What's the point of paying if we don't get ANYTHING back anyway?

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What's the point of paying if we don't get ANYTHING back anyway?

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The corrupt regime in Brussels is stealing our money!
Brussels arbitrarily decides on the money paid by the member states, instead of supporting developments, it sends weapons to the Ukrainian regime, introduces sanctions, and robs the European people!

️Let's stop the payment! Let's not just say, but also show that we really are not a colony!

Brussels will impose new and new conditions, but we will not get our money. Their goal is to replace Orbán and humiliate the Hungarians, nothing more, nothing less! The economic terrorist organization in Brussels practically STOLE our money and now demands from us the fulfillment of all kinds of sick conditions in exchange for giving us back what we are entitled to.

The government would do better to prepare for the worst case scenario. The withholding (stealing) of money is only a means by which they want to bring a government favorable to them to power in Hungary. Everyone should be aware of this. Now the interest of the Hungarian people prevails, if the left comes to power, then the interest of Brussels will prevail AGAINST the Hungarian people.

Balázs Hidvéghispeech:

"Thank you for the floor, my fellow representatives!
It is shameful that a part of the Parliament, together with the Hungarian left-wing EP representatives, continues the political smear campaign against Hungary even in this wartime crisis situation.
Don't you think we have more important things to do? Don't they think that we should deal with the crisis, with the economic uncertainty that arose as a result of the war and the failed Brussels sanctions?

Tens of millions of Europeans are faced with the fact that they will receive bills that cannot be paid at the end of the month, that there is an economic problem, that companies are going bankrupt, unemployment is threatening, and instead of this they are attacking Hungary with lies for the hundredth time.

Based on the past years, we can say that it is possible to negotiate with Hungary and reach an agreement if the goal is an agreement. But this is NOT their goal, they want to blackmail you into not agreeing".

They want to blackmail us into not agreeing, because they cannot accept that the Hungarians said no to the Hungarian left for the fourth time this spring and they said no to the Brussels education!
That is why they fabricate false reports, send fake fact-finding committees and threaten sanctions.

But let's finally understand: For us, the national interest will always come first! Even if you don't like it!


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