Let's stop! It's not too late!

️We do not want this to flow freely to Hungary!

Let's stop!  It's not too late!

We have children and we do not want the government to ruin their future with this ill-considered decision. We will not help the Hungarians of Transcarpathia if we endanger the motherland!

We ask Fidesz not to sign the documents on Ukraine's candidacy! There was no such thing in the campaign! If the government continues to stand by Ukraine's candidacy, be brave and hold a referendum on this issue! Or at least a National Consultation!

Candidacy is logically followed by membership, and as the EU makes concessions to Ukraine, this could happen later this year. Is anyone up there thinking? What about the territorial debate? Are we recognizing Crimea as Russia or not? Maybe we want to go to war on Hungarian territory already? It is a great irresponsibility to nominate Ukraine for EU membership! Ukraine will be cut up, it is clearer than it is today, the Russians will not leave the areas from which AZOV has once been thrown out.

We do not know the pressure on the government to do so, but we will certainly not support it. We understand the situation of the Hungarians in Transcarpathia, because there is a serious mistake among us, but we think that sacrificing the security of the motherland is a serious mistake. If Ukraine becomes a member of the EU, the border between us will disappear and all criminals, all weapons, drugs, biological weapons and other “delicacies” will be able to flow freely in Hungary.

We do not want to rebuild the country destroyed by the war funded by the Amcsik from our tax forints. WE DON'T WANT IT! At least the leaders of the EU and the Hungarian government would reflect on what Putin said: he has no objections to Ukraine's EU membership. If Putin is the enemy of the EU, then governments should think about why Putin is saying that. Is it not because you know that the Ukrainian problem extends to the whole of the EU?

At the very least, they would consider this and take note of the fact that Ukraine's known borders before 2014 have disappeared and it is not yet possible to know what the new border will be!

The Ukrainians have put the Hungarian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister on the death list, and in addition to being insulting to the two of them, it is insulting to the whole nation. After that, do we support the candidacy? This is serious?

Sorry, but we have this red line. If Fidesz is brave enough, hold a referendum on this!

If you agree, pass it on!

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