Street politics is not good for anything!

️Anyone who has a problem with a government measure should formulate it and convey it to the authorities in writing, even publicly!

Street politics is not good for anything!

You won't achieve anything by scribbling, littering, or making others impossible! Feri can easily prepare, but he won't steer even if you're standing on top of your heads. The majority voted for Fidesz, and Fidesz has won almost all the by-elections since the April election. You do not have a majority, you must acknowledge that.

If you really have problems, write them down, with proposed solutions, and negotiate with the government. We do the same, we don't go to throw faeces on the street, but we wrote down which of the thousands of measures we disagree with. It is that simple!

PS: The left only uses you, you better know that. If they were in charge, your life wouldn't be any easier, in fact!


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