The British also levy a special tax

Libyans are in trouble, they don't get along well

The British also levy a special tax

Haho, libsik! Will the special tax be good now? You're in big trouble, you can't get out of it anymore! Do you think the British also have a dictatorship? Is there any butcher there?You see, the world is following Viktor Orbán! Just scream calmly, no one cares anymore.

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak in the London House of Commons outlined the UK government’s new plan to tackle the livelihood crisis, which includes a special tax on energy companies.

High inflation is a serious problem for people, and while the government cannot solve all the problems, it is doing everything it can to help those most affected, said Finance Minister Rishi Sunak in the London House of Commons, who outlined the government’s latest plans.

These include the imposition of a temporary special tax on the profits of oil and gas companies. The cabinet has been wary of taking this measure for a long time because it feared it would curb investment but was eventually forced to inject its waist.
The special tax is 25 per cent and Sunak says it will generate £ 5bn in revenue in one year.

They are also incorporating a rebate for companies that invest their profits in the UK.
Reuters recalled earlier this week that the energy regulator announced that the cap on gas and electricity bills would rise by a further 40 per cent in October after an increase in April.

Sunak also reported that the government is allocating £ 37 billion to alleviate the livelihood crisis. The subsidy is equivalent to one and a half percent of GDP.

The poorest eight million households will receive one-off £ 650 help in two installments, the first in July and the second in the autumn. "They won't have to fill out complicated forms - we'll transfer the money directly to their bank account," the finance minister said. Six million disabled people also receive £ 150 as a one-off allowance, and eight million retired households receive £ 300. (One pound is 459.41 forints.) The energy bill contribution will be increased from two hundred to four hundred pounds and will not have to be repaid, contrary to previous plans.


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