Weber's gas distribution proposal evokes communist times!

️The closer to winter, the better the Russian gas purchased by others will be! This is bad!

Weber's gas distribution proposal evokes communist times!

Máté Tóth believes that Weber's idea of ​​"energy solidarity" evokes the communist confiscation reflexes, according to whom the idea can be formalized in the regulation of the Energy Union.

"The idea itself is amazing, but unfortunately it was to be expected. This idea was already lurking in the drawer, the only question was who would bring it up, since the sweeping away of national gas reservoirs evokes communist confiscation reflexes," energy lawyer Máté Tóth told our paper in connection with Manfred Weber, president of the European People's Party, raising the issue: the natural gas arriving in the European Union must be fairly distributed among the member countries, and he wants to work out the details at an extraordinary EU summit.

The essence of the idea, in short, is that after Putin limits natural gas transport to Europe, and because of this we can expect a difficult winter, binding mechanisms should be developed for the solidary use of natural gas in the reservoirs, so that everyone does not "just take care of themselves".

In other words, those who have natural gas must be taken away from those who do not have it.

Weber expects a difficult winter. In an interview published in the Sunday edition of the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, Weber highlighted: "we have to expect a difficult winter", because Putin is expected to further limit or even completely stop natural gas deliveries. Therefore, "mandatory energy solidarity", the "solidary" use of natural gas in the reservoirs, must be introduced so that "everyone does not only care about themselves". He added that it would be unacceptable for the "lucky" member countries to start the autumn-winter period with full reservoirs and others with energy shortages. At the time of publication of our article, the European Council's calendar did not yet include an extraordinary EU summit, but it is not certain that this will remain the case.

According to the expert, although this is still only a suggestion, it still embodies and channels a serious intention, so we can expect it to actually reach the decision-making and legislative process, even before the fall, since it makes sense until then.

Máté Tóth sees that the redistribution legislation would be created in the form of a decree of the European Council and the Parliament, adapted to the framework of the Energy Union's regulatory concept, so that it would have direct effect. "Thus, not only does it not have to wait for implementation by the member states, but it would be applied against the member states' own national legislation, even to their detriment.

Of course, this will be preceded by serious diplomatic battles in the Council - unfortunately less so in the Parliament - but seeing the increasingly frequent distortions of the regular decision-making procedure (co-decision), including the avoidance of unanimity in Council decision-making, it is now highly questionable what can be done. prevent it by legal means, i.e. whether there are still brakes on the Brussels train."

The overwriting of the oil embargo compromise is memorable
According to the energy lawyer, it is also memorable and instructive that even after the oil embargo was accepted as a compromise, Brussels immediately began to distort, undermine and circumvent the compromise decision with detailed rules. All of this dangerously reduces trust in decision-making in Brussels in times and decisions like the current ones, while also cutting back on national sovereignty, even though the security of natural gas supply is the task and responsibility of the nation-states towards their citizens, underlined Máté Tóth.

Opening image: Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, welcomes Manfred Weber, Group Leader of the European People's Party, at the 2020 session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Background: ️Weber: the gas coming into the Union must be distributed
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