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Liget before / after. This was attacked!

They were cast in the shadows Karácsony! In the grove, the green area has increased from 60% to 65%!

Grove before / after. This was attacked!
They were cast in the shadows Karácsony! In the grove, the green area has increased from 60% to 65%!

Karácsony 3 developments have been made impossible: the New National Gallery, the Városliget Theater and the Hungarian Innovation House are NOT BUILT at the moment, because the left-liberals are protecting the non-existent trees where there is CONCRETE NOW!

During Gergely Karácsony's post yesterday, his own followers are taking the lying politician to pieces:

Hungarian House of Music: handed over!https://bit.ly/32pEyPl
This is how the pseudo-civilians provoked the police:https://youtu.be/8Zu1yope6jM?t=933
Project details:https://ligetbudapest.hu/a-projektrol/liget-budapest-projekt


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The left treats motorists as enemies!

They do just like their buddies in Brussels! If they come to power, your car will be banned from everywhere!

The left treats motorists as enemies!

👉The car for which you worked, for which you pay taxes, for which you have taken out insurance, which will help you to carry out your daily tasks, or which may be your work tool!
This should also come to mind when you vote!

Karácsony use false statistics to support the need for bike lanes, but a specialist car portal has overthrown corrupt, lying left-wing politicians! Details:https://bit.ly/3mYvhVl

Meanwhile, the persecution of motorists is also going on in Brussels. All of this is done by politicians who go with private cars and buffalo-powered, poison-expensive luxury cars. Euro 4 cars have already been banned! Taking into account the average age of Hungarian cars, 70 percent of the vehicle fleet could be banned! The left serves their buddies in Brussels unconditionally, so if given the opportunity, they will make it impossible for Hungarian motorists as well! Details:https://bit.ly/3q1zaLn


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HUF 1,500 billion for railway development! *

* If Fidesz wins! If the left wins, that money will also be scattered by sharks swimming in the swamp of the left!

HUF 1,500 billion for railway development!  *

Balázs Fürjeswrote: Last night the government decision was published in the Hungarian Gazette: the government approved the Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy (BAVS) developed jointly with the European Union.

The problem
Getting from the outer districts and the agglomeration today is almost impossible to get to and from the city. While Budapest is not only made up of the city center - those living in the outer districts and the agglomeration also have good transport! One million people come by car from the agglomeration and the outer districts to the inner city every day. Work, study, use services. Understandably, they come by car because public transport is not reliable enough, not dense enough, fast and convenient. We stand in traffic jams. The downtown is paralyzed by too many simultaneous road closures in the capital, traffic restrictions, and lane-blocking by many. Not only are we wasting our time, but the air is getting worse and there is tremendous stress at work or getting home. The situation will only get worse by itself: the population of the outer districts and the settlements around the capital is constantly growing.
This challenge needs to be addressed, and in this the railway is the gold reserve of the city and its surroundings.

The solution
The goals are simple: everyone gets to their destination faster and more comfortably, there are fewer traffic jams, the air is cleaner. The solution is the continuous development of public transport, making it more attractive, the construction of the missing northern (Aquincumi) and southern (Galvani) border bridges, related bypass elements, thus relieving the city center and establishing a large number of PR, BR car parks at external junctions to park the car. , bicycle.

Transport for the development of Budapest and its surroundings is essential - but not enough! - condition for the development of the railway. This is of national and European significance, as Budapest is today a bottleneck for the railway. By train, it is difficult to cross the Danube at only one point (Southern connecting) - while European lines and national passenger transport would also find their way here between east and west, north and south.

The railway must once again become an important means of transport within Budapest and a much more used means of travel between the Budapest agglomeration! We need to make Budapest much more interoperable for rail travel in Europe, Hungary, the city region and Budapest! The Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy guarantees this. With the development of the railway, we will double the number of people arriving and returning from the suburbs by train. Experience shows that such a doubling has taken place on the recently renovated lines in Esztergom and Székesfehérvár.

The comprehensive Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy (https://budapestvasut2040.hu/) ensures that the objectives are met, in particular by:
4X: There will be at least four trains an hour from every suburban train station to Budapest,
3X: At least three metro lines will be available without transfer,
2X: The number of people arriving in Budapest by train and not by car from the agglomeration doubles.
1X: The integrated fare community will be implemented, a single pass or ticket for rail, bus, metro or tram will suffice during the trip.
All this can be achieved if the modernization of the railway is comprehensive.

️ The modern vehicle procurement started by the government continues, many people are already using the new Flirt and KISS trains;
️ We are constantly renewing railway stations;
️ We will create much larger capacity through stations instead of the current main stations;
️ We will develop the infrastructure and create a service that will network Budapest. With the construction of a railway tunnel connecting Kelenföld, South and West railway stations, we are implementing a plan of more than 100 years;
️ The liberated rust zones, new community spaces and parks can be reborn!
The point can also be seen in this video:https://youtu.be/cS1-vxxRIko

We will make public transport more attractive, faster and more convenient, especially the most environmentally friendly and most people-friendly (in other words: “most capacious”) fixed-track transport, the railway.

Based on the decision, the national governments of the next two decades will spend another HUF 3,000 billion (plus HUF 1,000 billion on the development of HÉV) for the significant development of transport in Budapest and the urban area, mainly from EU funds! Today, 75% of MÁV's total annual passenger traffic (including 160 million people per year!) Is generated by traffic between Budapest and the agglomeration of the capital. railways are really used here by the Hungarians - this is where they need to be developed most dynamically!

As the Secretary of State for the Development of Budapest and the Agglomeration, I would like to thank Dávid Vitézy and our staff for their joint work. The strategy was prepared by the government's Budapest Development Center in cooperation with JASPERS experts, with the support of the European Union's European Network Financing Facility, MÁV and the Ministry of Information and Technology. It doesn't go it alone, but as a team we can do a lot!

Is this two-decade strategy plan credible?
Yes, because there will be a source for it. The first HUF 1,500 billion plan for the twenty-year plan will be guaranteed by the European Union until 2027.
Yes, because experience shows that where we modernize the railways, the number of passengers doubles. As the examples of Esztergom and Székesfehérvár in the picture show, there are also lines and stations where traffic has quadrupled.
Yes, because the plan is not a rough vision, but a thorough professional work with half a year of civil and professional consultation with the EU's transport bodies, including more than 200 detailed short-, medium- and long-term measures - cf.https://budapestvasut2040.hu/

Most of the work is coming now, but every long journey begins with the first step. It is good that BAVS was also supported by Gergely Karácsony and the city government when we discussed it in detail at the Budapest Council for Public Development. We left!

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Happy Karácsony, GeLgely!


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Nobody reset anything!

The left is lying, blackmailing, threatening and spreading fake news!

Nobody reset anything!


Part of this, 7 percent, is that the government supports the health developments of the Budapest districts with HUF 10 billion a year between 2020 and 2024 within the framework of the Healthy Budapest Program.

The government transferred the first tranche in 2020
The government transferred the second tranche in 2021
The government will also transfer the 10 billion due in 2022 in 2022! No need to lie!

That's not the question! The question is where did you put it Karácsony and your band got the 20 billion - so far 20,000 million forints! Where are the renovated practices? Where's the juice, Geri?

What has happened so far within the framework of the Healthy Budapest Program? We will show you!
They are building on four floors: they are modernizing the center of Hungarian cardiology
The Kútvölgy block is being renewed
More hospital renovations!
8 institutions will be renewed only at Semmelweisen!
The urology department in the hospital, which is responsible for the care of one million people a year, has been modernized
A huge step in the health care of the capital: the new block of Bajcsy Hospital has been completed
Nearly half a year before the deadline, a hospital construction in the capital was completed
Market handed over a new wing of the building in Buda Hospital
This will be the Super Hospital
The country's newest hospital will be built from 300 billion forints!
The clinic was completely reconstructed and a new psychiatric building was built in Dunakeszi
HUF 700 billion for the health developments of the capital and Pest county
So far, improvements worth HUF 245 billion have been implemented. But this is "bleeding"!

And that's just a detail! This year, several developments took place, including the "Built in 2021". we reported in our video!
https://www.facebook.com/amount data/videos/787655405966542


Plus: A huge slap!
Harácsony and the left have "no competence" in organizing the World Championships in Athletics!https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/3906/Hatalmas_pofon


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“Looting” Budapest

Karácsony said the government had withheld the business tax, looting the capital. They lied!

“Looting” Budapest

Budapest business tax revenue [billion HUF]
2018: HUF 149 billion
2019: HUF 165.5 billion
2020: HUF 164 billion
2021: HUF 167.4 billion

According to them, tax revenue has not fallen, only the question is "where is the juice?" Why the city is dirty, why it is necessary to dismantle the BKV ticket machines, why there is no money for the maintenance of the green areas, why there are homeless people and stinks everywhere, why there is no money for the work clothes of the BKV workers, etc.

Pass it on to those living in the parallel universe built by 444, Telex, 24.hu, Transparent and other fake news factories!

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The left can only destroy!

The left can only destroy!

The left can only destroy!

What nonsense logic! According to them, BKV will SAVE by dismantling the ENTRY points, ie the ticket machines where we buy tickets and season tickets! It’s like the store would throw out half of the checkouts to save money while there would be a constant demand for all the checkouts. If you have to line up at a store on a regular basis, we won’t go there anymore. We do not know who is doing this, but the dismantling of vending machines, the reduction of lanes, the reduction of flights, the need for unnecessary bicycle lanes and the pursuit of motorists will certainly not reduce Budapest's car traffic.

Dávid Vitézywritten by:

Picture of Széll Kálmán tér
The solution to all Hungarian problems: the OSB sheet.
The dismantling of the vending machines does not seem to have stopped, despite the scandal of recent days: BKK has also switched off half of the vending machines in front of the busier Terminal 2A at Liszt Ferenc Airport, and according to information sent to the press, they will be dismantled shortly.

The piquancy of the thing is that the capital, led by Gergely Karácsony, recently signed a contract with a German company to renovate and operate the vending machines without competition, and is now dismantling the renovated vending machines.

We are asking left-wing voters in Budapest: Do you understand? Did it get better?
Think in April, because now the left can only cause local problems, it cannot raise taxes, it cannot take subsidies, it cannot raise utilities, but if they come to power, they will do it again.



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"Budapest belongs to everyone" - did you take it?

See how your buddies live and how your job is in the "free" city!

"Budapest belongs to everyone" - did you take it?

"Budapest belongs to everyone" - did you take it?
See how your buddies live and how your job is in the "free" city!

Two billion fork, one hundred million luxury car - more details on the lifestyle of its top driver Karácsony
The capital still offers a zero percent wage increase to BKV workers, a strike could come
Hundreds of people were fired by Gergely Karácsony from companies in the capital
The BKV union collects work clothes for the workers. Employees are often forced to work in their own clothes.

Think in April! It would not hurt Orban to change government, but you.

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Széll Kálmán tér, Budapest

An example of why Fidesz is a good choice and why the left is a bad choice

Széll Kálmán tér, Budapest

Demszky let him down
Stubble renovated it
Karácsony dismantled the ticket machines

Dávid Vitézywritten by:
Today's picture of Széll Kálmán tér - BKK has started dismantling ticket machines.

Back in August, when the first news came out, I was trying to draw attention to the fact that it is not a good idea to dismantle ticket machines on the grounds of savings, as these are the ones that collect the bulk of the revenue. I see sadly that in recent days the vending machines have disappeared from the junctions of Budapest.

We had a lot of work to do in 2014, when more than 300 new ATMs accepting credit cards and selling passes, operating around the clock, appeared on the BKK network. In the past, people lined up in the open air for a ticket in front of the cash registers, BKV's scattered vending machines only accepted coins and only issued tickets - if at all. Through the expansion of new vending machines and sales channels, in addition to all our expectations, ticket sales increased by HUF 10 billion, and tickets and season tickets became available day and night in many parts of the city.

The vending machines will collect the majority of BKK's revenues in 2021, about 55% (!) And although the mobile application has really appeared, the vending machines and the mobile app can still develop a lot, not only at the expense of each other, because every fourth forint is still it always flows in person to BKK through sales, despite the closure of customer centers in recent years. So BKK collects tens of billions of forints through vending machines. One day, mobile sales may make vending machine sales completely unnecessary, but we are still a long way from that - it is no coincidence that there are more ticket machines in all major cities in Europe than in Budapest before they were scarce. There are twice as many vending machines in Warsaw and three times as many in Berlin and Vienna as in Budapest.

When I first tried to point out in August that dismantling vending machines was a bad idea, I didn’t even think it might end up being a cityscape issue. Yet, as we have seen in recent days, the BKK is barbarically disposing of vending machines that have otherwise been purchased from EU funds and are functioning perfectly, with their seats being vacant in many parts of the city. When renovating the Széll Kálmán tér metro building, we thought of the vending machines and they were placed as an integral part of the architectural concept - now they have a place. Elsewhere in the city, the foundations of the vending machines are empty - all as a result of a measure planned in principle for half a year.

Before referring to the lack of money, it is worth remembering: the experience gained after the commissioning of the vending machines clearly shows that the effect of the narrowing of sales channels will be a loss of revenue, so the financial position of BKK and thus the Municipality will deteriorate and not improve. With the dismantled vending machines, ticket sales are guaranteed to disappear from the system.

According to the official announcement of BKK, the monthly operating cost of an automatic machine is HUF 130,000. Revenue data can be redistributed: any member of the previous vending machine fleet collected 80 times as much revenue as it maintains, and even the worst performing vending machines have “imported” their operating costs many times over. Seeing this data, the downsizing of the vending machine network actually only sends one message: BKK is not interested in its own ticket revenues.

I have been working for years to change these conditions in Budapest, it is disappointing and sad to see this decline.


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Hypocrisy on the left, scam of voters!

Before 2010, tax cuts were promised, and a tax increase was over. Now a "green" program has been promised, clean air is planned, instead plugs, smog and concreting of the remaining green space are planned

Hypocrisy on the left, scam of voters!

The left hasn’t changed anything, we already knew, and we’re showing something to those who don’t see it.

Gergely Karácsony's election program,
👉2. side
"Let 's take our future back!
clean air, the trees, the parks, which are all lost in lasso and, if left untreated, concreted. That's our duty, or our children will be born in a city where it's not good to live. "
👉31. side
We prevent the merging of the city districts and the construction of the green areas that separate them and provide the city with a respite.

Nice words, right?

And what happens now?
Real estate exchange, commission system, looting of Budapest.

Balázs Búswritten by:
The Mocsáros mutyi continues! Another secret document reveals the lies of Gergely Karácsony and Tímea Szabó!
This is the real estate development proposal of the capital for the incorporation of the Mocsáros vineyard:https://ujrainditjuk.hu/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/MOCSAROS_DULO_2020.pdf

"The real estate development proposal was compiled in July 2020 using the study plan prepared by BFVT Kft., The Urban Planning Department of BFVT Kft., BFVK Zrt. And the Mayor's Office."

1. The couple Gergely Karácsony and Tímea Szabó try to lie to the Mocsáros defense.
2. This is the idea that, according to the head of the trust, László Kiss, the mayor of the district, has a deal with, that residential parks can be built.
3. Sándor Bardóczy also lies in this idea of ​​green development. (Just as the Shipyard Island would be destroyed now if the people of Óbuda did not protest.)
4. For the purpose of this real estate development, a park development has also been prepared (green investment), for which they would like to find funding through the Life tender.
5. This real estate development proposal is hidden from the people of Óbuda.
6. In the interest of this real estate development, the head of the Mocsárosdűlő Association was awarded by the local government led by Gergely Karácsony and László Kiss to assist in the silence.

Material details:
“Mocsárosdűlő part of the city in the III. district, at the foot of Arany-hegy and Üröm-hegy. Its territory is an area bordered by the Aranyhegyi - Border - Szentendre roads and the railway track, with outstanding natural values ​​and a favorable location in terms of urban structure, which is partly provided by public transport by road and rail, high-speed rail and bus.
According to the present analysis, the development area of ​​Mocsárosdűlő is the area that is largely undeveloped, but also has development potential, which is located between the Aranyhegyi út - Határ út - Gladiátor utca - Zsófia utca - Budapest-Esztergom railway line. ”
"The mixed-use neighborhood that can be built in a decade can offer a novel offer in both the housing and office sectors, complemented by commercial and institutional functions."

“With the local development of the main road network (creation of new junctions on Aranyhegyi út) and the creation of the internal side road network (collection roads that also provide bus transport) and the extension of the bus network, the part of the area connected to Aranyhegyi út can be built. With the replacement of the road connection crossing the HÉV level on Szentendrei út, the part of the area east of the district heating pipeline route can also be developed. During the construction of the new road network, the construction of public utilities (water supply, sewage and stormwater drainage, electricity, district heating, gas) must also be ensured. ”

"Without the development of the transport system, the construction of approximately 1,100 flats and 250,000 m2 of gross office space can be established, mainly along Aranyhegyi út."

“In order to further integrate the area of ​​Mocsárosdűlő, it is necessary to implement a special connection between the internal road network of the development area and Szentendrei út with the construction of Gladiátor út and the development of the Pók utca junction. In addition to the development of the road network, in addition to the further intensification of bus services on Pomázi út, high-quality bus transport must also be extended to the interior of the area. ”

️Protect the whole Mocsáros vineyard!
You should also sign the petition:https://www.peticiok.com/vedjuk_meg_a_mocsaros-dlt

I still believe that the whole Mocsáros vineyard must be protected, the ban on alterations must be maintained and the possibility of installation must be eliminated.

What is happening in Budapest?
That explains everything! Csaba Dömötör's speech 2 days before the municipal election!
House searches have begun in the City Hall case!
Corrupt left-wing politicians may be terrified!


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The 2nd bridge structure of the Southern Connector is ready!

Hungarian companies are building the future!

The 2nd bridge structure of the Southern Connector is ready!

This is just one stage in the modernization of the Southern Connecting Railway, and the project is much more grandiose. We show this in a video where we reacted to the lies of the left "Butcher builds 7 km of railways for 338 billion".https://bit.ly/3pOGbxz

Libsik! You can write what T-shirt “and Butcher’s friend” are in! And we describe what was built and also who the leader of the donation list is!

We also point out that the Hungarian construction industry has doubled its performance since 2010, emphasizing that it employs 120,000 more people than in 2010!

Dávid Vitézywrote: Another bridge structure of the Southern Connector is ready

The railway also took possession of the second new bridge structure of the connecting Danube bridge, which is part of the Southern Circular Railway, as the static test load of the bridge was successfully completed on Monday. At that time, a 116-tonne M62 Sergei diesel locomotive alone crossed the bridge with 14 freight cars loaded with crushed stone. With this, the contractor Duna Aszfalt Zrt. Carried out the static inspection of the newest bridge in Budapest under the expert supervision of the BME Department of Bridges and Structures. The next phase, the dynamic test load of the bridge, was carried out by the experts on Saturday morning. At this time, the train crossed the bridge several times and at different speeds (5, 20, 40, 60, 80 km / h). Thereafter, scheduled rail traffic can start on the new bridge structure, which is about 500 meters long.

The railway crossing in the immediate vicinity of the Rákóczi Bridge will be completely renewed in the investment of Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. In addition to the replacement of the old, dilapidated railway bridges and tracks, the crossing will be expanded from two to three tracks, and the new bridge structure in the north was completed in April this year. Rail traffic has been uninterrupted here ever since. This was followed by the replacement of the middle, existing bridge structure, which was now under trial. First, the contractor demolished the old structure and then made the substructures of the bridge suitable for receiving the structure. After the installation of the five new steel bridges, the bridge, which was traditionally celebrated by barrel rolling, became permeable. After that, the resilient rails, which were already connected to the tracks between Ferencváros and Kelenföld, could be placed on the bridge, and the overhead line had already been built. The replacement of the third, southernmost bridge structure will begin next year and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022, allowing traffic to start on all three tracks of the Southern Danube Bridge.

Of course, the work will not stop here, as we will start the construction of further sections of the Southern Roundabout with our consortium partner, NIF Zrt. The contract has already been signed, so the track between Kelenföld and Ferencváros will be expanded from the current two to three and four tracks, respectively, and two new railway stops will be built under the name Nádorkert and Közvágóhíd. The Southern Circuit will also include the new stop in Népliget and the Ferencváros overpass, which will allow faster and undisturbed transport of passenger trains.

With the construction of the Southern Railway, we will better connect the railway to the transport of the capital and the region, and it will be possible to compress trains from the suburbs, connecting the agglomeration lines for the first time, which will also create high-quality rail transport within the capital. In particular, suburban flights will be more frequent, with eight trains from the Buda agglomeration to Pest and the same number from Pest to Buda instead of two per hour and now per hour. In addition, there will be room for more long-distance flights and the transit of transit freight trains from one half of the country to the other will be smoother.

The new Southern Railway can be completed in 2027. The investment is funded by the Government and the European Union.


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