Great Germans want to replace dependence on Russian gas with dependence on Qatari gas

Ejnye, Olaf! Do you know who you're talking to?

Great Germans want to replace dependence on Russian gas with dependence on Qatari gas

Where are the NGOs then? The many human rights organizations, “civilians” concerned about “elemental” rights and, of course, the critical voices in Brussels? Dojcsland appears to want to support a country where the rights of people belonging to this stratum are trampled underfoot.

In Qatar, HOMOSEXUALITY AND HOMOSEXUAL ACTION are considered a CRIME and are still called sodomy to this day. Homosexuality is also punishable by up to three years in prison, fines, flogging, beatings and torture.

Where are the human rights then? Or is it not important now, Olaf?
Will Qatar's homophobic gas be good? Your kind makes people homophobic for less than that.

️Katar would cut off Russian gas with the help of Qatar
️Katar can deliver gas to Germany in 2024 at the earliest

Brussels is strengthening China and Russia, it would plunder Europe. U.S. puppet governments and ducklings in Brussels are not resting
️Do not sign any embargo agreements, even if they are blackmailed or try to pay you off!
While Orban and Hungary are being attacked, everyone is pretty much the same as the ugly, evil Putin.
️So much about solidarity, common action, common "values"
They can't push with the Russians, so they want to ruin us, because Europe is their competitor.
That's the point!
Do they think people are completely blind?
During the trial of the sixth Russophobic sanctions package, there is still skin in their image to blame Putin for their own wrong decisions
Only the sanction that is bad for the Hungarians is good for Brussels
Should we make an investment of HUF 280 billion just to increase the price of fuel in Hungary by 55-60 percent?
Brussels is sticking to the oil embargo plan
OK! We will stand by the veto! That's it!
Ursula! Are you reading the news?
If Brussels continues its idiotic sanctions policy, there will be Russian wheat dependence in addition to Russian energy dependence.
NO! We do not authorize anyone to do this!
Brussels is not an ally, but an enemy who always deceives us!
Bloomberg: The ruble has become the WORLD's best performing currency
Bloomberg: 20 European companies are already buying natural gas for rubles, and another 14 customers have requested the documents needed to open an account
Dramatic: six white-flagged civilian vehicles shot down by Ukrainian army in Kharkov
️The Ukrainians are constantly doing this, while they are anointing the Russians with camouflage videos
The German government is the enemy of the German people and German companies!
This is how we have to ruin the economy with our own hands
No one will decide over our heads!
️If the veto ends, exit immediately!
They have defeated the Nazis once, they are defeating them a second time!
Putin did not announce anything special, but he drew the world's attention to one important thing
German Democrats land in the pockets of the ugly, evil Putin, moreover than before the war
What will happen now, Ursula? Is there a breach of duty against Germans?
Medvedev: It is a bold move that Orban does not support the Russian energy embargo
️ "The most intelligent leaders of the EU countries are tired of moving quietly towards the abyss with the whole sterilized European herd"
What is the real goal?
️We feel that Brussels does not want to punish the Russians, but wants to rob us
What was promised Gorbachev?
️ "NATO will not expand an inch east"
Zoltán Kovács tells the BBC: Hungary is vetoing the EU oil embargo on Russia!
This is the speech! Thank You!
Let's not go into this, because they will be scammed anyway!
We have also supported the recovery fund, we have taken responsibility for other Member States, and we have not received any money to this day!
Putin's cellars are in Brussels!
As a result of the sanctions, Russian exports are splitting, and the exchange rate of the ruble is much more favorable today than before the operation.
But this is freedom of the press!
️The corrupt pays off the lying nationalist
Ukrainians go home!
️You have ruined your own country, you will not catch Hungary!
There is no limit to cheekiness
He comes here, we feed him, we drink him, we provide him with accommodation and protection, and he tells the BBC how big the dictatorship is here!
Poland is liberated
Russian gas is now being bought at increased prices not by the Russians but by the Germans
Another craze: when economic indicators are deteriorating anyway, let's ruin ourselves even more
️The European Commission has proposed to suspend for one year all customs duties on all Ukrainian exports to the European Union and all relevant safeguard measures
Someone will have to pay in rubles in the end anyway!
The method of payment is not determined by the corrupt politicians in the EU, but by the SELLER
"Viennese are shocked in front of empty supermarket shelves"
Thank you to the Brussels regime.
The EU would maximize housing temperatures
️This is what they say, "Shouldn't my f ***?"
Sanction yet
You haven't ruined enough EUROPE yet!
Fresh energy prices - February 2022
One of the stakes in the choice is whether we will be able to heat our homes, whether we will have enough energy for our daily lives!
Orbán was forward-thinking again, the others were just chasing after him!
EU-wide notification requirements may be imposed on the cereals market
Putin to the West: where is your green policy now?
KorrCorruptive politicians in Western Europe are now plundering the peoples of Europe!
Will there be a Article 7 procedure?
️Democracy, the rule of law, freedom of expression, non-political sport, condemnation of violence, protection of private property, the fight against racism, artistic freedom, free market competition, etc. Blah-blah-blah!
7.9% - 40-year high in US inflation!
Everyone calm down: there's an explanation!
Such is the Brussels regime!
In April, let us support the candidates of the FIDESZ-KDNP so that the interests of the Hungarian people will not prevail in Hungary! (eg keep it warm from the gas boiler and not from anyone else!)
Liquefied petroleum gas can come, and so it is worth transporting crude oil to Europe! What an idea! What a mower!
There is no good violence and no bad violence
In this article, we have gathered the root causes of the conflict.
Instead of the narrative written by the media, here is the full Hungarian translation of the Russian president's speech on February 24.
List of current conflicts in the world!
️Do not let your brain wash your media, which only writes about what you are paid for
Who is sanctioned by the EU and the US? Who will pay the price of Russophobia?
Russian Energy Minister: If Europe continues like this, $ 300 will be a barrel of oil. This video reveals who is responsible for the current energy crisis
What would we (Western countries) do in a similar situation?
List of US-initiated wars. So let’s ban American people and American companies from everywhere now?
Who will mow this?
️You can write anything on the heavily censored Facebook and the left-liberal scam media media who thinks they’re going to figure it out!
The price of an irresponsible decision would be absorbed by everyone - you too!
Vote smart!
Putin to the Germans: if they continue like this, they will be heated with wood!
55% of the crude oil used in Hungary and 80% of the natural gas comes from Russia. If there is Russian gas, there is cheap overhead, if there is no Russian gas, there is no cheap overhead - it's that simple!
If the opposition wins, we will have no electricity, it is that simple. Here is their statement against the interests of the Hungarian people.
What is being silenced in Brussels! 70 billion cubic meters of gas are missing from Europe!
Klára Dobrev's energetic statements are false
Olivér Hortay replaced Klára Dobrev Gyurcsány, who understood energy just like anything else
Russian pipeline gas cannot be replaced by LNG from other sources! Not enough ships, not enough LNG, not enough terminals, and not enough money for this fad. (In addition, maritime transport and LNG extraction are highly polluting!)
It can be sold on the world market!
Natural gas prices in Europe have reached another record high!
Opposite the opposition:
The statements on the left are irresponsible and shocking, jeopardizing Hungary's secure energy supply. We will not shut off the gas!
Accelerating self-destruction: Germany has shut down half of its remaining nuclear capacity
They used to have 26 nuclear power plants, 6 by the end of 2021, now only 3, which will also be shut down at the end of 2022
We do not make political decisions on economic issues!
We stand by Viktor Orbán and the Government of Hungary!
Brilliant pull, really!
Unplug your ventilator.
Euro 4 diesel cars have already been banned from Brussels!
Think when you vote! They will ban your car from your street too! The left, which unconditionally serves the interests of Brussels, will do it!
️Video: Putin to the Ukrainian army: take control!
Video: Putin to Scholz: Who bombed Belgrade without a UN mandate?
Germany is starting to restart its previously decommissioned nuclear power plants. Guten Morgen!
We are doing more economic damage to ourselves
Many traders are boycotting Russian crude oil, pushing up the prices of others. It's not expensive because of Orban, we're just talking
Video: Putin to the West: there will be no winner in this war!

Video: Lavrov to the British: this is a dialogue between the dumb and the deaf

Brussels has introduced sanctions against European citizens and European companies. Last week, the stock market price of natural gas in Europe reached a historic high again
Hungarian translation of Putin's speech at the dawn of the operation. For a full picture, read this material.
The principle of collective guilt has returned to the famous Western democracies. We hope that the Russians will not be taken to labor camps
Western countries are ruining themselves with Russophobic sanctions! The price of crude oil and natural gas is at another historic peak!
Liquefied petroleum gas can come, and so it is worth transporting crude oil to Europe! What an idea! What a mower!
Sober up the great and mighty Germany!
Libsik! Scholz Putin's pincsije! Write fast!
American bombings and attempts at regime change since World War II (list) So let's ban American athletes, artists and companies from everywhere now?
This is how "ugly, evil Putin" treats prisoners of war!
That's what you can do!

Putin to Brussels: you liberalized the energy market, now eat what you cooked!
Putin to the West: The rights of a minority cannot take precedence over the rights of the majority!
Putin to the Dutch: Can you imagine this in Chechnya? Because I do not.

Putin to the Finns: We will protect our children from this!

Putin tells NBC: 'US taxpayers' money has been blown away by the wind'

Putin: Those who organize provocations against Russia will be regretted.

Putin to the West: the mother is a woman, the father is a man!

Putin told the BBC: "It's the Russian people who decide, not your customers!"

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