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Not we said that!

According to the left, Fidesz is badly governing. The world sees it differently!

Not we said that!

Huge recognition: For the third year in a row, Hungary is among the 10 best investment destinations in the world, and HIPA is the best investment promotion agency in the region!
According to the IMF, the government has passed the exams!
According to Moody's, the Hungarian banking system is stable!
S & P classified Hungary in the category recommended for investment
According to the European Commission, we have handled the crisis excellently!
Fitch also acknowledges the effectiveness of Hungarian crisis management!
WHO: Hungarian healthcare has performed excellently! You are the heroes of the pandemic!
Global Capital: Hungary is the best debt manager in the region
Plus: The majority is happy with Viktor Orbán!

All this is not a coincidence! We have something to be proud of! The biggest achievements and the most important measures of the Orbán government since 2010!


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Russian response to NATO!

"You're looking for the enemy in the wrong place!"

Russian Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Marija Zaharova has responded to NATO's rhetoric threatening Russia. It is not Russia that poses a threat to NATO and NATO member states, but their internal, unresolved, silenced problems. Zaharova referred to fraudulent elections in the United States, gross censorship, the banning of President Trump (and others), unilateral propaganda by the Western media, migration and ignoring its dangers, the racist movement called the BLM, and discrimination against people on ideological grounds. (eg Zsolt Petry) and much more!

The Russians have not attacked anyone and do not intend to, but they will defend their own country, themselves.

Background: The Russian president has warned the organizers of the latest provocation: the bear would not be hurt if left alone. (video)

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According to the power-hungry opposition, there is no mass vaccination in Hungary

The reality, on the other hand, is that we are world leaders in vaccines given in proportion to the population!

According to the power-hungry opposition, there is no mass vaccination in Hungary

Hungary is a world leader
Sure, sure!
👉The proportion of the population has received the most coronavirus vaccines in HUNGARY in the last 7 days.
👉This was shown on Sunday night by one of the most serious websites dealing with epidemic statistics.
👉Just behind us in Bahrain, Uruguay, the United States and then nicely line up with the others.
👉3 million Hungarians have already done something to lift the restrictions as soon as possible! Now it's your turn! Sign up! vakcinainfo.gov.hu
👉Congratulations to everyone involved in the vaccination campaign!

Photo: current position in the world vaccination rankings. The graph shows that, based on data from the past week, 1.28 vaccinations per day were received by an average of 100 people in Hungary.



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Mass testing is not the answer

Or a crazy wind blowing from a crazy hole

Mass testing is not the answer

Bernadett, who had just been blown by the wind towards the Momentum, again took out the mantra of mass testing, even though even Euronews wrote that mass testing gives a false sense of security.

We have previously written about the results of a mass test conducted in Slovakia. We observed that mass testing had only a short-term effect on the epidemic curve. We also found that it was not clear to what extent the temporary decline was due to the impact of mass testing and the restrictions introduced a few weeks before / during testing.

At the end of January, Slovakia conducted another mass test involving nearly three million people, representing 50-60% of the country’s population. Antigen rapid assays have been used in the same way as before, with efficiencies far below PCR assays. We are talking about 30,000 screened people (1%). In parallel, restrictive measures have been introduced.

But what about infections not detected by antigen tests? Or what about the other half of the population who have not been tested?

Researchers have shown that mass testing can be effective on a regular basis, however, it gives a false sense of security due to the volatility of the test result (true only when performed, not the next day) and the high false negative rate of rapid antigen tests.

If we look at the Worldometer chart of active infections in Slovakia, we can see that the mass testing at the end of January and the restrictions introduced in parallel caused a halt, but not a long-term improvement. Apart from this, the epidemic curve grows as if no mass testing had been carried out, see the same figure for Hungary.

So it can be stated that Bernadett, who was just winding at Momentum, which is just without any momentum and torque, did not manage to form a position that could be taken with full chest width for even a moment, a moment. Though his thoughts fit perfectly into the opposition brainstorming that is changing his rhetoric like a weather vane.

Mass testing can therefore only be effective if carried out on a regular basis, with appropriate security measures. However, it seems inconceivable to us that many millions of people, the entire population of a country, should be tested every few weeks, on weekends. Let's focus on vaccinations instead! It has been proven to work, see Israel and England.


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According to the opposition, the Hungarian vaccination program is poorly organized!

Then let's look at "well-organized" Germany!

According to the opposition, the Hungarian vaccination program is poorly organized!

Huge queues, disabled people, elderly people waiting outside in the rain, cold! We have not experienced this in Hungary! Vaccination goes fast, everyone finishes in a few minutes due to arrive on time. Let's look at the details of the "developed west"

Erding: Hundreds of people stand in line for hours!
Munich: The conditions at the Riemi vaccination point are also catastrophic. Munich residents have to wait for hours in the cold, rain, while it is their turn.
Dortmund, Hörde: hundreds of people in line
Aachen: Vaccination chaos in the snowstorm in Aachen. In snowstorms, frost and rain, people wait outside for hours, because they do not arrive on time, the vaccination program is not as well organized as in Hungary.
Sankt Augustin: The elderly wait for hours in the cold for vaccinations. A woman who accompanied her mother told BILD, “It’s embarrassing, embarrassing. People had to freeze and line up on the bike path. The situation is chaotic. My mother and I had to wait an hour and a half in the cold! "
Celle: Chaos in the vaccination center: long lines, waiting time of more than 90 minutes. Elderly people are waiting STANDING because they haven’t even made sure they have a seat.

And then now remember the circumstances under which you were vaccinated! Everything is very well organized in Hungary, we have now experienced this on our own skin, as we also received the vaccine last week!


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German "rule of law"

Awesome: Zsolt Petry was fired by Hertha for his political opinion! Zsolt Petry's "sin" was that he was on the side of normality

German "rule of law"

Zsolt! Consider this an acknowledgment and NEVER apologize for being on the side of normality! Left-liberals are weak, intolerant of the diversity of opinions, even though they have consistently proclaimed that they are fighting for diversity. This is not true! They’re just pushing a certain amount of propaganda that we’re not asking for! Zsolt, come home, no one at home will surely drag you because it's NORMAL.

Shame! Are these coming to teach us out of the rule of law? Those who fire a man because they HAVE THEIR OWN OPINION! It is as if a Hungarian company has fired a German colleague who says that the family is something else, as we Hungarians have known for centuries. How screaming would it be? And they accuse us of homophobia while they themselves are chasing people who represent NORMALITY! By the way, isn't there an expression for that? Slowly, normalcy will be pursued ... We are not afraid, and we will not scribble meaningless shapes on our palms under any pressure ....

Hertha BSC announced on its official website that it had terminated Zsolt Petry's contract with immediate effect after the club's Hungarian goalkeeper coach had also expressed his political opinion in an interview with Magyar Nemzet.

Hertha's announcement justifies the dismissal of Zsolt Petry on the grounds that his statement published in Magyar Nemzet is not in line with the values ​​represented by the club. Thus, the termination of the contract was not for professional reasons, but for the fact that, as an employee of the team, he expressed an opinion that did not appeal to the club. (In parentheses: according to them, the German Labor Code allows this! The Hungarian does not!)

“We have always valued the work of Zsolt Petry during his years with Hertha. We knew him as a helpful, tolerant, and open man who had never made homophobic or xenophobic manifestations. We would like to thank Zsolt Petry for his work and wish him all the best in the future, ”quotes CEO Carsten Schmidt in an article published on Hertha's website.

In the statement, Zsolt Petry also said: “I would like to emphasize that I am neither homophobic nor xenophobic. I regret my statement on immigration policy, and I apologize to all those who seek refuge with us and who I have offended. I loved working for Hertha and I respect the decision. I wish the club all the best for the future. ”

Petry has been a member of Hertha’s professional staff since 2015. He previously coached at Paderborn and Hoffenheim, and in 2008 he was the goalkeeper of the Hungarian national team under Erwin Koeman.


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Germany has sobered up: Atomic stop was a big mistake!

Economy and industry cannot be based on weather-dependent energy sources!

Germany has sobered up: Atomic stop was a big mistake!

Demagogic energy policy and climate strategy
Sweden is out of power! (video)
Orban-Likachov meeting: the Paks investment is on schedule
Thick II. - our sovereignty cannot be negotiated
He received a permit to establish an energy office in Paks II. power plant
Viktor Orbán and Emmanuel Macron wrote a joint letter to the European Commission

In Germans, it is now ripe to realize that abandoning nuclear power and putting renewable energy into the mass system will lead to disaster. This is evidenced by a call on the independent opinion portal openpetition.de that the Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament, should urgently revoke its anti-nuclear decision, which it took on 30 June 2011 a few months after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. While the Germans have now realized that the Energiewende and the atomic stop are a total impasse, Hungarian opposition politicians are still trying to forge political capital out of the fact that Paks II. they are campaigning to stop a project.

As evidenced by the German appeal, the electorate there realized that they had been put on a bad horse when Chancellor Angela Merkel was allowed to sacrifice nuclear energy on the altar of her current political interest. The hectic production of weather-dependent renewables, solar and wind power plants, which are systematized by mass and cannot guarantee security of supply, is pushing the entire European electricity system to the brink of collapse. The pan-European blackout was just a hair's breadth away on January 8, 2021 (you can read about this in detail here and here). This, as in Texas, would have led to the collapse of critical infrastructure. It is also appalling to think about the realization of the energy delusions of the domestic opposition in the current pandemic situation. Due to the epidemic, thousands of human lives depend on a reliable power supply. This is risked by the anti-nuclear policy of MSZP, DK, Momentum and LMP, which threatens the security of supply of Hungary.

But let’s stick to the professional questions, the stubborn facts that support why the German path should be avoided! Since the turn of the millennium, but especially at a forced pace after the Fukushima nuclear accident, Germany has put into operation hectic-producing, weather-dependent renewables, mainly solar and wind power, while shutting down all German nuclear power plants still in operation by the end of next year.

Gas and coal-fired power plants instead of atoms

It is quite clear that the “place” of decommissioned German nuclear power plants will not be taken over by solar and wind power plants, but by fossil power plants. Proof of this is the fact that electricity production by German gas-fired power plants has doubled in the last five years, and coal-fired power plants still play a significant and unavoidable role. The permanent shutdown of nuclear power plants that are still in operation, and the planned decommissioning of coal-fired power plants by 2038 for climate protection reasons, threatens severe capacity shortages. This is why it is so important for Germany to build and commission the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline system, which the US is trying to prevent. It is clear that without Russian gas, with the shutdown of nuclear power plants and coal-fired power plants, the German renewable golem on its clay feet would immediately fall to its knees. In Germany, CO2 emissions fell by 80 million tonnes last year, but two-thirds of this is due to a reduction in consumption caused by the coronavirus epidemic, without which the reduction would have been only 25 million tonnes. All this also means that as the epidemic ends, as German economy grows, German output will increase again.

Today, Germany's security of supply can only be ensured by nuclear power plants, coal and gas, which have been shut down, when the production of solar and wind power plants is minimal and even imports are often required. For the sake of coal-fired power plants, villages and even churches are still being demolished to open new coal mines in their place. One of the most tragic consequences of German energy policy is that the decommissioned nuclear power plant units will be replaced by fossil power plants in the future. According to an American study, the air pollution they cause is responsible for the premature deaths of 1,100 people a year.

Brain-supported renewables vs. cheap atom

In total, German renewables have received around € 330 billion in support over the last twenty years. This amount was essentially taken out of the pockets of consumers by the German government. The installed capacity of solar and wind power plants has increased from 20,500 MW in 2005 to 117,000 MW, ie more than five times by 2020. At the turn of the millennium, German households were forced to pay 13.94 eurocents per kilowatt-hour.

The unwavering support system for renewable energy has evolved into a real bureaucratic monster in recent years. That is why last summer, German government intervention was now needed to reduce the EEG surcharge to prevent further increases in electricity prices. However, this comes at a heavy cost, as the German budget is forced to spend € 11 billion this year and next to make up for the shortfall in EEG funds to support renewables. Without it, household electricity prices would have risen by nearly 10 percent.

Despite government interventions, the amount of the EEG fund this year is planned to be close to 34 billion euros (about 12,500 billion forints)! Political “pressure” on electricity prices does not seem to have achieved its goal, with a Berlin household consumer paying only 32.87 cents (today: 121 HUF) for 1 kWh of electricity last December, up from 33.78 cents in February this year ( 124 forints), while in Budapest you only have to pay 38 forints for it. This is due to the fact that half of the electricity in Hungary is generated by the cheap Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

By comparison, the two new Paks units, the VVER-1200, will cost € 12.5 billion. The Germans could only build 5 of these types of nuclear power plant units out of this year’s support for renewables, and they would be left with even a small one. They could produce about 43 TWh of climate-friendly electricity per year and shut down a coal-fired power plant with the same capacity, preventing 35 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year ...

German industry is also very worried…

Under German law, the amount of system usage fees for large industrial customers is calculated on the basis of the “physical route to the nearest suitable power plant”. Large power plants are largely close to large industrial consumers. If a nearby coal or nuclear power plant is shut down to the next “adequate,” mean, a power plant capable of continuous production will be farther away, so as the distance increases, so do system operating costs.

There is an alarming atmosphere in the German aluminum, steel and chemical industries. Sectors that are particularly dependent on competitive energy prices suddenly realize that the phasing out of coal and nuclear power plants has serious consequences that have not been thought of before. The system usage fee, which is one of the largest items in the electricity bill, is practically doubling overnight. This effect has so far affected only a few large consumers, but due to further shutdowns of primary power plants, more and more companies will soon receive a much higher electricity bill, which could significantly worsen the competitiveness of German industry.

Physics and weather are making politicians everywhere

On 1 January 2021, 11 coal-fired German power plants with a capacity of 4,700 MW were permanently shut down. Operators also received compensation for early closure. However, the shutdown of these power plants lasted only 8 days, as on January 8, on a dark, snowy, cold and windless day in Germany, solar and wind power plants barely produced, import opportunities narrowed, but electricity demand was huge, so among the shut down power plants more were instructed to resume production immediately. The reason is pros: In Germany, there has been little electricity.

For example, the Heyden-4 coal-fired power plant unit, which was permanently shut down on 1 January but was still required to operate, had to be commissioned six times by the end of February, for example, to guarantee security of supply. In addition, additional decommissioned coal-fired power plants are required to be on standby as a back-up power plant. Uniper, for example, wants to shut down Ingolstadt’s oil-fired power plant, but doesn’t get permission to do so.

We can also say that the “energy transition” due to decommissioned coal-fired power plants failed before it even began. Physics restores German politicians with noble simplicity.

Obviously, the date of January 8 is no accident. On this sunny day, we were separated by only one hair from a massive power outage across Europe (you can read about this in detail here and here). This systemic problem is also indicated by the case of Sweden, where, like Germany, they want to banish nuclear power plants that can produce day and night, in winter and summer, while relying 100% on renewables. The domestic anti-nuclear opposition party and their politicians are silent about all this, probably because it does not fit in with the Paks II. into their mantra against.

The facts Paks II. they speak for

Fortunately, instead of opposition politicians, the facts speak for themselves. A Paks II. The return of the nuclear power plant is clearly supported by the completed investigation of the European Commission, as the results show that the two new units will not only return the money invested, but also generate significant profits. A Paks II. project will bring a 7.35 percent annual return to the Hungarian state over its entire life cycle. The calculations also include, for example, the costs of waste management and future decommissioning.

The economics of nuclear power plants are also supported by prestigious professional organizations. Last year, a study by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD NEA) was published, which shows that the cost of electricity from nuclear power plants will be lower in the near future. This is due to the fact that the lessons needed for new construction projects have now been drawn. In this way, nuclear energy can remain the most reliable, low-carbon technology with the lowest expected unit costs.

As Móricka imagines ...

“Cheap,” or as domestic opposition politicians like to refer to them, free solar and wind farms only exist in the tale. Renewables are viable with huge direct and indirect subsidies. A good example of this is that, according to a European Commission publication, between 2008 and 2018, renewables in the European Union received a total of € 612 billion in support. But as an example, in 2019, domestic renewables received a total of about HUF 59 billion through the support systems, which increased the amount of electricity bills of users not entitled to universal service by HUF 2.2 / kWh. The leader of the LMP faction, Lórló Keresztes, who also has a degree in economics and a diploma in economics, should also talk about this when he announces to the world that there is no need for nuclear energy. After all, András Fekete-Győr, the candidate for prime minister of Momentum, already knows that the solar power plant is actually a nuclear power plant ... Well, yes ...

German voters have found, to their own detriment, that energy policy decisions are not until the next election, but will define everyday life for decades. Hopefully, knowing the above, people at home will understand why energy policy should be entrusted to competent politicians. The healthy energy mix in Hungary is based on nuclear energy and solar power plants, because then there will definitely be electricity in the socket. The rest is empty speech.

Source:Atombiztos - Zsolt Hárfás' s blog👍

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The tallest building in the world in Hungarian colors!

The 828-meter Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai boasts red-white-green in honor of March 15

The tallest building in the world in Hungarian colors!

"The Hungarian name will be beautiful again,
Worthy of his great old fame;
What the centuries have done to them,
Let us wash the disgrace! "

The photo appeared on the Emirates airline's Facebook page next to a post in Hungarian, according to which the 828-meter Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai received red-white-green lighting in honor of March 15.

Here it is! 🇭


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The Western press already admits that Hungary is doing well in terms of vaccinations!

The Gyurcsány Coalition's lie campaign collapsed like a castle of cards

The Western press already admits that Hungary is doing well in terms of vaccinations!

Die Welt: Hungary became European champion in vaccination.

In the Thursday issue of the German newspaper Die Welt, he wrote: Hungary has accelerated vaccinations in recent days - making it faster than any other EU country.
Gregor Schwung's commentary in Thursday's issue of Die Welt explains how Hungary became the first in Europe in terms of injections.

Chinese and Russian
According to the author, Hungary already withdrew from the European ordering procedure at the end of the year, after ordering 7 million doses of vaccines from Moscow and Beijing - 19 million from the EU. And Chinese and Russian vaccines are currently being shipped faster. The EMA is now investigating the Sputnik V vaccine, but Hungary has acted ahead of everyone. Viktor Orbán also wanted to put political pressure on the EU, but what many said was just a publicity stunt has now become a successful vaccination strategy.

A couple of weeks ago, many Hungarians still doubted the Chinese vaccine because they were skeptical about quick approval. Experts were also skeptical and some doctors were reluctant to administer the Sinopharm vaccine. Orbán has personally promoted the vaccine since the beginning of the year, saying the Chinese have known the virus for the longest time, so I think they know the most about it. "
The prime minister has also used the issue to criticize the EU, saying if a vaccine doesn’t come from Europe, it has to be sourced from elsewhere.

Accelerating pace
When the country started using Sinopharm two weeks ago, the rate of vaccination was very fast and all major EU member states were left behind in a few days. The NNK said:
We would be in a much harder position without the Chinese vaccine. "
Skepticism quickly ceased in the country. Immunologist András Falus told the newspaper that "we are in the third wave, hospitals are full and mortality rates are high ... this ensures that people accept all vaccines - no matter where they come from".

Opposition criticisms
Ádám Bihari (HVG) sees things similarly. He spoke of the fact that many, especially the opposition, have always said they do not accept the Chinese vaccine, just what the EMA has allowed:
However, if they are called and offered the choice of receiving the Sinopharm vaccine or waiting a few more weeks, the situation will change ”.
There is another factor behind the country's success: Hungary has now overturned the vaccination plan: only the first group received the vaccination as planned, the other groups are now coming in parallel. According to the village, “there was a great deal of chaos, but that could be the reason why he was simply going faster”.

Rapid immunization is also due to the simple infrastructure: if someone wants a vaccination, they register with their data on the government’s website, which is passed on to hospitals and doctors, and then patients receive an SMS or phone call. According to Bihari, this works quite well and people get appointments quickly that way.
So far, there has been only one mistake: last week, 75,000 people accidentally received an SMS, which then had to be called back. Hungary can even accelerate, because so far only 59 percent of the delivered doses have been delivered. The health authority is optimistic: an additional 1.3 million first doses are expected by early April - and by July, the entire population will be vaccinated.

Original German writing on Die Welt:https://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/article227970733/Ungarns-Impf-Triumph-Nummer-eins-in-Europa.html

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You can also educate big tech companies!

Twitter traffic has been slowed in Russia because it has promoted suicidal content, child pornography and drug use!

You can also educate big tech companies!

The community microblogging provider did not remove content that encourages suicide, as well as child pornography and drug counseling.
Russia’s media and telecommunications authority, Roskomnadzor, slowed Twitter traffic on Wednesday, citing the community microblogging provider’s removal of suicidal content and child pornography and drug counseling.

Shortly after the restriction was announced, the websites of the Kremlin, the Russian Prime Minister, the government and Roskomnadzor became inaccessible. There were disturbances in the functioning of the websites of the Russian Parliament, the Ministry of Economic Development and Finance, and the Russian Investigative Commission (SC). Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called Roskomnadzor's action legitimate, pointing out that Twitter has not removed banned content since 2017.


János Stummer,Wind Bernadett- Be sure to share this too!

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