Viktor Orbán works for Hungarians even on his birthday!

Hungary is still buying oil on the old terms!

Viktor Orbán works for Hungarians even on his birthday!

Happy Birthday! Thank You!

We have defended the overhead cut, we have succeeded in repelling the European Commission's proposal to ban the use of oil from Russia in Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Monday night in Brussels after the first day of the EU summit.

“We have enough trouble without it. Energy prices are high, inflation is high and the whole of Europe is dancing on the brink of a global economic crisis because of sanctions. Under such circumstances, it would have been unbearable for us if we had to run the Hungarian economy with more expensive oil. That would have been like an atomic bomb. But this has been avoided, ”the prime minister said.

He stated: “We have reached an agreement that states that countries that receive oil through pipelines can continue to farm under the old conditions. Families can sleep peacefully tonight, the most frustrating idea has been defended, ”added Viktor Orbán, who has already posted in a Facebook post this morning: Hungary is exempt from the oil embargo!


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