Morawiecki: Poland and Hungary have parted ways

Shame on you, Mateusz Morawiecki! Shame on you! You are on the wrong side of history again, supporting the Nazis

Morawiecki: Poland and Hungary have parted ways

That's right! Hungary remained on the ground of common sense, and you became the USA's scumbag!
You supply weapons, you falsify history, you support the Ukrainian Nazi regime. You are behaving exactly like the Polish Nazi collaborators 80 years ago. Then you assisted in the execution of the Jews, today you assist in the massacre of the Russians!

We will never go down the path that ends with the extermination of an entire people. Yes, we parted ways! We would never do what the Polish Armia Krajowa, i.e. Home Army, did, who killed Jews because of their origin.

Morawiecki called the Russian world a "cancerous tumor" and wants to remove it from the face of the Earth. Only a true Nazi can make such statements, not a sane, democratic politician.


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