It's sad, but it is

Orban, on the other hand, can't do anything about the more expensive food, he can only help somewhat

It's sad, but it is

Fuel price stop, overhead reduction, family tax credit, youth tax exemption, pension increases, premium, 13th month pension, family tax refund, food price stop (6 products), increase in minimum wage, extension of NICE card, etc. - just some of the government's measures to help people to go through this period, for which we thank you again!

And those who are dissatisfied should understand that the government does not have its own money - they have their common money, so whoever wants more support will also describe where and to whom they would raise taxes, because if spending increases, revenue must also increase. .

For our part, we supplement the positive impact of the listed measures, which partly affect us, with the vegetables and fruits produced in our garden. There is a lot of work to be done with it, but it is worth it. We will make a mosaic of this year's fruits in the autumn🫐🧅🧄

We wish everyone endurance, a lot of strength and health! We can only overcome difficulties together!

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