The price of gas is at another peak

️The Dutch stock market priced in the EU's Russophobic policy

The price of gas is at another peak

The EU stole Russian turbines, introduced sanctions against Russian companies, confiscated Russian assets, stopped Nord Stream II. authorization, they defend the Ukrainian Nazis and are surprised that gas is expensive...

The August futures price of gas is again above 210 euros on the Dutch stock exchange, the easing was temporary. The September quotation is 210 euros, but the market expects prices above 210 euros for October as well, which according to current expectations will also show 208 euros in December.

Converted to 210 euros/MWh cubic meter, it means that the market price of 1,000 cubic meters of gas now costs nearly 2,000 euros, which is HUF 800/cubic meter. This is the purchase price, which can easily double by the time it reaches consumers.

️Gas is not expensive because of Putin, the Russians deliver as much as the EU asks for, but this requires a few things:
1. Contract
2. Working gas pipeline, contractual performance of the work undertaken by Siemens.
3. Political will on the part of EU leaders

In Germany, 20 million homes are heated with gas. If there is no gas, Scholz's government will fly because people will take to the streets. Bloomberg says "Germany has three months to save itself from winter gas crisis" - The clock is ticking, Olaf!

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