Logging: OK, but only sensibly and transparently

️The left attacks, Fidesz apologizes, but what does an average Hungarian expect?

Logging: OK, but only sensibly and transparently

What should the government do to calm everyone down? We think the following should be done.

For every tree cut down, plant two
There should be an available, verifiable database with data on cut and planted areas
Every year we increase the size of the area covered by forest by at least 0.1%, let there be a law on this!

Based on KSH data, the size of the area covered by forest has changed practically nothing in the last 15 years, which we think is a bad thing. Forests are much more resistant to drought, if we can't grow corn why don't we plant more trees and go in that direction? The forest is a treasure, the price of wood is in the sky, let's take advantage of this opportunity and not just think in terms of firewood. Hungary could supply itself with wood, but unfortunately at the moment we import a significant part of the wood used in the furniture and construction industry from abroad, and the profits and money leave the country nicely.

We live near a forest, and even though we voted for Fidesz, we don't want someone to destroy this forest mindlessly. In our opinion, the above 3 points can be fulfilled, the 0.1% increase is not too much, this would only mean 2,000 hectares, which is 20 km², i.e. an area equal to the size of a small settlement (e.g. Felcsut). that's all we can do for our future.

The point is not declarations and counterattacks, but transparent operation: database, addresses, areas, plans, laws, etc. We like this because the attic is already full of statements. We support logging, we support the development of the wood industry, but only if this is done with data available to us and everyone, with clear plans and goals and the verifiability of their implementation.

Fidesz's communication:https://www.magyarhirlap.hu/belfold/20220811-orban-balazs-baloldali-alhir-az-erdok-kivagasa

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