Zelensky banned more opposition parties and confiscated their assets

Yet for the EU, they are democrats, and Viktor Orbán is a dictator

Zelensky banned more opposition parties and confiscated their assets

The Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime has already banned 15 opposition parties, TV channels, newspapers and online news portals. Ukraine is not an EU member, yet Brussels is planning to give it many billions in aid, Hungary is an EU member, and we still haven't received the recovery money we are due. Brussels has discredited itself once and for all, in connection with the events in Ukraine, we therefore support the Russians! Let's hope they clean out the neo-Nazis from Europe!

Examples of banned TV channels:https://bit.ly/3nFHhv1

The Ukrainian government maintains a public death list. Such a country cannot be a part of either the EU or NATO. NEVER! The data of Péter Szijjártó and Viktor Orbán were also uploaded to the "mirotvorec" page!

Come on Russia! Stop the Nazis!

Here is the proof: Facebook will certainly not limit this, because in the Western brain everything that is anti-Russian and anti-Hungarian is good.

The Ukrainian regime has been "democratizing" its own people with tanks for 8 years!
The country is full of criminals who could move freely in the territory of Hungary after accession! There will be no EU members!
In Odessa, 48 people were burned alive by members of extreme nationalist groups, and to this day not even an investigation has been launched to find them. This is just one example out of many.

During the street riots that preceded the anti-constitutional coup in 2014, several police and military weapon depots were looted, and their government is still issuing firearms to practically anyone. Who knows how many millions of weapons are currently in public hands! The 8 years of anti-Russian and anti-Hungarian actions, the "anti-terrorist operation" (yes, they call it that in a despicable way) launched against their own citizens in the east in 2014, their nationalist private armies, their outbursts against the press, their intimidation, their crimes against national minorities, their severely exclusionary laws do not allow them to join the EU in the short or long term.

The armed conflict did not just start, it has been going on for 8 years and 14,000 people have died in the meantime. It is true that until now those who put the Ukrainian flag on their profile picture did not want to notice the reality, since in some minds everything that is anti-Russian is "good". Be very careful, Brussels, because we will not allow this "democracy" to spread to the whole of Europe, even in the heat of the big declarations. Brussels' anti-Hungarian sanctions and censorship are enough for us, the rest should remain where they are now.

The Ukrainian regime also "democratically" banned opposition parties and opposition media. Anyone who criticizes is at best shut down, but usually shot. A concrete example of this is one of the negotiators delegated by the Ukrainian government, who was simply shot dead after negotiations with the Russians.

The Ukrainian regime will fall, along with everyone who supported it!

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