

Source, more pictures:https://www.facebook.com/barcza.attila/posts/1282531722099966

📌2. Győr: Szentiváni út completed: The roadway was renewed and a bicycle path was built

The section of Szentiváni út between Alsókert utca and the Industrial Park was renewed for 156 million forints. During the complex development, not only was the roadway renovated, but a new cycle path was also built…
"Development began in August and was completed in just over three months, making the Industrial Park's approach more accessible to both car and bicycle users." - said Dr. András Csaba Dézsi, mayor. In one part of the roadway, the entire track structure and in another part, the asphalt layer was renewed. A prominent curb on both sides of the road, a closed stormwater drainage system along the entire section were also built, and the ridge of the drinking water pipeline was also widened.
Another TOP tender is for the expansion of the urban cycle path network, in the framework of which a two-way, asphalt paved cycle path on one side of the street, separated from the road, was built on Szentiváni út.
"The two projects have led to a complex development," said Deputy Mayor Ákos Radnóti, who indicated that the drainage system of the road section had already been built with larger capacity, combined drains, which ensure adequate drainage even during heavy rains.
During the investment, the road was renewed at 427 meters and a 474-meter-long cycle path was built. A 447-meter-long closed stormwater ridge pipeline, a 211-meter closed stormwater connection pipeline were completed, and the drinking water pipeline was replaced at 434 meters.
The renovation of the road was carried out within the framework of the Support for Labor Mobility in Győr (Old Szentiváni út) and the construction of the new bicycle path within the framework of the Bicycle Transport Network Infrastructure and Service Development in Győr.


📌3. The renovation of the Igal inner section of the 6503 road has started.

Mihály Witzmannwritten by
I will do my utmost to ensure that further sections of the Kazsok, Büssü, Kisgyalán, Fonó and Baté routes can be renovated in the future.
Step-by-step, with scheduled planning, but more and more state roads can be modernized in my constituency.
The road is part of a HUF 8 billion road development project.
A detailed list of investments with construction companies can be found under the link indicated at the source.

https://magyarepitok.hu/utepites/2020/10/uj-utk fittedatot-nyer-god-a-deli-autopalya-lehajtojahoz

📌4. Swimming education is also solved on the slopes.

The certificate of the Letenye district can be built from more than 1.1 billion forints. The 1,300-square-foot facility will have a 25-meter, six-lane, standard-size pool and a 10 × 6-meter training pool, which can boost not only students ’mandatory swimming lessons, but also recreational and competitive sports in the town.
It is also justified to establish a test pool in the Letenye district, for which the local government also handed over the necessary area - the back yard of the school and a part of the kindergarten - to the future operator of the facility, Investment, Technical, Development, Sports Management and Public Procurement Ltd.
"It is gratifying that the students of the schools of the Letenye district will soon be able to take part in the compulsory swimming lessons on the spot, under modern conditions," said Ferenc Magyar, the head of the tank district center, about the decision to implement the investment the other day.
- The results of the government policy of the years before 2010 were spectacular: underpaid athletes and coaches, dilapidated and disappearing sports associations, poor quality tracks and dilapidated halls characterized the Hungarian sports life - Péter Cseresnyés recalled. The previous unfavorable processes have turned in a positive direction, thanks to which more and more people are playing sports in associations, and new ones are being built instead of closed or destroyed sports fields. Among other things, a number of smaller halls and testimonies have been and are being built in the countryside, including a number of district headquarters, including Letenye, which could become sports centers in the micro-regions in the future.
The construction of the testimony pool is, of course, most enjoyed at the local primary school. Director Márta Simon said that she hopes that the soon-to-be-built swimming pool will not only help with daily physical education and swimming lessons, but that the facility can later become a real community space, as it can be a sanctuary for both leisure and competitive sports. The full investment can be completed in about a year and a half after the handover of the work area.


📌5. So far, successful applications have been received for the development of more than 150 schools in the Hungarian Village Program

Five billion forints will be spent from state support on the renovation of schools, two and a half billion forints for the development of school gyms and gymnasiums.

We have already reported several times about the Hungarian Village Program, in which not only roads, but also schools, community buildings and many other infrastructural or high-rise elements are built and renovated in small settlements in Hungary. A summary has now been received from the government commissioner responsible for the development series.
It turns out that for the first time this year, an application could be submitted in the Hungarian Village Program for the renovation of school buildings and the development of a school gym and gymnasium for the affected institutions of settlements with a maximum of 5,000 people.
HUF 7.5 billion in support is coming to education
The winner of the tender supporting the renovation and modernization of schools and the purchase of related equipment and devices was announced in 166 tenders, for which HUF 5 billion was allocated. 93 projects were supported in the tender for the development of obsolete school gyms and gymnasiums in small rural settlements, for which 2.5 billion forints were allocated.
The aim of the Hungarian village program is to reduce the disadvantages of small rural settlements, to improve the local quality of life and to stop the population decline.
Since the start of the program, the number of winning applications has exceeded 12,000, and the amount of state subsidies paid has reached HUF 130 billion.


📌6. Kiskunhalas: The energy modernization of the Pál Martonosi City Library has been completed

Within the framework of the investment of more than 70 million forints, the installation of a solar system, thermal insulation, modernization of doors and windows, as well as the construction of a barrier-free sidewalk and ramp were implemented.
Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, readers can only see it from the outside, but I am confident that they will soon be able to view our renewed library from the inside as well.
The energy modernization of the building could be realized from a tender amount of HUF 70 million. This includes, among other things, a complete replacement of doors and windows, external and internal thermal insulation, facade and entrance renovation, placement of solar panels and information devices.

Source:https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3591908747552779&id=860779770665704&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARArgICVg8RErCquDzIZ1s8dN76pnD623y3cf7fMu9NNK72-NXBGCVsJfe8IHtnhgsAZl5Q7Dr1vRp9s9-R0aCemJ-nrX7GOdtf5SVvQZPYakMYG298Zq9_Ei0qBACAMoCvmRgAyIJD1v90DaP_uCtS1tErEduo9u3HP6p9eDX_uq9G8uqpSz8xGxjzw3S-9uLH2NURc2cAB2vzeQEnAwUHrsSv817urKvHS8KYW01HnEJ85H6OBKGMLstd7YTaoBaYkjUWwNOaJZ-JOvnqd71RzqUlZ-\-\uJPI1EaWafe3PycdzKvCdeHzkYTfFbsLjPs19EXFnh04yWGegfPQ6Cv0w & __ tn __ = KR


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