We have had enough of the anti-carism of the left and Brussels!

️They say the car is just an elite privilege, you who work, pay taxes, raise a child, are retired or sick, walk. In heat, cold, rain, wind - always

We have had enough of the anti-carism of the left and Brussels!

Karácsony has just raised the parking fees and has also set a maximum of 3 hours for parking in most of Budapest. Meanwhile, after taking the bike press photos, he gets into his driver’s car nicely and drives comfortably, using the empty bus lanes, irregularly. The car was made impossible by painting unnecessary and accident-prone bicycle lanes, closing the quay and other restrictive measures, so that one would rather avoid Budapest, no one would like to go there, because the city was practically paralyzed.

And Brussels is dictating to us what kind of car to use, as the downsizing so far is no longer enough for them. In the first round, people have been transferred from normal engines to three-cylinder, lawn-mowered, 1-liter cars, and it has now been announced that the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be PROHIBITED from 2035 onwards. Let there be no doubt that there will also be a scramble for existing petrol cars and then they will come up with some good little tax, or they will include the extra cost in the price of fuel by eliminating driving completely.

This whole electric car demagoguery is so pathetic! Everyone knows that these cars are much more damaging to the environment during their life cycle, producing electricity by burning coal, and making batteries is expensive and also polluting. These cowardly, corrupt politicians are not talking about cargo ships, private jets, polluting factories, coal burning, the environmentally harmful extraction of LNG.

Good! Stop chasing motorists! No one can guarantee you that you will complete your cycle, you can leave your position earlier! We know there are problems with the spine, but leave people alone!

Parking map:https://hvg.hu/itthon/20220624_budapesti_parkolasi_rendszer
Plans for 2035:https://makronom.mandiner.hu/cikk/20220629_autoipar_2035_karbonsemlegesseg_eu_europai_uinio_bmw_mercedes_volkswagen_kina_gazdasag_veszteseg_politika_elektromos_autozas

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