So far they have said that banded overheads and banded taxation lead to gimmicks!

We agree! If the price must be increased, then the price of residential electricity should be HUF 50 instead of the current HUF 37!

So far they have said that banded overheads and banded taxation lead to gimmicks!

If it becomes banded, electricity theft will begin, family houses will be declared condominiums, more meters will be installed, etc.
If compensation is given, then the transfer of applications and the adoption of the children will begin (we know in what circles!)
The "average" of 210 kwh/month is a joke, it could have come together with the empty apartments and vacation homes!

If you absolutely have to raise the price, raise it for everyone by a few forints. They will still collect the planned money, but the system will remain fair, and they can still say that there is a reduction in utility costs, since residential electricity will not be at market price, but cheaper.

In this way, trickery can be avoided, the justice of the system will be maintained, no one will be forced out, and families will not be robbed!
They write, don't they, that "Out of 5.6 million consumers in electricity supply, 4.2 million have average consumption or below." - in Hungary, there are 1.4 million renitens who consume more (they live in families, are poorer, so their houses are not modernized, they have old refrigerators, etc.

️In this situation, they should not pay the price of the war with them. We can support a uniform price increase that is only necessary. According to our calculations, the increase from HUF 37 to HUF 50 would be enough for them to collect the money they want to collect with the currently known barred, unfair system. The uniform tariff will remain fair and everyone will be encouraged to save.

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PS: In order to reduce our consumption, we are already taking very specific steps. We will report on this in more detail in a separate post. We spend hundreds of thousands of forints on this, we talk about a lot of things, but even then it will not be 210 out of the 400-500 kWh/month average. It would be good if we could bring it down to under 400.

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