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He has been sitting in the mayor's chair in Budapest for two years

Anyone who knows the only positive action we can thank Karácsony should write it down in a comment!

He has been sitting in the mayor's chair in Budapest for two years

The decline of Gergely Karácsony and Budapest is the best example of why it is important to make a responsible decision in an election! It is not Orbán who pushes someone else, but himself. Have the anti-Orbán left-wing voters who elected Karácsony in Budapest now had a better life? Are public spaces cleaner now? Is the city more tidy now? Is the city developing better now? Have local taxes been reduced now?
The questions are rhetorical, everyone knows the answer.

👉Gerg Christmas's balance in brief:
Cypriot offshore companies, pocket contracts
Unnecessary campaigns, lying posters
Strange flags on the municipal building
Getting buddies to positions, millions in rewards
Zero pieces of Budapestinfo kept
Traffic jams, unnecessary bike lanes, chaos
Dirt, weeds, stench, homeless people, feces
Local tax increases, parking fee increases
Obstruction of developments (eg grove)
Poor farming, pointing at something else
He has not gone to the Pesti út nursing home to this day

👉More details: 99 1 argument against Gergely Karácsony!
Meanwhile, Fidesz:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3826/Valahogy_igy_lop_a_Zorban
This will never be described by the left!
We’ve done it, and with sharing, reality can reach hundreds of thousands of people!


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Bleeding Budapest!

Pass it on! Let the lies not spread, but the facts

Bleeding Budapest!

From time to time Karácsony and his buddies describe that the ugly, evil government does not give them development resources, does not support the capital and the “non-Fidesz” districts. Well, the reality, on the other hand, is that the government has compensated the "Fidesz" districts for the resources it (ABXXK) ABOVE!
👉We wrote about this in detail here:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1299/A_kormany_segithet_a_fovaros_altal_lenullaozott_keruleteken

And then let’s look at more facts:

👉Meanwhile Karácsony the real estate of Budapest is sold out
👉The left also tackled the crisis at the local level with austerity and tax increases. The government intervened, but a lot of meanness was still implemented!
👉The student city and Fudan will also be built (there will even be a referendum on this)
👉99 1 argument against Gergely Karácsony!
👉The greatest sins and lies of the left
This comes to mind when you vote! If you support them, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself and your family!
👉 "Nix ugribugri!" Karácsony 's actions were not without consequences!
The connection of the M2 metro and the Gömdöllő and Csömöri hills will be realized as a state investment, because Karácsony they did NOT do ANYTHING for 2 years!

The specialist clinic of Ferencváros will be expanded with a five-storey building. Sign: "Health in ruins" :)
The development of the quays was taken over by the Government from the Municipality of Budapest
Everything will be built: the student city, the leisure park, the Galvanian Bridge, Fudan University and even the stadium!
Renovation of the Citadel has begun!
The National Athletics Stadium is being built
The new ward of the St. Francis Hospital in Budapest has been handed over!
After the OPNI building, the Budagyöngye Hospital will also be saved!
A huge step in the health care of the capital: the new block of Bajcsy Hospital has been completed
For the first time in 68 years, a new railway section will be built over the Danube in Budapest!
Since 2010, 1,575 public transport vehicles have been placed on the market in Budapest
The Western Railway Station will be renewed!
The Eastern Railway Station will be renewed
“Unloading” Budapesthttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2911/Budapest_lerohasztasa
The South Hospital Central Hospital will cost as much as all the stadiums together!
Another “Squeeze”
10,000 parking spaces and 8,000 bicycle storage facilities will be built in “bled” Budapest based on the Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy
The best public building in Europe is in Hungary
Instead of a climate hist: Balázs Fürjes announced a 2,000 billion railway development program
New buses to replace the Ikarus 415 buses
"He who builds a school builds the future!" / Mihály Varga /
Modernization of the Budapest – Hatvan (80a) railway line in Finis!
The Galvanian Bridge is built
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2735/Alhirek_vs_valosag_a_jelenleg_meg_csak_tervezo deskon_levo_Galvani_hiddal_konnectatosan

6 billion grant to renovate the Chain Bridge
Healthy Budapest Program: 700 billion
The government provides hundreds of billions every year for the development and operation of Budapest
“Under the cover of night” another 17 buses arrived in “bled” Budapest
Liget Budapest Project - this has been attacked and is still being attacked by the Hungarian representatives of the liberal dictatorship
In this article, we summarized how Budapest was “bled” in 2020
This is the list of projects completed and launched by Tarlós (list)
The Galvanian Bridge is built

The HÉV is renewed

The M3 metro will be renewed

Orbán “withdrew” the bill for 14 new, low-floor, air-conditioned, environmentally friendly Euro 6 Mercedes Connecto buses from Budapest and “secretly” paid it

Karácsony are not idle either! Here are some examples of how Budapest people's money is stolen ...
👉Hundreds of millions go to buddies and "trainings" for unknown purposes
👉Conscious left-liberal damage is occurring
Karácsony They spent 45 million on mobiles, but they don’t give 17 million on the uniforms of BKV workers!
👉Niedermüller fines for closed restaurants
👉During the period of free parking, Pikó wedges are waiting for people at the fire stations with wheel clamps!
👉117 billion, ie 117,000 million .... So much money went to an unknown place in Budapest

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"Nix ugribugri!" Karácsony 's actions were not without consequences!

The connection of the M2 metro and the Gödöllő, Csömöri heaters will be realized as a state investment, because Karácsony they did NOT do ANYTHING for 2 years!

"Nix ugribugri!"  Karácsony 's actions were not without consequences!

Meanwhile: Fidesz (list in article)
👉Transport development master's degree! 1,100 electric buses will be available nationwide by 2025
🟥Meanwhile Geri:
👉Budapest deserves more
Gone are the days when the capital buys vehicles taken away by others and scrapped by other countries ... Shame!
👉Buses are rented from a Cypriot offshore company Karácsony
Awarded hundreds of millions of BKV tenders Karácsony to a company that did not even exist at the time of the tender

Dávid Vitézywritten by:
👉Common track with subway and heat
This morning we signed the contract: we took over from BKK the preparations for the development of the metro two and the Gödöllő heat. At the initiative of Kristóf Szatmáry, the Member of Parliament for the region, the government decided that the connection of the M2 metro and the Gödöllő and Csömör heaters and the renovation of the heat lines would be implemented as a state investment. For this, we took over the previously abandoned preparation process from the Budapest Municipality and BKK.

️ Today we signed an agreement with Walter Katalin, CEO of BKK - Budapest Transport Center, on the transfer of planning contracts and acquired permits. We also agreed on further cooperation and the use of previously prepared design documentation. Restarting a previously stalled design process will only work if we are able to agree on the technical content in detail. The next step is therefore to work with the Municipality of Budapest, the BKK and the X., XIV. and XVI. We will conclude an agreement with the district municipalities on the detailed technical content of the investment.

️ The Government will provide HUF 4.6 billion EU support to the consortium of BFK and MÁV-HÉV Zrt. For further planning and preparation of the investment.
The aim of the project is to create a non-transfer, fast, fixed-track access between the city center of Budapest, the outer districts (X., XIV. And XVI.) And Csömör, Gödöllő, Kistarcsa, Kerepes, Mogyoród. It is also necessary to prepare the related vehicle procurement.

️ At the Örs leader square, the current metro line will be connected to the heat. The major part of the investment consists of the reconstruction of the track on the Gödöllő and Csömör lines, the accessibility of the stops, the construction of P R car parks and B R bicycle storage facilities. When preparing the plans, special attention will be paid to reducing the cutting effect of heat and eliminating level crossings.

Taking into account the changes in the settlement structure, the location of the stops will change significantly, they will be placed where a significant number of people live and where it will be possible to transfer to the railway.

️ The people of East Pest have long demanded and are waiting for the connection of the two means of transport, which in practice means the extension of the metro on the route of the heat. Thus, another district of Budapest (XVI.) Will be accessible directly by metro. This creates an interoperable system that saves transfer, time for the subway and the week, and for those who still use cars.

The project has a rather long history, after many, many years of civic proposing and initiating work, between 2012 and 2015 the BKK, led by me, ordered the feasibility studies, then in 2015 the Budapest General Assembly financed the continuation, the detailed planning of the sections within the city limits. Thus, in 2016, BKK issued a framework public procurement. This was won by the Master Plan. Some phases of the planning process have taken place, but certain official permits have not been obtained for the first time, disputes have arisen with the districts, planning has stalled, and in the meantime the heat has been reserved by the state. The Metropolitan Assembly decided on 26 February 2020 not to continue the project with its own funding, after which preparations stalled. The Government then decided to take over the development, also given that the maintenance of the heat has meanwhile become a state task and the BFK has been established as the organization responsible for the development of the heat lines. The Budapest Council of Public Developments supported this on 15 October 2020, and it was decided that BKK would replace BKK in the framework agreement and other contracts. By decision of 8 March 2021, the Government decided to entrust the planning of the investment to BFK and to provide EU funds. The deadline for the preparation of the plans is 2023, and construction may begin at the earliest thereafter, depending on the availability of construction resources. This will be followed by a multi-year construction and vehicle procurement process, after which passengers will be able to take possession of the interconnected system.

In Örs vezér square, two high-speed railway terminals face each other. By connecting the subway to the heat, we can save transfers and time for many passengers. Buses that take you to the metro today in Örs vezér Square can reach the metro sooner, which can directly reduce road traffic and air pollution. At the same time, the affected agglomeration settlements - Kistarcsa, Kerepes, Mogyoród, Gödöllő, Csömör - and the capital districts - X., XIV., XVI. - and the inhabitants of the areas close to them get a direct metro connection, and the effect is very significant, many people can choose public transport instead of a car. This will greatly improve the competitiveness of public transport. The total population of the agglomeration settlements affected by the development (Gödöllő, Csömör, Kerepes, Kistarcsa, Mogyoród and Nagytarcsa) increased by 28% between 2000 and 2020, of which in Mogyoród, for example, it increased by 68%. And the number of vehicles owned by the residents of the settlements increased by almost seventy percent. This car traffic is an increasing environmental burden for the capital, their traffic accounts for 12 percent of the total agglomeration traffic in Budapest. The project involves not only connecting, renovating worn-out tracks, relocating stops in the wrong place to better serve passengers, but also replacing the entire fleet. Special motor trains operating in the metro tunnel and on existing hotlines must be procured. The complete renovation of the heaters, the reconstruction of the line necessary for the congestion of the line will provide most of the costs, the integration with the metro alone means only a fraction of the costs.

The heat built up to Cinkota in 1888, the predecessor of today’s H8 and H9, was still largely uninhabited, so the stops opened then and later may not coincide with travel needs. A new stop called Törökőr would be built on the current metro section, where the M2 passes under the introductory section of the Cegléd (signposted 100a) railway. The high-speed railway would start the ascent in front of today's Örs vezér tér terminus, crossing the road between King Kerepesi and King Louis the Great and reaching the new Örs vezér tér stop above the current thermal terminal. The new Rákosfalva stop would be located further inside the center of gravity of the residential areas, followed by a new stop at the Egyenes Street housing estate, which would allow a transfer to the roundabout.

From here, the high-speed railway would continue below the surface to the XVI. do not cut the two parts of the district apart. On this section, the trains would stop at Thököly út in Sashalom and Jórai Mór street in Mátyásföld. By pushing today's Imre utca stop a little outwards, the Erzsébetliget stop would now be on the surface. On the H9, Csömör branch, instead of the bottom of Cinkota, the vehicles would stop at the built-in Csabaliget, closer to Árpádföld.


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The capital did not lose a forint business tax!

Karácsony lied!

The capital did not lose a forint business tax!

Do you remember? The Christmas Eve launched a poster campaign of tens of millions of forints because "Zorbán is robbing them". Meanwhile, the reality is that Budapest collected more business taxes than planned. Meanwhile, taxpayers ’money was spent, the amount we know 22 million, that’s how much was spent on posters. At least 4 municipal flats could have been renovated with this money!

Life has not confirmed the concerns of the Budapest city administration regarding the halving of the business tax. The payments planned for this year have not decreased, yet the budget is not swimming in the redesign.

Despite the automatic business tax halving for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the capital can keep its 139 billion business tax revenue planned for this year, Kiss Ambrus said in a press conference today. Back in December last year, the government announced that it would halve the business tax on SMEs and sole proprietors from 1 January this year. The measure is one of the elements of alleviating the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, a company is entitled to apply a favorable business tax rate if its net sales or balance sheet total does not exceed HUF 4 billion.

The decision was strongly criticized by the Budapest city administration from the beginning, which is why the current statement of the Deputy Mayor can be interpreted as a turning point. Kiss Ambrus, for example, has previously said that the capital’s money could run out by November if the government actually halves the business tax,

Mayor Gergely Karácsony called the plan the execution of local government.

Fears, however, have not materialized: although the rebate alone has a 17 billion hole - roughly equivalent to the capital’s one-month expenditure - in the capital’s budget, it has been patched up by growing payments from multinational corporations. This scenario is certainly lucky for City Hall, but it cannot be said that it could not have been foreseen. Kiss Ambrus also pointed out that the majority of business tax revenues come from some large companies whose activities were not hit by the pandemic. He added that a surge in inflation would also result in a surplus in the business tax.

I see the amount of 139 billion forints as safe, the real income could move out the 17 billion forints, he stated.

However, the Budapest budget of 2021 will not swallow the significant changes. Kiss Ambrus recently said in an interview with Népszava that by September 4, all government securities and cash available for operations would run out, and if they did not intervene now, the capital’s municipality would become insolvent by the end of the year. Item 10 of the presentations to be discussed at the September general meeting presented at the background discussion was an amendment to the budget regulation. This essentially means internal transfers and the “maximization” of reserves.

This time, Kiss Ambrus identified funding public transport as forcing the intervention. The capital has to deal with a total deficit of 23.7 billion, of which the demand for public transport is 13.5 billion forints. He explained this by the need to compensate for the huge loss of revenue for BKK. Tickets and season tickets amounted to HUF 34.8 billion in the first half of 2019, HUF 22 billion in the first half of 2020 and HUF 18 billion in the first half of 2021. The capital has no plans to cut flights, but has asked BKK and BKV to try to reschedule their last quarterly bills and postpone their developments until 2022.

👉99 1 argument against Gergely Karácsony!
Give it on! Gyurcsány’s puppet actually supports the 1 percent privilege against 99 percent of people!
👉They didn't learn anything!
The left has also tackled the crisis at the local level with austerity and tax increases. The government intervened, but a lot of meanness was still implemented!
👉117 billion, ie 117,000 million .... So much money went to an unknown place in Budapest
In vain, the "family" is big, many hungry mouths have to be stuffed out of Budapest's money, they haven't been able to steal for 11 years!
👉The capital extends the wage subsidies of caterers!
The scum coalition is not the solution, it is part of the problem!
👉Hundreds of millions go to buddies and "trainings" for unknown purposes
👉Good leaders do not cry
Gergely Karácsony vs dr. László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen


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We send a message to Karácsony: The good thing is that you stand by your word! We are waiting!

The left-liberal criminal gang is back again, this time an enemy was found at the World Athletics Championships and I would punish the many millions of Hungarians who love sports.

We send a message to Karácsony: The good thing is that you stand by your word!  We are waiting!

We send a message to the grid: The good thing is that you stand by your word! We are waiting!
👉The left-liberal criminal gang is back again, this time an enemy was found at the World Championships in Athletics and the many millions of Hungarians who love sports would be punished.

It is especially interesting that if they were preparing for a change of government in principle, they would not penalize Fidesz, but the Hungarian people, the voters, who would support their favorite athletes at home, and among whom there are both left and right sympathizers. They can warp and destroy, not build.

1. Fudan is not built instead of the student city, but next to the student city! A preschooler would already understand this.

2. Rather, you have your say in the following things: The promised panel program, increase of municipal property, HUF 20,000 overhead subsidy, renovation of nursing homes, situation of the homeless, maintenance of public spaces, public tenders, new tree for every child born in Budapest, free public transport for children under 14, etc.

Meanwhile, the reality: "Budapest for everyone"
Traffic jams, weeds, stench, rubbish, livelihood politicians and alien propaganda characterize today's capital
What is happening in Budapest?
That explains everything! Csaba Dömötör's speech 2 days before the municipal election!
The hypocritical Christmas has fallen!
The demagogue slogan movement is registered in a luxury villa!
99 1 argument against Gergely Harácsony!
Give it on! Gyurcsány’s puppet actually supports the 1 percent privilege against 99 percent of people!
DK: We will return the stolen property to the Hungarians
You can start!

👉Add MORE!

Source: (Who has not yet been banned from dialogue Christmas in the spirit of dialogue, tolerance, acceptance, democracy and "99 percent" can tell him his opinion here:https://www.facebook.com/karacsonygergely/posts/4620645467968263

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About István Tarlós Karácsony and his band:

This is more than simple dilettantism!

About István Tarlós Karácsony and his band:

Budapest misses you, Mr. Tarlós!There was order in your time, now weeds, traffic jams, stinks, homeless people and strange "flags" characterize the Capital of the Nation ... :(

István Tarlós: Gyurcsány's statements evoke the fifties

According to István Tarlós, the communication of the left, led by Ferenc Gyurcsány, also touched on values ​​that have been healthily embedded for centuries, such as the role of families in society. The former mayor also told the Mediaworks News Center that the left's misleading slogans about the government's "anti-Budapest" policy are an integral part of the left-liberals' election campaign.

- The methods and style of the left in the capital are illustrated in two areas. One is working with a dragged and uninitiated organization, the other is hostile communication - István Tarlós told the Mediaworks News Center.

They play for a time
The former mayor believed that in connection with work, mention could also be made of promises announced with great vehemence, but redeemed to almost zero. It has been practically two years since the new cycle, he continued, and there is no achievement.

- We did not leave a prepared work behind, but in the case of these (for example, Chain Bridge, Blaha Lujza Square) it is not known for what real purpose we could witness difficult time explanations. The flood protection works on the Aranyhegyi stream have also come to a complete halt, and the number of repeated plantings has been negligible.

In contrast, an unbridled ideology has perpetuated the unbridled narrowing of important road throughput. This forced decision has consequences not only from the point of view of transport, but also from the point of view of environmental protection, contrary to the announced intention, explained István Tarlós, who is currently acting as Prime Minister responsible for the development of the national transport and public service infrastructure.

The former mayor pointed out that the frequented public spaces are also noticeably more neglected than before, while the prepared investments are slipping.

- The infrastructure refurbishment of the M3 metro is a long-running work and will be essentially two-thirds completed by 2019. The current city management has little to do with the fight against the Béke tér wastewater complex. We fought it during the operation of the Public Development Council before 2019, largely as a result of the action of Mayor József Tóth, the former mayor listed, emphasizing that harder and harder work than can be explained can hardly be denied.

"Of course, I'm not saying that in our time everything went like a hoop." However, this pace, which is now being experienced, may already raise suspicions that this may not be a random process.

It is a question of what the actual motivation is. I think less and less that the reason would be simple dilettantism, Tarlós said.

Communication campaign
In his words, the real decision-makers behind the current mayor are neither routine nor “stupid”. - At this point we can link the issue of communication to the previous ones. It is an open secret that the left has now launched a fierce struggle for a possible acquisition of parliamentary power. They also get enough slices for this.

It is not at all unrealistic to think that the extreme assertion and demonstration of the government's so-called "anti-Budapest" policy could be a conscious concept on the left.

But that's not true, but at least it's a grossly exaggerated narrative, the retired mayor pointed out.

He reminded that when the management of the capital was handed over, 200 billion forints of funds were left in the coffers, and the only serious reduction of funds on the part of the government was the partial withholding of the local business tax. - On the other hand, what had a more moderate impact than the one published in the public opinion affected the payments of the largest taxpayers the least. Free parking has also had a limited impact on the capital’s municipality, as most of the parking fees go to the district budgets. It is also a common delay that the government is only now delaying the transfer of HUF 6 billion to support the renovation of the Chain Bridge. We would have received it at a later stage as well, said István Tarlós.

He called it a strong slip that during his mayor’s craft, all the resources were received in good time, and “now zebra” the government punishes only the poor left.

- Indeed, for various reasons, for example, we sometimes fought for the resources of BKV. In short, especially considering the difficulties of the epidemic situation affecting the government as well, we run the risk that the financial support of the current city administration will not differ from ours to a relevant extent, said the former first man of Budapest.

According to István Tarlós, the above-mentioned communication of the left may also include the intention of tactics aimed at the expulsion of the government (and at the same time the former city administration). - Politicians and sympathetic journalists on the left are obviously reluctant to hear this, arguing against it wildly, but from this the statement may still contain serious elements of truth. Feel free to add that a number of investments can still be made with the support of the government. These include the reconstruction of the quay or the further renewal of BKV's vehicle fleet, but also the southern Danube bridge or the so-called metro line 5, the prime minister said. According to his summary assessment, the offensive, “bottomless” communication of the left is compounded by a whole series of disproportionate, rude “recalls” in Budapest. "And from the" pointing back "of any degree, the left-liberal side in our time trembled like a frog in a jelly in Miskolc, - István Tarlós recalled.

Depreciation of all values
- This communication goes astonishingly far in every other sense, independent of the average person's political sympathy or antipathy. For many centuries, it has also been about healthy embedded values ​​(such as the role of families in society), but it also interprets the natural interests of the nation in an individual way (such as the issue of dealing with illegal immigration).

And the tone of some left-wing leaders sometimes reminds me of the fifties. For example, the farce of Ferenc Gyurcsány, András Fekete-Győr, but also the thought-provoking Ákos Hadházy with allegations against him in the defamation case.

The candidate of the Momentum cynically, mockingly, would say that he would waive his immunity, but this would not be accepted by Parliament. But under current law, a representative cannot waive his or her immunity. The defamed person can only initiate private prosecution, in which case the parliament does not extradite the member. Defamation is a category of the Criminal Code, therefore it is never possible to convict Hadházy in such a case in civil litigation. That is why he offers this with deceitful sarcasm. Anyway, it is at least as ridiculous as shameful that Hadházy, as the quasi-number one complainant in the country, has the ability to talk about “getting bored” of the applicant, while slandering others without risk - and aware of his inviolability - explained István Tarlós.


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K.G. and his buddies are unable to lead the capital, but are already bidding for the country!

If you don't want your environment to look like this, support Fidesz-KDNP!

K.G.  and his buddies are unable to lead the capital, but are already bidding for the country!

Here are some examples of what they can do in a relatively short time. This is not a look back, it did not happen before 2010, it is happening now!

Does a Hungarian citizen who works decently, pays taxes, buys a lease, pays for parking, raises a child, loves order and patriotism deserve this - that is, you ?! We don't think so!
“We don’t pay for public transportation while inhaling someone else’s urine
"We don't pay taxes to live in dirt among rats, to avoid vomiting and feces!"
- We didn't pay billions for landscaping to watch waist-deep gas every day
- That wasn't the point!

Even according to the readers of the Index, the situation of public cleanliness and public safety in Budapest has deteriorated
Total chaos in Budapest
It led to huge traffic jams in the capital that K.G. unable to see through his responsibilities and coordinate the renovations necessitated by his postponement
Homeless, rubbish, waist-long weeds, wrecked cars, feces: Budapest Everyone's!
(excluding decent, tax-paying, working, raising and organizing people)
Waist-up weeds, piles of rubbish, dirt, filth - that's what the Puskás Arena area looked like a day before the start of the European Football Championship
Peeled scooters, garbage, vomiting
An organized crime gang was formed in the Örs leader area
"My stomach turns ..." - the drunk woman vomited on the sidewalk in Józsefváros
Left-liberal idyll: the streets are filled with the homeless, but the hostels are unused

Pass it on if you don’t want the left to ruin the whole country either!

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The left says the car can only be their privilege, you walk

As they freak out with tens of millions of cars with a driver, they would displace your car

The left says the car can only be their privilege, you walk

The left says the car can only be their privilege, you walk.
👉While they are driving with tens of millions of cars with a driver, they would displace your car (now only) from Budapest. If they come to power, they will make it impossible to drive all over the country!

👉Think it! Don't be your own enemy! Do not support the thief's left! This is just one of the inhuman steps they are planning! Details:
👉The fallen student
If he has no longer managed to put down the right, no one else should drive. Gergely Karácsony is slowly banning cars from half the city
👉 Balázs Fürjes: Karácsony stop chasing motorists!

According to a DK politician, motorists need to be crowded out in the longer term. Dániel Manhalter, the DK candidate from Józsefváros and Ferencváros, did not deny that the outrage of the electorate due to the traffic jams in Budapest had reached him.

"No one is arguing that in Budapest in the long run there should be as many bicajs, bicajos as possible, and motorists should be pushed out," said Dániel Manhalter, DK's candidate for Józsefváros and Ferencváros, on ATV's Straight Talk. He added that if they could solve it in Prague, it would be possible in Budapest to have as many cyclists and fewer cars in the city center as possible.

Manhalter "old figure in the hinterland of left-wing parties"

Dániel Manhalter is “an old figure in the hinterland of left-wing parties,” says Drót.info. As the portal recalls, in February the HVG reported on its DK candidate in Józsefváros and Ferencváros that

Manhalter has received millions of orders from the Gyurcsány party over the years,
to hold media trainings.

According to the liberal paper, "the DK Foundation ordered media training almost exclusively from Prompt Media Hungary, established by two former political reporters of RTL and TV2, Dániel Manhalter and Csaba Faix, or from the former founders of the agency themselves", and then adds: "(. ..) A contract of 9 million forints was concluded with Manhalter as a sole proprietor last February, the amount of which was later reduced to 8.2 million due to the epidemic situation ”.

Nor did the DK politician deny that the outrage of the electorate had reached him. Nor did the DK politician deny in the ATV that voter outrage had reached him. As he put it in the show, “I was approached by a lot of people. I go to the district and they said the traffic jams are very big now, now in the summer, which has not been the case so far. ”The mayor, meanwhile, is more campaigning for the 2022 election

Mayor Gergely Karácsony has been visiting the countryside for weeks, while his popularity is declining. As we wrote about it earlier, according to the End of the Century poll

Gergely Karácsony's rejection is greater than that of the left-wing coalition.
However, there are indications that the mayor does not intend to change the designated direction, and instead of alleviating the problems of those traveling in the capital, he will make more and more routes impossible in Budapest.

Among others, for example, the closure of the Chain Bridge, the renovation of Blaha Lujza Square, the transformation of the lower quay into a “resting beach” will further complicate transport in the capital, not to mention the bicycle lanes that many have already resented.


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What is happening in Budapest?

That explains everything! Csaba Dömötör's speech 2 days before the municipal election!

Unusual name reading
If the new capital assembly were a class meeting, we could say that everyone came from the 2002-2010 grade.
Unusual name reading.

And here are the details, the concretes, the numbers, the facts!
Let's share as many people as possible!

The hypocrite Karácsony has fallen!
The demagogue slogan movement is registered in a luxury villa!
Catherine the Czech pocketed billions
The program of the left: it will hurt! (There are links to more articles at the end of the article!)
And it will hurt everyone, not just motorists, because the extra charges for shipping are ultimately paid by consumers!
99 1 argument against Gergely Karácsony!
Give it on! Gyurcsány’s puppet actually supports the 1 percent privilege against 99 percent of people!
Dealing with traffic problems
Taste these two approaches and don’t vote against yourself next year!
Christmas message from Gergely
He failed to set the law, now he takes revenge on the people of Budapest and the capital for his own incompetence.
The first year of Gergely Karácsony
Its activity with numbers and facts
Climate policy failure: energy prices in the skies and the use of fossil fuels in Germany continue to rise
This is the "green" policy, which is actually fake green
Budapest is the only European city where the air is worse than before the epidemic
The EU makes driving, road haulage and agriculture completely impossible
While the really polluting luxury and cargo shipping, aviation, coal-fired power plants, old, diesel locomotives are not sanctioned
"Budapest for everyone"
Traffic jams, weeds, stench, rubbish, livelihood politicians and alien propaganda characterize today's capital
We have a bee pasture! What is in Budapest is GAZ!
Message to Tímea Szabó, Gergely Karácsony and other left-wing livelihood politicians
Gergely Karácsony's election lies
This is how the people of Budapest were beaten
The fallen student
If he has no longer managed to put down the right, no one else should drive. Gergely Karácsony is slowly banning cars from half the city
Chaos in Elizabeth City, Transport collapsed, the result of populist, incompetent policies


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