You have to pay six times more for gas and five times more for electricity in Europe!

Let's be clear: the sanctions don't hurt the Russians, but us Europeans

You have to pay six times more for gas and five times more for electricity in Europe!

The goal of the corrupt politicians in the West is not to punish Russia, but to rob the European people! We lived too well! They don't need citizens living in prosperity, with their own opinions and existence, but poor, vulnerable and thus controllable slaves!

They want to make the car, own home, vacation and other things only the privilege of the elite, everyone else should work to be able to EAT and eat to be able to work.

Over the past year or a half, energy market prices have risen explosively.

The rate of increase in energy prices has taken on shocking and terrifying proportions, which also affects inflation, the performance of individual European national economies, and their economic growth at the international level.

The data and the processes of recent years show that the continent cannot prevent these fluctuations and crises.

While the United States of America and countries in the Far East typically quickly overcome certain waves of the crisis, the European Union suffers a larger loss, so that in the meantime its share in the world economy, i.e. its power, is constantly decreasing. This is a consequence of continuous crises, as the process began with the economic crisis of 2008, followed by the migration crisis, and then the coronavirus crisis, the economic effects of which sent the international economy to the floor again.

The epidemic has upset the usual order of the global economy, supply chains have been damaged. The economy of the union decreased by 5.9 percent in 2020.

The fragile economic situation took shape in the fluctuation of energy prices. That is, by the end of spring last year, the EU had barely overcome the crisis caused by the epidemic situation, and immediately had to face an unfolding energy crisis, which was only compounded by the war situation that broke out in February. We can see this clearly in the rise in the world market price of electricity and gas, a war-like inflationary situation has developed.

In the case of electricity, by examining the stock market prices, we can determine that compared to the one-year forward price established for May 2021, which was 60.4 euros per megawatt hour at that time, the price level was 515.4 percent higher (371.9 euros per megawatt hour) on July 6.

The available data also clearly show that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict only added to this brutal price increase, as the price of electricity increased by 128.3 percent compared to February 2022.

In the case of gas, looking at the Dutch stock market prices, we can also see a sharp increase. Compared to the one-year forward price established for May 2021, which was 21.6 euros per megawatt hour at the time, the price level is now 650.3 percent higher (162.3 euros per megawatt hour), Világgazdaság reports.

The impact of the war on gas was similar to that on electricity. Since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the price of gas has increased by an additional 157.3 percent.

Overall, we can say that the price of electricity rose by 515 percent in just over a year, while the price of gas rose by 650 percent in the same time frame.

Sectors that achieved significant extra profits during the crisis also contribute to the maintenance of the overhead reduction by paying the extra profit tax in the spirit of fair public burden-bearing.

It can also be seen from the explosive increase in the world market price of electricity and gas that the current inflationary environment is to a decisive extent, approximately eighty percent, of foreign origin.

It is also quite clear that this war-fueled energy price explosion - in addition to drastically increasing inflation - causes an enormous amount of uncertainty, which also has a clear and significantly negative effect on the exchange rate of the forint.


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