If libs have missed the most important news, we will help!

️How good that the media in Hungary is not only in their hands! This is how news like this see the light of day!

If libs have missed the most important news, we will help!

️Trump sent a message to Viktor Orbán: Trump sent a message to Viktor Orbán
️The two leaders reinforce each other, and the libs are hysterical even when Trump speaks, and even when he doesn't. Trump is hoping to win the next election with the support of the successful Orbán. Four two-thirds is four two-thirds!

️ Péter Szijjártó negotiated with Szergej Lavrov, Paks and the gas supply were also discussed
️If the Western leaders had done the same (NEGOTIATED WITH THE RUSSIANS), then there would be no war today, the war would not have even broken out.

️This is how France reacted to the energy crisis: fourteen nuclear reactors will be built by 2035
️We are waiting for the fake impact studies, the lying, panic-inducing scribbles of the Libsi "experts", and the paid movements of the green and pseudo-civilian organizations.

️They are protesting in Belgium because of the skyrocketing cost of living
️Let the minds of Western leaders be cleared, the sooner the better, because people will not tolerate being ROBBED with high energy prices for much longer!


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