There is a conscious and consistent plundering of the European people

The Russians have nothing to do with this!

There is a conscious and consistent plundering of the European people

The aim is to eliminate the middle class. There will be a privileged elite, and 90% of the people will live in poverty. The car, the vacation, the own home remain just a dream. We will work so that we can EAT, so that we can work again.

This is going to end badly. Let's not be honest, but a "European spring" is coming, when the puppet governments serving the interests of the USA will be removed, and they can be happy if they have time to take off with their private planes! These politicians should be brought to court and banned forever from public affairs, because what they are doing now is pure treason and robbery.

The next step will be the liquidation of private property, of course, in the spirit of solidarity and equal opportunities. A person with their own home and car cannot be "turned off", that's why people need to be made landless. If someone does not meet the expectations, it will be enough to fire him from his job, evict him from his rented home, take away his rented car, block his bank card, and that's it, the person can go to the street or to the soup. It's pure slavery, and the slaves will also be ordered not to reproduce, say with an environmental charge per child.

When will Europe wake up? When will people realize that they are currently being treated as slaves?


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