He has reduced the wages of the municipal employees he has chosen and threatens to dismiss Péter Márki-Zay

He has reduced the wages of the municipal employees he has chosen and threatens to dismiss Péter Márki-Zay

The left will never change, crisis management in their brains can only be handled by austerity, dismissal and intimidation.

Péter Márki-Zay intimidated hundreds of municipal workers by firing them, using this tool, forcing them to voluntarily sign an amendment to reduce their wages by 50-75%. Meanwhile, it also turned out that the mayor has no idea how much he wants to save in this way, or how much he thinks is missing from the city's funding.

You can choose from three options for the 300 civil servants in Vásárhely: you get 25 percent of your salary, you only work for half an hour for half an hour, or you stay for 8 hours a day, but then you can even be caught on a street sweep - as a graduate. Tamás Cseri spoke about the moral and legal concerns of the conditions imposed by the mayor in the Radio's 7 Wednesday program, Common Denominator. (link to Source)

The jobs of their own clerical staff have not been changed, their salaries have not been reduced despite the emergency, and the city administration does not want to save on them, which - there is no better term - seems to make a definite distinction between civil servants and civil servants in Vásárhely.

Here are a few things: Schools, kindergartens, and those working in other state-run institutions are not affected, as they are not paid by Márki-Zay, the financing of these institutions is solved. The mayor tries to use this method to keep in check and intimidate only people who are unfit for him.

It is not clear how much revenue the city is losing, nor how much money the city is saving on reduced energy consumption, the maintenance of institutions that are closed or restricted in opening hours, missed events, and so on. This is not a lot of money, this morning it turned out that in the case of Újpest it is a lot of hundreds of millions.

Of course, everyone is to blame for the situation, only he himself is not. The government is wrong, the epidemic is wrong, the morning dewdrop is wrong, but Péter Márki-Zay cannot do anything.

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