Fidesz is joking, but we think this is more than enough

Even the name of the "Democratic" Coalition is a LIE, because what they did is anything but democracy

Fidesz is joking, but we think this is more than enough

There was an election in Hungary, not so long ago, in April, and there the VOTING CITIZENS declared their will. The results of the election were recognized by all domestic and foreign actors, and according to the supervisory organizations, everything was fine. What's the problem? Or is the Qrcsány party that forgetful?

Forming a shadow government is nothing more than organizing against the constitutional order, trampling on democracy and the will of the voters. This should be punished! And don't let anyone come and say, "Oh, oh, he's going to be a martyr!", because then they can kill people with that much force, they can open fire on the Parliament, shall we watch with folded hands so that he doesn't become a martyr?

There are laws, there are things that cannot be discussed. For example, the constitutional order of the country, our laws, which clearly state who can form a government and how. Any attempt other than this is unconstitutional and therefore punishable in our opinion!

There have already been similar attempts, e.g. Juan Guaidó declared himself the president of Venezuela, or Svetlana Tykhanovskaya, the Belarusian housewife, also wanted to play the role of president after her ugly election defeat, but they all failed. The president of Belarus is still Lukashenka, and the president of Venezuela is Nicolás Maduro, but criminal proceedings are still ongoing against them despite the fact that "the West" bombarded them with convoys and undemocratically recognized them as the leaders of the mentioned countries. Not so long ago, there was also an attempt in Kazakhstan, but thanks to the decisive action of President Tokaev, peace was preserved there as well. This was not the case in Ukraine, where in 2014, against the will of the majority, a neo-Nazi junta came to power through bloody, armed, foreign-funded street riots. There has been a civil war there ever since, the country lost a significant part of its territory, and it will never be the same again as it was before 2014. People are impoverished, they have fled, and the economy is in ruins. (Russia is now trying to restore peace, demilitarize and denazify the neighboring territory. We wish them success in this)

Let's be careful, because Brussels and Washington will easily try to use the already well-known scenario in Hungary as well. They will not take power here by force, because there are few of them, but they can cause riots, unnecessary problems and expenses for the country.

The government and the relevant bodies should examine the laws, if the Qrcsánys' actions are illegal, they should be prosecuted, if the current laws allow this, we think that is GAZ, because then anyone with that much power can form a government, create a private army, their own police, tax office, etc. . And these are the characteristics of banana republics, we do not consider Hungary to be one.

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