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With a relentless rent increase, the left makes it impossible for the people of Miskolc

Even now, they hit those who hurt the most, those who can defend themselves the least. (with video)

With a relentless rent increase, the left makes it impossible for the people of Miskolc

The Fidesz-KDNP faction in Miskolc protests, according to which the left-wing leadership of the city brutally increased the rent for municipal apartments. The governing parties believe this has pushed many tenants to the brink of insolvency. According to the city management, the increased fees would be used to renovate dwellings in poor condition. Fidesz-KDNP deputies say that not only should former rents be restored, but also catering and taxi companies in difficult situations should be helped, it was revealed in the M1 Newsletter.

Tenants in Miskolc will receive a brutal rent increase from the city administration - the Hungarian Nation wrote about this on Monday. According to the article, the left-liberal leadership of the city of Borsod County has drastically increased the rent for municipal housing in Miskolc, pushing thousands of citizens to the brink of insolvency.

Among other things, the former employees of the cement factory in Miskolc, some of whom may have a 50 percent or even double increase in their monthly housing costs.

According to the decision, residents will also have to pay a deposit from January,
which the municipality would collect not only from new tenants but also retroactively from those who have lived in municipal housing for decades.

Several residents told M1 that if you pay the new rent along with the security deposit, almost nothing will be left of their pension.

In addition, the tenants say the municipality would be wrong to ask for a deposit from a significant portion of the residents.
It has already been worked on by many local factories under the original housing contracts.

At the request of M1, Miskolc Holding Zrt., Which manages rental flats, stated that the city management would renovate the municipal flats in poor technical or unpublishable condition from the increased fees.

They wrote that 60 percent of the proceeds would be spent on reconstruction, but their response did not indicate what the rest of the money collected from tenants would be spent on.
According to the Fidesz-KDNP faction in Miskolc, it is also unacceptable that they want to pay for the renovations to the needy residents.

Attila Soós, a pro-government local government representative, emphasized that the left-wing city administration could do so either from tender sources or from the tax revenues received in the city.

As he said, the decision affects 3,800 flats and thousands of Miskolcis, including retirees, as well as hundreds of families with small children, with whom the municipality has not consulted on the matter.
Meanwhile, pro-government MPs on Wednesday spoke out against more than just left-wing city government decisions on rental housing.

Representatives of Fidesz-KDNP also proposed that the local government of Miskolc release the public land use fee and a part of the rents imposed on caterers and taxi drivers by the end of December in view of the coronavirus epidemic.

A similar proposal was recently submitted by the Fidesz-KDNP faction in the capital, which was rejected by the General Assembly chaired by Gergely Karácsony in Budapest.
The city administration in Baloda did not put the 50 billion rescue program on the agenda in the capital either, instead it submitted a proposal of its own, in which the amount of subsidies intended for Budapest residents was reduced compared to Fidesz's proposal.

Source, video:https://hirado.hu/belfold/belpolitika/cikk/2020/10/27/konyortelen-lakberemelessel-leetleniti-el-a-miskolciakat-a-baloldal

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10 billion forints disappeared in 1 year in Érd, now the laundry coalition wants to take out a billion-dollar loan!

10 billion forints disappeared in 1 year in Érd, now the laundry coalition wants to take out a billion-dollar loan!

Károly Simórepresentative wrote on his Facebook page.


Today, 5 minutes (!!) before the meeting of the Finance Committee, we received a proposal according to which the city management intends to take out a new overdraft of 1,200,000,000, ie more than one billion forints, this year. They want to decide on it at the General Assembly on Thursday.

The left justified the borrowing, which meant indebtedness to the city, on the grounds that there was a virus situation and that there were no tax revenues, and the state's revenues had decreased due to the state anyway.

Turns out they didn't tell the truth again! On Friday (October 16, 2020), I received the official and real data on my request, which includes the funds in the bank accounts, securities and cash of the municipality.

According to them, approx. The city has 650,000,000, ie more than half a billion (!!) forints, money that can be spent freely. So it’s not about the city needing an overdraft!

The committee meeting also confirmed that September had ended surprisingly well, with much more revenue than expected.

Still, the mayor’s chief of staff came to the committee meeting in person to sword in favor of borrowing, though he didn’t usually come at other times. It was also said that a political decision had been made, similar to other left-wing municipalities.

It is clear that it is just a matter of left-wing municipalities wanting to convince voters that they are close to bankruptcy or will be by the end of the year.

While the reality is that there are hundreds of millions that can be spent freely, and in total there are more than 30,380,000,000, ie more than 30 billion (!!) forints in bank accounts and cash registers.

One year ago, the city was taken over by HUF 40.5 billion. Meanwhile, ten billion forints disappeared from the accounts.

Is this visible in the city? "

These numbers, this "taken back" Érd. Congratulations to those who elected Pipes and also to those who did not go to the polls. If you stayAndrás T. Mészárosthen Érd would have remained a thriving city today, but the people of Érd decided to experiment on their own, as if it seemed like a bad idea. We hope that the authorities will investigate where 10 billion forints have disappeared in 1 year, ie an average of 833 million per month, and if fraudulent treatment arises, they will take action.



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EzaLényeg.hu is lying and insulting the Fidesz people

Fake news production has not stopped

EzaLényeg.hu is lying and insulting the Fidesz people

EzaLényeg.hu sets the results of the work of the previous Fidesz mayor and city management for the success of the current left-liberal city leadership.

Let’s be clear: we, and certainly the locals, are happy with the new health home, this article is about something different now. This article is about how the fake news factories of the left-wing footage media are trying to distort reality and how they are trying to gain political laurels by publishing the work of others as their own.

The fake news site, of course, does not report that the project did not start on October 13, 2019, but at least a year earlier. Preparations for the health house project started already in 2018, when the mayor of the city was József Szabó, there is a lot of evidence on the Internet, the most obvious is the October 2019 issue of Szigetszentmiklós's city newspaper, Kisváros. It is clear from the newspaper that the visual design of the building is exactly the same as the final condition in the picture, so the planning, the successful tender, the source, the plot were all available.

This is a January 2018 writing, and you already had the money for development.
"We hereby inform the residents of our city that our tender" Support for the Development of Municipally Owned Primary Health Care Institutions in Pest County "Establishment of a New Health Care Institution in Szigetszentmiklós" received a grant of HUF 200,000,000 from the Supporting Ministry of National Economy.
Within the framework of the tender, our local government intends to build a new adult GP surgery and a new pediatric GP surgery on the 7030 hrsz property in the Szigetszentmiklós-Bucka district. As a result of the project, 1 adult and 1 pediatric practice and service rooms would be built. With the construction of the surgeries, it will be possible to create 2 new adult and 2 new children's districts. We want to ensure the comfort of the premises by purchasing appropriate tools and furniture. "

Link:https://bit.ly/3d2b1Mv(the newspaper can be downloaded in PDF format)

All issues can be found here:https://bit.ly/2GMFMss

While editing the article, we looked at the page of Mayor János Nagy, and what happened was that he was holding a live reception class. Taking this opportunity, we asked him a question:

Video:https://www.facebook.com/103845594479140/videos/3439837539431944(and below the comments if you don't delete them over time. The video said "moderator" wasn't available during the live broadcast)

Our question:

"Why does EzaLényeg.hu write that the Buckai health home is your merit, while the project started in 2018, the previous management applied, won, designed the building, secured the plot, sought a contractor, etc. You just had to wait for the building to be completed.Why are they denying reality together with this fake news factory?https://szigetszentmiklos.ezalenyeg.hu/helyi-ugyeink/sikeres-az-uj-szigetszentmiklosi-vezetes-elkeszult-az-egeszseghaz-a-buckaban-19916"

After the mayor ran several times to avoid an answer (insulting us, making contemptuous statements about the countrymen, demanding a name from us, even though he could know the difference between a site and a private profile, etc.) he finally replied:‼ ️You don't know why EzaLényeg.hu wrote this‼ ️

Let's say it's welcome that the ongoing investment was at least not stopped, like the construction of the central hospital in Budapest.

For those who don't know what "Ezalényeg.hu" is: this is a site that spent 5 million forints on Facebook advertising with 5,000 members before the election. Where does an anonymous fake news site with just a few members have so much money for advertising? We would have liked to have asked the mayor this as well, but due to his apparently hostile attitude, his mockery on our side and the people in the countryside, we did not ask him any further questions. The video has been saved as it is assumed to be deleted sooner or later. More about this fake news factory:

Mayor's nominating organizations:https://bit.ly/2GAAWz1
It is also stated in the video that he is not a member of any party and positions himself as independent, but in reality he is very dependent: DK-MOMENTUM-JOBBIK-MSZP-LMP-EVERYONE HUNGARY nominated him for the position of mayor together.

We are sending a message to the lying page called EzaLényeg.hu that there will indeed be a change of government in 2022: the fourth Orbán government will be replaced by the fifth Orbán government.


This is a false article:https://szigetszentmiklos.ezalenyeg.hu/helyi-ugyeink/sikeres-az-uj-szigetszentmiklosi-vezetes-elkeszult-az-egeszseghaz-a-buckaban-19916
Mayor's online press conference:https://www.facebook.com/103845594479140/videos/3439837539431944
About the project:http://szigetszentmiklos.hu/index.php?p=news&act=show&cid=3860

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4 years - 13 renovated medical offices in Debrecen

Mayor László Papp published an excellent series of pictures on his site

4 years - 13 renovated medical offices in Debrecen

The mayor of Debrecen also put on his gloves against the false news. Many people lie about thatThe Government of Hungaryhe doesn’t spend on health care, he just builds stadiums. Well, the reality, on the other hand, is that in Debrecen alone, 13 doctor's offices were renewed in 4 years, and thousands nationwide!
The picture shows the office on Jánosi Street inherited from the Gyurcsánys and the current state of the office.
You can also see the other pictures under the link below:

Hajrá Debrecen!
Come onLászló Papp!
Together we will succeed again!🇭🇺


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Pass it on so that your mayor can see how to communicate about improvements

Pass it on so that your mayor can see how to communicate about improvements

A lot of things are developing in Hungary, but unfortunately a lot of things are being silenced by the media working for money. Apparently, there is no place in a national media for the news of the renewal of a rural kindergarten, because it will not bring as many views as the news "little pandas were born at the Munich Zoo".

Mayor of Zalaegerszeg,Zoltán Balaiczhe has now published a fantastically good list of how the city’s public institutions have been developed in conjunction with the government. Schools, kindergartens, doctor's offices, nursing homes, social institutions, public spaces and sports fields, playgrounds and offices. Read and pass on this article so that your mayor can also see how to communicate what was missing from the October campaign.

The silenced news is now gaining ground. The shooting range dog is not interested in who is guarding the terrace of the SzFE or why the left is protesting. Here is the reality.

Zoltán Balaiczwrote: (full list in the second half of the article. The picture shows some of the institutions listed, this is the Collection of Numbers)


The renovation of the Petőfi Sándor Primary School has started, for which the local government won a tender in 2017, and after the preparation, planning and public procurement for the construction, the work could start in the summer of 2020. The renovation will be carried out at a cost of nearly HUF 337 million and is planned to be completed by March 2021. Initially, the local government won a grant of HUF 270 million for the purpose, the missing amount of more than HUF 65 million was provided to the city by the government.
Mayor Zoltán Balaicz, Member of Parliament László Vigh, Deputy Mayor Zoltán Bali, dr. Dávid Káldi is a local government representative, Attila Kajári is the director of the state tank district and Éva Kovács is the head of the institution.
Special thanks are due from the Mayor's Office to Roland Kovács, the specialist coordinating the renovation, and the contractor B & G Építő és Szállemeltető Kft. From Zalaegerszeg.
The renovation of the Liszt school was recently completed with an expenditure of HUF 345 million and the renovation of the Dózsa school within the framework of a HUF 324 million project, and the new gymnasium of the Dózsa school is also being built with an investment of HUF 1.25 billion. Including the HUF 337 million renovation of the Petőfi school, work worth almost HUF 2.3 billion will be implemented for these three institutions.
Although for 7 years now, since January 1, 2013, schools no longer belong to the city government but to the state, the city management still considers it important to support the renewal of institutions.
It took decades to renew the institutional system in Zalaegerszeg, but now the program is spectacular:
- The renovation of the Landorhegy infant and orphanage from HUF 100 million has been completed
- The renovation of the nursery on Napsugár Street from HUF 101 million has been completed
- The renovation of the Cseperedő crèche for 105 million forints has been completed
- A new kindergarten was built in Andráshida with an expenditure of HUF 360 million
- The Landorhegy Kindergarten was renewed from HUF 100 million
- The renovation of the kindergarten on Mikes Street from 84 million forints has been completed
- The renovation of the kindergarten on Petőfi Street from 145 million forints has been completed
- The renovation of the kindergarten on Kodály Street from HUF 140 million has been completed
- Ovi sports tracks were built
- The educational buildings of the Ady school were renovated with an expenditure of HUF 150 million.
- The renovation of the gym of the Ady school from 147 million forints has been completed
- The building of the József Mindszenty Primary School, Gymnasium and College was renovated with an expenditure of HUF 500 million, and now a new, modern gymnasium and fencing hall is being built within the framework of an investment of HUF 3.3 billion
- A new multifunctional track was built in the yard of the Eötvös school
- A new artificial grass field was built in the yard of the Liszt school
- B33 basketball courts buildings in the yard of Zrínyi Miklós Gimnázium and Landorhegy Primary School
- The 140 million forint renovation of Kaffka Margit College has been completed
- The renovation of the Landorhegy Primary School from HUF 324 million has been completed
- The expansion of Imre Izsák Primary School from HUF 130 million has been completed
- The Kölcsey Ferenc High School was renovated with an expenditure of HUF 150 million.
- All three higher education institutions of Zalaegerszeg rose to the rank of a university, so the county seat of Zala became a “university city”. The amount of university investments, developments and projects: HUF 4.4 billion, in the framework of which the Innovation and Knowledge Center of the Budapest University of Economics (BGE), Zalaegerszeg Faculty of Management, was completed with a one billion investment.
- The role of education, especially vocational training, adult training, retraining, is of key importance in addressing labor shortages and providing a sufficient number of workers. That is why the dual vocational training center will be built on the site of the former command building of the former Petőfi barracks with an expenditure of HUF 646 million.
- We are renovating the Ganz Abraham Vocational High School. We have won government support for the investment, and work can begin in 2020.
- The Holy Family Kindergarten is renewed and expanded.
- György Dózsa Primary School was renewed.
- The new gymnasium of Dózsa György Primary School is built.
- The Petőfi Sándor Primary School is renewed.
- The Liszt Ferenc Primary School was renewed.
- The Eötvös József Primary School is renewed.
- The Ádám Horváth Primary Art Education Institution of Pálóczi is renewed.
- The Miklós Zrínyi Grammar School will be renewed.
In addition, all social and elderly institutions and clubs in the city were renovated with an expenditure of HUF 433 million. With this, this project was the first of the county seats to be completed in Zalaegerszeg:
- The renovation of the Retirement Home and Downtown Elderly Club has been completed
- The renovation of the Landorhegy Elderly Club has been completed
- The renovation of the Family and Child Welfare Center has been completed
- The renovation of the Social Club has been completed
- The renovation of the Nursing Home has been completed
- The renovation of the Andráshida Elderly Club has been completed
The project concerning basic health services was also the first of the county seats to be completed in Zalaegerszeg: 9 adult general practitioners, 5 pediatricians, 17 nurses' districts and the central emergency service on Botfy Street were renewed with HUF 353 million.
- Andráshida utca 5. (1 pediatrician's office and 2 nurses' services)
- Ola utca 10-12. (2 GP surgeries, 1 pediatrician surgery and 2 nurse services)
- Kinizsi utca 105. (1 pediatrician's office and 2 nurses' services)
- Göcseji utca 53. (1 GP surgery and 4 nurse services)
- Wlassics Gyula utca 13. (2 GP surgeries)
- 39. Hegyalja utca (1 pediatrician's office and 2 nurse services)
- Nemzetőr utca 15. (1 pediatrician's office and 1 nurse's service)
- Köztársaság utca 55 / A (2 GP surgeries)
- Köztársaság utca 55. (2 GP surgeries)
- Petőfi utca 21-25. (4 nursing services)
- Botfy Lajos utca 1. (central duty)
For the renovation of non-listed institutions, a direct European Union tender in Brussels, the so-called We won the Elena project, under which we can spend HUF 10 billion by 2024 on the energy modernization and renovation of 15 municipal institutions.
This means that in a few years we have renewed / will renew our institutional system in the order of more than HUF 20 billion with winning tenders, and the work will continue, working several decades behind. "

🇭🇺Thank You,Zoltán BalaiczMr mayor! Hats off!

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The local government of Budafok-Tétény also joined the baby flag movement!

The flag is not "here" :)

The local government of Budafok-Tétény also joined the baby flag movement!

Writing by Mayor Karsay Ferec

"Another flag is waving at the municipal building! Today we have joined a noble initiative to express our faith and commitment! Our municipality has been a Family Friendly Place since 2017 - this honorable title from the current initiative owner, the Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement. In the spirit of the rainbow Instead of the flag, we chose a pink and a blue flag to strengthen our faith in Hungarian families and the blessing of children. The future of our nation is ensured by the growth of families and the birth of children.

I welcome the new initiative of Fruzsina Skrabski, the President of the Movement, according to which local governments can signal by posting a “baby flag” if a child has been blessed in the settlement. As he put it, it is very important for the whole country and for our own happiness that the children you want are born. As he wrote, the movement has five-party support, so the birth of desired babies is a national affair, a national minimum.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦It is a special pleasure for me that the number of young people, newlyweds and young people starting families in our district has visibly increased in recent years. It feels good to find a home with us. Since I also have three princes and three princesses at home, and even three grandchildren, I send a message to all young people: feel free to embark on the greatest adventure of their lives, crown their relationship with the miracle of child blessing to be even happier!

❣️Let’s celebrate and pay homage to families and children by placing a flag welcoming new lives! Sexuality is a private matter, but without our children, we cannot expect a calm, peaceful old age. The laws of nature do not operate on the basis of ideologies, propaganda, or party politics. We are responsible not only for what we do, but also for what we do not do. "

You can order a flag here:https://www.haromkiralyfi.hu/babazaszlo

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Gödöllő is also “for everyone”

Gödöllő is also “for everyone”

The left-wing mayor of Gödöllő cut the salaries of city workers citing the epidemic, then traveled publicly to the Croatian coast, bought himself a new service car, and millions went to redundant furniture at the moment.

Several left-wing mayors abused the opportunities offered by the emergency, but perhaps no one like György Gémesi, who made more tough decisions than the toaster in the critical period. After reducing the salaries of city employees and the budgets of city institutions, the leader of Gödöllő also decided to renovate his own office worth HUF 1 billion and to purchase an office luxury SUV worth several million forints. With the abolition of the extraordinary legal order, he did not give up: he and his head of the cabinet, Csaba L. Péterfi, traveled to the Croatian coast for a holiday on the occasion of a municipal event - of course with public money.

György Gémesi, a doctor, recently called attention to himself by denying the coronavirus epidemic to the end. When 170,000 people around the world were infected and 6,500 died when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic, when an emergency was ordered at home, the left-wing leader of the Pest County settlement even encouraged the children to go out to playgrounds.

After such antecedents, it was questionable how crisis management would go for him. Especially since the introduction of the special legal order gave the mayors extraordinary power, they could decide on an important matter without consulting the representative body.

"Delicious" times: green light for luxury SUV and office renovation
Gémesi immediately threw himself into the work, first reducing the salaries of city employees based on the national pattern of the left - citing the epidemic, reducing the budgets of city institutions, i.e. introducing drastic austerity measures. "Many people in Gödöllő feel the crisis in their own skin. Some people are forced to suffer by saving their wages or being sent on unpaid leave. expected situation ", the Gödöllő News magazine wrote in May.

However, not everyone did so badly, for example, Mayor György Gémesi and his friends are specifically among the winners. During the emergency, the city management made several decisions, almost in the toaster category.

One billion forints went to the renovation of the Mayor's Office. On April 22, Gémesi signed a contract with GENERALBAU CENTER Kft. On behalf of the Gödöllő municipality for the construction of the mayor's office. According to the agreement, the company can renovate the building with a VAT value of HUF 999,786,886 until April 2022.

It is very disgusting that while the Gémesi reduced the salaries of Gödöllő civil servants, they brought out a company based in Budapest as the winner of a project worth HUF 1 billion. Not to mention that the gross value of the investment will also burden the 2021 and 2022 city budgets.

Purchase a new service SUV for millions. When it comes to the mayor's comfort, the situation is immediately different, the difficulties caused by the emergency are immediately in parentheses. The left-wing mayor, during the extraordinary period, put a new urban luxury SUV strictly out of public money for "official use." "The mayor will buy a new SUV, for which he will provide 5 million forints," reads the local press. The base price of the selected vehicle starts at HUF 8 million at the list price.

The local government bought chairs worth almost five million forints. While no money was available to keep the salaries of municipal employees, the municipality spent HUF 4.5 million on chairs. About 80 chairs have been planned for the Bodyguard Barracks out of turn, citing that there will be events here one day. It is easy to calculate that the local government of Gödöllő bought chairs well above the market price, in the order of HUF 55-60 thousand.

It is no coincidence that the renovation of the Bodyguard Barracks is the project of Csaba L. Péterfi, the head of the cabinet of Gémes. In practice, this means that your own art collection is expected to be housed here. There is an opinion that for years the actual management of the city has not been in the hands of Gémesi but in the hands of his adviser. Incidentally, Péterfi L.'s intellectual product was also a party called New Beginning, which was created on the model of the former New Beginning Foundation.

They jumped out into Croatia
After the first wave of the epidemic "subsided," the Gemmes did not let go of their previous way of life. On the community page, the mayor announced that he and his adviser were traveling on public holidays to the Croatian coast for a municipal event.

"This year Rijeka / Rijeka / and Opatija / Opatija / European Capitals of Culture. Unfortunately, most events were missed due to the coronavirus. At the request of the mayor of the city, in addition to last year's exhibition, the city of Gödöllő will exhibit unique and special Herend porcelain, "said the mayor of Gödöllő, who traveled to the Croatian coast with his money with the city's money.

So while the left-wing local government drastically reduced the salaries of city employees and the budgets of city institutions, it made copies for hundreds of thousands of forints and traveled to original art treasures to the seaside resort. It is quite regrettable that the collection includes Herend porcelain owned by Csaba L. Péterfi. Not to mention that insurance, disembarkation and delivery, accommodation fees, daily allowances consumed at least hundreds of thousands of forints, but it could easily be that the total amount of the campaign reached one million forints.

In any case, the mood was good, as evidenced by the entry of Gémesi’s consultant, who immediately reported from the sunny Croatian coast. "And we arrived. In addition, I met my own Herend plate, this is how our new exhibition is advertised. I love Opatija," says Csaba L. Péterfi.

That the Gémesi had time to rest for a while was also reported by the consultant. "The museum will open at ten o'clock, where our exhibition will be. Then we can go packing. Until then, a little beach, sunbathing," said the mayor's confidant, who said he had never had such a scent of the sea as it does now. "I love it," he added, coming out of the water.

In the meantime, they are giggling for money
"The operational room for maneuver of local governments is constantly decreasing from year to year. (...) This situation must be survived by the local government system after the coronavirus epidemic, which in itself has resulted in a lot of additional costs for local governments," said György Gémesi. At the beginning of July, he held a joint press conference with Gergely Karácsony on the "miserable" situation of local governments.

As is well known, at the height of the crisis and the epidemic, the government set up an epidemiological fund, asking local governments to contribute to the fight. The government decided this because everyone has to share in the cost of controlling the epidemic, cooperation is needed. The other important decision to control the epidemic is the so-called solidarity contribution. The bottom line is that richer municipalities need to support poorer settlements. The left does not support either, hindering the success of the joint defense.

Of course, the question arises as to why.


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They would build already handed-over developments again in Eger

They would build already handed-over developments again in Eger

🔴Left-wing failure in Eger: they haven't even read the proposal they submitted, stolen from the previous cycle, they want to rebuild the already implemented developments, they are leading the city into a debt trap and selling public property.
Did the voters entrust the city of Eger to these people? Applause!

Once handed over, they would build developments in Eger


They are preparing to sell off public property in left-liberal-led Eger, while the general meeting voted a HUF 1 billion free-to-use overdraft facility. Mayor Ádám Mirkóczki, meanwhile, became the object of ridicule by presenting an economic program that included implemented improvements.

The city has no accepted economic program not only in the left-liberal majority Tatabánya, but also in Eger, led by Ádám Mirkóczki - Sándor Oroján, the leader of the Fidesz – KDNP faction of the Heves county seat, informed us. According to the Municipal Act, within six months of the formation of the representative body, each municipality must adopt its economic program, which covers the next five-year cycle. However, this did not happen in Eger either, the difference is that until the general assembly discussed the economic program in Tatabánya, the proposal was voted on at the county seat of Heves.

- Mayor Ádám Mirkóczki would have done better if he had not submitted his economic program, because then he would not have been burned before the General Assembly. What happened was that the city administration presented us with the program adopted in the previous cycle, with some modifications. We examined the material and found that it was more than sixty percent letter-identical to the program adopted five years ago, without even changing its table of contents. For this reason, there may have been improvements in Mirkóczki's proposal that have now been implemented, stressed Sándor Oroján.

The pro-government politician mentioned as an example that the material includes the construction of a road connecting Eger with the M3 motorway. "In addition, they planned to build a two-lane road twice in their submitted economic program, while the two-lane M25 had already been handed over two weeks ago," the Fidesz-KDNP faction leader added. Sándor Oroján explained: In the material, the Mirkóczki family proposes to renovate the István Bárány Sports Swimming Pool and the Eszterházy Square in addition to tidying up several roads, but these have also been completed in the last cycle. - That's why the blama may have happened that several left-liberal MPs voted down the economic program. Ádám Mirkóczki must come up with a new proposal as soon as possible, because the local government is already committing a breach of the law by not having an accepted economic program for Eger, the Fidesz-KDNP faction leader pointed out.

Sándor Oroján also expressed concern that while the left-liberal majority approved a HUF 1 billion overdraft facility at the last general meeting, they are preparing to squander public assets. - The property decree has been amended so that the mayor can decide on the sale of any property worth a maximum of HUF 25 million in one person. In addition, it was decided that the property and real estate of the local government should be assessed and, if possible, prepared for sale - Sándor Oroján emphasized. He added that the old Gyurcsány methods are destroying the city.


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Municipal property is being squandered by left-wing mayors

They are making money, the background of sales is confusing and suspicious of corruption

Municipal property is being squandered by left-wing mayors


Although the mayoral candidates of the left-liberal coalition have promised almost without exception to preserve and even increase municipal property in their campaign, they have been doing just the opposite since their election. The squandering of community property, primarily rental housing, is characteristic of both rural and metropolitan municipalities with an opposition majority.

The amendment to the Decree on the Lease and Disposal of Municipal and Non-Dwelling Premises Owned by the Municipality was voted on at the July meeting of the Vác Board of Representatives. The proposal, which bleeds from many wounds, may lead to a discounted sale of the city's real estate - István Sigray pointed out in a reader's letter sent to Váconline.hu. The university lecturer living in Vác indicated that the amendment provides a much more significant pre-purchase discount than before for those who have been renting the property for at least five years and paying the purchase price in one lump sum. - Of course, selling below price is not necessarily devilish if the discount is given to achieve well-defined goals. The main problem with this is that the targeted warranty element has been omitted from the submission. For example, if the resold apartment is resold within five years, the discount can be reclaimed by the city, István Sigray said. He adds that, since in the previous regulation the amount of the rebates allowed much less room for speculative action, there was no need for a guarantee element. He also mentions that the list of non-expropriable dwellings was destroyed with a stroke of a pen. - There are a total of twenty-five of these, including several main square buildings, some of which are in poor technical condition. If the municipality can sell apartments in the city's iconic buildings even at a depressed price, it will be much more difficult and much more expensive to renovate them, the university professor stressed.

As reported by Magyar Nemzet, in June the new mayor of Eger, Ádám Mirkóczki, decided to sell the 300-year-old Senator house in one person, using the extraordinary powers and authority granted due to the coronavirus epidemic. Sándor Oroján, the leader of the Fidesz-KDNP local group, said: "Every effort is being made to prevent the sale of one of the city's jewelry boxes, symbols and family silver, and the amok run by the mayor of Eger in favor of privatization." - Ádám Mirkóczki also decided to sell eight municipal plots, where the buyers are doing well, in one case, for example, the buyer only has to pay the purchase price in five years.

It was also decided to subordinate Eger's urban development company, which coordinates local developments worth billions of forints, to Evat Zrt., Headed by Zsolt Koltai, a well-known man from Hajdú-Bét. He is the member of the Board of Directors of Széchenyi Bank, several of whose members have recently been detained on suspicion of an economic crime, Sándor Oroján told our newspaper.

We recently reported that Zugló’s left-wing leadership is also continuing to squander the district’s real estate; most recently, it was decided to sell a building in a villa district well below price. The left-wing majority of the representative body voted to transfer HUF 18 million to the 155-square-meter building next to the villa at 64 / B Thököly út, to which 28 percent of the 1,400-square-meter plot also belongs. - It is absurd that our rented properties, the hens laying golden eggs, are sold for a one-time income. This leads to the slow but sure recovery of municipal property - László Várnai, an independent municipal representative, said to our paper, who believes that the building and the plot located in the villa district could be worth up to HUF 50 million. With regard to the sale, which is difficult to justify from an economic point of view, the left does not fully agree either, as the Momentum did not vote in favor of the decision supported by the LMP, the DK and the Socialists. In Zugló, meanwhile, it was also possible to sell all the attics owned by the municipality. According to Várnai, the local government could even build social rental housing in the attics, as Mayor Csaba Horváth (MSZP) spoke in his campaign about building new social housing.

In Józsefváros, András Pikó, the mayor who set himself up as a civilian, started selling out municipal rental flats. "Pikó promised a growing stock of rental apartments, compared to which it was decided in January that they would become sixty rental apartments only this year," the local Fidesz wrote in connection with the case. It is also telling that the main element of the campaign of the mayor who became a former newsreader of Klubrádió was housing: he repeatedly claimed that the VIII. There are 1,200 empty municipal apartments in the district, which will be rented out to those in need cheaply. Since then, it turns out only 800 apartments are empty, they are also uninhabitable. Since October, there has been a lot of anticipation of the application for social rental housing, but instead it is possible to apply for apartments with a renovation obligation of many million forints and a monthly fee of 2,200 forints / square meter, which can be rented on a market basis.

In July, it turned out that the left-liberal mayor of Ferencváros, elected in the autumn, would also amend the housing ordinance of the district in such a way as to give the opportunity to sell social rental flats and service flats below the price. In the end, Krisztina Baranyi's proposal was not even voted for by the New Pole faction formed by her ally Momentum, LMP, Dialogue, Jobbik, Andrea Gyurákovics, Fidesz – KDNP IX. and the head of his district group said that these properties should remain in district ownership. He also drew attention to the fact that the expropriation of real estate is in stark contrast to the promises made in Baranyi's election campaign.


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They are lying about Lake Balaton, while they are the ones who are abolishing the free beaches

Bolshevik method

They are lying about Lake Balaton, while they are the ones who are abolishing the free beaches

All free beaches in Szeged were liquidated by László Botka.
While Lake Balaton is for everyone, there are plenty of free, well-equipped, well-kept beaches for those wishing to swim, in Szeged, in the faithful citadel of the left, there is no such opportunity.

Most recently, Ágnes Kunhalmi lied a huge one when she was snuggling in Fonyód, where all the beaches are free.https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/posts/188369149306893

The attempt to seize the free beaches is an assassination attempt against the Hungarian summer, therefore we demand that the company network near Fidesz cannot acquire and make the free beaches of Lake Balaton payable - this is what the MSZP, which has been longing for a rescue belt in the SE, has been campaigning for days. Representatives of the party's local government in Szeged also joined the party's signature-gathering campaign with great enthusiasm.

However, Haág Zalán, the president of the KDNP in Szeged and the leader of the party's general assembly faction, reported to the Hungarian Nation that in the last decade and a half the same politicians had assisted the left-wing city government in eliminating all free beaches in Szeged.

Fidesz municipal representative Ferenc Német remarked in this connection that at the turn of the millennium there were designated free beaches on the Foka free beach at the foot of the Upper Town panels in Tápé, at the foot of the upper town panels, and on both sides of the Újszeged bridgehead of the Downtown Bridge.

Today, the left city administration has abolished all free bathing facilities on the Tisza in Szeged
The pro-government politician highlighted.

The municipal representative of Fidesz said:

liquidated free beaches could be re-operated at minimal cost. According to him, this would require the municipality to re-designate the affected areas as bathing areas, to place buoys, to build a washbasin with a mobile container, toilets and to employ a lifeguard.
"Of course, you could dream of a bigger one, a few kilometers from the county seat, in Algyő, formerly part of Szeged, they offer locals and visitors a free beach opportunity on the banks of the Tisza," said Ferenc Német.

Haág Zalán emphasized that László Botka led it in Szeged

instead of free beaches, to the annoyance of motorists, a capital city pattern, the wharf is generously given to pedestrians for the weekend at the suggestion of the local Momentum.
At least for the few who want to spend the summer on the hot asphalt in sunny weather.

"Instead of giving back the free beach to the people of Szeged on the opposite side of the Tisza," adds Haág Zalán.

Source: Szegedma News Portalhttps://szegedma.hu/2020/07/szeged-osszes-szabadstrandjat-folszamolta-botka-laszlo

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