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Say goodbye to IV. Orbán government

Thank You! The V. Orbán government can come!

Say goodbye to IV.  Orbán government

We think they have done an excellent job, and looking at the election results, many seem to think so! More precisely, 232,644 more people than in 2018 :)https://bit.ly/3xPgIts

️You can read more about the listed measures on our website, under the menu items "livelihood" and "economy".
These measures are set out in Annex IV. It was brought or maintained by the Orbán government.


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The big lie! You can feel the election approaching

The "Smell of the People" is once again housing the bleeding of local governments, here is the refutation

The big lie!  You can feel the election approaching

In the picture, we tried to simplify things to the level of the average People’s Word readers. We have outlined two examples.
2010: I'll give you 1000 forints, but it costs 400 forints to run the schools, and that's your job!
Now: I'll give you 800 forints and take over the operation of the schools.

I give less money: YES
Do you have more money? YES!

It is very pathetic that this body considers itself an independent press. This is not journalism, this is disinformation!

THEMinistry of Financewritten by:
️ Caution, sham!
In his article today, Népszava once again claims untruth, this time with a misleading article about the financing of local governments. Many of the slips in the article are itemized by Péter Benai, Secretary of State for Public Finance, below:

1️⃣ The journalist falsely sees the disadvantages suffered by the municipalities as the fact that in 2012-2013 the government "took away the health and education institutions" from the municipalities. The reality, on the other hand, is that the government has also taken over the funding of these institutions, thus reducing the burden on local governments. The journalist omitted from the article for some reason that in the same period the government also took over the debts of the local governments under the left-wing governments, a total of HUF 1,369 billion.

2️⃣ The halving of the business tax also arises in the article, which, according to the statement, endangers the performance of the tasks of the settlements. In contrast, the reality is that halving the business tax accounts for about 1% of local government budgets, while providing huge help to the smallest businesses. Settlements with less than 25,000 inhabitants and settlements with a more unfavorable economic situation above this population were compensated 100% by the government, out of a total of more than HUF 71 billion. Not to mention that from 2010 to 2020, local government business tax revenues have increased by 80%. This means an increase of 10% year-on-year and an increase of one hundred billion in nominal terms: from HUF 443.1 billion in 2010 to HUF 788.3 billion in 2019.

3️⃣ The article does not mention that the government is running the Modern Cities Program and the Hungarian Village Program specifically to support municipal investments. Together with other EU programs, their total value is close to HUF 400 billion. Municipal budget subsidies are also growing significantly every year: in 2021, for example, municipalities received 23% more money than in 2020.

4️⃣ The article also falsely states that local governments are spending less money today than in 2010. “Apples to pears” tries to compare the 2010 funding and task system with the completely different 2022 system. The truth is that local governments can manage significantly more resources this year than in 2010: In addition to the targeted subsidies mentioned in point 3 alone, local governments received HUF 578.2 billion in state resources in 2010, and 908.9 billion in 2021. billion forints.

5️⃣ Examining the local government data at the end of September 2021, it can also be stated that the debt stock of local governments also decreased significantly: from HUF 220.3 billion at the end of 2019 to HUF 195.8 billion. At the same time, we know from the settlements' own reports that the cash balance of local governments at the end of September 2021 was massively surplus; the usable cash stock of local governments increased by tens of billions of forints even compared to 2019, reaching HUF 1,100 billion!

👉 Thus, it can be seen that despite the distortions published in Népszava, the local government system is in a stable, constantly strengthening financial and economic situation. Misleading, unprofessional writings like this are just a means of creating mood.


Orbán gives and does not lose!
Instead of lying left-liberal propaganda, here is the reality
1800 billion forints!
"Orbans", attention! Settlements can apply for so many development resources! So it is not stolen by anyone, but the municipalities win it through tenders and develop from it

Liar article on the dirt sheet (only for the nervous!)
More "municipal" articles

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Orbán gives and does not take!

Instead of lying left-liberal propaganda, here is the reality

Orbán gives and does not take!

Of course, there will be no poster campaign or writing on the front pages of the FOS ("independent objective" press) for weeks.
So it is up to us to get this news to as many people as possible! Let's share it!

At the beginning, let's look at the development of the business tax, which is why the poster campaign was launched anno (for HUF 22 million). The economy is growing, the income of companies is growing, so they have paid more from business tax. It is also worth mentioning that the reduction of the tax to 1 percent was not taken away by anyone who stayed there, at local companies. The measure did not affect large companies, which pay most of the business tax, so the impact of the measure on local governments was small, and by the end of the year it turned out that not more was collected from this type of tax.

““ Looting ”Budapest
Karácsony said the government had withheld the business tax, looting the capital. They lied!
👉Here the left will vote when the parliament votes on a HUF 1,500 billion tax cut.
👉In contrast to the lies advertised on the posters, Fidesz supports all settlements
There is the false news on the left and there is reality!

Dr. András Cser-Palkovicswritten by:The Government has decided: all local governments will receive additional operating subsidies!
Together with my mayoral colleagues, we have had several talks with government representatives in the recent past, one of the most important issues of which - affecting a large number of people and all local governments in the country - has now been decided by the government. The government decree on this has already been published in the Hungarian Gazette.
In several sectors, the government will provide all municipalities with the additional operating support needed to cover the wage increases introduced from 1 January (minimum wage, guaranteed minimum wage increases in several sectors). This means HUF 535 million in the case of Székesfehérvár.
🤝 Of course, the amount of resources needed to cover the increased wages differs from local government to local government, the point being that each Hungarian settlement receives it, regardless of its size, population or party affiliation. In total, this government measure will provide the local government sector with additional operational resources of tens of billions of forints.
🪙The government also provided additional support for settlement operation. This means additional support of HUF 28 million for Székesfehérvár. It is important to add that in the cultural field (theater, etc.) the government has already decided on public funding for wage increases.
Dear Mayor Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues! I would now like to ask you to inform people about this government decision and the level of additional support for each of your municipalities. That would be factual and sporty. My experience is that it is worth informing the public not only about the perceived or real criticisms, but also about the positive results achieved. The example of the current wage increases also shows that if one negotiates as a partner, prepared and fair, we can achieve results. I am confident that this will succeed in other areas.
So I thank the government for the quick decision-making, the additional compensation of many tens of billions of forints given to the local governments and the joint action of all my mayoral colleagues who represent the interests of the local government world along settlement and non-partisan political interests!

Hungarian Gazette (with list of settlements):https://bit.ly/3I77VF8

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The people of Tatabánya became poorer by HUF 57,000,000 due to their unsuitable mayor

The people of Gyurcsány spoke of solidarity and then fired 24 people, irregularly!

The people of Tatabánya became poorer by HUF 57,000,000 due to their unsuitable mayor

The buddy clerk, of course, got a little horse, receiving a million reward after 1.5 months of work.

- The first part of the story: cleaning in Tatabánya
- The second part of the story: The smuggling coalition was sued in Tatabánya!

The dismissed workers won a lawsuit in Tatabánya in the first instance

The unjustly sent office workers won a lawsuit against the town hall, Csaba Schmidt, the leader of the Fidesz-KDNP faction in Tatabánya, reported in a Facebook post. The pro-government politician recalled that exactly one year, a few days after the left-wing mayor Ilona Szücsné Posztovics had declared a "year of solidarity", she had made an unprecedented showdown in the mayor's office in the history of Tatabánya.

As he explained, 24 civil servants, most of whom had worked for the people of Tatabánya for 10-15 years, were fired in an unworthy and humiliating manner.

- The mayor sent, among others, a mother with six children, a mother and a father who raised their three children alone and whose work could not be complained about. At that time, the mayor tried to justify his dismissal with governmental withdrawals, although he later said in several interviews that he had changed from those with whom Miklós Fekete, former deputy mayor of the MSZP, he simply did not want to work. According to a decision, the officials could not even be re-hired, the Fidesz politician reminded. Csaba Schmidt explained that, knowing all these knife-opening facts, he offered his help to his former colleagues, who had been humiliated many times over.

“The bravest of the posted workers, with the help of two out-of-town lawyers I recommend, went to court for their unfair and irregular dismissal. Now, in the first instance, the Győr Court ruled that the layoffs were irregular and awarded ten employees compensation equal to their 8 and 15 months' salary. The verdict is not yet final, but the total HUF 57 million in damages awarded is a strong message to the mayor and the clerk that we should not talk about expertise and humanity, but rather practice them on a daily basis! - emphasized Csaba Schmidt, who thanked the ten brave civil servants, who remained brave in the midst of the disciplinary initiations and threats following their deployment, and showed that the people of Tatabánya could not be treated in this way without consequences.

To our knowledge, the office has not yet filed an appeal in the cases, but legal representatives expect this to happen. However, they are confident that if the case continues, the appellate court will also give the posted workers justice because a number of serious mistakes have been made in the dismissals.

Meanwhile, Tatabánya was "bled" by the listed projects for almost 63 billion forints. To understand the magnitude, let's add that the city's annual budget for 2021 was 26.6 billion forints.


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Budapest became "free"

Irresponsible decisions come at a price that voters pay

Budapest became "free"

Dudes receive 10% commission from 5 billion (HUF 500 million)
A letter of resignation under the tree for 500 Budapest workers

Free to steal public property,
you can kick others
you can lie all the time
and is allowed to escape the press.

In the election of 2022, we will deal a devastating blow to the left! Come on, Fidesz!

👉Common list, shared responsibility!
Here's another shot! This is how left-wing politicians are stealing our common property!
A tale about the lack of press freedom
👉1 9 points about who are actually the anti-press
👉Press freedom? Dictatorship?
There has been no Budapest info for 769 days! Those who are anti-press are on the left, understandably - they have something to cover up!
👉Nothing on the left is ever a consequence!
Everyone remained in place, despite the final judgments, the videos, the facts

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We send a message to Gergely Karácsony

We don't sell town halls, we renovate them! Work! Do you know what that is? Work! Arbeit! Работа!

We send a message to Gergely Karácsony

Never left again!
Come on, Fidesz!

👉 Karácsony is down! Contract proves they would sell City Hall!
👉The left is not doing anything new, they are just continuing what they started that year: list - The property of the people of Budapest under the hammer!
Gyurcsánys sell everything, just like before 2010!
👉They plundered the country! This is what they did when they were in government! The left can swap logos and faces, but the point doesn’t change!
👉2853 billion (!) Forints were stolen from our pockets!

Thousands of improvements:https://szamokadatok.hu/fejlodes

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You will never govern here again!

Make a good note of this! Either way, but we will prevent you from stealing the country again and kidnapping the future of our children!

You will never govern here again!

Why do we support Fidesz?
And that's why:https://bit.ly/3GZwmVm

And why will we never support the left?
Here is a small list, which of course is not complete! (a more complete list will be at the end of the article)

PPP mutyi: HUF 2,853 billion in damage, we will pay by 2040
Local governments: HUF 1,300 billion debt
HUF 5,000 billion IMF loan. The money was spent, it was spent on operating expenses, so we avoided bankruptcy
HUF 280 billion debt in Budapest, HUF 700 billion underdeveloped
Debt of HUF 300 billion at MÁV
Debt of HUF 80 billion to BKV
12 percent unemployment, tax increase
Horseback riding, police bikes, vipers, "hedgehogs"
Europe's highest utility tariffs
190 state-owned companies have been sold, stolen!
Currency trap, evictions, suicides
Bóvli classification, wasted gold reserves

And what are they preparing to go to the polls now? With this!

If it is also important for you to be able to live with your family in a developing, safe and stable country, pass it on! Don't let the past go back!

For a more complete list of left-hand damage:https://bit.ly/3bPbG43

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Contrary to the lies advertised on the posters, Fidesz supports all settlements

There is the false news on the left and there is reality!

Contrary to the lies advertised on the posters, Fidesz supports all settlements

Do we still remember how left-wing governments handed over local governments in 2010? If not, let us remember that the Orbán government was forced to take over HUF 1,300 billion in debt from local governments because they drifted to the brink of inoperability.

In contrast, local governments are now not accumulating debt, but receiving additional subsidies! We wrote earlier that business tax revenues have also increased, so this fact alone refutes the "bleeding" lie on the left

And now here's the new news: The government provides a total of 1,700 billion forints to the settlements.
The government provides a total of HUF 1,700 billion to the settlements
We will provide HUF 1,700 billion to the settlements in the new development cycle until 2027 - said Mihály Varga on Facebook. According to the Minister of Finance, the government will consolidate the developments in the framework of the TOP plus program, the resource will be used for building upgrades, development of kindergartens and nurseries, and sustainable transport projects.

So who let the settlements and municipalities down?
And who helps them, whether they are "Fidesz" or "non-Fidesz"?

👉This is the reality!
Give it on!

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List what many have been waiting for! We have something to be proud of!

We have compiled perhaps the biggest, most effective and spectacular measures of the Government of Hungary so far!

List what many have been waiting for!  We have something to be proud of!

We've published a list before, it was about the "results" of the left. Those who haven't seen it can read it here. In 8 years, the development of the country has been delayed by at least 30 years!

Now let's see the results of Fidesz-KDNP. The list is not exhaustive, now we have gathered only the measures and their effects that we can feel on our own skin in everyday life.

In this video, we present country building
And in this video, only health care (since this is the erogenous zone of left-liberals)
Video: the country is developing despite the crisis!
Let the numbers speak instead of opinions.
Year after year, more and more flats are being built and bought
The industry is already performing better than before the virus!
Hungary defended itself successfully at the EU level as well!
The economy is recovering, focusing on nine areas
Workplace protection then and now
The domestic investment rate is in the leading position in the EU!
Investment record in Hungary!
Economic year opener - we have every reason to be optimistic
Hungarian crisis management is unique in the whole world!
The government will continue the Settlement Afforestation Program with a doubled amount. This will realize Hungary's largest inland afforestation initiative.
In the 11 years since 2010, we have more than doubled the amount spent on family support to $ 2,600 billion! With family support in excess of 5% of GDP, Hungary is a world leader!
Crisis management in the past and now
Eurostat: The number of people in need in Hungary has decreased significantly in ten years
Viktor Orbán explained the most important numbers!
Hungary and the V4 have handled the crisis excellently, so our economic growth remains at the forefront
Job-creating investments: list (detail)https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2964/620_uj_munkahely_Uuper_hatalmas_beruhazas
More people worked in December than a year ago!
Results of the economic protection action plan in figures
During the pandemic, HUF 1,676 billion in investments were received in Hungary
“Panic governance,” Dobrev lies
Then the reality comes true: Standard & Poor’s and Fitch both consider Hungary a country recommended for investment despite the crisis
This is how the purchase value of wages has changed over the last 30 years!
It has been reduced to a flat rate since 2017, making Hungary the lowest corporate tax in the EU
Hungary has the cheapest electricity and natural gas in the entire EU
Wages, net, gross, labor costs.https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2671/Ha_Gyurcsanyekat_tamogatod_nem_Orbannal_tolsz_ki_hanem_magaddal
The government has created perhaps the world’s largest and most comprehensive family support and home-building system
Fees for public services and administration have decreased significantly
In the great dictatorship, the number of people living in overcrowded housing fell from 47 percent to 20 percent
Significantly more money remains in people's pockets due to overhead cuts, tax cuts and steadily rising wages since 2010
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2707/M mind_maradt_a_rezsi_kifizetese_utan_most_es_2010
Let the numbers speak instead of words!
👉 Unemployment rate 2010
Hungary: 11.3%, EU average: 9.6%
👉 Unemployment rate now
Hungary: 3.9%, EU average: 7.6%
More and more new homes are being built in the great “dictatorship”!
Hungarian workers pay the fourth lowest tax in the European Union
Public transport, environmental protection.
Fidesz does not talk about it, it acts! (list at the end of the article)
Facts: We are twice as rich as in Gyurcsány's time
Overhead reduction - here are the real numbers

1,100,000 people have regained their Hungarian citizenship!
Hungary has the fewest robberies in the EU!
Simple correlation: The more people work, the less crime!
Wage increases for healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, GPs, etc.)
The Hungarian population set aside billions in 2020!
The most beautiful result! 115,000 children were born thanks to the family support system.
The share of Hungarian ownership in the energy sector has increased significantly
Here's the heating season, let's look at the numbers!

This is how the purchase value of wages has changed over the last 30 years!
Amount of GYOD (Child Care Fee)

The warmth of home: we were army drivers, we are performing much better than the EU average now!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2670/Az_otthon_melege_sereghajtok_voltunk_az_E__U_atlaganal_sokat_jobban_teljesitunk_ present
Fidesz is a much better crisis manager!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2622/Fidesz_sokra_jobb_valsagkezelo
Healthcare development: waiting lists, tools, salaries, headcount, etc.
We have saved more than a million families from losing their homes!
Pensions, Manyup, Raises, etc.

https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3401/Igy_nem_segit_a_kormany_a_nyugdijas Installations
Our gold reserves at a record level!
Hungary's gold reserves have increased thirty times from the 2010 level to 94.5 tons!
Parliament has adopted the PIT exemption for young people!

Gyes, gyed, gyet - Expiring entitlements are being extended!

The rate of marriages per thousand people reached the 1985 level in 2020, with this
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2924/Az_ezer_fore_juto_hazassagok_aranya_2020-ban_elerte_az_1985-os_ Levelet_ezzel
Turning point! By 2020, fertility has reached pre-Bokros package levels!
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2808/Fordulopont_2020-ra_a_teremenyseg_elerte_a_Bokros_csomag_bevezetese_elotti_ Levelet
We are past a decade of demographic change!

The number of passenger cars in circulation in Hungary has increased by 936,736 since 2010 and by 108,786 in the last year!
Our investment rate is soaring!

Health investments, the goal is full self-sufficiency.

Viktor Orbán's 10 largest crisis management

Another credit rating agency acknowledged the performance of the Hungarian economy and the Hungarian government!
Hungarian foreign trade is divided

HUF 7,537 billion for the development of rural Hungary!

Military industry development in Hungary: Defense, business, jobs!

In Hungary, labor productivity in agriculture increased by 10.3%
Re-nationalization of the energy sector

Paks II is built - the key to our energy security.

Hungary was ahead of Slovakia in terms of GDP per capitahttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2275/Magyarorszag_megelozte_Szlovakiat_az_egy_fore_juto_GDP
After the National Utilities, the National Waterworks will also be established

Country upgradeshttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1971/Hatalmas_elismeres_a_magyar_gazdasagnak
TIGÁZ and TITÁSZ will become Hungarian property again

The Hungarian Village Program is a real success!

Poverty has fallen by a third!

Free textbooks, NAT2020!

According to the OECD records, the real value of the minimum wage increased the most in Hungary between 2010 and 2019 after Lithuania
The legacy of inheritance and gifts - abolished by Fidesz

We will choose in 2022! Here are the numbers. Part 1

We will choose in 2022! Here are the numbers. Part 2

Not what we said!
According to the left, Fidesz is badly governed. The world sees it differently!
Unemployment rate: Thank you, we are fine!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2529/Munkanelkulisegi_rata_Koszonjuk_jol_vagyunk
At the European level, housing costs in Hungary are low

Our home is our property! The proportion of private dwellings in Hungary is 91 percent!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2497/Balliberalis_mantra_30_eve_azt_hazudjak_hogy_nyugaton_kolbaszbol_van_a_kerites
To the attention of ‘world marketers’, facts follow

By the end of 2020, the financial assets of households increased to HUF 66,080 billion, which is an increase of HUF 5,445 billion compared to the previous year!
By 2020, we have met the target of an employment rate of 75% in the 20-64 age group!

There has been a significant increase in the number of doctors working

As a proportion of GDP, Hungary spends more on education than the EU average.

Hungary is the second largest tax cutter!

A record-breaking source in healthcare!

More and more Hungarians can afford a holiday!

The current Hungarian unemployment rate of 4.1 percent is the fourth best indicator in the European Unionhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1380/A_jelenlegi_41_szazalekos_magyar_munkanelkulisegi_rata_a_negyedik_legjobb_mutato_az_Europai_Unioban
The results of Hungarian family policy were also noticed in Japan!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2633/Japanban_is_felveleltekek_a_magyar_csaladpolitika_eredmenyeireire
Hungary repaid the IMF-EU loan

All municipal debt is taken over by the government

The world market price of natural gas has quadrupled in 1 year
The heating season is approaching, but since 2010 we don’t have to worry about prices because they won’t go up!
At another peak of employment, a decade of promise has come true

Thus, the government “does not help”
It’s easy to get used to the good, it’s natural for many, and they feel like they’re getting the same benefits under a left-wing government, but they’re wrong!
6,000 billion
Magyar Államampapír Plusz has reached another milestone, the value of the savings has exceeded HUF 6,000 billion!
The government is launching a seventy billion workforce development program! Fidesz supports "jobseekers", not eye-catchers! They just took the jobs!
Thousands of people are suffering from the “dictatorship” on the beach in Debrecen
Sent by our reader, today's pictures! Pass on the reality!
The government has already helped create homes for 184,000 families and renovate homes for 25,000 families
The Gyurcsánys wiped out the socpol
We knocked down the lying DK!
We went, we looked at how much Lake Balaton costs!

We ask the smart liberals
If you "steal everything in the sorghum," then

Three decades of unprecedented levels of domestic employment!

How much is left after paying the overhead?
Don't be your own enemy! If the left comes to power, the overhead will become more expensive, taxes will increase, and the family support system will be reset! It will hurt!
Bomb announcement!
With 5.5 percent GDP growth, the government will return the tax paid in 2021 to families raising children (up to the average wage!)
Energy is guaranteed!
There will be cheap (still not more expensive) electricity and there will be cheap (still not more expensive) gas, of course only if you stay in Fidesz! The left will raise the price of overhead if it comes to power!
2022 will be the budget for the restart!
Whatever the opposition is lying about, reality cannot be denied! Here are the details!
Here's the explanation for the constant congestion on the M7 motorway! (related articles at the end of the description!)

Mihály Varga: "Let the numbers speak!"
Historical peak of investment

We passed the exam!
Tamás Menczer presented the figures, while also announcing 120 new jobs created within the framework of a HUF 3 billion investment!
The Hungarian economy is at the top of the region! Hungary was the third fastest growth in the European Union!

Somehow it “steals in Zorba”
Reality cannot be denied! (True, left-liberals have been trying it for 11 years)

Orbán buys back what the Gyurcsánys sold!
Gas storage facilities, energy companies, MOL shares, electricity suppliers, power plants, etc. The country's energy supply cannot be in foreign hands!
The dog is barking, the caravan is moving!
Experts acknowledge the work of the government, and the measures taken have been praised

Here is the gold of the nation! Your volume is at a record level!
Let the numbers speak instead of opinions!

Hungarian agricultural foreign trade is splitting!
Agricultural exports increased by 98.3 percent and the balance by 92.4 percent between 2010 and 2021

600 billion forints!
This is what the Hungarian economy has gained with good vaccination numbers
It's all about pensions

10 years of civilian rule - 28 parts in one

👉Restoration of the Hungarian economy
Consolidating economic foundations

Business support
Reducing administrative burdens and red tape
Rationalization of public procurement
The land belongs to the one who cultivates it
Villages and rural development
Transformation of the municipal system

Restoring the dignity of the police, increasing public safety

Police personnel, court cases

Healthcare wage development, practices
Waiting list, satisfactory care, healthy lifestyle
Debt settlement for hospitals, development of ambulances, drug subsidies
Development of health expenditure

👉Social security
Home protection action plan, helping foreign currency borrowers

Compatibility of work and childbearing
Retirees, pension system reform
Employment of people with disabilities, accessibility, child protection
Wages in the social sector, support for medical aids

👉Democratic norms
Restoring the rule of law
Anti-corruption measures and a little reminder
Recovery of national wealth
Public services, administration
National consultations

👉More results
Businesses: predictability and increasing productivity

Baseline and what to do in healthcare
Force development and modernization
Sports and the shameful NOlimpia
Economic bleaching


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K.G. and his buddies are unable to lead the capital, but are already bidding for the country!

If you don't want your environment to look like this, support Fidesz-KDNP!

K.G.  and his buddies are unable to lead the capital, but are already bidding for the country!

Here are some examples of what they can do in a relatively short time. This is not a look back, it did not happen before 2010, it is happening now!

Does a Hungarian citizen who works decently, pays taxes, buys a lease, pays for parking, raises a child, loves order and patriotism deserve this - that is, you ?! We don't think so!
“We don’t pay for public transportation while inhaling someone else’s urine
"We don't pay taxes to live in dirt among rats, to avoid vomiting and feces!"
- We didn't pay billions for landscaping to watch waist-deep gas every day
- That wasn't the point!

Even according to the readers of the Index, the situation of public cleanliness and public safety in Budapest has deteriorated
Total chaos in Budapest
It led to huge traffic jams in the capital that K.G. unable to see through his responsibilities and coordinate the renovations necessitated by his postponement
Homeless, rubbish, waist-long weeds, wrecked cars, feces: Budapest Everyone's!
(excluding decent, tax-paying, working, raising and organizing people)
Waist-up weeds, piles of rubbish, dirt, filth - that's what the Puskás Arena area looked like a day before the start of the European Football Championship
Peeled scooters, garbage, vomiting
An organized crime gang was formed in the Örs leader area
"My stomach turns ..." - the drunk woman vomited on the sidewalk in Józsefváros
Left-liberal idyll: the streets are filled with the homeless, but the hostels are unused

Pass it on if you don’t want the left to ruin the whole country either!

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