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Number of theater goers 

Culture is a national fund. But this was not always the case 

Number of theater goers 

The number of theater-goers has been steadily increasing for 10 years. as opposed to this kind of entertainment.

People’s needs are growing and their financial situation is improving, so are more theater-goers.

In 2010, the country boasted 143 and in 2015, 170 theaters. In 2010, spectators were able to watch 19,000 color performances, and in 2015, those interested could exchange tickets for 26,000 performances. These numbers continue to grow over time.


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What is the government doing for culture? 

If anyone were to ask this, here are 50 possible answers: 

What is the government doing for culture? 

1. The Museum of Fine Arts has been renewed
2. The House of the Millennium is completed
3. The House of Hungarian Music is built
4. The new Ethnographic Museum is built
5. The garden of the National Museum has been renewed
6. Preparations for the reconstruction of the Museum of Applied Arts are underway
7. The Opera House and the Eiffel Workshop are renewed
8. Imre Kertész Institute, which takes care of the intellectual legacy of the Nobel Prize-winning writer, will receive a new building
9. The Robert Capa Center for Contemporary Photography is renewed and expanded
10. The buildings of Moholy-Nagy University of Arts were renovated
11. The National Civil Service University received new buildings
12. The Humanities Research House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was built
13. The Natural Sciences Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has been completed
14. The Castle Garden Bazaar was reborn
15. The Matthias Church was renovated inside and out
16. The building of the Riding School is completed
17. Reconstruction of the southern wing of the Buda Palace has begun
18. The Academy of Music has been renewed
19. The Erkel Theater was renovated
20. The Budapest Music Center was built
21. The cultural center on Erzsébet Square was handed over
22. The Thália Theater has been expanded with a new, modern playground
23. The new building of the National Dance Theater has opened
24. The Pest and Buda Vigadó were renewed
25. The National Theater will be more modern
26. The National Dance Ensemble will have a permanent place to play
27. The National Archives, the Art Gallery, the House of Terror and the National Museum will be more modern
28. The renovation of the József Attila Theater begins
29. It is being developed in the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum in Szentendre
30. The Star Fortress in Komárom regained its original state
31. The new building of the National Cultural Institute is being built in Lakitelk
32. 30 buildings will be renovated in the Makovecz program
33. The Old Artists' Colony in Szentendre will be renewed, the creative house in Szigliget and Zseny will be more modern
34. The renovation of the Szigliget Theater in Szolnok has started
35. The Katona József Theater in Kecskemét is renewed
36. The Gergely Csiky Theater was renovated inside and outside Kaposvár (the picture was taken here)
37. The Rose Garden Outdoor Stage was renovated in Nyíregyháza
38. Renovated historical center of Sopron
39. In Eger, the former city wall was renewed
40. An interactive library and archives will be set up in Szekszárd
41. The József Attila County Library will be renewed in Tatabánya
42. The modernization of the Szombathely Gallery has started
43. The Csokonai Theater in Debrecen, the Győr National Theater, the Veszprém Petőfi Theater and the Hevesi Sándor Theater in Zalaegerszeg are about to be renewed
44. The development of the Szolnok Artists' Colony has started
45. The construction of the Munkácsy district in Békéscsaba continues
46. ​​The Mindszenty Museum is established in Zalaegerszeg
47. The Grassalkovich castles in Gödöllő and Hatvan were renovated
48. The Esterházy Castle in Fertőd was renovated
49. The Festetics Castle in Keszthely was renovated
50. The National Castle Program and the National Castle Program continue, in which 19 castles and 15 castles are renewed


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Numbers - "National Fund for Culture" 

The dark zero years. "K..va will be a strong image" 

Numbers - "National Fund for Culture" 

Culture is not what some left-wing theater figures do and what left-wing parties excuse.

For us Hungarians, culture means something completely different - we carry Hungarian culture in our hearts and souls.
One element of culture is the film industry, today we are reviewing this, in numbers, of course!

In 2019, despite the known positive results, the left will take its ignorant followers to the streets, figure out all sorts of provocative reasons, claim untruths and spread fake news. It does so despite the fact that between 2002 and 2010, the billion-dollar organization of the film industry, MMKA (Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation), which they managed at the time, undertook a billion-dollar dishonest treatment. The left can also steal from what it is intended to support.

In contrast, the Hungarian film industry received 4x (four times!) More support from the Hungarian National Film Fund established by the Orbán government since 2013.

The left-wing camouflage alliance is now using the cultural life actor for its own political purposes and wants to bring back the times when it was wheeled, stolen in Nokia boxes, and billions of taxpayers were pocketed in other ways.

In contrast, the National Government is investing in the future. For us, Hungary is the first! for us, Hungarian culture is the first!

Those who protested in the square yesterday, tossing butts and breaking beer bottles, do not know the reality.


Our sources: CSOhttps://www.ksh.hu/docs/hun/xstadat/xstadat_eves/i_qpa001x.html?down=721

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Tracks - Theater upgrades 

Tracks - Theater upgrades 

While the opposition is using culture for its current political purposes and organizing a few thousand demonstrations in Budapest, beyond 15 million Hungarian borders, it preserves Hungarian culture in its heart and soul.

We work, we get up at dawn and go to bed at midnight, we raise our children, the next generation, we pay a tax, which gives 3x more money this year to support the budget of culture, until then you throw TI butts and empty beer cans on the streets of Budapest, chant outmodern expressions, and you use intolerant words on your posters. Is this culture for you? Shame!

We call on the left-wing parties to stop misinforming Hungarians, spreading false news, and stop the practice of using preschool children and musicians to divide society.

Within the framework of the Modern Cities Program, the Government of Hungary has developed the theaters shown in the attached picture. They don’t talk about it - they work, we work.

The picture shows the recently handed over Gergely Csiky Theater in Kaposvár.

Take action against the fake news too!

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Numbers - Culture!

Numbers - Culture!

The opposition press is lying, the NKA will not cease.
The bill recommends joint funding for municipal theaters.

What is the proposal about?

Increasing budget support for culture allows long-term, balanced planning for key institutions in the sector, which is why the law requires the Government to enter into a five-year financing agreement with cultural strategic institutions.

"Obtained from well-informed government sources" in the left-liberal press (their secret informant(Hashtag) fakenews) information again proved to be false news, as the bill does not in any way affect the operation of the National Cultural Fund.

The proposal sets out clear rules on state and local government responsibility and funding for theaters, in line with the government's intention expressed last week, clearly enshrining the inviolability of artistic freedom.

The resources needed to operate state-run theaters are provided by the central budget.

So no one takes away, eliminates, destroys, destroys, saltes, and burns.

Today, the Government of Hungary spends almost 2x as much on cultural spending as the left-wing government did in 2010.

Press release from the art communities here:

Because 10% of people still think the earth is flat and holds three elephants.

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