Weber: the gas coming into the Union must be distributed

Winter is approaching, the Russophobic, Hungarian-hating politicians in the West feel that there will be trouble! The new Germans and the new French do not like the cold!

Weber: the gas coming into the Union must be distributed

We used to say to this, "Shouldn't I" :) Sorry, but we have nothing more to say about that. The puppets of the United States first introduced a million sanctions, and now they can't even get out of this situation without losing face, but they need the gas anyway. Now they are planning to take it away from others. After all, there is nothing new here, the colonists, the descendants of the Nazis, have always been at the forefront of plundering other peoples.

It's a shame what the EU leaders are doing! And today it's boring to be an EU member, we'd rather be independent. This pathetic club will soon fall to pieces anyway, because different peoples have never known and cannot live together now.

Hungary does not have its own natural gas, WE BUY ON THE BASIS OF CONTRACT, anyone can do this. Good luck for that! It is true that a wire is also needed, and it is, North Current II. its name, you just have to enable it. (Of course, we know, your overseas owner won't allow it. But that's your problem)

PS: We still haven't received the funds due to us, meanwhile the huge Ukrainians, who are not even members of the EU, push the billions for war. That's where we're going to start, buddy!


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