Winter is approaching, the libs have started to see clearly

Oops! The powerful Amnesty wrote what every sane person has known since 2014: Ukrainians are war criminals

Winter is approaching, the libs have started to see clearly

Index: Devastating report: the Ukrainian army operates its weapons systems in hospitals. The NGO Amnesty International has confirmed the information previously reported by the Russians that the Ukrainians are using schools and hospitals as army bases without evacuating the population from the area.

So what will happen now? Will Brussels and Washington continue to support the war criminals, or will this be an excuse to dance back "without losing face"? They thought that the Russians would be wiped out with the sanctions, but the weapon fired the other way around: Russia has become stronger, the EU is in crisis.

There is no need to worry about losing face: the politicians who support sanctions lost face in the eyes of the people a long time ago! Now we still pay the bill, but the time will come when we will hold the politicians accountable for robbing the people of Europe.

We don't have a problem with the Russians, we have a problem with the amchis and their Brussels chicks! The Russians are reliable partners, and we are indeed pushing them to remove the Nazi cancer from Europe as soon as possible. The Ukrainian regime will fall, and the sooner it happens, the better for everyone. Zelensky can fly to any part of the world, but he can't be calm anywhere, because Kadyrov's men will track him down and bring him to court. There will be democracy and the rule of law, the guilty will be held accountable for their actions.


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