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Budapest cash increased by HUF 58 billion (!) In 3 months

Karácsony and they lie that there is no money

Budapest cash increased by HUF 58 billion (!) In 3 months

They did not give the pensioners the 20,000 forint heating subsidy promised to them (although the second heating season starts during their reign), they do not help the Budapest hosts, they did not start any projects (only the developments started by Tarlós are handed over) Budapest's cash stock grows by about HUF 20 billion a month.

What is the money set for? We have a tip: for the 2022 election. Then as you say it will be "All In"!

🔴Pass it on so that those Pestians who are just raising local taxes can see it too!https://www.facebook.com/samples/posts/211532560323885

Karácsony fell again: the capital is rife with money. The state treasury provided data on the financial situation of the capital. THEY ARE FULL OF HORSES!

The official numbers are not in favor of Mayor Gergely Karácsony, who is constantly chuckling for money. Our paper was interested in the current financial situation of the capital at the Hungarian State Treasury, and we received the answer on Friday. According to this, the Municipality of Budapest provided interim data on 20 October, which revealed that the local government headed by Karácsony had HUF 133.9 billion in government securities and a net cash position of HUF 85.6 billion. We also learned that between the beginning of January and the end of September, the capital gained HUF 127.7 billion in so-called public revenues, the largest of which was the local business tax paid on permanent business activities with its HUF 127.3 billion.

The number sequence itself provides a clear certificate Karácsony of some of its statements, but the situation is even more obvious if we recall the previous statistics. The half-yearly data series shows that between the beginning of January and the end of June, the general government revenue in the capital was 61.4 billion, of which the business tax was 61.2 billion. That is, 66.5 billion in tax revenue Karácsony flowed into its coffers in a quarter.

Even more interesting is the amount of cash. At the end of June, the capital had HUF 27.9 billion at its disposal, and had HUF 135 billion in government securities. This means that although the stock of government securities decreased by one billion in three months, cash increased by 58 billion.

“An embarrassing explanation can be read on the mayor’s community page. The point is that the ugly, evil government takes the capital's money, it destroys the Municipality of the Capital, ”wrote Finance Minister Mihály Varga in response to Gergely Karácsony's statement the other day. The head of the ministry - to refute the politician of the Dialogue - also mentioned some important facts. For example, since 2010, the government has taken over a debt of 375 billion from Budapest. Meanwhile, business tax revenues rose from 85 billion to 164 billion. "Gergely Karácsony explains, misleads, while the - critical of the government - Moody's credit rating improved the assessment of the capital's financial situation from stable to positive," the finance minister wrote. "Decide who to believe: Karácsony or Moody’s?" He finally asked.


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Thus, in Óbuda, managed by László Kiss of the SE, the land and building tax was raised for both businesses and individuals.

(with video at the end of the article)

Thus, in Óbuda, managed by László Kiss of the SE, the land and building tax was raised for both businesses and individuals.

🔴If they get in government, they will do it nationally! We know that 98 percent of people do not live in Óbuda, but it is very important to share this news so that everyone can see what the left is doing when it takes a decision-making position!

Residents continue to be burdened: The left is also raising taxes in Óbuda.
(In contrast, taxes are not raised in Fidesz cities, in some cities the residential building tax (garage tax) has been abolished - eg in Győr)

The libs do all this, while Budapest's cash stock grew by HUF 60 BILLION (!) In 3 months, and meanwhile they constantly lie that the city has no money, because the "evil Orbán" takes everything away.https://magyarnemzet.hu/gazdasag/karacsony-ujra-lebukott-duskal-a-penzben-a-fovaros-8883164/

Once again, one of the left-wing districts of the capital decided on tax increases. This time in Óbuda, the representative body headed by László Kiss from the SE adopted a resolution to district businesses and individuals alike have to pay higher land and building taxes, a decision to this effect passed by the House of Representatives with yes votes from the left. The pro-government faction reacted: left-wing local governments do not help during the epidemic, but continue to burden residents and businesses, M1 News reported.

They voted unanimously in favor of their proposal for tax increases in Annex III. district left-wing politicians on Thursday. According to the accepted proposal, a number of public burdens will increase in Óbuda from January.

For example, the building tax and the land tax will also increase, according to a motion tabled in the colors of the joint left-wing faction, which brings together DK, Dialogue, MSZP, LMP and Momentum.

Shopping centers and event venues, but also landowners in Óbuda, can face higher burdens.
Even before the vote, the pro-government faction indicated that it did not support the left-wing package of proposals because it contained unprecedented increases.

The DK mayor of the district argued at the board meeting that the left-wing city council had no choice but to lose revenue.

Although László Kiss from Gyurcsány said that the decision only affects the affluent people of Óbuda, according to its text, the increased loads must also be paid for car storages smaller than 50 square meters.

The crisis management of the left has always consisted of austerity
- the deputy leader of the Fidesz faction has already talked about this. László Böröcz emphasized that by increasing the burden on the residents, left-wing politicians in the districts and settlements they lead will choose the same path as before 2010.

László Böröcz put it this way: while the government is working to help families and businesses in difficult situations due to the epidemic, the left is not helping the parliament and local governments to fight the epidemic either.

🔴Source: (including video)https://hirado.hu/belfold/belpolitika/cikk/2020/10/29/tovabb-terhelik-a-lakosokat-obudan-is-adot-emel-a-baloldal

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Mihály Varga: Karácsony explains and misleads

The Minister of Finance refutes the lies of the Amok Runner Karácsony with numbers

Mihály Varga: Karácsony explains and misleads

An embarrassing explanation can be read on the community page of Mayor Gergely Karácsony, the essence of which is that the “ugly, evil” government takes the capital’s money, destroying the capital’s self-government, the finance minister wrote in his Facebook post on Thursday.

According to Mihály Varga, on the other hand, it is a fact that since 2010 the government has taken over a debt of HUF 375 billion from Budapest, while its business tax revenues have risen from 85 billion to 164 billion. At the end of the second quarter of 2020, the capital's local government had HUF 27.9 billion available and government securities HUF 135 billion, he added.

He pointed out that the principle of solidarity - where richer municipalities support the poorer with a solidarity contribution - had previously been broken by only one municipality and paid less: Budapest. This exception will be phased out by the government: the capital will pay 85 per cent of the amount under the “normal formula” this year, and the situation will only end next year. By the way, this process started already in the time of István Tarlós - the Fidesz politician wrote.

“Gergely Karácsony explains, misleading, while the - critical of the government - Moody's credit rating improved the assessment of the capital's financial situation from stable to positive. Decide who to trust: Karácsony or Moody's? ” Mihály Varga asked.

Karácsony Lies:https://www.facebook.com/karacsonygergely/posts/3731918026841016

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Mese a "kivéreztetett" Budapestről

30 darab új csuklós Mercedes busz átadása és újabb 6 milliárd forintos támogatás bejelentése további 60 busz beszerzésére (+ egy kis lista a cikk végén)

Mese a "kivéreztetett" Budapestről

🔴 Új buszok átadása: Vitézy Dávid írta:
30 darab új, Euro6-os, környezetbarát, alacsonypadlós, klimatizált csuklós Mercedes-buszt adtunk ma át Budapest és az agglomeráció utasai számára Fürjes Balázs Budapest és az agglomeráció fejlesztéséért felelős államtitkárral, Homolya Róbert MÁV elnök-vezérigazgatóval és Pafféri Zoltánnal, a Volánbusz vezérigazgatójával.
🚌 Az új járművek Budapesten a XVIII. kerületben és Gyálon (55, 84E, 89E, 94E vonalakon), a XVII. kerületben és Pécelen (169E vonalon), illetve Csepelen és Szigetszentmiklóson állnak forgalomba (38, 238, 278, 279, 280-es vonalakon).
🚌 Új kék buszok, melyeket kormányzati támogatásból a Volánbusz vásárolt, és egyszerre szolgálják Budapestet és az agglomerációt. Állami megrendelésre, a Volánbusz Zrt. üzemeltetésében közlekednek a fenti vonalakon, de felszerelve FUTÁR utastájékoztató rendszerrel és a BKK - Budapesti Közlekedési Központ budapesti jegy- és bérletrendszerének részeként. Jó példái annak, mennyire fontos a regionális együttműködés a közösségi közlekedésben, amiről éppen napra pontosan 10 évvel a BKK megalapítása után a sajtótájékoztatón is beszéltem.
🚌Ahogy a sajtótájékoztatón Fürjes Balázs is kiemelte: Budapest közlekedési problémáinak megoldásához a külső kerületekben és az agglomerációban a közösségi közlekedés versenyképességét javítanunk kell. Az elővárosi buszflotta megújításán túl ehhez járul hozzá a hévek és a vasút fejlesztése is. Ahogy a mai sajtótájékoztatón elmondtam: az agglomerációból ma 10-ből 3-an használják csak a közösségi közlekedést, míg Budapestről 10-ből 6-an. Elemi érdek a főváros és az agglomeráció számára is, hogy javítsunk ezen - ennek érdekében zajlik a Déli Körvasút fejlesztése, a hévek megújítása, számos vasútfejlesztés előkészítése és az agglomerációs buszflotta fejlesztése is ezért fontos. A Budapest Fejlesztési Központban a MÁV-val és a Volánbusszal közösen dolgozunk azon, hogy a regionálisan egységes tarifarendszert is mihamarabb megvalósítsuk, ahogy erről ma Homolya Róberttel közösen beszámoltunk a sajtó számára.
🚌 A Mercedes-Benz Conecto G városi csuklós buszok megvásárlására idén márciusban szerződött a Volánbusz az ITK Holding leányvállalatával, az Inter Traction Electrics Kft.-vel. A Törökországban készülő, végig alacsonypadlós, légkondicionált buszflotta gyártása zajlik, várhatóan mindegyik forgalomba áll még ebben az évben. A 37 ülő- és 84 állóhelyet kínáló csuklós buszok akadálymentesek, kerekesszékkel vagy babakocsival is igénybe vehetők, hasonlóak a BKV és a VT Arriva által Budapesten már működtetett Mercedes Conecto G csuklósokhoz. A hathengeres, 360 lóerős dízelmotorok a legkorszerűbb, Euro 6d környezetvédelmi normának is megfelelnek. A buszokba néhány biztonsági, diagnosztikai, utastájékoztatási rendszert és a zárt vezetőfülkét Debrecenben, a magyar szállítónál építik be, itt történik a forgalomba helyezés is, így hazai hozzáadott érték is van a járművekben.
🚌A Kormány nem csak az állami tulajdonú Volánbusz flottájának megújításához járul hozzá Budapesten: ugyanilyen Mercedes Conecto autóbuszokból 34 darab áll gyártás alatt a BKV Zrt. számára, melyek néhány hónapon belül állnak forgalomba és melyeket 100%-ban a központi költségvetés finanszíroz.
📌 Forrás: https://www.facebook.com/vitezydavid/posts/3380943225308093

🔴Újabb támogatás bejelentése:

6 milliárd forint forrást biztosít a kormány a fővárosnak 60 darab Mercedes-Benz Conecto G típusú busz beszerzésére! A fejlesztést Fürjes Balázs, Budapest és a fővárosi agglomeráció fejlesztéséért felelős államtitkár jelentette ma be. A 100%-ban kormányzati forrásból beszerzett 60 darab új busz hetente 400 ezer utast szállít majd Budapesten és az agglomerációban.
📌 Forrás: https://www.facebook.com/fideszbudapest/posts/186353423063939

További számok a "kivéreztetésre"
📌 1. Budapest költségvetése
📌 2. +118 milliárd az önkormányzatoknak
📌 3. A kivéreztetett önkormányzatok: https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/709/Egy_szemleletes_abra_a_kivereztetett_onkormanyzatokrol
📌 4. Budapesti projektek: https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/246/Mese_a_kivereztetett_Budapestrol
📌 5. Tarlós munkássága (videó)
📌 6. Karácsony első éve
📌 7. Pontot teszünk a „Tarlósnak volt 9 éve” mantrázás végére

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Karácsony stuffs NGO octopus with millions of taxpayers instead of Budapest caterers

Millions more for Soros. Interestingly, he has said so far that there is no money

Karácsony stuffs NGO octopus with millions of taxpayers instead of Budapest caterers

After a power theft, a little "wheelbarrow" may come
1. Stealing, bitcoin business:https://www.facebook.com/szamokadatok/posts/209162220560919
2. Why does it all happen:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1096/Balliberalis_osztalytalalkozo_a_Fovarosnal
3. Karácsony yesterday's "problem":https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2136/Akar_vicces_is_lehetne_ha_nem_lenne_ennyire_siralmas
4. Karácsony first year:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2080/Karacsony_Gergely_elso_eve
5. Karácsony self-polishing:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2089/Karacsony_1_evig_nem_allitotta_forgalomba_az_uj_mar_leszallitott_villamosokat
6. Analysis of propaganda material sent to mailboxes Karácsony:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2124/Karacsony_Gergely_onfenyezesenek_teteles_cafolata

The current announcement is extremely funny, as Katalin Tüttő was the chairman of the Finance and Public Procurement Committee of the Budapest Municipality at the time of Gyurcsány and Demszky. Couldn't he "monitor"? Or do they not trust themselves? Obviously not, the goal is to figure it out into a horse and turn it into anti-organ propaganda.

🔴Was monitoring also tendered? Just for transparency and to protect public money!

We already knew at the beginning of the epidemic that Soros would not donate to Budapest, but would invest. One excellent example of this Karácsony is its new decision: Transparency International has been entrusted with monitoring the public procurement procedure for the renovation of the Chain Bridge!

What? Does an NGO monitor the state? Will Transparency International monitor Chain Bridge's procurement process?
1. Why monitor a procurement? It is governed by strict laws. This is a question of law and order!
2. It is essentially about playing public money for a Soros organization, so it finances the activities of a Soros that is not chosen by anyone with taxpayers ’money.
According to them, the 44 consultants, the 5 deputies, the entire apparatus focusing on this work are few, in order to "monitor" the process, even an NGO is needed ...

The bidding phase of the tender is currently underway, with economic operators having to submit their first bid by 28 October.
The Budapest Transport Center (BKK) commissioned Transparency International (TI) Hungary to monitor the public procurement procedure for the renovation of the Chain Bridge - BKK informed MTI on Wednesday.

According to the Communication, the involvement of TI will help to make competition between tenderers and bidders "as open, transparent and fair as possible". The aim of the capital's municipality and the BKK was to involve as many actors as possible in the procedure. TI's presence is an additional guarantee of fair competition between bidders and transparent public procurement - the communication reads.

“Bidders can join the agreement voluntarily, thus engaging in fair competition, which experience has shown to have a beneficial effect on the bids submitted,” the municipality and BKK “use all means at their disposal to avoid overpricing bids for renovation work,” they said. He added that TI's procurement reports will be made public on the organisation's website and in a summary of information on the renovation of the Chain Bridge.http://www.bkk.hu/lanchidpage.

It was recalled that the participation phase of the public procurement for the renovation of the Chain Bridge ended in early October, BKK invited all four candidates to submit a tender. The bidding phase of the tender is currently underway, with economic operators having to submit their first bid by 28 October. In case of favorable offers, BKK can conclude a contract with the prospective contractor next February. Renovation of the "symbol of Hungary" could begin in March if the government provides the promised support, they wrote. The renewed Chain Bridge can be taken over by commuters in 2023 according to the preliminary schedule.

Source: Mandinerhttps://mandiner.hu/cikk/20201021_bkk_a_transparency_international_monitorozza_a_lanchid_felujitas_kozbeszerzeset

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Itemic refutation of Gergely Karácsony's self-painting

We have classified the material: under one. Share this so your followers can see, not just look!

Itemic refutation of Gergely Karácsony's self-painting

Recently, one of our readers in Budapest found a treasure in his mailbox: the propaganda material of Gergely Karácsony's one-year activity full of slips and lies has arrived, which we are now itemizing.

In the material, we marked the biggest lies and slips in red, and then, after revealing the reality, we added a grade to their work below each one.

📌Lie: we are building a city with better air
Reality: Even 444 wrote in early July that “Budapest is the only European city where the air is worse than before the epidemic”. Gergely Karácsony's thoughtless decision on bicycle lanes and quays has matured in a dictatorial way, without any impact assessment, completely without professionalism.

📌Lies: safer and easier transport
Reality: As a result of ill-considered, one-person decisions, dangerously designed bicycle lanes have been created. There have been a number of complaints about which several articles have already been published. The situation has not improved significantly.

📌Lie: We have solved to make CT available to everyone in Budapest
Reality: It has been available so far, nothing has been resolved. Already in November 2019, 43 CT devices were available in Budapest, ie almost two per district.
Is that what CT propaganda is all about? Still, there will be no CT in every district? The promise of the campaign was: “no new stadium will be built until CT equipment is available in every district”. Fortunately, this lie did not come into play either, as the Bozsik Stadium is doing well and even the athletics stadium can be rebuilt.

📌Slide: We have reduced waiting lists for cancer
Reality: The reduction of waiting lists can be realized from a part of the HUF 50 billion provided by the Government. This HUF 50 billion is insignificant compared to the 750 billion budget of the Healthy Budapest Program. EMMI experts who can evaluate the move professionally are not just puffing up empty phrases, they are seeing problems Karácsony with their idea.

📌Sliding: After more than 30 years, the process of renovating the Chain Bridge has begun.
Reality: “The process is ongoing” - This was a kind of statement by Gábor Kerpel-Fronius. In the time of Tarlós, the renovation of the Chain Bridge had already been prepared, and professional and financial plans had been prepared. After reaching public procurement after many months of imperfection Karácsony, it failed to comply with the law. The Government will pay HUF 6 billion for the renovation of the Chain Bridge.

📌Sliding: we will launch new trams soon
Reality: The trams were even ordered by Tarlós, they arrived, but Karácsony the trams were not put on the market within a year.

📌Lies: with traffic calming and the development of cycling
Reality: We have already written about this issue above.

📌Lie: We introduced overhead support.
Reality: In his election promise, Gergely Karácsony stated that pensioners and those in need will receive a HUF 20,000 overhead subsidy. In the meantime, it turned out that the HUF 200 million budget set aside for this purpose is not enough, as 400,000 pensioners live in Budapest, while the amount would be enough for only 10,000. Moreover, support is not a matter of individual right, but can be claimed. According to our information, a few hundred requests were received

📌Slide: We have made public transportation free for job seekers
Reality: Karácsony In his campaign promise, he promised that public transport will also be free for those under 14 years of age. In contrast, this discount was introduced only for job seekers. Presumably, the number of people under the age of 14 was multiplied by the price of the pass and the reality was confronted.

📌Lies: we help local businesses in trouble to recover.
Reality: Probably the writer of the propaganda material confused Vienna with Budapest, where they really provide subsidies to businesses in trouble. The Budapest management did not support those working in the tourism sector, taxi drivers and caterers. The help was given by the Government to the people and businesses.

📌Slide: We introduced the Budapest supplement for more than twenty thousand employees.
Reality: The concept of the Budapest supplement was created by Tarlós in 2012. The Budapest allowance actually affects a few thousand employees of municipal companies, and even "The Budapest allowance has already played an active role in this year's wage agreement for BKV employees, where it has replaced the previous seniority allowance one by one." So they took the seniority allowance like a libsi and give the Budapest allowance instead.

📌Slide: We have banned evictions without placement
Reality: At the initiative of pro-government politicians, a law was passed earlier, so for years the moratorium on evictions has been running nationwide from November 15 to April 30. The moratorium during the coronavirus epidemic put it with a shovel.
Gergely Karácsony forbade eviction without placement only in the case of a maximum of a couple of thousand properties managed by the Municipality of Budapest. Interpreted: it did not prohibit eviction, but without placement. Not all real estates in Budapest, only the local governments of the Capital, ie not those managed by the districts, nor those in private ownership.

📌Lie: We have protected our theaters that have endangered their artistic freedom
Reality: This means that Enikő Eszenyi has expired and art positions have been distributed on a political basis.

📌Lie: We protect the green of the City Park
Reality: In fact, it is a left-liberal demagoguery that the Liget project is reducing the proportion of green space. In contrast, it increases from 60% to 65%. But it can also be interpreted as meaning that as the agreement on the development of the Liget project seems to be in the interests of the Government, the green space is already being defended because Karácsony has failed to trip it.

📌Lie: We saved more than a thousand trees from felling
Reality: Geri personally gave permission to cut 85 trees. But the bigger problem is that there is no sign of the promise in the campaign that “every child born will have a seedling planted in the capital”. According to CSO data, nearly 15,000 children are born in Budapest in one year. Where's the 15,000 tree, Geri?

📌Lies: we involve the people of Budapest in the most important decisions
Reality: While the National Assembly also met during the special legal order, Karácsony ruled Budapest by decree. Meanwhile, of course the Momentum reason has plunged every corner of the EU to dictatorship, but that’s a different story.

📌Lies: government abductions… hit municipalities with a policy of martyrdom instead of support
Reality: The Government granted a total of HUF 36 billion to local governments, of which Budapest undertook roughly HUF 7 billion. Budapest's budget for 2020 is still larger than in 2019. Obviously, Budapest, like everyone else, lost tax revenue. The difference is that while everyone else can understand this, liberals are squealing.

📌Slide:… Initiate,… EU… Spend at least half of EU crisis management support through local governments
Reality: Karácsony conveys ongoing demagoguery about targeted funding for cities. Fortunately, resources are still decided by national governments, even if they may involve local governments in certain types of payments. In addition, there have been targeted resources available to local governments in the past. There is nothing to see here!

📌Lie: not over the heads of the people of Budapest
Reality: We have already written about what happened during the special legal order, bicycle lanes, quays, etc. The rest is just demagoguery, sensitization and nonsense.

Karácsony annual activity with numbers and facts:

It’s unbelievable that many still always believe in this boy and suck. Many who voted for this leadership have not yet realized that they have been cut through. This is because they are only willing to consume left-liberal media where lies and slips are silenced and even portrayed in a positive color.

🔴🔴🔴ADD MORE!🔴🔴🔴

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Karácsony has not placed new, already delivered trams on the market for 1 year

because he kept the ribbon cut for his own 1-year mayor’s birthday. (with video)

Karácsony has not placed new, already delivered trams on the market for 1 year

That requires a face, and it takes many thousands of politically worldless people to embrace it. Tarlós contracted the trams, he applied, he won, 47 under his leadership were already on the market. The delivery of the trams was continuous, only the "take back" came and it became "Budapest for everyone", instead of the Budapest ones.
In the background are the interests of power, political tasks, the disguised faces of the old age, more about this in the video below.
📌 https://www.facebook.com/domotor.csaba.gov/videos/1196270490570771

The point is that Geri cut the ribbon and claims no less about the new trams than these would be the result of the work of the current city administration .... The comments on the Karácsony page are scary, hundreds of people really think it is due to Geri and his minions this transfer.

Then let's look at the facts:

📌1. Article 2014 on the contract. The first 47 vehicles were delivered and placed on the market under this contract.

📌2. 2017 article on the possibility of purchasing an additional 77 pieces of electricity: "In 2015-16, a total of 47 new, 100% low-floor, air-conditioned, energy-saving (capable of regenerating braking energy), low rolling noise, modern BAF Zrt. Was procured from BKK Zrt., In addition to which it is possible to order another 77 trams (either only short, only exclusively long, or a combination of these in any proportion) .The ownership of the new trams is owned by BKK Zrt. brought. "

📌3. Writing by Dávid Vitézy: "Two years ago, BKK ordered 26 new trams from this option", ie in 2018 the currently handed over trams were ordered, of which 11 have already arrived.

What are you talking about, Geri? People! Karácsony -Sympathizers! They couldn't be that blind!


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We are sending this video to Gergely Karácsony!

"This is how he" ruined "Tarlós Budapest ..."

We still have a few hours from Mayor Gergely Karácsony's 1-year "birthday", so we're kind to him with something more interesting. We had previously described the completed projects item by item, but Geri and his camp seem to have forgotten or never knew how much we owe to István Tarlós.
We also attach the article, because the improvements in the video overlap with what is described in the article.

‼ ️ https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/1346/Pontot_teszunk_a_Tarlosnak_volt_9_eve_mantrazas_vegere

We make a point at the end of the “Stubborn had 9 years” mantra

Here is the full, official project list with dates, details, amounts, resources.

We constantly hear from left-liberal politicians, their pseudo-news media and their deceived sympathizers that István Tarlós did nothing for 9 years, he could have renovated the Chain Bridge.

Well, in addition to the fact that István Tarlós took over the city with a debt of 271 billion forints in 2010, BKV took over the debt with 80 billion forints, he inherited a metro line 4 full of unfinished and corrupt scandals and hundreds of billions of embezzlement, Tarlós in 9 years more, completed and implemented more than 170 projects.
This means an average of nearly 19 projects per year, which is an average of 1.6 projects per month.

if we look at it this way, the Gregorian Christmas should have gone through at least 12 projects already, but as we can see, doing nothing but pointing at others, deductions, layoffs and price increases.

Nor was 8 months enough to call for a contract that had already been tendered once (and thus had all the necessary documentation).

Those who also say, “Why did Stubble not do it,” share this list with him. Perhaps there will be a few people among them who understand that with such debts there was no question of making any further commitments until 2014, and then they had to be prioritized, the M3 metro was life-threatening, some trains caught fire almost every day, BKV vehicles could not be replaced because buses were also constantly lit and crashed, and developments that were considered more important at the time could still be listed. Tarlós also prepared the Chain Bridge, there is the money, the licensed plans and the public procurement documentation.

We would like to send a message to Gergely Karácsony that instead of “chirping” it would be time to start working.

(If Karácsony the document is deleted from budapest.hu, we saved it here:https://szamokadatok.hu/download/projektekegyseges.pdf)

Karácsony may still benefit from the handover of projects launched by Tarlós for some time to come, but this is a passing period.

📌Such was the Wind Gate, for example
📌Or placing trams on the market:
📌The leisure park in Tabán:
📌Possibly handing over new buses ordered by Tarlós

But these projects run out, run out, and then what?
Choice? And then what? ....

📌The video was sent by one of our dear readers, thank you again. Source:https://youtu.be/tbskwkhFS4k

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The first year of Gergely Karácsony

Its activity with numbers and facts

The first year of Gergely Karácsony

The first year has passed. Since the activity of Gergely Karácsony is most measurable based on his Facebook appearances, we start with that. We rolled back a year and counted a total of 704 posts on our Facebook page. In terms of advertising spending, we have seen HUF 29,971,812 since March 28, and until April 15, HUF 29.4 million was spent from taxpayers' and Budapest's money to advertise left-liberal propaganda.

So, in total, at least 55 million forints went to Facebook advertising in one year from Everyone's money.

So Karácsony he spends his time posting instead of meaningful activity. His posts reflect complete brain death, camouflage solidarity, as well as sensitizable, manageable, in-circuit loopy liberal and prolific thought patterns.

It turned out that Budapest became far from everyone's, but a narrow left-liberal company that distributes greasy positions among each other and spends taxpayers' money on propaganda, friendly companies, pointless measures or simply losing developments. Facebook propaganda, sensitization, lies, car chase. We now summarize Gergely Karácsony's activities so far, which we only recommend to those with strong nerves.

📌Details of the first semester can be found here:

Highlights in headlines:
- Impossibility of Liget project, dissemination of false news
- Political cleansing, harassment of theater directors, firing the leaders of city companies
- The Central Hospital project has been stopped
- Increase of land tax, construction tax, tourist tax
- He lied about bleeding Budapest
- 44 consultants for 30 million a month
- Ordinary governance: although the parliament sits, Karácsony it does not convene the municipality
- Soros stuffed it with 1 million euros (roughly 350 million forints) but the way and use of the money is unknown
- He believes because of the 1% abstracted in connection with the epidemic
- If you get a job, you complain, if you get a job, you complain
- There were 500 elderly people without a doctor, forgery, falling
- Empty bike lanes will be completed, traffic reduced by a third due to the epidemic will become clogged
- It has been confirmed: since November there has been no doctor in the home of the elderly in Pest.

📌The yield of the half-year since then in detail:
He changed his mind daily in early May, asking for tightening or easing in relation to the epidemic:

📌When the first wave of the epidemic began to subside, it was clear that the rate of infection was much higher in nursing homes maintained in the capital than elsewhere:

📌Budapest received the first 10 billion forints to develop patient care in the capital. No plans, no statements about the fate of the money:

📌It turned out that the situation in the nursing home on Pesti út was even worse than we had guessed: They barely bathe the residents, they save on hygiene:

📌Home for the elderly in Pest: undernourished, dehydrated, neglected caregivers were taken to hospital:

📌Pikó caused a billion forints of damage to Józsefváros. Karácsony is also:

📌Revenge on the motorists. Bicycle lanes were painted on the Grand Boulevard, although the bike lane was unused and the car lane became even more crowded. Budapest is not for motorists:

📌Postponement of the renovation of the Chain Bridge. By the end of May, the tender had not even been announced, although the money is there and the professional preparation has been done:

📌During the period of the special legal order, he resorted to anti-democratic methods Karácsony:

📌They are constantly trying to make the Liget project impossible, citing Kamuzöld reasons:

📌Demagoguery and the plowing of the Government are constant, although Budapest can manage from a much larger budget than in the time of Tarlós:

📌Karácsony reset the road renovation framework of four Fidesz districts:

📌Neither the Fogarasi road nor the road of King Louis the Great will be renovated:

📌Redundancies in baths:

📌David Dorosz's lies and the reallocation of money:

📌However, the renovation of the Chain Bridge could proceed smoothly:

📌Panel program will not be restarted, rents and taxes will be raised:

📌Karácsony In addition to Facebook, he also posts on the asphalt, nonsense:

📌Demagoguery reloaded. A short summary at the end of June:

📌The Western Railway Station will not be renovated Karácsony, but by MÁV and Magyar Építő Zrt .:

📌Financial situation with specifics, numbers, without misunderstanding:

📌Although a climate emergency (whatever it means) has been declared, air quality has deteriorated. How is this?

📌Many renovations and modernizations are missing: Blaha Lujza Square, City Hall, Széna Square, etc .:

📌Karácsony has nothing to do with the fact that the Government is renovating and building in the amount of HUF 700 billion within the framework of the Healthy Budapest Program:

📌Dobrevék, Karácsony set up a municipal EUs tender opportunity for their own merits, which has been operating for years:

📌It turned out that the bicycle lanes created on the Grand Boulevard also slow down public transport and are dangerous:

📌When the Chain Bridge's public tender was finally announced, it turned out to be irregular:

📌Tamás Soproni clears the trees in Terézváros:

📌The epidemic also took place in the home of the elderly in Rózsa út, maintained by the capital:

📌Stubble was not corrupt, according to the National Bureau of Investigation, which is a huge slap in the face Karácsony, as this slander campaign can be forgotten. One trump card less:

📌The ads Karácsony are constantly spinning on the Facebook page:

📌Karácsony talks back and forth about the financial situation of Budapest:

📌These lies were quickly corrected by the Hungarian State Treasury:

📌They are proud of their stubble results, while the commitments also include developments at the plan level:

📌He continues to lie about direct city funding. Although the money he mentions is distributed centrally:

📌BKV's new CAF trams have been dusting in remix for 1 year now, they are not able to put them on the market:

📌Insect hotels, wasp garages and bee-friendly gardens have begun to be installed in the public parks of the capital:

📌Tarlós was required to air-condition the M3 metro lines, and 8 drinking wells were installed as a visual measure:

📌Karácsony campaign focused on the environment. He even promised to plant a tree after every child born. In reality, 85 trees were cut down:

📌In December, the city was paralyzed by a snowfall. Instead of taking action, he reassured me in a Facebook post. The promised heating subsidy of HUF 20,000 for pensioners and families with small children has not been realized. In the first (and so far second) wave of the coronavirus, he did not seek a solution, but pointed to the Government and sought excuses. The inappropriate "weird" flag for the town hall has been removed:

📌It was also possible to buy tickets for the 100E bus, which is not currently operating, from BKK's vending machines, thus damaging passengers by HUF 15 million:

"In short" that's it.

András Kovácswrite:https://www.facebook.com/kovacsandras1982/posts/818972772236800
Magyar Hírlaphttps://www.magyarhirlap.hu/belfold/20201013-cselekvo-vezetes-helyett-panaszkodas

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