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Recent developments: health house, churches, bus station, community house, school were handed over

Silenced news - today's dose

Recent developments: health house, churches, bus station, community house, school were handed over

Let's see the details:

🇭🇺1. The health home in Őrbottyán was handed over

In the City of Őrbottyán, primary health care is currently provided in two separate buildings. The pediatrician's office and the nurse's service operate in a municipally owned building located at 113. Rákóczi Ferenc utca B. There are two general practitioners and one dentist's office in the settlement in the non-municipally owned building at 131 Rákóczi Ferenc utca.
Within the framework of the project, Szent István u. Under numbers 35-39, a new health care building with a useful floor area of ​​380.5 sq.m. In addition, in order to implement preventive, health-promoting and attitude-forming programs, a multifunctional room was created in the building. The new construction was justified by the fact that the current supply is not in a municipally owned, leased property. The continuous provision of basic health care, the availability of the building, is exposed to the landlord belonging to the business sector, which may jeopardize the continuity of care.
In the new health house, the integration of several health services in the settlement into a building 100% owned by the municipality will be implemented. The new building provides an opportunity to create rooms that the settlement does not currently have (eg a multifunctional room, a mobile specialist's office), and in addition to basic care, it is also able to satisfy the needs and requirements related to other health development programs.
The GP and dental practices integrated in the health home have an NEAK funding contract and an operating license, and the practices are not replaced by substitutions. The basic goal of the project was the infrastructural development of the municipal primary health care and the improvement and expansion of the quality of the services. In addition, increase the number of healthy life years of the population, prevent diseases, improve the quality of life and restore the ability to work as soon as possible.
The project was implemented with a grant of HUF 161 million from the Pest County Compensation Fund.
Supported by: Ministry of Finance
Source of support: Targeted financial budget support for the implementation of the Pest County Regional Development Concept 2014-2030 and the Pest County Regional Development Program 2014-2020 from the Pest County Development Appropriation
Place of implementation: 2162 Őrbottyán, Szent István utca 33-39


🇭🇺2. The St. Ladislaus Catholic Church in Karad has been completely renovated.

The Catholic Church of St. Ladislaus in Karád was renovated from the inside with hundreds of millions of forints. The church, built in the mid-1700s, was consecrated on Saturday by County Bishop László Varga.
Many brought tears to his eyes when the restored organ of the Karadian temple sounded. The inhabitants of the settlement waited a decade and a half for a beautified church to stand in the center of the more than thousand-year-old village. "Thank you very much to our bishop," said Mrs. Ferenc Osztopáni. “He did a lot to completely renovate our church. We Karadians are very happy to go to such a beautiful place for Mass, especially those who feel we have to come here, ”he added. Imre Dobos had a similar opinion, who said that the interior of the church had been slightly redesigned, but it still looked wonderful. The Karadian man hopes that not only the elderly but also the young will enter the walls of the church.
"We started the renovation fourteen years ago," said Mayor Szilárd Schádl. “Our church was in amazingly poor condition, so we had to completely renovate the building from the walls, through the tower, to the roof. Restoration of the tower was the first step to receive a new dome covering. The weakened, outward-opening walls were then reinforced by professionals with a wreath and steel straps. Unfortunately, because of this, the cap vault collapsed and had to be rebuilt. We built a completely new roof, tidied up the park next to the church, and inside, we renovated the benches, the main and side altars, and the organ. During the works, we found the remains of the old church and a statue of St. Florian in the ground, which we erected next to the church - stressed Szilárd Schádl.

Source, more pictures and details:https://www.sonline.hu/kultura/helyi-kultura/megerosodott-a-karadi-templom-fala-teljesen-megujult-az-epulet-1565530/
https://www.facebook.com/witzmannm/posts/2727588320850878 Mihály Witzmann

🇭🇺3. The handover of the bus station and its surroundings in Jászberény has started.

On the 9th of September, in the morning, the bus station - and the surrounding streets - the Rákóczi út - Thököly utca junction and the Thököly út car park started within the framework of the project “Sustainable urban transport development in the center of Jászberény” supported by the European Regional Development Fund. -receipt.
During the morning tour, we took a look at the spaces that were renovated during the investment started sixteen months ago, which already meet the requirements of the age in terms of appearance, infrastructure and technical content.
Representatives and managers of the companies involved in the project, Mayor Lóránt Budai, Deputy Mayor Béla Balogh and office manager István Hegyi were greeted by Miklós Sándor, Managing Director of Contractor58 Műszaki Szolgáltató Bt. He said that the duration of the investment could be kept to the minute by the contractor, who would fill in any further shortcomings until the actual completion of the procedure.
Mayor Lóránt Budai thanked all participants for their work, and then Deputy Mayor Béla Balogh took the floor. The representative emphasized that the change in the management of the city had resulted in a change of attitude, which also affected investments, and an attempt was made to enforce this on the way, which required numerous - ultimately effective - consultations. The undeveloped details led to the ordering of additional works, especially in the car park on Thököly út, where a technical problem also arose, so in the end a car park of a different quality was implemented.
By the end of the renovation of the Jászberény bus station, built in the 1950s, 2,900 meters of curbs and 165 meters of retaining walls were built. 1475 cubic meters of Ckt concrete and 260 cubic meters of crushed stone road surface were completed, a total of 1680 tons of asphalt was used during the renovation. A paved promenade and pedestrian crossings have been established near the bus station, and a new passenger information and camera system awaits travelers. As a final moment of the work, 10 deciduous trees and 1,150 shrubs will be planted.

Source, more pictures and details:http://jku.hu/2020/09/15/megkezdodott-a-buszpalyaudvar-es-kornyeke-atadas-atvetele/

🇭🇺4.Árpád János PotápiThe community house of Kaposszekcső was renovated.

I am glad that a settlement in my constituency has flourished again: this time in Kaposszekcső, where we inaugurated the renewed community house yesterday afternoon. Thanks to the Hungarian Village Program, the facility was beautified both inside and out, thus providing even better conditions for the village and the civilians working there. Congratulations to the mayor and good luck!

Source, more pictures:https://www.facebook.com/potapiarpad/posts/3907669152581128

🇭🇺5. The renewed Reformed Church in Évavértes was consecrated - with video

Létavértes - The church, built between 1823 and 1862, was renovated inside and out, the church tower was renovated and the facility was given new decorative elements. The investment amounted to more than HUF 130 million. According to official regulations, the faithful could only take a seat on every second bench. At the Thanksgiving service, Charles Black preached the word.
The bishop of the Trans-Tisza Reformed Diocese said that after the renovation, it is time to fill the church with content.
"Renovation, beautification, makes sense if you're wondering what's inside." Because after the inviting exterior, we have to cross the threshold and come in here, since everything was made inside to be good here - we could hear the Reformed bishop.
István Rozsnyai, a pastor who retired after almost fifty years of service, was greeted at the consecration of the church.
László Tasó also gave a speech at the service. The Member of Parliament stressed the need to look out for millennial Christian values.
- We Hungarians, more than a thousand years ago, not only made faith and not only set out on a path, but we are also the ones who set out on that path.
We are Christians, we respect life and we respect each other. We are capable of love and apparently we are also able to find allies

Source, more pictures, details and video:https://dehir.hu/hajdu-bihar/felszenteltek-a-megujult-a-letavertesi-reformatus-templomot/2020/09/20/

🇭🇺6. The Rózsakerti Demjén István Reformed School and Gymnasium received a new building.

A super grammar school was built in the 22nd district of Budapest.
More than four thousand square meters of buildings have been added to the district primary school, the district boasts the most beautiful school in Buda.
The five-storey, 4,400-square-meter grammar school wing was expanded by the Rózsakerti Demjén István Reformed Primary School with HUF 1.2 billion in state support.
With the completion of the new buildings, about a thousand children will be able to attend the first Reformed grammar school in South Buda.
The cornerstone of the grammar school building of the Rózsakerti Demjén István Reformed School was laid in March 2018, and in September 2018, the grammar school training started - then still within the walls of the primary school building. Towards the end of the construction, on May 27, the school bell was put in place, which was handed over in a ceremonial setting in front of the new grammar school building in Budatétény. The bell was made by Miklós Gombos and Ferenc bell-founders, in addition to the map of historical Hungary, the names of the sister congregations and the basic spell of the school can also be found on it.
The grammar school building was completed for the beginning of the school year.
With the development, the school became the largest school in the district, and the mayor of Budafok-Tétény, Ferenc Karsay, also gave the students a small gift.



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Pass it on so that your mayor can see how to communicate about improvements

Pass it on so that your mayor can see how to communicate about improvements

A lot of things are developing in Hungary, but unfortunately a lot of things are being silenced by the media working for money. Apparently, there is no place in a national media for the news of the renewal of a rural kindergarten, because it will not bring as many views as the news "little pandas were born at the Munich Zoo".

Mayor of Zalaegerszeg,Zoltán Balaiczhe has now published a fantastically good list of how the city’s public institutions have been developed in conjunction with the government. Schools, kindergartens, doctor's offices, nursing homes, social institutions, public spaces and sports fields, playgrounds and offices. Read and pass on this article so that your mayor can also see how to communicate what was missing from the October campaign.

The silenced news is now gaining ground. The shooting range dog is not interested in who is guarding the terrace of the SzFE or why the left is protesting. Here is the reality.

Zoltán Balaiczwrote: (full list in the second half of the article. The picture shows some of the institutions listed, this is the Collection of Numbers)


The renovation of the Petőfi Sándor Primary School has started, for which the local government won a tender in 2017, and after the preparation, planning and public procurement for the construction, the work could start in the summer of 2020. The renovation will be carried out at a cost of nearly HUF 337 million and is planned to be completed by March 2021. Initially, the local government won a grant of HUF 270 million for the purpose, the missing amount of more than HUF 65 million was provided to the city by the government.
Mayor Zoltán Balaicz, Member of Parliament László Vigh, Deputy Mayor Zoltán Bali, dr. Dávid Káldi is a local government representative, Attila Kajári is the director of the state tank district and Éva Kovács is the head of the institution.
Special thanks are due from the Mayor's Office to Roland Kovács, the specialist coordinating the renovation, and the contractor B & G Építő és Szállemeltető Kft. From Zalaegerszeg.
The renovation of the Liszt school was recently completed with an expenditure of HUF 345 million and the renovation of the Dózsa school within the framework of a HUF 324 million project, and the new gymnasium of the Dózsa school is also being built with an investment of HUF 1.25 billion. Including the HUF 337 million renovation of the Petőfi school, work worth almost HUF 2.3 billion will be implemented for these three institutions.
Although for 7 years now, since January 1, 2013, schools no longer belong to the city government but to the state, the city management still considers it important to support the renewal of institutions.
It took decades to renew the institutional system in Zalaegerszeg, but now the program is spectacular:
- The renovation of the Landorhegy infant and orphanage from HUF 100 million has been completed
- The renovation of the nursery on Napsugár Street from HUF 101 million has been completed
- The renovation of the Cseperedő crèche for 105 million forints has been completed
- A new kindergarten was built in Andráshida with an expenditure of HUF 360 million
- The Landorhegy Kindergarten was renewed from HUF 100 million
- The renovation of the kindergarten on Mikes Street from 84 million forints has been completed
- The renovation of the kindergarten on Petőfi Street from 145 million forints has been completed
- The renovation of the kindergarten on Kodály Street from HUF 140 million has been completed
- Ovi sports tracks were built
- The educational buildings of the Ady school were renovated with an expenditure of HUF 150 million.
- The renovation of the gym of the Ady school from 147 million forints has been completed
- The building of the József Mindszenty Primary School, Gymnasium and College was renovated with an expenditure of HUF 500 million, and now a new, modern gymnasium and fencing hall is being built within the framework of an investment of HUF 3.3 billion
- A new multifunctional track was built in the yard of the Eötvös school
- A new artificial grass field was built in the yard of the Liszt school
- B33 basketball courts buildings in the yard of Zrínyi Miklós Gimnázium and Landorhegy Primary School
- The 140 million forint renovation of Kaffka Margit College has been completed
- The renovation of the Landorhegy Primary School from HUF 324 million has been completed
- The expansion of Imre Izsák Primary School from HUF 130 million has been completed
- The Kölcsey Ferenc High School was renovated with an expenditure of HUF 150 million.
- All three higher education institutions of Zalaegerszeg rose to the rank of a university, so the county seat of Zala became a “university city”. The amount of university investments, developments and projects: HUF 4.4 billion, in the framework of which the Innovation and Knowledge Center of the Budapest University of Economics (BGE), Zalaegerszeg Faculty of Management, was completed with a one billion investment.
- The role of education, especially vocational training, adult training, retraining, is of key importance in addressing labor shortages and providing a sufficient number of workers. That is why the dual vocational training center will be built on the site of the former command building of the former Petőfi barracks with an expenditure of HUF 646 million.
- We are renovating the Ganz Abraham Vocational High School. We have won government support for the investment, and work can begin in 2020.
- The Holy Family Kindergarten is renewed and expanded.
- György Dózsa Primary School was renewed.
- The new gymnasium of Dózsa György Primary School is built.
- The Petőfi Sándor Primary School is renewed.
- The Liszt Ferenc Primary School was renewed.
- The Eötvös József Primary School is renewed.
- The Ádám Horváth Primary Art Education Institution of Pálóczi is renewed.
- The Miklós Zrínyi Grammar School will be renewed.
In addition, all social and elderly institutions and clubs in the city were renovated with an expenditure of HUF 433 million. With this, this project was the first of the county seats to be completed in Zalaegerszeg:
- The renovation of the Retirement Home and Downtown Elderly Club has been completed
- The renovation of the Landorhegy Elderly Club has been completed
- The renovation of the Family and Child Welfare Center has been completed
- The renovation of the Social Club has been completed
- The renovation of the Nursing Home has been completed
- The renovation of the Andráshida Elderly Club has been completed
The project concerning basic health services was also the first of the county seats to be completed in Zalaegerszeg: 9 adult general practitioners, 5 pediatricians, 17 nurses' districts and the central emergency service on Botfy Street were renewed with HUF 353 million.
- Andráshida utca 5. (1 pediatrician's office and 2 nurses' services)
- Ola utca 10-12. (2 GP surgeries, 1 pediatrician surgery and 2 nurse services)
- Kinizsi utca 105. (1 pediatrician's office and 2 nurses' services)
- Göcseji utca 53. (1 GP surgery and 4 nurse services)
- Wlassics Gyula utca 13. (2 GP surgeries)
- 39. Hegyalja utca (1 pediatrician's office and 2 nurse services)
- Nemzetőr utca 15. (1 pediatrician's office and 1 nurse's service)
- Köztársaság utca 55 / A (2 GP surgeries)
- Köztársaság utca 55. (2 GP surgeries)
- Petőfi utca 21-25. (4 nursing services)
- Botfy Lajos utca 1. (central duty)
For the renovation of non-listed institutions, a direct European Union tender in Brussels, the so-called We won the Elena project, under which we can spend HUF 10 billion by 2024 on the energy modernization and renovation of 15 municipal institutions.
This means that in a few years we have renewed / will renew our institutional system in the order of more than HUF 20 billion with winning tenders, and the work will continue, working several decades behind. "

🇭🇺Thank You,Zoltán BalaiczMr mayor! Hats off!

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Here are the next 6 developments that will make our lives more beautiful, better, and more comfortable

“Morning, night and evening” you can lie and you can work. Hungary is working

Here are the next 6 developments that will make our lives more beautiful, better, and more comfortable

1. Another school was renovated in Szeged

The students of the Sándor Bálint school started the 2020/2021 school year in a renovated building in Táp.

As a result of development from EU and municipal sources, the school's energy consumption will be significantly reduced, and some of the energy will then come from renewable sources, and less greenhouse gases will be released into the air, making the environment cleaner and healthier. The Municipality of Szeged used HUF 310 million in European Union support for the energy modernization of the Sándor Bálint Sándor Primary School, which contributed HUF 51.5 million from its own resources.
During the renovation of the Bálint Sándor member school, thermal insulation and new plaster were added to the external walls. The attic of the main building was also thermally insulated, so that this space could be used by creating a walking surface. Facade doors and windows were replaced with modern, insulated doors and windows. Subsequent under-insulation of the main walls of the main building and the part of the building belonging to the gym was carried out. Decades of building engineering equipment have been upgraded. The buildings were given new lightning protection and solar panels were installed on the roof.
During the investment, the floor covering in some rooms of the main building was renovated and the walls were given cleanliness. They also thought of the disabled: they built a ramp to the main entrance and a barrier-free toilet and washbasin.


2. The cycle path connecting Szentendre with Budapest has been completed

The new section of the EuroVelo 6 cycle path, which was expanded by 5.6 kilometers with the work of HE-DO Kft., Was handed over. The newly completed trail starts with a new bridge over the Dera stream - 36 meters long - and then runs in the direction of Budakalász on the outskirts of Szentendre. The development of the development taking place in the investment of Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. The route is part of the Eurovelo 6-cycle transport corridor, which connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Black Sea.
A novel support structure was used
From the direction of Szentendre, the new bicycle path can be reached via the new bridge of the Dera stream, which was made by the experts of KM Építő Kft. Located on the southern border of Szentendre, with its innovative solution, the 36-meter-long, open-opening superstructure deserves to apply for the recognition of professionals and cyclists.
Continuing from the bridge, we reach Lake Lupa through the outskirts of Szentendre, and then we reach the Danube Promenade, the popular resort area of ​​Budakalász, on the romantic floodplain section. The new section ends at Barat Creek, where it joins the Roman Coast Bike Trail.
On the comfortable, 3.30 m wide cycle path, which is primarily used for tourist purposes, 22 traffic barriers prevent safe traffic. The custom-designed rest areas, equipped with drinking fountains, also provide sophisticated games for cloudless relaxation, and bilingual information boards help you explore the area’s attractions.

Source, more pictures and details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/elkeszult-a-szentendret-budapesttel-osszekoto-kerekparut

3. Deák Square and Eötvös Square in Nagykanizsa will also be renewed and beautified

The renovation of Eötvös tér and Deák tér is nearing its end, today the technical handover of the parts that enable the provision of pedestrian traffic will begin.
So soon both Eötvös Square and Deák Square will be open to pedestrians. At the same time, the spaces are being landscaped, as the current, cooler weather is more favorable for planting.
Renewable spaces already offer a really beautiful sight, I am confident that they will be well-liked by those living in the city and visitors.

Source, more pictures: Péter Cseresnyéshttps://www.facebook.com/cseresnyes.peter/posts/3296090013820102

4. After 1971, the kindergarten was finally renewed and the crèche was built in Bogács. The value of the development is HUF 150 million.

András Tállai wrote:
For us, Hungarian families are the first!
Hungary must work - our small settlements continue to develop!
In Bogács, we made it possible for children from more than HUF 150 million from domestic, EU and local government sources to develop in quality conditions from an early age and for families with small children to thrive more easily!
* A completely new nursery section for 12 people was built
* the kindergarten has undergone a modern renovation
* children were enriched with new yard equipment
Hajrá Bogács! Hajrá South Borsod!

Source, video:https://www.facebook.com/tallaiandrasfidesz/videos/598018637538335/

5. An old dream come true - The German National Primary School in Kecskédét has been renewed.

Czunyiné dr. Judit Bertalanwritten by:
Thanks to the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program coordinated by the county self-government, the subsequent thermal insulation of the institution's building boundary wall structures was completed, the windows and doors were replaced and the heating system was modernized.
The development is unbroken in the settlement, as I will soon be able to visit Kecskéd again for the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the nursery.
Come on Goat!

Source, more pictures:https://www.facebook.com/drberepar.judit/posts/3492713154113456

6. A new part of the building is being built for two groups of kindergartens in the Balkans on the site of the St. Hyacinth Greek Catholic Kindergarten.

The ceremonial laying of the foundation stone took place on September 11, with Tamás Szabó, pastoral deputy, and János Grunda, education reporter, present on behalf of the maintainer, the Diocese of Nyíregyháza.
In the outer parts of the Balkans, in Abapuszta and Cibakpuszta, a group of kindergartens operates under the direction of the St. Hyacinth Greek Catholic Kindergarten. Now, these two groups will also have a place in the nursery area: by building two buildings, new group rooms will be created in the part of the building whose foundation stone was laid in the second week of September.

Source, more pictures and details:https://www.nyirgorkat.hu/?q=hir&id=4231


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Public services, administration

10 Years of Civil Governance - Part 22

Public services, administration

The Perspective Institute also wrote a few lines about public services:
"The quality of public services has also improved in line with the government program, and the assessment of the quality of all relevant public services has improved between 2012 and 2016, according to the European Quality of Life Survey."

In fact, that survey measured the quality improvement between 2011 and 2016 (1). In addition to the situation in Hungary in 2011 and 2016 (blue and yellow columns), the graph also shows the EU averages (gray and green signs). For all the public services examined, there is an improvement, and in many respects we have even improved above the EU average. This is the opinion of the people, measured by the EU, so even liberals can believe it.

Switching to public administration:
“Expertise is again required in public administration, the previously abolished basic administrative examination (2) has been reinstated to check the measurement of uniform professional knowledge and competencies. The Hungarian Institute of Public Administration and the National University of Public Service (3) were established, and in order to strengthen their commitment to public administration, the Hungarian Public Administration Scholarship Program (4) was announced and a new public service career model was developed. ”

The 2020 scholarship program has also been announced, the winners of which will take part in 7 months of domestic and 3 months of internships abroad. The amount of the tax and contribution-free scholarship is HUF 250,000 per month.

Seven researches on anti-corruption were carried out at NKE. As is well known, civilian government detects and fights corruption, while the left suspects the right with the corruption that the left is actually committing (7).
The public service career model (8) is implemented along competencies, trainings and results, however, the salaries of public service, administrative and civil servants need to be increased.

Previous part:

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There are only 3 railway construction machine chains in Europe, such as the one purchased by V-Híd Építő Zrt and handed over today in Debrecen

There are only 3 railway construction machine chains in Europe, such as the one purchased by V-Híd Építő Zrt and handed over today in Debrecen

At the press conference, Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said that so far only foreign companies have been able to do this work, we have paid foreign companies, we depended on them, their capacity, and the profits emigrated from the country. The Minister also said that by 2024 we will spend HUF 5,000 billion on road and railway construction.
During this period, HUF 3,200 billion will be allocated for the renewal of the road network and about HUF 1,700 billion for railway development.

V-Híd Építő Zrt. Has bought a track construction machine chain, of which there are only 3 in the whole of Europe! Now we no longer pay a foreign company for this work, the profits stay at home, there will be new jobs at home!
With the development of infrastructure, we have become key players in Central Europe. The developments will bring new investments, and the investments will provide new jobs for Hungarian families.

The Minister also emphasized that, contrary to the false news, the government not only supports the company of Lőrinc Mészáros, and is not only happy with the success of Lőrinc Mészáros' company, but these statements are true for all Hungarian companies. The companies of János Kóka, the companies of Tamás Leisztinger, the Wallis Group and other companies known to be left-wing also receive state orders and subsidies. At the same time, they are not willing to negatively discriminate against companies whose managers and owners belong to the camp of national thinkers.

A new world order is emerging and we need to build the strongest national economy of all time. For this we need nationally owned Hungarian companies. It is not possible to build an economy on the basis of a class warrior, a national economy can only be built on a national basis. Countries that can carry out large-scale infrastructure development projects on their own can be successful in this world order, even without foreign aid.

In order to maintain the attractiveness of Hungary, we need to continuously develop our railway transport capacities, a great example of which is the BMW plant being built in Debrecen.

Source, more details (video)https://www.facebook.com/szijjarto.peter.official/videos/240958213988718

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Developments are ongoing, here are today's "sixes"

While DK again reduced the number of ventilators, Hungary continued to build

Developments are ongoing, here are today's "sixes"

📌1. The highest bridge of the Danube between Komárom and Révkomárom was handed over

The Bridge Builder, the Butcher (‼ ️🇭🇺‼ ️) and the gateway built with the work of the Hódút significantly shortens the traffic route and relieves the load on the downtown bridge.
On Thursday morning, the Monostori bridge over the Danube, built in the investment of Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. (NIF) and Slovenská Správa Ciest (SSC), was handed over in Révkomárom. The construction of the new Komárom bridge was carried out by Hídépítő Zrt. And the H-M DUNAHÍD Consortium formed by Mészáros és Mészáros Kft., With the participation of Hódút Kft. As a key subcontractor.
In the project, which started in the autumn of 2017, a 600-meter, pylon, sloping cable crossing was built between Hungary and Slovakia, 170 meters west of the Komárom railway bridge.
One of its most important features: it can also be used by heavy vehicles
The Monostori Bridge was created as the tallest bridge on the Danube. The seven-thousand-ton steel-structured bridge can also be used by two-lane, heavy vehicles and machinery. The significance of the new road, bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Danube is that it shortens the Slovak-Hungarian freight traffic by about 100 kilometers.
Until now, trucks arriving from the Érsekújvár area of ​​the Slovak main road 64 could only cross the Danube by getting to Győr or Esztergom.
Another benefit of the crossing is that it relieves the load of the existing bridge in Komárom, which connects the downtowns of the two settlements and operates with a weight limit of 20 tons. The total cost of the project is EUR 91.2 million.

Source, more pictures and details:https://magyarepitok.hu/utepites/2020/09/elkeszult-az-uj-duna-hid-magyarorszag-es-szlovakia-kozott

📌2. The fortress church and the memorial house in Óföldeák were also renewed

Thanks to a successful government support, the diocese renovated the fort church in Óföldeák for a total of HUF 83.5 million, the Radio 7 reported.
According to Mayor Erika Simonné Sinkó, this is the oldest building in the settlement, presumably from the 12th to the 13th century. century, it was very suitable for modernization.
He added that the biggest problem was the soaking, so he got a completely new roof structure and the walls were insulated under water due to waterlogging. From the received funds, money was still received to settle the area around it, and the wooden bridge leading to its entrance was also rebuilt.
The memorial house also attracts many visitors to the village, which has also been put in order. From the HUF 48 million, the memorial house, the mayor's office and the doctor's office were modernized at the same time.
However, the renovation of the former Návay mansion in the park of the settlement is still pending. The mayor explained that this would be a huge wall for them, as it is estimated that the investment would cost 500 million and the annual budget of the local government will not reach 70 million forints.


📌3. The renovation of the Köntösgát line in Debrecen has been completed

In Debrecen, they can continue their investments even in the event of an epidemic - this was said by Mayor László Papp at the on-site briefing on the transport modernization of the Köntösgát line. The comprehensive renovation of the high-traffic road in the western parts of the city was carried out for more than 180 million forints.

Source, video:https://www.dehir.hu/videogaleria/befejezodott-a-kontosgat-sor-felujitasa/

📌4. This weekend there will be a Loki match in the renewed Hódos

The renovation of the Imre Hódos Event Hall will be completed soon. The investment has reached the last third of the development phase - László Papp announced at today's field trip. The mayor added that after the modernization, the hall will even be suitable for holding handball Champions League matches.

Source, video:https://dehir.hu/videogaleria/hetvegen-mar-a-megujult-hodosban-lesz-loki-meccs/

📌5. The doctor's office of Vatta Village was renewed

András Tállai's entry:
Mr. László Birinyi, Deputy Mayor, and Dr. Ferenc Csimma, a general practitioner, led a tour of the completely renovated Vatta medical office, for which the local government won about HUF 57.5 million in support.
The successful implementation of this investment also proves that we were able to establish a good working relationship with László Birinyi. Laci is experienced, fit and bears the fate of the cotton wool in her heart!
Hajrá Vatta! Hajrá South Borsod!

Source, more pictures:https://www.facebook.com/tallaiandrasfidesz/posts/3265368366913816

📌6. A modern, new railway station is being built in Gödöllő.

Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. Is rebuilding the Gödöllő station within the framework of the renovation of the MÁV line between Budapest, Rákos and Hatvan. Platforms with wide and unique roofs, which have already been built, become accessible by lift. The H8 heat terminal, which will also receive a new covered platform, will be completely rebuilt and brought closer to the railway.
New reversal tracks will be built for trains, which will allow suburban trains to be translated, thus increasing the capacity of the line and allowing for later compression of services.
Pedestrians have been able to access S80 flights and high-speed trains through the new pedestrian underpass since December last year, and St. Stephen's University can be reached via the underpass instead of the old rusty overpass. Modern passenger information displays will be installed at the station, and a sophisticated covered station building will be built next to the Royal Waiting Building, in front of which a public space will also be built on the city side.
The investment between Rákos and Hatvan is one of the Government's most significant railway developments under construction in Budapest, within the framework of which NIF Zrt. Will carry out renovation and development works on a total of 55 kilometers. , in addition to all this, the stops and stations will be renewed and become barrier-free, P Rs and bicycle storages will be built. A new stop will also be established in Budapest, called Akadémiaújtelep. The goal is for the trains on the Hatvan line to run more frequently and with a larger capacity - this requires construction even in Budapest, which will start soon. My previous post about all this and our other BFK plans for the line can be read here:
Visual plans: NIF Zrt.

Source:Dávid Vitézy https://www.facebook.com/vitezydavid/posts/3258375320898218


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“We’re going to create as many jobs as the coronavirus is destroying” - these are not just words!

“We’re going to create as many jobs as the coronavirus is destroying” - these are not just words!

"Sanofi has announced an expansion of HUF 7 billion," says today's news. To get a more comprehensive picture of the development of our economy and industry, we have looked at the announcements of the last 30 days. Unfortunately, you can’t cram hundreds of such news into a single image, but let’s just look at the biggest ones. Here is the List of Numbers aHungarian Builderspursuant to Articles❤️🇭🇺❤️)

📌1. A major investment arrives in the Budapest agglomeration: a new factory is being built.
The 13,000-square-meter plant will produce, among other things, the electrolytes needed for the batteries.
Dongwha Electrolyte Hungary Kft. Will establish a plant for about HUF 11 billion, with which it will create 90 new jobs in the first step.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/nagyberuhazas-erkezik-budapest-agglomeraciojaba-uj-gyar-epul

📌2. One of the most modern office buildings in Budapest on Váci út has been completed
One of the newest office buildings in Budapest, the Hub building of the Agora complex under the general construction of HB Reavis Construction, was handed over.
One of the newest office buildings in Budapest, the Agora complex Hub building, was handed over. Equipped with smart features, the premium category facility has received special packaging with a clean design. The exciting cladding of the more than 8,000 m2 monumental surface has been fitted to the background structure with special technology. Agora Budapest, consisting of five office buildings in its final form, will be completed by 2023, which will be one of the most modern office building complexes on the Váci út office corridor close to the city center.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/atadtak-budapest-egyik-legmodernebb-irodahazat-a-vaci-uton

📌3. Hell handed over a unique plant in Hungary north of Miskolc
The Hungarian energy drink producer expanded its production complex in Sikszo from HUF 8 billion, the work was carried out by PEKA BAU 2000.
Until now, it has produced the products of the Hungarian-owned Hell Energy Coffee in German contract manufacturing, and now the coffee sold in the aluminum can of the usual energy drinks is made in its own factory. The production hall, handed over by PEKA BAU 2000 Kft. On Thursday, is a milestone in the life of the company, as the market-leading Energy Coffee in three countries can be exported from Hungary to abroad.
The company informed in a statement: the new factory is the first in Hungary to produce such products. Hell's coffee is made using 100% Hungarian milk and involving Hungarian labor.
With the start-up of the plant, 50 new jobs were created in one of the most disadvantaged regions of Hungary.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/magyarorszagon-egyedulallo-uzemet-adó-at-a-hell-miskolctol-eszakra

📌4 The new laboratory in Kecskemét obtains the cooling and heating energy from drinking water
During the fourteen months of construction, a modern laboratory was built with the work of Horváth Építőmester Zrt., Which meets the expectations of the 21st century in all respects.
The company's new laboratory in Kecskemét was handed over on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Bácsvíz Zrt. In the framework of a press public ceremony. The most significant development of the joint-stock company at the central site of Izsáki út took place in the last decade, in fourteen months, with an own capital of about HUF 700 million, carried out by Horváth Építőmester Zrt.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/ivovizbol-nyeri-a-hutesi-es-futesi-energiat-kecskemet-uj-laboratoriuma

📌5. SPAR is also being built in Üllő and Bicske: the company is expanding its logistics centers by 10,000 square meters
It is developing the two bases of one of Hungary's leading retail companies with a total value of HUF 4.5 billion, the contractor is Weinberg '93 Kft.
In both Bicske in Fejér County and Üllő in Pest County, SPAR Magyarország Kft. Is strengthening its domestic storage and transportation capacities with a significant investment - the company's prospectus shows. Upon completion of the company's 382 self-operated and 200 franchise stores, they will be able to store and prepare a total of 100,000 tons of products at a time. The developments are carried out by Weinberg '93 Építő Kft., Based in Sárospatak, our newspaper found out.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/ullon-es-bicsken-is-epitkezik-spar-10-ezer-negyzetmeterrel-boviti-logistikai-kozpontjait

📌6. One of the most modern military plants in the world is built in Zalaegerszeg
As part of the HUF 60 billion investment, a test environment will be set up at the Zalazone automotive test track in addition to the production plant.
At the event held at the ZalaZone Automotive Test Track, László Palkovics, together with Minister of Defense Tibor Benkő, announced that a factory producing combat vehicles would be built with an investment of about HUF 60 billion and a test track would be built on an area of ​​20 hectares. Production will start in 2023, the plant, together with suppliers, will employ about 500 people, and in addition to production, they will also be involved in development. In cooperation with Rheinmetal, in addition to the production plant, a test environment for testing Lynxes and off-road vehicles will be created on the ZalaZone automotive test track.
The investment will create 500 new jobs.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/a-vilag-egyik-legmodernebb-hadiuzeme-epul-meg-zalaegerszegen

📌7. The Lucky Chocolate Factory expands by 2,300 square meters
The development of the chocolate factory may also provide employment for young people in the area in the future.
The Lucky Chocolate Factory is being expanded with a new factory hall. The government supports the investment of Szerencsi Bonbon Kft. With almost HUF 600 million with HUF 282 million.
With the 2,300 square meter factory hall created in the investment, 130 jobs will be saved in the settlement of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/2300-negyzetmeteres-uzemcsarnok-epul-szerencsen

📌8. The German subsidiary of the Hungarian construction manufacturer is already operating
With its rapid responses to the crisis, Masterplast has been able to increase its market share in several countries.
Masterplast's sales in the second quarter were € 27.499 million, down 4 percent from the same period last year. The company producing and selling construction insulation materials reported the latest data on the website of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE). The group's profit after tax amounted to EUR 1.838 million, compared to a profit of EUR 1.824 million in the base period.
The company reported that the decline in sales was offset by growing trade margins. With operating profit of € 2.757 million, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) reached a record high of 10 percent, up from 8.4 percent a year earlier.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/iparagi-hirek/2020/08/mar-mukodik-a-magyar-epitoipari-gyarto-nemetorszagi-leanyvallalata

📌9. The Páty industrial park will be expanded by more than ten thousand square meters.
Within the framework of the investment, road construction works around the buildings will also take place on 7,000 square meters.
At the request of NIPÜF Páty Ipari Park Kft., West Hungária Bau Kft. Started the development of the Páty industrial park. The investment will be implemented in the Pátyi Inpark area, where the G-X hall building, completed by WHB in 2017-18, will be expanded with two additional building parts: a 3,600-square-meter G-IX building and a 6,600-square-meter H-XI building.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/tobb-mint-tizezer-negyzetmeterrel-bovul-a-patyi-ipari-park

📌10. Today's announcement: Sanofi in Miskolc will become one of the most modern pharmaceutical factories in Europe
The development will increase production capacity by 50%, and the new production line will produce 9,000 syringes per hour.
Sanofi will expand its Miskolc plant with a state contribution of more than HUF 7 billion and a state contribution of HUF 1.2 billion, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade announced at the press conference of the investment in Budapest on Thursday.
The company is significantly expanding the factory’s production capacity by almost 50 percent with government support. The new production line can also produce 9,000 syringes per hour.
Sanofi will sell 95 percent of its products in 65 countries around the world.
The investment will create one of the most modern syringe factories in Europe. Sanofi has spent HUF 24 billion on the plant over the past nearly three decades, proving its long-term commitment to Hungary.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/europa-egyik-legmodernebb-gyogyszeripari-gyarava-no-a-miskolci-sanofi

📌11. Manufactured by a Hungarian company, in the most modern plant in Europe, what is it?
Long-term protection against dirt, long-lasting vibrant colors, a huge range of shapes - and colors - that's what Viastein knows, among other things. We will show you what the solution is if someone is looking for a really good paving stone!
According to various commercial data, products related to home renovations have become extremely popular as a result of the epidemic, so Hungarians do not spend their free time with more limited mobility and vacations.
One of the most important tools of easy-to-walk, aesthetic outdoor areas is paving stones, with which they can make the environment of their home more atmospheric and colorful.
More and more people know that VIASTEIN Kft., One of the most modern paving plants in Europe, is currently located in Biharkeresztes, Hungary.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/iparagi-hirek/2020/08/magyar-ceg-gyartja-europa-legmodernebb-uzemeben-mi-az

📌12. A factory in Debrecen was established with a unique technology in the world
The Market is completed with the regional center of South East Europe in Deufol, Germany.
The German plant in Deufol, Debrecen, with an investment of HUF 7 billion, was handed over, to which the government contributed HUF 1.4 billion. As we wrote earlier, the construction was carried out by Market Zrt.
Speaking at the press event: just under 11 months after the first hoeing in early October 2019, Deufol, a global market leader in supply chain solutions and industrial product packaging, began operations at its new facility in Hungary on 1 September. The completed investment will create 120 new jobs in the city.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/vilagviszonylatban-is-egyedi-technologiaval-letesult-gyar-debrecenben

📌13. Bács-Kiskun county is enriched with agricultural investment: a new plant is being built
In cooperation with the member companies and strategic partners of the KÉSZ Group, the current plant of Pannon Növényolajgyártó Kft. Will be expanded with the main company of MATECH Magyar Technológiai Kft., Where refined oil will be produced from the extracted crude oil.
The cornerstone of the vegetable oil refining plant of Pannon Növényolajgyártó Kft. Was laid in Foktő, Bács-Kiskun County, which is realized in the technology main company (EPC) of MATECH Magyar Technológiai Kft. The investment of the company belonging to the Hungarian group of companies Glencore Agriculture will create approximately 40 new jobs in the region, thus the number of employees of the factory is expected to increase by 25 percent.

Source, further details:

📌14. The logistics development for the whole continent was handed over to Tata
The Günter Group's facility was completed for approximately HUF 7.7 billion.
This morning, the new 65,000 square meter logistics center of Güntner-Tata Hűtőtechnikai Kft. Equipped with digitized solutions was inaugurated. The Günter Group, which now has a 30-year presence in Hungary, has created 150 new jobs at the Tata headquarters with the establishment of the group's European logistics center and a 1,200-square-meter capacity expansion investment. The state contributed HUF 1.6 billion to the HUF 7.7 billion development.
An investment in climate technology has come to Hungary
János Szabó, the managing director of the logistics center named Coolbridge Kft., Said that they perform the logistics tasks of Güntner,
they play an integrative role in supplying raw materials and serving customers to the factories of the European and overseas group of companies.

Source, further details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/a-teljes-kontinenst-ellato-logistikai-fejlesztest-adtak-at-tatan


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30 new articulated Mercedes buses for Budapest, 60 for rural cities

30 new articulated Mercedes buses for Budapest, 60 for rural cities

New, air-conditioned, low-floor and blue: the low-floor bus fleet is expanding in Budapest. Volánbusz Zrt. Bought the 30 new articulated Mercedes buses for the Budapest agglomeration flights, with the help of the budget resources provided by the Government. The first bus is now on the market, the other 29 will follow this year.

In March of this year, Volánbusz signed a contract with ITK Holding's subsidiary Inter Traction Electrics Kft. For the purchase of Mercedes-Benz Conecto G city articulated buses. The low-floor, air-conditioned bus fleet, which is being built all over Turkey, is in production and is expected to be on the market later this year.

The articulated buses, which offer 37 seats and 84 seats, are barrier-free and can also be used with a wheelchair or pram, similar to the Mercedes Conecto G articulated cars already operated by BKV and VT Arriva in Budapest. The six-cylinder, 360-horsepower diesel engines also meet the state-of-the-art Euro 6d environmental standard.

Some safety, diagnostic, passenger information systems and a closed cab will be installed in the buses at the Hungarian supplier in Debrecen, where they will also be placed on the market, so there will be domestic added value in the vehicles.

The hinges made in blue will be available on the 169E, 89E-89E-94E bus family in Pécel and on the flights from Csepel to Szigetszentmiklós. and XXI. district.

Volánbusz also sells sixty similar buses in rural cities, which - in yellow, white and silver - go to Győr and Székesfehérvár, for example.


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For 10 years, not only Budapest has been developing, but every single settlement in Hungary

For 10 years, not only Budapest has been developing, but every single settlement in Hungary

Dr. Eszter Vitályos
In Tiszabezdéd, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, we took part in the handover of the renovated building of the local nurse service
Attila Daku with Mayor, Endre Baracsi, Vice-President of the County Assembly and Dr. Attila Tilki, Fidesz Member of Parliament for the region.

One of the priority goals of the Hungarian government since 2010 is to modernize domestic health care. In recent years, we have renovated 77 hospitals, 54 clinics and 104 ambulance stations with the help of European Union funds, and built 23 new clinics and 31 ambulance stations.

The EU-funded development worth more than HUF 43 million will make the everyday lives of those living here easier and more comfortable. During the investment, the severely dilapidated building underwent a complete internal and external reconstruction, accessibility and energy modernization, as well as the purchase of instruments, machinery, IT and other equipment.

The work of nurses in all communities, like that of doctors and teachers, is invaluable, so it is reassuring to see that supporters and guardians of mothers and children in Tiszabezdéd can now work to help families in a modern, cultured work environment.

The development that has now taken place is a great example of the cooperation and common ideas of the local government, the population, the government and the medical profession. In this way, the standard of health care will increase, a service with individual rights will develop and, thanks to this development, patient care will be better and more comfortable.

Dr. Tilki Attila
At the handover ceremony of the mayor's office, Ms. Eszter Vitályos emphasized that the North-Eastern region of Hungary is also visibly developing dynamically, and the people living here are weaving plans and realizing their goals. I congratulate the mayor and the locals on their work and enthusiasm. I wish you good health and good luck in continuing your work!

Go Hungary!
Come on Tiszabezdéd!

Source: Transfer of the mayor's office:https://bit.ly/3c0CNse
Dr. Tilki Attila
Transfer of midwifery service:Dr. Eszter Vitályos https://www.facebook.com/vitalyoseszter/posts/3273493809405346

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New workplaces, roads, public institutions, schools, kindergartens, tourism. Let's see today's collection!

This is how Hungary is built - every day

New workplaces, roads, public institutions, schools, kindergartens, tourism.  Let's see today's collection!

🇭🇺1. A major investment arrives in the Budapest agglomeration: a new factory is being built

The 13,000-square-meter plant will produce, among other things, the electrolytes needed for the batteries.
Dongwha Electrolyte Hungary Kft. Will establish a plant for about HUF 11 billion, with which it will create 90 new jobs in the first step, it was revealed at the press conference announcing the investment today.
Sóskút will be the group's first European plant in Hungary, with a production area of ​​about 13,000 square meters, where the electrolytes needed for batteries will be produced and the solvents and chemicals produced during battery production will be recycled.
Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó emphasized at the press conference that the investments of Samsung SDI, SK Innovation and other large Korean battery manufacturers in Hungary created a supplier demand that also justified Dongwha's investment in Hungary.
Several investments related to battery manufacturing have arrived in the country
The transferor also revealed that in the last 4.5 years, from the beginning of 2016 until now, a total of 23 investments related to battery production have been received in Hungary. These represent an investment value of HUF 1,300 billion and created 6,300 new jobs.
The Koreans are in a leading position, as Samsung SDI and SK Innovation have brought or will establish the world's largest battery production capacities in Hungary. And the supplier base of these two big companies is constantly settling in the country
Production will take place in an environmentally friendly manner
Donghwa is the first in Hungary to start NMP refining (n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone - also known as NMP), which will recycle NMP generated during secondary battery production. This will reduce resource use, save the environment and lead to lower raw material prices.
According to the President, this kind of resource sharing will create effective cooperation between Donghwa and Hungary. This will be an important springboard for Hungary to be at the forefront of the battery industry in Europe.

Source, more pictures and details:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/09/nagyberuhazas-erkezik-budapest-agglomeraciojaba-uj-gyar-epul


One of the Hungarian government's priority goals since 2010 is to modernize domestic health care, the state secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources responsible for EU development policy said at the handover of the renovated building of the local nurse service on Tuesday in Tiszabezdéd, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County.
Eszter Vitályos said that in recent years, 77 hospitals, 54 outpatient clinics and 104 ambulance stations have been renovated with the help of EU funds, and 23 new outpatient clinics and 31 ambulance stations have been built.
Five public health programs have been launched with targeted screening programs, more and more doctors and health professionals are working at home, life expectancy at birth is rising, and the latest statistics show more children were born this year than before, the secretary of state said.
Speaking about the EU-funded investment worth more than HUF 43 million, he said that the development would make the everyday lives of the people here easier and more comfortable.
The work of nurses in all communities, like that of doctors and teachers, is invaluable, so it is reassuring to see that supporters and guardians of Tiszabezdéd mothers and children can now carry out their activities to help families in a modern, cultured work environment.

Source, more pictures and details:

🇭🇺3. The grammar school in Szécsény was also expanded with a gymnasium

The new building complex of the Páter Bárkányi János Catholic Kindergarten, Primary School and Gymnasium in Szécsény was officially handed over on Monday. The government contributed HUF 500 million, the church HUF 600 million and the local government HUF 140 million to the HUF 1.3 billion investment.
The handover ceremony was opened by Tamás Szenográdi, the director of the Páter Bárkányi János Catholic Kindergarten, Primary School and Gymnasium.
He thanked all those who made the investment possible. He also mentioned the cooperation shown by the Hungarian state, the Diocese of Vác and the Municipality of Szécsény during the implementation of the project.

Source, more pictures and details:

🇭🇺4. The Geopark pension in Bükkszentkereszti has been handed over

The Geopark pension in Bükkszentkereszti has been handed over, which also operates as a Geopark center in the Bükk region.
Prior to the handover of the facility on Wednesday, Máriusz Révész, the government commissioner responsible for active Hungary, called it important to increase the weight of active tourism in spending free time.
The purchase of the building of the newly handed over Bükkszentkeresz facility was financed by the government commission, the resort was bought for HUF 125 million.
Mrs. Kálmánné Rónai, the director of the Bükk National Park, said that the Bükk Region Geopark was established in 2017, the founding meeting of Felsőtárkány was attended by representatives of almost half a hundred settlements,
The director emphasized that Bükk and its immediate surroundings abound in earth science values ​​that can be included in both tourism and education.
A geopark is a regional development concept based on geological and geographical features, which is connected to the network of national and international geoparks through its work organization. UNESCO Global Geoparks strive to present diverse geological values, promote their protection, and integrate them into education and tourism.
The now handed over Geopark pension functions as both a geotourism center and a pension, the building can accommodate 35 people, its special feature is that the whole building aims to present the geopark, which is reflected in the names and decor of the rooms and the geo- and ecotourism offer.

Source, more pictures and details:

🇭🇺5. "We and Gigén were pleased to hand over to the Mayor Ms. a beautifully renovated Medical Office from HUF 28 million within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program. This investment also serves people and families in the village to receive health care in cultured conditions!
Congratulations to the Mayor, the House of Representatives and the people of Gigee! Unity is strength!
Hajrá Gige!👍🇭🇺

Source, more pictures and details:
László Szászfalvi https://www.facebook.com/szaszfalvi/posts/3490503637636381

🇭🇺6. From Sunday we can drive through the Tarcsa overpass!

At the same time, the level crossing will be closed to road traffic, but pedestrians and cyclists will still be able to use it.
However, due to the final connection, traffic light diversion is still to be expected in the following places:
🔹Prince Szent Imre út - Tarcsai út - Rétvége utca junction
🔹On Tarcsai road between Almásháza street - Kopolya street.

Source, more pictures and details:


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