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Karácsony and his minions scrambled the population despite the ban!

They caused difficulties artificially and intentionally! They will answer!

Karácsony and his minions scrambled the population despite the ban!

Proceedings have been initiated against the Metropolitan Municipality and eight districts for violating the population despite the ban!

The Budapest Government Office has initiated proceedings against nine local governments in Budapest, including J贸zsefv谩ros, for illegal fee increases affecting the population. As is well known, the local government led by Andr谩s Pik贸 changed the parking ordinance despite the government's ban, which ended the free waiting fee for households in households after the second car.

Eight Budapest district municipalities and the Metropolitan Municipality ignored the government's provision that they may not increase the burden on the population until the end of 2021, the Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest told MTI. As it was written, in order to comply with the decision of the government, the decisions of all districts of the capital were examined and it was established that eight left-wing district municipalities (districts I, IV, VII, IX, XI, XIV, XVIII in addition to J贸zsefv谩ros) and the Metropolitan Self-Government also violated the law when it was decided to increase residential fees and extend the scope of obligations. The government office therefore initiated a total of 13 legality proceedings. The illegal decisions will also affect parking fees, rents, communal taxes, birth certificates, child catering and public land use fees, the government office said.

As we wrote earlier, Andr谩s Pik贸 would have made parking in J贸zsefv谩ros significantly more expensive, but it was banned by a government decree. However, the ban was circumvented by the left-wing leadership of the district when it changed a letter in the parking ordinance, so that as of March 31, 2021, the previous discount is no longer per resident but per apartment. Accordingly, families living in 1 apartment do not have to pay for only 1 car. For the second, yes.

And this was written by S谩ra Botond in connection with the planned drug center of Pik贸茅k: 鈥淣othing about us without us!鈥 - this is what the left promised to the people of J贸zsefv谩ros. Residents then rightly expect not to make decisions over their heads. Yet this is what city management does, many times. The mayor has now decided, together with the mayor, to open a drug center in Teleki Square.

The residents were struck by lightning from the clear sky. They knew nothing about the whole thing, though the decision had been prepared for many weeks. Only they forgot to ask in the meantime. In their indignation, they began collecting signatures, demanding that the city leadership revoke the decision. The mayor took care of it all by making a mistake because he was late with COMMUNICATION. It is no coincidence that he forgot to ask the opinions of the residents there. But he doesn鈥檛 even dare look into their eyes afterwards, even though he would have had the opportunity at the convened residential meeting, but he just sneezes and flattens. Once again, it has been proven that participation, dialogue, and similar sounding expressions are just empty words for the left.

This method is reminiscent of the Demszky times, when the mayor and the mayor decided, without asking people, to bring homeless hostels into the district.
But it is not surprising the move of the city administration. Why would anyone be asked when the mayor himself repealed a decree in March that required him to consult with residents and civilians. Yet this is required by law. The government office initiated legal proceedings for the violation.

And if the city management thinks that we are not going to account for the hundreds of millions spent by deceiving the people of J贸zsef, citing "participation", they are very wrong!


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The failed student

If he has failed the driving licence, no one else should drive. Gergely Karácsony is slowly banning cars from half the city

The failed student

He will punish you for his own incompetence!

It is very gas that this man is at the head of Budapest, while he was not even able to obtain a lawyer. This is bloodthirsty.

Fidesz Budapestwritten by:Gergely Kar谩csony is not curious about the opinion of motorists!
According to a vote published on the official website of the capital, Andr谩ssy 煤t and K贸s K谩roly promenade would be closed from car traffic on summer weekends. For the time being, the vote is going head-to-head between cyclists and motorists (the result will be announced on the City Hall page anyway, and we think the closing party will win in the end). We see again, there is no real needs assessment, if it were up to Gergely Kar谩csony, he would ban cars from all over Budapest鈥

It is not clear to us why the mayor wants to cripple Budapest's car traffic. If two lanes of Andr谩ssy Avenue are closed to motorists twice every weekend, it will cause huge chaos and endless traffic jams not only in the surrounding streets.
Has an impact assessment been carried out on the closure?
Who thought of those living on the surrounding streets and detours?
Has there been a transparent survey on closure, or will they only refer to the results of the vote on the page they manage?
Is this really the biggest help for those who spend their summer weekends in the capital?
By the way, did anyone think that the lower quay would be closed at the same time as the planned closure of Andr谩ssy 煤t and K贸s K谩roly s茅t谩ny, the Chain Bridge would be renovated, and the metro line 3 would not run on the downtown section?

We have already seen a similar idea realized from a sudden upset
What about Gergely Kar谩csony, and what became of it? And then he only took a lane away from the motorists on the Grand Boulevard ... And let's be honest, to put it mildly, it wasn't a successful project either!

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馃憠The creativity of libsik is limitless: If they can鈥檛 raise taxes, they will penalize people with tolls!
馃憠They do not work in the city center due to the service provider Kar谩csony bike lane
馃憠Unjustified lanes, after the reduction of flights, motorists have now been exiled from the lower quay of Pest
馃憠Niederm眉ller would permanently exclude motorists from its district
it would only allow those who live there
馃憠Meanwhile, the government is working and developing Budapest.


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Bleeding Budapest!

Today's fresh news has been supplemented with further improvements

Bleeding Budapest!

Give it on! Let the lies not spread, but the facts.

馃憠Today's news: The specialist clinic of Ferencv谩ros will be expanded with a five-storey building. Sign: "Health in ruins" :)

Further developments with which the government "bleeds" Budapest with "stolen money".

The development of the quays was taken over by the Government from the Municipality of Budapest
Everything will be built: the student city, the leisure park, the Galvanian Bridge, Fudan University and even the stadium!
Renovation of the Citadel has begun!
The National Athletics Stadium is being built
The new ward of the St. Francis Hospital in Budapest has been handed over!
After the OPNI building, the Budagy枚ngye Hospital will also be saved!
A huge step in the health care of the capital: the new block of Bajcsy Hospital has been completed
For the first time in 68 years, a new railway section will be built over the Danube in Budapest!
Since 2010, 1,575 public transport vehicles have been placed on the market in Budapest
The Western Railway Station will be renewed!
The Eastern Railway Station will be renewed
鈥淯nloading鈥 Budapesthttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2911/Budapest_lerohasztasa
The South Hospital Central Hospital will cost as much as all the stadiums together!
Another 鈥淪queeze鈥
10,000 parking spaces and 8,000 bicycle storage facilities will be built in 鈥渂led鈥 Budapest based on the Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy
The best public building in Europe is in Hungary
Instead of a climate hist: Bal谩zs F眉rjes announced a 2,000 billion railway development program
New buses to replace the Ikarus 415 buses
"He who builds a school builds the future!" / Mih谩ly Varga /
Modernization of the Budapest 鈥 Hatvan (80a) railway line in Finis!
The Galvani Bridge is built
https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2735/Alhirek_vs_valosag_a_jelenleg_meg_csak_tervezo deskon_levo_Galvani_hiddal_konnectatosan
6 billion grant to renovate the Chain Bridge
Healthy Budapest Program: 700 billion
The government provides hundreds of billions every year for the development and operation of Budapest
鈥淯nder the cover of the night鈥 another 17 buses arrived in 鈥渂led鈥 Budapest
Liget Budapest Project - this has been attacked and is still being attacked by the Hungarian representatives of the liberal dictatorship
In this article, we summarized how Budapest was 鈥渂led鈥 in 2020
This is the list of projects completed and launched by Tarl贸s (list)
The Galvani Bridge is built

The H脡V is renewed

The M3 metro will be renewed

Orb谩n 鈥渨ithdrew鈥 the bill for 14 new, low-floor, air-conditioned, environmentally friendly Euro 6 Mercedes Connecto buses from Budapest and 鈥渟ecretly鈥 paid it

Kar谩csony are not idle either! Here are some examples of how Budapest people's money is stolen ...
馃憠Hundreds of millions go to buddies and "trainings" for unknown purposes
馃憠Conscious left-liberal damage is occurring
Kar谩csony They spent 45 million on mobiles, but they don鈥檛 give 17 million on the uniforms of BKV workers!
馃憠Niederm眉ller fines for closed restaurants
馃憠During the period of free parking, Pik贸 wedges are waiting for people at the fire stations with wheel clamps!
馃憠117 billion, ie 117,000 million .... So much money went to an unknown place in Budapest

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Renovation of the Citadel has begun!

Another 20 billion HUF development in “bled” Budapest

Renovation of the Citadel has begun!

馃憠In our latest video, we present countless examples like this! It starts with health improvements, then comes education, followed by monument buildings, sports, transportation, vehicles, parks, afforestation, settlement development, and more.https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/videos/287195332858965

Renovation of the Citadel begins!
The green space will increase by one and a half times to 20,000 square meters at the renewable Citadel. Within the fort wall, there will be a new public park of more than 6,000 square meters. A lake, a caf茅 and a 35-meter-high Hungarian flag will also await visitors. New passages will open in several places, making the fortress more open, freer and closer to nature. New observation terraces will also be created, from which you will be able to enjoy the unique panorama. A spectacular exhibition presenting the freedom struggles of the Hungarians is being held in the cannon tower. The renovation of the fortress, which has been closed for many years and has now been destroyed, will last until 2023, the Castle Headquarters informed us in a statement.

Preparations for the construction began with an assessment of the condition of the area and extensive archaeological research, and a number of exciting historical monuments were brought to the surface by the experts. Roman and Turkish coins, the foundations of the 19th-century Star and a World War I anti-aircraft cannon base, also rare in Europe, were unearthed from underground. After the finds were secured, construction work on the former fort could begin.

Renovating a fort that has been closed for many years and has now deteriorated is repaying many decades of debt. At the top of Gell茅rt Hill, in a tourist-privileged place, in one of the most beautiful panoramic points of the country, conditions unworthy of a world heritage site prevailed. The Citadel and its immediate surroundings will be reborn in the coming years as part of a major government investment, led by Government Commissioner Gergely Fodor.

In the first phase of the work, which will run until 2022, the outer walls of the fort will be reconstructed and the inner courtyard tidied up. Thanks to the works, the green space will increase by one and a half times to 20,000 square meters at the renewable Citadel. Within the fortress wall, there will be a new public park of more than 6,000 square meters, in which a lake, a caf茅 and a 35-meter-high Hungarian flag will await visitors. New passages will open in several places on the fort, making it more open and closer to nature than before.

By cutting through the walls, the demolition started in 1899, heated by the wrath of the compromise, now continues symbolically, so the fortress becomes freer and the passage between the two sides of Gell茅rt Hill will be easier. On the east side of the fort, a spectacular flight of stairs is created, allowing visitors to easily approach the fort from the Statue of Liberty. New observation terraces will also be created, from which visitors to the Citadel will be able to enjoy the special panorama in the future.

From the northern bastion you can see the Elizabeth Bridge and the Pest side, from the eastern terrace you can see the Freedom Bridge, from the southern bastion to Kelenf枚ld, while from the roof terrace of the cannon building you can see Margaret Island, Budav谩r Palace and Sz茅na Square. In the second phase, in the cannon tower, on more than 1,700 square meters, a spectacular, attractive and inspiring permanent exhibition entitled The Bastion of Freedom will be created, presenting the freedom struggles of the Hungarians. The exhibition will be open to the public in 2023.

During the work that has just begun, the promenade around the fort and the terrace in front of the Statue of Liberty cannot be visited. The top of the hill can be reached by a detour from Gell茅rt Square, which will be indicated by information boards at the junctions of paths and mountain roads. The unique panorama can still be enjoyed from the northern viewpoint next to the car park.


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The opposition is messing, while Hungarian companies are working in "bled" Budapest!


The opposition is messing, while Hungarian companies are working in "bled" Budapest!

The static test load of the new railway bridge in Budapest has been successfully completed - the next step is the dynamic load test, the construction of the overhead line, after which the first trains already carrying passengers may come soon.

The Sergei diesel locomotive and the 14 crushed stone wagons were the first to drive up the newly completed new bridge structure at 19:44 on Monday night. Details in the video below:https://fb.watch/4_vQ8VaBNm/

馃憠For the first time in 68 years, a new railway track section is being built over the Danube in Budapest! In addition to the new, third track section, the two old bridges will also be renewed!

The work was performed by Duna Aszfalt kft. performed by (L谩szl贸 Vektor) with the participation of V-H铆d 脡p铆t艖 Zrt. (L艖rinc M茅sz谩ros). The companies of both businessmen do an excellent job, and while they employ more than 25,000 people, they always pay subcontractors fairly, pay the tax, invest the profits at home, and create new jobs at home. In addition to business, it is also worth mentioning donations, you can read more about this in our previous writings at the end of this writing!

馃憠Source, pictures:https://www.facebook.com/vitezydavid/posts/309026553912709
Activities of L艖rinc M茅sz谩ros (more links in the article!)https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3292/Megujult_az_Erzsebet-tabor
馃憠Sz铆jj L谩szl贸's last donation:
馃憠Although left-liberal false news propaganda is always "Massacre", giving the false impression that he wins all public procurement, the reality is completely different: L艖rinc M茅sz谩ros hardly won a public procurement in the period 2011-2019

Even more "bleeding"
馃憠No choice!
Everything will be built: the student city, the leisure park, the Galvanian Bridge, Fudan University and even the stadium!
馃憠More 鈥淪queeze鈥
10,000 parking spaces and 8,000 bicycle storage facilities will be built in 鈥渂led鈥 Budapest based on the Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy
馃憠The development of the quays was taken over by the Government from the Municipality of Budapest
The development of the quay is implemented by the Budapest Development Center with the financing of the Government. Another 鈥渂leeding鈥
Orb谩n 鈥渨ithdrew鈥 the bill for 14 new, low-floor, air-conditioned, environmentally friendly Euro 6 Mercedes Connecto buses from Budapest and 鈥渟ecretly鈥 paid it
馃憠 鈥淯nder the cover of the night鈥 another 17 buses arrived in 鈥渂led鈥 Budapest
These vehicles serve half a million Budapest a week
脫ta Since 2010, 1575 public transport vehicles have been placed on the market in Budapest
Bleeding? Reality cannot be denied!
馃憠The South Buda Central Hospital will cost as much as all the stadiums together!
Stadium phobics, attention! But it's bleeding, right! :)
Orb谩n withdrew the old Ikarus 415 buses from Budapest and replaced everything with new Euro6 low-floor Mercedes Conecto buses under the guise of night.
馃憠700 billion forints for the health developments of the capital and Pest county
So far, improvements worth HUF 245 billion have been implemented. But this is "bleeding"!
馃憠Instead of climate change: Bal谩zs F眉rjes announced a 2,000 billion railway development program

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No need to choose!

Everything will be built: the student city, the leisure park, the Galvanian Bridge, Fudan University and even the stadium!

No need to choose!

BAL脕ZS F脺RJES: Gold is rusted, or the Student City is being rebuilt. 馃憠With video!https://maiposzt.hu/p/furjesbalazs-2601720476792064

A citizen committed to the city, a young man preparing for university and everyone who carries the future of Budapest in his heart, can read in a cold way about the new and new acts of the skirmish in the case of Di谩kv谩ros v Fudan (correctly: Di谩kv谩ros 茅s Fudan!). Yet the cause of the Student City deserves far more than the frightening of a Chinese dictatorship or the drilling of the World Athletics World Cup. Therefore, allow me to present realistically: where did it start, what is its purpose, and what is the content of this unique urban-building enterprise of its kind, more than just a Student City.

First of all: It will be a student city!
The Student City is part of the Southern City Gate development program, which aims to implement a completely new part of the city. The Student City and the Southern City Gate programs are being implemented, all previous decisions are being implemented, plans are being prepared, there is something that is already being built. It will be the Southern City Gate and it will be the Student City of Budapest. But why where and why what?

Head South!
Over the past twenty years, the city has grown south. The university district of L谩gym谩nyos, the Infopark, the explosion of the Kopaszi Dam, the revival of the Whale and Nehru parks, the M脺PA and the Millennium City Quarter all testify to the fact that Budapest is expanding to the south on both banks of the Danube. The future seems to be in the south. The D茅li V谩roskapu 鈥 Budapest Di谩kv谩ros urban planning program, which implements the green recycling of the decaying rust areas of South Pest and North Csepel and provides a solution to the burning urban challenges, fits into this process.

Traffic jams, bad air, little green, missing dormitories, missing homes
There is little room here to take stock of the challenges that make our everyday urban life bitter. Therefore, only concisely: we need to make it easier, more convenient and faster to get to work, school and do business from the outside to the inside, ie from the outer districts and the agglomeration, especially on a fixed track. That, through the voluntary, free choice of citizens, more people will use the better quality H脡V, tram, rail and metro networks. To reduce the proportion of car traffic. To breathe the city, get air in every part of Budapest. To dampen traffic in the city center.
To make the quality green space in Budapest more and more (more democratically, if you like) distributed. The park, the promenade, the grass, tree, flowers, na and water. Where we run, play football, roll, play and relax.
To - in addition to the home-building program, more precisely as part of it - replace the many thousands of 21st century dormitory places that Budapest universities have not had the resources to build in the last 50 years.

Rust is the gold of the city
In Budapest - especially in Pest! - just a few kilometers from the city center, there are areas of rust that are amazingly well-equipped, today dripping and unused. Former industrial-commercial areas where the original activities have long been abandoned, which are now abandoned and demolished, but which are close to the city center (often also to the Danube!) And which have very good transport facilities (roads, rails, trams, metros, railway, in the immediate vicinity or via-kasul).
Once tidied up, these areas are excellent for accommodating new public parks, residential buildings, sports grounds, offices, museums, universities, and other public institutions. This is the key to a compact city: the city does not spread and grow, creating huge distances, but utilizing its internal reserves. It is no coincidence that rust zones are called the city鈥檚 gold reserves.

Csepel and Ferencv谩ros: the latest rust spots
The most ingenious rust zones are in Csepel and Ferencv谩ros. The D茅li V谩roskapu program and the Budapest Student City plan are aimed at renewing and reviving them.
The area of 鈥嬧媡he Southern City Gate is an area of 鈥嬧200 hectares south of the R谩k贸czi Bridge (this is the same size as Districts I, VI and VII, respectively), up to the route of the planned Galvanian Bridge and the associated boulevard. It includes North Csepel, the R谩ckeve-Soroks谩r Danube branch and the southern Danube bank of Ferencv谩ros, as well as the area of 鈥嬧婼oroks谩ri 煤t.
The city center is 5-6 km away, for car, bicycle and partly on foot the Danube bank, the Csepel ridge road, the Soroks谩ri road, here come the southern H脡Vs, the 150 railway, and it could be a much better transport corridor and the Danube.

The Southern City Gate program: movement, green, student life
The Southern City Gate program covers four major areas. According to the Baranyi plan - based on our agreement with the Mayor of Ferencv谩ros, Krisztina Baranyi - the Ferencv谩ros Leisure and Sports Park will be built under the R谩k贸czi Bridge on the bank of the Danube in Ferencv谩ros. Athletics center, playgrounds, kindergarten, leisure sports fields, Danube beach can be found here. The plans were created together with the mayor, the construction is progressing.

In North Csepel, the new public park in Csepel will be built with a huge green area, hiking and study trails, clearings, playgrounds, outdoor sports fields and equipment, bicycle paths, running tracks and a very special wetland wetland that uses rainwater in an environmentally friendly way. To plan this, we launched the open EU public procurement procedure in January, announcing the results soon.

The Budapest Student City is located between the Ferencv谩ros bank of the Danube branch of Soroks谩r and Soroks谩ri 煤t. According to the resolution of the General Assembly of Ferencv谩ros Municipality in December 2019 on the proposal of Mayor Baranyi, the aim is to 鈥渃reate a dormitory student city in two phases, providing accommodation and the necessary infrastructure for approximately 4000-4000 university students in the immediate vicinity of Nagyv谩s谩rtelep. complete renovation of the dilapidated building of the Great Trade Fair, filling it with new functions 鈥漑Budapest Capital IX. district Ferencv谩ros Local Government 364/2019. (XI.25.)].

Scattered in the area, but mainly north of the Student City, we also designed mixed-use (mainly office) areas for real estate development and commercial use. Mainly these, as well as the area adjacent to the Csepel ridge road and the buffer zone of the area next to Soroks谩ri 煤t, represent the reserve where the campus of Fudan University can be placed, leaving the entire area of 鈥嬧媡he planned Student City (dormitories) untouched.
It designates building blocks, the street network, public spaces and public spaces and determines the traffic order (car-free zone, with parking on the edge, footpaths and cycle paths, tram, H脡V, port). The first building we step into is the Great Market Colony.

The Southern City Gate: a new balance in Budapest's traffic
In Budapest, a new balance is needed in the proportions of car, bicycle, pedestrian, private and public transport. The DVK program will help achieve this new balance. More and more people in Budapest can use the new tram lines to be built in the south, the Csepel and R谩ckeve H脡Vs introduced in the completely renewable and deep tunnel to K谩lvin t茅r. A new tram line will be built on the main street of Di谩kv谩ros, a total of 30 kilometers of new bicycle paths and 7 kilometers of promenade along the Danube will be built in the area.
And if the City Hall decides what it wants, a new Galvan bridge can be built, which connects South Pest, South Buda and North Csepel, providing access to cars, bicycles and trams, relieving the load on downtown roads and bridges, enabling traffic calming in the city center. (If Gregory Christmas says no to the bridge, it won鈥檛 be built and the plans will be put in the desk drawer.)

What has happened so far?
Between 2018 and 2020, with the active participation of the local governments of the capital, Csepel, Ferencv谩ros and 脷jbuda, we prepared the master plan of the 200-hectare area, the new district. The work started with open international design tenders.
The jury included the chief architects of the municipalities of the capital, Csepel, Ferencv谩ros, 脷jbuda and K艖b谩nya, the rector of the Technical University, renowned foreign engineers and city planners, as well as the late Gy枚rgy Fekete, Etel茅 Bar谩th, G谩bor Zoboki and Mikl贸s Zoboki. Juditot. The Hungarian Architects' Office NAPUR Architects won the design of the Ferencv谩ros Leisure and Sports Park in an open, European Union design competition. In a 17-participant, open international design competition, we selected Van Berke len Bos U.N. to design the Galvanian Bridge. Studio & Buro Happold Consulting Engieneers P.C. world-renowned Anglo-Dutch engineering consortium. The Norwegian-Austrian architectural firm SN脴HETTA - BESCH und PARTNER was also selected for the preparation of the master plan for the urban structure of the Southern City Gate program in an open international design competition with the participation of 17 applicants.

And what's happening right now?
The jewel of the Budapest Student City area is the crumbling Great Trade Fair, one of the most exciting industrial monuments in the capital. It was completed in 1932, based on innovative Hungarian plans. Originally, it is a huge, cohesive hall building and with a ceiling height used to distribute thousands of tons at a price. Anno was fed half of Budapest from here. It is 250 meters long, 40 meters wide and has an internal height of 17 meters. The internal free space without support columns is 10,000 square meters, ie one and a half large football fields or 13 handball fields.
The building, once a wholesale market, is on the verge of collapse. If we renovate it, it will be perfect for the student city鈥檚 large indoor community space, student center. It can accommodate a library, large lecture halls, sports fields, an advanced running track, restaurants, a university club and a canteen.
This is the first building for which we are preparing detailed architectural plans. 22 different design offices participated in the open architectural design competition of the government's Budapest Development Center. The chief architect of the Municipality of Budapest, the chief architect of the Ferencv谩ros municipality and the delegates of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects were also on the jury. The winning entries will be presented in a public announcement of the results.

What's next?
We will continue to work. With community planning - still together with local governments, involving the population in detailed planning. We still have a lot of work to do. To design every building, with many architectural tenders and public procurements. Preparation of utility and transport plans. Remediation, removal of environmental pollution. Demolition, rubbish removal, remediation. The construction itself.

What about Fudan?
The Student City will be built according to the original plans and will provide 8-10,000 dormitory places for students of Hungarian universities in Budapest. The Budapest campus of Fudan University, considered to be the 34th best university in the world, will not be built instead of the Student City.
I am not a competent comrade who understands everything - according to the division of labor within the government, I am responsible for urban planning. It is the responsibility of the Minister of Innovation and Technology to organize the arrival of Fudan, an agreement with the Chinese.
It is certain that the debate on the benefits of the arrival of a prestigious Chinese university in Budapest will continue. The debate is natural, without it there is no democracy. An interesting coincidence: the vaccines in the East were recently violently attacked, and today Europe agrees: they save lives in the same way as vaccinations from the West.

"I have a dream"
I always say: if you go to work as a city builder, dream boldly and freely, plan responsibly, build with discipline! The big trick is to have at once the freedom, insanity, courage and imagination needed to dream, that is, creativity, and the order, discipline, precision needed to make it happen. At the same time, so that the insanity of the dream does not shatter the work, and the discipline of the work does not stifle the dream.


Where there is a lot of greenery, where there are spacious, free spaces suitable for sports, exercise and relaxation. Where you can swim in the Danube again and have a lively rowing life. Where the first student city of Budapest is born. So that the campus is the center of a hundred-year-old industrial monument, the ingenious Great Fairgrounds, an exciting community space, student center. Where it is worth traveling on the fast and convenient H脡Vs and trams to the city center and beyond, where we can take possession of the Danube bank again, where there is a lot to bike and walk. Where you can have a good meal and quaternary in restaurants, cafes, terraces. And where the new southern Danube bridge (now Galvani, but until then we have found a worthy new name) that is becoming a symbol of the district, bringing in domestic and international architectural awards, connects the previously cut southern districts, reveals the former rust zones of down the downtown bridges.

There is still a lot of debate and a lot of work ahead of us. No matter, there is no urban development without them. Let the builders build, the chatter let. If necessary, argue with good intentions, respecting each other and finding a solution. Let us not be dragged into bad debates. But we are always looking for dialogue, for agreement. Let鈥檚 work this way, and in the end we still find ourselves able to transcend our own boundaries. And it always ends well.

馃憠You veto again Kar谩csony
馃憠Gergely Kar谩csony ran into a hole again!
He chased his own shadow


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Gergely Karácsony ran into a hole again!

He chased his own shadow

Gergely Karácsony ran into a hole again!

Left-liberal Attitude: International University OR Student City.
Normal Attitude: International University AND Student City.

Gergely Guly谩s: Kar谩csony has a fun discussion with himself

The Student City is an important government plan and will be built next to Fudan University, the minister said.
As is well known, Mayor Gergely Kar谩csony wrote a letter to Gergely Guly谩s, the head of the Prime Minister's Office, last week and the letter reveals with shock that he was informed that - It will be implemented on the site of the Southern City Gate Development Program. The mayor also had the prospect of resigning from the World Championships in Athletics if he did not become a Student City.

Gergely Kar谩csony has been having a fun discussion with herself for days while advertising the government鈥檚 plans for the Student City on her Facebook page. Thank you for advertising 鈥
Gergely Guly谩s replied to the ATV.

He added that the Student City is an important government plan that will be built alongside Fudan University. 鈥淲e do not understand why the Mayor wants to have a fruitless debate with the government,鈥 he added.



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Another “Restriction”

10,000 parking spaces and 8,000 bicycle storage facilities will be built in government-funded Budapest on the basis of the Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy

Another “Restriction”

馃憠Gergely Kar谩csony will tell you that this is (also) his merit ...

At the beginning, we state: Budapest is the capital of the nation, the developments are not based on Gergely Kar谩csony and the current - temporary - left-liberal city management, but on the people of Budapest and everyone who visits Budapest.
馃憠Here is the map:https://bit.ly/3meaJ9V


A total of nearly ten thousand parking spaces and more than 8,000 bicycle storage facilities will be built in Budapest and the suburbs under the Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy, as a government investment - this is the largest P R and B R establishment program ever in the central region. With the development, we can double the number of parking spaces in addition to the suburban railway lines, so that many of those traveling to Budapest can switch to fixed-track transport.

Today, the Budapest Development Center announced a public procurement for the design of 3250 P R car parks and 2200 B R bicycle storage spaces.

Two-thirds of passengers from the suburbs arrive in Budapest today by car, and only 3 out of 10 choose public transport. To change this, a comprehensive investment program is needed on the suburban rail and heat network. Its program, the Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy (http://budapestvasut2040.hu/) in February with Secretary of State Bal谩zs F眉rjes and R贸bert Homolya, President of M脕V.

If the Strategy is implemented, the number of passengers on suburban railways may increase by 80% by 2040, thanks to comprehensive and interdependent, complex investments, and at the same time car traffic to the capital may decrease significantly.

An indispensable accessory of railway developments is the improvement of the accessibility of railway stations and stops. The design contract now announced is for eight railway lines,
- 1 in Hegyeshalom,
- 30a Sz茅kesfeh茅rv谩r,
- 40a pusztaszabolcs,
- V谩ci 70,
- 80a sixtani,
- 100a Cegl茅d,
120a in New Saxony and
- the 150 Kunszentmikl贸s
lines, we will start designing new P R car parks and B R bicycle storages at these stations. In one year, parking lots can be completed at almost fifty locations, permitting and construction plans for parking garages in several busy places, and construction can then begin.

In addition to the above, it takes place on heaters H5, H6, H7, on railway lines 71 in Veresegyh谩za and 142 on Lajosmizse, and on heaters H8 and H9 it will start (or continue) in the near future. planning for the comprehensive renewal of the lines, in the framework of which the design of PR car parks and BR bicycle storages will be carried out in an integrated manner with the design of the entire line. On the Esztergom railway line, NIF started planning in parallel to expand the P R car parks completed during the renovation of the line.

Together with these, the preparation of a total of nearly 10,000 PR and more than 8,000 BR seats is underway or will begin shortly in the outer districts and agglomeration of Budapest, including the tender published today, without exception for both the 11 M脕V suburban railway lines and the 5 heat lines. extensively.

In the past year, we surveyed car parking and bicycle storage needs at all agglomeration stations and stops at all railway and heat lines leading to the capital at BFK. In a total of 171 stations and railway stations in 108 settlements, we examined how many parking and storage spaces there are, how much there would be demand now, and how much more people would use P Rs and B Rs after the improvements. Development in the agglomeration is not only in the interests of commuters, but also in the interests of the people of Budapest, as the precondition for reducing traffic in the city center is to make agglomeration public transport more competitive. One of the most important tools is to facilitate modal shifts, that is, to be able to leave the car or bicycle at the train station. Of course, it is even better if the passenger can get to the train by public transport instead of a car, therefore the planning task also includes the planning of bus turns and bus stops, where they are missing and necessary.

The development tasks of the accessibility of the agglomeration railway and thermal stations are carried out by the Budapest Development Center under the supervision of Bal谩zs F眉rjes, Budapest and the Secretary of State responsible for the agglomeration development, with the support of the Government.

Our open EU public procurement call is available here:https://bit.ly/3cJOLbu

Bal谩zs F眉rjeswrote: We promised to do it

We have now issued a public procurement with the government's Budapest Development Center for the design of 3250 P R car parks and 2200 B R bicycle storage spaces.
At the beginning of the year, we announced the Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy until 2040, in order to make the railway an attractive and convenient alternative to car transport. If implemented, the number of passengers on suburban railways could double by 2040! Our goal is to make Budapest more livable, to have fewer traffic jams and cleaner city air, and the development of rail transport is essential for this.

At the same time, a large number of people will only use this mode of transport to enter Budapest if they can travel in comfortable conditions on low-floor, air-conditioned, clean vehicles. But not only new rail and H脡V cars, a renovated track and shorter journey times are important, but also easy and fast access to the stations. Therefore, our main goal is to improve the accessibility of Budapest and suburban stations: with covered bicycle storage, new P R car parks, and by creating new bus stops and convenient bus connections next to the stations.

The current public procurement notice, which covers 8 railway lines, also serves this purpose. By 2022, permitting and construction plans for new car parks will be available at more than 50 locations. The railway lines concerned are:
1 in Hegyeshalom, 30a in Sz茅kesfeh茅rv谩r, 40a in Pusztaszabolcs, 70 in V谩c, 80a in Hatvan, 100a in Cegl茅d, 120a in 脷jsz谩sz and 150 in Kunszentmikl贸s.

Overall, the number of parking and bicycle storage capacities along the suburban railway lines will double! My colleague D谩vid Vit茅zy and I are working every day to make this a reality and to make the railway an attractive alternative for people!



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