The Left can only steer with restrictions

The Left can only steer with restrictions

Just so as not to forget who is advising us on economic crisis management from the opposition:

In 2008, on the 19th day after the onset of the global economic crisis in Hungary, the Gyurcsány government agreed with the IMF on borrowing, and soon afterwards with the EU and the World Bank, then worth more than HUF 4,200 billion.
Despite all this, VAT, PIT, EVA, excise, energy, car and property taxes increased, as well as the socpol, the 13th month salary and pension were abolished, as well as the retirement age was increased, the GYED, the GYES, sick pay, family allowance, and gas compensation.

At the time, these decisions were voted on by several of the Members still active today:

Sándor Burány (Dialogue)
István Hiller (MSZP)
Lajos Korózs (MSZP)
Attila Mesterházy (MSZP)
Gyula Molnár (MSZP)
Zsolt Molnár (MSZP)
László Szakács (MSZP)
László Varga (MSZP)
Ferenc Gyurcsány (DK)
Gergely Arató (DK)
Ágnes Vadai (DK)
László Hajdú (DK)
Oláh Lajos (DK)
László Varju (DK)

This is what they say: Much more modestly!

Source:Farkas Örs

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