Heat alarm, and solutions

Now remind everyone of the many brainstorming sessions that these unelected bureaucrats in Brussels have put together!

Heat alarm, and solutions

We were freshly bathed in clean clothes on the road, the climate in the car went and we realized that we were the enemies of Brussels. How dare we do that!

Brussels proposals:
Do not air
Don't take a bath
Don't wash
Let's walk

Orbán's solutions:
Cheap overhead
Gas station
Tax credit
Thick II.

Orbán will not dictate to you how to live! He will help you, but the decision is in your hands! If you don't want to drive, don't drive! If you do not want to air condition your home, do not air condition! You decide, and the government helps you. Brussels, on the other hand, is breaking its head on severe sanctions, treating motorists as enemies (although they themselves run poisonous, high-performance limousines), turning off the climate with you, and banning the gas needed for the climate, you're expected to wash, wash of course they secretly organize private parties on the beaches rented for this purpose, Timmermans has already figured out that the clothes don't need to be washed, ventilated enough ... )

Thanks to the Fidesz government for the cheap overhead, the petrol station, the tax credit and other measures that allow us to get through these hot days in an air-conditioned room (when we are not paddling in Lake Balaton, because we are on holidayhttps://szamokadatok.hu/Post/5328/Nyaralni_mentunk)

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