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The country will definitely develop by 2026!

Another victory for Fidesz also means that the development that has been going on for 12 years will not stop

The country will definitely develop by 2026!

We show "where the juice is" with another 8 developments :)

Nyíregyháza: new bus site
Public transport in Nyíregyháza will be raised to a higher level: the new bus site is already under construction
The bus site will be built to improve public transport in the county town. As part of this, a site will be built for buses providing public transport in Nyíregyháza, which will fully meet the needs of today and be able to serve long-term developments on a scheduled basis. The facility will be located in a development area developed as part of a previous so-called “brownfield” investment on Tiszavasvári út.
Source:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2022/04/magasabb- szintre-emelik-nyiregyhaza-tomegkozlekedeset-mar-epul-az-uj-autobusz-telephely

Below: the Vörösmarty school has been renewed
The school in the border town has been renovated exterior and interior
The Mihály Vörösmarty Primary School in Lenti was renewed with the work of Szabadics Zrt. The infrastructural development of the pre-regime style buildings of the institution was carried out by the contractors in the investment of the Zalaegerszeg Tank District Center.

Budapest: new diagnostic array
The new diagnostic building of the Ferenc Jahn South Pest Hospital and Outpatient Clinic was handed over on Friday.
At the handover of the HUF 770 million investment, Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources, spoke about the fact that HUF 1.7 billion of the HUF 700 billion Healthy Budapest Program (EBP) for the development of the capital and the central region has already been implemented. value. He added that the building now handed over and the high-value imaging equipment that will be housed in it will greatly contribute to better diagnosis of diseases and higher quality patient care.

Pécs: the new market hall is ready
Strengthening the local connection and using Zsolnay elements, the new market hall of Pécs was realized
The construction of the newest fair hall in Pécs has been completed, and the construction works in the northern area will soon reach the finish line. This means the new facility may open during the summer.
Source, pictures:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2022/04/a-helyi-kotodest-erositve-zsolnay-elemeket-is-felhasznalva-valosult-meg-pecs-uj-vasarcsarnoka

Székesfehérvár: the hospital is expanding
They are already working on the new internal medicine block of the largest hospital in Fejér County
The Fejér-B.Á.L. Zékesfehérvár and the consortium of Épkar Zrt. Will expand the central hospital of Székesfehérvár with more than six thousand square meters. The new building, to be completed under the Modern Cities Program on behalf of the Investment Agency, will be a three-story, 112-bed internal medicine block of 6,366 square feet net. The project also advances the oncology, pulmonology and infectious care of the hospital.

Andocs: The school has been renewed
Mihály Witzmann wrote: We promised, we finished it, we delivered it!
500 million school development in Andocs!
New building, new classrooms, energy developments, renovated yard, sports field, furniture and equipment.
Anyone who builds a school believes in the future!
Come on, Somogy!

Neszmély: the new ferry port is under construction
In the investment of our company, several developments are taking place that promote the infrastructural connection between the Hungarian and Slovak borders. In addition to the construction of the border bridges and the implementation of the EuroVelo6 cycle route, the construction of a two-way ferry port and connecting road connecting Neszmély and Dunaradvány (Radvaň nad Dunajom) began in the winter of 2021.
The development on the Hungarian side of the “Ferry in Neszmély-Radvaň project” will be carried out by STRABAG Építő Kft. During the investment, a 2 × 1-lane road will be built from the intersection of Fő út, Nyáraska utca and Révész köz and lead to the bank of the Danube, where a ramp and a ferry port providing passenger transport will be built. There will be 9 car parks on the Slovak side and 28 on the Hungarian side.

Tram-Train: the yard is ready
János Lázár wrote: The construction of the new, modern tram train station in Szeged has been completed. The trams have already moved.

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Despite the difficulties, the development does not stop!

Another 8 examples show "where is the juice" :)

Despite the difficulties, the development does not stop!

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Mórahalom: the school has been renewed
Miklós Káslerwrote: Móra Ferenc Mórahalmi Primary School was renewed and expanded from a non-refundable grant of HUF 693.1 million
As a result of the development, in addition to the renovation of the existing school building, we created new employment areas by installing an attic. In the new part of the building, modern specialist classrooms, additional rooms and barrier-free washbasins have been designed to meet the needs of the modern age.
The gym has been given a new sports floor, and in parallel we have renovated the changing rooms and the water blocks.
As part of the project, new furniture and IT equipment, including 25 digital tablets, laboratory equipment, training and sports equipment, were purchased from HUF 100 million.

Pécs: construction of the new fire brigade completed
This new building in Pécs will guarantee the safety of 120,000 people
The Pécs Disaster Management Office and the Pécs Professional Fire Brigade are being developed with new buildings and modernization works. Two new objects will be built in the development: while the existing building in Engel János Street will be remodeled and a new barracks building will be created in addition to the old one; Until then, a new building will be erected in Tüzér Street in a greenfield investment, the contractor of which is Merkbau Zrt.

Kiskunhalas: a new workers' hostel was built
An employee hostel was built in Kiskunhalas to provide hotel conditions
The hotel, which can accommodate 155 people, was handed over on 22 April in Kiskunhalas. The Mistrál Hotel in Tamás Esze Housing Estate was established as a brownfield investment by renovating a building that has not been used for a long time. The government provided a non-refundable grant of HUF 407.7 million for the project.

Veszprém: a new workshop was built
One of the elements of the Veszprém industrial park has been completed: a renovated workshop and a new educational wing await the vocational students.
The 1,200-square-meter workshop of the Jendrassik-Venesz Technical School underwent a complete energy modernization with the work of VEMÉV-SZER Kft.

Gödöllő: a new gymnasium is being built
In the first phase, the supporting structure and external structure of the entire sports facility with a total useful floor area of ​​4,515 square meters will be completed. In addition, a multifunctional sports field with a flexible floor area of ​​1001 square meters and a sports floor with a net floor area of ​​269 square meters, as well as the traffic and engineering rooms supplying them will be built.

Tata: A new nursery has been built
János Bencsik - For the Tata Basinwritten by:
The Nádas-dűlő nursery will open in September
The technical handover of the nursery building took place and at the same time the furnishing of the institution began. In September, the wise will start with two groups.
A nursery will also be built in Szárliget and Vértesszőlős (Baromállás-dűlő), and the existing institution will be expanded in Tatabánya-Dózsakert. In the case of the latter, a government decision approving it was made a few days ago.
It could also be built in Tatabánya-Felsőgallá, but for some mysterious reason, the mayor is not very urgent about the preparations. The favorable government decision was made two years ago!

New machines are coming to the Army
The strengthening of the Hungarian Armed Forces continues: the Hungarian army will be expanded with additional aircraft, the government said on its Facebook page on Friday.
According to the registration, in 2024 the fleet of the Hungarian Armed Forces will be expanded with 12 light jet aircraft of the L-39NG type. Eight of these will be for pilot training and four for reconnaissance purposes, they added.
“We are building a national force that guarantees peace and security in the country,” the government said on its Facebook page.

Renovation of the Citadel is well under way
The Citadel, which has been closed for many years and is now dilapidated, is being renovated under the direction of the Castle Headquarters. The fortress on the top of Gellért Hill will be reborn with the work of ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt. And Market Építő Zrt. As part of the development, the outer walls of the fort will be reconstructed and the inner courtyard will be rehabilitated.
The stone structure of the fortification walls started to deteriorate over a wide area due to long-term moisture and salt loading, and its strength also decreased based on preliminary diagnostic tests. During the restoration, the surfaces are cleaned, calcite and gypsum precipitates are removed, and weak weathered parts are removed.


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Say goodbye to IV. Orbán government

Thank You! The V. Orbán government can come!

Say goodbye to IV.  Orbán government

We think they have done an excellent job, and looking at the election results, many seem to think so! More precisely, 232,644 more people than in 2018 :)https://bit.ly/3xPgIts

️You can read more about the listed measures on our website, under the menu items "livelihood" and "economy".
These measures are set out in Annex IV. It was brought or maintained by the Orbán government.


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After a lot of kindergartens, schools and hospitals, we finally have a stadium!

Nyíregyháza: the City Stadium is under construction!

After a lot of kindergartens, schools and hospitals, we finally have a stadium!

Those under the influence of the left-liberal sham propaganda media should watch the videos at the end of the description! Especially the "hospital" :)

In addition to football matches, they will be able to hold other events at the new stadium

At the county seat, the modern stadium will be built with a covered stand with more than 12,200 square feet and 8,150 seats, with a reinforced concrete pillared structure that will house a 10,160-square-foot central football field. They will also make sure that the stadium is multifunctional: a 160-square-meter stage will be set up, not just sporting events.

The complex will include a separate two-storey, two-hundred-square-foot sports center with a fitness room and changing rooms, as well as a 670-meter-long running track paved around the stadium.

The old stadium was built more than 60 years ago, with outdated technology even then

However, in order to build a modern, UEFA-2 compliant complex, the permitting process had to go through and construction plans had to be prepared, and the old stadium had to be demolished first. We received information about the latter work phase, mostly in the first half of the autumn and winter, from Gábor Illés, the construction manager of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, who also informed our newspaper about the first step in the construction of the new facility.

The demolition of the 64-year-old ground stadium (a stadium handed over with stands built on land embankments around the football field was already considered obsolete) was a major task at the time. During the works

4550 cubic meters of recycled concrete debris since then,
3000 cubic meters of rubble
and 258.42 tons of steel structure

The seats of the old stands could be taken home by the fans
The work phase went according to plan, with professional management. Gábor Illés emphasized that the chairs of the old stadium were donated to the fans and the nearby sports facilities, thus reducing the amount of waste generated. “Or so anyone who wanted to could take home a piece from their beloved’s stadium,” he added.

Source, more details and pictures:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2022/04/igy-keszultek-fel-a-spartacus-uj-otthonanak-felepitesere

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Here are 8 more projects and thousands more on our website!

we cast! Development does not stop!

Here are 8 more projects and thousands more on our website!

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Let's look at the new "dose"

Pécs: the football academy is ready
With the completion of the academy, almost three hundred young footballers will be able to continue their careers in conditions that are worthy of their development. There is also an indoor artificial grass hall and several outdoor tracks for young athletes

Kecskemét: a new family support center
Built heritage was reborn in Kecskemét: the new family support center of the Rudolf Barracks was handed over
The new family and child welfare center in Kecskemét has been completed: with the investment, the staff of the center will be able to organize care at the city and district level in a more modern, familiar environment. The new family and child welfare center was built on the site of the former Rudolf Barracks, which is now suitable for the introduction of modern social work and also functions as a professional workshop, according to the city council.

Szigetszentmiklós: new kindergarten
It will be completed in a few months, and in the autumn 100 young children will be able to take possession of Szigetszentmiklós' new kindergarten, which will be built in the Bucka district with the help of the Government's program for the development of Pest County. We're still moving forward, Szigetszentmiklós!

The Kútvölgy block is being renewed
The replacement of the façade has now been completed, but the institution will be renewed within five billion forints throughout the year, said Balázs Fürjes.
"I mean: the work is done, the facade renovation is ready, the demolition of the scaffolding has already started, after that everything will be put in place," the politician wrote. A total of 11,000 square feet of old exterior cladding was demolished and the entire insulation replaced. The building received new windows and the energy was modernized, and the heating and cooling system was renewed.
According to Balázs Fürjes, the work will not stop here, because it will be completely renewed inside the Kútvölgy as well - the government has provided HUF 5 billion for the work. 250 new patient beds, operating rooms and endoscopic laboratories, as well as new medical rooms and community spaces will be built by the end of the year.

Kerekegyháza: new government window
The 19th government window of Bács-Kiskun county was handed over
New customer service will be available from March 31 at 4 István tér in Kerekegyháza. The document office of the settlement, which has been expanded into a government window, is located at 47 / A Fő utca. has moved from number one to wait for customers in the modern environment with a wider range of administration and longer opening hours
At the handover ceremony on March 30, Dr. István György, State Secretary for Territorial Administration, Ernő Kovács, Government Plenipotentiary of the Bács-Kiskun County Government Office, Dr. László Salacz, Member of Parliament, and Dr. Márk Kelemen, Mayor of Kerekegyháza, greeted.

Óbuda: the Salesian oratorio has been renewed
The renovated Salesian oratorio and provincial headquarters in Óbuda were handed over
Members of the Don Bosco Salesian Society and volunteer helpers can now receive young people in new buildings, provide education and meaningful pastimes. The building of the Oratorio and Provincial Headquarters in Óbuda was blessed by Cardinal Péter Erdő, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest. At the event, the Minister of Finance emphasized that the government appreciates the pedagogical traditions of the Salesian order and the outstanding work that its members do for young people, especially the disadvantaged.

Debrecen: the Old Garden school was renewed
The interiors of the Old Garden Primary School and Primary School of Art have been renovated. The renovated parts were handed over on Friday, at the event Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa put it: the Old Garden is a real educational center. Washbasins, water blocks and classrooms have been renovated, and the interior of the institution has been given new painting and cladding.

Pusztavam: the tourist house has been renovated
The inauguration ceremony connected with the ribbon-cutting was over in the yard of the Malomerdő Pension. The development took place from about 68 million forints from state funds, during which the tourist house was renovated and a new community space was created not far from it, where hikers returning from hiking and petting zoos can recall the most important and beautiful moments of the day in nature in the evenings.


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Fidesz builds, the left wastes, privatizes and transfers public property to the circle of friends in a commission system

That is why we supported Fidesz, not the left

Fidesz builds, the left wastes, privatizes and transfers public property to the circle of friends in a commission system

Member of Parliament Gábor Bányaiwrote: The new bus station in Kiskunhalas is ready!
Just a few steps away and passengers can fill the new facility, which is much more aesthetic, modern and 21st century than its predecessor.
An old dream come true! Hajrá Halas!

Thousands more improvements:https://szamokadatok.hu/fejlodes


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Let's stay developing country! Come on, Fidesz!

Don’t let the left pass everything on to their buddies and foreign companies! Let's go vote!

Let's stay developing country!  Come on, Fidesz!

We show you "where is the juice" with 8 more developments!

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Sopron: new law enforcement center
The integrated law enforcement center in Sopron was handed over
With the state investment, the first building was built in Hungary, which provides modern law enforcement agencies with modern, excellent ergonomic accommodation.
The area of ​​operation of the professional fire brigade in Sopron covers twenty-seven settlements, and in the area of ​​five hundred and sixty-four square kilometers, firefighters ensure the safety of more than seventy thousand people, who were alerted to more than four hundred incidents in 2021. The building is divided into two major components, one for the control wing and the other for the crew wing. The vehicle fleet consists of two vehicle syringes, a water truck, a rescue vehicle from a height, a technical rescue vehicle and two forest fire vehicles.
The design of the now handed over building complex began in December 2020, and after sixteen months the staff of the branch office and the fire brigade, as well as the Sopron Police Headquarters, the National Defense Service, the Office for Constitutional Protection and the National Security Service were able to take over.

The Blaskovich Mansion has been renovated
Despite the challenges of recent years, Hungarian agriculture has become shockproof, said Attila Szinay, State Secretary for Administration at the Ministry of Agriculture, at the grand opening of the Blaskovich Mansion in Tápiószelen on Sunday, according to the ministry.
He added that Hungarian agriculture and the lives of all of us have become more difficult in recent years due to the coronavirus epidemic and now, due to the war in the neighborhood.
It is fair to say that Hungarian agriculture has become shockproof, in addition to the fact that they are constantly working on modernization with the change of technology.
More details:https://www.origo.hu/gazdasag/20220327-atadtak-blaskovich-kuria-felujitott-foepulet.html

Stake: the pool is ready
Gyopáros Alpárwrote: It is great to see and experience that Stakes are constantly evolving as well. The new testimony, which is about to be handed over, will be a popular place that many people will be very happy to visit. Come on, bet!

Lepsény: a new nursery was built
Gábor Vargawrote: This afternoon I was able to take part in the handover of another nursery school in Lepsény. It is always a great pleasure for me to hand over such buildings, as the need for them implies that the settlements that renovate or establish a nursery, kindergarten or even a school trust their settlements, the Hungarian countryside and the future.
This 8-bed nursery makes everyday life easier for 8 families and with it 8 mothers by being able to keep their children in a safe place and in safe hands while they are at work. This is hopefully just the beginning and there are plans for further expansion, because in the future of Lepsény, every child will have another guard post. For the Government of Hungary, all Hungarian children are TREASURE, the welfare and protection of children is our common cause and responsibility and we do not just talk, we do it for it.
Go to Lepsény, go to South Fejér!

Nyíregyháza: the Jókai Mór Primary School has been renewed.
Dr. Tünde Szabóshared a video about it: The second oldest school in our city is the Jókai Mór Reformed Primary School, enriched with a new and modern building unit where our children can learn and develop in a suitable environment.

Lovasberény: new kindergarten
Gergely Gulyáshe wrote, "It is by itself: this is Grace."
After the opening of the Sándor Reményik Reformed Primary School and Kindergarten in Lovasberény, we also handed over the new building of the kindergarten with Bishop Zoltán Balog, my fellow Member Zoltán Tessely and Mayor Mihály Südi.

Road 37 became a four-lane road
The traffic is on a new track on the four-lane 37 main road to Szerencs. The investment to reach the expressway in the Tokaj wine region is progressing according to plan. As a prelude to the development, the Miskolc-Gesztely section of the main road 37 running from Miskolc to Sátoraljaújhely has been extended earlier. In the current project, new lanes will be added to the route of the existing two-lane road. The existing road will form the left track, where the widening of the existing pavement will be carried out. And the right track will be a new road. One of the significance of the project is that the four-lane main road will significantly improve the accessibility of the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region.

Zala county: the waterworks has developed
Higher water flow, cleaner drinking water: the water supply of Zala settlements has improved. The contractors drilled six new wells, replaced a total of about 14 kilometers of raw water pipes, and built a new 100-cubic-meter water tower.
The project, which aims to improve the quality of drinking water and increase the security of water supply in the settlements supplied from the Eastern Water Base of Zalaegerszeg, is already underway. In the event of the temporary inoperability of the Zalaegerszeg Western Water Base, the waterworks must also ensure the nominal capacity of the Western Water Base at 4,500 m3 / day.
Following the development, the water demand of the 4 settlements (Alibánfa, Pethőhenye, Zalaszentlőrinc, Zalaszentiván) supplied by the Zalaszentiván district waterworks will be provided by the Zalaegerszeg Eastern Water Base by building a connecting pipeline.


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Hungary is a world class player in the construction of motorways!

Our expressway network has expanded by 65 percent since 2010! (list of other road constructions at the end of the article!)

Hungary is a world class player in the construction of motorways!

Not speech, not election promises, but improvements made!
Óta Since May 2010, 33 expressway sections have been handed over, which means the construction of 600 km of expressway.
👉 1276 km of road section has been rehabilitated or at least
started this year, 480 sections will be renewed out of 220 billion
2500In the Hungarian Village Program, 2,500 km of roads will be renewed from 2018 to 2022 with HUF 230 billion government support nationwide
👉In 2010, we have 9, now we have only 3 cities with county rights that are not connected to the expressway network. Road construction in the direction of Zalaegerszeg, Kaposvár and Békéscsaba is also in full swing
👉 In 2010, 3 of our motorways reached the national border, today this number is 9
👉6000 km of main road have been upgraded since 2010
👉Roads will be built from 3,000 billion in the next period!

György László wrote:
We have set three goals for the development of motorways after 2010:
1️⃣ Our motorways reach the borders of the country and connect Hungary with the neighboring countries. This is of paramount importance not only in economic but also in national political terms: we are repaying centuries of debt by bringing Hungarians living in the motherland and neighboring countries closer together.
2️⃣ All cities with county rights should be accessible by four-lane road by 2025.
3️⃣ Make a four-lane road available from anywhere in the country within 30 minutes by 2025.

Since 2010, we have made great strides in the development of the expressway network:
the length of the motorway network has increased by 65% ​​(724 kilometers) to more than 1,800 kilometers and will continue to exceed 2,000 kilometers with further investment currently under way or in preparation;
As a result, according to Eurostat statistics, between 2009 and 2019, the length of expressway sections in Hungary increased in proportion to the 3rd largest in the EU.

️ The government has spent more than HUF 3,600 billion on these developments over the past 5 years.

But in economic terms, why is it important to be able to travel on a fast and safe road network both within and beyond the country? For several reasons. The denser and faster road network:
1️⃣ It gives a huge boost to local economic and industrial development, boosts tourism and increases the quality of life of locals.
2️⃣ Makes the area more attractive for investment. And the investments create new jobs and lay the foundation for growth in the region.
3️⃣ Helps with employment: if we can get from one city to another quickly, workers can choose from many more job opportunities.
4️⃣ It reduces shipping costs, so products and services can be cheaper, which makes every Hungarian win, as we have to pay less in the store.

The development of the road network has a significant impact not only locally but also at the level of the national economy. Researchers at Columbia University have calculated that doubling the density of the expressway network will increase the rate of economic growth by an average of 1 percentage point per year. McKinsey's calculations show that every HUF 100 spent on infrastructure development will increase GDP by HUF 20 in the long run.

The development of road infrastructure is therefore of paramount importance not only in terms of convenience but also in terms of economics. However, it does not matter what the state finances these developments: left-wing governments made a huge mistake before 2010 when they built the M5 and M6 motorways under extremely unfavorable concession contracts for the state: according to some calculations, Hungary is close to He lost HUF 3,000 billion on these investments, as if he had financed the developments with a loan. And let us also add that this huge amount of money has migrated mainly to foreigners.

That is why it is important that, as in 2010, the four-lane road network in Hungary expands in a financially sustainable way, but at a rapid pace. The new concession model, which is financially advantageous for the state and does not substantially increase public debt, serves this purpose.
Because Hungary must go forward, not backward!

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Our motorway network is ranked No. 1 among the V4 countries in terms of population and area!https://bit.ly/3NscFIO
👉Numbers instead of speech (list at the end of the article!)
Country-building on a historical scale is taking place in Hungary!
👉Further developments:https://szamokadatok.hu/fejlodes

👉Source more graphics:https://www.facebook.com/gylaszloitm/posts/528083775349829

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Another 8 developments show "where the juice is"

While the left is squealing, Fidesz is working!

Another 8 developments show "where the juice is"

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Now let's look at the fresh list!

ELTE: the faculty of special education has been renewed
A complex energy development of more than HUF 1.6 billion has been implemented on Ecseri út: the renovation will provide modern, energy-efficient and fresh spaces for more than 2,000 students. The renovated building inside and out was handed over by Ferenc Hizó, Deputy State Secretary for Circular Economic Policy of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, and Gyula Scheuer, Chancellor of Eötvös Loránd University, on 18 March.
The complex energy reconstruction of the Ecseri út building of the Gusztáv Bárczi Faculty of Special Education of the Eötvös Loránd University was completed by the end of February. The project was implemented in the total amount of HUF 1.64 billion thanks to the tender support for the energy modernization of ELTE's buildings (KEHOP 5.2.2-16-2017-00112).
Ferenc Hizó said at the handover ceremony that the reconstruction of the buildings of the Gusztáv Bárczi Faculty of Special Education of the Eötvös Loránd University was outstanding. century conditions. The Undersecretary of State for Circular Economic Policy emphasized that the renovated building complex also meets state-of-the-art energy efficiency criteria.

PTE: new child psychiatry
Miklós Káslerwrote: We handed over the new pediatric and adolescent psychiatric building of the Department of Pediatrics of the Clinical Center of the University of Pécs
The building can start operating on a total of 3 levels, about a thousand square meters. During the development, a ward was also set up where the parent could move in with the child if justified.
Ventilation is solved with an energy-saving, heat-recovery air handling unit. The investment also included the purchase of equipment worth more than one hundred million forints, so that children and especially adolescent psychiatric patients can now be cared for in modern conditions at the clinic in Pécs.
Following the handover, the foundation stone for the future children's emergency building was also laid. In the process, a new, state-of-the-art operating room will be built, in which three ultramodern operating rooms will be developed. The pediatric surgery department is also undergoing transformation, with larger and more modern, child-friendly wards being built for accidentally injured, surgical and otolaryngology patients.
The investment will take place on a total of 2,508 square meters, of which 1,302 square meters will be newly built, while the existing building complex will be renovated on 1,206 square meters. Within the framework of the tender, the equipment will be modernized from more than half a billion forints.
The Department of Pediatrics of the University of Pécs KK is the highest level of care in the South Transdanubia region, where approximately 3,500 emergency patient admissions and surgeries are performed annually, and nearly 40,000 children are treated for surgical, ear and emergency outpatient orders.

Tiszafüred: the nursing home has been renewed
The renovated Platán Elderly Home in Tiszafüred was handed over
The maintainer won HUF 105 million in state support for the energy modernization of the 43-bed residential institution, which has been operating since 1991.
The government considers it not only its duty but also its duty to take care of the elderly and to promote the financial security of pensioners, said Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in Tiszafüred on Wednesday.
According to the ministry, the head of the ministry reported at the handover ceremony of the renovated Platán Retirement Home that the family had been at the heart of government decisions over the past twelve years, but it could only be complete with grandparents. He underlined that the protection of the elderly was also a priority during the coronavirus epidemic, as it was also seen that they should benefit from the results of last year’s economic record year.
Accordingly, the 13-month pension has been rebuilt, as well as the pension premium and the pension supplement. He added that the government has fulfilled its promise to preserve the purchase value of pensions, an increase of 10 per cent in recent years.

Trouble: Eötvös College has been renewed
Róbert Zsigówrote: Hajrá EJF
The patinated building of the Eötvös József College in Baja was renovated for almost 1.1 billion forints, which we handed over today!
Instructors and students can now perform their tasks in more dignified conditions with more modern tools!

Balatonalmádi: new nursery
Counter Charleswrote: An old dream came true: five group crèches were built in Balatonalmádi!
The Government of Hungary has also strongly supported this important development, so that from now on the new crèche will be able to accommodate 66 small children and create new jobs.
I think it is important to invest in something that makes the everyday life of the people in the settlement easier and stronger.
It gives me great pleasure to be able to help build and beautify Balatonalmádi. In recent years, I have worked hard to build a new police station, to rebuild the Magocskák Kindergarten, to completely renovate the former Jesuit monastery, to build a new sports center in Lausanne, and to continue developing the beaches.
Almádi can count on me in the future too!
Our goal is for the region to continue to develop unbroken, keeping in mind the needs and values ​​of the community, and to move forward together, to move forward and not backwards together!

Debrecen: Irinyi Technical School has been renewed
Debrecen - The energy modernization of the Irinyi János Technical School has been completed. The investment of HUF 300 million increased energy efficiency and made the institution more attractive. The aim of the Debrecen Vocational Training Center is to renew their institutions step by step. This will create 21st century conditions for the growing number of students applying to them.
Six hundred doors and windows were replaced and the external insulation was renewed, as well as two hundred heating valves at the Irinyi János Technical School as part of the energy modernization.
More than 190 solar panels have previously been installed in the school building. The investment was made without teaching being interrupted.
Zsolt Tirpák, Chancellor of the Debrecen Vocational Training Center, emphasized that the conditions of the training have been excellently fulfilled in recent years and that the infrastructure should not be an obstacle to development either.

Baja: New National Defense Sports Center
István Simicskóshared a video about it: Hungary was built in Baja 2️. Its Defense Sports Center, which offers the opportunity to learn more than 1️0️ sports on almost 1️0️0️0️ square meters.

M35: Node 354 has been renewed
The development taking place in the investment of our Company is one of the projects in Hajdúság, which creates a solid foundation for the infrastructural modernization of the economically dynamically developing county of Hajdú-Bihar. The solemn handover ceremony was attended by László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen and Zoltán Nyul, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of NIF Zrt.
During the construction started in February last year, the existing trumpet-shaped node was rebuilt into a full-fledged clover-shaped node, with the reconstruction of the direct branches currently connected to the node and the construction of new direct and indirect branches. The maximum permitted speed for the direct branches of the rebuilt node is 80 km / h, while for the associated indirect branches this maximum speed is 40 km / h for motorists.
The temporary placing of the junction branches between the crown edges allowed all the branches of the rebuilt junction to open to traffic on 21 January 2022, so that the junction can now be used uninterrupted by both car and freight traffic for two months now.
In its new form, the junction creates the conditions for fast and safe transport, directly guaranteeing access to the North-West Economic Zone in Debrecen from both directions.

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