He does not like! Oh, what will happen to us now! :)

The guy is not listening, Orbán said: there will be no tax increase, and we will not discuss further sanctions affecting the energy sector either

He does not like!  Oh, what will happen to us now!  :)

What can't be understood by this? We don't like the migrant policy of Paris! Anyway, Macron can safely raise French taxes without Orbán. In Hungary, however, there will be a tax that is supported by the Hungarian people and the Hungarian government, and not one that was invented in the White House!

The mentality of the colonizers has not changed, they still believe that they are the masters of the world, there are selected peoples and there are second-rate peoples who can be freely plundered. Since Orbán became the prime minister, Hungary has resisted this madness and put the national interest before everything else.


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