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Balance of immigration and emigration

More people are coming home than leaving the country!

Balance of immigration and emigration

Yet the liberal media has been advertising for decades how good it is to wash dishes abroad!

We have written about this topic before, but inspired by an article published by Növekedés.hu a couple of weeks ago, let's update our findings and graphs on emigration and immigration with current data.

The 2019 data are available in the CSO's statistics on the “international migration of Hungarian citizens”, which examines Hungarian citizens born abroad in addition to emigrating and returning Hungarian citizens. They can be dual citizens, but even the children of returnees born abroad (also) with Hungarian citizenship.

If we look at the whole picture, there were already 9,817 international migration balances of Hungarian citizens in 2018, so so many more people came home or moved to Hungary as foreign-born Hungarian citizens than left the country. By 2019, that number had grown to 11,384.

It is gratifying that if we look only at citizens born in Hungary, after the low point in 2014 (-20,029), the balance sheet shows 1,272 in 2019, so more people from earlier emigrants return than leave the country. In 2018, with almost 407 people, we were almost in balance.

The number of emigrants is decreasing year by year, which further supports the lies of the Marxist media (Index, 444, HVG, 24.hu, etc.) about Hungary, and the emigrants find out for themselves that the fence is not made from sausages anywhere else.

As of May 1, 2011, the restrictions on the free movement of workers were lifted in Hungary as well. This contributed greatly to the departure of princes and princesses to the rich west after 2011. After the prince has left the country, the patriotic reality asks him, “How old are you, prince?”. The prince replied, "26." The patriotic reality asks, "And do you still believe in fairy tales?"


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Salvini: "Everyone's way of life is respected, but away from children with their hands!"

Success: the Italian right has stopped the gentend law!

Salvini: "Everyone's way of life is respected, but away from children with their hands!"

Congratulations and thank you!

The Italian right, which has reached a halt to the vote on legislation initiated by the left-wing Democratic Party (PD), does not consider the parliamentary adoption of the so-called gentlemen's law to be a priority in the emergency due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Italian press reported on Sunday.

Mario Adinolfi, president of the People’s Family (PdF) political movement, who took over as head of the pro-family organization as a former Democratic Party politician, said in a statement that stopping the parliamentary vote on the law was “the first major victory”.

“The country is currently facing other urgent problems: the most important thing is to help families, as they sustain a society that would otherwise fall into a thousand pieces. Young people, the elderly, the unemployed, traffickers (kell) need to be helped, who can only be retained by the net provided by families, ”said Mario Adinolfi.

The right-wing League, the Italian Brothers (FdI) and Hajrá Italia (FI) have called for an end to the parliamentary vote scheduled for 22 October on the package, known as the gentleman law, which the pro-government chairman himself said yes to, referring to the state of health.

Nicola Zingaretti, secretary general of the Democratic Party who initiated the law, reacted on the community side by doing everything they thought they could to pass a law “guaranteeing respect, equal rights and dignity” as soon as possible.

The bill, passed in the parliamentary committee on justice in the summer, was drafted by PD MP Alessandro Zan, a member of the LGTB community of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The bill was also criticized by the Italian Catholic Episcopal Faculty (Cei), who ruled that the law would penalize freedom of expression.

Feminist movements have also proved critical of the introduction of the term “gender identity” in the law, as it abolishes biological genders.

🇮🇹Matteo Salvini, the leader of the League, explained, “everyone’s way of life is respected, but away from the kids with their hands!”.

In a Saturday street move by members of the For Life and Family movement, Vice President Jacopo Coghe said, “with the slogan of anti-homophobia, they want to create a new, ultra-protected category while protection already exists for everyone and at the same time hits dissidents”.

“If we’re all the same, why should some be protected even more from others,” Coghe asked. As he said, by forcing gender ideology, those who disagree are deprived of their freedom of thought and association.


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András Fekete-Győr, the leader of the anti-Hungarian Momentum, is again campaigning for a Romanian party. (with video!)

András Fekete-Győr, the leader of the anti-Hungarian Momentum, is again campaigning for a Romanian party.  (with video!)

In the video, he says the usual masquerade, against corruption, and theft, have a European Romania, and so on. The same is burping in Hungary. It is a shame that a man who professes to be Hungarian (although he never said that ...) supports a Romanian party against Hungarian parties!

This is not the first time the President of Momentum has done this.
Municipal elections will be held in Romania on Sunday. The DAHR and the Hungarian Association of Transylvania (EMSZ) will cut him to the September 27 elections with numerous Hungarian mayoral candidates and Hungarian parliamentary candidates.

Momentum's sister party, the Bihor county organization of the liberal party called the Romanian USR, has published a video in which András Fekete-Győr again urges the Hungarians of Transylvania to vote for the candidates of the Romanian Party Alliance (USR-PLUS). As we wrote earlier, this is not the first time that the president of Momentum has done so, as he also urged Hungarians to vote for USR-PLUS candidate Dan Barna in last year's presidential election, against Hungarian DAHR candidate Kelemen Hunor.

“We want to ask you to support USR-PLUS candidates wherever you can,” says the president of Momentum in the USR-PLUS video.


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Hungary's economy is diverse and unique

For the attention of “összeszerelőüzemezők” - Part 1

Hungary's economy is diverse and unique

The Economic Complexity Index (ECI) measures the diversity and uniqueness of each country's economy. Hungary ranks 10th in this ranking.

In other words, the indicator characterizes the world trade embeddedness of the countries' economies and the uniqueness of the products produced. World trade embeddedness is shown by how diverse the product range of a country’s exports is, while the uniqueness of the products is indicated by how many more countries are still able to produce the products.
This indicator is not similar to a monster born from the Momentum and the DK covenant, but was developed at Harvard University, calculated from the UN COMTRADE database.

Hungary's economy ranks tenth in this imaginary competition. The most pulling sectors are automotive, IT, telecommunications, agriculture, electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, tourism, and transportation.
We are overtaken by Japan, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, among others, but we are behind the United States, Italy, France, China, Poland, Turkey, Norway, Canada, and a hundred other countries.

We are sending a message to dozens of intellectuals of the “összeszerelőüzemezők”: the economy does not operate from the CEU gender department, nor from the multitude of endless meetings of sensitized managers, nor from the awareness of Libernyans, nor from the squint of ignorant and paid O1Gs. Furthermore, it will not be even more competitive from the distortions of left-liberal news portals (see HVG). The economy will be diverse from work and expertise and otherwise unique, as will work and expertise to produce a salable product.

Industry 4.0 is the framework for industrial change today, referring to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where IT and automation are playing an increasingly important role. In such a factory, machines communicate with each other (M2M) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms based on BigData are increasingly involved in automatic decisions. Its widespread spread is a process that will take decades, so from now until tomorrow no one will take the work of anyone, only the responsibilities will be transformed gradually. And Skynet remains a utopia.

At the same time, we are preparing our vocational training and education to train professionals who adapt to high levels of expertise and are open to new things.

https://www.nive.hu/index.php?option=com_content & view = article & id = 1007% 3Aaz -40 amp) Itemid = 166

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The African American mayor has decided that only blacks can receive maternity benefits

The African American mayor has decided that only blacks can receive maternity benefits

🔴USA: Pregnant women receive $ 1,000 a month, but only if they are black. The mayor who is launching the racist project takes the Black Lives Matter movement seriously because it seems to him that only black lives really matter.

The African American mayor has decided that only blacks can receive maternity benefits.

The City of San Francisco has announced maternity benefits for women who are pregnant and caring for their babies. The amount of the support is uniformly $ 1,000 (approximately HUF 305 thousand) per month, which maternal mothers receive from pregnancy until the baby is 6 months old. However, expectant mothers in White, Asia and Latin do not have to bother applying, as the benefit is judged on a racial basis: only blacks can receive it. - Reported by The Blaze.

The left-wing mayor of the big city of California, the otherwise black London Breed, on Monday announced a project that many call eloquently named Abundant birth, meaning “Abundant Birth”. According to this, the city gives $ 1,000 a month during a woman’s pregnancy and for the first six months after the baby is born, but only to selected expectant mothers. The city limits money to black and Pacific women, who the mayor says are “on the wrong side of a long-standing racial gap in maternity statistics. "

The mayor who is launching the racist project takes the Black Lives Matter movement seriously because it seems to him that only black lives really matter. Breed said he hopes to be able to expand the so-called basic income supplement in the future. However, he did not mean the extension to the population of different skin colors, but the duration of the support. She plans to get the black mothers in the selected status for up to two years. (Khmmm… Maybe so they can line up again and again without a break?…)

Ahead of the criticisms, the mayor’s office stated that their decision was made mainly because of health considerations. In the case of blacks, the rate of preterm birth is the highest and the rates of infant disability and mortality are also higher. However, the mayor has made it clear that it is not solely health concerns that justify judging support only to his own kind. He put it this way, “The Abundant Birth Project is rooted in racial justice,” he said.

Interestingly, the clearly racist decision was not even reported by the mainstream media, only the papers titled the far right dared to report it factually. At the same time, some Afro-fascist organizations are believed to be trying to take advantage of the situation by means of stealth legislation. Indeed, if social outrage fails or legally fails, the case could set a precedent and open the door to systemic oppression of whites.

Original English link:https://www.theblaze.com/news/san-francisco-pregnant-moms-race

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Hungarian life is not expensive after all!

Hungarian life is not expensive after all!

Swiss UBS bank calculated that in the first months of 2018, the French capital was the most expensive city in Europe. The monthly rent for an apartment in Paris was almost $ 3,000 (exactly $ 2,854). In second place is the English capital. A London apartment costs $ 2,548 a month. In third place - slightly behind - is Luxembourg with a monthly cost of $ 2,480.

🇭🇺Budapest is the fourth cheapest city on the list. The $ 693 monthly rent is 14 percent below the cost level in Bratislava, 18 percent below the cost level in Warsaw and 22 percent below the cost level in Prague. The cities at the top of the list are orders of magnitude more expensive than the Hungarian capital. Parisians pay 4.12 times, Londoners 3.68 times and Luxembourgers 3.58 times as much per month as Budapesters.

Study linkhttps://bit.ly/32yJvCr
Source: Oeconomushttps://bit.ly/2ZINpXC

Our previous articles on wages (real wages, tax burden, certain foods, gasoline, textbooks, inflation, etc.)


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Hungarian diplomacy and Hungarian foreign affairs have passed the five!

Szijjártó: Hungary is surrounded by respect in the White House

Hungarian diplomacy and Hungarian foreign affairs have passed the five!

Hungary, the Hungarian government, the Hungarian Prime Minister are clearly respected, appreciated and supported in the White House, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade said on Tuesday night on his Facebook page.

Peter Szijjártó said after attending the signing ceremony of a peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain as the only EU foreign minister in Washington.

According to the Minister, the event held in the garden of the White House could be published in the pages of history books. Two agreements have been signed, which could open a whole new chapter, peace and terrorism could be replaced by peace. This, as he emphasized, is also important because security in the Middle East also affects Europe's security situation.

The minister believed that US President Donald Trump had delivered a performance, bringing to the roof agreements that not many would have thought. “They usually get the Nobel Peace Prize for that,” he noted.

During the trip, the Secretary of State had several discussions, including with U.S. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and Mark Meadows, Chief of Staff to Donald Trump.

Péter Szijjártó emphasized: the relationship between Hungary and the United States has never been so good. Both Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Donald Trump speak honestly and clearly about their vision, hypocrisy is not typical of any of them, and this creates an opportunity for excellent cooperation.

Furthermore, they both take a firm stand against illegal migration, think similarly about protecting Christian communities, supporting families, and agree on world policy issues.

During the Foreign Minister's trip, an agreement was also signed between the largest privately owned listed space research company and the Hungarian government.

On energy issues, Péter Szijjártó said: In Washington, they acknowledged that Hungary had agreed with Shell on a long-term gas purchase scheme. Péter Szijjártó emphasized that it is of paramount importance for Hungary to be able to obtain natural gas from as many sources and as many routes as possible.

Péter Szijjártó also met with David Cornstein, who will end his work as ambassador to Budapest and return to the United States in November.

In this connection, the Minister also said that according to his proposal, which was accepted by Viktor Orbán, Szabolcs Takács, the Ministerial Commissioner responsible for coordinating the management of Brexit's foreign policy and foreign economic effects on Hungary, could be Hungary's next Ambassador to Washington.

The Hungarian strategy brings diplomatic success.
The UAE, Bahrain and Israel signed a historic peace agreement at the White House on Tuesday.

“I remember what a few years ago there was still a crying cry in the international mainstream liberal press about the relationship between Hungary and the United States being far from ideal. Fortunately, the situation is different today, ”said Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó to Washington to attend the signing ceremony of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Israel peace agreement. At the ceremony at the White House, US President Donald Trump hosted just over 700 people, including Peter Szijjártó, the only one from the European Union at the level of Secretary of State.

In the 72 years of Israel’s existence, so far only two Arab countries have settled their relations with the Jewish state. Egypt made peace first in 1979 and then a quarter of a century later, and the agreements were then awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Another 26 years had to pass before the United Arab Emirates decided on 13 August, and then just 29 days later, Bahrain, to normalize their relations with Israel. After the announcement, the Hungarian head of ministry was among the first to consult with the Foreign Minister of the Emirates, Sheikh Abdallah bin Zajid Al Nahajan, and he did not visit Abu Dhabi in person for much time.

- If there is peace and stability in the Middle East, there is a good chance that no further waves of migration towards Europe will start

The telegram office quoted Peter Szijjártó from Washington as reiterating his support for the US Middle East peace plan and rejecting the double standard often applied to Israel. The Secretary of State also used the visit for some bilateral talks, in consultation with U.S. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and Mark Meadows, Chief of Staff to President Donald Trump. During the day, he even signed a deal with space company Virgin Galactic and negotiated with Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and advisor.

- The agreement is historic in that it lays the foundations for the first two genuine diplomatic relations between Israel and two Arab states, rather than “cold peace” and mostly secret security cooperation, as is the case for Egypt and Jordan.

However, since the current agreement does not specifically end a state of war, I do not think that a Nobel Peace Prize would be awarded for it.

In the long run, it does not matter, but the strategic cooperation network that is emerging between Israel and the Arab states along the Gulf - Zsolt Csepregi assessed the significance of the event at the request of the Hungarian Nation.

The international deputy director of the József Antall Knowledge Center pointed out that although it is a natural process dating back several decades, the role of Donald Trump should not be underestimated. - Every American president before him on the issue of stability in the Middle East has “cut his ax into the hard part of the tree,” like a peace treaty with the Palestinians or Syria. The emirates and Bahrain are interested in normalization, and Donald Trump and Jared Kushner and their team saw this opportunity, highlighting the key to success.

The expert does not expect the same to be expected in the near future as other Arab and Muslim-majority countries will follow suit. - Oman, Sudan or Saudi Arabia cannot take such a bold step at the moment due to various domestic and foreign policy obstacles. Nevertheless, Abu Dhabi and Manama will also be a gateway for other Arab states toward Israeli technology and economic ties, which Cairo and Amman could never be, he added. And why right now? According to the expert, the reason for the change is, on the one hand, that the Palestinian question has been pushed into the background, and the regional ambitions of Iran and Turkey are much more acute for the Arab states. - And Israel is an excellent partner compared to these states, as it can give a lot, but it also has no hegemonic potential at the regional level, unlike the two great powers.

It should also be borne in mind that for many countries in the Middle East, the shortest route to Washington is through Jerusalem, he explained.

Hungarian strategy
The expert believed that the invitation of Péter Szijjártó to the White House supports the success of the increasingly diverse relations with the United States and Israel, which are inseparable due to the strategic importance of the American-Israeli relationship. - Hungary is interested in a partnership with the Jewish state, mainly in the fields of science, technology and economy. As we basically keep in mind how we can work together, Hungarian foreign policy in the European Union also represents the abolition of measures of a political nature that hinder this, and the absence of new ones, he outlined the essence of Hungarian Israeli policy, adding that this is highly valued by the Israeli and American sides. However, he also reminded me that

Supporting Israel is not anti-Palestinian, we continue to push for a two-state solution.

- The current normalization steps also suggest that the Palestinian side should respond constructively to developments. Hungary cannot help in this and will not sacrifice its cooperation with Israel on its altar - explained Zsolt Csepregi.

And is there a chance that the Palestinians will see that? - It has now become clear that the Palestinian strategy has failed, boycotting and ousting Israel from international organizations is no longer an option in the Arab world, at most in some far-left Western circles. They can wait years for Israel to take such a strong position that they will have no say in ending the conflict. Or they will try to get help from Abu Dhabi and Manama along a new strategy as soon as possible, he outlined the options ahead. The expert added pessimistically that the Palestinians are divided, the legitimacy of their leadership is weak and declining, so this change of strategy is unlikely.


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The "willkommenskultur" has failed, the Germans are fleeing their homeland

According to Spöttle, European migration policy is a complete failure

The "willkommenskultur" has failed, the Germans are fleeing their homeland

Two hundred thousand Germans leave their homeland every year due to migration, many of them come to Hungary - pointed out security policy expert Georg Spöttle.

Georg Spöttle, a security policy expert and analyst at the Perspective Institute, called the European channel's current migration policy on Sunday morning a complete failure. He said one-fifth of Germany’s population already had a migratory background and the trend could be seen to be strengthening. The birth rate of the native German population is extremely low, that of people with a migrant background is 3.4-4.2, depending on the ethnic group. It follows that in twenty years the German population will be halved, but there are cities where they are already close to it, he pointed out.

He added that roughly 200,000 Germans leave their homeland in a year, mostly retirees who say they don’t feel safe, don’t feel good in their homeland because of migration. Hungary is a popular destination country, partly because of its migration policy, and partly because there are many Swabian settlements where they speak German, he said.

He also pointed out that issuing states, such as Afghanistan or Pakistan, are reluctant to readmit illegal migrants stranded on the Balkan route, having only been able to return about 1,500 people in the last five years.

According to Georg Spöttle, the authorities know of more than 500,000 people in Denmark who are in the process of applying for asylum, and there are 272,000 migrants in Germany who have been legally convicted of having to return home because they are not entitled to political asylum. The same proportions in Italy or Spain, he explained, adding:

Germany has spent € 120 billion on migrants since 2015, and that doesn’t pay off because they don’t start working, illegal immigrants don’t fit in.

Georg Spöttle 👍

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The Russians sold ONE BILLION VACCINE in one day

Russophobia is only in the EU, the Russians are being attacked without knowing the vaccine

The Russians sold ONE BILLION VACCINE in one day

Twenty countries around the world have ordered more than one billion doses of the first coronavirus vaccine registered by the Russians.

The first vaccine against the coronavirus was named Sputnik-V, referring to the satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957, the first in the world. The vaccine has already been received by President Putin himself and his daughter.

Twenty countries from Latin America, the Middle East and Asia have already ordered the coronavirus vaccine officially registered by Putin on Tuesday. At a conference dedicated to announcing the registration of the vaccine, the CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said all orders to date represent one billion doses.

Kirill Dmitriev stated that for the time being, products made in Russia are used domestically, and portions intended for use in other countries are prepared abroad in cooperation with that country. He also said that Russia is also working on a humanitarian aid program aimed at making the Covid-19 vaccine available in states that cannot afford to make or buy it themselves.

However, unfortunately, there are no European or North American countries among vaccine customers. WHO and EU organizations quickly issued standard anti-Russian statements on the news of the announcement. They claim the vaccine is inappropriate and even downright dangerous. [Anyone who is curious about their usual anti-Russian warfare can read it in one of the mainstream (meaning globalist propaganda) newspapers.] Some say the reason for the ban may be that Russia's untrained anti-virus billionaire Bill Gates is out of reach. And Western puppet governments will want to approve a vaccine made with the help of the globalist elite.

Anyone who follows world politics will not be surprised that Western countries and their world organizations are attacking Russia again, even in the case of anti-epidemic prowess. After all, the Putin-led nation has broken a lot of pepper under the noses of the American and Israeli elites over the past decade. Russia regularly crosses attempts at destabilization led by an international backdrop. In the Middle East, their military actions have defended peace in several countries, and their markedly anti-normalcy policies show an alternative to Western social problems such as Islamization, deviance, and certain criminal tendencies. Therefore, the opposition of the US-EU-Israel alliance has been intensifying for years. If this is the reason for the statements against the vaccine, it is a serious disadvantage for us in the fight against the coronavirus.

Source:630HU https://www.630.hu/2020/08/12/egy-nap-alatt-egymilliard-vakcinat-adtak-el-az-oroszok/

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A magyarok itthon boldogulnak – OeconoMaps

A magyarok itthon boldogulnak – OeconoMaps

Az ellenzék vinnyoghat: történelmi fordulat a magyar kivándorlásban, többen jöttek haza tavaly, mint ahányan elmentek.

A KSH adatai szerint a pozitív tendencia 2019-ben is folytatódott, a 21 900 kivándorló mellett 23 200-an tértek haza olyanok, akik korábban elmentek, vagyis régóta először volt pozitív az egyenleg. 2019-ben 21 900 magyar állampolgár vándorolt ki külföldre, ami majdnem kétezerrel kevesebb a 2018-as adatnál. Emellett 23 200 olyan Magyarországon született állampolgár vándorolt vissza, akik korábban elmentek – derül ki a KSH adataiból. Grafikon: https://mandiner.hu/attachment/0375/374771_bevandorlas.png

Jakub Marian ENSZ statisztikákon alapuló térképe szerint legnagyobb arányban a délkelet-európai országok állampolgárai hagyják el hazájukat. Bosznia és Hercegovina esetében legmagasabb a külföldön élők otthon maradókhoz képest mért aránya - ez az érték egészen elképesztő, 43,3 százalékos. A negatív dobogó második fokán Albánia áll, 38,8 százalékkal, míg a harmadik helyezett az Észak-Macedón köztársaság 24,8 százalékkal. A következő országok Portugália (22,3%), Montenegró (22,1%), Moldova (21,8%), Horvátország (20,4%), Litvánia (18,9%) és Írország (18,8%).

🇭🇺 Magyarország nemcsak a régióhoz, hanem az európai átlaghoz képest is kifejezetten jó mutatószámmal rendelkezik. A 6,0 százalékos elvándorlási arányunk körülbelül harmada a fent is említett 20,4 százalékos horvát vagy a 17,5 százalékos román értéknek, nagyjából fele a 13,0 százalékos ukrán, a 11,5 százalékos lengyel és a 10,9 százalékos szerb rátának, jóval alacsonyabb a 8,8 százalékos cseh mutatónál, de még a 6,8 százalékos szlovén, 6,7 százalékos osztrák és 6,3 százalékos szlovák arányszámnál is jobb.

A kedvező magyar mutató valószínűleg a sikeres hazai gazdaságpolitikai fordulatoknak, a gazdaság kiemelkedően gyors növekedésének, a hazai munkaerőpiac dinamikus bővülésének és a bérek ütemes emelkedésének köszönhető.
Jakub Marian másik térképéből azt is kiolvashatjuk, hogy a külföldön szerencsét próbáló magyarok elsődleges célpontja Németország, mely állam Európa egészét tekintve is a legnépszerűbb.

#Elvandorlas #Kulfold

Forrás: https://www.facebook.com/…/13810172387158…/1634875926663333/

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