Fidesz strengthened and opposition support declined

Even the "dog party" has higher support than the MSZP and LMP combined

Fidesz strengthened and opposition support declined

High confidence in the government also had a positive effect on the ruling party, bringing it to 55 per cent of commissioned voters, according to last week's telephone survey by the Perspective Institute. The success of the curfew is that six out of ten did not meet anyone other than those living in their household.

Government parties have also benefited from the popularity of strong government action against the coronavirus epidemic, as well as strong confidence in government action.

Since the beginning of the year, Fidesz's support among sure voters has increased by 5 percentage points, from 50 to 55 percent.

In the case of the opposition, there is no winner, only a loser of the last month and a half, DK is the strongest among commissioned voters (12 per cent), but Momentum (11 per cent) and Jobbik (9 per cent) are also closely behind it. The main losers are the MSZP-Dialogue joint list (3 per cent) and the LMP (1 per cent), as both
they would be done below the entry threshold if there were elections “now Sunday”.

Government measures against the epidemic are popular
The favorable shift in party competition for the government coincides with satisfaction with government measures against the coronavirus. Last week, 72 percent of those surveyed indicated they were more satisfied. Access restrictions were considered sufficiently stringent by 64 per cent of those surveyed, while 30 per cent called for further tightening.


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